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Welcome to We Can Do Hard Things, dearest pod squad. This holiday season, we're asking ourselves some questions. Number one, what if this holiday we could leave a little bit of room for ourselves? What if we could practice being sturdy in who we are and let our people be sturdy in who they are? Perhaps most importantly, what if we could finally burn the picture in our head of how we think the holidays are supposed to be so we can actually just see the joy that's in front of us. These are the questions we're asking today and how to let go of perfection this holiday. An episode that we loved and aired this time last year, and it's so fun to listen back to where we all were on our towards recovery and self-love and joy. We are taking the next week off, but then we'll be back with new episodes on Tuesday, January second. In the new year, we're bringing you more healing conversations about healing ourselves and our relationships and our communities and our world. It's going to be a juicy season. Thank you for making this community so special and thank you for doing life with us.


We are so grateful for you. We can do hard things and we'll see you in 2024 to do some more of them. And through.


The joy and pain that our lives bring, we can do hard to gain.


Hi, everybody. Welcome to We Can Do Hard Things during the most time of the year.




Necessarily the most wonderful time of the year, just the most time of the year where everything is just ratcheted up a few notches. Yep. Right. Our goal today and our intention is to bring us all together and just to ratchet us down.


Oh, ratchet us down. Well, sister is not doing a good job at that because she came on to the podcast looking fire today. Yes, she just is so beautiful. Your hair is just on point. I know I'm not supposed to.


Objectify you. I think we can talk about our hair. Sister, you're so beautiful. You really are.




You have a glow. You have a glow about you, and I just don't know where it comes from.


Are you pregnant? Oh.


I would not be glowing if that were to be this. Do you know what I realized this week? What? I have always... I have blow dried my hair. Blow dry?


Who knows what.


That is? It's blue.


Dried or blow it.


I don't know.


I blew it. The blue part is the verb. You blue dry your hair. You're going.


To conjugate. I dried it with an air dryer. Yeah. Like six times in my life prior to this week because I just never knew. That's why at the beginning, remember we do these clips and people would say, Why is Amanda's hair always wet in the clips? That's because I would have taken a shower because if I take a shower, my hair is wet because I don't know how to dry it. I did it randomly last week because it was freezing outside.




It's easy.


It makes a big difference. I've gone 43.


Years just thinking it was something impossibly hard that I would never be able to do.


That only happens at the salon. It can only happen there. Yes.


Speaking of the person who has the most agency, I don't know another person who has more agency than you. This is hysterical.


Yes, she could make - Well, it was not my lane. She could make world peace happen.


She could make a.


Blow dryer. She could make a blow dryer.


She could market a blow dryer. She could sell a fucking blow dryer. She just can't use a blow dryer, folks, until now.


I'm amazed by it. It turns out you could just do it. I always just assumed it would take like an hour, and I was like, I don't value that outcome at an hour cost.


To me.


Exactly. So the ROI doesn't work for me, but it turns out it can be done in like six minutes. Totally different ROI.


I'd like to note that I think a little bit we're having opposite revolutions.




That's correct. I am having a revolution of fuck it with all of the things. No, really. I don't want to wear clothes. I don't want to do my hair. I'm not wearing makeup. I'm just stopping all of that. And your revolution is a little bit that you're starting all that. Because if I'm not mistaken, and I mean this with great respect, I don't think you showered for four years.


Yes, I think it goes the bigger truth here is that there is no free way. There's no liberated way. Correct. It's just each person's path, because I think your path is attending less to yourself in the regard of- Outer. -appearances, outer, et cetera. Me, I never paid any regard to myself in that way. And so my revolution might be like, oh, you can actually do the treat for yourself -Yes. -of occasionally changing out of the clothes you slept in.


Yeah. I think it might have a little bit to do with the time of life that both of you are in in terms of children. You now have gone through the time where you don't have small children anymore. Sister is just now getting out of small children stage where you're just survival mode for those first many years. And it's like, do I have time for showering? No, I don't. I'm going to go to sleep because I need sleep more than anything else. I think it's like you're remembering that you are your own person and you're trying to feel into that. And you've gone through that stage because our kids are a little older.


Yeah, and I love the idea of everybody's next step is different. We can all be moving forward in our evolution and they can be opposite things. I remember a decade ago, I was standing in a line at Marshalls. And if anyone has ever stood in a line at a Marshalls, you know that you age there. You spent a year there.


