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I'm honestly just sad that I I really made an effort to do this side of my hair and now the headphones are squishing in. Um, roll the intro music. Ready? Yep, let's go. Oh, my God, we have a podcast I'm screaming in the first couple of us, just like the first second and I'm already I don't know what to do. That went really well. I think you're a little hot. I don't like, but.


Yes. Do you feel a little like screamy? Yeah, I'm just excited. I'll relax. Do you feel a little hot right now? I would love for you to define hot. Too much fucking sound coming out of your microphone. No, I think I sound great. OK, yeah, I'm happy. I feel good about it. I feel good about it. Hi. We have a podcast. I don't know what to do with myself, obviously as my first thirty seconds went, obviously really, really well.


Our podcast is called Wild Till Nine because. Oh, that's how that's going to work, you're just going to when you get to the hard part, just pass it over, you're going to say, well, let me tee this thing up for you. It's a while till nine. You're going to love it. It's about, oh, dear, your stab at it and then I will take a stab at it. OK, OK. And this is if I start going off right about what it's about, I'm just mansplaining right off the bat.


Mansplaining. Yeah, we love a mansplaining. We don't. We don't. We really don't. So OK, well Channel Nine is a podcast hosted by myself, Lauren Lordi II and also my. Trying to find the right words to describe you, my boyfriend, we'll just stick to boyfriend, we'll keep a basic right now Jeremy Lewis and basically we're wild. We're like pretty wild, I'd say, like we're like, you know, which is why I went out with Wild, but only until 9:00 p.m. so wild.


And that's taken so that when we can't use. But that's not the name. So the trademark people can't come for us. They're right. While till nine we own that now. Palmos pending trademark. Nobody get any ideas. In the next two weeks I'm going to start a business, but also an ice cream hop on it. Oh is that our is that our next move in the franchise while on that ice cream. Yes, we've already done documentation for that too.


So don't write about ideas.


OK, so wild online is going to be about our relationship and just the trials and tribulations of living with this monster that you use. Oh God. And also movies and also a wild, wild dog. So relationships, mental health, dating, dating in L.A., pop culture. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. No, no, the last part, not the one just sex and drugs. Yes, yes, you know, the rock and roll here, we don't do rock and roll.


The twenty is what's funny is that every single person that I've got to get this far is all. I don't think it's in the shot. OK, great. I didn't have those images. Every person that I know love and respect, when I was like, yeah, I was on a podcast can be funny like, oh my God, tell me about it. And I, I, I'll have to admit that every single time that I was explaining this to someone that I know, love and respect, I was like, I get halfway through and I go, maybe it's not for you.


You know why you know. And you know it just because it's like an imposter syndrome. I'm like, no, you won't like it. It's it's it's it's whatever. But it it is, it is for them. It's for everybody. What I'm hearing is that you analyze me within the first five minutes. So what I'm hearing is that your colleagues and business people aren't going to enjoy while till nine I'm offended, I hope to God for the sake of my job security that they do not enjoy this podcast.


OK, I'm offended. I say, no, it's OK. You know, I believe in a little bit of like this is my personal life, my professional life. And it's not to say that there's anything it's like off brand about it. It's just like there's certain things that I thought you and I talk about. You don't want to you don't want to tell your colleagues that we wipe our dog's ass every time he poops. Oh, it's one of them.


I mean, I still think I'm offended, but it's fine. We also stop, drop, roll and rate the podcast right now. Oh yeah, that is a Smokey the Bear thing. Yeah, that's Smokey the Bear. Stop, drop, roll and write the podcast because we appreciate it. You're on YouTube. You're going to rate the podcast. We'll give it a thumbs up. Subscribe how you podcast. I don't even know you subscribe and you Ray and review depending on what platform you're on, know depending on your thoughts, because you only review if you like us.


If you don't like us, don't review. Give us five stars. You can delete it later if you don't feel the same way. Yeah, totally. Absolutely. But I think you should go into it with a good attitude. And that means Vassar's make you feel good about that. Yeah. OK, great. OK, so you're my boyfriend. I am your boyfriend, Mr. Mr Lewis. Mr Lewis, Mr Jeremy Lewis. Also guys, I just need everyone to know that like if Jeremy and I were to get married and my last name became Lewis, it would be an alliteration.


And so we really want Jeremy to stick around because that sounds really good for me. Lauren Lewis, that sounds good. Next topic. OK, but like, tell tell the the listeners, the viewers about yourself, because I feel like you've been a mystery like on my channel, aside from just like you shoving your face in the blog camera from time to time and the hair cutting video that we did on my main channel, you kind of been like a mystery person.


And I feel like people have kind of enjoyed that. Yeah. But now it's like this is like you were just out here now, like this is like this is so like but for all 17 people that know me, that don't know you, you're the mystery laun. Right. Fifteen now. Fifteen now. OK, got it. But no like give your give yourself a little. Well where would you like me to start. I mean I don't know, I don't what did, what did the people want to know.


They didn't ask for anything. That's the tough part. That's the tough part. You know, that's actually not true. I feel like I get so many questions about like how we met, which we are going to dive into, because it's kind of like an interesting ish, very millennial story that I feel like a millennial story. A Millennial love story, OK. Or a love story. Yeah. Millennial love story. Through apps. Through apps.


Yeah, but you were made a precursor to that. Do the precursor are born in the Midwest. Oh yeah. Yeah. Just knock them off like a bullet point list of born in the Midwest called Rockford, Illinois. We love that. It happens really. Q Well, we're not we don't have enough time one time, and that's for another episode where in Rockford, Illinois, did 19 year sentence there and then by sentence that I do just mean lived there.


