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As a show that's historically done cold opens. I have no idea what to say here. I'm Linda Eller b. This is also Linda Eller B.


Yes, hello.


This is way too nice of a place for us.


I don't like how quiet it got.


Extremely quiet.


Like outside, you could hear people talking. I think they can hear us, but we can't hear them, so we don't know what they're saying.


There's also no.


About us in general now.


So they're going to walk by, be like, what? Is this conversation happening?


Is it better if it's no people there or if it's like 50 people there? Which is better fit for my ego?


I'd prefer 50 people there.


I don't know. I kind of like the no pressure, man. I prefer them to be like 50 people right out of you. I think the worst thing is, like, twelve people. That goes to nine and up to eleven, then down to like four. We got one rocking strong. I like that guy right there.


Yeah, bro.


That's my guy right there.


Ernie Bach Jr. Yeah.


He said something terrible about us, probably about me.


But this is third time's the charm. Do you want to explain what that means?




Okay, so you've seen some movies.


I've lost my head. No. Quick, we can explain.


These are the tightest headphones I've ever worn. I don't know how they fell off.


Your head because I don't really have them. I don't know. I got them halfway. Halfway on. Like I'm about to rap. Like, I only need to hear the beat in one ear, but there we go. No. We've tried to do shows one, two and three times now. I don't know what's going to make this one any different. You got any leads on that?


No. I mean, the other two, they went swimmingly. You know what I mean? They don't end for any bad reasons on the content side of things, as I'm sure the people, the very nice people working the switchboards are like, are we sure we got the right two people in the studio? Right? Who are these two jamokes?


The nice people that just helped set all this up are listening right there. And they're like, this one's not going to work either. Over three. I'm going down with the bat on my shoulder, though. I will watch the swings. Yeah.


No swings at all.




You have a show with Rashid Wallace now?


I do she and Tyler. He does the she part. I do the Tyler part. That will be coming soon, maybe by the time you hear this.


Listen, we had a wonderful night with Rashid last night, and Berm, who I don't think said two words.


Shout out, hey, listen, I don't want to tell tales.


That boy was stuck.


I ain't no snitch, man, but Berm said he walked in his hotel room and seen his own reflection and almost jumped out of his skin. I said, he was too high, daddy. I said, you was way too high. Said he saw himself free. Who's that, man.


Copying my every move? This guy's good.


Yeah. How did you get here? But I don't tell tales out of school, so I'm not going to say the burn was stuck like fruit by.


The foot, but I bring up the show not to promote it. I would never do that.




I do it because it infuriates me that you have a show with Rashid Wallace, not because you have a show with Rashid Wallace. You specifically have a celtic show with Rashid. As someone who's been trying to do a celtic show with you for, I don't know, eight years now. You guys just talking about the Celtics every 2 seconds, and you defending the Celtics is really what jams my crop.


I really got to fucking type. I just can't shake it. No. It all comes back to Glenn Rivers pretty much more or less as most things do.


He's going to jump through the window to come yellow.


He just might. What if Glenn Rivers walked by right now? What would you say if he just sat down?


I'd put him in the crippler crossface while she'd work the body. That's what would happen.


I'd probably run his pocket. Yeah, he got bigger fish to.


Someone needs to run the pockets.


Where are we at? I feel like I don't even know where we're at.


I don't know where we're at. I'm not a great person to tell that. We're at the blue wire studio.


Shout out.


Blue wire. Yeah, we're in Las Vegas, Nevada. My first time, and I think that's a great. I'm glad you brought that up. I've been lied to my entire life.


Hold on. Put a pin in that. Okay. That guy just wanted to stop and listen a little bit. And his wife or the lady he was with, she stopped for a little bit, and she was like, knock them.


Anything important.




As you were saying, I've been lied my whole life. I mean, I'm a Hunter S. Thompson fan. Everyone knows that. I've heard about Las Vegas. It's a tough place. To not hear about.




I feel like outside of the debauchery, the city of sin, all that. Number two on the list is hot.




Hot desert, big Vegas and the propaganda machine that is big Vegas. It's been cold, it's been rainy, 60 degrees, yet I have to leave Maine for this shit. It's absurd. There he is, Drozan Petrovic, who just walked by.


Chris Weber just walked by, everybody.


Well, next time we talk to him, I'm asking him what it is specifically about Rafe Lafrens that he doesn't care for.


I think it's all of it. I feel like it's the most of it. But no, Vegas is not. The rain sucked. That's not good. But it not being 110 degrees at all times of day and night. I appreciate that. Yeah.


But I could go for, again, as someone who's coming from Maine, I could go for like 75. I'm not trying to be greedy here. I was just in Florida. It was in the 60s. I'm here. It's in the don't care for it.


But I feel like it very well could be like 95 degrees. I don't know how the. I know Atlanta weather. It could start 40 and end up 95. I don't know if Vegas is on that same kind of time. So I'll just say, careful, careful. It could be like 112 degrees.


I don't know. I feel like that's all I've ever heard it's ever been. Here is 112 degrees.


Global cooling?


Yes. Coming from Disney, which, by the way, if you're someone built like me, different. Like a bunch of dirty laundry in a glad bag. If that's your build and you want a boost of self confidence, go to any swimming pool at a Disney resort. They badly build be. It's the first time I've ever been in a pool and been like, I am the best looking person here.


Turn me up.


It's unbelievable. Turn me up. I couldn't believe it. I had more confidence than I've ever had with my shirt off. I was like, yeah, let's soak it all in.


Did you do any preening?


No, not a lot of preening. I sent my daughter, they had like, a waterslide, and she turns four next month. Like, she is still a young child, but it's a waterslide. So I was like, go down it. She was like, no, I'm scared. I'm like, I'll be at the bottom. You'll be fine. She was not. She was terrified. She knew getting waterboarded and it was very funny. Only because she survived, but, yeah, she mentally scarred for life for sure.


Isn't that swimming, though? You either come out Michael Phelps or you can't swim at all.


You're dead.


Yeah, you might as well be Michael Phelps. I feel like those are the one and two, but we're burying the lead here. I've been doing some cinemas. This is what draws the third show to a screeching.


That's. Well, to be fair, the first two you were doing no cinemas whatsoever. So that's the big change with the third time.




Right now it's February 7. You said you've done double digit cinemas. Not like since we last spoke. No, this calendar year. So a little over. Although January had twelve weeks in it. So the 13 weeks of this year, you've done how many cinemas?


It's a smooth ten.


Okay, all right. You don't want to get greedy.


No, we're chronological.


Well, what. Let's see. Is it a wide variety of it? Were you in your action bag?


It is a wide variety. Okay, there is some variety. Okay, okay.


I know John Wick's on there. How many John Wicks are on there? At least two.


Three John Wicks.


Three John Wicks.


Okay, all right. I watched all three. I don't know if this is a take or not. I didn't think the first one was that good.




I don't know if that's a take, like watching them in succession. I think two is so much better than the first one. I think three is so much better than two. So I think I'm looking back at it, I was like, am I even going to continue? I think it was so hyped up hearing about the series in my head, sure that I was expecting everything. That's how the first one.


I didn't see the Bourne movies, any of those, until the panty. And they talk about Jason Bourne like it's the greatest action hero of all time. There is so little action in those movies that I thought I was watching the wrong movies.


I will appreciate. I don't know if this is a hot take either, as the series goes on.


I hope you start every sentence.


They just have Keanu saying less and less.


Oh, his words per movie goes through the floor.


I love it, though. They're like, listen, boyo, you're not really here to soliloquy and all this stuff. Yeah, I'm thinking that I'm back and then he goes, and I can't say what he did because it bites head off like a public crisis. In our. You know what I'm saying? Where we're at currently. Hey, she's taking a video. Yeah, that's right.


David Ortiz and Kurt Schilling doing a show. That's unbelievable. I didn't know they were on good terms.


Doug Christie and Pesia Stoyakovic were talking Super bowl. The Wick trilogy is on there. I need to add the fourth.


I haven't seen the fourth yet either, truth be told. But rank the trilogy as you've seen them.


I think three is by far the best one. I enjoyed three the most. Wow. Then it's either three or is. One brings up the rear. I'm sorry. That's comfortably bronze to me. I would say Halle Berry was in three. So let's go three.


I could see that.


Yeah, I could see that. Let's go three, two, one. How you got it?


I think two of the trilogy is my favorite because there's something with sequels where it's either we're going to make the same movie, just not as good, or we've got the pretense out of the way. Now we can just do the sick shit right, which is what John Wick did. Too many other movies fall into. Oh, we just want to rehatch the same jokes. We're going to like hangover two, for example. Yeah, we changed the setting, but it's the same movie that bores.


I'm good off that. Yeah.


John Wick was like, we're just going to kill more people. We're just about that. So I agree. Two is crazy. I like two, probably the most of the three. I've got three last. I think I've seen it the least. So it's one of those things where I think if I watch it a couple more times, it could rise.




But one, the premise is so funny where it's, like, hilarious. Yeah, your wife's dead. She left you a dog somehow, and now the dog's dead. By the way. Can I say this?


I don't know if this is a hot take. I don't want my wife to die and leave me any fucking homework. You know what I'm saying? Another mouth to feed.


Listen, he trained that thing. Day one, he had that thing completely trained.


I'm thinking we know how to sit.


Theon Greyjoy coming in, rupturing through his pocket.


I said, that's Theon. I knew it immediately. I recognized it right off the bat. I said, that was Theon Greyjoy. Can I tell you why two could never be first for me here? Let's hear it because I'm watching the movie common shows. I said out loud, watching the movie. I said, what the fuck is common doing here?


