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Welcome back to Unfiltered Faith podcast, Woodmere Landstar, if you're new to the podcast, hi, welcome. We're so happy you're part of the family. This is where we get to the unfiltered truth about who God is and who he says you are. Today, we have a very special guest. We have John Mark Fantana. Welcome.


We're so excited. Thank you. Thank you for having me. OK, so John Mark, singer, songwriter, author and Grace Teller, we both wait. Did I listen to his music or did I think I sent it to you? We both found your music and it literally wrecked us in the spirit so much.


You sent me a Spotify playlist and John Marks music came on. And I remember I was in my kitchen. I was like, oh, my gosh. And I went on a walk. And I remember listening to the entire Love Secrets album and I remember thinking, wow, I wish I had heard this like two years ago. It really would have helped me. It just really impacted me in a way that I don't know. I really felt the Lord speaking to me.


And I just I felt comforted. I felt his love. And then I shared it with Stotz. We were in Sacramento and I played a few songs I think I played Made for Jesus. And I remember that one.


We were like, yeah, it's just so just you can hear the spirit of God when you're like singing. And just everything that you pour out on your albums are just I know like God has led you and directed you through your music and your song lyrics and your producing. So we just wanted to say that it's just impacted us so much and I'm sure it's impacting a lot of people around the world.


I want to know, OK, so I am reading John Mark's book. He has a book called Love Secrets. It came out with the album that goes with it, which is really cool. It's on Amazon. You guys will have the link in the description to where you can buy it. I definitely recommend reading it as you listen to his album, but I would love to know, John, like what you saw, because I kind of got an idea of your testimony from the book.


But for the listeners, like if you can give us kind of a summarized version of how you encounter Jesus in your car that day and kind of what your story is.


Yeah, absolutely. I would love to tell that I love telling it. So I grew up in a Christian home. My mom and pops were actually traveling singers and they traveled from church to church along the East Coast. I was the youngest of four brothers and my brothers were all ten years or more older than me. So I got beat up in the station wagon a lot.


When we were traveling.


I was a little kid and yeah, they would just go from church to church. And then we finally landed when I was in the first grade in the Blue Hills of Virginia, which is Lynchburg. That's right. And has been there. Yeah. It's famous for Liberty University. It's one of the world's largest Christian universities. And so I've been in Lynchburg since I was in the first grade and I went to Christian Academy from 1st through eighth grade. And I was the kid who walked the aisle every week to get received.


Oh, my God. Yeah. So I just didn't know, you know. So it was like a lot of emotional decisions and but no real relationship with God. And obviously those were pretty formidable years. And you don't you know, it's kind of hard to really know where your motives are coming from and to discern what's real and what's not because you're just being influenced by older, older people.


But yeah, so I was a kid and then I actually left Christian school. I convinced my mom that it wasn't challenging me and I homeschooled, but I actually played video games all day, every day.


It's kind of a long story. I won't get into the details of it.


But basically I stuck in a chair for six hours a day and I played video games from fourteen to nineteen. So I was the I was the gamer addict in mom's basement.


That was me.


And very socially awkward and pretty nerdy. Still a little bit nerdy.


I would have called nerdy. We're all a little nerdy in our own way.


So that was me. And during those five years, you know, I don't know if you if you've ever been in a gaming atmosphere, but it's pretty foul. It's like kind of the the depths of the bowels of the Internet. And so I became a pretty foul person and I definitely lost my faith in God. It became basically a closet atheist and a Christian home. And so I would say I left the faith for the first time when I was 14.


And then when I was 19, I heard a super honestly just very fear based message. And it scared me. And I say this in my book that fear is a great motivator and it can motivate men to do wild. But it has no ability to produce real relationship with God. And so that's basically what happened. It was a fear based motivation to have a relationship with God. And I I ended up enrolling in Liberty University, which is a Christian higher education at the age of 19 after I miraculously passed high school.


And I roller coaster up and down with God for three years, basically in a in a works based performance, religious based version of Christianity. Again, and honestly, it's kind of the worst of all time.


