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What's that? Well, it's good that I'm so excited for this Wednesday, we have an incredible human being coming to be on this park as he has a church church home, a church home at by this point, you already know who I'm talking about. Judah Smith, welcome to the podcast. You're so excited to get to have a conversation with you today.


Oh, my gosh, thank you for saying those nice things about me. I already feel better being with you. I love it. I do hope that you feel just as encouraged as everybody else does today. But we'll start the podcast the way that start of every podcast asking influential people what's the best piece of advice that you've been given? And I know that's a big question, but if you can think of anything somebody said to you that stuck with you, we'd love to hear the best advice I've gotten about just the world and the universe.


And what it is, is that it is it is completely about Jesus. He's the main character. And the Bible is actually not a collection of principles and concepts. It's a love story and it's about a main character. And his name is Jesus. And the entire universe orients around him. He is the focal point and honestly, pain and tragedy and loss. There's a level of, how should I say, kind of understanding that begins to fall into place when we let the main character be the main character.


So it's it's helped me in my darkest nights, I'll say that.


Well, that's so good. When you let the main character be the main character, that's huge. I already feel like we're going to church. This is also like somebody needs to pause right there and just think about that for a minute. So good questions that I had kind of had prepared. It's so funny because this happens every time. I love the way God works. It's like everything I'm going to ask you always just say in the first day, I'm like, exactly.


That is the point right there. And I was going to talk to you. I like your passion for Jesus and just kind of ask you like because whenever I follow you on Instagram for years, watch sermons, all of the things been to church home. I love everything that y'all do and put out.


But something that I've always noticed about you is just your sheer passion for Jesus and passion for people and people around you. And I just wanted to ask you, where does that come from? Where did that come from? When did you get super passionate about sharing Jesus and about Jesus in your own life? Yeah, it really was sad for me and thank you for saying all those nice things are so encouraging now I'm twice as encouraged. This is my favorite podcast in the history of the world.


I'm just going on record to say that this is all encouraging. But honestly, for me, at 16, I kind of had this euphoric, hyper existential experience with God, which I believe all those things are possible. It's what he does. And so he lives in a dimension called the fourth dimension. And so here I am in the third dimension, 16 years old, trying to be a basketball player because I knew that I was the next Allen Iverson.


And I literally found myself on the floor of a prayer meeting, not knowing how I got on the floor. And while I was there at 60, I had a vision of what I'm doing to an extent right now. I saw myself doing things and I woke up from that and I knew he was real. I knew he was alive. I knew he was a person. And I was in love with him. And my life began the day by day take more and more shape of wanting to live like Jesus.


And boy, I feel less spiritual than I was when I was 16 at forty one. But it's an awesome learning process, isn't it? That's awesome. I love that.


And that's probably to be so encouraging to people listening who are younger that you would even say that about yourself back then. Because, you know, I mean, the Bible talks about don't let anyone look down on you because you are young and it's so hard when you're young not to look down on yourself. Right. And think like one day I'm going to have it all figured out. But no, it's in those times that God begins to speak. He begins to give vision.


And I think it's really cool to hear what you said. Like, I just started walking the day by day because I think people get really overwhelmed sometimes. Like they feel like they have a vision, they have a direction from God, but they're like, how is that going to happen for me? And I kind of feel like for me, whenever I started feeling like getting a sense of maybe what God was going to do through me or where he was wanting me to step into it did overwhelm me.


It made me really afraid. But it's that day by day walk, right? Just kind of follow in the footsteps following the trail, the Holy Spirit, the whispers. Right. That's it kind of gets you where you're going. I love that. That's so good.


You are a pastor, obviously, at church home. If you've never been a church home, it's in L.A. It's amazing. You've had just such a success and success, not in a way of like so many people, you've had a success for. So many people come to know Jesus. Right. And just really kingdom on Earth moments in the middle of Los Angeles. I think that's so cool. And I wanted to talk to you about that because, you know, we're about to step into a new college season and most of the people listen to this podcast are in college and going back to college right now.




And I think there's just fear that people tell themselves it's like, okay, like how am I going to share my love with Jesus in this, like, college scene, right. Where people don't know Jesus, people might not be open to Jesus.


And so I wanted to ask you if you're the perfect person to ask, like, how do you get to the confidence and who you are and what God is doing and sharing that no matter where you are?