He's here to kick some ass and have a beverage is what common's here to do.


Have a gin and get his ass whipped by John Wick. As many do. Exclusively as many do. So common's presence alone stopped how far it could climb.


What do you think about Fishburne's character, the Bowery king? The king of the bombs?


Yeah, he was very pleased with himself. Another reason three is the best, because Dennis Feinstein from was it parks? And yes, is one of the Bowery king. Dennis Feinstein, last one.


No, man.


I only hear that in my head as he's presenting everything to the Bowery king. I was like, that's Dennis Feinstein.


It's unbelievable. Keanu really doesn't miss in general. But with the whole John Wick series, I feel like that actually gave him the long overdue credit he deserved. Four I still haven't seen. I've heard only good things.


I gotta watch. Four. I'll be watching that price in March, not in February. No black movies off February, not in March.


Because it's commons in these movies. What do you mean? You shouldn't have been. Every time common pops up, it's like, all right, dude, enough.


Common could just walk by right here, right now, but he very well could. He got the best agent in the world. How does he keep getting his face there in these places?


He never comes up, and I understand why, but he never comes up in the best rapper actor conversations. Not saying he's the best at either, but he certainly has a case to be made.


He'd been doing both of them long enough.


Yeah, he started rapping in what, like 78? He's not new on the scene.


I watched just right with common, but that was last calendar year, so that doesn't count.


Okay, thank you.


I was warming up for this one. I was like, I'm watching some other fucking movies this year.


Watching some common. Getting ready.


I'm doing some cinema. That's three of my cinema, I think just right.


I refuse to watch it because I cannot buy common as a basketball player.


It's so funny, dude, because you have to know he's all star caliber. They have to do the whole, oh, he's spinning around his back. But it's just common just slowly, like, spinning around his back. They're like, whoa. And you see him like, they pick him up like you probably do your kids. To dunk. Yes. To throw on he didn't. He didn't deserve Queen Latifah. I don't know if that's a hot take, but he didn't deserve Queen Latifah. In just right.


As many say, bringing up basketball movies. We'll put a pin in your list. Since we last recorded an episode, they canceled winning time. It ended with the Celtics winning the title. Ten out of ten. I have no complaints. I'm sorry to all the people whose jobs were lost because of that show getting canceled. They couldn't have scripted a better ending.


Disagree. Disagree. Moving on. Yeah.


Let's hear the rest of these films.


I'm trying to say any other. Okay. There's one on here I haven't finished yet, but I will. It was a plane movie.




But I fell asleep. Okay. I started watching pulp fiction.


Okay, so you've never seen pulp fiction?


I've never seen pulp fiction.


Even though I know your limited history with film.




It is still always shocking when you're like, I haven't seen this one.


You see enough of the memes and stuff. I was like, that's Samuel L. Jackson. I recognize him. So I've got to finish that. I think the part I fell asleep on after the Marcellus Wiley part, I said, oh, my lord. Oh, my lord. And the tarantino part, which was wildly unnecessary. You talk about throwing yourself in a film just to say some shit you could not say outside the film. No, only I can do this. No, let me. No auditions. No auditions. Let me.




Tarantino, motherfucker.


Listen, it was either that or 20 minutes. Footshot, what do you prefer?


Can I see both like an optometrist? Can I see both and decide how I feel about it?


Here's the right. Yeah, here's the left.


Yep. One again.


What do you feel so far watching this movie?


I like the segments. Portion of it. I feel like I see how they're going to tie back in. I don't have very much left, so I might knock that out playing. Right? Maybe on the way back. So that's the only QT on that? Yeah, that's the only unfinished one.


Is that the only Tarantino on there?


Yes. Okay.


How many Tarantinos have you seen? Lifetime.


What's he got?


I think he's got nine, if I remember correctly. And his 10th one is going to be his last one.


Django, was that him? Yes, I've seen that. Okay. Seen 75% of pulp fiction. That might be the list.


That's crazy. Okay, continue. I feel like Jackie Brown. You could watch this month I could.


Probably watch Jackie Brown. Yeah. Pam Greer isn't that. I could watch Jack.


That's right. She sure is.


Because I did not know this person was in pulp fiction.


Bruce Willis sure was.


I said, what a delight. What if. Sheer delight. The guy turned around, thought I was saying like, that was Bruce. How are Bruce doing? Good, man.


He isn't, but we'll move on.


I'm trying to think. One is a rewatch. Only one is a movie I've seen before, but rewatch. Okay.


That's high praise coming from you. Which movie is it?


Oh, brother. Right there.


Oh, wow.


Tremendous movie.


One I haven't seen.


Oh, that is a great movie. Great soundtrack. Okay. Clooney was in his bag. Would recommend. Okay.


Is that Coen brothers?


I believe so.


I'm asking you like you have any idea.


Liam Cohen, equalizer three. That was the last of a trilogy. Okay. I think that's the worst movie I have seen. Yeah. I'm sorry. Denzel, have you seen the first two? Yes. Okay. Love the first two. First one's awesome. This might be anti John. They might get worse. As it goes. The first equalizers were awesome.


Why does he set his watch before he goes on a killing spree?


You got to know when to be in and out.


It seems like he's going. When he was in Home Depot or Lowe's in the first one, it seemed like he was going at a pretty leisurely pace. I don't think he does need to.


Know which ones have you seen? I think just the first one.


I don't think I've seen the second.


One because I think it's the second one where he starts, he'll set it, do all he need to do, and be walking out as the 45 2nd got you.


I don't think he does that in the first one. He just sets it and forgets it. He just crock pots.


He's Ron Popeyal. Yeah, the third one, it really just feels like Denzel was like, guys, what if we just went to Italy for six months?


Pretty good.


I'm not mad at him at all, but he was like, y'all can make a movie. I'll equalize some stuff. I'll drink coffee. It'll be great.


I'm sure he filmed that around the same time.


What did he do?




He was working, working around that time.


So he might have been like, let's do both. Well, we'll bang these out and I'll spend a year and make a quick.


$80 million live in Milan. Yeah.


Pretty good.


It was the worst movie on the list. Okay.


All right. Shout out. Equalizer three.


You know what? The best movie on the list. This might be one of the best movies I've ever seen.


Is this a hot take?


It might be, man. I don't know. Little shop of horse. Wow.


Watch little shop like the what's buddies.


Rick Moranis.


Rick Moranis.


Tisha Campbell, Tashina Arnold. Seymour. Seymour was.


Seymour is the star of the show.


Yeah, he really is. Had never seen. I said, this is delightful.


It goes crazy Steve Martin. It goes crazy.


Bill Murray.


They don't make that kind of movie anymore. And obviously, little shop, ours is a classic. I think it's just permanently on Broadway. Like, that's how big it is.


It should be.


So obviously, I don't mean that caliber of storytelling. However, that kind of cast, ensemble cast, they'll come together for, like, scorsese or Tarantino. That's really it at the moment. I'm sure there are others, but those two come to mind. But they're always doing something far more serious than something like that.


I feel like it's also not even that they were cameos, but you couldn't hide a cameo. Now everything gets out. You might get one good cameo, like, oh, I didn't know this person was in a movie that a lot of famous people were in. But I don't feel like you could just Bill Murray showing up at the dentist office. Steve Martin's the doctor.


There's been a couple recently. They're mostly superhero movie cameos. Yeah, unless you're fucking. Who's the running back? Who blew it? Lashawn mcCoy. Unless you're Lashawn McCoy spoiling it for the rest of the world. Everyone else is pretty much in line, like, yeah, let's keep. Because Brad Pitt was in one of the Deadpools, and he plays an invisible character, and the only time you see him is when he gets electrocuted. And it was just like, he's literally in it for. I don't even know if it's a full second he's in the movie, and it's just like, oh, that's a funny cameo. But you're right. Actors in general don't even go out of their way to do fun shit like that. Like, when Tom Cruise was in Tropic Thunder, as like, the fact that wasn't like a hidden cameo or anything like that, right. But it was just such a preposterous role. I don't know that anyone's doing fun shit like that.


Like, they used to shit ain't fun out here. No.


Shit is not fun.


Shit's never been less. Arguably the.


Not having fun mug, right?


I mean, also Moranis. Then I got into the whole, like, Wikipedia deep dive. I was like, why did Rick Moranis stop acting for 20 years?


Didn't he just walk away?


I think his wife passed and he was like, I got kids to raise, man. So he was just like, I'm not going to do both. I can't do both. Yeah. So he was like, I'm out. I said, true.


And then he got mugged.


Boy, you got to be a piece of shit to mug Rick Moranis, dog.


I mean, Moranis. I'm not going to say he was on top, because that's a bit of a stretch, but what was up there? He was shrinking kids. He was growing kids, big babies. He was coaching youth football. He was busting ghosts. He was in everything for about 15 years. And, yeah, that's just done. Just absolutely done.


Well, so what Rick Moranis would cook right now as, like, a sex symbol. They love you know what stanza, unassuming geek with kind of this face at all times. They're like, oh, my God. He would be out with whatever supermodel.


Sydney Sweeney on his arm.


That's Mirandus and Sweeney again at no boo. Damn.


That's the only movie I've seen this year. I don't know where my children were. Not my problem. They were somewhere. And my wife was like, do you want to go to the movies? I was like, sure. And she wanted to see the Sydney Sweeney romcom. And I was like, I genuinely don't care what we do, so I'm fine with that. She can't act. I don't know if that's a hot take. She cannot. Whoa, listen, whoa, listen. I don't know if she can only play. What's the HBO show? She's on euphoria.