I was going to say, I feel like you're maybe portraying the idea that you were in Lake County jail. Right. But if you've ever been to Winnebago County, you understand, OK? And that's not the name of the jail. I mean, that's just that the general area. OK, so I was there and then I played all the sports and I played a lot of music and sang a lot. And the moment Jeremy has the voice of a Disney prince, spoiler alert, he never sings for me.


And so he probably won't sing for you. But if there's enough pressure or a dollar amount on the line, we could convince him to potentially sing. So keep that in mind. As you are a viewer and listener of this podcast, I don't know what the dollar amount would be at this point, because now I feel like I go back and I'm like, Oh, let me sing something. And I'm like, that's not all that used to sound.


Anyways, you were an all around star athlete. Were you popular in high school star athlete? Like, I feel like if you played sports and you did like the arts, that makes you, like, really well-rounded. I was well-rounded, but I, I think that I was growing up at the the the last few years of people or maybe it still goes on like this in the Midwest. But just like the people that played sports didn't want to hang out people that were in music and vice versa, they both thought each other were just equally as.


Yeah, as incompetent and like not cool to hang out with. So I think I had a lot of friends and a lot of crossover and I feel like I was. So you were popular. Whoa. Were you hot in high school? No. Do you want to tell the people about your teeth? Oh, my gosh. You could land a plane. I'm telling you right now, if you looked at my face, you see where my eyes are.


Yeah. These two front teeth were an inch on either side on the outside. If you had a middle gap. Yeah, I thought you're missing a side tooth. Right.


But everything spreads to the side. OK, so which of my teeth would you be missing? Like the one that's directly this is a big digression, but, yes, it's that's the one that's to the right of your middle. OK, so you had your two front teeth like that. OK, but the one next to it, you were missing and you could land a plane through it, but you were also tall. And I feel like you hit puberty early.


So you were you were cute aside from like the missing tooth in high school. Yeah, but you know what, I, I attribute the missing tooth. I needed the missing tooth. You needed it. It was it was a character building. It was a character builder. Yeah. It you know, you can't have too much going for you. You need someone to set you back a little bit and mine water with my smile. I mean, I know a lot of good looking people who have very just like bland personalities.


And they needed that missing, too. Right. Right. Yeah. If they just had terrible teeth growing up right, then it would have all the troops. You it it it makes you better. It did. It makes you better. So you were popular in high school. You were hot. Aside from the missing tooth in high school, you feel like you're really adding some closure to this story that I'm not. I'm just trying to summarize the main point.


You're had some sex appeal to it, so I appreciate that. OK, but no. So I mean, but I did everything from like play football to I mean, I quite clearly was playing football and it would have to go play drums in the middle of the halftime show and then have to go back to playing football like I did that in high school. He's a star. No, it's just who did you go to party with afterwards? Could be or decide.


OK, which oh. Which had the better parties, the athletes or the art kids. So I mean, any given Friday athletes would have more fun. They just be invited to more things and more just like social gatherings. But it's like that the band geeks and my bank account that you guys know, they throw the tent pole parties, tent pole party temple event. Right. They'd have the like their annual party that this is like the Halloween party for like oh oh.


Like no one's. Yeah. OK, there were some weird shit going on. OK, like my band geek in my choir nerd parties. I'm right now that sounds like a big science. I think that I remember more about what happened at band and choir. Is it like band camp. Like you see the movie band camp and stuff. Was your band parties like American Pie Band Camp in college? Yeah. Oh my God. I'm Stuart Stevens.


That. Oh my. I'm scared. OK, well that's for another episode. OK, so we we dabbled in both sides of high school and then what came after that. I had such miserable grades in high school. OK, we love that I had to go to I had no choice because I went no, there's no like nine schools. And on the music side they like, let me and everything was great. But like your school, like your grades suck.


We had such terrible grades, they put you in like academic probation or you're like you like you can come in so you can't get any scholarships for anything, OK? And I didn't have the money for me. Did you go to, you know, this Conservatory of Arts for sixty thousand dollars a year to go get a degree? This is a whole other conversation, but Canadian versus American tuitions, I, I it makes me want to vomit. So I stayed back and went to a community college for a year.


OK, also a great idea because I got through all these miserable one hundred and twenty level classes that like I had to take anyway, just knocked them out. And because there's no parties to go to in your community college because you're living in your mother's basement, then you actually did school. I highly suggest to any and everybody who's considered it just go to the cheapest possible option for the first year and just get it done. It's good advice. So then I go to school, University of Kentucky, which was K oh oh oh oh.


Hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on. The Wildcats. Wildcats. Oh see. Eighty s cats. Cats, cats. Right. Plus, oh, my God. And then you do it again, you do it again. You do it twice. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my God, I'm such a good friend. Well, did that loved that that was great, an experience that we could talk for many episodes about the differences between northern Illinois and Lexington, Kentucky, where your love of whiskey was born.


My love of whiskey was born. Right. We put down the Captain Morgan and we picked up something else that wasn't so. I spoke, you literally are just like, oh, and and then I came out to do a reality singing show with a a cappella group that I was with in college, like people like we're talking like pitch perfect, like the movie Pitch Perfect, where they go into a cappella sing offs and stuff like that. The show is literally called on NBC, the sing off.


