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Some kind of a back to views, the podcast where Jason Nash is here. Hi, guys. I'm officially changing my name to Jason Dowrick. Can you do that legally without my permission? Yeah, I can change it.


Jason, you don't own the name Dobek, bro. No, I know it's a pretty cool name, actually.


I really like you to talk to my family.


No, but can you change your last name? I thought I was your first name. Like your middle name. Change your last name.


You don't have to talk to any Dobek like I can change my name to a fucking microphone if I want to, but no, don't do it. Oh, don't dare me, bro. I will. I triple dog barrier microphone over here. Oh, you still keep going. Yeah. Cause it's working out well for you. Yeah.


So isn't shampoo such a funny word? Yeah, because it's supposed to clean you, but it literally has the word poo in it and so down. So down. Yeah, it can be like Shaam, clean shampoo, like a little like imagine you first find out about shampoo and this guy's like, yo, you want to clean your hair here. Use my shampoo. Yeah. I'd be like get the fuck. Fuck you bro. Yeah. I'll put in your shit in my hair.


Yeah. Is that what you thought when your mom told you to put some shampoo in your hair? Well, did you play in Hungarian? It's pronounced Mathew's sounds worse. I just made up a word.


I think that's Hungarian. It's funny when people ask me to speak in my own language, like the best part about it is no one speaks Slovak in Hungarian. So I just make up shit. So like so like they'll be like, can you say, let's go to the park, I'll be like Hajaj and the wow.


Which really means how are you. But I say how are you. The translation for every fucking sentence.


So they'll be like, wow, that's so cool. And then they'll see me like they'll see me a couple days later and then like recite the line that I gave them. And they're using it completely incorrectly because I taught them incorrectly.


Can you have a full conversation with your parents? Like, can you speak it still? If I got lost in the country, I'd be fine. Right. But like, no, I can't. I respond in English 100 percent of the time. You forgot.


But you can understand what they're saying completely heard conversations with you. I understand.


My mom speaks to me Hungarian. My dad speaks in Slovak and they both text me in their languages and I respond in English to both of them.


You do, but I cannot type in the language. I could just read it. It's really interesting.


You follow Hungarian sports or anything like that. Oh my gosh, yes. English.


It's the best Yugoslavs. That's Yugoslav. That's the national sport.


Right? Go. Yeah, yeah. Running, running of a pelican. The Pelicans, the national bird.


And they let the pelican go. And it's such a beautiful country.


What happens? You have like thirty days to find the pelicans. Thirty days to find the pelicans. And if you don't find him, the Prime Minister comes and he gets rid of one of your limbs.


Oh God. Only the best play. Wow. Obviously for eagles Shlash. I mean, it's the sport of champions.


Well, the best part is, is when you win you you have full amnesty for many crime forever. Yes. You could just be a criminal and you could it's all to play as a boy.


It was like I thought we could drop this.


I think people listening to this is like, OK, it was funny when he said it initially and then when they described it, I tuned out a how much you get paid for brand deals.


It's a random question, Jay. I don't know. I don't get out of bed for less than two hundred thousand. Oh, wow. Yeah.


That's why I've been in bed for the last seven months. I cannot remember a single deal I shot with Borat today.


I heard. It's just really fun. How was he. He's an asshole.




Because, you know, now he's fucking great in character the whole time. Yeah. For the most part he is so, so like he arrived to my house and my house. He wanted to make sure that like the first time I interacted with him was on camera.


Love Borat by the way. Literally I say it's the funniest comedy of all time. Yeah. It's hilarious down. I will if you ask me what the funniest comedy is, it's Borat.


Yeah. So I shot with him. He gave us like two and a half hours of his time and it was unbelievable.


Which is ridiculous. Ridiculous. No that's got to be a celebrity record. Yeah. And that's a celebrity record.


Two and a half, two and a half hours. I'm not even like not even like celebrities have given me their time, but like nobody has put on a show like he did. Yes. You know what I exactly compare it to? It felt exactly 100 percent. It was exactly like going out with you and filming with somebody really actually funny.


I know honestly what you know, like when we'll go out and we'll do a character of yours and like you'll hit a stride. We're like there's like five minutes of, like, really funny. Yeah. That's how he is like constantly.




But like it reminded me so much of filming with you so and like the best part about him is like, like at first I was like scared to give him like very little direction, like if I was like, can we do that again? Like I was scared to like yeah, stop his flow. But like when I was like, hey, can we get that again? Or can you say it a little differently? He was he was like so down for it.