Oh, man, that's so good. Can we just say to every college student alive right now and I mean this, I know that I'm given to exaggeration and I tell everyone that I love them and I have friends that tell me that's not possible. And I disagree. But the point is, Tim Tebow, if you're out there, you know, I'm talking about you give me grief nonstop. He's like, dude, you can't tell everyone you love him.


I'm like, yes, I can. But anyways, I think college students are heroic. And I just got done telling my 16 and 13 year old and say the same to you. I have no idea what it would be like and how challenging it would be to be a young person, college age, teenage, newly married to live in the social media information age and still have a love like Jesus and a lifestyle that looks like him. I just can't even imagine.


I wasn't wired for I wasn't made for it. I'm forty one and social media almost destroys my soul. I told my kids who obviously are very minimally on social media, but I said, you're my heroes. I don't know how you function, but I know that God has called like our age is even ordained by God. So God knew that college students right now would be college students in twenty twenty in the month of August. So, first of all, you've got to go to the bank on that.


You've got to go. Wait a minute. I was made. But this time I was made for covid. I was made for social justice. I was made for, you know, what's happening in the world. And that's incredible. And then furthermore, when it comes to sharing the message of Jesus, can I just say it like this? I've been married 20 years and it's not the perfect marriage and I'm certainly not the perfect husband. But I'll tell you right now, it doesn't take too long and you don't even need to see the two rings on my fingers.


But you're going to find out real quick. There's this lady named Chelsea, and I am obsessed with her soul, her body, her lifestyle, her values, her beauty, everything about her. And all you got to do is just run into me somewhere and it's going to come out. I'm married. I'm in love. She's incredible. Do you want to see a photo? Here's my kids because it's a person I'm in relationship with when it comes to Jesus.


And that's why we have got to uncover, recover the reality of his person. Let us not forget that we are here today following Jesus because hundreds of people saw a real person beat crucifixion, come out of a grave and levitate into the clouds. And ever since then, everyone's been telling his story because the wild things he taught before he beat Resurrection, we were like, oh, but the moment he beat death, we were like everything he said is true.


And he's changed the world. And that's that passion, which it doesn't really know the confines of doing evangelism, which I think is great. It's just more of a I can't wait to share this romantic love relationship I have with Jesus, with pretty much everyone I come in contact with in some of the most natural, ordinary ways. I love that.


That is so good and it's so practical. It's so real. It's so organic.


And I think those are three words you wouldn't really use when sharing the gospel of Jesus. But when you talk about that love relationship that you're just actually obsessed with, that it's your whole life like, man, that's so natural. I love it. I was actually reading today your book, How Your Soul and something I wanted to talk to you about was the whole idea about love. You said something so brilliant. I thought, I don't want you to kind of unpack it for our listeners.


And if you are listening, he's written a few books and the books are incredible.


Jesus is Christian, loves that book, raves about that book. Thank you. Whenever I was reading today about your relationship with Chelsea and I love how you talk about telling her you love her and I want you to share that story. But then I kind of want you to unpack for us. That whole idea of love is God and God is love, because, man, that blew my mind and I am super passionate about preaching about God is love.


I shared a message at Passion this year about God being love and what that looks like, because I think that, you know, we always talk about Xiangying like we need to redefine the relationship and I'm like, I know Paul kind of already defined love, but I think maybe we should help encourage people what love really is and who got in. So first I'd love for everybody to hear you and Chelsea love story and then just unpack that idea of love is God and God is love.


Well, our love story is unique. Thanks for asking. It's our moms were best friends. They were pregnant together at the same time in this place called Portland, Oregon. It's a wild city that I'm still in love with today. The motto of Portland is Keep Portland weird. I was born and raised in Portland. My mom's best friend also had a baby at around about three months and in those three months they put us in the same nursery. Apparently we started playing together and then the plan was between these two mothers that maybe they could have a boy and a girl and get them married.


So they had a boy, they had a girl, and then they were like, let's start plotting. So every single summer, her family was the wealthy business family, dad. We were the not wealthy pastors family and they paid. Our vacation every summer, but a place called Bend, Oregon, and it's there. We fell in love when we were 11, 12, 13, and I have a box of notes from my life. The only thing we didn't get right is I said, let's have three kids, two girls and a boy.


And we ended up having two boys and a girl. So I was off a little there. But she's my only girlfriend. Wild, I know, but we've been going steady since middle school.