I hated it and I kind of came to the end of my rope again for the second time when I was around 22. At a Christian university, and I remember talking to my best, but at the time and I said, Hey, Josh, what do you think of the Christian life? And he was like, that's OK. And I basically just spilled my guts. And I this is this is where I was at. I said, God feels so far away.


I don't feel like I know him. I'm still doubting my salvation. I've never seen anyone move in power. I've never seen anyone get healed on. I read the Bible. I only feel condemned. I feel like I try my best and I can't ever measure up. I only feel guilty. It just I basically just was like, this is not doing it for me. I can't. Do the Christian life anymore, I'm done. So I walked away from the faith for the second time at the age of 22 and I became a pothead and basically was high all day, every day for the next two years.


And I convinced a lot of, you know, innocent little Christian people to smoke pot with me, unfortunately, because it's OK, be in there.


I was a pilot and I did what? I didn't know that. Yeah, I was kidding.


Yeah, I was exposed to it my freshman year of my freshman year of high school.


And then I also like first time drinking. Getting drunk was 14 cuz I was bad and. Yeah, yeah.


I mean to be honest I, I was really jaded at that point and so I kind of was like I'm going to stick it to God. And I was like I'm going to go for the gold, I'm going to get all, all of these people who are trying to have a relationship with God and ultimately just try and get him to trip up, which is a pretty terrible mindset and pretty vindictive. But, you know, fear. I mean, I was always afraid of God, an unhealthy fear of God, and that I was like, afraid.


Yeah, definitely not a river. It's definitely like I think God is going to kill me at any point. I mean, might you have. Oh, completely.


Like, there was there was times literally in my heart when a thunderstorm would come through our city and I thought it might be God trying to kill me.


I mean, I had a very harsh view of God.


And, you know, I took all the religious versions of God and I ran with that mindset.


And so I would confess my sins until I was blue in the face. You know, I really wanted to have a relationship with God. I really tried as hard as I possibly could. But I just I found in the system that I was in, in the belief in the mindsets that I had, it was impossible. And so I became very angry and jaded towards God. And so that was kind of my mindset, was God was the worst of all time.


And here's the middle finger. And, you know, I didn't want anyone to talk about it was a buzz kill, you know, and so I wanted to get away from it.


And so for two years, I kind of just did whatever I wanted to do. And again, miraculously past college as a raging pothead at a Christian university.


And yeah. So that was my that's what happened. And then I actually got shipped out to Arkansas. And so I left my hometown for the first time after I graduated Liberty. And it was there in a Wal-Mart parking lot actually, that I had my first encounter with the Holy Spirit. Wow. And I was listening actually to a Joseph Prince message.


It was on the radio and he basically read my mail. And I had never you know, I grew up in a very conservative type of environment. I had never seen the Holy Spirit move in power. I didn't even know I was taught that the Holy Spirit's gifts and things like that were either demonic or just not for today or whatever. Yeah, and you know, my story, I, I, I talk about this in the book, but my mom was a piano player and she went from church to church and she she crossed all the denominational lines.


And so I had some pretty wild, terrible encounters with the swirly side of Kara's mania as well. And anyway, you know, there's a healthy version of everything. And so basically, I experience the Holy Spirit and power in my car.


And he basically was like, you've been asking God to show himself to you. And I had been even though, you know, it was like, you know, a very honest, like God, if you're real, I want to know what you're really like. I didn't know if it was Jesus. I was just kind of like a spiritual seeker at that point of like, if you're real, please show yourself to me. But the version of God that was presented in my experience in Christianity was not it.


And so I experience Jesus. Yeah, it's definitely it's Jesus. Jesus is the light. And I experienced his love, unconditional love in an experiential way via the Holy Spirit in my car. And yeah, he was like, if I already say he said, call God, God wants you to call him dad. And I basically had this father son moment and just it felt like time passed away. And I experienced pure love, you know, in that moment that that fatherly love.


It was like so confusing to my religiosity because he was so proud of me. The father embraced me in a beautiful way and he was so proud of me. He he he loved me. He was delighting over me. He was dancing over me with joy. He was you know, it was just like nothing else mattered other than the fact that he was my father and I was his son. And that's all there was to it. And he loved me, made me, molded me.