I don't know if she can only play, like, crying. Like, I know that's what she's been stuck in with that role. But I was like, man, everyone else in this movie is kind of killing it except for her.


Well, that's where it's tough. You can have not great actors. You just can't put them around great actors.




Yeah. Because they stand out horribly. Yeah.


There is no life in these lines she's given. I'm not complaining. Seeing her up on my screen, this is tremendous. And it was me, my wife, and just one guy sitting up front.


Oh, no.


The whole theater. I was like, this guy might be cranking it.


I would have called security on him. Y'all. Like, this is preemptory.


Yeah, this is unsettling.


Just go sweep by his feet or something. Just see what he's doing.


Bring him off.


Yeah, I don't trust that.


That's the only movie I've seen. Movie was classic Like, fine, completely fine. But, yeah, her inability to act was jarring.


Listen, you just find that lane, you just ride it out forever, man. For sure.


Yeah, no, I had a great career.


Yeah, kind of acting. Will Smith. Do you just be Will Smith? You just get that bag where she just plays. I did only one of these movies I watched in theater. Okay. I don't know if it was a December watch, but it's a 2020. It was a color purple. Yes, but it was December watch. Better.


Is it the best version of the color purple to date?


I'm afraid not. I'm afraid not. The original still eats, as they say.


They do say that about the color.


As Steven Spielberg says. Now, the original is better, but the second was very well done. Very well done. Yeah. That's the only theater one. Enter the dragon. I watched enter the dragon for the first time on a plane.


Not the one with Chuck Norris.


No, it's Bruce Lee.


No, I know you've heard of him. I know it's Bruce Lee, but I know which one's Lee and Norris. I know Jeremiah behind the glass knows what I'm talking about.


I haven't seen end of the dragon, too, so I don't know it was Bruce Lee. And Jim Kelly, the late, great Jim Kelly. And this is not hot take, but a gripe. When I'm watching a movie on an airplane and you start watching, it says, this has been modified to fit this format, or whatever. They don't take the nudity out. So if you're just watching a movie, you're just the guy, you know what I'm saying? With titties on the screen. In ten B.


On my way here, the first movie, because I don't watch the movie, I just like to have it on as a distraction in case I happen to look up. Just see that right there. So I put wedding crashers on just because it's like. I know I'm not going to be paying attention, but this is easy enough to look at. And the opening scenes are titties, multiple titties. And it's just like, yeah, this is preposterous for an airplane.


I thought the film was modified for the specifications of how I was going to watch the film four tits in.


The movie for the airplane.


The first time that bit me was the Godfather two on a plane.


If Christopher Nolan heard this is how you are watching movies for the first time, he would strangle you with his own two hands.


He gonna be sick because it was gonna be Oppenheimer. But they didn't have it.


They had it on mine.


I saw Oppenheimer, they had Barbie, but no Oppenheimer. I said, what is this?


Yeah, Oppenheimer on the flight screen is chaos.


I was like, this is exactly how he intended for me to watch this movie. On a three x six screen, eight inches in front of my 240 p. Yeah. On the back headrest of the person right behind me. This is what a 200 million dollar movie looks like.


Free headphones.


They buz in and out, and they stop whenever the pilots like, we're about to not crash. And to me, that's art. I'm sorry.


It is. No, it is. Have you seen Oppenheimer yet, or no?


Still no oppy. Yeah.


No, not for me.


Still no oppy.


I'll get to it.


That's next on the list. I will be watching Oppenheimer to get ahead of those rumors.


Is that the whole list?


Is there anything else that might be all?


I mean, three wicks is a third of the list.


I wrote boys in the hood, and then after that, there's just the word, the. Okay, so I was either about to start something or. Oh, little monsters. I watched little monsters. Ben and Fred Savage.


Oh, boy.


I think it might have been, like, Howie Mandel's breakout role.


What is your movie selection process?


Whatever speaks out to me. It was like if you liked little shopper horrors, do you like other 80s movies? I said, maybe so we'll find out.


Let's find out.


I don't know which one's the Ben versus which one's older. Do you know? One was wonder years.


One was wonder years. One was boy meets world. So Fred. Fred must be older. He's wonder years, right? Ben Savage is boy meets world.


Let me say wonder years was eating his ass up. Fred Savage could not act in that. It's. If I told you that guy ended up with his own show after that, you would have called me a liar right to my face. But also if you told me, like, Ben Savage does not, or Fred Savage does not end up, like the biggest star on the planet. He's like the best kid actor I think I've ever seen. Wow.


Better than Culkin?


Culkin was always 35. Even as a child, he was 35. Respectfully.


I mean, he has the same face.


That's what I'm saying.


He was quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals. They definitely. He's got the same exact face.


That was a kid's kid actor. A man's man. That was a kid's kid actor.


What's weird is all the boy meets world cast. I don't know why they keep popping up together all the time. Now Savage isn't there. He's never there. They hate him.


Did he get some help?


I think so.


Yeah, I think so. That's tough. That's probably why you're not there.


It's definitely why he's not there. Although I never see Angela there either. And I know she didn't do anything wrong. She was a saint.


Now that one was a saint.


I'm trying to think. You just. Oh, the Kieran Culkin's been racking up awards. It makes me think, like, whose career would you rather have of the Culkin brothers? Because one of them was famous off rip. You know what I mean? At Michael Jackson's house, whenever one of the most favorite.


Is that a positive or negative?


Listen, as. As Chappelle said, culkin swears nothing ever happened. And if Mike's not touching that, why is he going for the rest of the mid.


How was my weekend?


You're getting healthier and healthier every time I see you. Timmy.


What's he in succession?


Okay, so he won.




He racked up a bunch of awards at whatever the TV awards show is, golden Globes or whatever the fuck it is.


Give me Macaulay.




Give me Macaulay. My girl, bro.


No, I get it. My girl, too, bro. There are pictures. It's like Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Macaulay coconut, like Bugs Bunny. That's a picture from the 90s. That's how big he was.


It's like, these are the four most famous people in the country.


But the last 25 years, it's been like. I know he had depressive bouts, obviously. I think he's with Brenda song, maybe. I can't remember. He's got his asian wife, they have a kid together, and he seems content now, right? But I think there was a long stretch of personal hell that I don't think Kieran Culkin ever once had. I think he was just like, I'm kind of crushing it. And he had a run of movies I've never seen. No one's ever seen that he was in then. He was in one thing that was big, but he was like, the 19th or 20th part you know what I mean? Then he gets succession, which was the biggest show on TV for four or five years. Now he's racking up all these awards. I assume he'll get more roles moving forward because of how good he was on succession. I don't like. Would you rather have your ICE cream now or tomorrow?


I need it yesterday because I'm eating it with Michael Jackson and Bubbles and Neverland ranch. Only ICE cream.


I'm sure Kieran got the call. I'm sure he was there.


I don't know. Not if the gap was bend to Fred Savage style, acting wise. Maybe Kieran had to grow into it. Well, he was Kieran born into it.


He was in the first home alone. I think he's the kid who. He's one of the.


So he had Nepo baby. Okay.


No, I get it. But, I mean, he didn't get succession because he was. You know what I mean? They weren't hiring off of. Who's your brother in 2018?


Are you sure? I think about NFL coaches. Are you sure?


I get it, but I'm trying to think of even what the comparison would be like. Who's, like, the old. You know what? Who's.




Who's Mike Holmgren's kid in the league right now? That'd be like.


There's one third Shanahan, Felipe Shanahan. That doesn't get the coaching gig right.


Yeah. Like the Esteves brothers, Mario and Charlie. Yeah. I don't know. Being able to be that, also being as famous as you are right now, once you're, like, 35 or whatever it is, as opposed to being like, an extremely famous eight year old. That's horrifying.


It's fame at a different time, which I don't know if it makes it better. Makes it better or worse.


It was much worse in the 90s. He was saying, like, grown women were coming up to him.


Like you said, the four bugs bunny. Him and bugs. Oh, yeah. Plenty trim. Now give me McAuley. Give me McAuley. Because you could not mention him. No, there was a point where you couldn't like, yeah, I know of succession. And you would like succession. I've heard good things about it, and.


I'll tell you, it's the same thing. You said sopranos made more sense to you once you heard it was a comedy. Watch it as a comedy. Same thing with succession. Watch it as a comedy.


I didn't hear sopranos a comedy. I figured there's a specific scene that hit in my head, and I said, this is a comedy show. It was never a tough guy show.


No, it's not.


Should I say that? It's a spoiler. I don't want to spoil it. 25 years old, you've seen it all, right?


Not all. No, but I don't care.


Oh, really?


Either. My father was staunchly anti sopranos because he didn't like the way it portrayed italian Americans. I can see that. He was like, I didn't grow up in this shit. To watch me be made a mockery.


Of anti italian discrimination.


It's really how he felt about the show. He was like, I don't play that bullshit. And my mother's in the other room. Woke up this morning like, she loved it. It was a great, great. My fully irish mother was just watching it right in my italian father's face.


You say you all are just like that? No, they nailed you, honey. I think that's the best show I've ever seen, ever.


Yeah, you've been rolling with the hot takes all day.


No, but the scene where I realized it was a comedy multisante, went to grab Ralphie Cifaretto's head and a wig slipped off, and his bald head hit the corner of the tub right then and there. I was like, oh, that's funniest. That's too funny for this to be a serious show. And I was like, have I been looking at this wrong the entire time? Most people, this show is a comedy. Yes, it's always been a comedy.


