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Get ready for the most incredible cinematic experience of the decade from director Christopher Nolan. All I have is a word talent. It it'll open the right doors, some of the wrong ones to hit bond on acid. Critics are calling it spectacular epic, a masterpiece seen on the biggest screen you can.


We're trying to prevent World War three nuclear holocaust, something less terror in cinemas now. Certificate 12 A.


What's up? Well, that's good. Yeah, this is a very special episode, clearly, because I'm actually in person with our guest and we have an amazing guest today, if you don't know her. This is Frannie is your last name. So Cash is King now. OK, say, that's like so similar only to love.


That's awesome. So, Frannie, can you do it for any cash? She is in we the Kingdom, a family band. Right. And we band. I love it because my family does so much together. And they also just had a new album come out August seven. So you need to go check it out. I love it. I love it so much.


What's the name of the album? Thank you for listening. It's called Holy Water. I wasn't sure. I was like, am I going to butcher this because I love the song so much as I love every song in the album. They're all great. But that is the album name for very good reasons. Everybody go check that out. And this episode is going to be also a little bit different is so fun because I actually have somebody to answer the DMZ with me.


So like times we go to the DMZ soon on the word that's good, I guess Instagram page and today and want to see me answering them, but it will be a Frannie's. We have some more wisdom and fun over here. But first, because it is the Let's Go podcast and you never been on it, what is the best piece of advice that you've ever been given?


Oh, it's so hard because I know given so much good advice and I was kind of thinking through this because I love your podcasts and I love you ask that question. And one of my friends one time told me she's a dear friend and mentor of mine. She told me to live from love and not for love. That's great.


And I love that because I think when you live like you're loved by God and everything out of that, just there's a beautiful flow from that. You're not trying to earn her approval. You're not trying to earn his affection. It doesn't matter the good the bad things that you do, it just matters that you're loved. And I think, yeah, it's just everything is sweeter from that place. So your motivations are pure, I think.


And so I'm still trying to to learn what that means in every moment to live from the secure place of knowing that God loves me. But it. Yeah, yeah. It's so good. I love it.


It takes out that like desperation. I feel like, you know how we joke. We're like, girl, you thirsty but really like you, you're desperate for that love.


And my little sister said this every day. I thought it was genius. She's 17, but she should be like forty five because she's so smart.


But these girls were like talking to her about relationships and she was like, yeah, like I've been in some really bad relationships. And then they said, Oh, and then you met Jaga, which is her boyfriend now and she said No.


Then I met Jesus and I was like, come on. And she was like, because had I not met Jesus, then I wouldn't have a relationship with Jacob. And I think that's kind of just like goes along with what you're saying is, I mean, we live in that place like we know love, we've met love, you know, then you can walk into love in other ways, whether it's a boyfriend, your husband, your friendships or anything.


So I love that. What a great way to kick this off. But people send in some great demos. And I know you recently got married. We talked about the name change. So somebody asked a question about that. They said have recently been struggling with the idea of the one. How do you know when your husband was the one for you? Do you think they got handpicks, the one that you're supposed to be with for the rest of your life?


Wow, that's a great question. I don't think that there's one person for you. I think that if that was the case, we would have all messed it up.




By now, I do think that there's a person and there are people that you can be more compatible with, at least for me, with my story. I started dating Austin a little over a year and a half ago and I had so much anxiety at the beginning of it. I just just gone out of a relationship that it ended OK. Just wasn't the person that I felt like I was supposed to marry. So I was still trying to recover from that and didn't want to have my heart broken again and all that.


So I had a lot of anxiety with Austin and I think I felt that fear of having a relationship fail. I took that. Yeah, God saying no and he's not the one all that. So it really sent me into a long process with the Lord where I was just really confused. And I think I would get discouraged when I heard other people be like, oh, I knew two weeks in. And I was like, I was five months in.


And I did. I still didn't know. But but I kept praying and being like, Lord, I literally will break up at any moment. It he's not the person that that I'm supposed to marry is is not the right time of my heart's not in the right place, whatever it is.


And eventually like I definitely had that moment where I just had so much peace, so much confidence that he was the person that I was was to marry. I do think, though, that if I had married someone else who loved the Lord and I think I would bless that, but I definitely think it's good to wait for his direction and through prayer and all that.