I was made for him. And I just remember after the dust settled from that moment that. I was kind of like in shock because I was like, wait, that's what God is like. You've got to be kidding. Yeah, you got to be joking me. I have been sipping on some sour wine my whole life is like this is way better. And I basically just, like, made it out of myself.


If I was like, I only want the real thing. I'm not going to sip on the on the crap tasser Kool-Aid anymore, man.


I want the real give me the real thing.


So that's the real thing by Maverick City. That song will wreck.


You have to have citizens. Well that's incredible. How did how did that encounter just come in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Like did you pray prior to that like like Holy Spirit or God. Show me that you're with me like or was it just miraculously like the spirit came on to you? No, it was definitely via the podcast, so or the message I was listening to in my car.


Yeah, he he got basically prophetic words and read my mail and then he said, God wants to show himself to you as father. And then I open my heart to him. And then the Holy Spirit kind of embraced me in a very prodigal son way. That's how it happened.


Jesus encounters. Wow, that's incredible. So how how long ago was that? How was your life look like now? How long ago was that? That was seven years ago now. OK, so for the next three years in Arkansas, after that moment, I basically honeymooned with God. I became really close friends. It felt like I actually became a little bit of a weirdo in a new way.


Yeah, I'm very casual.




I you know, it was to the point where my friends would be like, do you want to go watch a movie? And it would just be like, actually, no, I kind of want to just like spend time with God. I just have no desire to do anything else.


It was just like once you taste like real like God is a living person. If he if he made all things and he's the source of all life, joy, satisfaction, contentment, joy, pleasure. You know, there's a thousand there's a million pleasures at his right hand, more, you know, if that's actually true.


And then you drink that drink, you know, your soul actually is longing, legitimately longing for the real person living God, you know? So it's like once I drank, I was like, this is what I'm living. This is what I've been looking for. This is what I'm living for. And so I basically just I became a monk status and, you know, whereas I used to spend 16 hours all day, every day. Hi. Or or playing video games, it kind of became God at that point.


I just was like reading my Bible. And the Holy Spirit was teaching me the scriptures. You know, the scriptures used to condemn me so badly and I was always so confused and the same ones that really honestly felt like it was just a Mallott mashing me on the head.


The Holy Spirit unveiled and beautiful, loving way where I just saw it completely different. It was like Jesus had to unveil the scriptures to me. So it was beautiful. Yeah. For three years I drink and drink it in the Lord's love for three years. And then I moved back to Lynchburg, back to my hometown. And that's that's actually when I started writing music really for the first. Well, that's not true. I didn't write music for the first time.


I wrote Jesus music. I should say for the first time I have a degree in songwriting.


What age did you initially like? Did you did your mom teach you piano or guitar growing up? And when did you start to like initially realize, OK, I have a voice and I should be using it? So I did not want to do music or church from a young age because of the whole mom and pops traveling singer thing, and so I ran for music my whole life. The first time I really played music was when I was 19.


Wow. And I my mom is a piano teacher. And like I said, she played piano, but she never taught me because I didn't want to. And it was when I started going to Liberty that I just started having a desire to play music and I taught myself piano. I put Scotch tape on all the keys and taught myself. And then I got a degree in music.


And God probably put that desire on your heart because he wanted you to the most amazing. Yeah. Oh, it was.


It was my two albums are my degree so mighty. Grace is really just me in a room with a guitar. And so when I moved back to Lynchburg after my honeymoon with God for three years, it was to plan house churches with my big bro fill up. So I left two jobs, a church plant to plant a church in Colorado and a relationship to come back to Lynchburg on a salary of zero dollars.


I was a huge faith step and, you know, I didn't think I would ever move back home. And the Lord said, move back home and plant house searches for no money. And I was like, OK, God, I trust you.


I like actually trust me because I've been enjoying myself.


Well, faith is honestly such an effortless thing when you really know the father's heart and you're in a feel like you're in just like a, you know, overwhelmed with his love, you know, it's just kind of like it makes sense at that point because, you know, he cares for you. You know, he's not leading you into poisoned waters. You know, he's leading you into Pasture's and Snooke Healing Waters. You know, he's coming back and.