Yeah. And he was like so down to like be pitched ideas and to hear like new ways to, you know, to deliver a joke, which I only did like once or twice.


It was literally I was just sitting there and holding the fucking camera. The dude's so funny. I did, I did absolutely nothing.


I was talking to him about I was talking to him about Borat, the original movie.


They got sued over 200 times, 200 different cases after the movie. Oh, wow. Because because, you know, because everyone in the movie like everyone, if you watch the movie, there's like two actors in it and the rest, everybody's like actually reacting to Borat. And like it's like, you know, everyone's confused that what's going on. Right. And yes, we got sued over 200 times and nobody won their case against him, which is.


Oh, really, really awesome. Yeah, they won every case.


How much did that cost them?


I don't know if all those lawsuits, but he's he's dude, he's so funny. Like we were just driving around. It was we were driving around and this guy pulled up and he goes, nice mask. I love. The character and like they fucking thought, like people would then think it was him. Sure. Because it's literally the craziest celebrity to see.


I feel like out and about, like you could you know, you could see Brad Pitt and Leo, which is like pretty sick, like to see somebody that doesn't exist that's famous. Yeah. Is like a really, really bizarre thing.


So where did you go? What did you do?


Just when he came to the house, we shot a lot a lot of funny stuff here. And then we surprise Suzy, which is really she do she's like fucking freaked out. She's always wanted to be surprised by Borat. And it was funny because I was supposed to actually surprise Suzy. I supposed to go on a ride with him in the ice cream truck. And he was like, he brought the ice cream truck. Yeah.


He hasn't used the ice cream truck in 14 years. And he brought it out. He said it was sitting in his garage like just a storage. And they brought it out just for this moment just to shoot just shoot the sketch with us. Oh, my gosh.


And he's like, we have to find the keys and we have to jump started because it was it started 14 years, like since he used the last Frozen movie. And like we like the plan was to surprise Suzy and then drive around Hollywood and his ice cream truck. And we got in the ice cream truck and he was like, should we bring her with? And I was like, yeah.


And Susie heard that she was so excited and she just kept calm. Yeah, she just kept talking. She was like, so he likes me. He really likes me. Like he must really love me if he invited me. You must think I'm so cool.


Oh my God, David, you're so excited.


And she sat in the back of the ice cream shack where the bear was. Yeah. And it was really funny.


And he's like, his jokes are so funny because they're so like like jokes that you wouldn't say nowadays. Right.


Like, it's like, it's like, OK, we drove like we were just driving by the street and he goes like, oh my God, a woman was driving that car and just like and just like, you know, things that are definitely like not OK now.


But he could still get away with them because that's just that's just his character. It's so fucking funny.


And Susie must have been in heaven. Susan wasn't. Yeah. We hung out with him. That's like she hung out with him like the entire time was crazy. And he like kept like it was like, you know, he kept interacting with her and like saying he's like original lines. They're like, like I want you to be my wife.


Like she was just having such a fucking blast. So you come and plow through my hedges.


You know, he was the best. It was a lot of fun, but it reminded me so much of filming with you. Like, it was crazy, bro. It was like it was insane. And I'm ready to go if you want to go film.


Yeah. Know, that's what I'm saying. I mean, I think I actually got a lot with Sasha.


I don't really need you anymore. And they were good. It's not just coming over tomorrow.


The part that really reminded me of you or like anybody I film with is like he kept going, like he asked me, like at least five or six times, like if I got enough, he was like, is that enough? And are you sure?


Like, we can redo it, like we can be all bad. Are you good? Like, do you want to do something more?


And like he kept making sure he's like, if that wasn't funny enough, like let's do it again. Like he was very, very much like that's what I love about like those types of creatives is they're like they're like they're not just there to like grab a paycheck. Obviously this wasn't like a thing that he's getting paid for, but like, they want to make that piece cool.


Yeah. Like they want to make that project cool. And like, I think that's like a lot of people in Hollywood aren't like that. Like a lot of people in L.A. are like, I want to show up, get the job done. You make sure the fucking cameras are on and I'm out like and it was really cool of him that he was like always checking to see if, like, I wanted to redo something or whatever.


I was just sick. Jay, hiring can be tough. Tell me about it. I mean, I've hired three assistants and I'm not happy with any of them.


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Natalie is a story about when she put herself, but she's too shy to share it. Now, what happened?


It wasn't because I was like I mean, I was drunk for sure. We were out. Everyone was like partying or whatever. We had like first of all, we had, like, so many people packed in the Tesla, we were out for like a night or whatever.