So that's great. I love that.


I actually 100 percent agree with you because I think if we put the pressure on ourselves that it's just one person we like view it as like this treasure hunt, like we had to find the one person.


And how are you going to find the one person? Seven billion people like the Lord is going to lead us to those people.


But there are the one whenever they're compatible with what God's doing in your life. And they're. Pushing you forward and, you know, in Genesis, it's a very simple thing of talking about the ones like gods, I am going to create a helper for you because it's not good for man to be alone. So let's think of it like that. Like, is the person helping you? Is it good for you? It is a good relationship. Are you better with them?


Are you running towards your God sized dreams? And I the same way with Christian, like when we started dating, we took it slow at the beginning, really slow because he was my sister's friend and I was like, he's my sister's friend, you know?


And so I was like, I don't know, I can see this. But I was like you. And I thought it was awesome.


So we just kept talking, kept talking and talking. And then I was the same way. I was like, Lord, this is not the relationship that you have for me. Like, I would give it up in a heartbeat.


And even though I'm starting to love him, I love you more. Again, like from love, like I love you more. I don't want to do anything that's going to separate me from you. God, I want something that's going to bring me even closer to you. And then I started realizing, like, Christian really was bringing me closer to him. I was so much stronger, so much more confident. And that's when, you know, like this person could very well be the one.


All right. So we have so many great questions. Somebody says, how do you keep your friends close while you're in a relationship? And I want to ask you this because I kind of struggle with this and my friends and I had so many conversations about this, but when you started dating, you're like, it's so hard to navigate.


But what did that look like for you?


Most of my closest friends are long distance. They were in college or in different parts of the world. And so that made it even more challenging, I think. But I think it is really important to try, at least in the first half of your dating, the first part of dating.


I think it's really important to to really have your girls talk to them, tell them to tell them what's up, tell them what's going on, like how you feel about him, because even it was so sweet at our wedding, a couple of my best friends who I'd really like been filling in on all the details, the process of all of how I fell in love with us.


And they got to talk about that at the wedding.


I remember this stage as a stage, and I just think that's such a gift to have people that get to see and be a part of your journey. I do think there's a transition that needs to happen towards, you know, engagement and into marriage where you definitely have your husband be the first person. True. But even then, like, I think when I go spend time with my girls and with my friends, with my band, with my people, then it's awesome to come back.


And I feel even more like for for awesome, you know. So I think it's important to, even when you're married, have your people and spend time with those other people. But I mean, I love doing everything with Austin shattered heart surgery.


Now I feel the same way. And it's funny because, like, when you do go do whatever you like, go hang out with your friends or even he goes and takes his friends.


It's so fun when you come out together, especially you're married because you're like fresh content, like so and so. Then it makes you like fall in love all over again. And so I just spend a day with your brother, your husband like this to like, you know, yourself, your groupie, your crazy.


But when you're with like your friends, like this other level of untap craziness, that you go back and you're like, still that high. Totally awesome. I love it.


But yeah, for me and my friends, we navigated that a little bit like Lainie and I, best friends. And she and I always pray that we can meet our husbands at the same time. And it was so cool because literally on the first day Laney came because it was like a group thing. Sarah Crazy. All of our friends, like came Winslet, Brian Gunther and Christian was there. And Lady was like, mad at me. I didn't know until later because she was so mad that I was going on a date before she had a date because she was, like we said, the same time.


I like girls sorry. Like the Lord. I cannot live with this happen. Who was my husband. So this whole talk. So while we're there, I was just so I were there she goes, I'm going to go scout up my options. And she was sober and so dramatically I to school and she goes, he's pretty cute. And as you think, he's cute and my mom is actually these cute. She's like, that's my friends like nephew.


I'm going to go Todd's in on let me introduce your lady so she does. Sure enough, that's Clayton who lady married to be a Christian. Got married. Yes. So they met Arbour's. They got engaged to exaggerate. I got married two weeks after us. So I mean, literally at the same time where that is. Yes. And I say to say like lady like we joke while having that, but she actually really was mad and it's like funny because, you know, we can't see the full picture that God has.


Right. So sometimes we get frustrated and we take that out on our friends. But like, if you just like, move that to prayer, like wait and see what God is going to do because he had, like, this beautiful story for us. And it's funny because, like, now we laugh at anything that but God just had this epic plan. And that's not always God's plan is very different from what I mean, you're going to meet your guy two weeks after your best friend.