Well, it was they Mark Burnett's not chip in that thing anymore. Got it. So we're canceled now. Yeah. Listen, after my season, I got renewed. I got my kids. If you don't personally cancel the show. No, no, no. And so now we're here. Now we're here to cap the whole thing off. Like when I was doing that, I remember specifically thinking, like, this is like my my outlet of being creative.


I enjoy it. I love it. It was fun. I worked and slept. I slept less in that nine month period than any other time in my life. And I was like, I need to go to business. This is too much. It's all over the place. There's these like crazy, talented people out here that were like ten times as talented as anyone that I've ever met. And I couldn't pay their water bill. So I'm like that.


No, maybe not. Maybe we find something that's a little more on the higher income scale. Right. So now I sell software. I OK, it wasn't necessarily because I like mentally stimulated by software, but it pays bills. It does pay bills and looks like it's going to continue to pay bills for quite some time. I mean, one of Jeremy's like main attributes of like why I was down to date him was that because he was not a YouTube, interestingly enough, knew a lot about like the landscape and industry that I am in, in the YouTube world, but like was not a YouTube.


And that was very appealing. Thank you. I prepared for that test for years, knowing that would go on a first date, right? Exactly. Like our paths perfectly aligned. I'm so glad you didn't become a YouTube or. Thank you. I love millennials story. A perfect love millennial story. OK, so let's dive into how we met. We crossed paths in business actually. So you guys might remember if you are familiar with my channel when like parody music was like very much a thing like the roast yourselves.


I did DIY Queen, which actually still like I get a small check from every month, which is really nice because it's a terrible, terrible, highly entertaining and like honestly a great music video. But the actual song itself is Trash Time. I did look on time, honestly. I watched that music video the other day with Asian Girl Squad, and truly, I have gone so downhill from that point that it makes me really sad. OK, so for the 14 people on this podcast that don't know Asian girls is my, my, my girls, my squad of best friends, it's three of the girls, MIA Ramyun Tiff.


And so we women who are Asian, who are Asian. Right. Well, actually two are fully Asian and me and I are both half Asian. So we make up a third full Asian person and I guess one white person. Right. Well, and that name didn't drop off the tongue. No, no, no. So Agent Girlschool sounded a little bit OK. Anyways, so when I would upload these songs, there was a company called STEM for independent artists because I was an independent artist and Jeremy worked at STEM originally and both in other relationships, I was dating my ex.


And you were you want to use the big E word? No, no. OK, no, you've got to. Got to. Got it. And Jeremy was my assigned contact person at STEM to assigned contact person. What was your title? I don't know. What was your title? It was the manager of new business. My job was to quite literally go out and find if you had a massive digital following, you convert that individual to use that platform to distribute music and get paid for it.


That's exactly what I said. Yes, that's exactly what I said. So Jeremy is my contact person at STEM. And so my assistant was actually the one who is mostly in contact with you. But we I vividly remember that we had a phone call when I was driving back from a hair appointment in my car, and I was like, this guy kind of has a hot voice. I don't know if I'd actually ever told you that before. Oh, you didn't?


Yeah, I don't think I have you. There were a lot of things he said that was not who you were. Really nice. And you took the call. It was like a Saturday, Saturday afternoon. And I was like, wow, this is like actually really good customer service for my business contact person at STEM so we can take STEM for initially introducing us and making you a familiar name because like two years later when we both found ourselves single.


Wait, so what was step one of the step one was that you saw me on Riau, I saw you in a celebrity dating app where you have to be approved and referred to to get into this app. It's literally so dumb, it's so dumb. But like, I think we should dive into the role of dating apps after this because it's so interesting. Fine. So you saw me on Reya that I was single and you were like, she cute.


She's saying because I just I like distinctly remember the fact you were not single as far as I was concerned. Right. And then I saw you and I was like, hmm. But no one ever actually matches on Riau. No one matches on Ryan. That's the thing about the Instagram. And I was like, oh, she's posting three bikini pics. She's single. I vividly remember the thali bikini picture that I posted being like, this is kind of a third is trapped, trapped, trapped.


And it worked. I trapped a subject two years later, two years later. Here we are. So you slid into the dorms on Instagram. Yeah, but of course, I didn't talk about, like, you or anything else, right. It was moose related. It was moose related, which is the way to my heart. Like before you even knew me really. Like that where I knew you. Right. I knew you. Oh God.


I know. But like anyway, point is yes I was like that that that's the end. And guess what happened guys. Nothing. I didn't didn't hit back at all. Oh your response. So it went into because I wasn't following you and you probably weren't following me. Really. Yeah exactly. So because I wasn't following you it went into it got filtered into like the other messages folder you know what's fucked up. I see how much effort and time you put into making sure that things are seen.


No, I mean you just sit there and just flip through tocks and DMS and then all the time, whatever talks. How is it possible that you didn't see so verified accounts now? And this is a recent update that they did, is that they filter the messages that have the most followers if you're not following them. So you had like your general slash like other category. And now Instagram actually filters the top messages to be from the top account.


You a and before it was just like based on like when the message went in and I should have been in my DMS because like I was newly single. So and here's like another one died when I was single, like when I became single I was like, I wonder if there's like anyone that like thought I was cute. I was in a relationship that's going to come out of the woodwork. Crickets, crickets. There was no one right there.


Just hear me from Stumm came out of the woodwork. You heard me from Stan. You were Jeremey from STEM in my phone because I had your contact information actually saved. So anyways, a couple steps back, you were in the dorms. I missed it. Shut up, Suozzi. Four down in the dorms. That's where that comes from. I feel like he coined that term from his series down in the dorms. There's a song called Down in the DMC.


