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I may have a Sunday afternoon beverage for the recording of this podcast. I, for one, am drinking water. Jeremy just had two drinks of whiskey and roll the intro. You ready? Yep. Let's go. Hi, guys, welcome back to our podcast, Wild Till Nine. Welcome to Episode two. So we actually haven't even posted episode one. So you may have hated it and we unfortunately don't have any of that feedback. So buckle up.


We're doing episode two kind of blindly, not knowing if you like the first one.


You know, it's even better than doing a podcast in general is, you know, no one asked for a podcast. We do one and we do another one. Right. And realistically, people, if they listen to the first one and then the second one and like, we don't really hit the nail.


Yeah, there goes that chance. Right. We're right.


So this could be over, too. We don't know. But I'm I'm hopeful.


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Well, I mean, now that you just were so abrasive to their face, to them specifically. But honestly, three stars.


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So go give that a follow if you want to stay up to date with everything that's wild till nine with the nine not in a not spelled out phonetically. You know what? You know what I want to talk about. What do you want to talk about? Gray sweatpants, oh, you're just diving straight in this week. OK, got it.


No, no, no, no, no, no.


How well did you. I'm sweating already. Where's my beverage? What what in particular would you like to hear about Grace Wetpaint Wine?


Remember that time that you were near insistent that I wore sweatpants over yes or no? Yes. Yes, I do recall you distinctly said, why not?


Hey, why don't you come on. She's like, where's my pants or something? I don't know why I sound like that in your head and.


I came over not because I didn't think anything of it. Right, and you didn't say anything about what I'm going to ask that day, that week, that month or whatever. But what's fun fact about this is later.


Later, I heard. From the horse's mouth itself, that gray sweatpants represent a very, very distinct and specific and important piece of your life.


We talk about anything other than this. Dad, if you're listening, this is a great time to go change the channel, find literally anything else on the Internet to go listen to, because this this this ain't the piece of people the story.


OK, so and you know what?


I have recently learned that this is something that many girls share and it's that it is it just a girl thing? I don't I don't know. Well, let me just tell my story.


So essentially a big part of discovering my sexuality big.


You know, it was it was high school, so not that big a big part of me discovering my sexuality was gray sweatpants, wine, and I don't know how in depth we're looking to go into the story, but I just there was something about guys in sweatpants that I was really attracted to.


And I don't think I really pieced together that it was such like a a defining moment of discovering my sexuality. And I would say grade eight and nine, not that like like I had crushes on boys for like I mean, as early as like grade one and two I can remember.


But I feel like I didn't think about the Queen until much later when I saw Grace all between.


And it's got to be great. It can't be black sweatpants, it can't be navy sweatpants, it can't be maroon sweatpants. It's got to be gray. And I'm sure all the other straight females out there can relate.


And I feel as if we all just bonded and shuto to all the boys in grade nine who wore gray sweatpants because I confirmed that I was straight.


But like. So you didn't have this conversation with anybody else in ninth grade?


No, no, no, no. I actually didn't realize that this was a big thing, actually, until ticktock.


And OK, so like the nineteen year old boys on tech talk who are dancers, like violently swaying their their hips around wearing sweatpants and it's like, you know, you know, it's intentional, it's absolutely intentional.


And me turning 27 next week, I am like see less not interested because yes, maybe when I was 19 I would be like yes, more of this.


But being eight years older, it's uncomfortable for me and they do it intentionally. There's just like no underwear going on. And it's you might as well just be naked, you might as well just be naked.


And the comments of these teenagers who are seeing and witnessing an experience potentially for the first time, Grace. So, I mean, it's it's eye opening. It's eye opening for sure, because I have been there, too.


I, too, have been in a gray wehn agree with a gray sweatpants wehn experience.


So Tumblr.


So you know what?


I feel as if there are many, many fellow tumblers, Tumblr users from our generation who who discover their sexuality on Tumblr.


Were you one of them? Did you have Tumblr? No. And I didn't ever tell me you did have it. I actually that would surprise me if you did have a Tumblr. Yeah, my Tumblr was like my mid Imod days Tumblr.


And it was called like wolves, tumbler dot com, there's three worlds, it was so edgy.


Oh my God, this is like when I was in my screamo phase, like I loved email. Right.


And yeah, I think that Tumblr was like our generation's tech talk of their being just all sorts of different subcategories and communities of whatever you wanted and whatever you were looking for.


Yeah, except for Tumblr literally just had porn Tumblr straight up. Just had porn, right. Yeah. Right. Yeah. And what's funny is that recently they took porn out of Tumblr, which is hilarious.


People were up in arms. What the fuck else is there to do on Tumblr anymore?


