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That's when you keep it down. I'm not about to start on this show, has a sponsor and sponsors name is no TV, no TV. Oh, for me, the best shows in the world, you see entertainment guys sitting in my football practice go to my doorstep. I know you might like it, but not a whole box at all. Your favorite series, jump the kids in front of the TV put on your mind. You stick it on repeat.


I pick them up the following week, joka with Joaquin Phoenix reveals I'm not even called Joakim Thwacking about either. The doctors. Don't touch me. No, don't touch me. Touch no TV. Don't touch me. Search no TV. OK, stop. That's great.


So did you get to know. Hello, everybody, and welcome to Tumi and Hector Show with Larisa Blueish. We are three old friends. We record this podcast every week in the shed in the bottom of my garden, on the road out to Speedle from Galway City. We'll be speaking to you every week from this shed, which is called The Henhouse, talking about whatever comes into our minds. And we hope you enjoy it. You might already know my earphones.


I know that you sense to hear it anyway. I don't know if my hearing is going to accommodate it or shut down another. But there, there, there. That's I'm happy that we are all happy. Happy as we are in the likes this week, Grace.


But you have a different body to the rest of us.


I don't know. Well, everyone has a different body than me.


Yeah, but you're strangely put together like tell us what we were. Tell us about the hair. Well, as you can see, I'm going to take off this and you can see that I haven't had a haircut since the end of January. Yeah, and this is the longest suture like that. And that's the longest my hair has been. There's a kind of there's a there's a banger, Suzi Quatro, Suzi Quatro. So they come up through the airport years ago.


And I mean, you're like a young Rod Stewart.


Oh, I didn't know what to think. I just sat there and.


But you have doctors gone. Yeah. You have to like a young Rod Stewart. Now, Rod Stewart as a youngster was a fuckin rocker. Rod Stewart was an amazing.


Yeah. Back in 1969. He was fantastic. What do you think of the length of it, Laurita? Well, I was just look at that. I was just noticing. It's very woolly now. I have to say. It's Shaggy. It's Shaggy. Look, it's all gone. The one direction, like you put your grown it from the crown of your head. Oh, nothing is going back.


I brush it like I have.


And you're like a man throwing a duvet over dirty sheets. Just remember that.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll tell you about my hair. You touch it. You do touch it a fair bit. Now as someone who knows you, you do touch your hair a fair bit and you need to be put in places where it is already.


You mean like you grab on top of it and shove it over places where there's already laughter. Yeah, now we're talking I have no hair in the middle of my head like I'm a lost cause altogether. I was interested to know. So he hasn't cut his hair since January.


And you are a bit taken aback when I said to you that you had your hair, didn't look like it was your own.


This didn't look like. So I usually have the the buzz cut, like the number one or the number half. So it's kind of like I'd have the watchmen. Richie Sadler. Yes. I shaved the shaved look, you know, with a bit of a face, all the bit of the beard. But because of dairy girls filming soon, I have to I can't be shaven headed for that to happen to grow up.


But I was saying to you earlier on that I think what's missing in the culture are bald male role models. And I was trying to think of a few bald men, not shaved bald men. No kind of bald with the residents or. Yeah. So that's I think people think that they're cool. So Paul Martin has got that lot going on right now.


I don't know what I'm talking about. He has haloed hair. Bill Murray. Well, has that kind of body look that I like. And I can't think of any other people that have a thought to kind of think of in the sports world, really to learn how to copy, go to an article. He's bald. It's that I take my role models now, I'm afraid are limited to know who's the bald heads.


But tell me about your your role models in terms of your just get out of bed. Freddy Lumberg. He doesn't have any hair.


He had purple hair when he was at his pinnacle for Arsenal friend who is purple now. He doesn't have any. So so I am. Who are your role models for hair. Yeah. Who do you like apart from.


I was always no, I don't know. I don't have any. The mother in Brookside. I don't, I don't have any hair role models.


OK, so do you think of the way I don't have a hair role model.


