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Wundry and Dr. Suez, broadcasting all the way from Mount Crumpet Studios, Tiz, The Grinch, Holiday Talk Show. Tonight, she's got the voice of an angel, and I heard she wants The Grinch on her next hit track. It's Chloe Bailey here for an interview and a special performance. And the pup who won't stop puppy, Max the Dog. But first, here he is, your host, The Grinch.


Thank you, nameless announced, sir, who we probably don't need. And it's not just.


Another night of the show. This is the last episode of this season.


The dreaded day has nearly arrived just a few more days until...


It really sticks on the tongue. What an awful word to say. Christmas.


So exciting. We've waited all year.




My kid producer, Cindy, who spent all season.


Ignoring the ground rules we set for this show. Like, don't interrupt me with any sentences. It ends with an exclamation mark. I have other rules, too.


Like the Christmas is a day, not a season rule, and the putting a giant red bow on top of a car and calling it a gift should be a federal offense rule. Okay, those.


Rules seem.




Harsh. Well, it's the only way people learn, Cindy. The only way.


I don't know about that.


Okay, now that I have brought the show to a screeching halt, we can move on because.


Boy, am I ready to grinch it up?


Hold onto your seats, keep on your pants. The Grinch is going on one of his rants.


Do you like that, Cindy? Grinch it up.


Nothing like the season finale to start a new promotional thing.


Let's get marketing on that. Put it in the show notes and remind me later to talk about it with you offline. I'm working on my corporate speak, the wandery suits just eat it up. Today's opening rant is for all the little shops and restaurants out there that have pushed me to my.


Absolute limit this.


Year with their holiday decor. These retail.


Establishments lose their.


Minds the second they even get a whiff at Christmas. The people behind the counter at the post office, the only people known.


To be even.




Than me, are wearing Elf hats. I don't like the looks of that.


That makes me feel like whenever I send something, it's going to end up in the North Pole in Santa Sec. I don't know what you little Elves are up to, but I don't need you going through my mail.


Another federal offense. That's two and one show.


And the worst is the big mall stores. The ones trying to convince us they still turn a profit. I mean, who's rubbing these things, spending their last itty-bitty piece of the margin on an in-person public appearance by Santa Claus? That guy needs to be building Nintendo Switches and Barbie Dream Houses. He doesn't need to be shaking a bell all day outside a foot locker.




Next year, if you want to celebrate Christmas, put a wreath on your door. That's elegant. Or if you can't contain your Christmas bug and you just have to sneeze it all over us. Can you at least do me a favor? Wait until December 23rd, okay? You know what?


I think it's fun when the whole town gets into the Christmas spirit, especially a place as magical as Hooville. Do you want to hear my notes now or after the show?


Notes for me?


At this late stage in the season?


No notes, okay? It's in the contract, check it. Let's see what's in the advent calendar. I'm not going to know for you. Post it. Here it is, all seven feet of her. I made it myself.


It's the official Grinch admin calendar.


Look at that, Cindy. It's our last door of this holiday season. Oh, boy, it better be an extra special one.


And Jackpot, just in time for Christmas.


With not a moment to spare. Now, I couldn't care less about Santa overrated, all right? But if you do, I bet you've tried to catch a glimpse of him as he sneaks in.


Like a real weirdo through.


Your chimney to leave presence, right?


Introducing the Santa Trap from the Makers of the grizzly grabber. Now you can finally capture the big red Elf just like you'd box up a bear before he terrorizes your campsite.


That's legal, right? Boxing up a grizzly bear.


So he can't claw at your tent. Santa Trap is made of American made solid hand-forged steel. Fortified with state-of-the-art Santa clinching technology. You'll get your glimpse of him all right. Maybe even a few selfies too, because with Santa Trap, he ain't going anywhere. You're a monster, Mr.




Your heart's an empty hole. Your brain is full of spiders. You got garlic in your soul, Mr.




I wouldn't touch you with a 39 and a half foot pole.


Oh, man, I still have Grinch bumps thinking about that Santa Claus.


You mean goose bumps?


No, gross. I want nothing to do with geese. Grinch bumps, okay?


All over my lathes and long arms and legs.


It's a natural biological.


Reaction to the mere thought of something wonderful.


You are weird.


