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Hi, I'm Daniel Tosh, host of a new podcast called Tosh Show, brought to you by iHeart Podcasts. Why am I getting into the podcast game now? Well, seemed like the best way to let my family know what I'm up to instead of visiting or being part of their incessant group text. I'll be interviewing people that I find interesting, so not celebrities and certainly not comedians. I'll be interviewing my plumber, my stylist, my car guy, my wife's gynecologist, my favorite athlete with no legs. What's more frustrating? Being born without legs or being a black man in America? That's a good wank. They actually are close to being equal. My favorite drag queen. What do you think of straits doing drag? Oh, I hate them. We'll be covering topics like religion, travel, sports, gambling, but mostly it will be about being a working mother. Am I the best boss you've ever had? Talk about what a great boss I was. Sometimes you were amazing. And then sometimes I was like, How do I get out of this? Don't talk about that part. If you're looking for a podcast that will educate and inspire or one that will really make you think, this isn't the one for you.


But it will be entertaining to a very select few because you don't make it your mid 40s with IBS without having a story or two to tell. Is 48 still considered your mid 40s? Join me as I take my place among podcast royalty like Joel Olstein and Lance Bass on the iHeart app or wherever you get podcasts. Those are words I hope I'd never have to say. Listen to Toss show starting November 14th on the iHeart Radio app, Apple Podcast or wherever you get your podcasts.