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Welcome back to Unfiltered Faith podcast with your host, Meredith and. And today we have on a very special guest we're so excited to have Doreen Vertue on. She is an amazing woman of God with such an incredible testimony of how Jesus led her out of New Age. So we're just so excited. And we're we're going to introduce to you we're going to hype you up a little bit about the read is that theory holds the VA and I mean counseling psychology from Trauma University and early reports of the way you're earning an MBA and biblical and theological studies from Western seminary chiefs and seminary to learn how to deny the word and encourages women to study the Bible.


Praise God. And you know what, Doreen? So you I think we have a very similar testimony in the sense to where we were in the New Age. I think you were in it for a lot longer. How many years were you in New Age?


Well, twenty two years in the New Age. And then before then I was in New Thought. My whole life, I was I was raised. It's like the system, a new age.


Interesting. So I'm not familiar at all with New Age.


I want to know what is New Age? What did you practice like? I only came from a Christian background. So learning about New Age is super new to me. So if you don't mind explaining what your age is and how how it was practiced, absolutely.


New Age is the belief that God is omnipresent. So therefore he's in you, but not in the sense of the Holy Spirit in dwelling a saved believer. But it's it's this belief that everyone is a child of God, no matter whether you believe or not, and that everyone's like a little God or a little goddess and training as a super blasphemous. It also is the belief that Jesus was a mortal man only and the the New Age belief about God is that the God is an energy called the universe or source.


Yeah. Yeah. And that this earth is just Mother Nature. And and so it's really like Romans one said, it's it's serving the creation rather than creator. No sense of who God is. We all connected to angels and spirit guides because we didn't have any relationship with God because we were unsafe sinners, first of all, which broke our relationship. But secondly, because we've not read the Bible and we just didn't have a sense of who our creator is.


And that kind of reminds me like so I grew up in a in a Christian home, I went to Christian school and I I never had a personal relationship with Jesus. And I didn't understand, I think just the depth of the sacrifice that he made for us and why I really needed to stay here. And when I was in high school, I just didn't really think about God. It just wasn't anything that crossed my mind because I was surrounded by young people that just weren't it just wasn't a thing we we even talked about.


And then I fell into New Age because I had friends that were talking about like, oh, like and enlightening yourself and becoming your your higher self. And I started hearing all these words and I was like, well, this sounds really good and interesting. And this sounds like something that would be good for me. And it kind of reminds me of that first and second Corinthians. That thing disguises himself as an angel. And I think it's such it's a deception.


And you've written a book that's all about that. And you guys can go check that book out. But if you want to explain a little bit more, I think you've been just like with because I know you you you wrote Angel Cards and you have a background in that. And it's so funny because I found your YouTube and I knew about the angel cards and I knew your name because I was I almost bought them, I'm pretty sure, at some point.


And then once Jesus was like, I need to wake this girl up. I stumbled across your YouTube channel and I started I watched your testimony and I was just blown away.


And I don't think it's any coincidence that that God had me stumble across you and do this because I was like, well, I've also experienced what she experienced because she's going to be overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.


Then, yeah, the whole thing starts in New Age with not knowing God and thinking that you're in control of the universe. newAge teaches that your thoughts control your reality. One hundred percent. There's no sense that God is sovereign at all. It's it's people are sovereign with their thoughts. If you think a negative thought negative things are going to happen to you, if you think a positive thought, you'll be rewarded by the universe. And and just kind of the domino effect of that is, is that you believe you're in charge of controlling your future and your destiny.


I just want to say this about the law of attraction and also the the psychic aspect.


You become addicted to psychic psychic readings using the cards, crystal pendulum's. And it's all because you want to peek into the future because there's no sense that you just trust God with your future, like as we do as Christians. So it's just this big domino effect that all starts with not knowing God and it just goes downhill from there with the new edge. Unfortunately, since I've been saved, I've seen a lot of new age in the church. And so that's what I spend my time doing, is warning people about New Age practices that Christians may not be aware of.


The dangers when I was born again, which I actually was just rebaptized last a few weeks ago.


Congratulations. Thank you. I, I was thinking about all these new concepts and ideas and I'm like, why didn't learn this? Like there's all these new things I'm hearing and I had to be very careful and learn how to discern and be like, OK, well this person thinks this and this line up with the word of God, because ultimately we need to test every spirit and go to God's word to know the truth because his word is truth in the Bible.