You know that that isn't always happen. And there were hard things that he and Laney had to navigate through that were totally different than that. But as I say, like, if that's you hang on for a little bit. Just trust. I'm in the process, he writes great stories, great, especially those love stories, great. He's really good at it.


Yes, good thinking back to when you were single, because I know we have a lot of single ladies out there, single guys to watch. What are some of those prayers that you pray in that time and one of that time look like for you whenever you were single?


I honestly, I loved I loved being single. I really did, because I think that God does write beautiful love stories with a man and a woman, but he writes even her love stories with himself.


And I mean, I could cry thinking about it. God really drew me so close to his heart and loved on me so much during that time where it was like just us and it was so special.


Like I remember I did why when I heard why. So I did why, when? And during my time there, I just experienced so much closeness to the Lord. And obviously not every season of my life has felt like that. There have been some really, really hard seasons. But that one in particular was a season where I felt God pursuing my heart and calling me away with him. And I come away, my beloved, let me talk to you.


And and that time was so beautiful. I just I remember getting this ring where I would like every time I loved it, I would think of the Lord. And it was it was really sweet. So it's just a time for that. And then one of my friends was like, you can go on dates with God.


And I was like, no, because I'm Jesus is not just our boyfriend.


He's a reverent, high and amazing. He's a God of all creation. He's Jesus the savior of the world. He's so much. But he he is our lover. So being able to to go on days with the Lord and like, read my Bible or pray or whatever, it was just so rich.


I took a trip by myself one time and by myself I was like, bring all the time. And it was amazing. And I think, like, I actually never I didn't know if I was going to get married. I didn't know if I wanted to be married. I didn't know if that was what God had for me. So I never really prayed like for my future husband, which I probably should have now. But God, he covered.


So he had your back. I never really prayed for that.


I really just like, think that that time of falling in love with Jesus was what prepared my heart for marriage.


And I was even thinking about this morning, I was like, I've been and obviously there have been crazy seasons, but I love the Lord for a while. And so it's been like we've had way longer relationship than Austin. And yeah, that's kind of nice. And I like being together for way longer than, you know, we've been together like twenty three years ago. But but it was sweet I think.


Yeah. I mean, God wants to love on you and I love this really good at it. So that's great. I hope. I love it.


As I said, you know, hey, I will go that far because I'm like, no, I need to love this. You know, whenever I was single, I would say I made the mistake of constantly trying to just have a guy in my life, have a boy in my life. And when I look back, I'm like, why did I do that? You know, why did I why did I do that?


Like, I was just totally dating today. Dating because it was nice to have somebody there. Nice to have somebody around. But hindsight, twenty twenty kind of hurting me a lot, you know, like they were just more hurt and time that I could have spent just myself with the Lord. Now again, God covered me and he's so good. And throughout the whole time I felt like I was deepening my relationship with the Lord. But at the same time I was distracting myself with other guys.


And so I had moments of single I so and, you know, it's crazy. I love them, as I'm saying, like it was so good and it was so good for most of the Lord. But then I kept going back into that allure of like wanting a boyfriend. And so I think when I met Christian, the amazing thing is the day before I met him, I told my friends because I knew I was on the cycle like everybody.


So I kept dating God for after guy. I said, you know, I'm done with this. I Berghaus guys like I'm doing this. I'm like, I'm not letting anybody for like, at least to the end of the year. I was Anjali's is like, give us six months. I was like, I'm starving this pattern, all this stuff. And my friend was like, OK, I'm recording. You say this. It was actually Lady and Gracy.


So I turn on the recorder and like, this is central and I'm done dating until the end of this year. All this stuff. And the next day I was at the beach and I saw. Yes. And I was like, dang it. I immediately was like, why do I? But I knew because my problems in the way I was saying this time and I looked at them at first, I said, delete the video. And then later he was like, no, she's like, you do not do delete.


And so I was like, OK, I will not talk to him, I will avoid him. So I said, what do you have at all costs? And he was like, back there standing by Sarah Grace. I remember I was like, he's going to do one of them and I'm going to be so mad at me that I was like, Laura, how so? I avoided the whole I said the very end of that. I know.


