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On March 16th, 2000, two sheriff's deputies were shot in Atlanta. A Muslim leader and former Black power activist was convicted. But the evidence was shaky and the whole truth didn't come out during the trial. My name is Moses Secret. When I started investigating this case in my hometown, I uncovered a dark truth about America. From Tenderfoot TV, campside Media, and iHeart Podcasts, Radical is available now. Listen to the new podcast, Radical, for free on the iHeart Radio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.


In the new Amy and TJ podcast, news anchors Amy Robach and TJ Homes explore everything from current events to pop culture in a way that's informative, entertaining, and authentically groundbreaking. Join them as they share their voices for the first time since making their own headlines.


This is the first time that we actually get to say what happened.




Where we are today.


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People always accused of friendship being elitist. I'm going to list a few things, and I want you to say which country does them the best. Wine. Friends. Cheese. Friends. Fashion.






France. Oh, shut.




Fuck up. Us.


Us. Shut the fuck up. Tosh. Tosh. Tosh. Tosh. Tosh. Welcome to Tosh Show. I'm your host, Daniel Tosh. This is exciting. This is the fourth episode. Can you believe it, Eddie? We've done four already.


It's great.


That's great. How many do we have to do until somebody comes call and says, Listen, we want to buy this show outright and give you 500 billion dollars. So here we are with our fourth episode, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly negative in person. Online, I'm told the feedback has been pretty positive, but to my face, a lot of family members have not appreciated some of the comments that I've made.


I got to tell you, the comments on YouTube, overwhelmingly positive.


Comments on YouTube, overwhelmingly positive. Oh, man, I hope that translates into ad dollars and subscriptions. I'm told that's very important. I got to set a few things straight. I shot a handful of these interviews before the first one aired, so I'm still working things out. I don't read a lot of the comments because they depressed me. But actually, I should take time out to hear what the fans of this show are saying. So, Eddie, you've gotten a few selects? I do. All right, let's read some of these.


My new favorite podcast. Keep it going.


I don't even want to be anyone's favorite podcast. There's so many great podcasts out there. My goal is to skyrocket in your top five. I'll be honest, top 10 is plenty good enough. But you're going to learn one day that having everything that you could ever want isn't that great. What else? What are these people saying? Let's go. Give me another one.


All right. A little late to the game, son.


Yeah, that's the genius behind me. I like to wait till everybody's sick of a genre, and then I go full bore.


The King is back.


That's from Theo Vaughan. That's nice. Now, there's somebody. It's like somebody's number one podcast. That's fine. He can be your number one. And then me, four, five or six.


Bro, this is dope. I'm so glad you're back. Already subbed and liked. Keep up the.


Funny shit. Well, I'm glad you subbed. Keep subbing.


Call it Tash Point Show.


Tash Point Show was too close for the lawyers to feel comfortable.


Please change the intro, please.


I don't like the intro either. I just heard it the other day. Man, that's bad. So I'm sure we'll use it for a year.


This is great. Should just maybe keep off the editing for a more organic feel, though.


You guys are editing me? I'm just now finding this out.


Tone down on the editing. For real, this is a podcast. Let it flow naturally. Deadair is perfectly acceptable. Save the super editing for the.


Youtube shorts. Deadair is perfectly acceptable. Let's put that to the test. Was that enjoyable? I'll tell you another reason I need an editor is because I'm not afraid to say things into a microphone that's being recorded. I need someone to be the adult in the room. Like just the other day, I was trying to explain my least favorite race of people, and that's why they're my least favorite.


Next comment, really don't like the producer voice-over-chime-ins. Just going to put that out there.


I don't like him either.


He didn't give her anything from his house. It was a good streak while it lasted.


Guys, there's going to be a few episodes where they don't get a gift because I didn't start doing the gift until the fourth or fifth interview.


This is needed. I like Tash point out, but when Tash isn't being forced by network to pump outrageous comments every line, it feels way more genuine while still being hilarious. I could watch him talk to his landlord for-.


