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You know what I realized this podcast is? It's like when you are at a cocktail party or out to dinner with a group of your partner's friends, and you don't know what to talk about, and you just get to say, I heard the craziest story on a podcast. That is every single one of these episodes.


Tonight on a very special episode.


Hey, this is Dana Sports. You may know my voice from Nobleblood, Haleighwood, or Stealing Superman. I'm hosting a new podcast with Zaron Burnet and Jason English, and we're calling it Very Special Episodes.


A Very Special Episode is that story where there's a clear before and a clear after with a big WTF in the middle.


This is your invitation to follow us down a different rabbit hole every Wednesday.


One week, we'll be on the case with special agents from NASA as they crack down on black market Moon Rocks. H.


Ross pro is on the other side and he goes, Hello, Joe. How can I help you? I said, Mr. Pro, what we need is $5 million to get back a Moon Rock.


Another week, we'll unravel a '90s Hollywood mystery.


It sounds like it should be the next season of True Detective or something. These Canadian cops trying to solve this 25-year-old mystery of who spiked the chowder on the Titanic said.


We've got another one about a young Mark Twain and the San Francisco bar fight that changed the course of American literature.


We'll unpack the greatest botany rivalry of all time and take you inside Spider-Man's adventures on Broadway.


The weird thing is, here is just part of societal collapse. Ticket sales went up because it became this weird thing that you may see someone maimed on Broadway.


A very special episode is Stranger Than Fiction. It's normal people plopped down in extraordinary circumstances. It's a story where you say, This should be a movie.


It's our Masterpiece Theater. It's our movie of the Week. It's Mr. Mcfeely coming over to Mr. Rogers and popping something in the VCR.


I don't get that reference.


Yeah, you got to work on these references.


Jason, I'm 30.


That settles it. Mr. Mcfeely Deep Dive, we're doing it. So if you like Dana's Blockbuster podcast, Nobleblood, or Zarin's hit show, Ridiculous Crime, or any of the podcasts we made together, Haleywood, Stealing Superman, Black Cowboys, do me a favor and check out Very Special episodes next Wednesday, and every Wednesday after that in perpetuity. And tell your friends.


A small favor.


And rate and review.


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