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Welcome back to Unfiltered Faith podcast with Meredith and stores.


We're going to be talking about hollowly and we are very different.


Should Christians celebrate Halloween? Let's let's talk about it.


What actually, you know what's so funny, Stoss? I posted a tech talk and so many people were curious, like, why are you celebrating Halloween? Like, they're really hungry for what we think about this. So.


I mean, growing up, I never celebrated Halloween, by the way, you guys, my mom is going to be chiming in in this episode as well, explaining why she never let me celebrate. And actually, I will say I did celebrate my freshman, my first time ever celebrating Halloween with my freshman year of high school and.


Growing up, I was never I never did it as a kid and like the first time I was with some friends in my neighborhood here and I was like this little 80s girl and I had no idea. And they celebrated growing up.


And I was like, what is wrong with what is trick or treating?


I was like going around and doing all that stuff. And then, of course, in college I celebrated by like going to college parties and dressing up and stuff like that. But I never knew how much of an effect it was in the spiritual realm. But we'll get into that a little bit later. But so, Mom, why did you not let me celebrate homey growing up? Like, what were your views? Because we grew up Christian and my mom grew up very much Christian.


And, yeah, she has a lot of good points that she's going to say and why.


Well, hello, everybody, and thank you so much for having me here with you guys. It's such a privilege and honor the reason you went wild in your high school years, because I couldn't control you anymore. You know, this is I know the reason why I went to college parties and dressed up because I was like, it's fun. And I was like, oh, it's just dressing up. It's just going out to parties. And it's fine.


Like, I was apart. Like I said in the previous episodes, you guys, I was not friends with the best Christian people. You know, I wasn't around the great community, but I was like, oh, I'm just going to dress up. It's fine.


I remember I dress up as a gypsy once and then I did like, oh, no, I dress up as if it was casting spells. All right.


Yeah, it was a it was a pretty I was pretty open with that. It was like a broad some. No, no, no.


I think I used to dress like with the bare minimum, like God, thank God I wasn't there because I would rip that clothes up, take you home.


But I didn't know the fact that I was actually doing spiritually and how. Yeah. How it all intertwine. But anyways, keep going on. Well, just like we celebrate Jesus's birthday once a year and we acknowledge who he is and why we're celebrating his birthday, you know, he's the savior and the king of kings and he's the the Lord of Lords, you know, for for Christians, as is supposed to be.


And so when we come to celebration of darkness for Halloween, if you look at the background and you do some research, Halloween is the day of darkness. They celebrate death and actually they're celebrating devils. It's a devil's holiday and it seems like it's innocent. And it seems people just having fun, they changing costumes and they're putting they're getting some candies. And it just seems so innocent. But there is a meaning behind it because there's so many people, Satanism, witchcraft, they're doing they actually fast and they do a lot of fasting and preparation prior to this because this is a huge event for them.


And they're extremely happy when Christians take part of this holiday, even though it seems like some churches, they do trick or treating and they do haunted houses. And they said, oh, you know what? We just want to take part of it. You know, it's OK. We're just want to draw attention to church. But it's actually the Bible talks about it. It says, do not copy the behavior of this world and the customs of this world.


So if we become any part of it, if it's just a tiny little bit of darkness, we think it's not affect us. But it's actually we're opening the door for the enemy to come and torture us with any kinds of especially kids. They're innocent, they're open. They just want to have fun.


But if the parents don't protect them, they can be living under curse. They can live with witchcraft, curses and all kinds of words that they release over those candies and also with costumes. You have mentioned, Anastasia, about costumes. They we change of costume, but it's actually changing your identity. You're just about to say it's like you're on a different identity night. Yeah.


So I was researching and this is coming from an Exane as John Ramirez. Right. And he practiced he was literally doing rituals at practice. He literally says they prepare two weeks in advance and they say, oh, when when these kids in these in these parents are letting these kids go out to trick or treat, he's literally saying these kids are going to these houses, having no idea who these people are. And and when they're going up to these houses, they don't know.


They could be practicing witchcraft, new age.


They could be doing anything. And and these people are praying over these or these saneness are praying over these candies. And then those kids are taking those candies home and eating them. Think about how spiritual I mean, if I if you told me this, like in my lukewarm stage in like a couple. Years back, I'd be like, yeah, you would brush it off, but once you understand the reality of the spiritual realm and how it is, then you're like, you see it.


You have to see it through a spiritual lens. You have to have eyes to see it. Absolutely.


And that's why one of our eyes is our church. We call this holiday. We actually do. We don't hide and we don't just stay at home being scared. We actually have to we have an authority figure. Jesus has given us the authority to to trample upon the darkness and in alliance and cobras. And he said, you have the authority. So instead of staying at home, we actually do holy win. And our church is called holy. When like you're winning, you're winning people.