Yeah, exactly.


Obedience is just a fruit of knowing his heart and his love. And so I came back to Lynchburg and basically just into really the closet of my room was worshipping God with my guitar and wrote these songs.


And my friends in Lynchburg were like, hey, can you put these songs on Spotify?


And I was like, I don't know how to do that. I was like, so I'll do some research and figure it out.


I basically was not trying to write an album. I just was kind of worshiping the Lord. And I put 13 songs out on the on the Interweb for the first time in twenty seventeen. And that album is called Mighty Grace. It's very raw, literally the first track as an ambulance going by. And it's just it's literally because I live near a fire station, you know, it's not like it wasn't really produce, it's honestly just one shot takes of me playing the songs that I that I wrote.


I love that album. I hadn't knew it until pretty recently. Maybe a few months ago. My friend sent me Grace. And so funny because I think, OK, so last summer I think I was under just like some religious spirit, like I was very like I was condemning of myself and others. And I, I don't know, I just didn't understand God's grace at all. And when I listen to that album, like, for some reason it it just like something clicked and I was like, whoa.


And it just it like changed a lot. And now I'm just like seeing things in a different way. And it's been like revealing things to me. So I'm just that's a sweet one.


Yeah. That album has a special place in my heart. It always will.


You know, it feels just like it reminds me of the honeymoon that I had with God for three years where it was just felt like it was just me. And so overmighty Grace, I wrote 20 songs and they were all on YouTube and my friends were like, can you put this on Spotify? And my pastor was like, I can make you an album, art. And I was like, You do graphic design. And it's like, yeah, I was like, I don't even know.


He's an amazing designer. You should follow him. Anyway, he blew up. I don't even know he was talented. We became friends way before either of us ever did music or design. But anyway, he made like Mighty Grace. And I, I had I was not thinking of making an album when I did my degree. It just kind of all came together. Yeah, he's amazing. But Love Secrets was definitely more. I want to craft an album and tell a story from beginning to end.


And then I teamed up with my buddy Danny Schick, who produced a lot of secrets. So there's an obvious like jump in quality from the first the second album. And it's because I I worked with a producer who is very, very talented and we became like brothers. We weren't actually meaning to make music together.


He just I was already at a guy's home and he moved in and he had a place to stay. And he just happened to be an up and coming producer. And we worked really well together and got. Yeah, we ended up making. The album together, now we're making another one together. I'm so excited. That just made my day, when is it coming out? So where we have a deadline to finish production by August 1st? OK.


Because he'll actually be going to California then. But let's see. I don't know. I've been telling people we're shooting for the summer like a summer release, but it'll probably fall or winter of this year.


I would make our summer. I know. I would love for it to be. We have been kind of running behind because they moved here and I have been in process of closing on a home.


Oh, and it's morning. Thank you so much. Not in California and still Virginia, OK. Yeah, they're in Virginia right now with me. And so we're actually all at my loft apartment with a kind of a a temporary studio set up because we're waiting on this house to close to record the album in the house. Oh, nice.


We're doing the best of what we can now. We got a temporary studio. We're actually going to start tracking tomorrow guitars on the first song tomorrow. Nice.


Yeah, it's a good time. I'm really excited, by the way, the next album, I genuinely I think it's I don't know if everyone says this, but I feel like it's the best thing I've ever made. I feel more seasoned. I feel like a more seasoned songwriter. And then just in terms of crafting an album like a story from beginning to end, it's incredibly intentional.


And so it's also fresh for me all the stuff that I'm writing, because the Lord is still been teaching me and encountering me in new ways. And so it's it's still fresh. It's it's good. It's going to be good. Excited.


This Spotify or Apple tell you how many, like downloads or like how many people have your album. Are you wanting to know how many.


Yeah, I agree with that. Just because I know that people, you know, put out their stuff out there and then they'll like post and say thank you so much for this many streams. And it's so cool to see like like all of these people like supporting your music or supporting their music because it's just it's a cool thing. So I just wanted to know if you don't mind me asking. Yeah, absolutely, I don't mind so just Spotify, I won't use Apple Music or any other store, Spotify Love Secret Studio album has been streamed about 15 million times.