I think Susie actually did it first. Really? Like, they probably. Oh, Susie money. All right. Fact check that. OK, OK. Anyways, swing and a miss in the dorms and then on hand, another dating app, which is kind of been known, I feel like to be a higher quality. Right. And I don't know why. I think because it's more effort for the profile. Like you have to add five photos.


You have to not like my name is X. I'd like to do this with you. I mean, on Tinder, you can do the bare minimum, you can do nothing. Right. And so I think because Hinge was more effort, it was like more genuine connections. Right. Also, Tiff and Matt, one of our other friends, met on Hinge. Remy and Karl also met on Hinge. Oh, bleep this out. All right.


Yeah, Hinche. You want to hit us with a quick check or like a podcast, we can so you can talk about it maybe more. It was OK, that experience is all right. It might have worked here by far. Yeah. Punj was like 10x better than bumble and tender and big and real and all the other ones that I had premium accounts too. I love that for you. You know what? I pay for the premium accounts on Hinge actually, because one oh oh oh.


I thought I was your first wife. Yes, absolutely. Go back to what you were saying. So I saw Jeremy unhinged when I was like first kind of getting back into online dating and like dating in general. I looked for people that I had a mutual friend with or kind of knew, like I was too scared to go on a date with a random because I had done that a few times and it didn't it didn't go swimmingly. It wasn't, you know, the fairy tale of dating apps that I had imagined and had definitely been curious about.


And we'll go back to what you thought the fairy tale of dating apps is going to be, but going anyways. I saw Jeremy on Hinge and Swiped, right. And my dumb ass having zero game. We connected and I put into his message inbox and I am still so very ashamed of this. Hey, friend, how sexy. How flirty. Hey, Fred. Right. It's not like bubble where you have to reach out first to where you have to reach.


Yeah. Like I didn't even have to do that. And I still made a conscious decision to be like, hey, friend, there's a there's a part of me that wants to just have never answered that, I imagine. How do you live with the fact you. I started. Hey friend. Because I wasn't unhinged for. Oh yes. Ships friend. How art thou. OK, so then do you want to follow up on your side of how that conversation went wrong?


Because this is I was drunk when I got that message. I got I might have been on another date. I don't know. I remember I was like out doing something fun or whatever, and I was like, oh, yeah, yeah, I remember her. And we. How long did this message come after you had slid into my dance long enough where it was like I almost assume that that thing wasn't even there anymore. Right. That the door had.


I think it had been thirty days. Oh interesting. OK, I don't think I actually know the timeline of this week probably look it up but yeah. I don't, I don't know. OK, I saw that you had to hit me there. And I even think the point where, like, I wasn't even like really on hinge that much and I got I got the notification. I was like, oh, she was on this and was like, oh, it's that one D.I.Y. queen girl who made the Bob who made to Bob who looked hot, an artist, an independent artist.


I don't feel like that was my first standout feature now anyway, anyway. And I remember I was a little drunk, a little bit junky's, and I got the note and I, I pride myself at least trying and to put up a little bit of game. And looking back on all of my attempts, that would not be in the top 100. I'm more concerned of the fact that you had a hundred other. That's not the point game plays before me.


No, but the point of the matter is I quite literally just hit back with, like, hey, what's up? Something something's up. It's something. Let's just get together. No, you gave me a day. Oh, you're like, what are you doing next Tuesday? I want to take you out for dinner. Yeah, I know we do that very forward. And I distinctly remember, like, not getting anything really back. And when I know like I got a couple things back and then I was like, yo, next Tuesday or Wednesday, whatever, like I was like definitively like, let's go to dinner then.


And that's why I didn't anything back. But I was like, didn't give me a time. I woke up the next morning and I like looked at my phone. I was like, what is this, what imbecile? What was the plan? Who was who was spitting game at like half just so reckless and like just a whatever. And then also just like Tuesday, seven fifteen in Los Angeles, California, at this location. Like what what was the tie between these two.


No. Happy medium. No, but hey, spoiler alert worked. Right. OK, so I feel like we're leaving out one little fun little part of that part. So about twelve hours later, so you probably ended it like whatever like 1:00 in the morning or something. Oh, we can leave this part out. No, no, no, it's fine. I think we should get into it. It's OK. It's OK. It's OK.


It's part of our yard. So maybe like twelve hours later I get a second message on hand. I don't have my hand notifications on on my phone. So just like that's like not a good look if you're in like a meeting or something, you know, I mean, like changed to pop up, like it's fine. I'm just being overly paranoid. I'm sure no one would even see that and think anything of it because like online dating is like a very prevalent thing in millennial culture.


Now, I think it's the only way to date generally. OK, how would you meet someone if it wasn't through an app? I mean, oddly, truly, because anymore it it's almost like weird to to go about it the normal way. I feel like that the amount of times that I hear that, like, oh, we just like we're like working in the same environment, then like we just started talking to whatever we were unheard of.


We we literally worked in the same environment and was like I had I could have probably found your contact information. You already had it for sure. Or I did. Yeah, right. And like, I still needed the. Introductory, hey, friend, hey, fans, I'm really proud of that, I would suggest everyone to sign in the area of of their crushes with a with a hey friend and see how it goes. You know, to be fair, no one else has ever received a hey friend is like a creep.