And that wild, amazing, that is like the most ideal situation. You know, you always talk about your best friend, like, I hope our kids fell in love. That actually happened. That's so cool.


What's crazy say is we have all these awesome fun memories. If you remember Blackbutt like eighty nine. Remember, we watched like young writers together. We watched like Rocky, you know. Yeah.


It's cool that Orsa and then thank you for the next question about love. I think what's really important for us to remember is that God is love, but love is not God. Right. And this is really important. And I think partially the infatuation with our culture, with the concept of love and I say infatuation in the most profound deepest meaning ever, because we are obsessed with love in our culture. But of course, our definition of love is inherently very selfish and self-serving.


And so this thing we're obsessed with never seems to deliver because it's actually not what we were made for. We were not made in the name of love to serve ourselves, service ourselves, think about ourselves and revolve our world around ourselves. Because the Bible says that in this, you know, love, this is love, not that we love God, but that he loved us and gave his son as a propitiation big Bible word. That means he took our place.


So love defined by God is giving your self for another. And the Bible says God doesn't do that. That is actually who he is. And the one thing we understand about the character of God is God always acts in consistency with the content of his character. So whoever he is is always how he acts. Now, he's the only person in the universe who does that. It's one of the reasons I'm infatuated. I'm totally in love with him because whatever he says, he's already did it.


He's doing it and will always do it. So when it says that God is love, it is a it is a bombastic declaration of the character of the creator of heaven and earth that he is by definition, he is the selfless giver. He thinks about others, and yet his character is so perfect. If he only thought about himself, he would be right in doing that. But he is the definition and the personification of love. It is who he is.


It is not what he does now. Conversely, we often times in the name of love, we do noble acts, but it's not actually who we are. Or I should say it's our actual inherent desire. What Jesus does is he gives us a desire to live beyond ourselves. Let go of me, myself and I serve our fellow man, be a good neighbor, love our spouse. And when you lose your life, Jesus says it's there, you will find it.


So I truly believe sady if we can define and redefine love as the person of Jesus and let him set the standard of what it is and what it isn't, the world will change as we know it.


A man. I believe that you're so right.


The world is obsessed with love. And you talk about this in the book, that light. Yes, because our soul yearns for that. Like that's in us because that is who God is. I love there's a quote in your book and I always like to quote people in their own because it's like kind of the best piece of advice I receive is if everyone is doing love by his your own definition, it would be a pandemonium. And I'm like, that's so true.


But that's what we're doing. Like, yep, we are defining it for ourselves and we're kind of running in blindly because we keep redefining it as our feelings take over and our emotions take over and then we end up somewhere we didn't mean to be or need to be.


But when we center on God and God is love and we realize love is so much bigger than this just obsession we have, but we're obsessed with God, it helps define even what love looks like in our relationships based on the truth of his word. And so when I was reading that, I was just like, yes, yes, even yes. I want you to say, you know, you're super encouraging person. I think probably by nature you're just a encourager.


And I don't know if that's true or not, but it seems to be during this time. I know a lot of people are discouraged, right? There's it's been a wild year. Like you can't ignore it. You can't not see that. And so I'm just wondering for you and your life, like in your relationship with God, what's encouraging you in this time that keeps hope alive, that keeps you smiling, keep you happy? Because I think people are getting to the point where they're like a can.


No, Jesus is real. If you're a Christian, I know God is real, but yeah, I'm so discouraged. And what is it for you that's kind of waking you up in the morning and reviving kind of your own heart?


It's definitely that none of this surprises God, right. We've got to keep. To say that, like, none of this surprises God, God is in control, he sits in the heavens, the earth, this is Otterman, and he laughs at those who oppose his plan and purpose. He laughs because it is an impossibility to stop the plan and purpose of God in the earth. It will come to pass. His will will be done, kingdom come will be done.


It's happening as we speak. Now, having said that, I think here's the intersection that we're all kind of either at and need to kind of understand biblically. And that is we are wondering because God is eternal, because God is the forever God, because God is he literally lives in a different dimension. He made the one temporarily that we live in. But there will be a day where it will give way to forever. Forever will actually take over time and space.