It talks about it says meditate on the word and that word meditation is very heavily used in New Age. And that was something that really drew me in because I would deal with anxiety. And I was told, OK, just meditate and sit there and clear your mind. And if you have a negative thought, just push it out and all this stuff. What is the danger in doing that?


Real dangerous. So the word and someone for meditate on the law day and night is a Hebrew word. That's Hogar and Hogar literally means utter or mutter, so it means to speak out loud. So biblical meditation is to focus on scripture and speak it out loud, utter or mudar might be under your your you know, under your breath where it's not other people can't hear it. But just to read scripture and just focus on scripture. We're New Age and Eastern meditation.


Like you said, Meredith is about emptying your mind and focusing maybe on your heart rate or your breath or a mantra is super dangerous because when you open your mind up like that, you you you know, you mentioned before Second Corinthians 11, 14, where the devil masquerades as an angel of light. The devil masquerades as your own thoughts. If you're opening your mind up, you might think New Age and progressive Christianity call it higher self, which does not exist in the Bible, is a new age term.


So you might think, well, I'm getting a message from God and it's it's Satan in disguise, leading you away from the Bible, leading you away from the real Jesus. A lot of new agers follow the prophesied false Christ, who is a permissive universalist who says that everyone goes to heaven. You can do whatever you want. This false Jesus said, as long as you're positive and happy and you know, that's just wreaks havoc on your life.


If you follow that kind of a belief that do what makes you happy mindset that and like the follow your heart, you know, the Bible, your gut instinct. Yeah, well, the Bible tells us the heart is deceitful above all else. Right. And we're told in all media now, you know, do what makes you happy. Disney is all about follow your heart.


And that is contrary to what the Bible tells us. So we're like indoctrinated at a young age to just, you know, follow your heart. If doing this makes you happy, we'll do it. Yeah. You're so right, Disney. You go to Wal-Mart, you'll see t shirts, even little packs of Kleenex that say, you know, do what makes you happy. Follow your dreams. Follow your heart. And I mean, it sounds good, doesn't it?


It sounds logical. And it would be nice if that was true. But like you, you quoted Jeremiah SEVENTY-NINE. The heart is deceitful above all things.


And the Bible says the heart is sick and we can't trust it unless unless we have the Holy Spirit guiding our heart, leading us to Jesus, leading us to scripture, leading us to godliness. Our normal heart is very selfish for hedonistic wants what it wants and and doesn't. And it's rebellious against God to so backtracking a little bit. How did you get into the New Age practice and when did you start to know it was deception and you were turning towards God?


Because I think I read on your website you were you were in that new shop for like fifty eight years, is that correct? Yeah.


I mean, I was raised by my mother. My brother and I were raised Christian Scientist, which is just a horrible cult.


You know, I've never heard of that. No, it used to be really popular. Sometimes people think it's Scientology. It's not it's it's this this cult that says you don't have to go to doctors. You probably heard that. And you don't go to doctors because you pray and think yourself well.


And and it's just it's horrible. It's just an awful cult. But that's how I was raised. We did have a Bible. We were told we were Christians. We went to church every single Sunday and Wednesday nights, too, for the testimony meeting. And so the Christian Science is basically Gnosticism where you believe that anything material is bad and only the spiritual is good and you just discount you kind of don't pay attention to your feelings, physical or emotional.


You just kind of like power through pain. You know, it's just it's just an awful way to live. And so the New Age, when I was it was about the nineties, I got into the New Age and and it was just a continuation of Christian Science. My boss, Louise Hay, was raised Christian Science. We all followed this book called A Course in Miracles, that Marianne Williamson, the ex presidential candidate, she popularized it on Oprah.


And and it was all it's all Christian science, all of it. And I was on her show twice. I used to tour with all the popular new teachers. You know, you name a new teacher. I toured with them for about twenty two years all around the world teaching heresy, which I didn't know it was heresy because this is all I had known and I had only cherry picked read the Bible enough to be dangerous. So, you know, I would use the name of Jesus in my talks and my books.


People just assumed I was Christian because they hadn't read the Bible either. And and then I heard the sermon by Alistar back in January 2015. I don't know if you're familiar with Alister Begg. He's just an amazing minister from Cleveland, Ohio. And I heard because I thought I was Christian, I used to listen to Christian radio, like all the time, but I would also listen to Buddhist's talks and Hindoo talks. You know, I said all of it.