Hold on. First of all, it's insane how long this thing is. I'm not going to let you finish it. In what world would I have a landlord? Do you have any idea how many properties I own?


I'd actually love to see Tash talk to some comedians.


That's pretty good. If no one's done that, I think we should try that.


I assume there's got to be a writing team behind this, right? No way he's coming up with all these non-sequesters by himself. Great show.


I think he meant sequiturs, Eddie. The team of people that create this show is three people. It's Eddie who pitches me nonsense all day long. Then there's John and Pete, three white, middle-aged, married men that were blackballed from comedy. That's not true. But they are white. That part is true. They're very white. Too white, if you ask me. John is definitely too white. John is too white. He's pale and he's from Ohio.


I'm not a fan of the stained gray wood borders on the videos. I suggest consulting a second or third marketing branding graphics company to redefine the vibe of your.


Creative look. I would recommend you unsubscribe. Is there an unsubscribe button?


Border needs to go. Full screen, please. Annoying, distracting, unnecessary.


Okay, so there's two votes.


Border is annoying.


Oh, that'sThree.


What's up with the weird border.


I'm telling you, I'm going to have to turn the comments off.


Tash is back. So happy, but please get rid of the weird panel border.


What if we started putting ads like a crawl that went around the border the whole way or more information or jokes in the border then? Maybe people would like it then?


Amazing you're back. Get rid of the border around the screen, though.


Be careful or I'll make the goddamn frame bigger.


Really dig the picture frame border for the show. Makes me feel like I'm back in my childhood bedroom watching Tash 0.


There's one for they like the border. The border stays.


If Tash still drives a Subarue, then we can expect the same above average content as Tash. Com.


I do still drive a Subarue. Subarue, I'm still driving one. I don't drive an Outback anymore. I have the Ascent. Three rows because I've got a family. I also drive a Rivian. Rivian, are you a sponsor? You should be. Go ahead and sponsor the show, Rivian.


Hey, Tash, great show, but can we get this shot in 4K?


I don't know. Can we shoot this in 4K? We shoot it in 6K. We shoot it in 6K.


I hope he comes back to stand up to show these goofballs.


What's up. I have never stopped doing stand-up comedy. I do tons of stand-up comedy. I'll be honest with you, it's gotten so much better. My comedy is so much better than it used to be. It's so much richer.


Can I invest in this? Tash is going to be greater than Joe Regan.






Comment. Last comment already?


Yeah. Three episodes in, and this is officially my favorite comedian podcast. The format, the guests, the length, the hilarious yet insightful interviews. Everything is just perfect.


All right, the show is perfect. Let's get on with it. Today's guest is no exception. He's also perfect. He's one of my closest friends, but he's foreign. I knew that was going to get some of you. I love foreigners. They think me needling them is me just being direct because every other country that's not the US is root as shit. All that being said, I'm proud to call this Frenchies come on to me. Enjoy. It's not just that Sammy has had his world torn apart by the conflict. It's not just that he has lost everyone that he ever loved. And it's not just that Sammy is only seven years old. Right now, children are being forced to live through unimaginable horrors in Gaza and around the world. And it's not just. This Christmas, your help could make all the difference. Visit trokra. Org or call 1-800-408-408. Trokra, together for a just world.


On March 16th, 2000, two sheriff's deputies were shot in Atlanta. Jamil Al Amin, a Muslim leader and former black power activist, was convicted. But the evidence was shaky and the whole truth didn't come out during the trial. My name is Mosie Secret. When I started investigating this case in my hometown, I uncovered a dark truth about America.


He said to me, You want me to take care of them for not doing.


Something to.


Pain you or something like that? I said, No, what are you talking about? But I had no idea who he had become. That's how.


He approached you? You know what he meant when he said that.


Yeah, I'm thinking murder in a minute.


I think that's what he was thinking too. From Tenderfoot TV, Camside Media, and iHeart Podcasts, Radical is available now. Listen to the new podcast, Radical, for free on the iHeart Radio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.