How can you have a hair role model. I don't. But you said I wanted to have a look that just get out of bed look. Yeah, yeah. But now you've seen that look on other people and go, I want to look like them. No, no, no, no.


Because I've always had this look at my hair. Tell me, you know, that I haven't styled it on somebody who's just got out of bed. I want to look as if it's disheveled. Yeah. And that's what I've been aiming for.


I tell us about the receding hairline and the hair. Transource, right.


As you can see, if you could get away with that, no, I don't know. But as you can see, it's gone back up here. Yeah, you can see that. Yeah. Yeah. So so there was a there was a little part of me there around December, and I would you would you get caught in the wind.


Oh yeah. I got it's fucking gone backwards now. It's gone right. Like, you know he's like like two little inlets there, like two little inlets on the river.


Shannon right opposite her cousin. Yes. Up around there. Up around the Shannon. It's like Palmolive Bay. I have two little inlets here at the back and I get to go back and back. So I said, right, I'm going to explore the land.


And it's kind of like you've Brazillian at the top of your head. I said, I can't explore it, you know? And I decided then to go to a well-known place in Ireland to do. How did you find them? You know, there's a lot we have to be very careful here, right? Because there are a lot of other places available.


I'm surprised you saw a lot of people go out foreign for. Yes, I will talk about that because I've been on I've been on a plane recently from Istanbul.


Here, they've all got headphones on and all their hair is gived. Yeah, the cops are Bleadon. There's all these no headbands on and every second Zequinha on Turkish Airlines from Istanbul, it's full of lads, Irish lads just out to get their head on their heads, look as if they haven't been hit by a pitchfork 6000 times. The Scouts are bleeding, they've got Andre Agassi sweatbands on and they're all on the way back to Dublin. And I'm sitting in the back of a going.


That could be me. It would be me.


So if you phoned the police in Dublin. Yeah. So I phoned up. And what did you say? So I said hello to you. Say Hektor here.


Me. I did, and then what do you see the go I do that sometimes when I'm looking for preferential treatment. You say you're a tector. Yeah, it does.


It does work in a nightclub in Havana when you're booking hotel room. But anyway, this place would be pretty well known. So, so. So it's all about discreet, blah, blah, blah, and it's all futuristic and white and modern and UV light strip lighting on the reception. So when you arrive you have discrete public private parking, private parking. So and we come in and there's an elevator, a private elevator to take you to it with no mirrors.


You don't get all those fiddling with a gun. They don't give a fuck what it looks like because they've seen all types. So I've watched the videos of the people on this. Welcome to the third. It it it it it it it is a hair clinic. We are one of the world's leaders, blah, blah, blah. This is what's piped through. This is the end of this year. And then this is their videos, their video, their website is very partial to some well-known Irish personalities that I can't name anyway.


So you get in there, it's all white, is all nurses and everything. You're going for your pre operation consultancy. Right. And this is expensive as well. So listen to this. So anyway, does the charge by the hour, you go into the level. So, so so we went in and they have a look at it and then they take your blood pressure and they do all these checks and then they go in and then he pulls your scalp back and he gets America and he pulls it back and it starts taken and he starts pushing it.


He drew a line around the inlets round round by the islands, the two islands at the Christian base with America. And then he said, put your head down. And we started taking photos. And then he looks at your photo on the screen and then other border consultants come in and they all look at your head on the screen. And then another embarrassment.


This is happening. I don't know what have I don't know what you have lots of hair on the top of your head. Yeah, I'm losing the hair, the inlet. So they're going to take it from they'll take it from the cut from behind. So what they'll do is they'll extract the hair from right at the back of your head. A strip. Yeah. I mean replanted, truth be told. Yet you hardly need the hair at the back of your head.


No, nobody's looking at that angle. So so very few people would see you come back. And boy, we've got to get the terms right here. It's follicle replantation and there's a replantation room in the place and they're all in.


You get a grant for it, like the way you see people making sure that if you're ever in the family, you planted all the bushes you get get a grandfather.