Marshalls and Russ Dress for less. Russ, Russ Dress for less. When I think of my childhood, it's going to be like, Mom, Dad, you are and Marshalls and Ross Dressforless.


That's right. We spent so many years in that line. And I remember about a decade ago, I was standing in that line and there was a woman in front of me and this dude cut. And she and I ended up having this conversation, and this is what we realized. In that moment, she was trying to work up the nerve to say something to that guy because that was her next step to get up the fire, to get up the gumption or moxie or whatever to say something. I was struggling equally internally, and I was trying to get the inner peace to not knock that guy out.




Her next step was try to be more lion, and my next step was try to be more lamb. And we were both moving in the right direction with opposite outcomes, which is why you can't ever judge what somebody else is doing because their next step might be the absolute opposite of what progress is for yours.


Yes. I'm lying. There's no linear liberation. You're finding yourself on the loop that you're in. The exact same thing happened to me this weekend. I was out with John eating dinner, and we got almost to the end. And he goes, I just cannot believe that you have not said anything about that woman who's over there on her phone during her whole dinner. He was like, Honestly, I have never seen such a thing out of you because usually I'll see something and it will upset me so much.




And she's there with her partner and, Oh, my God, do you think they have talked to each other? Do you think they hate each other? And I couldn't-Then I was like, Well, now I can't be annoyed because you pointed out to me. But always I would identify every single thing in the room that I was to be annoyed about.


We're hypervigilant because of lots of things. What do you attribute that to? I was going to ask that. Were you actually really thinking about that one the whole time? No.


No. Whoa. I don't know.


What is this?


I don't know.


Oh, Cissy, I'm happy for you.


And for John. Tbd on this.


Because what happens with our hypervigilance is it ruins that person were with experience because they're worried that we're worried about the person on the phone.


Everybody's life is ruined. Oh, my gosh. What I'm experiencing a little bit with Glennon now is with some of her therapy she's going through, I'm looking at her less. I'm less attuned because she is less vigilant. What John was doing is he's looking at you being like, Oh, when is this going to happen? When is she going to say something? This is weird. Why hasn't she said something? And so it's going to take some time for him to unwind from your anxiety or hypervigilance in those.


Social scenarios. You mean we're not pissed about this? Yes. Oh, we're not pissed about that.


I know. It's amazing. I feel that way very much right now with you. I'm like, oh, I can just be here. I don't have to be worrying about your experience and how I need to matrix this up for us.


So we're both doing that thing where we're trying to become less controlling of our environments so that we can enjoy life and everyone else can who loves us. So there's one thing that happened with me in therapy yesterday that I wanted to share because I feel like it might help everybody at the holiday season. Okay? Great. So I am in therapy, pretty intense therapy again, which I'll explain to all of you in January. I want to give myself a little bit more time, but I have this amazing new therapist who I love very much.


Hi, therapist.


Thank you to all the therapists, by the way. Thank you.


The first responders of the world. So I'm in therapy yesterday. Now, my therapist is a genius and a wise, wise woman. And also she's a little bit like me where she lives on a bit of a different plane. So she has tried to listen to a couple of our podcasts, but she doesn't know where they are because they're like in the cloud or something. And so she says to me, Can you send me some of your podcasts? And I say, Sure, but obviously I don't know how to send her a podcast. I don't know where they are. I don't know where they live. So I just ignore that request. And so yesterday I get on therapy and she says, So I found one of your podcasts. I listened and it was great and she was very kind about it. And then she said, I noticed... She didn't say this word, but what I'm going to translate to buzzy energy. I noticed your energy. What she was trying to explain to me is that she noticed that a little bit hyper, high level energy anxiety that is not just pure energy, a little bit like fear-based or something.


I don't know. Like buzzy, high energy? Yes. Yeah, like performing maybe energy, anxiety energy, buzzy energy, energy, not calm energy. I thought that was interesting. So we talked about that for a little while. And then she asked me if I've been noticing that energy again in my life. I ended up starting to talk about Christmas.




Said this time, last holiday was like a huge rock bottom for me and a lot went down. The holidays, man, it's like everything you love, I don't know, it's the most time of the year. There's more reflection, there's more distraction, there's more grief. If you've had grief, there's more expectation of joy. It's like forced joy. If you're not feeling joy, then you're the worse anyway.