In the new Amy and TJ podcast, Amy Robach and TJ Homes, a renowned broadcasting team with decades of experience delivering headline news and captivating viewers nationwide are sharing their voices and perspectives in a way you've never heard before. They explore meaningful conversations about current events, pop culture, and everything in between. Nothing is off limits.


This was a scandal that wasn't, and this was not what you've been sold.


The Amy and TJ podcast is guaranteed to be informative, entertaining, and above all, authentic. It marks the first time Robach and Holmes speak publicly since their own names became a part of the headlines.


This is the first time that we actually get to say what happened and where we are today.


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My guest today is Francis' greatest gift to America since the Statue of Liberty. He's a beautiful French man living in Los Angeles. I've known him for many years, and I still have no idea how he affords to live in my neighborhood. He's my only friend who's never been on my payroll. He text me more than my wife. Please welcome Pierre.




Daniel. Thank you. Pierre, how many times a day do you think you text me?


Well, at least when I wake up, the first person I text a few times in the morning, after lunch, after my nap, and at night, it's a good night. So a few times...


I wish you were joking. You're not joking at all. When I text you that we're going to go surfing, but I have to poop first, how long does that mean?


Well, you spend a lot of time on the chair. How long? Yeah, well, you go a few times a day because I feel like every time I text.


You, you poop me. No, before I surf, I make sure I poop. Because I have to go at least 20 minutes. Fair enough. This is the first question I ask all my guests. Do you believe in ghosts? No. That's right. No, don't say anything else. Just shut the fuck up. You don't believe in ghosts. Right, exactly. I knew. And to be honest with you, when I asked you that question right there, I wasn't sure how you were going to answer it. But then as soon as you said no, I was like, Good. Thank God. I've known Pierre for many years. We met surfing. You're obviously not from California. You're from France. What part of France are you from?


I'm from the north. I'm from a little place called Digullville. It's 200 people in Normandy.


Tiny place. Your parents still live there? Yeah, still there.


It's beautiful. It's nice.


It's quiet. You live in a castle?


My grandma, yeah. She has like a old castle.


How long have you lived in America?




Years. 14 years, really?


Yeah. I've been knowing you for 10, maybe.


At least. Yeah. Where did you live before America?


I spent one year in Australia.


That's how you learned English?


I actually learned English mostly my roommates in France because I live down south, we're from England. So he taught me a lot of English and bad words.


What bad words?


Can I say that here?


You can say whatever word you want to say. Cunt. Cunt? They taught you.


The word cunt? Cunt.






When did you learn fuck? Did you learn that right away?


Fuck yes.


Pretty popular. Oh, very popular. Do people say it in France?


No, but we have a school we say that it's called La Fac. It's after... When you graduate from college, you go to, before we go to Fac, it's F-A-C, I think. So we call it La Fac. But English people say it's fuck.


You went to college for agriculture?


Yeah, I study farming. I study farming until I was 16. But around 16, I was sick of it because I had to wake up early and wake up at 5:00 and the cow keep pooping on my face because you have to get the milk from under.


I don't think you have to put your face underneath it.


Yeah, you're under. You have to work from under. Okay. And then I went to gardening. I did some gardening for a long time.


Yeah. No, I knew that you knew gardening and everything.


Like that. Yeah, farming and gardening. I forgot everything, actually.


It's weird that you say that you didn't like waking up early because the reality is you and I get up earlier than everyone I know.


Yeah, we go surfing.


Right, we like to surf early. But in general, we're always up 5:36.




Met you surfing and you're with your beautiful girlfriend. I loved her so much more than you did.


Yeah, that's why you stopped talking to me because you always talk.


To her. Yeah, I did. I was still in a relationship. I wasn't married at the time, but I was in a relationship. And she was wonderful. And you don't like her? You didn't like her very much.


No, we.


Don't talk. What's your deal? You live in a neighborhood full of elitist assholes like myself, Jeff Bezos, the King of Jordan. All these people living. And then you found this weird little nook in Malibu. Why did you come there?


