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What's up there? Welcome back to the whoa, that's good. I guess I'm a very special guest on the podcast today. Can I get through this? It's you. Me. De Beers is my guest today. My husband babydaddy. What a mother of a child.


We decided to do a podcast today on some of those questions about baby, her baby, her his baby Hough is coming and we cannot wait to meet him or her, which we will talk about soon. And also, we did do a whole YouTube video that you can go watch and see us talk about it, just some of the details of it and even see some of our family's reactions. And so head over to YouTube after you listen to the podcast.


But this will be specifically answering your questions that you guys have asked on Instagram. Let's do it. Let's do it.


OK, first of all, we'll ask ourselves the question that we always ask everybody else in the podcast. What is the best piece of parenting advice that we've gotten so far?


This is such a difficult question because we've gotten so many good pieces of parenting advice. But I think one of the ones so far that we've gotten and it really stuck out to us that we've kind of just grounded our marriage on so far is just the idea of friendship and just being good friends through parenting. Just be there for one another knowing that we're on the same page or on the same team and just maintaining that friendship that we have. Yeah. So many people are doing make sure that you maintain your friendship and your marriage as you have a baby.


And that's something that we've cultivated even before or find out we were pregnant as just our friendship and that we really focused on working on. And now I can definitely say I'm having a baby with my best friend.


Yep, I'm having a baby with my best friend to help you guys that you guys as. How did we find out what was the highlight? In fact, when I knew I was pregnant.


That is awesome. What you found out by taking a test.


Well, yeah, but how do we find out? Because you are too literal right now. OK, so I will give you all the juicy details. So the highlight which we talked about, this is the YouTube video, too, but it was actually kind of funny. So I did not think I was Fernet, obviously, like it was. Was it a surprise is another question? Yes. Or are we trying. No. No.


Are we not. Not trying. No.


So I guess we should have been that a surprise, but we were super surprised. And so I didn't think I was born at all. We actually just been at Laney and Clayton, my best friend Ladies Gender Reveal Party. And everybody was like, oh, you're next year. And I was like, I don't really know if it's like our timing right now. I don't really know.


The day before we found out, we were like, it's not we were like, let's just wait a while.


Yeah. I mean, we were so excited for letting Clayton and we which did get us in our feels like every Christian was like, oh, be so fun to have a baby. But we just both were like, maybe it's just not the time right now for us. And like, that's great. And we're fine with that. Well, after we had this whole conversation, I wake up and I never eat breakfast. And I know it's the most important meal of the day, but it's not my most important meal of the day.


I'm a dinner girl. What a big dinner. And so I was just like all of a sudden, just like ravenous before a church. I was so hungry and I was like, I mean, ravenous is the only word. You can just it's hungry and pregnant and, you know, that's. So anyways, I was so hungry for church, nobody else was really hungry. And we were running late, so we had to get there. And then after we went to lunch and everybody was kind of like ordering small lunches, like Christian get like in a stable when you got like a quiche.


And I over there ordered a burger and fries it, all of it, then eat a cookie and a half on the way back from Dallas. And then we get back to the house. And like I was so hungry, I was I asked my dad if he can make us some crazy ideas. And then I got ice cream and I, like, just could not get for a day. At the end of the day, I was like, Christian.


Have you noticed how much your age is like? No, not really. But now you say something. I mean, I guess you kind of did, which is so sweet on my husband when a good piece of advice for all you husbands don't come there is your wife all of a sudden just eating like crazy. So anyways, that night I went to bed and I had a dream. I was crazy that I'm going to actually tell more about this dream and another YouTube video because there was so much significance around this.


And I do believe that God can really speak to people through dreams. I don't believe that every dream is like that. Some of my dreams are kind of crazy. OK, and I know that was not failure, but this one was very, very intentional. Like I said, I'll talk about later. And somebody ran up to me, and that's somebody, again, a little on the later story, but they said, you're pregnant. And they actually say you're playing with a little boy, so wake up, and I was like that dream was like so real, I didn't even tell Christian.


I was just like I was just kind of weird. Then Christian left. I went to work out and I was like, you know what? Why don't I just take a pregnancy test? Why not just for fun? So I take the pregnancy test. And before I even get the results, I was like, why do I even take that? I'm probably not pregnant. And I went and finished my makeup because I had an interview to do.