I mean I would say Tumblr, I would say Tumblr. Porn was maybe only like five percent of my personal feed will get Tumblr said that.


And then Reddit was like, we got porn. But it was like, hey. And Twitter was like, hey, us too. We're not the ones where parents were weed.


We're not stopping. We are trying to stop it. OK, what does he want to know?


Well, so for me, for both the guys out there and the girls, have you had this conversation with other like do your friends agree that Grace Warpaint wine is a defining factor in their sexuality?


You know what? I don't think we have had this. I've had it confirmed so much overtake talk in the Internet that, like, I just feel as if we've all come together as the great Swapan wing community.


So do you judge to the sweatbands? No, no, no. Because you could be a you could be a grower, not a shower. And also, it's not it's not about the size about the motion of the ocean, baby. Yeah.


But in ninth grade, did you feel the same way?


I mean, no, because there wasn't a community for me to talk to about Grace up. It was a great night. You would had to go to something like custom WordPress, right? They had created a blog for me. We had a log in. Exactly. Exactly how. So people these days don't know how hard it was for you as a great Swapan wine lover, right.


To visit. We were alone. We were alone. Anyway, you were isolated. We were isolated together. The Internet brought us together, got good. OK, yeah. And so in walked me through. Grace Wetpaint, we. Now, what does that mean for you?


I mean, the only one that matters is the wine in this room. So I mean what is there to say.


Oh send I moved in here to my house has a little tiny baby when it's so small and it's so cute.


Do you think that the dogs have the same like inferiority complex matter as like human men?


No, you know, I don't think so. I think dogs are so fluid and just like do what they want to do. That's true.


But this brings us to an interesting topic. Does size matter as as a as a male, as a guy, as a man with a team?


I'd love for you to weigh in on this, because I think I I've heard so many different sides of this from different guys, but I feel like they've always done.


I feel like they've always just like delivered it with, like, different. There are two types of guys.


Oh, yes. Yes. Dive into this for me, please. There are guys that say that they think size matters and they're liars.


Oh, my God. I'm not even every guy I've ever known.


OK, ever. OK. Cares, they care, but is it because of the complex that society has built around the complex? It's only around the corner.


I mean, the older you get, the more you realize the thought of having a foot long dong would probably not be the most.


I don't know, literally. Sounds like my worst nightmare. What do you mean?


Like, I know I don't have I mean, I, I can I can confirm that every guy ever I don't care what the sizes is insecure in some aspect about the size of their wiener, wiener, wiener, wiener.


OK, the ones are with the queen.


I don't use the word queen but you love the word when I say the word when like dick and penis you don't like those.


And I know mean and I mean I don't know when is just it just it's one syllable. It just, it just feels less abrasive. I digress.


Point is, every dude ever cares and has thought about and compared himself to the other.


Oh that's really sad. That's actually really sad. Like I feel, I feel bad for guys who go with what. No we don't.


No it's it's terrible and it's sad or whatever. But like, you know, guys are simple creatures. That's true. But like what I will say is the parts that were most complicated about is the things we speak the least about. That's so true.


Oh, my God. To drag emotions out of a male is like frickin mining for diamonds. Oh, my God.


Yeah. But I distinctly remember back to penis talk because that's what we're talking about, this podcast, and that's what the penis talk. So do I distinctly remember in first grade.


Second grade. I don't know. Like in class. Right. And I'm five, six, seven, eight. I don't even know how old you are in first grade.


And I remember getting a boner in first grade. Yeah. In first grade. In first grade.


Yeah. But that's not the point of the story. The point is like I was raised by a single mother, right. There was no man in the house or whatever. So I was like, I'm broken, I've broken with me.


Why is it doing this thing? I have never to this day we didn't have a sex talk. You never had the sex, sex birds and the bees.


No, I quite literally remember reading a book one time that I probably wasn't supposed to be reading.


And it talked about like it it wasn't a biology book. No. It was like kind of a biology book talking about like the act of coitus I hate. And that's what I learned what sex was. And I was like, wait, so I like the meme, you know, like the numbers and everything. Yeah, that was me.


That was you. And what grade was that work or did you find the book second going to third grade? Well, I felt like I was earlier than other people to figure out what like sex was. Oh my God.


My mom sat me down and we had like a book that we went through every night for a little bit. We had we had a.


You had a book? Yeah, we had a book to tell. I don't remember I don't remember that much about the book, but it was like it was like a guide and like, oh, water.


So it like a one too.


This is how you I know it wasn't like that. It was more just like puberty. It kind of touched on everything. It was like the full birds and the bees talk, but also like puberty involved as well.


