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Cartwright. At Apple podcast, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Today on the TMZ podcast. Hello and welcome to the TMZ podcast. I'm Charlie Cotton, and today I'm joined by Lauren La Rosa.


Dynamic Duo.


Hello. The Dynamic Duo, we're back again. We got three stories that involve various types of beef today.


Yes. It literally the exploding ish right now. So if you guys see me on my phone, it's because we also have jobs here.


If you don't see me on my phone, it's because I don't really have a job here. This is it. Yk Osiris planted an unwanted kiss on Sook Yee Hanah. That's really blowing up right now. Kevin Costner, he can't get his ex wife or his estranged wife to move out of the house. She's just not moving out. And finally, Anita Baker and Babyface, they've been beefing all tour long. Well, she's just kicked him off the tour. But let's start with YK Osiris because this is blowing up. This is a story you've been very involved with putting up on our website. So why don't you tell us about it, Lauren?


So there was a clip that began circulating on Tuesday on social media. There's these games that happen in Atlanta called the crew League where it's like celebrity basketball tournaments. They bring in celebrities and different comedians, personalities to narrate. And the video, basically, you see Sook Yee Hanah, who is female rapper, sitting in the middle of Lil Duvall and Fannie Marco. And YK Osiris, R&B singer, is off to the side. He walks in and literally starts massaging her. And you can tell in the video that she is... There's cameras everywhere. She's like... And she has this social media personality where I think people were expecting this to be like a skit or something like that. So she's trying to play it off. But you can tell she's very uncomfortable. She's literally like, What the heck is going on? She's like, cringing, trying to get away from him. And then he grabs her face and goes an open mouth kiss.


Yeah, the video is on our website if you want to take a look.


Every time I watch this, she better than me. I would punch them.


But the guys around her, like Lil Duval and what is it?


Funny Marco? I don't know the guy at the end. How funny I don't know the white guy.


They're almost egging it on a bit. Doesn't Lil Duval tell him YK Osiris is slip in the tongue?


I think that because we talk to sources familiar with the situation that were there. And from what it looks like and what you hear, yes. But from what I was told, no one knew what was happening. Sook Yee does not know YK Osiris. There's no previous relationship. But the people around her didn't know that. They didn't know if this was a skit. This was something that was planned. They had no idea. Everybody was like, What the heck is going on? But the cameras are live, so everyone's trying to play it off as if this is something that was supposed to happen.


Why would he do that?


I have no clue.


I want to press. He was trying to be funny or something?


I have no clue. We've reached out to YK Osiris' team and haven't heard back yet. I'll preface this with saying that as journalists, when you look at something like this, you really have to just straight down the middle report on what you're seeing and what's happening. So we haven't spoken speaking to YK Osiris for him to be able to explain himself or anyone from his side of things. But as a woman watching this, I'm like, Bro, what? I literally would have a.


Question in his face. Even as a man.


I'm glad you said that because there are people online. There are a lot of people online, women and men, but I feel like I'm hearing it and seeing it most from men. Sook Yee raps about... She's a P ussy Rap girl. She raps a lot about sex and it's very sexually explicit. And it's like, you know what I mean? It's very vulgar. It gets the people going. She has a song called Eaten His Ass. Oh, really? You know what I mean? Yes. Wow. And she's known, even in her skits, for being very vulgar, very sexually explicit, whatever.


People... Yeah. So that makes some men think that there's lie lessons to do something like this.


And again, I can't speak for YK Osiris and say that because of all of that, he thought that that was okay. I don't know what we're watching here and why, but I will say there are people online that are arguing for him, saying, Well, you get back what you put out. That's what you rap about. That's what you talk about. That's so unfair. That pisses me off.


Yeah, that's ridiculous.


It does. It really pisses me off, especially because it's like... In 2023, I felt like we should be able to... I don't know. We should be able to do what we want to do, where we want to want, whatever, guy, girl, however you identify and not feel like you'll get violated because of it.


A hundred %. I don't know if she's going to press charges because it's on tape like that. I don't know if there's maybe a criminal thing that's going to come in. There should be because he definitely did not have her consent. He definitely... I mean, that's sexual assault, what he did. And Jackson Mahomes, the brother of Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback, isn't he in a court case right now for doing something... He went up to some girl and kissed her on the mouth, unwanted as well. And he's been like...


Yeah, you can't do that. You can't even walk up to someone and just touch them in the wrong place. So you know what I mean? Grabbing her face, putting your mouth on her mouth. First of all, just in the germs. It's just like, Why would you just want to just randomly do that?


I don't even like shaking hands with people anymore.


And you want to put your tongue down someone's throat? You literally don't know her. And I think another thing, too, is I hate this Fersuki because she's one of those girls that's starting to rise right now musically and personality wise. I know this has to be a tough position for her. She's really big on, I want to protect black women, black men. So now she's in a position where this is something that could be very damaging to YK's career. He's been in these conversations about sexual assault prior to, which I don't know, it's just not a good look for him. And then I know it puts her in a position where she's personally violated, that's emotional, that's very mentally... And now she's a personality people wanted to talk about and speak about. And it's like, where do you go from here?