Now that's a note I can take. I really appreciate that. Okay, now let's get back to me.


Most people know me from that book that came out How.


The Grinch Stole Christmas.


Total hit job. Man, you steal one Christmas.


They'll never let you forget it.


I personally think it was a rather one dimensional portrayal of me, but hey, people loved it, Best Seller List forever. I totally get it. Probably because it had.


A fabulous main character.


But I got to tell you, I find a lot of Christmas stories to be severely lacking in character development. Here's what I did. Just in time for the big day, I came up with.


Some new and.


Improved Christmas characters, and I'd like to share them with you right now.




Time for The Grinchyverse!


Being the only decent star of the whole holiday.


Is… Honey, it's exhausting.


That's why I have decided to expand The Grinchyverse. So what I did was I booked myself a room at the Plaza Hotel, had room service bring me a couple of bottles of lukewarm eggnog, plugged in the old typewriter, and.




World-building. This is what we call franchising, okay? So here it is, my supercharged Grinchyverse. The first new character in the Grinchyverse, it's a reins dear, but this one not only can fly, it.


Also possesses the powers of teleportation.


Think about the efficiencies of delivering gifts if.




Extraordinary reinsir could.


Teleport from.




To house. You know, something.


About this new character sounds familiar.


The next new character I want to add to my great traverse is a.


Supercharged version.


Of one of Santa's dastardly little elves. Most elves are very soft and squishy. They do hard labor and they get bruised. But this guy, my indestructible Elf, his skeleton is made of a foreign metal substance that can regenerate if damaged. Think of how many more toys and gifts can be built in Santa's sweatshop… I mean, workshop.


If the whole operation didn't have to shut down every time this Elf.


Accidentally banged his.


Thumb with a hammer or was buried alive by a falling tower of boxes.


Mr. Grinch. Not now, Send. I'm on a roll. Okay, here's my next new Grinchyverse character. You know Mrs. Clawse, right? Kind of a throwaway character. What if Mrs. Clawse could control entire weather patterns with her mind? How epic.


Would that be? Mind control.


Over the elements? She'd be saying a secret weapon against weather delays. No more rejiggering the whole Christmas Eve gift deliver route because of an.


Incoming Nor'Easter.


We'll call her, Stormy Clawce.


Mr. Grinch, I think you're describing comic book characters that already exist. What? This could be a big headache for our legal team, and I can't have working over Christmas. I love that you want to add some new characters to the Christmas season. Even after our whole season of Guests, I can see why Christmas might feel a little lonely for you. But you don't need a bunch of new fictional characters. Mr. Grinch, you have me and everyone else in Hooville, and we love you every day of the year.


Okay, well, rather than point out everything about what you just said that was wholly inaccurate and disparaging to my character, let's just leave it at agree to disagree. Okay, Sin? Cool, cool, cool, cool. How about one more quick one? Please, pretty please, one more quick one. In the.


Spirit of Christmas and because this is our final episode of the season.


Sure, have at it. Bless you, child. Okay, think about this. Picture yours truly.




As you know and love me. But I use a wheelchair and I have a gorgeous crotchet blanket elegantly draped over my knees.


And I wear expertly.


Tailored, futuristic looking.


Savile Row suits.


All the time. My head is.


Shaved, bald, and I have a.


British accent that I can read people's minds. Now that's a Grinch everyone would love. Not that I need anyone to love me.


That's preposterous. Who would suggest that? So silly.




Does sound pretty cool, Mr. Grinch, but I do love you just the way you are. And so did all of our guests this season on the show. No need for special powers or anything fancy. Just you is totally great.


I'm exhausted just listening to that.


Luckily, our final guest of the season, she's a real breath of fresh air. I know it's out of character, but I'm genuinely a really big fan.


I'm a Stan. Yeah, I'm a Stan.


Cindy, queue up the transitional music. Right on it. My guest tonight is very special.


She's a Grammy-dominated singer with a voice so beautiful if she.


Came to my door singing carols.


I would listen for a good 10 seconds before slamming.


The door.


That's bad for me. Please welcome.


Chloe Bailey. Hi, welcome Chloe. Hi. It's so nice to have you here for my season finale.


It's so nice to be here to speak.