But to talk about sex. Yes. See, I my mother, as far as I'm concerned, still thinks that. I believe that when a man loves a woman. Right.


And they love each other right. Forever. Right.


Under marriage, they a baby. Appears with the store, not even the store, but just like they love each other and the love is what the love is, what makes a baby you got to think love, which I think Donna love you.


I think it's total fucking bullshit.


I mean, you have to give your kids the talk you can't not give them. That's unsafe, I think, at this point. And I agree. I think that like like my mom really like I feel like jail has no shame. And she's like, yeah, it's time, it's time. Like she was.


But she was the ideal parent for the is a fantastic communicator for sure about things that are uncomfortable. Yeah. She really is. And she'll go out of her way to make it as comfortable as possible. Yeah.


And I think some parents are so embarrassed that they're so ideal and like, oh, I don't need to talk to my kid about this because they would never they would never will like no one grows up and goes, I bet that kid's going to be creepy or a murderer or a you know what I mean?


Like it just like. Right. Unless there's like signs of like letting things on fire at a young age or like hurting animals stuff. Yeah.


Like we couldn't have less of a real child, but like of course we do. But like the thing is, like, I think there's a certain age where you just like, yo Freddy, sit down. Yes. You know, we got to talk about this. Talk about your penis.


Oh, my God. I imagined what I had done that what would you have done?


Probably the same thing I did. But the point is, I just think that, like, there needs to be like we need to destigmatize. Yeah. Conversations around things that are like awkward and uncomfortable.


Oh, I totally agree to talk about it. Talk about Grace Swapan. We just. As for Grace SWIP, you know. Oh no, no. Circling back to grace up it mean justice for.


Yeah. No, no, no. So in summary, you found your sexuality through Grace Wetpaint and Tumblr. I apparently found mine in first grade English class, right?


No, I distinctly remember like and like but like when you're in first grade, when you're first grade, when you're below the age of twenty, like the wind could blow and you could get a boner that's so stressful.


Like do like I mean, I know the art of the talk. I've been walked through the art of the talk once you walk me into the art of the talk. So depending on wehn length you can talk behind the leg or you can go up into the sweat pants band, which I feel like is more common.


No. Well yeah, but no. Well yeah. No I mean if you're going up your.


Anyway, wait no I'm confused as, as a girl.


Give it the females. We don't know why, why can't.


I mean if you're going up. Yeah. And you have a a sizeable penis it's just going to come out.


Well wouldn't your shirt cover it. Right. But then you're still going to have like can you imagine if I just had a little like, like a little weine head.


Oh my God. Oh my God. What is this episode. So it's behind the leg is the move.


I'm to the right. Behind the leg, always to the right.


OK, I just don't understand how it's not like doing what. Do you take a stance. Stop, stop, stop. What. What. I'm stressed.


Do you remember the time that I. I thought. You know what? I know I'm going to say, OK, wait, wait, wait. So to preface this story, I don't know how this came up, but we were talking about pencil dicks.


Right. Which is like a long and skinny. And also, I just want to make a very blanket statement saying that, like, I think we absolutely need to destigmatize the idea.


The idea behind, like, bigger is better size matters grower versus show like all this. It doesn't matter. Like, it literally does not matter. But there are some funny names behind the different sizes. So I had a roommate in college and she introduced me to the idea of Rocket Dick.


And me being in a relationship is like my second boyfriend.


Like I, I had sex with one person and I was like, what is a rocket dick? Tell me more. And she actually had her bed up against my wall. We shared a wall in our apartment and it was just like.


At all hours a day with Rocket Day, this podcast is going to have a warning. Anyway, anyway, so I just like didn't know I didn't know Rocket Tech was I was 19 years old and I never met one.


I had never seen one in that one. I never met a rocket yet. Yeah. So anyways, it's long and skinny, which again is fine, is totally fine. It just like you have a special, you have special size and it has four names which is I feel like a bonus.


And so anyway I was telling Jeremy about like pencil dick and rocket dick and he was like, oh my God, do I have a pencil dick.


No, it's not that one at all. There's no other one. How did it go? No. How did this go?


You were talking about the story about pencil, dick, pencil, pencil. Yeah. And I was like, what the fuck is even look like?


So I. Oh, right. Google images. And so I typed in what I thought was pencil dick. Right. And I looked at it and Google will give you more results than you could ever want, more than you should ever see.


And I got to be honest, all the results that came up. Look, you know, more or less totally normal, like my penis, right? And I was like, oh, my fucking God, I have a fucking pencil. Oh my God, this is me.


Which again, is fine cause which is fine. But Jeremy just didn't know. I sat down on the bed next to learn and I go, oh, my God, so quiet.