And perfection.


Yeah, and perfection. She was asking me why I feel all of this buzzy energy, stress, anxiety in the holidays. I explained to her that since the family comes to me, that since I'm a mom, I feel like this is my thing to host and make perfect and make beautiful and make it the best thing ever. And yada every year has to be the best Christmas ever. I had just said it has to be like the best thing. I'm making this big thing. And she said, What if you are the thing? You are. And I was like, What? And she goes, What if on the podcast with your family, when you're on a stage speaking, when you're writing, when you're with your kids getting ready for Christmas, what if you are the thing? What if you don't have to constantly buzzy, prepare up perfect? What if the thing isn't like the perfect presence and the perfect whatever. And what if in obsessing about creating that thing or you on the podcast, like nailing it, saying the perfect thing, getting all the words out right, making all your points, what if that's not the thing? What if just your presence is the thing?


Yes. And all of that buzzy energy in perfecting the thing actually means that you're not there at all and the thing isn't even there.


Well, that's fascinating. If that's the case, then theoretically, that would work in an ecosystem where everyone was allowed just to be their thing. Because presumably if you're the thing, then your daughter is the thing, then Abby is the thing, everyone's the thing. And as long as everyone is permitted to be their own thing, then everyone can just enjoy and be.




And when you bring extended family, my family comes, our parents come, there's descending on you a whole bunch of other dynamics that presupposes that you can just remain being your thing even with those influences present. I think part of, if I could take a wild stab in the dark, part of the energy comes from your inherent knowing that what your therapist said is true and your defensiveness of I'm not going to let your influence rattle the preciousness of this thing. Yes.


I think that there has to be a third way because if my anxiety is you're going to be different, you're going to be different than what? Like I've created this perfect Christmas or this perfect holiday, which does not include you being you. It's that thing we get back to on this podcast over and over again, which is the thing that screws us up most, is the picture in our head of how it's supposed to be. So the thing that screws up our holidays is the picture in our head of how it's supposed to be. So the reason why you extended family when you come and you be yourself, and I'm upset is because you're not matching what I decided this holiday was going to be. Yes. So maybe the gift we give ourselves is just like burning the picture. And the only thing that I know for sure, I just feel like the reason that I try so hard to control environments and you try to control the environments is because we don't feel safe in our own bodies.




Create these safe, outer things because we don't know how to be safe inside ourselves. And I don't know exactly what I'm saying, but there has to be a third.


Way where- It's like what you're doing with the holiday expectation is like you're holding holidays in the palm of your hand, but you are just making the hardest fist going, Everybody needs to be and do this holiday perfect. Instead of just opening it up and having it all in the palm of your hand going, Everybody gets to be here and experience this holiday. We have to make the holiday what it is. You can't make Christmas what it is. I think that that's what caused so much suffering last year, is we moved to a new house. We moved to a new place. We tried to make it this beautiful, outrageous experience.


We thought we're all going to get along. Everyone's going to be happy. It's going to be perfect. And then it wasn't. And then everybody is just who they are always, including me.




So there has to be room for everybody to be who they are and everything to be what it is. And this idea that I can prepare my way to perfection ruins it for me and for everybody else because what always happens in our family is that then everybody feels my energy of like, I need this to be perfect. And then everyone walks on eggshells and I don't want that this holiday. So what I think I'm thinking is I am the thing. And if I'm going to believe that, then I also have to also know that you are the thing and Chase is the thing and Tish is the thing and Emma is the thing. And Chase is the thing and Tish is the thing and Emma is the thing, his dad is the thing. Mom is the thing. Craig is the thing. Abby is the thing. And all of these things just have to co-exist without trying to control or change each other. It's like a.


Sturdy to me. I think it's a sturdy because I think when you grow up as a matter of survival, you're not sturdy in your own way. You're adapting to the needs around you. You are acclimating and placating. And then as you grow up, you think you're not acting according to the dictates of your family of origin, but you actually are because you're acting in direct opposition to them. That's right. That's right. It's like when you say that rebellion is just as much as of a cage. As obedience. As obedience. If you're rebelling against that, then you are still not sturdy because you are waving this flag of, This is not how we do it. And this is how we do it, and I will defend the rights of this family to do it a different way. But that's not sturdy. That's not peaceful. And I think what you're saying is when you say perfection, you don't mean so the bows are all made of satin and everything is glittery. I think your idea of perfection is that we can be sturdy in our peace.