And I go back in after I do my makeup and I see a plus sign and I'm like, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I can't even believe it. And so then I take another pregnancy test and another plus sign and two positives equals a definite positive. And so then I was like freaking out, literally was like laughing with, like, tears streaming down my face. I was just overjoyed. And I was just like thanking God because version I have said, like, since we got married, you know, we kind of left it in God's hands, like we want a baby when God is God's time for us to have a baby, because we believe that it's a gift from God to have a baby is such a blessing.


And we knew that if it was God's timing and it sure enough would be our timing. And so it was just such a miraculous feeling to know that I had a child inside of me. I just like dropped to my knees. I was just so thankful. So then I was like, how are you Christian?


And I have this interview, which I probably on the interview, I was so distracted, you know, during the interview and during the interview, the people were asking, say to you it was I was doing an interview with people like the magazine, but it was their website. And they were like, So when do you and your husband plan on having kids? And y'all I was dying. I was like, oh, maybe so maybe I can't even believe that.


He asked me that. So then we got the phone and I'm like, What am I going do to tell Christian? And you should totally go on YouTube video to see that. But were you not shocked?


I was so shocked. Yeah. And a few months ago, for some reason, I was just sitting in the house and I said, I want to draw Sadie a little drawing. So I drew her a drawing of the song, you know, Sadie and Christian sitting in a tree society. First comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes Sadie with the baby carriage. You did that months, six months ago. Yeah. So I drew that in like sequences of like sitting in the tree, then us kissing the nurse like a baby in a little stroller.


So she said that she was filming something that you are going to come in and then Eruptor.


And I didn't even think I would just never have I ever said she never told me that didn't come in and interrupt me while I'm filming a video for Live Original. But I was like, I don't even know what else to say. And so my plan was I had that drawing and he drew me months ago. He actually saved it for for this moment. I always knew, like, that's how I tell you. But you didn't know. And I had the drawing on top and the positive pregnancy test.


So when Christian was going to come into the video, I was just going to move it and then there the positive test of it. And so that's what I did. And you were I like your face is like the red. Yeah.


Because when I first saw it, for some reason, I thought that that like that you were telling me that you were about to go take a test for some reason. And then when I saw that plus I was like, I didn't say anything for a few seconds because I was just so shocked and like just not expecting that at all.


But I was just so thrilled to just complete shock. And it was just the best feeling.


Yeah, it is very this has been the one that's like I mean, he drew that monster. He's always been like, I can't wait to be a dad, I can't wait to have kids. So you were like, so excited, even though you were you were so shocked. Oh, yeah. It was awesome. Okay, so that leads into the next question. What are you most excited about and what are you most scared about?


Ms. I'm most excited about just the parenting aspect of, you know, just raising up the next generation in this crazy world, but just hoping that that our child will be one that loves Jesus and that wants to to follow him and respects their parents, but also doesn't conform to the pattern in the world. So just really excited to this is Steward. Well, what God's blessed us with and.


I'm so excited. I mean, obviously, for all those reasons, I'm really excited because, like, the Bible talks about so much how we should have childlike faith and faith like a child. And Mama always has me like questions that I would ask her that would push her in her faith. Like one question I asked when I was little was I was like, Mom, if Jesus is going to come get us and we're all going to go up in the sky, how are we not going to, like, burn up by the sun?


And then I said, oh, sorry, I forgot. He's coming at night and they're like, this is so funny as like 30. And I just can't wait for our child to assist in innocent questions and just like have this wild faith and like how they see God, how they see Jesus. Not really knowing yet what the world is like. I can't wait to just be renewed in my own childlike faith and learn from them as we teach them.


And I can't wait for just like the little moments, like to cuddle and just sing over the words just fun stuff. I can't wait. I'm also really excited to just know what their little personality is going to be like. We're so different and Christian are so different. So it'll be funny to see the blend of the two of us and what I was scared about. What are you most scared about?


We talked about this the other week. I think just the idea of hoping everything's healthy with you and with the baby and nothing that really scares me. But I think that would be like my biggest thing, because nothing with parenting really scares me. You know, something like this. Yeah, everything's healthy.


Yeah. I think, you know, it's funny, I talk about this Instagram the other day, but I've never really been scared of the idea of having children or like birthing a child or raising children. I think it's just because my mom had six kids and like we have tons of cousins. A lot of my friends have babies. I've just seen it a lot. And it's not like I'm being naive. I know that's really hard. I know that there are definitely hard things, but I think I'm not as afraid because I know that I have a lot of people around me and a lot of good advice and I feel like we're ready for that.