You're so quiet going through the images. Do I have a pencil? Jeremy you typed in penis. Dick No. You typed in penis. Penis. It literally subtyping pencil dick. You have penis penis. And that's what came up was just was just dicks, which I mean is an accurate search result for typing in penis. Penis. Right. It's not Google's. All right. It's not.


No, no, no. That was a user error. Absolutely. Anyway, Jeremy had a minor crisis, like just an identity crisis that he didn't know that he should be associating and. Right.


Yeah, well, when you live your life for so long and also as someone who has, like, been in locker rooms playing sports or like even when I was in Drum Corps, everyone just gets naked and show. Yeah, yeah. I have seen hundreds of dicks. I would say thousands, maybe thousands.


Right. But I have for some reason and other influencers and creators, whatever that have big social media platforms have confirmed this.


For some reason. There is this viral photo of the same guy, this white older dude with a micropenis that gets tweeted at us from bot accounts incessantly.


It's not even the guy with no, it's not the guy.


And I feel bad for him. So I'm like, how did this I mean, obviously he's at some point and many nude photo shoots because I've gotten this photo from every angle. Right.


So this isn't like a random dude who just like somehow got his nudes leaked.


But there is this micropenis that gets tweeted at me and Instagram got me multiple, multiple times a day. That's tough, what's tough is the fact of the matter is like for the person with the micropenis or whatever, it's not the women that make him feel. No, it's never it's never the women. It's never the women.


Like, I feel like guys are so mean to each other about them, but we're mean, but also like the stigma.


And it's like it's not our age that created this, it's before. But what's crazy is go back one hundred, few hundred years started this.


Whose fault is this? I don't know if the boomers fault. We'll blame it on the boomers, it on the boomers. But the boomers.


Yeah, it's just insane. I remember like I just like the fear before, like I had to go and do like naked showers or whatever. I'm just like thinking about it. And as a kid we're like, why would why would that pressure be on me as a child? I didn't get there right.


Like I was put there. Right. Yeah, yeah. No, no. That was placed on to you. Right. So now that we talked about dicks, do you went the podcast, you know what I mean.


Thanks for thanks for listening Guirgis.


No, actually I have, I have I have a topic that I would like to discuss and dive into you. Delbar, you in a dive? I don't know.


I couldn't honestly. My brain there was like is the word and I was like, not fully competent, but I think it is right. Dell'Orto. Yes. A word.


Yeah. You know what? I was getting mixed up, diverge and delve and dive and all of it was spinning really quickly.


Anyways, a topic I'd love to dive into is dumb bitch itis and I don't know if I've coined this term.


It's been something that's been very, very prevalent in my friend group lately.


We just recently had a break up and there was a lot of dumb, big ideas going on amongst this breakup and and all sorts of things.


OK, and I feel as if dumb bitch itis, which we will define in a moment, is something that we all suffer from from time to time. I think it's an integral part of growing up and maturing and knowing what you need in your life and relationships and your friendships and maybe your work environment. And we all have to go through a little bit itis. And it's nothing to be ashamed of because it happens to the best of us.


I think there should be a small portion of shame, but yeah, sure. No, I have no.


You know what? I do have a I carry a little shame about my dumb bitch.


I just moments, you know, like, you know as well as I do like like what happened to that girl.


Oh it's just it just didn't, it didn't work. Yeah. Yeah. Like I think that shame also shaped me a little bit. I mean I think you need to shape you a little bit.


It's like the missing tooth that you had an episode one, you know. Yeah. Yeah. Just fly a plane through it. You needed that to shape your character. So anyway, it's dommage ideas which I, it probably is a thing.


Dumb bitches, dumb bitch. Itis dumb bitch. Itis ok.


I know. I had to, I had to really spell it out for my mom the other day when I was telling them, no, no dumb bitch. Itis dumb bitch. It's like tonsillitis but dumb bitch itis. Tomsula is but not ok.


Got it. It's just like when you're having, you know, a moment of lapse in judgment. Lapse in clarity I feel like is a big big one that kind of like covers the overarching theme of having dommage itis was just did the cutest dreg in the entire world.


I wish, I wish I camera angle went down that low so you could see that was the most of us.


And I think in relationships is probably where it's most prevalent, where, you know, you've had a moment or a few months or a couple of years of dommage itis in a relationship.


And eventually you come out of it and you're like, damn, I had a bad case of a dumb bitch. Gita's. So are you going to tell us when you get it? I mean, I think I've gone in and out of ideas, but again, like, I feel like it's something you need to go through. So where are you going to tell us when you want to tell you when to had it? And then I want to hear when you had it.