True. That's true. OK, so anyways, so I did have my notifications on and I hadn't seen that Jeremy had messaged me and and drunk. Jeremy I think woke up the next morning and got the drunk chat. We didn't wake up next morning, but that's the problem. Drunk Jeremy went to sleep and then sober Jeremy woke up and said, what in the hell was drunk Jeremy doing? Right. So I didn't respond right away. And this, this, this, this, this mother, mother, Forkin guy double messages.


And I feel like that's just frowned upon in general, which is like I think there's a stereotype around that that doesn't need to be there. I think it's going to follow up. But because the notifications were not on, I didn't see. And then you put me in this position where I had to answer. You were kind of just like Woolfolk me, like you're just not going to respond. I'm like, OK, that's fine. No worries.


Like, catch you later. It wasn't that, but it was something along the lines of like it made it so awkward that I had replied because you insinuated that I had ignored the message when I just actually hadn't seen it. And so then I was like, it was it was a weird place to be. It I mean, this is quite literally what I do for a living is is it's so so it's so weird. You know what. Yeah, I guess.


Yeah. Literally, literally all I do if I don't get an email back about something I'm trying to do, I will quite literally and I'll fall at the bottom will quite literally be something along the lines of have you abandoned this idea or are you no longer interested in this project? Are you abandoning my I did my dinner date idea. I will literally end emails and have you abandoned interest in this project. Such a big dick move. Well, you know, it's software.


No pittances involved.


No penis involved. Yeah. But on the other hand, the point is, like, you literally were like like. Oh, like I thought we were here and you set the stage, you label that as a good thing and then it's up to them to tell them, look how we win, look where we are now. Everything worked out. We went we went from the dark energy of did you abandon the dinner date and just swing it a bit?


And and then we went on a journey and it was it was really nice, actually. Jeremy showed up. This is the best first date I've ever been on. You showed up with a toy for me? I did, because we had had lots of movies related conversations. You know, going back to the dad in the Dems was most related. And so you showed up with a dog toy and it was really sweet. Fortunately for me, there was a dog store one block away from my place of.


But I didn't know that. Know that. I didn't know that. I know that. And it was cute, too. I mean, even still, it's all it's a really cute people usually don't bring your present on the first date. No. And it then got me an invite back to your place with the intention of showing Moose his new toy. I didn't ask to come back, I did invite you well, also to the restaurant that we had picked for our first date was like not far from my house.


I was like, do you want a restaurant that I picked that you picked? Was that you were blocks away from your home? Right. Because I want to see if we could just setting up success. I mean, well, you live up in Timbuktu. Fucking do. I don't live in Timbuktu, but. OK, OK, well, we live now, you know, but like, I just wanted to make sure I was like, God, I never even thought about that.


Me being a homebody and like liking to stay close to home, I was like on it. So consider that he picked a place near me, like on my side of Timbuktu, Los Angeles. Now, I know you were just like we're just preconditioned to be close to home in case things go really well. My point is, I was ready to just say, hey, it was great to meet you. Hug it out. And you were like, so what is that?


Is it in a city? Just a couple of like, yeah, just look at my car. I drove. So and then the night ended with a really nice, polite cheek kiss. And like I'm saying that as if I'm being sarcastic, but it genuinely ended and just a kitschy kiss because that was a power move, I guess. All right. Because you invited me over. Yeah, I was given I think I'm so naive, though, and I just hadn't been single and so long that, like, I was like, yeah, come give my dog this toy.


Like, I wasn't like you come of my hands like it was like, wait, wait, wait. Yeah. One more time. No, no. That was a one time thing for everybody else. They can, they could think it's go back and just circle back on the little piece if they wanted to. But like my intentions were for you to give Moose his dog toy. And I had that intention as well. And and that's that's what happened.


That is what happened. Right. So is what happened. That actually is what happened was intentions were met. I think we actually both deleted all of our dating apps after like our fourth date or something. You usually do yours first. Which apps did you have? All of them. OK, give us a list. I feel like you were on something that I wasn't even on. Tinder Bumble Rhia Hinge the league. I want to talk about the league.


That's the one that I was not on, but that was the next one that I was thinking. I remember even on our first day you offered me a code. I did. If I wanted to get on the league. You did move right there. Yeah. How nice. It didn't go well with you. I could have went down some other somebody else from the East Coast with a degree from Yale. Right. I love I like her.


Yeah. She's not my pedigree. OK, so rate them. Which was Wychwood. Did you have the most luck on obviously hinge because you found me right. I found you nothing and nothing else matters. Friend. Right friend. I mean they, I think they all serve a purpose. Please do elaborate. And this is really more from field knowledge because I have a lot of friends over on them. Right. Right. Not personal experience. Right, right.


Right. Guys like for me, I'm not on Jay Swipe right now. You're Jewish, right. Right. Christian Mingle. Not well. Well, I could have been one. I just don't think you would. OK, anyway. OK, so for hooking up which was number one realistically I think everyone would think Tinder. Yeah but Tinder it in L.A. has I think gone downhill so definitely far. Tinder was so scary. Right. So I think honestly it might have been bumble on Bumble.


I was always just like so relieved once I sent the message the ball was just not in my court. You could literally sound like an emoji or something and then you're allowed to talk to that person. Yeah. Oh, no. Is I the type that you wouldn't have responded to? Yeah, I just wanted to start the conversation so that the pressure was off me to, like, carry on the conversation again. I need you guys to know that I have zero game unless I am intoxicated when I have a few drinks in me.


You are intoxicated. It's not it's not great. But it's a it's a it's endearing to some. I would say no, it's endearing, but game is not necessarily intended to be endearing. I disagree.


