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A former President of the United States is in real trouble with the law, facing serious criminal and civil charges. He's also running to be President again. On Trump's trials, we update you on all the latest courtroom, drama, testimony, and legal maneuvering in the trials of the former President. We talk about what it all means for American democracy. I'm your host, Scott Detro. I spent years covering Congress, campaigns, and the White House at NPR. Each week, I talk with NPR political editor and correspondent Dominico Montenaro for his analysis of this moment. We also talk to experts who can explain complex legal developments in plain English. America has never seen a political story like this one. This show is a place where we can process all the important and dramatic details with new episodes available Saturday afternoons. Make sure to follow us in your podcast app so you always get the latest episode and support the show by signing up for Trump's Trials Plus. You'll hear every episode in less time without sponsored messages, and you'll help make our political reporting possible. More at plus. Npr. Org. I'm Scott Detro. Thanks for checking out Trump's trials from NPR.