Yeah, all of it. I thought, you know, I thought all paths lead to heaven like Oprah teaches. And so I listen to this, the sermon on Second Timothy four, which is the famous passage that says that in the end times, people won't want sound doctrine. They will want. Their ears tickled and by false prophets and and so al-Istrabadi is describing a false prophet, you guys, and it's like he's describing me to a T..


And I was that was convicted. And I was like, wait a minute, there's something here. And it just it pierced me. And so I told my husband when I got home because I was in the car listening to this, I was like, we got to go to church. So going to church and reading the Bible, especially reading the Bible, is what led to my salvation and me leaving the New Age. And and I've completely renounced to New Age.


There's people selling my old stuff, which is so upsetting because I've told them not to, but they make money off of it. And so all I can do is tell people if they have my old cards, I'm sorry, but please burn them or throw them away. Don't use them. They're demonic. And just doing what I can to teach about New Age and just get rid of all the stuff in the past, like the crystals.


And yeah, I had to do a big cleansing of all that. Did not feel good though to do really did.


I was like, oh I need to get this. I mean I repent. Just up until recently I hadn't really confessed and repented and ask for forgiveness for being in not and I did that and I feel so much better. So yeah. Yeah.


Repentance is I mean in the New Age you always talk about cleansing and detoxing isn't it.


But I'll be like make each other. Yeah. Bury the devil counterfeits.


They look very similar but the word is is alive and that's why reading it and being in the word because God speaks to us through the word and that's really the only way we can grow. And he sanctified by the Holy Spirit is by continually feeding ourselves with his brain.


Yeah. Deuteronomy 18, 10 through 12 was what completely led to my repentance. It's it's where Moses is talking, the Israelites before they're going to go into Canaan. And he's saying, don't be like the pagans and God speaking through Moses and says, if you do divination, if you do mediumship, if you try to read signs and omens. And everything I was doing is as a new ager, you said it. God said you are an abomination to me.


People who do this are an abomination. And that just broke me because you know what? In The New Age, they teach you that you're doing God's work. It's so crazy. But they teach you because you're it seems like it comforts people. It seems like it brings them peace. And so you just say, oh, it must be God's work then if it's positive. And when I read that I was an abomination to God, but reading Deuteronomy 18, I just that's when I fell on my knees.


So, so sorry. Please forgive me. And I just realized I didn't I couldn't be my own savior. And that's when I asked Jesus to be my lord and savior. A lot of people I've been trying to blend New Age with, with Christianity. And you can't blend the two because they're opposites. New Age is all about glorifying yourself now. And of course, Christianity is about glorifying God.


Yeah, and that's so crazy because. People knew, like as I've been on YouTube, I've been doing YouTube since 2009, and I always people knew that I was Christian, but I didn't really. Oh wow. Yeah. So I was a Christian practicing New Age. And and I had people tell me later after I came out of it, they're like, Mayor, I was so worried about you. I was praying for you. Like when I saw you were getting to that.


I was so concerned. And it's just crazy because I even developed an eating disorder and I became very underweight and anorexic. I had anorexia during the time I got into New Age. And it's like I had so many, like, demons. Like I literally people don't understand realness so real. Yeah, people don't understand the spirit realm is like so people don't think about it. There's a spirit of spirits from a new age.


So can we talk about yoga for a minute? Well, I was going to ask. Yes, I was a yoga practitioner as well.


I'm here. I'm sorry about the dog sugar, sweetheart. Let's not look back right at the moment.


The enemy. So one of the churches that I attended actually had a yoga studio on its church campus. Oh, jeez. And a lot of progressive Christians think that yoga can be Christianised, that you can put, you know, scripture over it and such. And you can't you, you know, go back to Deuteronomy 18. You can't scrub something pagan. It's like saying, oh, I'm going to Christianised astrology or I'm going to Christianize Ouija boards.


You just can't. So so yoga is not just stretching. It's not just exercise. It's bowing down literally to the three hundred and thirty million Hindu deities. And then people might say, well, what's wrong with that? Who have universalistic beliefs that everyone goes to heaven like Oprah teachers. They might think, well, Hindus are nice people. You get to heaven if you're nice. No, you don't. You only get to heaven by repenting and believing in Jesus.