I think that I want to be endearing to my target. When I first got back into like the app scene, I was so picky. Again, like I mentioned, I was looking for people who I kind of knew. And I feel like the industry is so big that there was like that was not like a crazy thing to have is a filter to be like I love to find someone that I have a mutual friend with because like I feel like we kind of know a lot of people in our lives.


I was like, that would be like so ideal. But I was I was so picky on Hinge, actually. This is so crazy. And I think they've actually gotten in trouble a little over this. But the filters that you can set on Hinge are like very specific. Right. And some of them are great. It's like if you don't want someone that smokes or drinks, you can filter that out. And I think that's such a great idea.


But like one that I use that I'm. Brown, not proud of. Anyway, I was looking for a tall man, and so I put my my height filter at six feet, not to say that I could never love someone who's under six feet, but like, well, also someone could also lie. I would say if a guy is five, 10, maybe even five nine. No, no. There's no five, six. They say they're five, 10.


No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm saying if they if if they can remotely round up oh. To say they're rounded, they're running to second by God if I was five 11 I'd be six six foot. Yeah of course. Absolutely. So I set my mind to six foot because I knew that that would catch me a net of guys between five, ten, maybe five, nine and taller. Yeah. We just would cast another one and I say you wouldn't catch it at all.


I caught you in my net that I cast right off their target as I remember the word you used a moment ago. Babe, you're my target, Bullseye and I got you. Bull's eye. Yeah. What do you mean that's great. Friend, friend. Hey friend. But Bump. Bump was ok. He was the best. Tinder had the best because I'm six four. But that's the only reason that I think that that all worked up.


You could do well on any app in six for girls. Love the idea of a tall guy. Yeah. No, no one ever hit me with like a oh six four. You're too tall. Yeah. I don't know how you're doing. Yeah I know that I could land a plane between these teeth, but was Saboor that was tall. Well now you have a fake tooth, right. No, no, no. I have a fake too.


Yeah. It's like my personality. Tell me about the league because that's the one that I never got on because we ended up dating. But that would've been my next endeavor because I was like ready to find a successful man. Right. So the league was very much tailored towards people with I mean, the league was like LinkedIn transferred over to a dating experience. That's so weird, at least at the time. I don't know it's like anymore. But like, they pretend like they had this, like, massive, massive waitlist.


I don't know if it was true or not, but I would quite rightly say that was like you were number thirty thousand four hundred and thirty six. Oh my God. Or gonna make someone feel so inferior, like you're not rich enough for this app. But then I also remember, like, the moment I got the notification and I don't know if I like found a way in, OK, I feel like I didn't like get an invite. I feel like I got in or on the league, like the organic way.


Yeah. Because, like, I definitely got workarounds for like Rhia and everything else. Oh yeah. Same thing. Why would you get on a variety of famous. Yeah but you still even though like I had a lot of followers, I still had to submit three people that were already on how everyone does it. Oh OK. It's literally the way that it works. OK, well then that's how I got accepted. Yeah I, I had did that and I was sitting there in wait and then I had to go figure out who codes the.


Oh so you literally did that also. But I took you right. Because I thought oh I wasn't verified when I initially tried to get on. Right. Oh interesting. So then I applied with my three referrals who were also verified and then I got in. I already did. And I think I got like a no, but I got nothing I said. So they don't tell you. They don't tell you that you're on a wait list. You just hear nothing like cricket.


So I hit my boy, you hit a boy, the guy know. And then I actually found the person who was like a little Dacota on the app and they got me in. Oh, my God. And then you found me. Thanks, Khoder. Man, the league was very, very specific in the sense of the type of girl that was at least that I was like a kind of matching with whatever it was like me and a bunch of like a bunch of a bunch of like banking analysts from Goldman Sachs and like this like being in Los Angeles, in New York, like the type of individuals that were on the league attracted a certain type of woman.


And so it was very much like the conversations there were just like the Fleck's of who worked at this tech company or who worked in that finance or this or that. So it was almost like there was a hooking up on the league or whatever, but it was like mentally masturbatory in terms of like your resume being flaunted, like you would like. Your description would be where you worked and that type of work you were doing. And the people that you were working, you went to school.


Yeah, exactly. It was like on Tinder and Bumble. It was like, here's my cutest photo. You know, this is my bikini. I like dogs and I like to party on the weekends, which is not the case on the league, only with my experience. So maybe I actually would have done well on the league because my mom I think that you would have done really well on any of them.


I love. Thanks, babe.


Would you be surprised if scientists are learning how to fight covid-19 from World of Warcraft?


As soon as you see that both go out, as soon as the person gets the view, they have to run away from the group really fast.


What if I told you that I could spoil almost any movie based on who uses an iPhone?


The first guideline is that the user is a good guy.


It says that just very specifically well, that the cute animal crossing virtual world has turned into a capitalist nightmare, that people are spending tons of real money on.


Like I took literally all the money I had put it in the stock market and then went on Twitter and like typed in turnips and then refreshed over and over again until I found a good island price that I could do it.


Did you know that Disney apparently has. Preoccupation with butts. I'm fine with just Prempro, but in general, I'm really struggling to develop a strong opinion about butts for you and I don't have one. Well, that's Wild Tech, the podcast that brings you the wildest, most bizarre, the most interesting stories about tech and how it's shaping our culture. What about Tech is hosted by Jordan Erica Weber. That's me and me, Joshua Rivera. And every week we'll uncover infamous stories in pop culture and tech and we'll learn from the experts and talk to the people who lived through these weird stories, like when the two computer programmers decided to create an A.I. that made billions of melodies just to disrupt the world of copyright law.