But when I first got pregnant, what I did not expect is I did get so afraid. Like Christian walked with me through that I was like as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited. And the next day it was like I said, I was so afraid I was going to happen to the baby so very like something was going to happen or what is it going to be healthy. And like, it was crazy because it is truly like the most amazing thing to know that there is a baby and like a life inside of me.


And I can, you know, sure. That love for keeping my body healthy and taking my vitamins and doing those things. But I have, like, no control over how it grows and how what happens. And, like, I have to, like, surrender that to the Lord. But I realize that, like, if I don't surrender as the Lord, like, I'll always have a fear of, like, you know, what if something happens to my child, what if this happens?


Because I don't I don't have control over their life. They are their own life. And I have to trust that that is God's child first before my own, and then he is their protector, not me.


And so I like a really incredible Lord with that. And then I feel like all the fear is gone, truly. But that was like what I was scared about. OK, this is a funny question. How a city feeling any weird cravings.


You know, at the beginning you were craving chicken. Many is eliminated. Yeah.


And then I got off that train because chicken freaks me out all of a sudden. And so the gravy is McCalister spud. Yeah. Just a potato like any for a potato potato cheese on it. I want fries. I want fries and cheese and cheese and cheesy potatoes. That was kind of a weird craving because Angela made it because I hadn't gotten eliminated like since I was ten. All of a sudden every fast food place as lemonade. That's true.


And I haven't gotten a potato. I can tell you all are not potatoes all the time. So, yeah, that was weird. And I have been feeling sick. I definitely got all the morning sickness. But actually when I posted it on Instagram, a lot of people hit me with some great remedies. And so that's been awesome. Like one thing is pretty amazing. Peanut butter toast in the morning before I get out of bed. And that has been a game changer.


And I got these little, like sour candies that I just tried that are amazing that just go to Amazon. Super helpful. Yes, super helpful. All right. Deeper question. Are you already praying for baby HERF super fruitfly? We probably have the second we found out there is a baby earth man. Actually increased my prayer life a lot because, like I said, it was the thing that I I don't have control over, so I have to bring it to God, you know, and we pray over this baby's life so much and we've already prayed over their spouse so much.


Yeah. I mean, I just think prayers are so important. And I know Christian and I like we are like a living testimony to parents who prayed like our parents prayed for us. Our parents prayed for who we marry. And I definitely believe that the hand of God was in all the things that like, oh, no, just different things in our life that are very specific. And so, yeah, I'm a firm believer that we already need to be praying for our baby and just who they are and speaking life over them and all of the things.


Yeah, we definitely prayed, but I haven't sung over the baby that that was sung over the baby.


I'm not the singer, but you have a little bit, maybe a little bit of it.


I can't wait until I find out like then like the gender. I think that'll help because then I can like call them by name and stuff the baby. Yeah.


Because this little baby, you're gonna be so cute.


All right. Now, Scotian, are you hoping for a boy or girl? Oh, I can't answer that. I'm just hoping for a healthy child. Honestly saying, like, we're so split in the middle, like we just want a healthy baby. And we honestly would be so happy with either like these.


Have people have told you the thing? It's a boy. Have people told you to think it's a girl? We've had you've had, like, split even dreams on both gender. Yeah.


So the dream was a boy, but then after how much morning sickness it has turned to. Thank you girl. But it's funny, like one day we'll be like, oh actually we have a boy then of a girl. Yeah.


So I can't pick which one's favorite. I would love the aspect of having a boy from like the being able to like coach them in sports but also love the idea of having a girl just just to see like you can coach them and spoken to one girl.


You if you were a little sports star.


Thank you. Are we finding out the gender. Yes, soon. Super soon, actually.


You guys will find the gender soon, too, because we'll definitely post about it. So I can't wait. Yeah, we actually already have the gender. We just we just don't know I'm dying.


OK, are you going to Chad to have fun. Yeah, no.


Because if, if you did find out then I'd would be really. Oh I know, I know. That's one thing that's keeping me. That's why I'm not surprised because you know that I would be really bad. I you know, we're so excited.


We're going to have a party soon. All right. Baby names. Yes, we do have baby names for both genders. We have our girl name and our boy name, but we aren't even telling our family. Yeah, like his mom was, like for a first letter.