Would you get a grandson follicle replantation area and the plantation room, you have all these people busily working around, you know, the way you see chefs cooking up and it's all open plan. And you can look and you go, oh, look, it's cool. Hey, look at them cooking. There's my steak and you can see them. Well, now you can see into this place where all these taking someone else, getting a cold follicle technicians.


Right. So they're individually taking your follicle and they're ready for replantation. Meanwhile, you're heavily anesthetized and they're placing each follicle back one by one. And does it work, do you reckon? I haven't a clue. But I'll tell you, the videos are all good.


The problems are good. It's very almost what happened when you were in there. Hang on. This is my presentation.


And then they said, well, we'll be back in touch with you in a couple of weeks and we will get ready then for operation and should be looking at full localization plantation. And and then I waited. And then a week later, they sent out the news and the price or so for how many Vollertsen some attention is unbearable. Do you have to pay by the follicle?


Or so there's two types of hair plantation, those replantation forestation. There's one where it's partial, which I was going for on this one, which is complete. We pull every bit of hair. I mean what you mean. So. So say, for example, for you, Tommy. Yeah.


You're missing it in chunks and so it's not allowed to donate his hair. So take it off your feet. There could be a political adoption in Wexford.


Well, you know what I did last week? I get to be here to tell me that's not a bad idea. So tell me about the partial and permanent it just so, so so, for example, with you, you're losing your crown.


I'm losing lost and the boat has gone by. I don't know if that might be too far gone, but that child has gone up and left the house.


So they would what they would do with you is they would take skinnier top to bottom. Yeah. They'd take whatever existing hair they could at the back end and they start replant and all of it all night long and the whole hair. And you couldn't go outside then for about six months you'd be locked in. And I was talking about cocooning. That's another thing as well. The cocooning part of it after you have to lock yourself away for two weeks.


No new nothin. Why?


Because it's very wet. In fact, it's dodgy and it can fall out. You know what I mean? It's like a little it's like a little bit of coriander. It's like one of those little Pottsy by and you buy it and look at coriander, coriander, go fresh coriander knackery. And then a week later, that thing is dead.


All you have to offer to you have to spray your head for 24 hours, not go to sleep. And I'm telling you, you spray your head for 24 hours. If you sit upright, you know, baseball, you have to sit upright for the first six hours and not on your face. Spray your head every two or three hours like a greenhouse. So anyway, the bill can be if you want to proceed with your follicle replantation and they said you would be looking at between two to three thousand follicle replants, individual Somnath Glendower for ten or fifteen thousand replants.


Right. The whole head I was looking for two to three thousand. Right. Replants individual hairs. Right. How much per hair. I'm going to say fifty or follicle fifty euro. Fifty per follicle. Where are you. We have the done in zero is a two tier. Is it, is it hair or fucking cool. But is that you dear reader.


Hair is Gordo's. Yeah exactly.


So is that not on the open market. I might. My hair follicle. A healthy hair follicle is what. More than an ounce of gold.


Just a cheese. I get rid of mine. Well that's what it sounded like to me. When is in the building. I said to me I would like to buy a book and I was for this.


I could nearly buy a house. Well, I wear like Leitrim in to my dog. No, no, no. Well, maybe you might get something. How much was this one?


500 euro per hair. Did you think I was too dear with the 50? 500. And how many thousand one hundred grand is it? I get that right. Two thousand stares you do? Oh, God, multiplied by 500. That's about to Ozair to buy a house, you can buy a house in Navan for that, you know. Sorry, I got it wrong. I got it wrong.


Just give us the full bill. Total Bill. Don't break down. Each one is going to cost me that. Ben has. No, it's going to cost me about the same as a 15 year farakka by 2000. Yes, 15 euro. 15 euro.


So what was the price to give you for the whole thing? 15 by 20 percent by 2000. What? It could be three.


Oh, Jesus. I can't I can't work.