Well, hopefully she could use something like this and find a positive out of it because she's introduced to a new audience right now because of this big story and she can talk about this stuff. I don't know. Hopefully she can arm herself with... I'd never heard of her before this.


And that's what I'm saying. That's why it's unfortunate because she's on her way up and a lot of people have never heard of her. And this is the first thing.


You don't want this to be your introduction.


She's going to have to keep re explaining this and basically keep reliving this. Regardless of how her and YK reconcile or not behind the scenes, she has to publicly relive this a lot because this is the first time so many people are meeting her. And I just hate that for her. And I hate this for YK as well because the sexual assault charges that I know of, they didn't stick.


Well, this.


One's on tape. You put yourself back in this corner, it's like, Why would you even do that to yourself?


It'll be ridiculous. It'll be interesting to see what happens. For sure. On to our next story. Kevin Costner, he's going through a bit of a messy divorce with his wife. They've had beef for a while now. It impacted him on the Yellowstone set. Well, she filed for divorce from him, but now she won't leave the family home.


Which he owns.


I love it.


Oh, you love it? Petty Boots, yes.


Oh, you love the.


Petty Plainer card, don't you? I do.


Burning stuff.


Burning stuff. We're not going to burn it. We're going to bleed you. I don't got time for my house to burn down.


As part of the prenat, he apparently kept the houses. But in the prenat as well, it said she has 30 days to move out after the prenat is filed, which I after, sorry, the divorce papers were filed, which I think was over a month ago, and she had the month. So he's taking her to court now saying, Get this woman out of.


My house. And she's already gotten over $1.2 million because of the prenat, and she won't leave the house. And she's the one who filed for the divorce.


So it's like... That nearly $1.5 million. That's not even part of a divorce settlement.


That's just for the prenat.


That's to say, Go find another house. Here's a million and a half.


Go find another house. That's why I love it. I don't know. Something about women getting under the skin of men and just turning them down. I don't know. It's like a fresh bed of roses. It's just hello. It's like the sun coming up in.


The morning. I can understand that. I can understand that. I mean, she married one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and then he's only gotten bigger.


But I wonder what happened.


Because There's messiness that.


We don't know about. We've heard. There's been reports about a lot of different things. Nothing confirmed, however. But to me, when I hear this, I hear it's giving Bitter Baby Mama.


Bitter Baby Mama?


Yeah. You don't know that either?


Bitter Baby Mama. Explain.


So basically it's like, all right, something happened where she's upset. Yes, she should move on. She called a divorce, so she wants to move on. But at the same time, she's so hurt, she wants to put you through hell. You guys can't be together. It's not going to work out. But because of something that didn't go right, normally in a Bitter Baby Mom situation, it's the you guys don't stay together to raise the kid. Now you, oh, you locked in in hell for 18 years. There's no not.


The kid in the hall. Have you heard that saying, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Yes. Man, ain't that the facts?


Yeah, I agree. But I will say, and I think this is why I enjoy when women get under men's skin and just do stuff like this, because a man does in his feelings, Oh, baby, you all are 50 times worse.


What do you mean? I don't think we'd not leave the house. I don't think we're big babies in a way. You know what I mean?


You honestly believe that about yourself?


About myself? Yeah.


But I mean... You hesitated before you answered it. You don't believe that.


I'm not sure.


I'm not sure I think the... A man scorned is literally dealing with your landlord on the fifth of the month. You just like...


That's a.


Different saying. That doesn't have the same ring to it. You ducking and dodging the whole time because you just don't know where it's coming from because you all just erupt so much. And then it's like, No, I'm cool. I'm a man. I got it. And then it's like, no, I'm not. I hate you.


Oh, wow. This is a deeply personal place, I feel like. It is. You just got to find the right one. Because if you go through something like this and Kim and Kroy from Real Housewives, they're It just always reminds you that, man, you better pick the right one.


Yeah. But as long as you don't have kids, you can get a divorce and.


Move on. Okay. What happens if you have kids, though?


I mean, I'm a bitter baby mama. That's terrible. Or a bitter.


Baby daddy. Kevin's saying that she's staying in the house as some leverage financially. She just wants more, more, more.


I'm trying to tell you, that man did something. There's something that was done where she's like, You got to pay your way. It was cheaper to keep me. You ain't do that.


So what's up? There's no evidence of that. There's only evidence of her sticking in her heels and wanting more money.


So as a fact, as a journalist, no, I don't have evidence of that. As a woman who has been petty and who can run it up, I know. I'm telling you right now, if you divorce someone, why would you keep yourself in that weird space unless...


She's greedy. She's greedy. She wants.


More, more, more. Exactly. But why does she feel so entitled?


Because sometimes girls do.


It's not just us. This. I feel like entitlement comes from something. So it comes from broken promises. A lot of times it comes from like, Hey, I thought that this was going to be this way. And because it wasn't, now you owe me. She filed. You've heard it's cheaper to keep her, right? Exactly. And you know what? When you do a premium, it's basically a contract that you're going to before the marriage, right? You know the terms of that contract. She filed. She knew she was getting her money on the back end, so sis collected her back end. Now she trying to re up on the front end too. I'm not mad at her. You put me through hell, you got to pay.