It's what bothered me about succession winning all the awards recently. They gave best comedy to the bear, which that's what bothered me even more. Did you watch the bear or.


No, I haven't seen it.


So the bear got the acknowledgment, the recognition of a comedy, which it should, and it pissed so many people off because most people are stupid and don't know how to watch programs. But it's, like, clearly a comedy just because it doesn't have, like, a fucking laugh track or all the normal cues, like, it's obviously dark comedy. Yeah, exactly. Succession is the same way. Succession. The opening scene of succession. Spoiler alert. The very opening scene is an old man who can't find the bathroom in his house at night, and he just pisses in the corner. That's funny. That's objectively funny.


It was me.


Yeah, exactly. Whole time there's a scene where they're interviewing a guy who's running for governor or something, and he's like, now, I just got to go over some of your history here, because this will come up and he's like, it says here you read Mindkamp. He's like, twice. Twice. Did you miss something? The first time, he's like, I just like history, man.


Check my notes.


Like, succession was clearly a comedy. So when they give it, like, best drama, I was like, what are we talking about? And what bothers me, too, there's this prestige around drama that comedy doesn't get. Comedy for sure. Comedy gets treated like the rap awards at the Grammys.


It's the way people treat, like, cartoons. It's like, you can make a really great show, and if it's a cartoon, they're gonna be like, oh, it's just a cartoon.


It's harder to make comedy than it is drama. Much harder. Much harder. That's why I respect.


The hell. Was it David Simon or chase? I get him mixed up. Apparently, all along, he knew it wanted to be a. It was going to be, like a one time thing, but just between Tony and Melfie, only the therapy sessions. But it was supposed to be a dark comedy. And you talk about hitting the nail on the head.


Paulie, hilarious.


Artie Buco, the best character on the show. Charmaine Buco is the second best character on the show. Sylvio Dante. He's not one of the best, but he's up there. I think it's a good show. I'm sorry.


There's a show on Netflix you might like called Lily Hammer. Not a very popular, well known show. Was, like, early Netflix when they first were trying to do their own shit. And it's the guy from that, that's anti italian discrimination meme. It's him. And I didn't know. I watched Lily Hammer before I ever watched a second of Sopranos. So I was like, Sylvio got his own Dante. I don't know if it Bruce Springsteen, E Street band guy it might be connected to because he still plays a mobster in this, but he's like, different universe he's in Lily Hammer, like witness protection. And so he has to try to adapt to that norwegian or wherever. Lily, I know it's that part of the world. I know they had Olympics. For some reason. I Sylvio get a show, but I was watching it, and I was like, who is this? I felt like my father. I was like, this guy's making fun of. This is no way. This is a real human being. There's so many prosthetics and makeup. And then I saw him in this promos, I was like, oh, no, that's just how he looks.


That's just his face whole time. That's just his face. I couldn't believe it. I genuinely couldn't believe it.


That's anti indiscrimination tone.


So, yeah, he's got his own show and it's, like, genuinely a good show. Just people haven't. Again, it was early Netflix, so people really haven't seen it. But I enjoyed it.


Nah, if it's still carrying the torch, I'm sorry. I don't think I could do it. He was good at owning the bing. He was good at just, like, doing that face outside that. I didn't need a whole lot from seal. Paulie needed his own show. Carmella needed her own show. AJ and Meadow did not need their own show. Junior. Uncle Junior. Of course. Carado. People talking about the mini saints of New York. And I just don't think I'm interested in timeline. Sure. I need the full band back together.


Newark or Newark?


Which one is it? Newark. Newark. Yeah. I need the whole band. I need Tony Soprano, I need Melfie. I need. Yeah, that kind.


It's the same thing as El Camino when they try that without. Although I'm going to speak out of both sides of my mouth, because El Camino didn't care for better call Saul beloved. So it's like, you can pull it off, but better call Saul. Shout out them. They went over, like, 700 with the awards. They were nominated for everything. Didn't get one. They didn't get, like, a technical award.


That's more impressive.


Best makeup.


They just went over. I think that's more impressive.


I legitimately think the number is, like, 150. Like, they went over, like, 150.


And the show's over now, right? Yeah. They should keep going.


They are cooked.


Yeah. How could you cancel the show that just never won an award?


I don't think it got canceled. I think they were just done with the story. I mean, he's done over a decade of that story between better call Saul and Breaking Bad, which breaking bad discourse still keeps happening. Like, every day I'll open a social media app, and it's just like a debate about whether Walt was a good guy or not. And it's like the whole point of the show was that he was a bad guy. That was the entire way.


I got a bunch of that in sopranos. It's like, hey, man, it's hard finding which one to root for. I was like, I thought that was the point. You're not rooting for any of them. They're all terrible. I thought that was the point.


People struggle with that. And I think there's no movie. There's two movies that come to mind.


Where people, John Wick two and John.


Wick three, people just have no idea that you can just watch something without rooting for them. And it's Scarface. Because people are like, this guy's great. It's like, no, he is not. He's objectively a terrible human being. And Wolf of Wall street. Everyone watches Wolf of Wall street. They're like, man, that's sick. Can you imagine how much fun that would have been?


It's like the last being a Coke.


I mean, tremendous, for sure. But the last scene is he literally has a court order about how close he can get to his own daughter. That's. I know people don't think critically, but it's like when you're watching that and if all you can focus on is like, the five minutes, he's like beyond wealthy and not everything else coming crashing down.


That's the Macaulay Caulkin man. I still take the highs with the sure.


No, I get too, but it's Jordan Belfort. Yeah.




It doesn't get lower. Like he's like, yep, there's my daughter who's not even waving at me because she hates me. Sick, dude.


I gotta show this picture of me and Bugs Bunny again. She will like that. She loves Bugs Bunny.


This is coming out either late February, early March, but that means it's prime draft season and my Patriots have the.


Third pick for now.


What do you think is going to happen with it?


What, should I just make a pick fold? Are they moving up? I feel like the rumors I've seen, are they moving upwards?


So what my genuine thought right now, and this is after Washington has hired, I want to call him Adam Gates. I know that's not correct. Cliff Kingsbury. I think they're trading from two to one. I think Washington's trading up for Caleb.


I can see that.


And I think the Bears can kind of just sit there at two and take mh two.


I think they trade again.


They may. That's also on the table.


I think they trade again.


But would it be with like the Cardinals?


I think it might be with y'all. Would y'all go up from three to.


I refuse to be the bears in this situation because that's exactly what they did to trade up for. I'm me personally, and I know I have no say. Me personally. I'll take either quarterback. I'm done pretending like I have any idea who's going to be good at anything. Anymore, especially when it comes to quarterback. No fucking clue. So I'm good with either, truly either of them. I would be thrilled. And if they don't like you, give it three years. If it doesn't work, you try all over again.


That's the cycle we're in.


A lot of pager fans have not come to that acceptance yet. That's the cycle we're in. Matt got his three years.


It looked okay.


One year, awful. The next two, you move on. It is what it is. We're not the first team to have drafted a bus. I promise we're okay if quarterbacks go one, two, three, which I don't expect, but if that happens, I'm fine taking Jaden Daniels or if Jaden Daniels has jumped up to that number two and we get Drake may fine with that.


Like completely kind of think they, but I don't. I thought that last year, but I do feel like the quarterbacks at the top, people want them more this year.


I agree.


So it going one, two, three and then is Arizona four four? Yeah. Or if Chicago gets in there, I could see them just staying there and just getting mh two, like fourth.


The Cardinals.


Or if the Bears just move down like one pick. One pick. We see it last year's draft where everybody move up or down like one pick in the first round.


Well, the Jags didn't know who they wanted at all and they just kept trading down exactly one pick.


I can't believe they didn't make the playoffs.


Shocking. But yeah, I think the Bears and commanders swap and if you get enough of a haul there, which I think they will because they have the 9th pick too. So that's where it's like, yeah, we have two top ten picks right now. I don't know that we have to move much more. We can get Mh two. It kind of screws over the Cardinals who kind of just think Mh two is going to be falling into their lap.




I think that's great for the Bears and for me. Then it gives us a choice of the two quarterbacks sitting there at three. And again, don't have an opinion, don't care. Give me either of them.


Would you want to go up to one? Like if you don't know about any of the quarterbacks, should we just get the one that people are saying might be generational, might be short Mahomes?


Yeah, I don't think that he is. My problem is Mahomes. What was he the 10th pick? 11th, 9th, 9th, something like that. So he didn't get that coming out. So are we sure it's not going to actually be like pennics? Is he actually just going to be the best in the second round? And I know he's 45 years old, but who knows?


I take him before Bo. Nick's hot take.


No doubt.


The more I say it is the injuries, because I don't care about like, the only reason he's old in college is because the injuries. Sure. If he was just healthy, he would have been his third year in the NFL, so I care less about that. But if the injuries really are like, he's just damaged goods, it wouldn't put him off my list. Just because if you're getting him second round, it's four. Yeah, I don't think I could do that, but I don't know, like McCarthy.


I've said this to you before, I think he'll be fine, but I'm not taking him in the first. I'm certainly not taking him a three. Yeah, I'd let somebody else, certainly not taking them three.


Figure that out.


If he's there, we have like the third pick of the second or second or third pick of the second round. If he's there and we take a wide receiver or something with our first pick, fine with that. Do I think it has as high of a ceiling as going quarterback first and receiver? No, not necessarily, but I don't think it's the worst idea.