You're the one that brought this up.


I know. I know. I know.


I think my main my biggest dommage itis kind of situation.


I was thinking that I needed to forever find an opposite of me today.


I feel like the words like opposites attract or something that you hear in, like every song and every movie and pop culture and that, like, really shaped me for some reason in the types of guys that I was going after.


I was like, oh yeah. Like, why would I date me? I'm already me. And like, I don't want to date another me.


Here we are. You did you and this was you at 14. This is me at 14. Having so much eyeliner was on, you know, actually I wasn't the email that were a lot of eyeliner.


I wasn't that emo, I was more of a scene kid. So that was like the teased hair and stuff. But I wasn't I wasn't so much like an island or you wouldn't used. Here is a look.


Oh, it's a look. Honestly, I probably still have damage hair from that period of my life. I went through a massive phase forever for majority of my dating life. Up until honestly meeting Jeremy, I'm thinking that I needed to date someone, though that was totally opposite of me.


So for and Jeremy is going to absolutely hate the next twenty seconds to this.


But I am a Leo. I am an E j. I am a three whinged two. What else.


I feel like this other ones that I'm forgetting. I'm sure there are.


For those of you who understood all the last twenty seconds, that gives you like a pretty intense picture of like who I am as a person. But I'm very type A if anything, that kind of sums it up.


And so I always look for guys that were like very type B go with the flow because I was always like, I need someone to balance me. And in turn it kind of just infuriated me. Actually, you know what, though, you infuriate me, too, and we're more similar, so maybe I'm not doing you're right, you are an accommodator or not.


Oh, I'm such an accommodator. And I'm always like relationships are built on compromise and communication, but like, that's true.


I think that's absolutely true. And I still believe in that. But like, at what point are you bending until you're broken and you're staying in that relationship for way too long? Because that is exactly my track record.


But to a degree, I think that every single person needs to be in Accommodator in some capacity for sure to realize they don't want to be a fucking accommodator anymore. Yeah, for sure.


Or you're just accommodating too much. Like it's fine to be an accommodator to like a mild amount, but it's just like when you don't have boundaries on it and you're like, OK, no, I can change, I can change, I can change this. And I'll do this to be like you totally.


But also, I mean, in college, the key to like every like traditional like stereotypical guy is just like let me railroad any and everything I want to do and will will apologize later.


Was that your dumb bitch? I no. Oh yes. Yes. OK, yes.


OK, can you define railroading everything you want to do. What does that mean.


That was a I was a choice. I feel I said when I was in college it was like this.


Constant. Measuring contest with myself to just be like, I am going to have fun and whatever makes me have fun, I'm going to go do fun things and like but like it takes so much effort and so much just like. Scratch everything I just said, you know what happens in college, you think, with your dick? Oh. Oh, I did. No, I feel like a lot of guys can really relate to that, especially like, OK, so being Canadian, we don't really do the whole sorority and fraternity thing.


And so, like, I remember the first time I saw a real frat house in L.A., there's like a bunch of UCLA or no.


What's the ones in downtown is a USA, OK?


So anyway, we saw like I saw a real frat houses with like Greek letters on the front and they had like the columns and the pillars, like straight out of a movie.


And my jaw was on the floor. I was like, you're telling me that this is a real thing that happens outside of movies like, you've got to be kidding me.


It is everything that happens in the movies. But even weirder and like my days in a fraternity, I would do it all over again. Don't get me wrong. But like, that is not the real world, like the hazing thing, the the being an active and like all that shit or whatever.


I mean, being active. Well, you like pledging or actually pledging to God. Now that's like dangerous, right? Like my fraternity doesn't have pledge anymore.


That's a world where like I think it needs some reform, OK, to fit into the current world because it's just pure ignorance. OK, got it.


There's too many people that are put in danger and, you know, going back to like. Here's the issue with what I think with fraternities and sororities, there's not enough talk that's actually real and so people hide the way that they actually act. This is not to say there's too many rules. There's not enough options to be the type of college kid that college kids are going to be.


And so the regulation makes them do absolutely ridiculously unsafe things. And people end up hurt.


Right? I mean, I feel like every you hear stories of, like, crazy stuff from like pledging and totally buff up. What's the week rush week? I mean, all of it. I'm like, you know what? I watch Monsters University of the Day.


And I was like, oh, my God, is what Rushing is like. Oh, my God. No, you lost me on that one. OK, the point is it just like I think that every for me, the type of person that I am and this is not the journey everyone needs to take. I needed the journey where, like, you wake up on Tuesday at seven in the morning because you have class at seven forty five and you did who knows what with who knows who the night before.