Did he pick up on that idea one year later? Yes. At the time I know all my friends say he was trying to catch up to me the whole time, but I was like high tailing. So we really all in a circle.


At the end of the night. It was so funny. I said something about. I had just gone skydiving and I was like, oh, it amazing. And then Christian Zillah oh, would you ever go like a shark cage? I mean, I was like, no. And he was like, I was I'm like, he's a man, you know, like, I started to, like, think he's kind of cute and that then at the Internet, he says, hey, you know, I'm the only person in my family that you don't follow on Instagram.


And I was like, ha ha.


And I knew I did it. And I was like I was like, oh, that's crazy. And then I avoided it. I was like, I can't fire her because I started yelling and, you know, and then I gave it like three days. There's not. Oh, girl is hey, give yourself three days. You know, like three days is a good time. Jesus said three days and do you give yourself some time to think about it.


And then I was like, OK, you know, I'm not dating him far.


I'm Instagram just five minutes from. So I follow him and I get this notification pop up. And I was like, did he already tell me that is so weird and like that was so fast. And I click on it and he admits to years ago I never saw it. And I got Guy writing a really beautiful story. He had like seen me at Passion and he was like, I loved in your life. So we started like not talking but literally just talking, getting to know each other.


And like for like two months we had just like talked his friends, like, we didn't flirt. Like my friends would be like Christian. I'm like, no, don't even say it. Like, we're not like we have not flirted at all. We're talking about like the Bible. We're talking about like books or reading sermons we're listening to. And what it did, though, is that repositioning of my heart. It's like I'm not going to date for a while.


It's slow me down to get to know him as a person. And like every other issue I've been in, literally lasted two months for us. We like talked too much about getting to know each other before we ever, like, stepped into dating. And so for you, like maybe you're her story and you, like, broked singlehood. You're like, oh, I definitely yeah.


Hard date. Did not have as much as I should do is hard days. But just in the sense of like I travel by myself, I got to know myself, I had the sweet time of the Lord like he is the creator of all things. But he's also the one that I love, like those things. Or maybe you're like me and you just like consistently like put a guy in your life to just decide to date, like, God's going to cover you all things he's on all things.


He is full of himself. But at the same time, it's never too late to stop a pattern or a cycle that you're going on and just reposition your heart with the Lord. And it's never too late to say, OK, guy like I'm in a great place with you and now this guy is great and that is it. I mean, you're replacing God with this guy is walking me into your story. And so wherever you're at God's in it and he's good because he's literally like writing the story of your life and with you and all the things I love that we decide that I love it, too.


I do think there's another cycle that we can have. And in our heart, sometimes we feel like we have to know the person is the one so true state that we go on.


And I think I think I did that when I dated Guy and be like God like wants me.


I like that. Wasn't like God's will would be like God probably wants me to marry him.


And I was wasn't and I put too much. So I think that going on a date here and there is so it can be really healthy actually. So you're the person with respect. And if it's like, you know, just threw a good coffee or dinner date, like, that's good. I think I put the pressure on. I love that you spent two months just feeling it out, like, same with us. And now we were really good friends for a while and didn't put any pressure on it.


And even after we were officially dating, I didn't know if we were going to get married. And I don't think that's a bad place to be. I think keeping your hands open. So she's healthy and until, you know, so like has for you to be a person because people say, like date someone with the intention to marry them in like that is so true.


Like date someone the intention to marry them. That doesn't mean you have to marry them. It's like, you know, that's what I say, because I'd be like, love is patient. Love is kind of my boyfriend's. And if she's like four, yes, that's God's love.


And that's for marriage. Like those are whenever you're going to really have to, like, fight through things you work through these days and they show signs that they're not the one, it's OK to break up because you're considering the one in the future. You know, I mean, such a good point. Yeah.


It's twenty five years since Father Ted was on the telly. That's a long time. I mean, it's nearly twenty six years. So the that most are releasing a set of four commemorative lamps. We can get them at your post office or up on Slash Father Ted, send them to people. You know why we just had lunch. Oh right. They're actually stamps. Yeah. A great bunch of stops and laughs and fun sundlun unposed for your world.


Awesome. OK, so this is so relatable, but I want to kind of add a little bit to this, but they said, how do you deal with someone who is spreading false rumors about you?