Yeah. And we drove oh, we are far out. And we drove to Bootsie. You were in my car when you pissed yourself.


I didn't pee in the car. Oh, my God. Yeah, OK.


Because I know the reason why I peed is because we're in the fucking car for literally like an. Our I think we drove from Malibu, we were at we were at somebody's birthday in Malibu on PCH, like fucking way out there, and we drove all the way to Bootsie was like an hour that you would never pull over to let anyone.


And I was like, we were at the party. And he was like, let's go. Don't wanna be the party more. So I was like, I didn't have time to, like, go to the bathroom. I was drinking a lot at that party.


And then I was sitting on the floor and I had two other girls sitting on top of me, like literally crushing my bladder. And I had to pee so bad I was like jiggling whatever. And I kept telling. I was like I was a piece so bad, like I really have to go. And on top of that, I'm like pretty drunk. So I like Lily. Can I hold it? And I remember, like, everybody got out of the Tesla and it was taking you to get your ID checked, all that stuff.


Right. So it takes a little bit to get in there. So I just I booked it.


I booked it down the street to like the corner and I made a left and I just sat on the corner and I couldn't even I didn't have time to even get, like, my pants off.


I just I just really stood been everywhere.


Well, you just went around the corner by Bootsy and you start peeing your pants.


Yeah, it's like on Sunset Boulevard is sprinted down. I got out of the Tesla and it's also like, where are you going? And I was like, I couldn't even say words. I just come springtime.


Probably such a funny side. Natalie running on Sunset Boulevard, Helio alone on.


I had like I like the black leather pants on, I think. And I just like I turned the corner and I couldn't hold anymore. I just like finally like I just paid for like two minutes.


I mean, that's the worst to the worst are you for your pants. It's like you start it and you're like, what have I gotten myself into. And you can't and you can't believe how much liquid is coming out. Yeah it's a lot but it just goes all the way.


And then what happened that you went back to, you know, part of your asshole.


Yeah, like, fuck. It's like, you know, I then I was obviously very embarrassed. I didn't know just myself. I just sat there on the street corner for like a couple of minutes, like, what do I do? And I made, like, in hindsight, like a terrible decision.


They have, you know, like on the side of the clubs, they have like all those like dark, like Mercedes that are waiting there to, like, take people home or whatever, like super sketchy, like random men that are in these neighborhoods.


And I was like, I just had to go home. So I. The guy was like sitting there all watching me and they didn't know I was peeing, though I think I'm sure they're all watching him and I think he's being like that.


And get this of the guy, the guy was like, do you need a ride home? And I was like, yeah, all right.


Oh, so I got in this man's car. Wow. By herself.


By myself and terrible, terrible idea. And like, he was like, I once I got into the car and I was like, you know, a couple of minutes. And I was like, this was a fucking bad idea. Like, I hope I don't get fucking abducted right now.


And he was like hitting on me, like asking if I had a boyfriend, like, all this stuff, like very much like I don't know how I, I honestly don't know how he didn't like, take me away. Right. Because it was like it was probably because you smell like piss.


I know my pants and I always I always thought about that and he like give me his number at the end or whatever.


And I always, I'm always like I that's how you know what I was like.


His scene was definitely soaked. I got in the car like my pants were soaked.


Yeah. So you never pulled your pants down to pee? Never. Oh, just 100 percent. I just completely peters's you go into the club to say goodbye to me.


No, fuck no.


I just went home OK, because I mean, you know, you probably should your best next time. I like goodbye.


Interestingly enough, you didn't even notice or acknowledge the fact that I was gone. I was just home for like a couple hours.


And you're like, hey, now we're leaving the club. Where are you? At home for three hours? Because there's a moment.


We were at Bootsy, actually, and we never go to Bootsy. We go there like we've got like twenty five times. Yeah. And there was another time you came up to me like, I think I'm gonna go home.


And it was like almost outside of it. And I thought that was so strange. I was like, why the fuck is she going home? Did you pee yourself another time too?


You know, I don't know why. Yeah, that's so funny. I ended our friendship over here, my pants. Once I was driving, I was like a really long drive from like New York to Boston. And I had to pee. And this kid was driving me back to Boston. I was like, I have to pee. I'm like, can you pull over? And he was like, No. And I was like, OK. And then another hour went by like like Tim, I got to fucking I have to pee, you got to fucking pull over.


And he was like, no. And then he took a water bottle. And as I as he drove to Boston, he would just take the water and like. I didn't want to pay more for some reason, like watching the water. What do you mean? What would he do with the water? He would just take the water in like. I know, but describe it, brother, on the podcast, I'm sorry, I like showing with his hands he would take a water bottle.