And that ended at four thirty and you go, oh my God, I'm so tired. Like the hundredth time you do that you go, you know what, maybe I don't go out on Mondays Monday night.


Oh my God. I literally feel feel ill just thinking about that.


Right. Like in like to me the thought of that now is like that I do that but the I'm saying I'm not going to do that because like I did that. Right, you did.


You got it in your system.


But like we all know, the people who throughout high school were just like the good of of children. Right. Like to drink and smoke. Sex wasn't even a thought to them. It was just like who they were as a person. Yeah, that's OK. They go away to college and like the first week, they're just like, God, they go, why?


I would like to do everything, everything to show me everything I missed in my last four years. Right, right. Right. In one day. Yeah.


What drinks and drugs do we have? Like, it's crazy because they just like and I think it's just like the the like hammer and the like just the guidelines of like this is right. This is wrong. And if you want to do that wrong thing, you are wrong. Right. Fuck that.


Like it's OK to have this idea of like I want to do some fun things.


That's OK. Totally. Totally. I mean I think college and like especially like even if you don't go to college like that age range in general, you learn so much like it is truly a transformative time of your life between like eighteen and twenty two.


And even like you go into another chapter after that. But like that era way, is there a specific amount of time, not a decade that like timing of your life is so life changing.


No matter what you're doing, you change so much.


I mean like just short of being like here's the issue. I think the people that make, like, real, real mistakes or whatever that like set them back or whatever is like a lack of just like there needed to be more communication and like people communicating what is actually OK to do it not or whatever. And it's OK to take those fucking risks. Like it's it's OK to be fine. It's OK to do things you wouldn't do forever or whatever, just like.


Do we safely do it safely and safely, but that is the time to do it, like if you're going to do it, like do it then.


Yeah, because like every year after you're out of college and you're like, you know, an adult, quote unquote, it gets less and less OK to do that shit. Oh, absolutely.


And also to like, once you have other, like, dependents and stuff, you have kids, kids and even a significant other like if you were doing dumb shit every night, I'd be like, yeah, you can find your shit on the side of the road, like get out.


Literally when I see people like that, I'm like, you missed a part of your you missed it.


And that's not to say that, like, you wanted to do this thing that like your wife wouldn't approve of, like the idea of that isn't wrong.


It's the wrong time. It's the wrong time. It's the wrong time. You committed to that. You got to move on. Yeah, yeah, yeah. For sure. For sure. You know what?


My mom showed up to Gail. Honestly, she was such a good mom for, like, shaping me as a responsible teenager. So the drinking age in Canada is 19 and I kind of feel as if Canadians maybe start drinking in high school a little bit younger because we're closer to nineteen twenty twenty one.


When did you start drinking? Fifteen. OK, and what did you start drinking?


Like wine coolers like Becks. I don't know.


Is there still a thing you would be like so much like a Mike's Hard Lemonade, like, you know, like, like a five percent like get wild like take you out to sugar buzz at the same time you have like half the time I was like, do I feel ill because I drank more than, like, my body knows how to handle or do I feel ill because I've just drank like 600 grams of sugar?


I'm not sure. Right. But my mom was so responsible and sunset that like especially when I got into the older grades. Oh, also a fun fact.


My cousin, when him and I were in the same high school, he was in grade 12 when I was in grade ten and I gave him my locker combination and twenty bucks and he was legal and would be able to get me alcohol and he would we had like a fun little drop off system in my locker and it was really great. I got I got it. Yeah. Yeah.


It was a hookup on the cousin. That's real. I said okay. Yeah. Liquor. I mean I got.


Are you kidding me. I overpays well even with my own cousin. Well to be fair my first job was working at a beer company so I didn't overpay but. But on the legal side definitely.


Right. Yeah. So I had that like fun llorca lucker drop off system for great time. But then he graduated so I was like oh man, there goes my hook up.


But my mom really came through especially in grade twelve like she would rather.


And I think that I will carry this through in my parenting as well. She would rather buy me, you know, like a four pack of sugary coolers at five percent alcohol than me go and drink.


Someone's like shitty hard 40 percent vodka out of who knows what and where it's been and what it's been like cut with or if it's just water, you know, I mean, it's like you don't even know what people are bringing from their parents out of Disney Water bottles.


Oh, have you ever like this happen to me? A few times in high school, I would have a water bottle like hidden underneath my my lake bed stand or something, and I would go and take a sip of it in the middle.


And I see and you look at her the first big time I got caught drinking or whatever, and I was like, you know, I had to like, lay it all out there for mom who like for whatever reason, didn't know or hadn't accepted in the fact that her son could be drinking kind of thing.