Bible's very clear, John. Fourteen, fifteen or fifteen. Sixteen. Jesus says that I am the way the truth and the life. No one gets to the father except through me. And so and he also says he won't share his glory with anyone. So we can't, we can't have idols. You talked about idols quite a bit, Meredith. I'm glad to hear about that. So with yoga, you're literally making your body mimic the demons, mimic the different yoga poses are are, like I said, bowing down to the different deities of Hinduism.


So in the normal sun salutation series, there's three poses that are called Warrior Warrior one, two and three. Yep, yep. And I recently talked with a friend of mine, Caitlin Englebert, who was a former holy yoga teacher, until she realized you can't blend Christianity with with yoga. And she found out that that very but very broad. Dossena, I'm not saying that right. Is acting out a murder story where you are the demon murdering this this person.


And it's this whole the warrior is a demon warrior.


You know, answer is obviously very petrossian. Yeah. Is very Patros is a demon in Hindu in Hindu theology. It's not Christian saying, oh, that's a demon. No, it's a Hindu belief. That's a demon that you are playing the part of. And each one of the different asanas reposes in the Sun Salutation series are acting out a different pagan to you, to your demon. They're all demons oppose and worship and and Christians cannot have any part of that because you're worshipping.


You're not worshipping God, you're worshipping something else. Yeah, and no matter how much scripture or Christian music you put over it, it's still worshipping an idol, a pagan idol, a demon. And we as Christians, we can't do that. We just can't. So there's and it's not natural just and glorify God to have your arms straight out in a locked position. That's not a natural stretch. And we're supposed to bring all glory to God, we're told to do that.


That's our purpose. So Caitlyn Englebert on YouTube has a channel now of non yoga stretching because we are supposed to stretch. I mean, that's that's healthy. I'm glad you brought that up, because I used to actually do yoga for just obviously physical purposes. And I liked just to do it for my body. But a lot of my friends and people would call me like yoga is not Christian like doing that? And I know towards the end they would go and do those practices.


Oh, yeah, I'm getting my degree thinking I would just sit there and not do that because I kind of felt my spirit a little like I'm not doing that. And when they would fall prey to thank you to whatever I know. Now, say, when I got you mentioned Warrior, Warrior One, Posehn Warrior two, I remember those. And now I'm glad you brought that up. Yeah, I had no idea. I'm skeptical about doing yoga again and my mom did.


I hope she listens to my mom, listens. She'll be like, OK, I'm not doing yoga, you know, especially the Warrior YouTube channel.


Let me know because I'm thinking about it. But yeah, I mean, that's very that's very interesting to know. So thank you for. It is now it just makes me think about that verse, I forget which verse it is, but it says the path is narrow and the gate is the gate to destruction is why that's so relevant to like just what we see in society today, because there's just so, like so much that you can grasp on to or think.


I don't even know like yoga practices and meditation practice that I even used to do. But it's like you don't know the scripture from behind and what I can read into other things, open the doors to, you know, and it's not being legalistic.


I mean, it's goes back to Jesus. If you love me, obey my commandments. And so, you know, he's here. You can see Jesus is your way. And the Old Testament that these commandments are coming through him and this is obeying Jesus is obeying the Ten Commandments, which he said are summarized in love, God and love people and love God means obey. It means listen. Yeah, and it's like we're not here to condemn anyone, because that's not what we're called to bring truth and hopefully the Holy Spirit can come in and open your eyes to realizing these meditation practices.


Yoga practices are opening the doors for more bad spirits or demons and Suckley And we just want you guys to be aware.


Another thing I wanted to talk about really quickly is astrology, because I look into the stars and I thought that they were going to help me with, like, tell my future or lead me into certain, like, why I was feeling a certain way and God created the sun, moon and stars. But he doesn't want you to worship them. He wants you to work him. And I think a lot of people and I myself included, I was worship like idolizing the stars in the sun, the moon.


And that is just not it's so like promoted especially on social media. I see it everywhere I am. I see it on. There's videos. People do love their monthly horoscopes. And and I see Christians that I know that are still very into their zodiac sign and their horoscopes. And they're listening to if you have if you're listening to other spirits, how can you have the Holy Spirit?