Would it be a receiver? Would have to be mh. Two for you or Bowers. If we're just talking about a receiving.


It can't be Bowers.


Why can't it? They say tight ends are good.


No, I think Bowers to the Chargers is almost a lock.


What are they, eight? Five?


They're five or six.


I might kill over. Dude, even if I get it, I'm.


Like, this is a very fair pick.


Oh, my God.


Yeah, no, I think it's almost a lock.


Is that with another receiving option? How much help does Justin Herbert need? He just got Quinn Johnson, man. Yeah.


Ton of help there. No, I mean, if we took neighbors, I don't think it would be crazy to watch neighbors go over him age two. It might be overthinking it, but I don't think it'd be crazy.


I simply asked the question. I was like, are we sure? Because Romo dunze was cooking. I was like, are we sure he's number one? Because Trevor Lawrence was generational. Can't miss. And it's been, what, three years now? TBD. I guess he's had some ups had some downs, but for the hype that was on him. So I was like, are we sure? And they said I was crazy for even suggesting such. I'd be surprised if anybody, not if another receiver ended up being better, but I would be surprised if another receiver was taken before.


Think that's, I think that's fair. And also Rome was kind of blanked in the national championship. That Michigan defense was obviously super strong, but 89 was talking. He was like some of these routes didn't look like he looked like he gave up a little bit on a couple of them. So stuff to consider, but I do think and the draft season is so long, right? I think we will finally get some of that actual conversation will happen. But I do think those two are the top two neighbors and Mh two. But yeah, I know Rudman's back there. I know he wants Mh two unless they put fields up. If Chicago is just like, hey, we're just going to take Caleb and we get fields, then obviously, yeah, I'd take mh two and not even think about it. That'd be sick. But I also don't know how realistic that is.


I feel like every move they've made kind of seemed to me Chicago, like they were going like keeping the head coach, new offensive coordinator. It feels like the team, it feels like the city, all that rallying with Justin Fields and they could get, I mean, a haul for sure. If they want whatever picks they wanted to trade back, they could get a haul or move up and still get people. I was leaning towards taking fields. Now I feel like the most Chicago fans I've seen and follow are just resigned to Caleb. This is not even what we want, brother. It's not even what we want. It's just what's going to happen, I guess. I don't know enough about Caleb Williams to prospect. Like you said, some of these guys will be good. Great. I'm not going to pretend like I watch all the USC game tape to say he's that next guy. I get the part about you don't want to resetting your timeline, but it's like you're just trying to be good, right? Isn't being good and competitive the first and foremost thing you got to worry about? You're getting cute if you're worrying about timeline.


Chicago won like six or seven games, too, so it's not like they have to make up a ton of ground.


That's where I was. They're, I think it was what the run defense finished like once. So it seems like the defense is good. Like once they got Montez sweat, keep Jalen, they have to resign Jalen Johnson and the rest of that defense feels pretty good. So it's like, okay, do we just bring fields in with what we think is a better offensive coordinator? Let him hopefully be healthy, 17 games, run with it and just get three first round, depending on how far you trade back, of course. But they could three first round picks and some stuff.


I think even if they just trade back to two, they're going to get at least two first round picks.


Yeah. And you might get a mid round pick or a young player or something. And it's like, what if I just keep putting that I'm about to watch Brock Purdy in the Super bowl. What if I just keep putting stuff around like, you're just so stocked everywhere else. But also, I don't know what fields market value would be because if you take Caleb, nobody's going to give you a good pick for him.


Oh, yeah. I've seen some people be like, you got to trade a two. There's no fucking chance you're trading a.


Two for a conditional. If things go well, maybe it turns into a two. But yeah, the second they take Williams, I don't know what leverage they.


I'm putting a four that can become a three on the table. And I think I'm getting because the other part of Justin Fields too. No matter how you feel about him, the NFL already has told you multiple times how they feel about him. 90% of the league thinks he stinks before wrong coming into the league. Since he's gotten the league, you're not bidding against anyone. If Chicago takes Caleb, and obviously if they're offering him well before the draft, you know they're taking Caleb. They have no, like, it may be a five that could become a to, I don't know what. Andy's about to not be cheap. He's only got one year of thing.


And it's the fifth year.


So I'm, I don't know what, Rosen went for like a two somehow, which was chaos.


But he had four years left. Cheap, though.


He had four years left and people thought he was better at that. It's. But yeah, I don't see a world where he should go for anything more than a what's leverage. You took Caleb, you're not going to sit Caleb. You're not going to keep both of them.


I think Falcons, Steelers, raiders, like, there are teams. If it's like, okay, it will take a three to get it done. I would do it but, yeah, you're not going to be.


What, did Lance just go for a.


Four, third or fourth? Yeah, one of those. And it's like, yeah, he's better than that. But you got him for maybe. Do you have him for year four and five or just.


It's four and five.


Okay, so you would have fields for two years. Okay. I would probably do something conditional, though.






It's not for this draft. Yeah, no, next year, based on playing time.


Playoff if he resigns, if you make the playoffs, he plays 15 games or whatever. Yeah, maybe so.


And I'm all in on that option. I just don't know at all what Chicago is doing. They're putting out videos of Justin Fields. Teams have done that before and traded that guy immediately. So it's like, I have no idea what to expect with that. I'm just happy to have anyone else back there, literally anyone else. We've got Van Pelt as a new offensive coordinator. I'm not going to pretend like I have any idea what he's been doing for the Cleveland audience or for the Cleveland offense, but he is my favorite type of offensive coordinator. Build, which is like quarterback who played forever ago, who was actually bad. That's my favorite. Exactly. He definitely knows what to call, but he just couldn't do it physically at all. So I'm confident in that.


What's the backup quarterback for the jets? He's awful.


Oh, budy who?


Boyle. Yeah.


Tim Boyle. Yeah.


Have you seen, like, the high school and college stats for him? Yeah.


Terrible. He was never been good. He's never been good.


And they said a big miss you was on the same level. I said, y'all don't know.


Can I fully believe in my heart the easiest position. I'm not saying to play successfully. I just mean to register an official stat for in all of sports is quarterback. I think it is the easiest path to get to, to go, especially now more than ever, if you want to play a professional sport, and this is largely based off of Tim Boyle, if you want to play a professional sport, quarterback is the way to go. It is by far the easiest. There's seven rounds. It's the largest of the leagues. You're either going to be on a practice squad. I mean, Josh Johnson was in the league for like 14 years, never good. And maybe he could have been in the early parts of his career if he was given a shot.


He's a decent backup for a Bengals.


Couple of years, but largely bad when they needed and like, when someone like Tim Boyle, what's his fucking name for the Rams last year when he came in, everyone was like, where did you come? Like, I genuinely believe, as insane as it is, because it is the hardest position, but I think if anyone wanted to, they could just kind of just go take a snap for a team that work.


If you like. Six four and white, though, for the most part. Tim Boyle. Tim Boyle was like, through like twelve touchdowns his entire college career.




It's like there are not enough good quarterbacks to be taking a chance. It's like this guy might figure he was terrible all through high school, all through college, at multiple schools, but he's so whip smart.


I don't know that he is. I don't know that he's that either. I think he's just a good hang.


Then make his ass a coordinator.


Sure, make his ass.


This is not me hating on Tim. Boy, get them checks.


Timmy B. Yeah, that was a percent.


But I was just like, Jake Browning. If I'm taking chances on who might be a decent quarterback one day, was like an all time great high school player, through for like 15,000 yards in college. He might be decent, right? I bet on him over the guy that threw for 15 yards, and they're like, oh, but he just knows so much. I was like, can you tell that shit to his arm to, like, his throwing shoulder? Because it means a lot less if he can't get the shit over to his throwing shoulder.


Yeah, no, it's very like, it always makes me go back to when Brady was coming out. There was plenty at Michigan to say, like, oh, yeah, this guy's a. Was he beat Alabama in the orange Bowl? I understand it wasn't Saban's Alabama. He beat Alabama in the orange Bowl.


Rip Saban's Alabama.


I know. Yeah, a lot's happened.


God is good.


A whole heap has happened since we.


Last new Saban in our division, but the old Saban's gone.


So we get Saban out of here, Belichick out of here, and Falcons fans, just a disgusting bunch of people to.


Be like, wait, for what? For what?


I might agree, for existing, but also for the prayer circles I saw. Please don't give us literally the best coach in NFL his. Like, please.


Oh, no. I wasn't impressed.


I know you were. I was lighting those candles.


Is he bringing Tom Brady with him? What do you mean?


He won a playoff game for the Browns. You guys are the Brown. It's the same picture, your honor. You're the Browns.


Browns never been to Super bowl. Is he bringing Tom Brady with if so, come on. If he is, come on. If not, I don't need a 78.


Mac Jones to the playoffs. That's impressive as well.


Then what happened?


Mac Jones was still there. That was the problem.


Yeah, and especially if he won, like the personnel control, all that. Heavens.


Oh, yeah. You guys have been crushing it, getting the personnel.


Listen, they almost won the division past three years.


And that's what I'm saying with Belichick.


You win the division, why y'all ain't winning the division.


What's a harder division?


What do you mean? Y'all wasn't close, though. He a better coach.


This year was just terrible.


Yeah. No, I'm so glad he is not the coach.


It's one of the more insane things, and I don't think it would have worked because it's the Falcons.


We should hire Tom Landry while we had. He had some success. Yeah.


Try anything.


Raheem Morris was, like, legit. I'm glad he got another shot.