So we do we actually do all kinds of and I coordinate those events. So we we have truly we have fun. We have, of course, carnival like festival. They do games and crafts, but we always talk about Jesus. We announce that this is for Jesus. We are the light in the darkness. We are separating ourselves from the darkness and we are showing where the light into to other people, to other kids. And we are inviting actually those events.


We have huge amount of people just coming. Nobody was wearing costumes, of course, but we do have dance performance and at the end we have anointed word talks about why we're doing this celebration, celebrating Jesus any time of the day of the year and why. And we show an example like we're just talking about right now, what what's what's the difference and why we don't celebrate that. And it's such a revival when we have those kids come, they really start to understand and then bring that to their parents at home, explaining to them why they don't want to change costumes and they want to be part of the Jesus team.


Also, like as believers, we don't have to fear Halloween. Like we reject the fear and partner with love and be that light, which is the eternal worship on Halloween like that, that would really make the devil mad, like a bridge like Jesus, like showing not love and not not being like, you know, mean to people that celebrate Halloween, but just being loving and caring to them, but just having not seen that heart posture of like wanting people to to know the love of God.


Right. For me growing up. So I grew up in a Christian home, but my family, we like we definitely felt like not celebrated it, but we partook in the activity of Halloween like we would my parents. We would dress up, we'd go out, get candy. And it seems so innocent, like it seems like that's how it is when you're a little like you love it or do it. But what's interesting is at my school, because I went to a Christian school, they didn't let us dress up for Halloween.


A lot of that, they said, did this thing called Crazy Hat Day where we would make, like fun hats. But so they tried to replace it with something. But I do think it's interesting that they didn't let us dress up for Halloween. So that's that's actually good. I'm very like I'm looking back. I'm like, ready to go. Way to go.


But yeah, now, I mean, it's so crazy because I'm driving around my neighborhood and I see I'll be looking at homes with like big scary, like demonic like ghosts and. Yeah, and I'm telling you, I used to like think it was cool. I was like, oh, look, I'm going to go hang, hang my, like, skeletons out. Like, that's what I like. I did that when I was younger, but now when I look at it, I just like it almost.


It gives me the chills. Like I'm like the Holy Spirit in me is like, oh right. We need to go pray over that house.


And we're like, yeah, I'd say this was saying how when people are putting these decorations on or they're actually opening up doors of the curses and soul times and people don't even realize it, oh, I'm just decorating or oh I'm just dressing up. They don't realize the strong will because the devil is sneaky. He's going to steal Kilinochchi. He's laughing at us like, oh they think this is so OK. It's it's the little things.


Oh it's just decorating and dressing up. But he's like that's that's my way to come in and but this person's demons to come in through the door and people don't realize it and you need to rebuke and pray over your home and actually participate in.


So absolutely.


That's why it's called trick or treat. The devil is language.


He doesn't know how to do anything. I mean. Yeah, because he's tricking you.


He's tricking you. Like, think about it. The devil doesn't know how to do anything except a lie or trick or destroy. John. Yes. John Ten exactly. Says he comes to kill still and destroy. So his language is going to be always have some kind of tricks, deception or lie.


And and like what you were saying with identity, the when I was watching the exciton, as he was saying, you can dress up as a Bible character. You can dress up as an. We can dress up as whatever you want, but think about how you're literally changing your identity. I, I would never get this deep or this think about how like I want to I wouldn't ever think about how this could be that deep, that you're changing your identity like you're you're changing your identity and this and that.


Like, I wouldn't think about that, but think about in the spiritual realm how serious this is and how how big it is.


Honestly, like, this may sound weird and crazy like my research, but this is talking about. But isn't that so true?


Like you're changing like a costume that day, your identity.


Yeah, well, you're it's like you're removing that you're a child of God, right? Like if you really are like born again, then you're going to be honestly you're going to be convicted to not because I've been convicted to not even as a born again Christian. I'm not celebrating Halloween because the Holy Spirit in me says this is not right.


Right. Absolutely. And because we're made in the image and likeness of God, you know, with everything going on.


That's why there's a confusion and identity with kids. You know, we're talking about other things. Maybe this is another subject. But I'm just saying tricking again. Oh, you can look like this or you can look like this, but that's not who you are. And God, when when Adam and Eve was created, what did you know? That the Satan tricked them. You know, he tricked the woman. And then what happened to them? They felt naked.


They didn't have the clothe, the righteousness from God. They felt they felt like, oh, my gosh, this is the sin came over them. So from the beginning and to this until this time and for future generations, the devil will have the same tricks. We just have to recognize, recognize this is who we are and make the difference in our community, in our families.


