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Murdered, missing, and misled. It was 2020, and while I'd long been a huge true crime fan, the way I saw these stories changed after becoming a victim myself.


Four, five, county, number one.


Hi, yes, I need an ambulance. Okay, hold on. Cut the scary music. Look, this isn't just your typical true crime podcast. My name is Sallise Stanton, and I'm the creator and host of True a Crime, a podcast I started after I was robbed of my entire life savings back in 2020. That changed my perspective on true crime as a genre. And by now we all know that crime, it's not as black and white as we'd like it to be. The truth is so much more than simplistic narratives about beautiful victims and evil perpetrators. True a crime aims to go deeper, highlighting stories that hit at the complex realities of crime. This is a true crime show, yes, but one that strikes at the core of our shared human experiences. In each episode, we'll share stories about fear.


They would have thought he was the sweetest thing in the world because he portrayed that. He portrayed the happy family.


Stories about hate. This is why I.


Can't let you stay out of here, period. Because we don't want them up here.


Stories about regret.


Not only a fool doesn't learn from his mistakes, but I've learned from mine some of that has changed.


And stories about all the folks who refuse to give up hope. I want to be the.


Voice for others that I never had. I want them to know that any abuse is wrong. If it takes me 20 years and I can live that long, I'll be working on this case.


These are the stories of Mindy Dodd, Tamela Horsford, and Sam Mandez. New episodes of Trouer Crime are available on December 15th with Season 2 coming next spring. Listen for free on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.