It's not an anti Raheem Morris thing. It's an anti Falcons fans. You get this gift, this once in a lifetime comet of a gift.


It's not a gift to get an.


Adult in there, to just show you the basics, just to set up the foundation. Then you bring in somebody. No, couldn't do it.


Nah. We've seen how that old man house look now look awful.


But to the point you have about the weapons that are there. That's where it's like, it's the same thing as what Brady did when he went to Tampa. He didn't go to Tampa and say, all right, let's build from scratch. He saw a team that he came in the year after. Jameis went 30, 35,000. You know what I mean?


Big shoes.


That was the year he came in after. So everyone in the world knew there was talent there. They just knew they needed one extra guy there.


And if Tom Brady was coming with Bill Belichick, I would want him to be the coach.


I did think there was a shot where we're in Vegas right now because they fired McDaniels and didn't look like they were necessarily going to give it to Pierce right away. I did think there was a shot because Brady's a part owner of the Raiders, that I thought maybe they would both come here.


Would you completely, 100% rule it out at this point?




Right now for this year or ever?




That's what I'm. So many years. You think he don't know that? You think you're like, man, I really can. You see him throwing to the rugby player, man. He's still got some zip on that ball.


Oh, of course. I mean, the last year he played for Tampa, led the league in passing.


They won the division. It was a shit division, but they won it.


And all of his offensive line got hurt before the season started. Like he was still good enough. He was just like, all right, I've proven my point. But that's where it felt like if Belichick just got in there and got rid of out of there, I feel like that team walks to the division title.


You don't need Belichick for that.


I could have listen, but you're not doing it. That's my point.


You just had Ritter the whole year.


You had Ritter for two years.


Yeah. I would have changed shit up personally. Ritter's ass would have been Doordash, enterprise written cars, which you should have known the year before because that's the bad coach. Not even conundrums, just what you get with a bad coach. It delays every inevitable decision. You're going to have to make sure two years ago, you know, Marcus Mariota is not the man for the job, but you play that out of season. Give Desmond Ritter four games. If you gave Ritter eight games, you'd have known he was cheeks, too. You could just cut this whole year out and went and got literally anybody.


Anything like Andy Dalton would have been better.


They could have better this year.


They could have taken fields over pits.


They could have taken a lot of people over, gave me the pits.


But I'm excited for the Mayo era. I don't know. He's been talking big shit immediately. Not like we're going to run the division or anything like that, but like towards Boston, it sounded between that in the last eight months or eight. Yeah, eight months. Him and Jalen Brown's press conferences have just been like, enough.


He came in, it was a softball. He could have just let go down the middle. He was. No, no. I actually do see color just for the heads up. So if you're going to hate me, you should just hate me now for that. I said, I like that guy. Yeah, I like that guy.


I thought it was a tremendous answer and it really set the tone. And then we hired DeMarcus. I can't remember his last name as the defensive coordinator. I don't know. I wouldn't be shocked if Daniels and may are there and if Mayo has any say. I wouldn't be shocked if it were Daniels, maybe.


So who's the offensive coordinator? 1 hour left or we've been going.


For, we've been going for an hour. I told you that would happen.


Yeah. Now, again, Houston's probably, I mean, it's got to be best case scenario, but you nail your coach and your quarterback in one season, man, you're in great.


I, I hope we're doing a draft show with Josh and Hayden again this year. I believe I had the most accurate draft last year, especially once Kali Ringo was eventually taken by the Eagles. So I got those extra points because, man, oh man. Where people in the draft community, I'm not saying them specifically, but people deep in the weeds in the draft community were so angry about trading for Will Anderson after taking CJ Stroud. And it's just like, get good players lying. I don't give a shit about where they get them or how they get them.


It's not enough good players get the good ones to worry about. Again, Lions is like, hey, man, we're going to take an off ball safety, off ball linebacker, running back, tight end, who cares? And we're going to go to the conference championship with the Detroit Lions. We're not supposed to be doing any of this. Do you understand? And no. So I still don't think I'd go tight end, first round. I just don't think I could do it. I just don't think I could do it. But outside of that, I would prefer to draft the good players.


People, to your point, were talking about Washington, the tight end of Georgia last year, sneaking into the first, and he did nothing this year. So, yeah, people like to point to it when it works, but it doesn't work plenty of the time.


And again, maybe, I hope Bowers is different because he's probably the best tight end we've seen in. I'm really trying to think of who's close, like the all time great tight ends. Shockey was cold.


I mean, OJ Howard's hype after that.


National champion, four games a year. OJ Howard was that deal.


He's Isaiah Thomas with a gun. That's OJ. OJ Howard.


Sometimes I think I felt like too far down the Bears rabbit hole. And it was like, do the Bears, I know they have DJ Moore, they've got Cole, Comet, do they take Bowers as kind of the in between? Like if you have DJ Moore do all the outside stuff, comet do all the inside stuff until Bowers do everything else.


Now they're trying to be the say.


It sounds great in theory. It always sounds great in theory. We can line Kyle Pitts outside. We cannot throw to him out there. We can put him in the slot and not throw to. If you. Unless you got that plan. And Dalton, he only got the work after Knox got hurt, right?


Well, it was after he got hurt too early, I think. I can't remember. Soft tissue or something like that. It was concussion, I don't know. But he came back, and he was a rookie, so he came back in October, and he cooked pretty much the rest of the year.




But, yeah, Knox did go down, and Knox is. It feels like he's Josh Allen's pacifier in the sense where he just trusts him. He's another guy. I don't think he caught a single touchdown in college or, like, high school, and then he came to the league, and Josh Allen was like, this guy's great. Why aren't we throwing to him?


Josh Allen throw a touchdown to the NFL, and he won't stop throwing?


Yeah, I don't. I don't know that I'd be modeling my offense after the Bills.


Only Sean McDermott's strong lead is the only thing I'll model after the Bills, man. It has that kind of faith.


I just love the idea that Sean McDermott was listening to a lot of jewel Santana in 2003 and was like, he's spitting, I fear.


I feel like he still is. I still can't feel my.


I, uh. I don't know. I just think the Bears make it simple. Take a wide receiver with DJ Moore and Cole Comet. You're good.


Done with which pick? Either.


I mean, absolutely. Maybe both. It's such a good receiver draft, and they're losing what's his name to Mooney to free agency?


Respectfully. Yeah.


No, yeah. I don't think they care at all.


Chase Claypool, too. Traded him.






They've got a lot of things to catch passes, but, yeah, I would take multiple good receivers.




Call me crazy.


Now we got to hang. If we do work the draft stuff with Josh and, hey, we got to tighten up the manifesto, man. I'm really getting to the point. Defensive lineman, offensive lineman, corner, cornerback, and I think everything else, I figure it out. I'll just take my chance. One in the trenches and one at a position where you can play, like, five at the same time.




Meaning if you fail, like, if you're not an elite one, one cornerback. If you're a top 40 cornerback, if we do that with tight end, you cook. Running back, you cook. I need a place where it's five of you on the field, trench play, and then trench play is so important.


But then I look at the Giants, and Andrew Thomas was objectively bad year one, like a detriment to the team, and he's become, like, all pro caliber. Evan Neal has not just continued to be really bad and even Aquanu, like.


It'S a bad rookie year don't necessarily mean you jumping back to a sophomore year.


No. And it's like, you can move those guys, and that's still important if they're guards. But, man, oh, man, even the trench play, it used to just be, and I remember I said this last year, they like to rank, like, three guys in the first round, and then the rest, you'll see it, like number 100. But then all these other guys end up being all pro. Year two. I think every year there's so much tackle guard depth just because of so many large humans that play football. Like, you should be taking one of those guys at each position every draft in the fourth.


And I might take them every round, man. Because the thing I see, it's like, do we have a quarterback problem, or do we legit have a line problem? Right. He holds on the ball way too long. He's got to get better at that. But from, I guess it's two seasons ago now, it's like, how do you even evaluate any of this stuff when four of his offense linemen are in?


Yeah, Bryce.


Yeah, we'll use Bryce from this year. How do you evaluate any of this? If as soon as the ball is snapped 2.2 seconds in, he's got four people on his back, does he have things he's got to get better at? Absolutely. Right. For sure. But how do you grow? How do you even know the rest of your off? How do I know if my receivers are good? How do I evaluate anything? If 1.8 seconds in, he's looking up at the ceiling?


Well, that was my problem in reverse with Mac. It was like, people would blame the line, and it was like, no, he can't move, and he's standing there way too long. He's not making any decisions. My whole point with Zappi always was that they were the same guy, literally the same. But Zappi was finding open receivers, and I don't think they were like, oh, Zappy's, and let's run crispr. Like, I don't think that's what was it at all. I think he was just getting rid of the ball and not standing completely still in the pocket and just getting mollywapped. Do I think we had, like, the number three offensive line? No, of course not. They were average. They were completely average. There was enough there for Mac to do whatever and he just didn't. But, yeah, I'm excited to be at the top of the draft. It's just not something I'm used to at all. Obviously.


An old bingles fan. Very familiar with it.


I'll get tired of it if we're here for a while. For sure, we'll get tired.


It gets old quick, but it's a.


Nice change of pace for right now because when Bledsoe went one one that was like 92 or something, like I was three years old, I didn't get that hype or any.


You weren't watching the tape? No.


When Irving Friar went one one in like 79, I wasn't there for that one. You know what I mean? So I've never experienced this. I think the highest pick I can remember is Mayo.


He was with ten. Top ten. I believe we had twelve or something like that.