And guys, that's what was planted here. I was expecting like a M. But I knew, like, I was just so powerful and like, I'm just so happy that Rosen you up.


Yeah, it's surreal. It's it's honestly weird because, you know, I've I've actually I've been working full time during this whole thing.


My family owns a roofing company. So when I was planning house searches and then we started a roofing company and I've been working full time while the music blew up, you know, I wasn't expecting the music to do so well. And it's just been kind of this kind of crazy hands off thing that the Lord feels like he's doing all the heavy lifting. And I'm just kind of out of here.


Praise God I brought you and reaching on you or twenty four twenty.


Praise it. I said that in my woman's Bible study last week. Should we talk about how old really quick.


Yes, John, we saw that you posted about your story. Meredith shared with me about your story. If you want to go into that and the Meredith Hudson quote, We just wanted to ask you questions about your health story. Oh, what I had last year because of stress, just like environmental and family, you know, last year, really stressful. And it really impacted my health. And so I basically got so stressed. I like my immune system shut down where I had like I don't know if you're familiar with yoga.


I had just I lost a lot of weight. My hair was falling out. I, I was just malnourished. And on top of that, the Internet wanted to tell me to fix my got problems through no carbs. I was so miserable and I was with her Meredith last year, a couple I would visit L.A. and she was like really concerned. And she was like eating sugar. And I was like, nope.


But eventually I'm healed now and I help others with their health. But basically I had leukemia.


I had a bunch of crazy and I was just so mentally out of it. And yeah, it was like a course of six months. And then I healed pretty much in January. I was fully healed. And so, yeah, that's a little bit my story. And Meredith, you want to go with yours? I put my body through hell.


Basically, a few years ago, I was severely anorexic. I was bulimic. I was overexercising to the point where, like my bones, like I probably could have broken a bone. I didn't nothing happen. But I basically put my body into I crashed my adrenal system. And then a few years later, I got diagnosed with a thyroid condition and basically my my immune system was attacking my body. And so the antibodies were how did they say this?


They're saying, like, when your body goes into fight or flight and it's like in survival mode, it'll attack your body. And so you can't function. You have no energy, you're very weak. Your limbs are like numb. And so I experience that two years ago. And then my doctor put me on a synthetic hormone, which I'm trying to get off, but I've been on that for a year and a half.


And then the other day I just went to a holistic health doctor that does this amazing thing called any TI. And it's a neuro emotional technique, stress response for your body. And he basically just does these simple things in tests like he knew what was wrong with me just by doing these simple tests. It was the coolest thing I've ever done and I just felt like he was. So I had an encounter with the Lord actually in this session. Wow.


And oh, my gosh, it was crazy emotional therapy you were talking about.




This is so basically it says stress responses such as fear, anger, grief and many others can sometimes negatively affect us longer after the original event that caused them. When our body fails to let go of these responses, we can find ourselves with unexplained self sabotaging behaviors, destructive beliefs, phobias in many chronic physical problems. And so our trauma that like any any little thing to like, can be stored in your body. So we were working on some things, and as he was doing something like I literally heard the Lord say, he was like, I was with you.


Like in that moment, he took me back to this moment when I was like five years old and he was like I was there and I was just leaving us thinking, oh, my gosh, this is crazy.


I'd love to hear your kind of health walk with the Lord John.


Yeah, so I, you know, have kind of had a rocky relationship with health food, kind of like similar to religion, it just because all it's been all over the place.


But I'll just go into the what I went through this past year. I haven't really had any major health problems until twenty twenty. And I woke up one morning and all ten of my fingers were just numb, all the tips of all ten of my fingers. And I know why they were cold and numb. And I was just it freaked me out honestly. And, you know, just to give a little backstory up until that point, as far as spirituality goes, I, I had seen and still see the Lord do a lot of supernatural healing.


And even through my hands, I've seen back snap into place. I've seen ears open up. Yeah, I have really incredible stories because that was one of the stars of my heart was Lord. I see it in the scriptures. It has to be a thing. And so it's been incredible to see the Holy Spirit move in power and just like mundane places like the grocery store and stuff.