Well, at first, that was for surfing and that was peaceful, trying to find some rich woman. I did say that for you.


That was your goal?


No, it wasn't my goal, but I've had a story with a rich woman there.




You lived with? Maybe I didn't tell you.


I've heard many of your stories. You've slept with tons and tons of people. I'm going to give you a number. You tell me over or under in your lifetime.


A woman I slept with?


I'm going to say a number. I don't know. I didn't count. I know you don't count. I'm going to say 100, over or under.


Maybe, I don't know, maybe more.


Okay. All right, that's good. Now, how did you become an American citizen? Your first attempt to become an American citizen. Oh, it's a long story. Oh, yes, but it's a good one. I married my friend. You married a friend, and you had to be married for two years to become a citizen.


Yeah, but the funny story is I never kissed my wife.


You never kissed her.


I never slept with her. But some of my friends did.


Your friends slept with.


Your wife? Yeah, my friend.


There's a word for that.


I can't believe you slept with my wife because I did and in the butt.


Oh, you did? That's nice. You have to be married for two years to be able to say. And then at a year and a half, she tells you, Hey, I fell in love with this guy and I'm going to get married, so I have to divorce you right before you became a citizen. Exactly. Were you upset with her when she called off your marriage?


A little bit, but at the same time, I couldn't go that far if she wanted there. So I had mixed feelings. I was a bit upset. But at the same time, if she didn't propose to me to get married at first, I won't be here anyway. But now we're all good.


How did you become a citizen then? Then you did it the proper way.


When I got my Green Card, finally I got my Green Card. After a couple of years, you can become a citizen. And at the time, I had on those apps, the dating app. I met a girl on the dating app and had some fun with her and I asked her, What do you do for a living? And she said, I'm an immigration lawyer.


What are the odds of this?


And I said, Can I have a little gift?




I get a budget for my welcoming to the US? And she said, Yeah, of course. So I got my citizenship and a little gift.


And a gift. How come your immigration photo, when you became a citizen, how come we man was in your photo?


Because he's a fan of a friend and he's actually a very nice guy. He wanted to be there. He wanted.


To shoot Paul. That's insane. Makes no sense to me whatsoever. Do you know who Cato Cailen is? Who? Cato Cailen. Cailen, no. Do you know who O. J. Simpson is?


That was a baseball.


Player, no? Baseball player? No, no, he was a football player. Football. And he murdered two people. Okay. You remember that? No. You don't remember that? No. Wait, he had a person that lived in his guest house, Cato Cailen. It's like you. He was real popular. He had a moment.


I don't want to kill anybody.


No, you're not the person that killed. I would be the person that would kill in this scenario. And then you're the person that lives in the guest house. Have you always lived in guest houses?


Yeah, actually, since I'm in the same age as you. I'm the same age as you. Yes, yeah.


How old are you?


I just turned 45.


45. But you've lied about your age before.


Actually, I did. How do you know?


Well, I was just- The song? -the song. Some girl wrote a song about you.


That's true. Did you love it that she wrote a song about you because you're such an.


Ego maniac? I was surprised. No, I was very flattered. But then it was- I find out randomly I open internet and I saw that song and I listen the lyrics. I was like, Damn, it sounds like it's about me.


-what's called Pierre.




Was that the first clue? And you were dating the person that wrote it. How many times did you listen to the song?


A million times.


How is dating in L. A? Do you like dating in Los Angeles?


The girls are beautiful, but it's just the game. It's taking them on the date and paid for everything. It's different than France. Here it's like they expect and you have some pros. They say, Oh, let's go to a restaurant, and they pick up the most expensive restaurants. That's annoying.


So it's just about paying for a meal that bothers you?


Yeah. I mean, it's just the whole process. They have game. Some girls are really good at it.


Do you ham up the French shit?


No, I mean, it depends. But the French accent can help when it's a tricky situation. I pretend I don't understand.


Are you on dating apps?


All of them.


What's your favorite app?


The old stupid.


Is abortion legal in France?