This is going to cost me about 12 to 15 thousand euros to get them. Twelve or fifteen thousand pound between 12 and 15 thousand euro to get it done permanent, for it to fall out to the rest of your life, never have to worry about being on a bicycle again or being caught a gun. Got it wrong. That's not 500. But to me it was like 500. But it wasn't. It's 15, 12 to 15 grand, which is a considerable amount of cash to rebuild the Lord's supply house.


Then I started surfing the net, didn't I? And I got in touch at a crowd in Madrid and were doing it for seven year I Fallica And then I started saying Fallica at the same Palatka. And then I started Googling aircraft from Istanbul Tooch. And then I realized that there's over 250 hair clinics in the city of Istanbul. It's the world leader in Fallica Plantation. There are tens of thousands of men going in every month to Istanbul to get their hair done.


That's about four year little bit that you're already down to a third of the original price. And I flew to Africa there in February doing the show and we came back to Istanbul and I saw it with my own eyes that hundreds of Irishmen getting their hair. They put you up as well over there. They put you up for two or three days. I don't you can't lie down for 24 hours and come back to Ireland. You have to rest and replant resole and fertilize and then you're back to the gym.


Phoned me up again wanting to know what I join when I go back again. I'm tempted not to. Well, you good members of weathering in you. Yeah, I was good. Membranous was the every.


Everybody's just trying to make a living these days, but I'm tempted not to go back, you know, I'm tempted just to. There's a great virtue and strength isn't there. Yeah. And having strengthened and been able to fill in that kind of vigor inside in your body, I'm off attempts. Just let myself go a little bit. I don't let myself go as in you went on about the belly.


You're not letting the belly go.


No, but just in terms of not being not being just you don't need big muscles now, dear.


Well, I women do find them fiercely attractive. Yes, but you biceps like when you women love women, women like them triceps.


What do you like. What are you, a woman. A back to back.


Yeah I have strong arms. Oh big strong arms. Women do like strong arm shoulders and good strong legs. Yeah. Good legs and short legs.


It's just big and strong Mr big and strong.


So but yes I have and I know my wife appreciates when I go to the gym I know if I'm after about two months lifting weights, I know you're getting solid.


I know she just, you know, she likes it but is it worth it. Is it what can all that effort just to please my wife.


That's it. Is it. Yeah. Yeah. The mirror. Yeah it is. It's worth it.


Yeah it's worth it. Yeah. Just to keep. But you feel good too. It's for, it's for the endorphins coming out of the head isn't it. You'd be going around your chest, but your pride then that vanity and pride. Do you look at yourself watch when you get in? Yeah, I do. I find myself the more I lift weights, more look myself. Well, I mean, you know, it's not changing your desires.


But I would spend and I never look, I don't mean in the same place, but I could leave the mirror the same. Yeah. I told you I could leave.


I could leave the mirror upstairs after looking at myself. And then I passed the mirror by the front door. Take a quick check and then the catch me reflection in the fridge in the door from the hall to the set.


And then, uh, would you be like, would you like something like this?


We made an awful mistake. My my wife has a vanity table. You know, it's kind of a place where she can sit and eat and do her makeup. Yes. And where she has it is directly opposite the toilet. Right. So there's the toilet is there, and then there's a bit of space. And then there her chair and then her vanity thing. That's just the way the bathroom. So when you're sitting on the toilet, you're looking at your own reflection.


Well, you can see yourself in the mirror. Yeah. And see what when you're sitting on the toilet, you can see your own you're looking at yourself in the mirror. So you probably couldn't help yourself.


I can't help after just doing this, like, just just. Yeah. Flexin.


And the more I go to the gym, the more I do that. So Norn myself and I think what's the point? What's the point in looking at better? Do you feel better? If I do feel better.


But I also feel Venner right and I'm not sure is the way to go. Well, why is there a happy medium somewhere along the way. But I'm not sure. Just stop and get weak and die.