I think we had the seven pick. We baited the jets into taking Vernon Goldston and we traded back to take Mayo, if I recall correctly.


Step one in Manfest. I'm not going to the draft combine. The NFL combine.




I don't want to shake the hands. I don't want to hear the stories. I don't want to see super rip guy Sean Oakman. Yeah. You didn't do any of this on the field for four, three, four years. I'm supposed to take you in the top ten now?


I do think there's something to just only watching tape. I do think that you'd probably bear out. And also using the consensus board that I think it's Arif puts out using that. It's just like, yeah, listen, I want to have my own opinion on my own board. The consensus board is like a great place to start.


Right? Yeah. Because you have to nail that and it helps you for value. Because if I value a guy top ten, but I know nobody else is going to take him in the top 20, how can I get some more value for myself and still get my guy? So I have to know relative value.


I also don't care about the complete opposite of you. I don't care about value at all. I don't care about what position you play. Unless it's like kicker, obviously. I don't think there was. There was one good rookie kicker this year. The rest have been awful. And the Patriots had one dude.


The Cowboys found budy out the XFL.


And he hadn't missed a kick.


40 for 40. I care about value in the sense of it's a secondary. The prime objective is get the good player. Like, if I like my guy at ten, I know nobody else, but I'm like, oh, but somebody might. I'm just going to take him at ten. I'm not going to get cute there, but if it's like, okay, I know I like this guy, but I know nobody else does, right? Maybe I can trade or trade up, have my cake and eat it, too.


The Patriots were the only team to contact Tom Brady's agent before the draft, even if they thought he was going to, and I know they didn't, but even if they thought like, oh, this guy should go in the first, if, you know you're the only team that talked to. Why? Why not?




What I hate is when like a Kyle Duggar out of Lenore Ryan goes in the second round and it's like, oh, you could have got him in the third. Obviously you couldn't. He just went. He was literally just drafted. Whatever you thought about the mock draft process has now been thrown out of the window because we're in the real world and someone was just selected with this pick. Obviously you could not have waited on this person.


I don't know if this is a hot take. Oh, boy. If I'm scouting receivers, I think catching the ball might be the last thing I look at.


It can't be last.


If your biggest issue is drop, but you get open separation, contested, run the route, tree, all that. But your problem is you drop it. Run after the catch. That's the one. I was like, is this, how do only the 49 ers have people that run after the catch and the Chiefs got one guy and they're in the Super Bowl.


I agree. Yak and Rack may be at the top of the list. I don't disagree with that part of it. You're basically describing Ted gin. That's what you want every time.


How long Ted gin play in the.


League for sure and they still had to respect.


Now I can't build the whole plane out of.


That's what it sounds like you're building the whole plane out of.


Listen, if I have four Ted gins, how you stopping this? He going to drop a few?


Yeah, I was going to say just leave them open kind of.


And I think what's seared in my mind is not even Ted, it's just John Ross. When John Ross got to the bing and had the drops and they just stopped playing, it's like, right, you just stopped playing because Ted gin can have that. I don't know if he ever had a thousand yard season, but the impact he has just being on, sure, you just stop because he drops one of it. I don't know what's a bag drop 10% or whatever. And it's like, that's a lot of passes he's not dropped. That's a lot of good he's not doing. We don't play the three point shooter. He missed the shot, man. He don't stretch the floor for. They don't respect his shot at all. We just won't play you. So if I'm looking, you can't have the stone hands. But if it's like, if you do everything else, I can work because I just feel like I've seen guys, it's like, man, you got great hands. You just cannot get open. You cannot get any type of separation against NFL defense. So what good are the mitts?


That was part of the problem with a Nikhil Harry pick because he couldn't get open and he also couldn't catch. So it was like, what was the plan here? What did we hope was going to happen? He was going to develop either of these skills? Maybe he'd be okay.


He's the best player of all time.


Yeah, that was always insane, but genuinely always an insane way to go about it. But yeah, you got to be able to catch a little bit. I think last I'd look at its height, I don't really care how.


Especially now, right? Yeah.


I don't care how big or small you are at receiver, even weight, height and weight, like, I just don't to. Smith has been dominating and they were like, this guy weighs 47 pounds. He's going to die if he ever gets tackled. And he's just like, I'm just going to buy a new suit.


I'm fine. That's my old school brain. It's like everything coming in about Zay flower. Just like, it's good, but he's tiny. What are you going to do? And you get here and it's like, what do you know? He's nice.


He also couldn't have ended his season.


He's nice sometimes. Most of the game he's nice fellow.


He had an incredible rookie season and was just like, I am going to undo all of this. In two consecutive plays, Zay came out, he couldn't have timed it better. He came out in the tiniest draft class ever for really all the positions. But especially it just didn't stick out as much with him when everyone else was tiny.


Everyone's five, 9176, because the big one was terrible.


Quentin Johnson was just awful. And then JSN, who's kind of just like average build, 50 everything attributes, he was banged up and he was just okay. And obviously they fired their coach and Gino regress and all that. So I still believe in JSN, but, yeah, other than that, everyone else was. Tank Dell was unbelievable until he got hurt.


You've been hearing this word about Gino to Miami.


No, I haven't.


The word is I've just been seeing ear to the street. It's like, okay, Miami, the Dolphins are clearly in a spot where they need to make their ramstray go from golf to Stafford. So I'm just saying, it's like, okay, so who do they take to and add some picks to? And a name I've seen a lot is Gino Smith. I was. I. Gino was cooked. I didn't watch him as much this year, so I can't. I'm not going to pretend like I did. I know it wouldn't take us like, it wouldn't take two and two first round picks to get him. So I'm like, if he's that kind of upgrade or if he just fits that much better in the McDaniels system, because outside that, who wants to hand over the next staff? Who wants to be in those shoes? Sure. And Detroit's, you know, making the best of it for sure. But your team's not going to draft as well as the Lions, which is crazy craziness, to say out loud in the year of our Lord 2024.


Well, the Lions, I just appreciate that. They're like, we like this guy. We like Jamir Gibbs. We have a plan for him. We're going to execute the plan. Have you seen the video of McVeigh? And was it Les Snead talking about Puka when they're about to draft him? They put it out, and it's like their second pick of the draft. You know what I mean? It's the fourth round. They haven't done anything. I think they'd maybe taken Kobe Turner at this point, but they're like, yeah, what do you like about this guy? And McVeigh's like, we're going to have him do this, this and this, and sneeds just like, cool. Love it. It's going to be great. He's going to set all the records. He's going to be the best receiver in football.


What do you know?


Yeah, it's like when I'm sure plenty of bus people have had perfect plans for him and given him plenty of chances. But it does seem like teams just draft a guy based off what everyone else thinks about him rather than how are we going to use them? How do we even think? Because we've seen it before, too. Guy goes to a team, stinks, goes to another team that knows how to use them and is all of a sudden great.


Yeah, it's not going to happen now. Thank good it was my Josh Allen fear. Jaguars. Josh Allen. It's like if they let him rush the passer, he's going to get 18 sacks. They still haven't paid him yet. That's why I can't say anything. He might get out of town. I don't think he. I can't imagine they let him go.


Well, they have a couple. Him and Ridley are both.


Ridley could go. I'm sorry.


For sure.


Respectfully for sure. If those are my two options.


No, of course I don't disagree. But it's also one of them is going to be a lot cheaper.


Again, that's my pride philosophy. I don't know. This guy's good, but he's cheaper. It's like, I'd rather have a good player. I'm sorry.


I agree with you, but that's just not how the teams operate.


Right. You could get Patrick Mahomes. It'll cost you $60 million. It's like, yeah, he's Patrick Mahomes. That's what I will pay for Patrick Mahomes.


Listen, the Red Sox will not. That's how they operate. Never had money.


Billy, I got a guy. He's not Patrick Mahomes. He's 80% of Patrick Mahomes. His name's Tua Tagua. We can get two second round picks. We got Scott Hattiberg playing wide receiver for us. Yeah.


I don't even know where Tua would go at this point. I don't think he's bad. Seattle, they love Drew Locke.


That's the problem. Pete Carroll loved Drew Locke.


I don't know. I feel like that whole organization loves Drew Locke. I don't know that it's just pete.


Who'S going to be the Broncos quarterback. That could be tua, man. They need to go and be like Russ, our bad guy. Let's just run this back. We don't have any way to upgrade on you right now. Do they have picks?


I actually think they do have a weird amount of picks. I don't think they have their one, but I think because they traded maybe.


Everything they already conveyed for Peyton and.


Russ, maybe like two or something is still out there for Peyton. So, yeah, I think they're actually okay.


That's interesting.


And if they're going to trade for Gino, I don't know that tua, again, it's the same thing we said with Fields. I don't know that he has a huge market.


I guess my thing now with, if Miami and Tua are in the golf situation, like La paid golf, what if Miami just doesn't pay Tua? What if they're just willing year? I think he's either on. No, this must have been his fifth year. He just put.


No, I think it was his fourth. Because he could have negotiated for the.


Deal, but because, okay, all those guys already got paid, so their deal start. You're right. So this is fifth year. Yeah. Then I franchise them until I see it in the player. Like when I need to see it. Right. I can't give you otherwise. I end up with the crazy cap hit, which, again, they do it ten times out of ten. Of course, they won the Super bowl. But if I'd prefer to not have a $40 million or $50 million cap hit where I could get players to Miami where they would want to come and play, so I can't have dead cap. That's number two on the manifest. We cannot do no dead cap space.