With you. You know, every week on this show, I've had to interview all these.


Celabs and.


Pretend like I even care. But this is the real deal. I am a huge Chloe fan. Can I say that? Are you for real? Can I just say I'm a huge Chloe fan.


You're not lying to me?


I'm not lying to you. I'd love to have that Chloe X. Halley. Yes. How do you say it? Chloe X.


Halley. Okay, so it's Chloe and Halley, but X just looks better than typing out and or using a regular and sign. You know what.


I mean? X is so-called course hack. You might be too young for this, but back in the day, we all used to be on Myspace.


Oh, I'm not too young for that.


I remember. Everybody on Myspace was just putting a million Xs in their names. I think my name on Myspace was X, the X, Grinch X. You know, because it was emo, all right? It was about being emo. Did you go through the whole emo phase?


I did. My emo phase comes out sometimes around my birthday, sometimes when I'm with my cat.


Right. Cats really only have one speed, and that's emo. I mean, it does not get more emo than.


A cat. Well, let me tell you something. My baby boy, Apollo, he is my twin, and he's hyper like his mommy. He's like a dog in cat form. It makes no sense. He jumps on walls. He eats watermelon.


He eats watermelon.


And that's my favorite fruit.


He eats melons.


Yes. So I get him the little pates. I get him his favorite treat.


He's your little fancy man.


Yeah, he's fancy. He has a Prada collar.


Prada collar on a cat. Yeah. You're just letting him just roam the streets in his Prada. Yes. You're not worried about him getting mugged by a less savory cat?


Oh, he won't. He can turn it on. Like, anytime I take him to the groomers of the vet, he just has those angel eyes, like pussy boots. He has two different modes. On the outside, he's cream and honey color, but I think inside he's black like me.


Did you and Halle ever think of adding a third voice into the mix? Maybe a male voice, something erratic with a honk to it, like a grungy. Yeah, like a nice ratch. Do you know what I'm hinting at?


Yeah. Let me just tell you something, and I'm not capping here. For a while we were like, Man, we really need a third voice that could just really hold out those low bottom notes.


Yes. Hold on, I could go lower.


That is just phenomenal. You're going to Hollywood. Let me tell you something, the vocal fry, that's quite hard to do, and you've nailed it.


People complain about vocal fry.


That's because their ear isn't trained.


They're not trained for it. No. I find it's always older people.


People are.


Listening to the show and saying, I don't like this and this and this, and I don't like how his voice sounds. There's too much vocal fry. I said, Well, when did we all become speech therapists?


Yeah. If they don't want to hear it, they don't have to play your podcast. But what are they doing? They're on your podcast listening to you and then want to critique and say how you're talking? Beggars can't be choosers.


They can't. The more haters I have, the more I know that I'm doing.


Something right. Amen. That's what I.


Always say. I am always saying that. Yep. Now, you've said that writing your solo album was like writing a diary. I'm a journal guy myself, but it can get pretty repetitive. You know what I'm saying? Pretty much all of my entries are like, Another day in the cave. I'm very angry about everything in the world.


That's all you need. Like, for me, it's a repetitive roller coaster. And talk about Emo. I was quite Emo writing that album in pieces, hence the name.


In pieces. I've been considering for a while recording an album about how much I don't like a specific holiday. I don't know if you know that.


Much about it.


You should. Do you think I could do it?


I think you can. It would be best selling because not everybody... I mean, I love Christmas, but you, for instance, there's people like.


You out there. I don't want to step on anybody's toes. Totally fine that you like Christmas. I'm not a fan, and I have a lot of feelings.


Hey, it's all right. Opposites attract. We could.


Still hang. We could still hang.


Yeah, I might get you a Santa hat just to try to throw on you on time. You could keep wearing it if you'd like. If not, it's all right. I'm not going to force it on you, but I will be wearing mine.


I will wear a Santa hat.


It looks good on you.


I do think that they're flattering on me because it draws the eye upward from my potbelly, which normally I'm really proud. Well, why.


Aren't you proud of your potbelly right now?


What's going on? I feel like nothing looks good on me right now. I haven't eaten a salad in like three years.


Well, guess what I had for breakfast? A cinnamon roll?




You? If the clothes don't fit, buy some new ones.


That may have just rocked my entire world.