Wow. That is so one twenty seven says so God created man in his image an image of God created him. Yes. And you know, it sounds silly like oh it's just a costume. You're just dressing up but. Right. But you know, it took Adam and Eve one mistake to exactly what the people are changing into these costumes and bringing in this generation, of course, is there that they don't know anything about.


Yes, absolutely. And it's very spiritual. It's it's very, very spiritual. And I'm so happy to be learning more about this. And I hope you guys can can be awaken in your hearts and in your ears to know how serious this is.


Right. And we have to speak the truth and love like Christians need to realize we need to speak up. We can't be silent anymore. And, you know, because if you're silent, you basically a green light.


If you don't if somebody is going to bully me or somebody gets bullied and I just stand aside and just kind of watch what's going on, I'm taking part of of the bully part. Right, because he because I'm not doing anything. There's no action behind it. And when the Satan is bullying our our teens are adults, are young kids, and they're just confused. And Christians just standing there, not not explaining, not loving, not doing anything.


There's no anticipating and. Right. Or even participate or even that's even worse, you know. So we really we really need to make a change into in our lives and also make a change into our, you know, families in our community around us.


Yeah. Agreed with all that like a man and stuff. Look at this starting movement, you guys. I don't want to sound like a hypocrite. Like I literally went and deleted pictures that I took as Barbie. And I was like, I know I look really good in these pictures, but I'm standing up. I am not celebrating this anymore. I am being transformed by God. And then all of these points that I'm coming from an exodus who's literally saying they're preparing, they're cursing the regions, they're preparing because they know the power that it holds.


You say the leader of the Saints church, who was a part of he he wants to thank Christian parents, Christian people for celebrating this holiday because he knows the power of what this holiday is.


Well, it's like saint, like you mentioned, like Satan's don't go on Easter. And they say, yeah, he's like, I don't see Satan saying Good Friday is coming. Let's go to the church and celebrate like, say, before Easter to pray and fast and and rejoice of the resurrection of God right there. They're not doing that, but they know that Christians are celebrating Halloween and they're happy about it. But but Christians don't know. They're not awaken the spiritual realm of what is happening.


You know, it's another powerful, I think, tool that we can do is prayer. Like I've been praying. God has been waking me up in the middle of the night like hours of like 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m. and I'll wake up from a dream and I'll just feel it in my spirit to just pray for either someone or for the state or president. And I'm just like because there is so much spiritual work. You are going on what's happening up in the spiritual realm is like kind of manifesting itself down here and it's just there's so much going on and we know that the enemy is working.


He's he's he's like really coming after people. And so we we need to be interceding for people. We need to be praying against these attacks.


Yes. Yes. Just green eyes to see and ears to hear.


I don't have that spiritual vision yet. They don't see it. And so we pray for these, like we need to pray for our the Christian community to honestly, like, stand up and see what I mean. Absolutely.


I think prayer is a number one weapon against the enemy and everything else since the beginning. And I was going to answer your question, Stasia, that, you know, maybe I didn't mention, you know, why we don't call it why we're not celebrating the holiday on Halloween. And maybe I didn't explain fully at the time. Well, maybe you don't remember it fully because you're not really open for that. But I know for sure that I prayed I prayed for so many years that God that Jesus would encounter you and that you would have the revelation, you know.


So I remember seeing and you guys are your prayer manifest, those little prayers in your life will manifest later.


And see, now that I'm getting awakening and realizing how big this is, you guys prayer, no matter no matter like where big or small, it will show up in life 20 years from now. And so don't forget the power of prayer. Yes. And I remember I was laughing because I remember my my dad opened up soliciting like you, but like I stores. And I felt so embarrassed to I was a little kid and everyone sugar treating us like my dad is so mean.


He's so mean. They're putting no soliciting and like like making sure no one comes to our door. I felt so bad, but I think he's protecting you.


The house got to plead the blood of Jesus over your household. That's right. That's right. So I want to give a shout out to all the parents. If you're listening, do not give up because God is holding your children in the palm of his hands and he has great plans in future. Don't you dare just to give up. I'm about to cry because God is he's on the move and there's awakening coming. And our children. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.


That's how I can end a man.


Lord, I thank you God for everyone listening to this episode, I prayed for their eyes to see, their ears, to hear and their and their hearts to be opened and to be awakened to what we were speaking about God or any generational curses that were coming upon in these homes, that anyone that was celebrating this, that allowed the devil to scheme, to change things around, to let curses in homes. And we rebuke any of that in the name of Jesus.


And we pray God over all these Christians listening so they can be awakened and to know, Lord, that this holiday is demonic and that we need to take a stand and to and to just pray, Lord, and to intercede with you and know that we're going to make this change and that we're going to do this all together. And we thank you, Lord, for this episode. And amen.


So that is it for this episode. We hope you guys got some good info out of it and we will talk to you in our next episode. Thanks for listening by.


We love you.