But, you know, I woke up and all of my fingers were numb and it freaked me out. And so I obviously went to the doctor and was like, what's going on? And since then, that was over a year ago. I've probably had 40 blood tests. I've been to neurologists. I've been to a bunch of doctors at an MRI, I've had ultrasound, I've had scans, X-rays, etc, etc. They just don't know what's going on.


And I've had since then numbness in my hands and feet, tingling in my hands and feet, loss of sensation, thickening of skin and my and my feet in in my hands. I would get shooting pains in my head, shortness of breath, really bad abdominal pain, like a level ten pain, like I should go to the E.R. level pain, leaky gut types and symptoms for sure. Weird feelings like skin crawling on my like over my entire body.


And then even in my, like, intestines, it felt like something was moving all the time. I was like, do I have a parasite? I started freaking out because it felt like something was moving all the time. And when you go to a normal medical doctor for something like that, they kind of look at you like you're a little crazy.


But they got this thing and I'm like, I'm I don't like medication. I need to.


Yeah, yeah. I'm like, I'm perfectly sane, trust me. But it feels like something's moving all the time. So, you know, just a lot of symptoms. And I was pretty vulnerable in that post. Know, there's definitely some times where I, I kind of lost hope. You know, I, I was I couldn't sleep and so I would have pain through the night and so I couldn't sleep. And so there was a couple times where I was out for the count, four days and sometimes weeks, and I would get really discouraged and.


And so, yeah, it's been a it's been a journey going through all of those problems, especially not knowing what's going on. And there were definitely times where the only thing I felt like I had to hold on to is God's word. It was pretty intense. There was a couple of times I'd wake up in the middle of the night and I would hear even a screaming voice saying, you're going to die. So it was like a spiritual aspect in that way.


It's yeah. It's a yeah, it was.


Yeah, it was pretty it was pretty crazy. So the Lord gave me a scripture to hold on to well quite a few to hold on to, but I would just sit on the piano on those days and like worship to I will live and I will not die with all the works of the Lord. You know Psalms forget not all of the Lord's benefits.


He forgives all of your sins and heals all your diseases. He crowns your life with love and mercy. He fills your mouth with good things.


So their youth is renewed like the Eagles, just like constantly having a scripture on my mouth because it was really easy to have all the symptoms on my on my mouth and just be kind of obsessed with it because it just was a barrage of really kind of scary health problems. So, yeah, that's that's what happened. You mean to tell you kind of what I've been doing since. Yeah. How's it going? So it's a lot better. I don't know how I found it.


I was thinking about that today. But someone I think someone shared a Matt Blackburne post, and we love that.


I went on IG live with him. Yeah, he's great. Yeah. Yeah, he's he's hilarious. He's a character for sure.


But I basically started incorporating the metabolic diet and the CLF protocol. So I'm doing systemic enzyme therapy, red light therapy.


The thing that gave me the most relief, actually immediate relief was a a deep tissue massage.


I need that same knocked.


Now, you guys should do it for sure if you're because I was I felt like my nervous system was on the fritz is what it felt like then. So when I went to that deep tissue massage, it was crazy how much relief I found. And so I've been doing deep tissue massages pretty frequently for the past six months. And that's helped an incredible amount. And then I think that's about it. I'm trying to get an infrared sauna. There's none in my area.


My cousins have a beautiful backyard and they built one. So maybe I can figure out how they did it and let you know. Yeah, give me the blueprints. Really? So I would say 90 percent of the symptoms are gone.


What I'm noticing is sometimes there's these flare ups of like, you know, two to three days ish of like more the symptoms kind of come back and where it's like pain in the stomach, tingling in my hands and feet, that type of stuff. And so I'm about to start working with, I think, a natural doctor, a new naturopathic doctor to kind of try and figure out what's going on. But I really just returned to these healthy daily practices where I'm eating metabolically, giving my body energy, it means.


Yeah, exactly. That's that's been a huge shift. I was I've been afraid of carbs for far too long and I'm like, oh, my.