There's two ways of looking at yourself. You can look, you put on the shirt, you put on your jeans, you put on your cords. Yeah, I don't wear jeans anymore. Jeans are for boys cause I've got trousers and court records and the first thing I spotted there I didn't know the last time I saw a pair of cards was nineteen eighty four in Navin and milady's was milady's beside Tandan. There was a ladder used to sell records. He likes corduroy, always like velvet and corduroy.


I just like trousers with soft, decent pockets in them. You put your hands in a set of denims where you can only get the tops of your fingers.


What about the two pleats? And then you're then you're big arms that look good if you stick them into the pockets.


But you see, which is he is a man and I know where you're coming from here. Tell me there's well, there's two ways of looking at yourself when you're dressed. And then the key is when you're in your jux, nobody. They're just looking in the mirror. For whose benefit is that? That's for you. That's for your mind and the man inside your mind.


How do I know you're right? Tell me. You know what? I'm talking I can ask this question. Yeah. Talk to me about your jokes. Because when you look at yourself in a mirror. Yeah. What type are you, a boxer? Manny briefs. Are you tight, little Jarkesy? I would I have noticed over the past years is I bought boxers that now look like briefs.


You watch them to watch this again. They're just they're just they're clenched that I wear the underpants. There's very little room for manoeuvre I just described them that have shrunk.


Yeah. To the tight. I don't like them. I don't like that. Did you get a three pack or a five pack. What were you buying? I went through a phase of buying three packs. I could never see the point. And buying a singular pair at the box. Exactly.


Well, I don't know. They did the common at the do. Yeah. Would you be a branded man or would you would you just go into the normal place and just buy a load I'm reading. No, I would have been branded. Yeah.


Why would you notice the difference in the branded one. Yeah.


This conversation doesn't interest me, but I'm trying to say is should I go to the gym or not? I'm interested to see what he looks like in the mirror and the Gnip and and how I feel about it. Yes. And that's what it's down to that. Tell me, how do you feel about your body?


I take the pressure off myself by not investing in my own body. That's what I do. I put no effort into how I look. Apart from that, my wife trimmed mustache and doing something with me flyaway hair every now and again. But I put no I put no mind into my physical appearance.


But you've been on it for years. But something has happened. I'm 51 and I've stopped always. No more lifting weights, no more running, just talking to people and being friendly. Right?


Well, that's the answer to the question. Then I won't be going back to the gym. So I take out the mirrors out of the house. No stock and barrel. My wife likes looking at them and it's important for her to to look good. She looks beautiful. Anyway, I tell her, I said she wakes up in the morning and she's crying. And I said, what's wrong with you? And she says, look at me. And I said, You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.


I stop lying to me. I says, you are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life and to stop line. But that little curve of a smile starts to happen. And I keep. I keep, I keep your car, just your car. And she is she's so gorgeous.


And eventually she believes. But she needs the mirror. I don't yeah. Women need I would be happy never to watch television again, never to look in another mirror, never to go on the internet, never to read another paper, never to see the news or never hear me or name being spoken by other people.


You've had enough of the world you could just know. Like I said, I'm up for meeting people and be nice. How are you? Great. And how's the dog? Mighty detriment. Friendship, not vanity. I'm going to say it to the person in the gym.


You might need to know. They might just listen to this. So I'm never coming back here.


If you could go and talk to people in the gym, at the reception to there, you could work.


That's what I'm thinking. And years ago I had I got injured run. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. And I went to all types of specialists, stuff like that. And I went to a Chinese lad who in a room with no ventilation, and he told me that he did acupuncture me stuck needles in all over my body and see where the energy was from. And it was just random. It was a minute officer and I went from four, went to him for about four weeks.


He was coming to strip down to your underpants, walking up and down the little room, stick a needle in me, talking to me in his broken English. And after a month he said, I know what's wrong with you. He says, your leg is sad. He said to a side, like you said, he said, I was sad. And the sadness was gathered, gathered on the knees that that is your mother. The sadness went to sadness, went to my leg and and where you said I didn't I wasn't aware of it.


I noticed that in your walk around that time that I was. What was it?