You ever paid for an abortion? No. Is that one of the things that bothers you about American women? They expect you to pay for them. Do you think French people, in general, are a little bit more homophobic and racist than Americans? Go ahead.


No, I mean, the gay community is pretty big in France. Maybe I didn't tell you, but I used to be bartender in a gay club. And I had a cage. I was a cage dancer.


You're a cage dancer? I didn't know about the.


Cage dancing. I had a cage. The place called Freedom Coffee. I was 19 or 20, and I wanted to make some money for the summer to travel. So I told my friend, Can I work in your coffee? So we were opening at 6:00 PM until 2:00 AM.


That's a lot of dancing.


A lot of dancing. And we closed for a few hours and we reopened for breakfast from 5:00 AM to 11:00 AM in the morning. A lot of dancing.


So you're saying because you were a cage dancer, you personally could never be homophobic?


No, I mean, no.


Did you make great money?


No, we don't tip in France.


What's the point of being a cage dancer then?


Because the girls who want to be safe, they go to a gay club.


So you were still in your own homophobic mind being like, I'm dancing for women at this gay club. See, here's what I think. Most of my friends I find are foreign. And I think that's because whenever I hang out with somebody that's American, as soon as they rub me the wrong way with the way they think about something like that, it immediately makes me put a wall up. But with foreign people, I always assume, There's a language barrier or there's something else. So I turn a blind eye to some of the negative stuff. I think that might be another reason that I enjoy hanging out with foreigners is because for the most part, you don't find me funny. So I find it challenging sometimes to make you laugh. But I also noticed that when you insult me, I feel like I'm going back to the seventh grade where it's really a juvenile insult. You constantly like to make fun of my legs.


You have got nice legs. Yeah. You know... Yeah, sometimes I don't understand your joke, but I understand your body language. The stuff you move or you do sometimes, they're funny.


So you know that it's a joke just by my body language?


Yeah, like the way you move or you act, it's... Yeah, sometimes.


What's wrong with my legs? Do you think they're just too thin?




Proportion. The proportions are wrong.


You have a long.


Body, long-Torso? -torso. -torso is this part? No, the top.




The leg. Okay, just the thigh?


Thigh is long. From the knee to the-The foot? -to the foot, it gets tiny. When you walk, it's funny. That's not true.


It is true. That's not true. I'll let anyone size me. I guarantee I'm completely proportionate.


And the best part is when you run, it takes a different approach of running.


What does.


That mean? I don't know. You run funny. I saw you running the other day on the beach. I couldn't believe that was you. I was like, It's not Daniel. He can run.


Oh, because I can run.


And then you got closer. Oh, yeah, it's Daniel. .


Do you still play the lottery every week?


It's three times a week.


You play it three times a week? Yeah. People always accused the French of being elitist. I'm going to list a few things and I want you to say which country does them the best? Food.




You think so? It's not true.


What's the best?






Are you kidding me?


No. All the best chefs are in France.


I don't know that that's true. All right, wine.




Cheese. France. Fashion.




How about art?


France, Italy, has some good arts.






Oh, it's a...


No, US.


Us. No, US. Shut the fuck up. No one ever thinks comedy. You know-Yeah, we have.


Good movies. France has good movies.


I know a movie that you love. Huh? Here's a movie that you think is so funny, and I don't understand why you think it's so funny. Which one? Three Billboards.


Oh, I love that movie. Yeah, it's a.


Good movie. What's your favorite movies?


I thought Forest.


Gump was good.


Okay. Fly Above Cuckoo's Nest.


That's good as well. These are all classics. All right, what about American sports? You really get upset with me during football season.


Yeah, I don't get it. And you spend hours watching this.


It bothers you. It makes you mad.


I don't know. There's no action.


Hey, what's your favorite college football team?


Notre Dame.


And it's only your favorite because... Because I can understand. Because Notre Dame is Notre Dame. So you think that it has some correlation with France.


You watch a lot of.


Basketball as well. I love basketball.


I'm a bit more into basketball.


What's your favorite team?


What is the one against the Lakers?