Having said that, I think theologically what we've done is we have minimized time and space. What I mean by that is we have said, well, it doesn't matter. And all this is fruitless and all this is futile. And of course, Solomon, before Jesus, before redemption, before the cross, he ends his Romans and Ecclesiastes by saying it doesn't matter. Life is fruitless. Dear God, keep his commandments. Well, that's Solomon expressing a cry for a savior to bring purpose and definition.


The savior has come. So here's what we know. The Savior is invested in time and space, and I'll prove that to you. The shortest verse and all the New Testament is Jesus wept. And yet it's one of the most significant theological verses we have today, particularly around our everyday life. Because here's the reality. When Jesus wept about three verses later, if I'm not mistaken, he raises Lazarus from the dead, which is the very reason he's crying.


He's crying because Lazarus is dead and his closest friends, Mary, Martha and Lazarus, Lazarus is dead. But Mary and Martha, the older sisters of Lazarus, are devastated. In fact, they told Jesus, you are late because you're late. You couldn't heal him and now he's dead. It's your fault. Jesus weeps. And here's my question. Here's the theological question, which I think is so pertinent right now. Why does Jesus cry when he knows he's going to change the outcome?


And here's why. Because the pain Mary and Martha felt, let's call it in that verse, is not any less or any less real just because Jesus is going to solve it three verses later. And I want to say this to Christians everywhere with this view that heaven's come in, we're going to get there, everything's going to be fine. All this is fruitless and pointless. And we shouldn't do any of these initiatives and helping people and serving people.


But wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Yes, heaven's coming. But Jesus cares about right now. So I just want to say this. For all those weeping, for all those hurting, for all those broken, do not accept that Jesus is in heaven going you're going to be with me forever. Stop crying. Get over it. No, that's not the Jesus, the Jesus you love and you serve in your worship is with you right now in your bedroom.


He's with you right now in that car. He's with you in that park. You're sitting on that blanket in that central park of your university listening to this podcast, thinking to yourself, is Jesus with me? And does he love me? I'm telling you the same Jesus who wept with Mary and Martha over their little brother Lazarus is the same Jesus that is feeling your pain, that empathizes with you, that loves you and knows your weakness. And he is not going to leave you.


And I promise you, he will walk through whatever you're going through. And that continues to help me get up in the morning and not only know that Jesus is weeping with me, but also being willing to weep with my friends who are weeping as well. Wow. I didn't mean to preach a sermon. Say, I just get so excited. I am so excited. Like, that's not just wake you up in the world. That's like running in the morning.


That is like that is exactly what I needed to hear. That is I know exactly what so many need to hear. That question that you asked, why did Jesus weep if he knew is getting out? I've actually never thought about that when I read the Bible. I like to ask a lot of questions and think about the things that I never thought about that. But to know that Jesus was with them in their moment, I mean, that is a revelation.


I'm glad that you share with me today. Personally, I hope that so many people take that and actually think about those words and think about what you just said, that you're not just waiting until heaven, because sometimes I think I even do. I'm like, okay, well, this world is not my home, you know, like we used to say this and this world is not my home. I'm just passing through. Sometimes I'm like, yeah, maybe I'm just like that.


But no, like, God cares about the present moment. And just like you said earlier to the college students that, you know, God knew you were going to be alive in this moment, like you, you're a for this moment, you're there's something in you for this moment and all of these things I mean, even just in my own life, I'm sitting here, my man. I needed this like. Yes. And a man.


So I know so many people are going to be so encouraged. I want to end it on that. But I do just want to ask one more thing, because this morning I was I was just praying. And preparing for it, just this conversation, I started to think about so many people who aren't Christians or maybe who were and have kind of slipped away or just actually had no interest in going back to a church or back to faith because maybe a church, her or maybe her, between them and God, or maybe they've never even thought about who got really other than what they've heard.


And I think we really could just ask a pastor like as a pastor, when people come into your church, like, what do you hope they feel when they leave? Because I think a lot of people have this idea of maybe what church is going to be like, but they've just never stepped in. They don't know or maybe they knew what it was or what it had been to them and they were hurt by it. So they think all churches like that.


But I feel like you redeemed so many things for what people who have been religious have thought of, who people who haven't, you know, know anything about Jesus have thought of you redeem that by setting out the gospel in such a beautiful, truthful and loving way. And so for you as a pastor, when people come into your doors and they sit in church home, like, how do you hope that they leave and what do you hope they leave knowing?