Yeah. And like, shake it up and down and it made me really need to pee. Why would he shake the water bottle? Because he knew it was like making you need to pee more.


Oh, I was screaming. I was like, fuck a car. Like stop shaking the water bottle. I would love to. How old are you?


I was like 21 as a 21 year old Jason Korsakov self.


And then I he eventually let me out on, like, the highway. I pissed. And then after that I never fucking I never talk to him again. Really. I'm fucking done with you. Like, don't ever do that shit. Wow. I thought it was really fucking sadistic.


I'm sorry to hear that, Jay. It's OK, man. If you ever need to pee when I'm in the car, I'll make sure everybody ready for European. Thanks, bro.


I got a couple of dimes to take a purity test. We all took a purity test and all being Illia, Ella and Natalie. And what a purity test I took it to in Jason. Oh, Jason. Sorry, I didn't know what it meant, but I'd ask you questions like anywhere from it goes like, have you have you ever kissed anybody? Have you? And I wrote down some questions that really weird me out, like, have you ever consumed someone's genitals secretion?


I just feel like that's the most disgusting way to put that. Yeah, guess that's imagine you're in fucking like go on your genital secretion all over. Yeah. It's fucking I didn't write the questions Natalie. You're the one that decided to point it out.


Another one was, have you ever been manipulated into an orgasm, which is also weird things. It's like you're an orgasm. Like what does that mean? And I think it's just another way. It's like, has anybody ever made you come? So you answer all these questions.


There was a quiz you can't write. Has anyone ever made you come? Have you ever drank? Have you ever smoked? Have you ever arrested by the police? Ever seen porn like some basic one.


Like complicated one. Yeah. Yeah. And you get to score what is it, one to one hundred. Is that how it works?


I feel like mine's going to be the worst because I've been around the longest. I have done all those things.


I have a feeling yours is going to be horrendous. Yeah. And I have a feeling you lied to make yours look better than it is.


Yeah, that's true.


I was honest, genuine, you know, honest. I lied about like two questions.


OK, no, no, no, I didn't lie about it.


It doesn't even make sense to lie because it doesn't tell you what questions.


Well, obviously you can tell the more yeses, the worst score you're going to get.


No, I know, but it's not like it's going to say, oh, David fucked an animal just gives him a score, literally.


That's what it literally says of mine says that I fucked an animal mindset on my score. I'll just say my score is eighteen and it's this. Congratulations on being hardcore. It is likely that you have had sex with an animal, a cousin or a paying customer before.


I bet you have never come across anyone with a lower score in real life, which I doubt until Natalie and Jason. Now, that was you guys. I got a sixteen.


It's because she's dating was you get. Yeah I got a twenty nine Elsberry. OK, ok. Yeah.


Yeah. I mean there's so many things that he's just not a part of so now I get it, I get it. Now more and more proves you are the higher the number. Yeah.


Right. Yeah right. It's proved the right word or as I like I think that's what it is when you hear your dad's security. Hello. What was your you woman that has 3000 nudes on her cell phone. Surprisingly I got a thirty.


Oh nothing as much of a horror as you make it so hot right now that I'm hearing your numbers. I'm like, well I'm pretty. I'm not the slut of the group.


Well, I feel like a lot of the questions were also like, you don't really have to be a slut to answer them. You just have the right one. Good partner that, like, showed you the world.


I mean, yeah, I guess you should read, like, the things that it says. What does it say about Thirty says this range of scores is reserved for the super hardcore people like the people who have been in orgies or in jail. For example, you probably used a hardcore drug or had sex in public or had anal sex, etc. Moral is never a problem in your life.


This is an inappropriate question to ask my employee. But have you had anal sex? No. OK, I said no to that one that. Did you say no to that one.


Oh, that's all you got a sixteen. Yeah, that question. Forty five points. Yeah. Sex must count for a lot of points really.


So OK, so the lowest score so far is Natalie sixteen. Let's take it over to King Jason, who's been around for three thousand years.


Jason, I one of the court have the record. You have the record. Yeah, I got a nine. Oh, you should you should be in jail.


I congratulations on being hardcore. It's likely that you have had sex with an animal cousin or paying customer before, you know. Yeah. Wow. I bet you've never come across anyone with a lower score. I got the same as you.


I wonder all the same. I wonder what you answered. That was I said yes to anal sex. And now that I think about it, it never actually had anal sex.