Yeah. Every time I look at a team's dead cap and everything, I'm like, how do they have any money based off what I'm reading? And then they just convert it all to signing bonuses and then they have $100 million to spend. So I actually don't know that that needs to be on the manifesto at all. You could have whatever cap situation you want. You're fine.


You have to pick a side. Like, if you're going Saints territory, you got to go all Saints where it's like, okay, we're just going to restructure everything every year forever, and we have a chance to get out of it. We're going to sign Derek Carr to $150,000,000 deal to not change the trajectory of our season or franchise at all. Or you play the. I just can't help but think of the cowboy. I just think of them as a team that drafts well, develops well, generally keeps their own players, and if they lose a guy, it's like, you were good. We just had to pay all the other good players. We had to pay the four all pro offensive linemen we drafted and developed. So that's why I can't. No dead cap can't do it.


No, I get it. I definitely get it. But, yeah, draft season, we're going to be thick in the weeds, especially because Mr. Boston over here has got the third overall pick. But we're about midway point for the NBA season, who's winning the title, and.


It'S watered down 70 point lead. I saw a talented player make a talented shot the other day. I turned the game off, makes me sick.


I turned the game off, makes me sick.


I guess a bad defense. The amount of people, it made me physically ill.


The amount of people who, when those 70 point games happened, they haven't happened since, by the way. This was not like, oh, every night, like there were two of them.


It was tough timing, but yeah, sure.


And both of the 70 point games coincided with the 60 point game elsewhere. Those both guys, they lost. Yeah, they both lost the amount of people who were like, no one plays defense anymore. We're talking about the goddamn hawks and Pacers. The pacers play. They live up to their name. They're like the 7 seconds or less suns. We're getting shots up, buddy. We're not here for the fuck around. We're sprinting and taking shots where there will not be any shot clock violations coming against us. We are heaving. The amount of people acting like this is the rest of the leagues, playing no defense is insane to me. There's one team in the top ten record wise right now that doesn't play defense, and it's the Bucks. That's the only team right now.


They got some fish to fry on their own.


That's the only team with legitimate title aspirations that doesn't defend. Everyone else is playing defense. I know my fucking team is playing defense. The rest of the, like, the Nuggets are playing defense. The Clippers are playing defense.


Thunderplay defense.


Thunderplay defense. Like every team outside.


Every serious team?


Yes, every serious team is playing really good defense. This idea that defense is dead in the modern NBA drives me insane. If you want to focus on what the Hawks are doing. Yeah.


If you want to use an awful.


Lot of strays with this Atlanta Hawks, well, I just saw their numbers. I think this morning they're like 29th again. Yeah, they've been bottom three the last five years.


Quinn Snyder, what your ass be doing? That's my question. What, do you wear funny glasses, tweak and charge his phone?


You don't give him any credit for the Jalen Johnson surgeons? I can't say resurgence because he's never surged before.


Honestly, you know who I give that credit to?


Jalen Johnson.


No, never. All right, Joe Prunty. Okay. Because in between Quinn Snyder and Nate McMillan, Joe Prunty took over. And I don't know if it's the first or second game. They asked Jalen Johnson. He was like a coach empowered me to do stuff. And they asked Joe Punty was like, what more do you want Jalen Johnson to do? And he was like, yes. He was like, no, but he's like, everything. If you get the rebound, push it. If you get it, finish it. If you got the pat, we're trying to see everything. I'm not going to pull you. If you throw it into the crowd 20 times, I'm probably going to have to pull you. But we're trying to see everything, like, explore the studio space. And Jalen Johnson was like, that meant so much to me. He's been playing well since then.


The amount of players I hear say how much that means to them in every sport, right? A coach believed in me. A, you're in the NBA, you shouldn't need that. But obviously guys do need that to the point where Isaiah Thomas was just know. They just gave me the green light.


And again, that works for some, but it's like I can't remember Jalen. He might have been a rookie under Pierce, but Mellon might have been the only coach he ever had. But McMillan, I think he was. But it's like, you come in yet 19 from Duke, should have been a lottery pick going into the season. All that. It's like, but if you just get there now and your coach now just doesn't play like, I think of AJ Griffin. AJ Griffin came in last year, had a good, like, a very solid rookie season. Now, Quinn's not, he's just out of the rotation for whatever reason. Whoever gets going to I get there was a coach, he told me play minutes and shoot the ball. That just did wonders for me as I accept my first scoring.


Mean, I think that with what your Detroit Pistons have done, Ivy this year, like, Ivy was stable. He went, what, four last year in the draft? And Monty Williams was just like, I don't really get Killian Hayes.




And now he's playing again. He's just been killing. And it's like, yeah, that's why he went four. That's why people liked him coming into the draft. So that's always insane to me where it's just. And that's where I give the warriors a little bit of breathing room because people are killing them now, and they were killing them last year. And understandably so. But they were the ones. It's really gms. If you're a GM or an owner, this should be part of the manifesto, too.


Just shut the fuck up.


Don't say anything because when you say things, people use them against you constantly. Like when you say you're going to go full throttle and then sign nobody, for example, for random. Like, the warriors were pumping. Like, we've got this two timelines thing. We're really going to crush it. And they have not. They have largely just screwed it up. They haven't done.


But that's going to be the thing. It's like, well, technically, our young guys won the championship, too. It's like they were on the team for sure. But did you have the two timelines? Is this attainable or is it unattainable because you picked the wrong. Like, that's. But I think it's the key to the. It's.


It shouldn't be hard to get AJ Griffin minutes in Atlanta. Respectfully agree. Respectfully impossible. But I can understand where it's like, yeah, am I supposed to play Moses Moody over Steph Curry? No, I'm not going to do that. My apologies to Moses Moody, but you're not going to get those minutes with the Celtics. I get. Why. Because when we were watching the draft this year, Cam Whitmore was sliding and I was like, man, I would love to get Cam Whitmore, but where is he going? He's not going to get minutes on this team no matter how good he is. He's going to be dominant in the G League and he's not going to get any minutes on the NBA team unless something catastrophic happens. And that's where it's like, yeah, it's much harder. And that's where the warriors deserve a little bit of a break. Not too much of a break. They took a championship from me, so fuck those guys as they break. But it's like with Kaminga, I understand it less than with have. Kerr just doesn't know how to use him consistently or talk to him.


Never met him.


Right. But with certain guys, it's like, yeah, you get drafted to a certain team, I get why you can never find minutes and it seems impossible.


I think, again, that's the warriors issue because they took three guys that were 19. They took Kuminga Wiseman after G Lee. They took Wiseman playing three games in college, and they took Moses moody after his freshman year at Arkansas. So it's like, okay, why the one Zach Lowe brings it up is like, if they just took like Franz Wagner, who's a two year player instead of Kuminga. It's like, okay, if you're trying to compete now, you need guys who can contribute now. Otherwise, yeah, like you said, you're going to be the best in the G league. Like, wiseman getting 26 and 14 in the G League.


Kamenga was crushing the G League, too.


Moses moody, it's like, we don't want you to play over Steph, but when Clay's six for 22, Steve Kerr, like, could you maybe. Moses Moody maybe get eight minutes? Yeah. No, this game, no, because he played Airpods. So it's like, I'm not adverse to young and trace Jackson Davis. So it's like, I'm not. I don't hate young guys, but it's like everybody. Yeah, I hate this one young guy.


Well, even Wiseman, too. And Wiseman just isn't good. It hasn't worked out for him. Yeah, it doesn't look like it's going to, but he's like 22.


So I want to remain hopeful as we look up and he's like 27 and having an actual impact, giving some real minutes for somebody. But at this point in time, it hadn't shook out yet.


No, it hasn't. But, yeah, I was told we have five minutes about two and a half minutes ago. So at this point of the season, before we wrap up, we've never had a heart out before. So let's see how this goes at Collier's shot. Who's winning the title?


I think before the year I said, I still want to see Celtics versus Nuggets, I feel like those are the two. When it gets down to it, I think those will be the two best teams and I'll stick with Nuggets. I still feel Jokic is the best player, best player in the world, and until I see him Dethrone, he has the championship belt right now he does. And I just think they're at a point where I don't even know what seed Denver or what they'll finish. I don't even think they care. I just don't think they care.


I came to Boston last month. It was a very tightly contested game. Tatum got a tech for dunking, which is my least favorite thing that's happening in sports right now. People talk about the touchback rule. Getting a technical foul for dunking in basketball is stupid thing that I've ever seen in my life. But Denver came and squeaked out a win in Boston, buddy. The Clippers came to town just fucking steamrolled.


Listen, I ate my crow early. I'm already full off the crow I had eat off the Clippers.


The Clippers just beat the brakes off that.


I think they're a straight deadline week so we'll know by the time people hear this. They're one like oh, they got Bruce Brown or like they got some, not a star but they got a solid 7th man that they know they can play in some playoff minutes. Like oh, okay, interesting.


No trade is going to scare me as much as seeing Kawhi healthy come could they could trade for Tatum and I'd be more worried about just listen Kawhi, just being healthy.


One last hot take before we get out of here. Oh brother, that boy look healthy, man.


So healthy.


He looked healthy on both. Remarkably healthy on both ends of the floor. That man looks spry. Positively spry. And if that keeps up, that's one of those do you have a guy who can be the best player in a series with anybody? Kawhi is capable of that.


And if he wins a title with the Raptors, the Clippers and the spurs.




We'Ll see everyone next time because Kawhi, he's lurking and it should terrify everyone. Genuinely terrify everyone.


He outside right now about to steal the microphones and shit out large hand. It's it. See ya.


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