Our joy throughout this regardless of anybody else in this ecosystem and what they're operating from. Like that we can let them be them and we can maintain the sturdy of our own peace and that is the goal.


Yeah, I think for the rest of my life. I seriously think that this holiday and what I'm working on in therapy is this new phase of life, which is so fascinating to me because for some reason, the big metaphors in my books are often about yoga. And in Love Warrior, the big life metaphor for me was I can stay in this room no matter what. It was like this hot yoga. And I was like, No matter what happens in here, I'm going to stay. I'm going to stay. I'm melting, but I'm going to stay on this day. I had to pick up my mat. And that was my 20s and 30s. And then in UnTamed, it was like the metaphor was, Oh, I can just pick up my mat and leave this room. I don't have to be in this hot room anymore with these people. The doors aren't even locked. The door.


Isn't even locked.


Yeah. I can stand up and walk out of here. I don't have to put up with this shit. I'm free. And then I was telling Abby, I was in yoga again a month ago or something, and I was in this room and there was this love bug of an instructor from the East Coast, and she just was doing very serious, hard things. I thought, This is not how we do it here, but okay. It was very hard. So at first I was trying to keep up and my body was like, no, no, no, no. So then I was like, okay, I'm just going to leave. And then I was like, I don't have to leave. I can stay in this room, get my experience of yoga, which is just sit here and breathe. I don't have to do the things that anyone else is doing here. It's a little weird. It's a little embarrassing to just sit on your mat and not do anything while the East Coast instructors yelling to do things.


I think it's funny that you're East Coasting, West Coasting.


I just felt the energy of that. I sat on my mat and just did nothing and breathed for 20 minutes. I didn't have to leave. And it was a sturdyness. I had no boundaries, and I just was tough it out, do the thing forever. And then I was like, Oh, I don't have to stay here. I'm out of here. And now I'm like, I can stay and be me. That's the next step. And that's what I want to do this Christmas because I've walked out... I've walked out of so many things. I've boundaried myself out of connection and out of peace because I'm always trying to make myself safe. I'm always trying to make myself safe from other people. Like safe from food, safe from people, safe from dynamics, safe from the past, safe from whatever. But what if I can be safe where I am?


Is that the final frontier for you? I think so. Is to just be able to be yourself wherever you are?


Yeah, and let other people be themselves wherever I am.


I think it's like when you grow up like us, it's like, are they okay? Are they okay? And your whole life is oriented towards what do I need to do to make them okay? Okay. They're okay. If they're okay, we're okay. It's okay because you're not really okay. But that's not the question you're asking yourself. You're asking, are they okay? Then you grow up and then you're like, Am I okay? You used to police everything you did to make sure they were okay. Then your second step is you're policing everything they do because you're like, Am I okay? Is this okay with me? This is not okay. Now I have to be, That's not okay. Let me tell you it's not okay. We don't do it this way in this house. Not so much with your words, but with your energy.




Am I okay? Then the third place is, I am okay.


Yes. It's good.


And it doesn't matter. I'm going to be okay. You're going to have to make sure you're okay, because I'm not doing that job anymore. I'm no longer asking if what you're doing is going to impact if I'm okay.




My job is to be okay.




It's good.


Having said all that.


Thanks for sharing that all.


I know.


Because I think when you say things out loud, it really helps orient the person you want to be. I've noticed a big shift that's happening in you, and it's beautiful.


Thank you, love. It affects everything. It's obviously so seen in the holiday thing, but it is very much how I do everything. I show up for work or the podcast or anything thinking I have to deliver the thing. It's this buzzy energy that always shows up when I think I'm not good enough. So I have to prepare this self that will show up, which is why, talking to my therapist about this, which is why I have always been like, I have to quit soon. It's like that thing that somebody said to me early on in my career in New York, I was supposed to go into this scary meeting with these scary people. And I said, What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to say? Whitney said, You just have to go in there and be yourself. And I said to Whitney, I don't know how much longer I can keep that up. Yeah. So this idea of what if... Oh, my God, if I could just go... I saw my daughter. Tish had her first musical... She had a concert. She had her first live performance at the Troubidore in Hollywood.