What? What do you mean? I was trying to do it quickly. I went by. Yes. And I was like, oh, it's fine.


I tried to have sex.


I'm guilty. You read it as. Have you really wanted to have sex?


Yeah, I oh, I got a really funny card from David and Natalie.


OK, so we sent people this like fragrance package where they had the fragrance and we sent him a card and in the car there was a customized like sound. I would play to be like, hey, it's David Dobek. Thank you, John Stamos, for being a cool guy. Here's your fragrance.


And we sent one to Jason, and it was a little like it was supposed to be like goofy and funny, like because it was, like, really harsh. And he put it on his insta stories.


Natalie called me yesterday and specifically told me, no, I know I put it on my story. So he put it on his story and he's like showing it like in front of his kid. Like Charlie's in the background and he's like playing it for her and right in front of her, she's like 11 years old. And and I had to call Jason and I pretended and I was like, yeah, let's it for the podcast deleted off her story.


She didn't care, even though I just wanted him to delete it off his story.


You have the card here and the cards are really funny and wanting to leave you a little message, just kind of saying thank you, everybody, for supporting the cause. Your message, you sound a little different. So excuse me for this fucking asshole. Now imagine putting little Charlie's fucking sitting there.


Cocksucking bank or bitch can't do this, you fucking nigger. Can't you finish, Natalie? I'm so happy you can support David, you fat. Fuck you. We love you. Those are all jokes. Bye, dude. You know, it was funny.


One of my old old YouTube videos, you know, like the thumbnail will fall out of the video sometimes. Yeah. It'll just give you a screenshot. And it just came up like old YouTube video. And the title is Why I Got Divorced, but the thumbnail fell out. And it's just a picture of Charlie.


I have to change it. That's so funny.


So your daughter. Yeah. Oh, boy. Yeah. Your kids are gonna have a field day going through your mind.


I can't imagine what my poor kids I just this whole Colgin the other day and they just did not like it. Yeah. Like I showed up with like a like a bikini and like a tank top and I was like, this is great. And they were like, oh my God, this is the worst. Jay, what do you love about Harry's man?


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Because people know that I'm more relatable than you because I'm.


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So I don't know if we've talked about my OfficeMax endeavours and how it used to be the manager at OfficeMax. Yeah, it's pretty impressive, too, because he started working there and after two weeks he got promoted.


I was like seventeen. So the other the other day I realised that John also worked at office Max with me and I completely forgot all.


I didn't know that either, bro. Oh wow. I forgot that too. Went to your head real quick.


Dude, I. I used to do so much destructive shit at office, Max.


Yeah, yeah. We can say this now because it's like maybe he can't hear us anymore but I used to like steal shit from OfficeMax.


Oh OK. Well man Illium got that like you guys would come in and collectively I would let you steal.


OK, let's be clear. Let's be clear. Let's be very clear. Yes. Feel shit is like a Dr. Pepper or like an iPad.


Oh no, no, no. Oh come on. All right. iPod charger or like snacks. OK, but when we say iPod charger, like those seven dollar ones. Right, like seven to thirty nine, it was also OfficeMax. It wasn't Best Buy. So like the best product there was like a low end PC like it. Right. Like it wasn't like, you know, moving computers underwater.


I mean, no, no, no, no. Like we were selling them on the other part of town. But no, no, no.


Like when we would still steal stuff would be like candy bars and it'd be like, I don't fucking know erasers. I don't know.


But I was like really like minuscule, small, really stupid shit. But at the time when you're a fucking kid and you're taking a free Dr. Pepper, yeah. You're like, my God, you're checking the fucking cameras like it's a lot.


And there were no cameras. And I remember how it started. I was like. Can I have a Sprite, and it was like, yeah, it's like, do can you use your discount? I was like excited. I was like, you can use your discount, so just take it.


You know what is like just take it. Oh, no, seriously. You want me to take this and then. Yeah. And then from there on out it was just like, it was like free snacks.


Do they ever know. No momin like my my general manager would always be like oh that's interesting. Like there's no pop, there's no like sales for pops.


I'll be like yeah I don't know. Right. But yeah we would do like the most, the most destructive shit like you could make a fucking TV series out of what we would do, like my other manager would like ride his bike around the store, like his motorcycle, like in between the aisles we would get we would get shipments of like new product.


And I remember we'd have these challenges like who can hit the product, pile harder and like it come in like a really big tall box of like of like twenty crates filled with shit like erasers, fucking scissors or whatever, and like we'd have to like put all that shit away in the aisles instead of doing that we'd like run at full speed like a football player and just not get over and fucking blow up and just go everywhere.