That's right. Yeah, I was really into astrology, too, and and so I knew my chart, you know, all the different planets, and I was very much aligning my life according to if there was a full moon or a new moon or mercury retrograde and all that junk. And and again, it goes back to Romans one, people serving the creation, which is the moon. That's the stars of the creation rather than the creator now, and making them idols instead of knowing that God is sovereign, he's in charge of everything.


So, I mean, it's it's just people will argue with me. Well, the Magi, they were astrologers and they're in the Bible. Well, just because something's in the Bible doesn't mean that God's endorsing it. I mean, there's rape. There's incest in the Bible. God is not endorsing those. He's reporting them. The Bible is a history book. And so we're not to follow with the Magi did. And it doesn't even really say they're astrologers.


We know that there was astrologers and Daniel in Nebuchadnezzar court when Daniel went to Babylon and that the astrologers could not interpret Nebuchadnezzar stream.


Only Daniel could because the Lord gave him favor and the Lord interpreted those dreams.


God, since God is sovereign over all, and he created everything he gave people the gift of of being like a prophet. And so that's but that's where the enemy will mimic that and use people like psychic mediums to give people information on their future. What's going to happen to them. And it's not to stay like so that stuff can be accurate at times. But they're getting they're not getting it from God, the creator. They're getting it from a different spirit.




You know, I was a professional psychic in The New Age and I did stage readings all around the world. And I was very accurate. I could tell people when they were going to move, what job they had or would have if they were getting a divorce, if they're getting married. I mean, I could just I was really successful because I was super accurate. But you mentioned before tests the spirits first, John, for and the demons who were posing as angels.


Talking to me were leading people away from Jesus, were leading people away from the Bible, and they were trying to addict people to following them by giving them what seemed to be accurate answers mixed in with lies. And that's how the economy works, is he'll give you a little truth. And then, you know, it's just like Genesis three with the serpent. A little bit of truth mixed in with, oh, God, didn't really mean that.


Or you can have secret wisdom if you follow me. And that's what psychics do. And I'm really ashamed. I was a part of that. But at least I can use my sinful past to warn others to stay away from false prophets and from psychics. I personally have never seen a modern prophet who lines up with scripture. I'm sure it's possible because God can do whatever he wants. But when I read the the biblical prophets, they were all doing a specific task.


They were calling people to obey God. They were not telling people their life purpose or about their soulmate or about moving or unless it was moving to Babylon or a promotion, a job. They were not stroking anyone's egos. The biblical prophets were all about, you better repent or you'll be destroyed. Really scary stuff. And people tried to kill the prophets because of that. In the New Age, I would take a lot of risks. I'm a I'm a dive master.


Scuba dive master. Oh, wow. And I would go scuba diving wherever I was in the world and I would often be with sharks and I would go in underwater caves and just take a lot of chances and risks. And, you know, I mean, it's all God's timing. But if I had died as a new age, I would be in hell right now.


My experience with Christianity, like I don't talk about hell, they don't want to talk about it. They don't want to say you're given a list of different sins. If you commit these, you will not inherit the kingdom of God. And it's not something that's really talked about in church because people don't want to scare off the people and lose the money that they're making through their after their churches. And I remember last summer I read Revelation and I read about the lukewarm church and I was like, that's me.


And I started getting into it. I'm like idolatry. I was like, OK, I definitely this is an idol. Like, I am not a good person. Being a good person doesn't get you to heaven. That's right. Accepting Jesus and knowing that he God sent in his one and only son to pay for our sins so that we can be reconciled to God. The father is the only way to get to heaven.


Yeah. It reminds me if anyone's watching who is in the new age. The New Age is all about reincarnation as a belief. And so they they don't repent because they think they get another chance. With another lifetime and, you know, in Hebrews, in the physical death that says a man is born once and dies once, and so we were born again spiritually, but the physical body you got, you have one chance at this. And that's why we need to repent.


I mean, who knows when Jesus is coming back? He said no one knows. And so people guess all the time. He said, you can look around just like you can tell if what season it is by the leaves on the trees. And I mean, there's just so much going on in this world right now. Jesus didn't say when he'd come back, but he did say to be prepared, keep your Lanner. You repent and you you take up your cross and follow Jesus.


Jesus said in John 14, 15, if you love me, you need to obey my commandments. And his commandments were a number one, of course, love God with all your heart and love means obedience in the Bible. There, there perrottet a lot. Love doesn't mean an emotion like oh I love God, it means obedience to God. And we're still under the Ten Commandments in the book of Deuteronomy explains the Ten Commandments. So we were not saved by our works.