We don't know.


You know, the problem with that is she sees the best in people and she always saw the best in me and still does it anymore.


I you know, I think she has just decided to turn a blind eye, which I think is best.


So my mom, what I will give her credit for is like she did not ask the question to make it uncomfortable. Right. She was never like, tell me right now all the things you could have possibly done that were wrong. And I enjoyed that to a degree. But then, like, things would come out later and she'd be like, I just can't believe you did that. Did that how could I can't believe you did that.


But like, it came from the best of places. Right? So, like, I remember the time that I got caught and had to come clean. Jeremy's been drinking kind of thing and dammit, Jeremy. And she was like, well, do you have any alcohol in the house? I was like, yeah, I got something else. I just like I want to bring it out here right now.


And I don't know what she expected, but when I brought down the Hennesy, the this the catalog, I mean, like when I brought down the small bars and she was like, oh my God, Jeremy, I am disgusted in this.


How were you here? I don't seventeen.


Okay. But just like let me just bring down the mini bar and like that like didn't bring it all down, but I had to bring it out to be like, I'm so sorry.


Well, what's funny is the very first of all I ever had was like fifteen years old. I remember my neighbor brought it over because he was going out and like my neighbor was the coolest person in the world to me kind of thing. And I my neighbor brought it over and it was in a Disney Water bottle and he was like, Luis, you want to drink? It is. And I was like, sure, what is this? And I drink it.


And it was alcohol was the first time that I ever had it. I was like, oh, my God, it's smooth.


Delicious on it.


Later it was fucking Everclear, which is legal in California. Oh. Oh, my. Oh my God. Oh, miserable.


But I was like, well, at least everything's uphill from there. Yeah. No, no, no. I've never had a worse sip of anything.


I mean, alcohol tolerance and taste is is a learned thing. It's like coffee. It's like very similar to coffee. It's like it it, it takes it takes a hot minute to figure out. Did not even figure out. To accept its flavor and then eventually develop a taste for it, I mean, I'll always remember the first beer I ever had was a warm Bud Light during beer pong.


Oh, my God. I mean, we all been there in that high school. Yeah. It's like you're like, why does anyone drink? This is what you wanted to work. You look around, you're like, I don't want to be like lame, but like, this is bad. Yeah. Oh, my God.


Yeah, no, no. I still I couldn't get behind beer. I couldn't do it. I think I'm also. No, no actually confirmed am yeast intolerance or beer literally makes me look six months pregnant. So I just don't do beer. Got it. But I suffered through it in high school for the sake of the looking cool. A beer pong parties for sure. Absolutely.


I have a question and I'm so nervous. Where is it time when you were embarrassed and trying to look cool. Oh my God. In front of a boy.


Oh, what do you mean? I know a story that I'd like to bring up. Um, uh.


Oh, my God. Um, orange.


Orange. It's orange, it's orange. The makeup, the makeup. Oh, my God, oh, I want you to tell the truth, I will tell the truth. Oh, my God, this guy actually is still very friendly.


So I had a masculine rush. I, I had a massive crush on this kid in high school and grade nine and 10.


And I remember I had just started wearing, like makeup and like knowing how to actually do like foundation and concealer and powder and like mascara like that was kind of it.


But like, I like got mashed to my foundation and I was like wearing makeup.


And and also now I feel like 15 year olds who are wearing makeup, they have like James Charles level skills and it's insane.


But James Charles, like like like gave way to, like, teaching kids how to do makeup, literally. So I didn't have that. I look at pictures of, like the people that I went to high school with. Oh my God. What is that?


Everything is very questionable. So I mean, I was that kid. I was the question, what could I mean, we all worked. We didn't have James Charles back then.


We didn't have James anyways. So I. What was I doing? I can't remember. I was sitting behind him in math class in grade ten functions maybe.


And I don't remember the exact scenario of, like, how this happened.


But at some point a piece of paper, like a test paper or something like touched my face.


I don't I don't think he wiped it on my face or anything like it wasn't it didn't feel mean. Like I don't remember it being like a mean memory. Or maybe I was like tired and like had my head down or something on my desk anyways, at some point make up orange makeup had transferred over to this piece of paper and he saw it and made a comment about it being like an ignorant grade ten boy. I'm sure he had no idea that something I'd be self-conscious about.




And and I just remember being, like, very embarrassed, like so embarrassed that, like, my face had wiped off onto a piece of paper.


And I was so sad. I was so embarrassed, so sad. It was really sad. Even more embarrassing story, though.


I would love of me or you. Me. Oh, thank God. Most embarrassing thing I've ever done. I do.