And then we make like the other employees clean it that like we wouldn't be in it and we'd be like, oh shit. Accident again. Macroom, you go like so bad. So, so, so bad.


So people were under you maybe like John's boss. Yeah. Yeah. How do you remember. I don't know man.


I just someone told me a story about John at office, Max and I freaked out. I was like, holy fuck.


John, do you remember any of this like that used to go on like this, the dark side like this. How long did you work there for this? Jones And don't don't say what happened because I'm going to say what happened.


How long do you work there for?


I think I worked there for like four months. Okay, five, six. Because. Right. What happened with John?


I'll tell.


That is again, I'm trying to remember, like we did anything else, because like other people would, like, hook up in the back room, like there was one time John and his brother Reggie. I was never part of that group. Yeah. And like John God, I'd love to have an interview with John to hire him, just like.


So what are your goals in soccer?


Oh, fuck this. You just say, man, I don't know if we can hire you. I found out I released him recently, remembered why John stopped working at OfficeMax.


He got caught and he got caught. You know how like I'd check out like you would give your fucking member. No. Whatever it was. Like we were.


Yeah. Yeah. So he got caught. Instead of, like, putting the member number into the numbers, they put that number into like his own account. Yeah.


And like they caught on that, like there's all these different people under his name and they're like, I don't know how the system fucking works.


So he was, he was using every time someone to purchase something, he would get points on his own.


On his own account. Yeah. Oh, my God. I know you're fucking stealing charges. Were you talking to me? I was. I was. In no way, John. You were doing that.


No, because some other guy from OfficeMax was like, yo, I do this. I was like and he never really showed me the way. I was like, oh, look, you got to learn that to go to his boss and be like, yo, have you heard of this? You know, we could be making three points. Yeah.


I mean, that's illegal, although, shit, it was illegal. But my fault was I was it was way to hear still, I would say, because I still put my name, my address on the fucking receipt.


So this is all going to get like a printer or so it was just like you would instead of stealing shit, I would buy it, right? Yeah. Points I guess you can say that there were no iPads were OfficeMax.


No, no. There were no. What were you going to do with the points. What do you want a PC or depends on how much you get.


How how is John on the podcast for five minutes. He already lost his voice. No.


You guys enjoying being here? Are you taking advantage of like Taylor? I love when you tell Taylor what to do and never tell Taylor what to do. We don't even know. Right.


We don't even see David. I like I said last time, John.


Medium rare. Taylor, please. Yeah.


What are you talking about?


Fucking I remember I brought Taylor over the house and all the all the boys were like, dude, like, don't tell Taylor what to do, like just have her hang out with us.


And then fucking two days into the trip, John's like, make sure the deep dish has extra pepperoni on like two days in the cooler that a lot will happen.


No, I don't know why.


I don't know what else happened. Yeah. So so I would do this fucked up thing sometimes where I would just leave the store while I'm, I'm manager on duty and like, go home.


Oh fuck. For the day. You as the manager of OfficeMax like. Yeah. Do not was it not like that tough of a job? I wasn't tough at all. At all. It was easier than being an employee. Yeah, yeah. Because you didn't you had, like, the authority of, like, not doing the like not putting away the product and like doing all like, what did you have to do. Shit. Count the drawers at like the end of the night.


That's it. Like yeah. And manage the employees like you were just there.


If someone was like hey let me speak to the manager. Right. How many angry people would you have come to you. A lot. Yeah. Yeah.


You know I feel like could be the scariest person to have come to you like Natalie's mom when I was literally just thinking the same exact thing because my mom has done some shady ass like returns store all that sort of bullshit.


Like that's how I grew up.


That's how I got, like things that I wanted because my mom I go to the stores and like, do some shady I'd be like, I really want this.


And she actually should come back with it for like and I just didn't ask questions like, how did you get this salon for I can you buy it on sale. My mom my mom would to like like my mom would my mom used to rip off barcodes.


From what?


From a movie like Movie Tapes. Like when we were really poor, because we can afford them and she'd bring them home from like Wal-Mart or what's a movie tape?


What do you mean like VHS, VHS tape?


Like, I don't mean to, like, put your parents on, have my parents up, but my parents would never in a million years like they are so pure to that type of shit.


If they fucking heard that, that your parents did that, they would make sure I never see you ever again.


They're like they're so against the temperatures. It's really bizarre. The stuff like the only thing that I did is I would go to Best Buy every month and I'd buy a new headset.