But once we're saved, we've got to obey God. And then he said to love other people and that includes our enemies. Jesus said in John Ford and John 15 that we have to pray for our enemies and that those who persecute us we need to pray for. And that's not easy. But he'll help us. He'll give us the strength to pray for those who are mean to us, who have abused us, who hurt us. It's really super important to obey Jesus, to love God and love other people.


Forgiveness is key to when you think about how Jesus when he was on the cross, he had to forgive the people that put in there from psychics.


I personally have never seen a modern prophet who lines up with scripture. I'm sure it's possible because God can do whatever he wants. But when I read the the biblical prophets, they were all doing a specific task. They were calling people to obey God. They were not telling people their life purpose or about their soul mate or about moving or unless it was moving to Babylon or a promotion, a job. They were not stroking anyone's egos. The biblical prophets were all about, you better repent or you'll be destroyed.


Really scary stuff. And people tried to kill the prophets because of that. I know some people that go to the school.


Bethel Oh no, they're teaching a different gospel. And Galatians says, I am I'm astounded that you would turn to a different gospel. And anyone who teaches a different gospel let them be akehurst.


That's in the Bible. Galatians and they are teaching a different gospel, starting with Bill Johnson there had what to see the prophet somehow. He's the head of the school. He in his book When Heaven Meets Earth and I have it a copy of this if anyone wants proof. He wrote that Philippians to twisted it, that it said that when Jesus came to Earth, he emptied his divinity and he was only a human on earth. That's a heresy. That's called kenosis.


It's one of the heresies Orthodox Christian theology says Jesus was fully God, fully man on earth, that he he lived and he died for our sins. And then three days later, he was raised and he's at the right hand of his father. That's the basis of order of Orthodox Christianity. Anything that deviates from that is heresy and is the primary heresy. Bill Johnson teaches a primary, a hill to die on heresy. And he also teaches that anyone can be a prophet.


And that's not biblical at all. If you read the Bible about the prophets, they were all chosen by God very clearly, Jeremiah, you know, he was chosen. He was fighting. And I'm too young. God and God say, no, I want you to do this. Isaiah was terrified and Isaiah six when he was called to be a prophet. It's not you don't go to school and pay a couple thousand dollars and get a certificate to be a prophet just doesn't work like that.


Many, like I says, many are called, few are chosen. And I don't think you going to a school just to become a prophet shouldn't be coming from man. I should be coming from God. Oh, man. I think, you know, I went to the same I went back to I saw religious buildings and preach. They drew the fire tunnels. And going through that, it was like, oh, what? You're going to feel the spirit of God.


I can feel it fall down or scream or I'm just like, how how is the Holy Spirit going to do that right now in this moment? Or where is this coming from or why in this moment? You know what I mean?


It's like there's just so much deception. Even in church, that's what's in here and we're coming up on a time where there is, I believe, going to just be even more said even the elect in the last days. The elects will be.


I could talk about the Enneagram. OK, well, the Enneagram, the the the points is something that was invented a long time ago. And so people will say, well, it's safe because it's ancient, but that doesn't mean it's safe. Just because it's ancient, you know, is ancient. It's not safe. But there is a man named Claudio Naranjo and I have a video of this on my YouTube channel that went on TV and admitted how he got the Anya types.


Those nine different characteristics and nine different numbers is he used a process called automatic writing. This is his words, not mine. Automatic writing is a form of channeling. Yeah. In which you receive demonic information and you write it down and you're usually you're unconscious of it. You may not understand it. And so he admits publicly that he got the NRA types from automatic writing, which should be a red flag to any Christian. And then, of course, you've got the so so the basis of the anagram is demonic.


I just want to say that really clearly some people say, well, the basis doesn't matter and they focus on the benefits. Oh, it helps my relationships. Oh, it helped me to understand myself and my husband more. OK, but, you know, people say that about astrology, too. They say that about the Ouija board. They say that about a lot of sense. It doesn't make it godly because it has seeming benefits. But what it does do is it leads to pride.


And I've seen people who are hooked on the Enneagram and they are so hung up that they aren't ET and they go around boasting. I'm afraid I'm in it. I hate once I'm I'm a nine. My husband's a five. Oh, really? That explains everything in your marriage. That's the same as astrology where people say, I'm a Taurus, I'm married to a Scorpio. Oh, really? That explains everything that you would ask.