A week before the performance, I was like, Okay, so do you want to get your outfit ready? What are we going to do to wear? She looked at me like, What? I was like, I mean, do you want to go get your outfit ready? Do you want to blah, blah, blah. She was like, No. She was confused about the question. I'll think about it the morning. She's like, I'll just decide that morning and I'm probably just going to wear my flannel. I was like, Okay. I watched this child, 16 year old girl. Before the concert, we got to the thing. I was buzzy energy. Like, Holy shit. How is she going to do this? Crowd there. She's 16 years old. She's never played before on stage. It's the Trubidore. There's all these other acts because it's this combo thing. A lot of these other acts are costomed up. They are background singers. There are people, there are whatever. Performances. Tish's energy is just... You were there, sister.


I've never seen anything like it.


No, her energy was just the same as it always is. She was a little bit lighthearted, a little bit serious, steady. I was like, How is she maintaining this energy?


She was sturdy as shit.


Yes. We're all up in this balcony part looking down. She's about to go on. We've got Chase on FaceTime at college. She steps onto the stage. She's wearing her docs, her drip jeans, her flannel that she wears every day, every other day. Her hair is exactly the same as it is every day. She doesn't have a touch of makeup on. She's exactly her. She stands up there with her guitar and she opens up her mouth and she just gets spiritually naked on stage. Her voice is like, shattered crystal. She's the realest thing I've ever seen on stage. The realest, most beautiful thing I've ever seen on stage. And she is exactly who she is when she's on our couch and no one's there. And then she steps off stage. The crowd is going crazy because people lose their minds when they see the truth, when they are in the presence of presence and not a performance, but a revelation. She wasn't performing. She was revealing herself.




The crowd went crazy. We were stunned.




And we went to her after, of course, we were buzzing like nobody's business. We didn't know what she was until we saw her on stage. She, we didn't know. She was completely steady afterwards. She wasn't even buzzing afterwards. We had seen this thing happen that we were so stunned by. And she was so steady. She was happy, but she wasn't surprised.




She wasn't surprised. I said, Aren't you freaking out? What just happened? Look at them. The crowd is freaking out. And she goes, Well, I knew. I knew that was going to happen. And then she carried on with her day. I looked at her and I thought, If I could do life like that, if I could not lose myself to do my job, if I could be the same everywhere and not assign more importance to any one moment than the other, like just show up and be myself everywhere, I could do this my.


Whole life. Well, I guess the question I have is, what do you think the reasons are that you have carried on this way for so long? What's the root of it? What's the truthy truth inside of it? The worthiness part.


That's it. It has to be not thinking you're good enough. Not really believing that I'm good enough to just show up as me. But it's not knowing who me is for so long, too. And it's the mysterious could it be of this therapy time and this time in my life is what if it is true that I could just show up as me? And by the way, this is what it's all, chain, not dressing up to not wearing makeup. Like, all of this is part of the experiment. Sure.


I think it's really interesting that you've raised three children. You've raised children to look inside of themselves for their worthiness. It's something that you've been chasing maybe your whole life. I think it's really fascinating.


I can look inside myself and what I find is 49 hours of preparation.


I look.


Inside myself, I just find a lot of hustle. Anyway, I think it's awesome that I'm not going to get to Jesus C with my Christmas talk right now, but one of my favorite Christmas carols is the whole prepare him room one. Let every heart.


Prepare him room.


Thank you, Cissy. And Itry to think of it. I just love I keep thinking about all the stories about they showed up at the end and there was no room. They showed up at the doors here, there and there and there and there was no room. There's no room. There's no room. There's no room. There's no room. And I just think this holiday about that and about how in our preparation for perfection, we leave no room for what is.




We don't leave any room for our own peace. And we don't leave room for our people to be themselves. We just squeeze everybody out of the picture so that we can make this perfect picture of what somebody told us it's supposed to be. I just think this holiday, maybe we just burn the picture and we just prepare room for it to be what it is. If you've had loss this year and you have grief, then you just make room for that. If you have had divorce and you have had death and you have had pain and there's room for all of that.




It's like the idea of Christmas is that everybody else was looking for this king in all the shiny places and the joy and the peace and the beauty was in the most unexpected dark corner. I think my prediction is that when we leave room for ourselves and our people and what is, that the magic just comes and we don't have to force it.