But when they made Steph Curry so good in NBA 2k, it broke the game or the time when, you know what, you should just listen.


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My darling, I was really cute. I had a mix of dogs, I know I could tell you photo shoot photos, selfies, you were in the squat position now with the yellow background. Yeah, yeah. You come on. I don't know what's going on in front of you without my caption. Yeah, OK. Something. Is that what I sounded like in your head when you read the caption, Oh it's me, I'm in the bikini.


OK, it's crazy. I don't know if I love the voice that you've given me your hand. It's my butt. Oh, I said something about my eye that I like naps on my dating profile. I don't know. I don't know. I'm not good at a visionary. I visionary. I know you were you were pleasantly, uh. You thought I was going to be a loser. Actually, let's talk about this. You thought that I was going to be a big craft nerd loser when we went on our first date.


And I remember the way that you worded the fact that you were surprised that I was like normal and cool and like normal was like kind of offensive. I do distinctly remember about I don't even know it was like the first conversation I might have been dating or two. But like, at some point in time, I remember thinking to myself. Capital Fuks Craft Girl. OK, I love that for me, I mean, like that's like a like that should be my Twitter bio.


It should be, yeah. It can't be now. Can't be now. A fox. No, but I think I just like you just never know when you're going out to meet some of the first time because they're also going to put on their persona that they want you, that they think is most like, OK, great, this is the person that I want to be for this new person, especially after you've been in a relationship for God knows how long.


Right. And yours was or I felt organic and real and and also because we had worked together, you kind of had a predisposition towards, like, what my personality was going to be. You just you know, we got along and we were a lot better. We just clicked a lot better than I think I anticipated. Hmm. You know, it's hard to put words around it. Craft Girl Fox is how the day. And that's not how they and it was like day to day to OK.


So I went over on day two and now we're dating and now we're dating and now we're here and we're in love. And Lauren Lewis on the way. What one? I just want everyone to know that my mastermind plan behind this is that this podcast becomes wildly successful. Jeremy gets super rich and then can afford a fat diamond for my pointer finger. That's not an engagement ring. Let's go. I just think all of our sponsors for this episode.


Thank you. So this episode sponsored by our bank accounts, our bank accounts and the debt that we are now in after paying for the equipment to start this podcast. I love that. That's that's really fine. Let's not forget legal fees, right. Legal fees, trademark fees, all of that. So we'll see. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But yeah, that's the goal. So everyone wants to come together and make Jeremy Rich. I just want to also throw out there that even if that let's say that, you know, I fell into a truckload of money tomorrow.


Yeah. I think it'd be nice if we just I just I don't want to go rushing into anything. I think I'd be nice if we just kind of like Gail is sitting at home listening to this. Gail is my mother being like, give me grandchildren. Meanwhile, Donna, my mother doesn't know we have a podcast. And it's like, oh, you just take your time.


It's OK, sweetheart. That's so nice. So not so nice. Yeah. Gail is a is itching for grandchildren that are not four legged and named Moose. You're twenty six. I mean you're almost thirty seven point twenty eight. So everyone knows I'm an Aquarius figure cause energy is a big Aquarius and I actually don't know that much about Aquarius. Base One Bay. I'm Bay Bay. Why are you wearing energy.


Big acquirer's energy on Bay You. Hey Bay. Hey Bay. It's actually Leo season now, so I need you to bow down and just like appreciate me this month. This is my birthday morn. I bow down and I appreciate you. Oh my God, I hate you. OK, anyways, let's talk about the inspiration behind this podcast because you're gridline and I was becoming irrelevant. I was like, I should probably start telling, like, my sex stories now to show myself I'm kidding.


I'm kidding. I'm kidding. No, but being real, I wanted to just grow more candid. I want to show people that girl fucks. No, I mean, yes. But in a more eloquent delivery, a, do you need me to preface this? And then you take it from there. Sure. Yeah. Go into it. So you were doing your your quarterly, um, mental breakdown. Mental breakdown. Cause, like, for sure, fucking clockwork.


Yeah. I mean, you are if there's been more than three months, I'm worried because that volcano is building up. We're overdue. Yeah. Like right now we're kind of overdue. No, I don't think so. If that was memory a couple of weeks ago, which time. I don't know. Anyway, point is, yeah, little earthquakes are once in a while. Tremors, tremors, tremors. Yeah. Oh, this was the Christmas break down.


This was the Christmas one. So we were at the the Phoenix. Oh my God. Yeah, you're right. You're right. My memory hotspots. I'm sure all the women who go to the Phoenix with you would love to make a Facebook group and find each other. Oh, no, no. I didn't have the bouncer, like, say, what's up? And we walked in. Yeah, he said he hadn't seen you in forever. And I was like, Sir, it's good to meet you.


I've never seen you before in my life. So we walked in and we got to get a table and it was like a fun vibe or whatever. And you were sitting there talking about how life is over and you at the age of twenty six and hit your peak. And that was it. Right. Which was six weeks after the last time you had said that. Right. And we just like got on top of conversation, not like a podcast but like how do you become more of yourself.


And I was like, I feel as if you are a different person to me and the happier person to me than you are to the people that are creating content for me. And I don't think that you are allowing yourself to be the person that you actually are to all of your fans. And I think that's stifling your creativity. And you were very much like, fuck that. That was, I think, exactly how the conversation went. And that was a big inspiration behind starting the vlog channel because obviously with the podcast and you did more ramp up time and obviously there's like things to sort out.