Oh, I feel like I was in high school, but I am still dealing with as a young adult, too, I struggle to not get angry. I wanted to find truth. Do I decide to speak up? So basically, she's going through a lot. And I feel like a lot of people feel that way.


And I do think that people think that's just for high school, but it's not so for you. Have you dealt with that? And to I think you could even go into the social media aspect of things. I mean, you all have a following dealing with comments or people and all those things. How do you go through that?


Well, first of all, I mean, I'm so sorry. That is so painful that so that is so hard and that's really sad. And even though you know who you are and you're God's child and you're everything that he says you are, that still is so painful.


And it's been painful for me when I've experienced slander, when I've experienced that. And and yeah. And for me, in terms of when there have been rumors spread, I think the best way is to go. The Bible says if your brother has an order against you to go to your brother and and to confront him. And it's like when your brother has a problem with you, you go to him. And so I think it's important to go to the person that is spreading the rumors or who is saying false things about yours being hurtful to you.


And until, like, talk to them about it, buy them coffee, be like, hey, I just don't understand, you know, what's what did I do to do this or, you know, whatever. Just have a really good, healthy conversation. And if they're not willing to talk about it and if they're still bitter towards you or if they're still spreading those rumors to I mean, really the only thing you can do is, is love.


And I think obviously there's probably going to be a righteous anger that you feel there's going to be an anger that you feel. I felt bad. And there's a difference between the toxic anger and the and the righteous anger and the toxic anger. I mean, that can only be healed through forgiveness, which takes a long time. But then righteous anger is good because it shows you your heart's motives, your desires of your heart, your your passions for justice and greed and stuff.


And I think that if you let the Lord use your passion for justice, you've experienced being hurt, then it will be good to help other people, you know. And so in terms of like the comments, I think our music, some of the songs are different from what other people have heard in the Christian music world and stuff. And there's some things we talk a lot about vulnerability or all these kinds of things. And we do get a lot of comments where people were are frustrated or offended or.


Yeah, there have been some really hurtful comments about how the music is like Hellishness because it's like rowdy and it's like we need to go back to the hymns of old and demons or crazy stuff like like, wow, how did you get there from there?


Like, yeah, but obviously there's a story there. I mean, I don't know, there's a story why they are offended by genre, that type of music or what we're talking about.


And I've tried a few times. It can get hard with a lot of, you know, a lot of comments and stuff. But a couple of times I'll just like audio message like, hey, like I understand. Yeah.


Why do you think this is not so hard at all? And yeah, I've actually had some amazing conversations over social media with people who will be like, you have been so kind. Thank you for approaching me. Like, I totally understand what you're saying now. And I did it before. And it's like love covers a multitude of wrong, which is really hard sometimes.


But that's been cool to see those great outcomes come out of initially bad situation.


I love that. Yeah. What about for you with. Oh yeah sure. You that.


Definitely hard for sure. I actually just recently was super challenged by this. It was like one of the executives at Nike, she was at this global leadership conference and she was talking about all of these you get so much hate. And then one day they were like, why don't we just ask them, like how we can help? Like how we can help. Wow. Just hear them out. And I was like, that is so cool like that.


They would ask the people who are hating on them how they can help make things better. And, you know, like you said, sometimes you're going to take that advice and then sometimes sometimes it's just not right. Like like you said that you can approach somebody once and maybe it'll go great. And if they don't have that, you're still here and they don't want to listen, they're still going to be in their place. You have to, you know, stand up for yourself and be confident enough to say, OK, I know who I am.


I wish you the best, but there's nothing else to talk about. You know, I actually remember recently I was getting this girl. She was hating our age where some things that I was really passionate about, like mission work and mission trips and stuff. And she just didn't agree with it. She felt like you should help your own country, which we do help our own country. But it was super big. But it bothered me enough that I felt like I should Demre and I never really tap into it because my family's been in this for like six years and we get all kinds of hay and things and and also way more positive.


But also, you know, you have those people and the one just is so big I don't really the one to remember. Yeah.


And so I'm going to reach out and I'm just going to like. Kind of enlighten her hurts like what my heart is, why I care about this and maybe help her understand a little bit and just see, like, why is she so bothered? So I message her privately and she immediate response. Sorry, I don't have time to read this. And that was like, OK, this girl has time to go on the public page publicly say all that.