It's good.




Also a cost to that pursuit of perfection that we are very aware of now. Yeah. There's a real cost to you, to the experience. It doesn't make it shinier. It just makes it muddled.




I think that part of especially I would venture to guess a lot of the folks listening to this are folks like us who have been conscripted into hustle army and who if things aren't going well, we think it's because we're not enough.




If things are going well, we think it's because we are kicking our own asses. And if we want things to keep going well, we better sure as shit, keep kicking our own asses because we are making it happen. And I think the prepare room is a little bit like, what if not? What if we could have some ease and have joy? What if we could have these beautiful careers and make time to blow dry our hair? What if we could be with our parents and keep our peace? Yeah. What if there's room for all of it?


Yeah. What if it's not our martyrdom that is making the world go around?


There's a little bit of a Christmas message in that. There is, right? That we are not our own Messiah. Yeah, or.


Our family's Messiah.




To the world. There's a different God, and it is not us. Let every heart. ( singing) A blood every heart. So that is our holiday message. Holiday message. And by the way, I'm not just thinking this, I'm doing it. I told the kids, everybody's getting a third of the presents they usually get.


Which thank you, baby Jesus, for calling that rule. That's the best thing that ever happened to me.


Yeah, it's done.


Four gifts per kid. It's amazing. That's the best thing you've ever done for our family.


It was like a month ago that I was like, tell us a few things you want. Then I bought the things and then it's done.


Just so those listening know, there was instant panic, right, on children's faces, and it has since gone away because they too understand that excessive presence is in fact ridiculous.


Well, life is just expectations. Once you set your expectations, you get on board. Whether it's 30 gifts, you're going to wish it was 40. That's right. If it's four gifts, you're going to wish it was 10. It doesn't matter.




We're just always going to wish for more.


They refined their gift choices then. They were like, Oh, I got to whittle this down. I got to prioritize here.


And then they're not spending their entire December just wanting things, making up wants to have so they can tell me what they are. I'm going to put a big bow on my forehead, and I'm going to say, I, my presence is your presence.


I am it.


I am it.


You thought presence were the thing, but my therapist told me, Kids, I am the thing. You are. You are welcome.


You are. You are the greatest present to all of us.


You are such a love.


And you are too, sister.


Podsquad, you-.


You are too, Abbey.


You are too, baby. Well, we all know that. Yeah, that's true. We are so grateful to you, Pod squad, for doing life with us. We actually going to come back on Thursday with beautiful and bruteful holiday stories from you. We're going to celebrate together. We love you, PodSQUAD. Bye. I give you Tish Milton and Brandy Carlisle.


I walked through a fire. I came out the other side. I chased desire, I made sure I got what's mine. And I continue to believe that I'm the one for me. And because I'm mine, I walk the line. I walk the line. I walk the line. I'm not a fan of traveling. I'm not a fan of traveling. I'm not a fan of traveling. I'm not a fan of traveling. Because we're adventurers and heart breaks on a final destination. We stopped asking directions in some places they've never been. And to be loved, we need to be known. We'll finallyon our way back home and through the joy and pain that our lives bring, we can do a hard thing. I hit rock bottom, it felt like a brand new star. I'm not the problem. Sometimes things fall apart. I'm not the problem. Sometimes things fall apart. I continue to believe the best people are free. It took some time, but I'm finally fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. We're adventurers and heart breaks on that. Our final destination is that. We stopped asking directions to places they've never been. And to be loved, we need to be known.


We'll finally find our way back home. And through the joy and pain that our lives bring, we can do a hard thing. I hit rock bottom, it felt like a brand new star. I'm not the problem, sometimes things fall apart. And I continueto believe the best people are free. And it took some time, but I'm finally fine. Because we're adventurers and heart breaks on a final destination. We might get lost, but we're okay now. We've stopped ouring directions to places they've never been. And to be loved, we need to be known. We'll finally find our way back home. And through the joy and pain that our lives bring, we can do hard work. Looking directions in some places they've never been. And to be loved, we need to be known. We'll finally We can fight all the way back home. And through the joy and pain that our lives bring, we can do hard things. Yeah, we can do hard things. Yeah, we can do hard things. Yeah, we can do hard things. We can do hard things.


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