The left leg is that I can't remember which one it was, which one side or the left or the right, I don't know. But that's the sadness congregated in around me, like and he says, you have a sad like and that's that's what's wrong with you. And then I went another lad and he said, bullshit, you've got flat feet. And that's what I was I was running so much that I was off kilter. And the part of my town found in the apartment he was taking pressure shouldn't have been taken, orthotics or orthotics.


And so suddenly you weren't said there was no sound to me like sad, like picked up a bit after a few days and.


Welcome, everybody, this is the Tommie and Hector podcast with Luisa Blewitt, Mayeux and not Maurice Finest. That's Ackers. Absolutely. And you are welcome wherever you're listening to on whatever platform. Thanks for listening to the show. And we endeavour to do one one.


So let's just shut up. Kwan playlets. Don't mind if or when you have a podcast and you want to direct a bit of cash, you know, received or vagy just leave it in the bag for me to sponsor cause the show that's in their product and off you go. We got a sponsor that came on board the show on television from all over the world. Watch what you wanted to know, that you control the entertainment of cinema, but you never have to get off your doorstep.


And every time you watch a documentary on Chairman Mao, after a week you'll have to pay nothing for this car. But we don't charge me. So no TV. Don't touch me. So no TV. Don't charge me. No TV. Without. That's great stuff. We so lots sex dolls, sex dolls and sex toys and all that, yeah, big increase in us in since the lockdown, nurses, nurses, outfits.


How do you feel about them, where you found this on the Financial Times? Yeah, give us a synopsis of it.


Dildo King. It's a Berlind accessory supplier. OK, start a restaurant. No, it's not like thermocline or he eats supplies.


This is Dildo King. It is an 87 percent increase in sales of sex toys year on year since the restrictions were announced. Fetish article sales are up 94 percent. Yeah, and sales of certain masturbator models had increased more than eight fold compared to last season's cocooning status. Yes, some people are just very confident about that, like there's a couple of sex shops and German Germans there, they they're open.


But everything like that wouldn't be in the major news now or it wouldn't be in the.


But some people are very comfortable to walk into a sex shop and go give us an eight inch with a three inch girth. And I want them to be slightly further on a bottom hole.


So, for instance, I was brilliant and I'd be mortified. I would I would be going in and asking for toothpaste or something. Doesn't mean I know I can't be doing that stuff.


And I'm amazed that people who are you know, I watch a documentary on Dogen the other night and you'll be able to go to car parks and have someone who was fascinated about that was amazing about it was this woman on it. And she was saying she had a mask on. And she said, you know, before I started talking, I was off and she was getting rolled at the back of a station wagon in the woods, but not allowed to get in the window with a load of that.


Look at that meeting that has put my confidence back. At what age would she have been? She would have been in her 30s.


It is she was talking about how, you know, I used to be really shy. I would be really shy. But there's something about the car that they have has one of these kind of foldout boots, which you can get up on if you like, put like in line. So they open up the top part of it and they open up the bottom part.


And she kneels and she stared at the front window and the fellow crowd and no, she's not at the darkness. And then she can't see any of the fellas looking to her OJA And then she and her partner make love when there's loads of fellas, then just amusing themselves watching them. But she says it's great for her confidence. How?


Because once you can do that, once you can once you can do that, once you can have sex in public. Good fellas looking at you. Yeah. And fellows you don't know in you're so attractive that they're willing to take advantage of themselves in a forest at night. You just you walk, you're empowered.


But how would that translate into concrete not messing up. Oh, a letter from Saint Paul to read the ends. That's what I think it is a mind thing. Isn't that the old dog like I remember Channel four, I had a couple of those docs on about Dogen. When did Dolgin get really popular? About fifteen years ago in England and in Epping Forest. And yeah, there's places there's all these little forest little in labels. I just I'm fascinated by the type of lads that'll come out of the darkness and all congregate at the window.


It's just gone wild to what John was. Well, or elderlies says we can't not hang on a second. I pull my pants down a promise of a Zonda.