There's a story of an old, very wise, brilliant college professor and the first day of his freshman class in this particular university, United States of America, he's doing math and he writes on the board a math problem and the answer and it's correct. Then he writes up the same math problem and the answer and it's correct. He writes up another math problem, the same one. And the answer is correct. He writes it up again about the sixth or seventh time this brilliant professor writes up the same math problem and actually writes the wrong answer.


Wow. Chuckles Beginning to break out in this elite professor's classroom as the freshmen begin to chuckle at the thought that the brilliant professor actually got his own math equation wrong. Now he writes up the right equation and the right answer again, another 15 to 20 times he turns around to chuckles and one courageous freshman raises a hand and says, Professor, sir, he's like, yes, because you actually got it wrong. And he goes, You're right. Welcome to life.


Wow. Welcome to life. You can get it right every time, but the one time you get it wrong. This world will laugh at you. Wow. This world will think you are less. This world will conclude you are dumb. And he went on, but I think what he's explaining is the dynamics of the human condition and the human nature. You can get everything right in your life, which no one does. But the few things you do dumb, even sometimes the people you love the most just have it in our nature to remind you, almost tear you down so you don't get a big head.


And we remind each other of our weaknesses. I want to build a community like Jesus where we remind people not of their shortcomings and their weaknesses. The Holy Spirit is so faithful and he will show us where to grow. But the difference between condemnation and conviction must. We must put our arms around this not only as storytellers and communicators of the Gospel, but Jesus followers at large. We must ask ourselves, are we going to embrace conviction, which, by the way, conviction?


Is this conviction? Is God saying, hey, this isn't who you are, let's change this and everything inside of you goes, yes, let's do it. Condemnation says you're an idiot, you got it wrong and you'll never do what you think you're supposed to do. I want to build a community where you can write up the same math problem and get it wrong every time and everybody in the room jumps up, surrounds you at the chalkboard and says, hey, we've got it wrong, too.


Let's do this together so we can get it right and we can believe in each other. And I want people to leave church and believe that they can fly sady that they can fly. So why don't we get to go to Aladin and think we can fly? Why can't I come to church and feel like Jesus will help me walk on water, Jesus. Or help me do miracles? Because honestly, to live a life this day of purpose, you need the miraculous power of Jesus.


So I'm passionate. And you know what? When people criticize us, let them say those people, they're so positive, they're so loving, they're so kind, they're so considerate. Let that be their criticism and and not be OK. I can sleep at night knowing that the criticism towards me is that I'm I'm too welcoming. I'm too kind to encouraging. I'm too it's like, you know what? That's me. That is charge Ray.


I love that. So good man. I love that there's five Gazza's card. Well, that's good. But it's kind of funny sometimes because I don't even realize how much I said, well, that's good. I think I've said that, like, I think I've replied that like five times at least to the things that you've said. But seriously, it's so good and so helpful and I can't get over how. So many things you said just made me personally so encourage and so inspired to deepen even my faith in this time what God's doing, what he's put in me for this time.


And so thank you. I know it's going to help so many people. You know, you're the real deal. You know, I just support everything they are doing and encourage so many people. If you haven't got the church home out for those listening, it's so great. They have guided prayers, a community of people going on this. That is a part of I know their church, home, church, but be a part of it because God at prayers, marriage Monday with him and Chelsea.


So much encouragement and I know it will bless you in your daily life and devotions and stuff. So, Judah, thank you so much. I appreciate it. And I cannot wait for people to listen to this city.


Thank you so much. And congratulations to you and Christian on your marriage. It's going to last one hundred and fifty years, probably because of technology. You guys will live forever. But I love you, too. I love who you are. I love what you represent. Thank you for being a godly gospel force in the universe. It means the world. And thank you for having me on.


Thank you. That means so much. We love you too and appreciate you so much. Tell your family we said I promise. Thank you. Say the. All right, everybody. All right, everybody. Well, here's the thing. Well, here's the thing. And you're kidding me.


Oh, my gosh, I'm so excited because, like, what did you do, Smith?


Not just preach the word literally preached like 30 minutes, leaving the chat box. If you're, like, shook because we're shook, I'm like, if we could raise our hair right now and just say amen. And we'd all be raised his name because that was church administrator. So good. But now we are going to get the good advice that you guys sent into the world. That's good. Hi, guys. Instagram page. Some good, maybe some bad.


We'll see what you chose to send in to see. All right. Be a problem solver, not a problem.