Yes. And like any syllable I can give her anything will she can get.


So would you say we're not going to share. But I will say both names have a lot of intention behind them. So when we do share, we want to share more of like the meaning and stuff like that. Yeah. All right.


Is Karbo ready? Covers are dog. There's no way that dog ready. She is an attention seeker.


She is going to be thrown for a loop. She's either going to be extremely jealous or B, absolutely obsessed. We're praying for the absolutely. But she is by no means ready.


All right. When is the baby do so? We haven't shared yet with anybody more besides family and friends. So we're not going to give the exact date. But we will say the baby is due later spring. Later spring. So be on the lookout, OK? How do we tell everyone honestly, go watch the YouTube video that will give you everything you need to know.


But we told everyone like specific to their interests and specific to like.


Yeah, we made it personal for each person. Lastly, what baby stuff have we bought yet?


Nothing, because I have not let me buy anything. You can wait a few more weeks until you find out the gender.


I know. So also shocking. I have not bought anything because I'm waiting to find out the gender, but so my friends have got me guess and it's been amazing. A little gender neutral thing. Yeah. Wow.


This is a first but to our favorite gifts actually from my mom and my other mom, a mother in law. And they both got me these pregnancy journals. And one is like a pregnancy journal that my mom got me. That's like kind of the fun stuff, like, you know, how much do you weigh?


What do you crave, what dreams you have? What are you most excited about? What are you scared about? All these questions. And the other one is a prayer journal, which is so cool. And so I've been really loving that because I. Again, like we already do, pray for baby. This is really sweet because it's like guide you and your prayer. Like, for instance, I think week nine was like it said, like your baby's forming like their eyes today or this week.


And so pray that they would have eyes to see the true beauty of their girl, pray that they would have eyes to resist from lust their boy and guy doing these scriptural prayers. And then you can write your own personal prayer. So I love that. And for any mom is out there, I highly suggest as a journalist, because one day we'll get to look back and see all of them, all the entries.


But also to end this, we did get some good and bad parenting advice from you guys. And so go ahead and read those. Thanks so much for sending in your good and bad advice. There were good Instagram page. All right, here we go. Too much infection spoils a child. I don't think so.


I don't think so. Well, depends. I think that if there's too much affection and not discipline, then yes. Yeah, I think spoiling a child is like not disciplining your child and like giving them stuff whenever they're like being bad or like not like like a lack of discipline with like over affection, affection. But there will not be a lack of discipline.


No. You're going to have so much affection. But we will discipline this show. All right. Remind your child of who they are, not what they are to do.


Yes. Yes. That is so good. I love that. Yeah. We will always remember just who they are. Like you. So cool. Jeremiah says that the Lord, before he formed us, he knew us. So like, it's so cool to think about the fact that right now we don't know if it's a boy or girl. We don't know anything, but we know the Lord knows them. Yeah. And like the Lord right now is establishing parts of who they are.


And so I just pray that we would steward who they are. I am always says she's like, your kid is going to be your kid is going to be your best job is just a steward who they are. Well. And bring out the best qualities in them. Yeah. And I think that's so cool. OK, your child will learn to read at school. Don't worry about it at home. No, no I can't wait to read your job.


Yeah. Actually nightime. This is so sweet. So of us Brooke Ledgerwood from Hillsong, she sent me this book which they just wrote their first children's book and it's what a beautiful name based off the song. What a beautiful name. And she didn't even know is pregnant. And that was like the week we found out she was sending it because we're. Yeah, uncle. So that is baby's first. But what a beautiful name. So sweet.


That is awesome. OK, leave them alone. They'll figure it out. No, they will not figure it out. Taken from my own self as a child. That's I love my parents. They had so much guidance and they were very upfront about things they struggle with to just be relatable and then speak wisdom. I love that.


Yeah, we will definitely instruct them.


Yeah. So it's good advice and thanks for sparking some great conversations for Christian and I thank you for sparking.


And we're about to get to talk about even more.


We're excited about this. We have we are clearly so excited. Thanks for just going on the journey with us. And don't forget, go watch the YouTube video to see reactions and just more of the story. Yeah, the reactions make it so much more. Thank you so much for listening to the Verdasco podcast, I have so much fun doing this. I hope you all have fun listening. And don't forget to follow me on Instagram allergenicity, Rob, and follow the podcast atwo.


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You guys are awesome and so are all of you, too. Thanks so much for listening.