But privately she's at a time and it makes you realize that some people aren't saying so because they really are mad or because they really care, but they just want the attention because she continued on my public page to talk about it. But she won't respond privately. And so, like you said, you have to understand that, like, when people are saying stuff like there's a story there, there's there's something going on there. Only maybe it's insecurity, maybe it's an attention seeking.


They maybe they see where you're at in life and they want to drag you down. And so that's why it's so important that, like, wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever your story is like, you're so confident and told what God is doing in your life, you're confident in the answers that you would give just so I could I could message her and say, hey, I see you upset. This is my heart. And that's why you want to be really in touch with what God is doing in your life and who you are, because you can answer those questions about who you are and not let what they say become who you are.


And that goes from Instagram or in high school, like high school. Gosh, yes. I remember getting some. Hey, so it's hard. It's so hard.


But knowing who you are and you might be like, how in the world do I know who I am? How do I get to that point? And it truly is for me. I mean, just finding myself in scripture like God speaks so much life over you. He literally formed you, created you. The sign that you're breathing means that he has a plan. And so keeping all of that in mind, that when you go outside and you see this beautiful creation, that God created you to eggs all this a lot easier.


Have you ever read the story? Punchinello Max Lucado wrote, this is Lucia.


She's so in this book, it's like this town of wooden characters and they all give each other stars or dots for the good things that they do. They give them stars. If they do bad things, they get these black dots put on them and it just sticks to their wooden characters. So this one girl, Lucia, is the only girl in the whole town who doesn't have any stars or any dots on her.


And this one little when they're called one takes his name is Punchinello and he's just covered in black dots. So he goes to her and he's like, how how do you not have any of these stars or dots on you? And she said, it's easy. I just go spend time with the maker every day.


And I love that because I think we think like, oh, we're doing good if we get all these, like, praises from people. But even that is like I guess that can be dangerous. Yeah. If you let that just like you said. So decide who you are, what you believe and what you stand for is like God gets to decide that and spending time with him is the only way you'll be able to get to that point. So I love that book.


And like, honestly, we're never too old to read kids books, so. Good. So we should go read.


If you have not read it seriously, go read the book. I remember reading that book like in elementary school, like our library teacher.


I read it to us and now, like, it's so much more impactful than it was things I didn't really get it as significant whenever you're younger, but you're like, wow, I like spending time with my maker. Like, whether it's a compliment, you need to get back to him or the insults, you know, give them and let God just bring you back to who you are. Sometimes you need a little humbling. Sometimes you need a little little bit.


Exactly. That's so true. Right. Good point. All right.


So the last question I ask is somebody said and I love this question, I love the authenticity. She says, how do you deal with your busy schedule? I feel like I can barely find time to go to school, work and sleep. I feel I can never fit in all of my things. And I know with you you're literally in a band, you're married. You have several things. So many more things than I know about because I recently followed you on Instagram.


You have friendships to maintain your relationship with the Lord. How do you find time? What does that look like for you?


This is funny that you're asking me that, because last week was like, oh, promoting the record. It was a lot of stuff, which I'm so grateful for because I'm so passionate about the music. I'm so passionate about what God is doing in the band and and what he's doing in the world. So I'm so grateful to be a part.


But it was getting to the point where I was like, my voice is gone. Like I can't even like myself.


We were working really hard. So it was it was exhausting.


And I definitely was like, how, you know, can't keep at this pace forever.


I think, like the balance of having set aside time where you rest is important, I think not resting all the time. But like I like the work that we have is such a gift from the Lord. And being able to look at it as a blessing is awesome. But also taking an hour in the morning to rest, you know, take things slowly.


And I think honestly, a lot of us I think if we were honest with ourselves, if we spent a little bit of time off of social media, we would find time to laugh.


Oh, for sure. You know, read and pray and all that. So I think I mean, I oh, my Lord, I'm so grateful for the new iPhone thing that says the screen time you put on your face every Sunday.


I'm like, oh, I know. Yeah. You know, so I know it's the right time is important.


Because we can always make time for the things that are important. Yeah, I love that. And that's a great point. It's a great point. If you go on your screens, on your phone, it will literally tell you how much time you spent on Instagram. So take that and then bring it into all of the things that you need to love. Instagram is fun, but it's not the most important thing in your life in the least bit.