And there's a 30 day return policy. Your headphones could be open, whatever. And I get bows. I get beats every month for like a new new headphones every 30 days. And I would never lose any money because I just return in 45 refund. Crazy.


They didn't like Flager account. Like this kid does this every single month. The same return.


My mom will always like my mom held the gun up to the clerks and my mom. We would go to like a TJ Max or whatever and there'd be like, like small little things, like there would be a cute necklace or earrings or something.


And she really she would just drive the RV through the front door.


You just smash the RV right through Macy's? No, my dad would runs out with the little pillowcase just loaded up with rings and necklaces. This will pay for your trip to Matley. Go, go, go. But she would like she would have her purse on her shoulder, right?


Yeah. And you know, in the car, the little thing where the little baby sits in the front. Yeah. She would put like things on there and then we go to check out, she would put her purse on top of them so they'd all be out of the purse so no one could see it.


Your mom seems like the type of woman to, like to like be like, I don't know, in Vegas and like and like do something where like she'll be like really sexual towards a man and then she'll end up stealing his car like she likes to be like Kamir bad boy, let's take a ride.


And like she won't touch the guy but she'll end up leaving with this fucking car. She'd be like, fuck you.


Are you all fun? You know, she's not a grifter, like an Angelina Jolie type of character like this, like like this woman who's just like seduces. Yeah. Like always runs from the law and uses her seduction powers to her advantage.


And she just likes to travel in her trailer and see the country. That's so I don't think she got that trailer. I say I don't know.


Um, yeah. I don't know. She I mean, I feel like it's just like some people when they come from different circumstances, like she had it like rough.


I don't know, she they grew up in the city and like didn't have money and gas. So she had to get by somehow and she wanted to be cool and high, you know, and you just got to do what you gotta everybody does something fucked up once in a while or like in their early life, you know, or maybe if you're going through tough time.


But as long as you learn from it, you know, I'll do it again. Imagine running a business.


Then why did you just say that? Was it just so like, OK, he's off his back is just like it's like, hey, man, people make mistakes, but learn from it. And OfficeMax, I love you. Like, it's OK, John, you got fired. You know, it's yeah.


I totally get like I think everybody has like some fucked up. I'm just surprised that you guys all have these fucked up stories. This is crazy.


I think, like I said about criminals, I mean, like I feel like I never went well. I know I don't want to condone shoplifting or anything, but you've shoplifted.


Yeah, I got I got I shoplifted once.


I was shocked. I got caught. I couldn't really get caught. I got caught. My wife shocked.


I was shocked.


What did you get caught with? All my friends would go steal cigarettes from like this stop and shop in college. They everyone did it and like and then I like did it once. Maybe I got away with it and then the second time I did, they totally got me. What do they do. It just take the cigarettes away. Guys like you come back in the store and I was like, no. And he's like, you got to come back in the store.


And I was like, OK. And then I went back in the store and he was just like, don't ever come back here. It's like I'm like, cool and never went to that stop and shop again.


Guys, things may have changed around us, but our inner drive to be there for the people we care about runs deeper than ever. When we come together as a community, we empower ourselves to make meaningful change.


I know this is deep as hell and it's coming from your friends at PayPal.


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You could support the places and causes you care most about. Make touch free QR code payments at your favorite local restaurants or farmer's market, or donate to local, nonprofit or support, of course, from across the country. Guys, PayPal's fucking great, like I have to say, like I've been using it. There's like the first place I got my paycheck for any vine I made was on paper, I think about fifty dollars for a vine I made and it was through PayPal and I've been using it ever since.


Big fan.


Obviously PayPal's making it easy to pay safely, quickly and easily down the people at. Today, terms and conditions apply. Thanks, pal. How was your birthday was the highlight? Can we talk about it? Sure. I'll tell you it highlight Elías highlight was so Illia has like the most awkward room in the house, the most awkward room. It was his birthday and he's been talking to this girl and she was in town. He was like, I want to have this girl over.


And I was like, yeah, that's fucking sounds sick. And I was like, are you going to, like, hook up with her? And he's like, Dude, I don't know.


Like I can. My roommate is such an awkward spot, like has his room is literally like it's like living in a fishbowl. It's in the middle of the house. And it's like before Illium moved in that room was used because it had a bathroom there and people would go there. It's little like a waiting room for the bathroom. That's what that room is like.


And and I was like, eylea dude, like just have sex in my room. Like, I don't care. Like I'll I'll leave for an hour or two. Like, I don't fucking mind.


I don't care if you have sex on my bed. He's like, no, no fucking way. And like we went into my room and he's like, I can't do that. Like it feels so weird.