Jesus, John, I need you to fix my boiler. Jimmy, he's not coming. He texted me. Will was there anyway? I said, yes. Yes, I said I said, who's on today? Sorry. Only about. Oh, I know. I got a second marriage. I got Paul is coming. He texted me where is he is a mile away. Maureen, will you hang on a second. Just hang on a second because Paul's on his way.


We go again. I'm going to get anywhere for you. Put this under the rug. I've got to do with it. Go to these Dolgan parties as well. There is only one woman that's on display. They go from character care.


I don't I, I don't think the women go from car to car, Watson. I think I think the women are in the cars, so they'd love to. Yeah. And the fellas go just to talk to women.


But I just I'm amazed at people's confidence to do that. I am as well. It's barbaric.


And even though we might think it's a small subculture community, it's well, it's massive. They're allowed to vote.


Yeah, you do what? I watched this.


We wouldn't have the forest. Oh, we would. Of course. I bet it's right. And rangoli. What a quilty layby. I bet there's Dogen spots all over my house and male and all your locker and places like that. Yeah. Yeah. But you know, there's always somebody in the community. I know how that happens and then they won't ask where. Oh yeah. Not too far from you. Yeah. You know, the way Irish people are, you wouldn't be too far from you as the crow flies.


Yeah. Yeah. And if the lights on last night and flicking the light that's flicking the lights like you. Yeah. There more. Moore is no stranger to the house the on Johnny's here as we continue. Yeah. We're all in all way. You go Marenco girl. I love to because he's off. I love the negative messages. I've got the baby wipes. Yeah. I mean your shoes are destroyed. I've already the dashboard wipes dash for the dashboard wipes.


Well you want to write that down there lads. Yeah. Meat-packing the dashboard. Macleans if your car is totally.


The speedometer that is running all over the handle on the car and you can look at, say, the city, you might have to power wash it down the next day to put the car seats in the next stage, the cash to be right in the way and check the handbrake of the biggest economic force, salty water route, corrosion of, I can imagine, salty spunk. What are you your fault? So now anyway. But the confidence I'm just taken aback by I was watching a program on Netflix about.


Oh, hello. Take that. I don't know. Can you just send in the order? Tell me for 40. Hello, it's Maureen. Oh, hi. How are you. I'm good now I'm just in the middle of recording something down the shed here. Are you looking for Yvonne? Was it? That's what I should be. She is driving back now from town, so she should be on a mobile in five or ten minutes. Talk to Charlena.


I thought that was my mother in law. Oh, that's good. Is that what's that on there now? No, I didn't press pause. We did we kept on there.


But there was a documentary on Netflix about what she called that or Swingin' Swingers parties. And there was this little village in Radley's quite a positive reception in outside in London. Outside London, maybe. I can't think the English are different there. And here was the couple.


Right. The husband was rostered to pay Goldi.


Right. Like, is this is this a document? Can we see this? Yes. Yes, I know it is down. And they had the kids doing want to phrase that physically to them. So he was incredulous when he was doing because they had the household and the kids were making up all the bedrooms. The kids were like eight, nine, 10, 12, that kind of age. They were doing off the beds and like read some duvets and all that, having it ready for the guests coming over.


Later on the night he was Raulston to pick out front, the wife was cleaning up and then they just open up the house. And in the government they were all there were already ordered.


The documentary, people listening to this now to whom that wouldn't be unusual.


But it's just I guess we we did grow up in a sexually oppressed era. And when something like you can't get rid of sexual energy. So if you if you try and squash it, it just emerges in unusual places. It doesn't disappear. So you squash it down. So the marriage is in red lit and Epping Forest, you know, but I think it's because we're kind of sex is always the dirty thing and make you laugh.


And, you know, it's always a it's not talked about openly. So it's kind of it's an underground energy. But I'm still just amazed that people's confidence of it, like I'm just blown away by where does the conversation start? Oh, do you fancy going over to our house first?


Well, they were drunk one night and they asked to be after making love to another. And she you know what? What do I do you would you love would you tell me? And she says, I love I know you. I love this now.