Oh, my God. I'm learning a lot today. This is really good. I'm learning a lot.


You don't have $1.2 million, so you don't got to worry about that.


No, I don't have anything I can give. On to our last story. It's a nother very beefy story because Anita Baker and Babyface, they've been on tour together as part of the Songstress tour. And she's just kicked him off the tour because they were fighting over who got more time on stage. And he was her opening act. And he was taking too long sometimes. Extra five minutes here, extra 15 minutes here. Then it cuts into her time, apparently, because she can't go past the curfew. So she kicked him off the tour.


I feel like in the beginning of this, when we reported on it, and we had talked to Babyface, and he gave us a statement that said, Hey, look, I love Anita Baker. Basically, she's a legend. I would never want to throw any shade or cause any issues her way because he put up that post on Instagram, which was lowkey shady. Now looking at this, I don't know if I would say they were fighting over time or more so these are two big stars who both feel like they should be prioritized and rightfully so. And it just didn't work out. Sometimes things mesh well, sometimes they don't. What I don't like about this, but it's also entertaining is the fact that it played out so publicly because Anita Baker went on Twitter and just started going off.


How old is she?


I think she's 65. I know she's over 60. Don't quote me. I think yesterday when we looked it up, she was like 65. If I'm aging you, I'm so sorry. Don't come from me on Twitter. If you do, @ me, though.


Yeah. I mean, she really went off at him and his fans. She calls them Kenny's crazies.


Which is his real name?


His real name is Kenny. Kenny's Crazies. She's like, They're sending me threads. They're sending me this. She sends out all of these tweets which have weird capitalizations and grammar. They're widely written.


No, one of the things I love that she does in her tweets, she keeps calling him the supporting act. And I'm like, It's Baby Face, though.


Who's bigger out of those two?


I feel like Anita Baker, to me, is bigger, more legendary. But Baby Face is more culturally... He's more relevant right now. I don't even know because I feel like I was going to say the younger crowd would identify Baby Face before Anita Baker. But if your auntie, your mom clean your house on Sunday, you know Anita Baker. That's what we do on Sundays is Anita Baker clean. So I don't know. I would say Baby Face, though, as far as relevance right now, it's like the Jay Z Future conversation, like, who's more known in the club? Anita Baker is to me bigger, but Baby Face is...


But because there's this debate, who is Bigg it? It's hard to tell. Maybe that's what set them off because they both have their own opinions.


I mean, Baby Face has been, from what we could see online, he's handled this very cool. He's taking the high road. I do think that in the beginning of the when he posted his first Instagram post, which made it seem like she was just being a diva, people were coming for her in the comments. And then now people are still coming for her on Twitter. And she's framing it basically like, I'm a black woman, I'm an elder, I'm older to you, and you should be protecting me. You should be calling these people off. And there's always that conversation about, like, protect black women. But at the same time...


He can't call off a Twitter mob.


And he also, I mean, that shady post happened, but he did come back and say, Hey, I didn't mean it that way. Whatever. He's not making people go on Twitter and go and find her. His fans are just upset. And she has this, I hate to do this to women, but you have to talk about the fact that there is this background with Anita Baker where people feel like, we know all these stories about how much she's a diva and people don't like her, whatever. So people just buy into that instantly and they want to not like her.


Is this not proof of that, though? Everything that's transpired. I didn't know about this diva stuff beforehand. I'm just an idiot Australian. And now this is a bit of my introduction to who she is. And I'm going.


Diva alert. See, but I hate that because she's so much more than that. Anita Baker. It's like the soundtrack to my mom's life, my grandmother's life.


You know what I mean? It doesn't like Mariah Carey diva, but also Amazing Music. It doesn't really...


Yeah, but one always precedes the other. And I feel like Anita Baker's diva in that conversation is different than Mariah Carey in the glam diva. This is like, Anita Baker is a bitch. I'm so sorry to have to say that, but it's different. I hate that. But I will say, though, that I don't know. I want them to figure this out because it's just so sad to watch online. These are your elders. In my house, oh, Anita Baker could jump off the bridge and land right on you. You better lay down and let her walk all over you. That's just how it goes with your elders. You just...


And the baby face is an elder, too, then, isn't he?


Yeah, he is. But I don't know why because they're close in age, Anita Baker just feels a lot older, more senior to him. That's a diss. No, it's not. It's just because I think... I don't know. I can't describe it musically, why she just feels like a different time.


Well, it'll be interesting to see how many of the fans ask for refunds because.


They're upset.


They're upset. And it'll be obvious then whose side the ticket holders are on. Were you there to see Babyface? Were you there to see Anita Baker? She said you can have a refund if you want. Would you be asking for a refund? Because you get half the.


Show now. No, I would still go. I would still go. I'm going to still playing my Anita Baker and cook on Sundays and clean my house.


Is that because Baker is that.


The way you cook? No, it's just like black Anita Baker Sundays. Those things just go together.


Well, thank you very much for more education, Lauren. Every single time. Yeah, I know. That's why I have you on. All right. Thank you very much, guys. We'll see you here back tomorrow. See you soon.