Announcer That's good advice. That's great. I feel like if you're a problem. Announcer Then you're just one of those people that gossip. And yeah, I feel like you're worried or anxious. Like, I feel like when there's a problem that's normally already known that it's a problem. And sometimes we like to just repeat that there's a problem over and over again when it's like, yeah, we can't fix it right now. We just need to figure out how to solve it.


The world needs more problem solvers. Yeah.


Oh, this is a core life is sure to do at least one thing you love every day. Great advice if you're to take that advice, what would you do today, what I did today? Life is short. Do one thing today that you love that I love drinking milkshake. I like that I drank too much yesterday, were already on the straight. You do? What would I do? I play tennis with everybody. Oh, that's my friends and family.


That's what that's the same amount.


That's better than my answer.


But I'm thinking like we do that, like, every day. Yeah, I know that's true. I do often, but not every day. It's scary. You can't please everyone. Oh yes, that's true. So that's just like that, Jack. Like that's just something you just need to know. As you said, he said that in his message. Yeah.


I love you. I love what you said. Then he's like, you know, if people are going to criticize me, I hope they're criticizing me because I'm too nice. And too often we aim to love him, too. This is like that's the best compliment. If you're, like, living a life like it's like, what would you do if I'm living a life trying to be like Jesus and people criticize me for that and take a note from Jesus, he was like, well, they hated me first.


Right. Take heart. You can't please everyone. I like this have a childlike faith and mature attitude.


That is good. Yeah. Jesus talks all throughout the scriptures of having faith like a child. And you can learn a lot from children. Yeah, you can learn a lot from children. But I know that if I was like a child, you might lose this.


We probably wouldn't be married if I was not valid.


Valid. Yeah. Good advice. All right. Let me be a warrior, not a warrior. Love that. You guys are sitting in some goals like we used to have, like some pretty weird advisors. Like, not good advice, but it was funny because we said and getting bad advice, I would still be like, so if you've ever gotten, like, super bad advice is like just hilarious and comical, we love to read it. But this is like good.


It's a good bumper sticker. I love that. That is a bumper sticker. Is a bumper sticker. All right. I'll do one more. One more. I would say this because I think that many will probably disagree. Keep it simple. I think that's what I'm trying to think of something, because you're trying to think what I'm going to say, but it's from the office.


And Michael asks Dwight, what's the best advice I've given you in the Dwight said, Kiss. Keep it simple. Stupid, huh?


I know that was my first goals, whether it's good boss Michael Scott. Well, nobody knows the Elvis or the anchors. And I challenge you, OK? Besides his brother, maybe, but. And your brother. I think people do. But he loves it a lot. But no, I was going to say, look, I think there is beauty to simplicity in the fact of I even what we in other day like I will rejoice in the simple gospel.


There's beauty to simplicity. But I also feel like expressing yourself and sharing details and stuff like that can also add a level of death to stories that can be like a connecting point for different people. But you're very simple. You would say what I would say in 20 words in five. That's so true.


Yeah, I'm a man of few words. But Jesus, when he gives his parables, I think that he I don't know if they were trying to be simple, but they were they were saying it makes you want to think, yeah, you made you want to like he wanted you to think if you wanted to make it appear simple. But there's so much so much richness to it.


That's what you can read the same scripture like so many times when you get something different out of each time. Yeah. Anyway, it's great advice, guys. So stoked about this because I know you are going to have a lot of fun for a lot of little nuggets, nuggets to chew on, to chew on chick air. It's my pleasure. Going to nuggets. We try to get a chick fillet on Sunday to get a twelve count, but they were closed.


Now we're not keeping it simple anyways. Can't wait for next week. Hope you guys enjoy this awesome message from Juda and our time talking. I am sorry. Thank you so much for listening to the Verdasco podcast. I have so much fun doing this. I hope you'll have fun listening. And don't forget to follow me on Instagram at Leggate City, Rob, and follow the podcast atwo. That's good podcast. I don't know where to live. Original and dotcom to see when I'm in a city near you or visit live original blog on our online store, which carries my exclusive words by City Rob line.


Also, be sure to subscribe to our podcast and leave comment so we can hear what you're loving. Also want to give a special shout out to my audio engineer, Marcus Cipolla, the whole team, United Talent Agency and my live original team. You guys are awesome and so are all of you, too.


Thanks so much for listening.