Against the Lakers? Any team that they're playing? No, the Clippers. You like the Clippers?


I like the Clippers.




It's nice. Because my friend gets annoying.


I hate the Lakers. I always root against them.


Oh, yeah, you like the one, the Dolphins?


Well, yes, I do like the Dolphins. They're football. That's football? Yeah. Then the basketball team is the Miami Heat.


Miami Heat, yeah. You like tennis as well? You want to watch the tennis? Yeah.


A Rolandaros. Yeah. The amount of... I conceived my son.


At Rolandaros. That's right. Yeah. I mean, that's right. I don't.


Know, but... Oh, the red clay of Rolandaros. That's just fun to say. My daughter looks a lot like you.


Yeah, I noticed. I didn't want to tell you, but I noticed.


Have you ever had sex with my wife? Yes or no? No. Here's a quiz about France. You want to hear a quiz? Yeah. When did France last execute someone by guillotine? Ready? Here's your choices. 1795, 1863, or 1977.


The second one.


Nope, 1977.


By guillotine? Yeah. Damn. I should bring this back. Is it?


Yeah. I mean, according to this, I mean, it's Eddie. -eddie, is that true? -eddie.


Yeah, it's true.


It's true.


It's radical.


How much do I know? What's the one.


Thing I'm not allowed to say?


I taught you a couple of words. That's it.


No, when.


I say, S'abba. Perfect. That's all I ever say. I can remember my French class going, taxi, taxi, o. Something like that. I remember that. Yeah, it sounds good..


You said that to a girl in the water and yeah, that was intense.


I said that to somebody in the water? Oh, but we didn't tell her what it meant.


No, but she figured.


No, she didn't figure.


I think she went on.


Internet after. How dare you. She never figured. You banged a grandma in our neighborhood. I've been what? You had sex with a grandma in our neighborhood? Probably did, yeah. Remember that one day? You know what I'm talking about.


Yeah, I remember. Yeah.


You banged a grandma. You banged my kids. You banged your teacher and you banged tons of Russians.


Russians? Yeah, but I mean, Russians, it's difficult.


What do you mean?


Because they're very expensive.


I didn't know that.


They like the money. Sometimes I can't afford a house, so to get those girls on date, it's sometimes difficult.


Are you dating someone right now?




Are you in love, Pierre?


I don't know.


I could be. Oh, right. Would you ever get married?


I don't think so. I don't know.


Do you want to have your kids someday? I don't think so. Why?


I don't know, because it takes you to go surfing anytime.


I know, but it'd be fun. It'd be fun to see you as a dad. Your president was 15 when he met his wife, who was 40. Just wanted you to know that.


Mccrown. Mccrown, yeah. His wife's older.


Yeah, he was 15 when he met her. She was 40 at the time.


He was.


His teacher. That's who your president is. Did you ever smoke?




Everyone in France smokes.


I mean, smoke. When I was partying.


Do you still smoke?




You have a problem with alcohol, don't you? Go ahead. Talk about that.


I like to party. I haven't drink for six months.


I know. Did you do better with women when you were drinking than you are sober?


Maybe for the approach, yeah. You have more game when.


You're drunk. What are your favorite other drugs? Marijuana? You like marijuana? No.


No, I was drinking.


Only drinking? Yeah. You've always worked in, since I've known you.


Fashion, women's swimwear and lingerie. Lingerie? Lingerie. We just launched a lingerie.


You make lingerie even sound sexier by saying leisureie. So every interview I give the guest on the show a gift. It's just something from my house that I want to get rid of. Okay. I know your house. I know. I always try to think of something that they would want. Okay, so here's what I got you. I got you a bunch of my really nice sweaters because I know you wear sweaters that I think hang too short on me. And because you're French, I feel like you need lines. French love stripes. I like it. Okay? Thank you. Hold on, I got a bunch.


It's good quality as well.


No, these are good brands. This is Neymarcus. That's going to be a nice sweater.


That's beautiful. Thank you.