The blog channel was a big part of how I wanted to organically just have like a refresh and a restart and not like rebrand myself, but just like start slowly welcoming viewers who were my age to connect with me because I had just been talking about, I don't know, not immature things. But just like I mentioned this in my last blog, just like the bubble that I was in two, three, four years ago, was very, very different than where I am now.


And I feel like I hadn't made the change online that matched the change that was happening in my real life. And it was like something that was happening and transitioning over time. But starting the new vlog channel, just like Fresh Zero subscribers. And also the podcast was just a new platform to really be myself. And I think a big inspiration behind that, too, is seeing Remy and Alicia who have the podcast, pretty basic, just being so candid and open about their dating experiences and all their boy things.


And I was like, I would love that. And to do that for my own life. And I think and I'm your boy thing, right? Am I boy things thing. Singular, singular boy thing. I think if we could retract, not retract or if you just go back a few bars, it was, it was boy things right before I actually met singular. Just one thing. You're my thing mabu thing about Booth next anyways. Anyways.


Yeah I just wanna talk about like regular Ashie and I feel like the volume has been so good for that too but like. Our conversations are very different than when I'm sitting by myself in a room and I'm able to bounce things off of you and our conversations are just much better. Reflection of who? I don't know. I don't know. That wasn't more eloquent than me being like craft girl folks. Hey, you know, we all have our journey.


This is my journey. Welcome to my journey. I just there's something about it. And it's like, God knows the world is not in another podcast. Like, there are way too many of them. But I think if and this is a big gift and we'll know this by episode two when no one listens again. Right. If we are able to shed light on, like, our personal perspective, which I think is relatable enough to the fact that, like, we're both like Midwest.


Well, you're well, Canadian. I'm e you know, we have a lot of parts of our life that a lot of band gigs and a lot of choir nerds can relate to on your end. Right. And who relates to you, I. Well, that's probably why I'm so it is going to suck. But anyway, and we now have a perspective of these things and we can bring it to the table then. Damn welcome along for the ride of that.


If you don't like it. Five stars and then I don't know and then I don't know. But make sure. Stop, drop, roll in five stars. Right. And stop, drop, roll and rate. That was our R thing. I hope Smokey's OK that we're using that. I think he would be. I think it's public domain. Yeah, I think it is too soon when he's being real, talking about sex, drugs and rock and roll.


You keep bringing that up as if I now talk about it. Could you name two rock artists ever the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath? Are you just naming T-shirts that you own? Yes, I did. Felt that way, yeah. Oh, AC DC. That's another T-shirt that you own. I don't know if I have any one. Maybe I do. I asked you if you do too. Don't strike. So what's the argument here. I don't know.


COFCO folks, that's where we're at. So stimulating is a lean forward podcast. Yeah. So back to I would say they originally I think this is something that you might not have a computer anymore. You might not have a what. A commute. A Okumu. Oh right. You might be sitting at home as opposed to going to school, which sucks for a lot of reasons. There's something I'll jump in here for you. Oh, yeah.


Absolutely. Absolutely. Between like the dog parenting, my mental health being unstable. Jeremy, what do you do in Judge? Judge just just judgement. I really wish that we could give a better synopsis to this, but I've got to be honest, our lives are changing. So is the world. And we're we're just living it. Yeah, just living it. How often are we going to do this? Once a week. I think we could do twice, but fine.


We'll see how the editing portion goes since I'm taking on the brunt of that. Is there anything else we didn't cover? I don't think so. I mean, how can people find us, engage with us and say things that are going to make it on this show? You know what we'll do? What are we going you guys you guys speak to whether you want to speak? And we'll try and go find it and then we'll see what makes sense and then we'll go there.


Oh, yeah. Put it out there. We'll find it. We'll come find you. We'll come to try and. No, no, that's crazy. I mean, not physically, right? I mean, covid we're endemically we go and make it like, oh, they didn't get us. Oh yeah. Not read at all. So I don't know what you read it. Oh don't sleep on. Read it. I just don't know how I showed you some fun pages.


I read it. Oh well that's for another vodcast. OK, so hop on. What's your wikiwiki. Oh oh I feel like we, you can't drag Wicky feet into this in the last two minutes of the podcast. All right. So Necas, next week's episode. OK, so yeah. No, no, we're not going to do that. And not to mention now you're back if you traffic is going up to the roof. I know you just scratch your face with the mic.


Yeah, that's two things we're not going to do. It just seemed it's like kind of abrasive and it's nice. Anyways, we'd love feedback. Honestly, genuinely. We love as much feedback as you want to get as much positive. Just just just not not anything. I mean, we're not in a place mentally and emotionally for you to be too mean or too hard on us. Right. So stop, drop, roll and write positive feedback.


Only five stars put you back on the world will come find it unless it's on Reddit or Weibo. OK, we're going to go. Thank you for listening. If you made it this far, let us know if you listen to all the way to the very end, stop, drop, roll. And but if you were right to screenshot your five star rating, we would be probably more likely to see that. Absolutely. In response to that, we're not incentivizing you or we're not.


We're not. We're not pressuring you. FTC guidelines have all sorts of things. We're not pressuring anybody to do my job. But it would be pretty cool if you did it. It would be that would be really it'd be really nice. Really, really sweet. Yeah, we would appreciate that for sure. OK, we're going to go. Good bye bye.