I'd love to make love with Tom across the road. Yeah.


No I actually there is actually Helicon, Tom, Barney so baraniuk. Yeah. And like I said that I would start but some people just have a much more open about, you know, and they don't there's something like but a lot of people are moving into a house and having a few drinks and. You know, start at each other, I'll take you tonight. What do you see? The big thing is the shop and the little man, they put the little masks on, the little masquerade ball masks.


Don't watch all the documents because it was obvious. Were you disgusted? No. But it's a big business to swing us and our nurses outfits. Big business. Big business, well, sex toys, Berlin, Germany.


So you were saying that in the article that the sales of all these things have gone up since the lockdown was where were they getting it beforehand or what were they doing beforehand? I wonder why.


I mean, the lockdown, I guess people just at home, you know, the what were they doing when they weren't at home?


Did you mean, like, beforehand when they weren't at home? Or maybe they were busy, just distracted with other stuff.


But like what? Like vibrators and dildos.


Yeah, they've always been there looking Dildo King Banon's. What was the name of the famous vibrator that was on Sex in the City? The rabbit was a three speed.


Very, very positive. Always been there. Yeah. Online online sales. That's why you give us that don't you.


Don't give the dildo king looking dotcom. This podcast is part of the cast creator network.


But I have loved watching during the lockdown is the old Jay much as much as from the 70s and 80s. I have just got such a buzz and watching these leper's of men, the long hair, long hair, sideburns, no teeth, damp, they always look awful.


They looked so old.


Brian Mullins looked like he was in Def Leppard with the long hair. You all you did give him a vest and go, one, two, three, four, 1974. Brian Moreland's. He looked like the top to bottom mic midfield or general.


Oh, yeah, I'm trolling. Kind of hole. Oh, how. But I loved watching those. Who is the doctor.


Anton Anton Senior Anton Dave Hickey.


Davy, look at Dublin that I know. Just the coffee, the commentary, the commentary coming out the door and I here come Dublin and the boys have run out in these tight shorts and they burst out with the pitch and the seniors of today will be the jaws of tomorrow. And here comes I played before the match started. The old boys smoking cigarettes. Nine hundred and fifty thousand at any time, I swear on the canal and sitting on the roof, I sitting on the roofs and here comes I play at the port and they'll kill come into the dressing room.


I got to have I fucking figured out that pitch will be fine. OK, let's give it all the way. They want to put all of this shithole. They come out of the boat and get yours today. Seijas out tomorrow at airgun. Whatever. Roughly a three point lead. Same story brought on it. Oh my it there's no person like that anymore.


Tight little shorts on them. Of course it's on your mind and that the big belly.


So you know, and they were great men, they were great men and all the minus three and oh he Mawn and everything men mount Willie Joe Patton for God's sake.


Great man. I love watching him. I just when the next time we all watch this. Watch how fast that fucking dressing room. Yeah. Boys are little up with no Red Bull or not an outcome they kill would kill by ten stone majestic midfielders. Roisin, how are you looking in big ball into the forwards. It was on. All the stands are packed and there's no seats are not enough. No, this is weird. Kevin Heffernan on the side.


Yeah. Oh man. But football was shaped. I was a different type of football wasn't it. Wasn't it's manufactured now you know everything. So like specific rehearsed. Rehearsed, no. Yeah, well I think so. It's almost like everybody had like they're all wearing GPS and using. Do you have to go off now. You could be playing the best football, but you haven't run enough or you have I. And so then really the that information on the sideline going well yeah.


There's somebody watching video during the match. Got your GPS. That's why sometimes you'll see it. He was playing so well. Why did they take him off or he was getting tired. He wasn't running as quick. His feet were his first question. The body's gone to the ground, you know, as opposed to stand up on your tippy toes and running around like that. It's crazy.


It is. It is probably a.. Well, everybody, I hope you've enjoyed this week's podcast with Tommy Pachter and the recent players. Talk to you next week.