Look at this. This is rag and bone. Wow. These are some nice sweaters.




Thank you, Daniel.


This one might be a little too tight. If you want to be sexy, you wear that one.


Thank you, Daniel. Okay, so.


A bunch of sweaters. You're welcome. Can I keep the bag? Yeah, you keep the bag. -that's nice. -get them off the table. We've taken some great surf trips.


Yeah, not too far from the house, but we have some good moments. -i think.


One time. -what about Waco?


Oh, Waco was good. Yeah, thank you for.


Taking me. Waco, your surf pool. Pierre and I went there. You messed up our reservation, but we'd love to come back if you give us a ton of free time. I think another thing that we like is that we bond on is that we enjoy surfing almost more when it's bad because nobody's out. We don't ever like people to be near us in the water. We had.


Some bad surf. Yeah.


And then we ride. You got me to buy these garbage foam surfboards from France. They were really cheap. What's the name of them?




O'lions. O'lion. Now, I know you're not a sponsor yet, but if you want to send us just a bunch of free of your surfboards, we would love that. Those are lion boards. Man.


You got.


Two of them. One of them is meant for children, but we still ride the shit out of it. It's really fun. Yeah, send us that. Was it seven, two?


No, we have the six, eight.


Send us a bunch of those six, eights. Send us a stack of those yellow six, eights with the carve-out body and the handle in the middle. They're complete garbage boards, but for some reason, we enjoy beating them up. You know what's weird about our neighborhood, too, is how we became friends with so many little kids. Oh, yeah. We were friends with these kids. They're wonderful. But we watched them grow up, and now they're in their 20s.


The best thing is out here, when he was surfing, he was a kid. I give him a wet suit that was too small for me. And he was like, I don't know, 12, 13 years old. He said, Pierre, thank you so much. You can have for the rest of my life all the waves you want. I'm like, Arthur, careful because this is going to stick. And now every time a good wave comes, I say, Arthur, remember what you say when you're a kid? That wave is.


For me. Arthur broke his foot one day. We were surfing the place that we don't talk about, and it was a real day. It was good. We were alone. He broke his foot. It was like 6:00 in the morning, before school. He was going in high school. He's like, Hey, you got to help me back. Help me home. I'm like, Yeah, but I'm going to surf for another hour. So he sat on a rock for an hour with a broken foot while I caught every wave and then I carried him home.


That's just the best. You know, which is funny, he always wants to, since he is with the oldest, he wants to prove, so he goes for big waves and challenging situation.


I've seen him get killed.


Yeah, dude.


But he's huge now. But now he's just a tank of a person. I told him once when he was 16 or 17 years old, I said, The day you turn 18, I'm going to punch you in the face. And then I think by the time he was 18, he was already so much bigger. Let's just forget about that. You care about surfing. That's something that's different. We both surf a ton, but you care about you know who the pro surfers are. You know when the contests are going on and you watch pro contests. I don't do anything. I don't like anything about surfing except for the act of surfing.


I mean, you're a good surfer.


Okay. Yeah, you're good. I've surfed my whole life since I could walk.


But the funny part is when you get competitive, that's funny.


That's funny?


Yeah, you just changed. Yeah.


He's so competitive. Do you ever see me get mad in the water?




Do I yell.


At people? Yeah, no, there's a funny story. There's those kids keep paddling around and one of the kids, you're pointing where you should sit. And he thought you wanted to shake his hand. You wanted to shake the hand, but you said, No, I'm pointing where you should sit and don't come next to me. Remember that story?


No, but that sounds about right.


The guy was.


Like, What? Yeah, I run a tight ship out there. We are.


Coming out of the surf and this girl was walking two girls just when we start hanging out and this girl said, Oh, my God, that's Daniel Toche. Can I get a picture? And you say, No. And you start running the opposite way. I thought.