Yeah, you don't need to be sad over your potbelly. I think it's cute.


This is a different way of looking at myself because I feel like the world is always shaming me about my potbelly. I go into these department stores and they say, Well, what's your style? And I say, Mid century modern. They say, Well, this is a clothing store, not a.


Furniture store. Well, they're doing horrible customer service.


Well, I shouldn't have been close shopping at Ikea, but that's totally beside the point. Get a cute crop top. I've really been considering the crop top lifestyle.


Yes, if you got it, flown it, and you got it.


I've got a lot. Actually, sometimes I'll pop in the maternity section every once in a while if I need the extra coverage.


No shame in.


Your game. You know what I'm.


Talking about? Yeah, and if anybody has a problem with your potbelly, they're the same ones who look in the mirror and got that and worse. So be proud of your potbelly. Absolutely. I don't want to hear you shaming it anymore.


I'm going to shake it. Yes. Now, speaking of shaking it, you were famously mentored by, hold on, am I reading this right? Beyonce. Beyonce. Beyonce. A. Beyonce A?


Yes. Altogether, Beyonce.


Oh, was there another Beyonce in the class? So she had to be Beyonce-A. And maybe the other one was.


Beyonce F. It's like the one and only. It's like Beyonce.


Beyonce? Yes. Oh, from Destiny's Child. Yes. Now you have a big Destiny's Child fan, and I went down the Kelly Rowland route.


Oh, they're both amazing.


I didn't get into the Beyonce stuff as much because I was more of a Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland first. Okay, so Beyonce. Yes. Am I saying.


That right? Yes, you are. You're saying it perfectly.


She was your personal mentor. What does that even mean?


It could mean a lot of things. To me, she's like family. And my sister and I were signed to her label under Columbia Records.


Well, okay. Do you think she'd mentored me?


I think.


She would. Can you hook that up? Can you put our people in touch with each other? You know, I know it's like we're in your interview right now.


You know, my love, I think you might have to do that on your own, but I will be there to support you every step of the way. I will hold your hand through the process. Okay, cool. That's what I'll do.


Yes. Well, thank you. I'm getting lunch with my friend Jay Z after this, and I was going to ask him about that. That might be a better way to go about that. Now, you went on tour this summer.


Interestingly, no stop in Hooville. What's that about? You didn't ask me to come, so I.


Don't want to go places where I'm not invited.


That's a good.


Way of looking at it. If this is an invitation, expect me in a few months.


I think I could go ahead and speak for Hooville. I think so. And say that people would love for you to perform.


If you have enough power to steal Christmas, you have enough power to have me do a show in Hooville. I mean.


Come on. You know what? The third Hooverille Central Bank has an amphior that they sponsor, and it seats about 35.


That's all right. I will give a hell of a show for that 35.


Maybe it could be like an acoustic, like with the guitars.


I'll do acoustic. Whatever you want from me, it just comes with a little price.


We could probably work something out. You know that thing with like, acoustic music where it's like, it's not really what people came to see?


The full shebang.


The full shebang. This is exactly what I was hoping for, to fall asleep at my favorite artist's show.


That's happened to you?


I fall asleep pretty much anywhere there's a chair. Could you give me any tips for going on a tour? Is there anything I need to know? Because once I get this album out there and.


People are clamoring for some.


Anti-christmas music, do you got any suggestions?


I do. I have a couple of perfect suggestions for you when you go on tour. I would like to be the opening act, please and thank you. Oh, it's done. Yes. This is what I would have to say. You definitely need to stretch for a good 30 minutes before the show because I don't want you to pull anything. I need you to stretch for 30 minutes at least every day before the show. Okay?


Can you do that for me? Okay, I can do that, yeah, because my back problems have.


Back problems. Yeah, that's not going to be okay. We got to keep you great. And let me tell you something else. You need to drink tea about an hour before you go on show and we need to get you doing some vocal warmups because we have to keep that vocal fry, frying.


I need to be able to scream all that. It's very screaming. It's like my music, just to summarize it, it's like Tom Waits times Good Charlotte plus Ringo with some DJ mustard beat. You know DJ Mustard? When he goes mustard on the beat. You know what we're talking about?


Yes. So what's yours going to be?


Mine would be like, Here comes.