Like what? What sign are you what are you working on with this man. Oh, that makes sense. Why you are a people pleaser. It's like you're taking it on is your idea.


Yes. Yeah. If we're saved, we are children of God and that's our identity.


You're be able to go into like tarot cards and angel cards. Yeah. Oh you guys, I'm I've no idea what. And do you know you probably know about past life regressions, right? Yeah. I had one of those done and oh my gosh, I don't even know why I was I don't even know why I did that. But I remember being like that was the biggest waste of money ever past life regression where they, like, try to hypnotize you and be like, now what do you see?


And I'm like, I saw nothing. And I was just like making stuff up because I'm like, this isn't real.


Yeah, I knew it wasn't real. Yeah, well, I did have some past life regressions that actually did seem real and that I, I corroborated historically because I went back to the fifteen hundreds and back to Babylon and I and I saw things that I did not know that were historically accurate. So I believed in reincarnation. And in the New Age they teach you that the Bible teaches reincarnation when it talks about the spirit of Elijah, that that is a reference to the reincarnation of of John the Baptist.


I was just going to say that I don't know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But it's all a demon lie so that you won't repent in this lifetime and so you won't be saved in this lifetime because you think you've got a million chances. So so past life regression is all demons giving your thoughts and giving you visions or in your case, Meredith, because the Holy Spirits within you and protected you, you get nothing. So praise that the Lord, you got nothing.


My work was so successful from a worldly standpoint, a success because the cards seemed to work, but it's all demons behind it. The reason I started making cards was I had a dream where my deceased grandmother came to me and she told me to study Pythagoras and I woke up. I was like the triangle guy, but I studied Pythagoras. But that led me to study Egyptian spirituality, numerology, the hermetic, and it ultimately led me to zero.


And look what happened. I made I don't know how many decks of cards the deception just went.


Yeah, because of that dream.


And that was obviously a demon pretending to be my grandmother, giving me a false message. But I didn't know that at the time. Wow. Wow, I thought I thought it was really my grandmother who loved me and, you know, so this must be something from God and the deception is just so subtle. Sometimes it's why we have to keep studying the Bible every day. I'm so concerned that people don't read their Bibles, you know, because that's what led to my salvation without knowing our Bibles were we're just like sitting ducks for the devil, either saved or you're not saved in a real.


I didn't really understand the severity of it until Isaac, which is crazy. As I grew up in a Christian home, I didn't even really understand. I didn't even start thinking about heaven and hell until last summer. And ever since then, I just want to see people saved. And I it's like all I think about it's crazy.


But yeah, that's what we should be thinking about. I mean, that's the great commission.


Go and make disciples of all nations and and we you know, if we really care about people, we will want them to be saved. We don't want them to go to hell.


Amen. Well, Daryn, we are just so thank you for coming on. And I was wondering if you could say a quick prayer for our listeners. We always like to pray that before. After. So we would just love if you would do that, right?


Absolutely. Heavenly Father, we praise you for your sovereign nature. We know you're in charge of everything and we trust you. Lord, please help us to be obedient. Please help us to learn who you are. And and please give us all an appetite for your word that we will want to be in your word daily, that we will have the word illuminated by your Holy Spirit. And and we pray for anyone watching this video today who's not saved, that they would that that you would help them to repent, that you would draw them to you, Lord, and that your irresistible grace would just bend them in your direction and they would have that hunger for your word.


And they want to give their life over to your son, Jesus, as their lord and savior. And we thank you for Jesus what he did on the cross for us. We thank you so much. He was willing to suffer and die for the sins and taking the punishment that we deserved.


And that you raised him from the dead three days later, that he's now at the right hand in heaven with you and that he will be coming back and he will be judging the wait in the tears. And we just pray that everyone listening will be the wheat that they will give their lives to you, that they will give their lives to Jesus, and that you will save their souls, Lord, that you will end well them with the Holy Spirit and just help them to get out of the secular and worldly and progressive.


Let me say amen.


Amen. Amen. Thank you, Doreen. And we are going to stay in touch. I have your email in your Instagram and I'll be praying for you. And I'm just very grateful for who you are and how you just transformed your life and your transforming other life. Yeah, it's amazing. We're so just encouraged by you. So thank you.