And I think when you're actually living your life, then you have an overflow to be able to post on social media for stuff like that. But I love that you ask that question to me, too, because I've struggled with the balance. And I think what I did find was like, rest is so important, but rest is always going to look like a week or longer, a month. Sometimes you can't do that. But like I said, it can be that hour.


It can be for me, like it's actually restful for me to play tennis. Like, that's not everybody's rest, but that helps my mind like stuff from there, like it's ready to go work out. Like I like doing that. And it's funny, we recently heard a president's speech and not President Trump, but a president from the past. And they asked him, what is your time will get in the White House? And he said, every morning I woke up and for an hour I read the Bible and then I went through mail.


And then later in the afternoon he said, I didn't read the news because I was the news. And then he said and I worked out for an hour every day and I was like, the president of the United States had time to read his Bible for an hour and work out an hour. And like if the president can find time to do that, then we all get it just means waking up a little earlier, carve out that time, going to bed a little bit sooner.


But that's so hard.


And I feel like when you're walking with the Lord saying people say, how do you find time to read your Bible or do a devotional? And you know what the Lord like, it doesn't just have to look like spending time in a devotional at 6:00 in the morning always. It isn't like God did not set that day like he did. I set that time like he's disappointed with you if you sleep till seven, because that was not his day that you said it was your day.


And so, like, that's not how I wish it would. God always works. I really worked with him 24/7.


I talked to him all day long, if you like, read your Bible. I meditate on the truth about talks about that. Those who meditate on the world will be like a true planet by living water.


But it's not like if you don't do your devotional, then it's like a crucial thing in your relationship with God.


Is there all the time. I want to ask you a changes personally. You know, you talk about people commenting about we, the kingdom and stuff that you'll put out and like I love holy water.


I love what you're doing. I think it's awesome, what from you and your family, like, why do you do it? Why do you write the music? What are you saying? Like, what would you want people to know? Your heart is behind what you do.


That's a really a great question. The band kind of started as an accident we didn't like ever set on being a family band that's honestly being young. I was like, that sounds terrible, but it's not.


It's amazing. The Lord really directed our paths to lead to this point and it makes total sense. And it's been really, really sweet. I think the one thing that we want people to take away from this record, though, I mean, people ask, like, what is the record about? And it literally is.


It's our first record. So it's about everything that we've experienced up until this point, which is a lot of stuff.


But I think that the heart behind it is that people would feel deeply and dearly loved by the Lord, by Jesus, no matter where they are in life, because he loves us so much.


And so I hope that the record gives people permission to be able to enter into whatever space they need to be in, whether that's a place of sadness or vulnerability with God, whether it's a place of deep joy, whether that's a place of deep rest in peace or whatever, I'm hoping that the people will be able to find a song for each sort of season in their hearts also that can help them experience a deeper connection with God and with people. But I love that because that's what it's done for me.


So I'm I'm so grateful for the songs. I mean, they've some of them have been around for a long time, so it's cool. And I'll share them with people.


Well, that's so cool. Oh, we're so excited for you. I say we because I always like speaking. We can have a whole team.


I love my husband and I really like we love it and we're excited for y'all haven't gone and got the album. Go get it. Holy Water and thank you to you for being on. Thank you so much for having me. This is awesome. Thank you so much for listening to the Verdasco podcast, I have so much fun doing this, I hope you'll have fun listening. And don't forget to follow me on Instagram at Logits Eddie Rob and follow the podcast atwo.


That's good podcast. I don't know where to live. Original dotcom to see when I'm in a city near you or visit live. Original blog on our online store, which carries my exclusive words by City Rob line. Also, be sure to subscribe to our podcast and leave comment so we can hear what you're loving. Also want to give a special shout out to my audio engineer, Marcus Cipolla, the whole team, United Talent Agency and my live original team.


You guys are awesome and so are all of you, too.


Thanks so much for listening.


Hello. Hi, it's Helen from the dry cleaners here, and we found something in the pocket of the trousers you brought in.


Oh, really? Well, what was it, another pair of trousers. Oh, how do they get in there?


Like getting your money's worth. Enjoy the delicious new triple cheeseburger just to your 090 from the McDonald's. You're a saver menu.