That was funny. Well, it's because it combines two things. It combines things that you love, girls and me running. And surfing. Three things. You know, it's a funny story that you can't get over. One time we were surfing one spot, but we decided to go to a different spot that's walkable from where we were surfing. For some reason, we just kept our leashes on because we were going to go run to this other spot that was only 100 yards away, maybe 200 yards max. And we happened to pass the greatest female surfer in the world. Do you remember her name? Stephanie Gilmore. Stephanie Gilmore. And Stephanie Gilmore looks at us and goes, Why you guys got your leashes on?


Look, we're like 10.


Years old. And you didn't realize it until we had ran past that she was making fun of us. And you got so mad.


I got mad. That was funny. We had our lice on like working.


Like kids. You didn't like being teased by Stephanie Gilmore.


I'd like to be teased by.


Stephanie Gilmore. Oh, come on. You always resented her sister for not wanting to date you.


Yeah, I tried.


It didn't go well. Stephanie Gilmore, the greatest female surfer of all time, the Kelly Slater in female surfing, and she has a beautiful sister. She's gorgeous. And Stephanie is beautiful. And Pierre tried to hook up with her sister and her sister was not.


Having it. In front of you as well as I did to make you laugh. And you said to me, You should have stopped after the first sentence, but I keep pushing. That's enough.


That was bad. There's nothing worse than watching you strike out in the water. Tell me about the time you got a blow job in the Soho House bathroom. No, I.


Didn't get a blow job.


Oh, you made love. And then I asked you. I said, Would you wear a condom? And you said, No, people don't wear condoms anymore.


It's not fashionable.


Is that true? People don't wear condoms anymore?


No, people are wearing condoms. You have to work on them.


Okay. You like to jog every day?


Not every day, but I like to jog, get things out.




Good for the.


Brain as well. Do you do mental health? Do you do mental health exercises? Do you see a therapist? Have you ever seen a therapist? Me neither. No.


You're my therapist.


That's scary. I just go surfing. Sometimes my wife, when I'm starting to get really... She's like, Just go surfing. Fucking get out of the house. Go get in the ocean. She's smart. Do you have any diseases from all the sex? You've never gotten diseases.


From all the sex? No, I've been good.


I've been lucky. No, real lucky.


Now I got malaria in Africa.


What's that?


I got malaria in Africa.


The fuck. You got-Mallaria? -mallaria.




In Africa. Oh, in Africa. -oh, in Africa. Your accent sometimes to me sounds like someone doing a bad Christopher Walken impression.


Well, my friends have got peanut butter stuck in my mouth.


Okay, well, that's not as funny. It's not as funny as what I said. We'll put some bad Christopher Walken impression next to him talking and you're like, Oh, it does sound like. What you got to do is.


Grab a.


Free-range chicken. Do an impression of me talking. Do an impression maybe you're talking about basketball.




That's what you always say in the water. You always like, Oh, are you going to go watch basketball? The thing is, you don't usually meet when you're as old as we are. You don't usually meet a guy and then just start hanging out with a guy. It's like... It's just bizarre. Well, Pierre, listen, I'm sure I'll talk to you 10 minutes after this is done. Anyway, thanks for being on the show. Thank you, Daniel. Okay, au revois.?




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On March 16th, 2000, two sheriff's deputies were shot in Atlanta. Jamil Al-Amin, a Muslim leader and former Black power activist, was convicted. But the evidence was shaky and the whole truth didn't come out during the trial. My name is Moses Secret. When I started investigating this case in my hometown, I uncovered a dark truth about America.


He said to me, You want me to take care of them for not doing something to pain you or.


Something like that?




Said, No.


What are you talking about? But I had no idea who he had become. That's how.


He approached you? You know what he meant when he said that.


Yeah, I'm thinking murder in a minute.


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On March 16th, 2000, two sheriff's deputies were shot in Atlanta. A Muslim leader and former black power activist was convicted. But the evidence was shaky and the whole truth didn't come out during the trial. My name is Moses Secret. When I started investigating this case in my hometown, I uncovered a dark truth about America. From Tenderfoot TV, campside Media, and iHeart Podcasts, Radical is available now. Listen to the new podcast, Radical, for free on the iHeart Radio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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