Grinch. Oh, I love that. That's going to play at the beginning of all my tracks.


Oh, my gosh, you got it.


Here comes the Grinch. And then it's like...


That's like your Jason Derulo.


Jason Derulo.


I can't. But then it goes, then it goes, Here comes the Grinch.


Here comes the Grinch.




Well, it's been so nice to talk to you, but I'm being waved at by my producer right now. My producer, Cindy Loho. She locked me into a ridiculous.


Contract, so I have to.


Ask this next question. What does Christmas look like in the Bailey household? What does it mean to you to spend the holidays with your family?


I truly love you because I know you're asking me that against your will. But what it means to me, French, it just means love and peace and joy because I'm constantly on the go and I just need to have that moment of grounding. So you're more than welcome to come to my house during Christmas time and you'll be fine and you won't be triggered.


You're saying that Christmas is... It's not about Santa and ribbons and bells.


And presents. It's a state of mind that you can enter into? Yes. Wherever you are.


Yes, my love.


You mean we could even have Christmas, even after I stole everything? People wouldn't care. They just want to do Christmas anyway. Yes.


We could take what you stole and throw our own party.


Oh, my God.


My heart.


It's all right. You're allowed to feel. It's all right. Yes, go through the motions.


Sometimes when I do labage breathing, it helps.


And that's also a vocal warm-up, so you're preparing for a tour at the same time. Wow. Yes. Let it out.


Oh, my God! It's not going back down, guys. This is the one. Klawie, this is the one.


Oh, oh, what the… Drat.


Rats. Wow, I thought.


You were going to fart. No, I.


Farted for like three hours earlier. Wow.


Did not know I was capable of that.


Didn't that feel great? Don't you feel lighter?


I wouldn't say lighter.


I think we can get medical confirmation now, Cindy, write it down.


My heart has officially grown three sizes. Oh, wow! I think we had three sizes and this thing is not going back down. The breathing didn't help.


That's not a bad thing.


Christmas, I get it. You got me to get it, Klo. We're here.


We're here together. I told you I'd be with you every step.


Of the way.


Oh, my gosh.


Bobby Moinahan couldn't make it happen. Chloe did it.




I'm sorry to put you on the.


Spot, but.


You're here and we have a mic and it's almost Christmas.


Would you.


Sing me something just as a gift, your buddy, The Grinch, could.


You-you know what? Because we've just really bonded here and your heart grew three sizes bigger, just for me, I would love to.


All right, everybody, this is Chloe Bailey singing Winter Wonderland.


Which you can also hear on Amazon Music by saying, Alexa, play Mary Mix and DJ mode in the Amazon Music app or on Alexa enabled devices.


Thanks for listening to this season of Tis the.


Grinch holiday talk show. I hope you have a great time with yourOh, my family.


You're my family.


I'm not going to do this. Come over to my house, Grinch. You're my best friend. Love you. I love you, Gloria. Tables ring, are you listening? We're in the lane. Snow is glistening. A beautiful sight. We're happy tonight. Walking in a winter wonderland. Going away is a bluebird.


He's here to save is a new bird. He sings a love song as we go along. Walking in a winter wonderland. In the middle, we can build a snowman. Play the run, then pretend that he is lost in ground. He'll say, Are you married? We'll sing, Oh man. But you can do the job when you're in town. Later on, the world conspiger, as we dream by the flyguard to face unafraid, the plans that we made, walking in a winterthrilled. Oh, you know kids are chilling. Well, throw a look and play. The years come away. We're walking in a winter wonderland. We're walking in a winter wonderland. Oh, we're walking in a winter wonderland.


Chloe Bailey, everybody. Chloe Bailey.


And Christmas.


Oh, it truly is a winter wonderland. The snow is swirling. The gifts are gifting.


My heart is out of control.


Okay, I got 12 months to get this state back to normal.


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Cindy, for the last.


Time this holiday season, let's hear about the beautiful people behind the scenes. I love them all. I love them all.


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Jamie, he's a teenager.


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One, Mr.


Grinch. You're a.


Nasty, wasty, skunk. Your heart is full of unwashed socks. Your soul is full of gung. Stank, Mr. Grinch.


The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I.


Quote, Steak, stank, stank.