I was scared to eat an apple. I'm not even joking.


I was like, wow. Yeah, it's wild. I would highly recommend, by the way, if you have an already Corri Moloi, OK, she has a course and she's actually a fire believer. Oh. And I did her course. And there's actually really amazing sections on there about having a healthy relationship with food. And I was blessed, I got encountered by the Lord even listening to it, because you don't realize how spiritual your relationship with food is and how many fears are attached to it.


Rapid fire, this or that.


OK, this is that rain or shine, shine, shine, shine, shine through. No, sorry. I know. I know.


I love the rain to your coffee, coffee, coffee cup. A thousand percent guitar or piano. Piano. No, no, no, no.


I'll say piano for my mom's benefit. OK here. Or smell. Here, here, yeah, here. OK, now, now that we all chose here, here or see, see. Yeah, see, the socks are sandals. Both love that song. I don't like it might be get cold feet from mountains, beach mountains.


I'm like, I can't decide. The Malins by the. There you go. New Zealand both Oh, yeah, oh, I want to go, OK, I'll save each and save each pancakes or waffles. Or something else. French toast and French toast. I need to make that one day. I've never done that handwash or dishwasher. This was OK, sometimes don't like hand washing your dishes is therapeutic, I'd be like listening to a podcast or music and I'm like washing the dishes and no plane or train.


What does that mean, like airplanes or a plane like, oh, my God, like, oh God, it interesting.


I'm going to say plane. I say train. I must say train. I look, I don't know about planes.


You would prefer to you prefer to go on a train somewhere, like if you were going to hit up like New York.


Yeah, I went to Harvard. I was in Virginia and then I went to New York. That's how I got I was I was in Virginia and I visited Lynchburg. And then I went to D.C. through a train and it was fine.


I loved it. I love to fly. You know, I go I get no I get, like, anxiety when I don't know before I fly, not on the plane. But like last year, I was going to Israel and I never ended up getting there because I had so much fear. And, well, I was on the tarmac. We were all getting ready to go fly to Israel from New York. And we're there for two hours on the tarmac.


And then they were like, oh, we have a security breach. And it was so sketch. And they had us all get off the plane. And my I called my mom and my mom was like very freaked out. And I think I let that affect me. And I was just like filled with fear. And I was like, no, I'm not going. And I didn't go. So I mean, I've been it's been working on, you know, so.


OK, ok, OK.


Last one. America or Europe? You're yeah, you're up. He said, not so fast. I know I want to go back. I never been I want to go my I'm from my family's from Russia and I want to visit Russia. Yeah, like I heard, Moscow was really pretty, but. I've heard yeah, I've only been to London, I've been to London and Wales, and I didn't get a chance to visit Scotland or Ireland.


So that's the UK, obviously, but I really want to go back. I loved it. I have an affinity for British accents now, but things are going back up.


Road trip. There you go.


Tell it for me, Lord. Yes.


All right. Well, thank you so much, John, for coming on this episode. We appreciate your time so much. And we appreciate you like giving your story, your background, everything to our listeners. And we are like your number one supporter. So I'll wait until you come out with your new album this year. And yeah, we can just pray it out.


Yeah, let's pray. He pops. Thank you so much for this day. I pray right now anyone under the sound of my voice. If you're listening, just pray, blessing over you that you would encounter the love of a real father and sweet way. He's kind hearted, Dad, that the Holy Spirit would visit you even right now in your room or wherever you're listening to, know that you are deeply loved and that you're completely known and that the Lord is real.


He's not a fake. He's not lame. He's not distant, he's not harsh and he's kind hearted. And he is the light of life.


He's the. He is Joy, he is pleasure himself, so I just pray his pleasure and joy over you that you experience him in a real beautiful way. I pray his blessing over you that you would be at the right place at the right time and that no evil would befall you, that you'd be protected from any deadly disease that lurks in the darkness as it has in Psalms.


Anyone that you be protected wouldn't come near your dwelling. I just pray that blessing over you and in Jesus name. Amen.


A man Greylord. That's okay, man. Well, thank you guys so much for listening. And we'll catch you in our next episode by.