And then we both go into my room and and then he like he tries to play it on his head like he gets on the bed, like pretending to have sex with the girls.


I can't do anything. I can't even pretend right now, bro. It's just so weird. I have sex on your bed like so we're like running through the position that he's like, I'm not good enough.


I can do that. I can do that. Like, OK, so I leave for the night because, you know, Elliott was doing his thing and whatever, so I just leave. What happened to why you were ended up actually in my room when you said can't have sex there.


It turns out you could have sex in there.


I went in my room and and fucking before like this all happened. I kept telling Dave, I'm like, someone's going to walk in, someone's going to walk in. My room is like, no, dude, no, no, no. Trust me, no one's going to walk in. Everybody raise your hand and make sure, like, no one's gonna know he's going to walk in.


Right. Right, John. Right.


Yeah. I took I had everyone in the room, like, be like, yo, dad asked everyone here, no one's walking. I'm really having sex. Right? And I was like, yeah, yeah, we're good. We're good. Yeah.


Except the one person who wasn't in the room had you right in and she's like, can you close it somehow?


I'm like, I'm going to try. So like I fucking left the room, tried to like look for something to blockade the fucking door.


You should have used your bed. You should just pull your bed over to the door.


I'm sorry. And fucking thing about moving my bed halfway across the fucking halfway across the room. The room's for the fucking size of a my rock hard.


I wasn't thinking about schweik, so I was like, oh fuck it, let's go to this room.


I don't think anyone is going to come in there. So we go in that room and fucking John comes in that room.


I didn't go through the door because it was locked. No, I mean, I didn't know it was locked. I went through the window, you know, the window. I thought I was going to scare someone. I was like, I just I'm like, fuck. All right, what do you got? What is it with the Castro family? Finally have sex? What did you see?


Oh, no, I didn't see anything. You guys were just cuddling.


Yes, but I just like I was like, yo, yo, yo, no privacy here for our cuddle. Let's go over there and I'll get you flowers.


And what did you see? There's like two articles. There's like two press hits and like a couple of gossip Instagram pages that made posting. Many fans are mad at David Dobek for saying he doesn't like nature in his podcast. And it was like I read through the comments and it was like, dude, it's fucking crazy.


It's crazy.


The last podcast, I said I didn't like nature. And by this I didn't mean that. I don't care about the ecosystem or like I think you should recycle and I think you should litter. It was like I just literally do not kill walks. You go outside and and like what I said in the podcast, I was like I was kind of joking and being like, I know you were I wasn't joking about the actual nature, but I was kind of like, you guys are going to really hate me for this.


Like, I didn't think people would actually get mad. Yes.


And people are pissed cause David Dogbert comes under fire after claiming he hates nature. YouTube star David might be known for his charitable giveaways and wholesome content, but he's coming under fire from critics after claiming he's not a huge fan of being out in Mother Nature. And fucking real, he's coming under fire. Listen to this. Some people are bombing the house for those out of the loop. David Jobber's, what? YouTube's most popular content creators, best known for giving he's giving away heaps of cash to fans.


Will compliment for you there, Dave, and those in need, as well as holding contests to give away prizes for Teslas.


I cannot describe how much I fucking hate nature, Dobek began. I never knew I could be so angry at something, Illia. I was hiking in the mountains. Dalyan everybody I saw I was just getting angry at. I was like, Why are you here? I was so mad. It feels so wrong because you imagine like. Like, you know, like when like a celebrity like is about to work with me, their team will like look me up to see what articles I have.


This is what's coming up. Well, he doesn't like nature.


Yeah. Sorry. Natalie Portman's out. She saw your comment about the Everglades.


I'm not a fan. It feels so wrong because. Everybody loves nature, he continued, what is so cool about something that's been here for millions of years? What is so cool about that? It feels like everything I've worked for has been erased. I'm stuck with the dirt and the grass and the leaves. You sound fucking nuts. And I sat here last week and listened to the whole thing like I could take these to.


Unsurprisingly, Dobek was probably a assailed by angry commenters to their opinions of more specifically on his annoyed attitude about something as mundane as nature. It's a fucking what is wrong with people?


I don't know. That was tough for me to understand.


Up next, Charlie Daimio does not like pizza. Oh, my God. It's literally a Charlie to move the story next. Hi, guys. This whole time we have for today. Thank you guys for listening to the podcast.


My favorite part was when Jason talked.


I can do some more right now. I can plug a lot of my social work and we'll see you later.


This has been a busy podcast. My name is Jack.