I know the story. Self tanner. Please do go on, maybe I don't know the story. Oh, well, welcome to this show. It was so well, we both come from the Antarctic. Sure, I mean, so like in northern Illinois, there's about six months there where you don't get sunshine. Oh, yes, you're freezing kind of thing. So like I remember, who knows how fucking old I was high school, though, I remember I decided that I was like, fuck, I wish I was like, I'm like I'm like painfully white.


I do know this story.


And so my genius ass decided I'll just grab some self. Tanner Right. And you got it. Even today's self tanner is much different. Very different.


You have the Australian brands because the Australians, they are they know how to solve tan.


Of course they do. So here's the deal. I was, what I call it, 16 or whatever and decided to Donald Trump my face here and my full self.


Tanner The problem is No.


One, I didn't have James Charles. And so I did this section right here.


And so and my jaw line below. You didn't go down? No, no, no. How would you leave it on for all night? Oh, no. I'll put it on your pillowcase. And so I woke up the next morning. Oh, it was crazy.


It's like I woke up next morning. I was like, oh, it looks pretty good. Got and it's sort of developing well.


I mean, eight hours later it developed it.


Yeah. So I was, you know, an orange from here up and like here's this crazy things. My mother says nothing to me so it's not like I had like a pulse check in the morning.


Right. You got it. Just me and my mom. Right.


There's no there's no other guy to be like, what the fuck happened to you last night? You know where I want it to mean step dad. Then it was right there, like that's where you need to take it. Oh, I don't know what the fuck you did here, but I'll fix it.


But you're sick today. That's fine. Oh, that's all. You need it. Absolutely.


Anyway, so but I did know enough at the time to be like maybe I should put a little bit on the neck in the morning. So I went to school. Wait a pause.


Did you put it on the rest of your body or just your face?




Lauren So I didn't I said this is an embarrassing story, but I mean, just the face, just like the face face.


So I had an orange here and like, pasty white ass here. Right. And went to school.


And what's funny is everybody then noticed, you know what, in Donna's events, maybe the lighting in your house in the middle of winter was not the greatest. And you looked OK. Maybe it was still dark. You know, it gets light later in the day.


As I said, Donna has always seen the best of me. And so I'm sure that Donna still denies that I've ever had a drink of alcohol. I am a still virgin and I am. And whatever else you'd like to write about to get my degree in law and start practicing.


Lawyer Jeremy here is exactly my point is we've all had those embarrassing stories.


Wow. So did anyone make fun of you directly to your face? Yes. Oh my God. Please do tell. What do they say. Everything. Well, they so mean. Yeah. Did you go home? What did you do. Did you mean it.


Like, how did you react Resat or were you.


There was the moment I don't know. I mean I just I was like I did it all right then it bugged me.


Hey, but the difference is in like high school, like it's it's the end of the world when you're being made fun of as opposed to now.


Are you to say in high school, though, and this is like always what I try and tell like younger fans in high school, is that your world, your world in high school, like everything that happens feels so big.


It's the biggest thing you ever have.


It's the biggest thing because like your world is so small that like when something like that happens, it's literally so insignificant to your life, but it feels like catastrophic. So those feelings are totally valid and are very real because like your world, that is your world.


But like. It's it's it's tough, you got to go, everyone's got to do it. Everyone's got to do it. Everyone's got to do it to be fair. Like you look back and laugh and like, it's OK, it's OK. You're going to literally like this is so cliche to say, but like, everything gets better after high school.


And I liked high school, but like, shit gets fucking better. She gets better.


High school is. Yeah. High school was like OK. For me it was average. Oh I loved high school. I love college more though. But like I'm not someone who's like living in my high school days. Oh yeah. Like I think right now is the best part of my life. And I hope to God that continues to be the exact same way because like, I don't think back to college and be like, oh, I won't be waking up on Tuesdays hungover shit, literally like I was in my college days are in Toronto.


So I think of just like trudging in two feet of snow to the street car to like get on public transit for 45 minutes to commute to college and then sit in class where I hated the program miserable. And then. Oh my God. Oh my God.


My university has been like shutting me out as alumni and it cracks me up every time.


They're very proud of me as alumni. Not so nice, but I literally talk shit about my program. Every single interview about how I got started. There's so proud of me and it's so sweet. But I literally talk shit about my program every single like how I got started story ever is because I hated my program and I just I'm like, have you ever read an interview about how I got started? I don't think you have or they're just turning a blind eye to it and they just want to slap my name on some fliers and stuff about being an alum.




What if I told you I could spoil almost any movie? I'd say I don't want to see movies with you. I well, on the Wild, Wild Tech podcast, we're going to test the rules knives out. Director Ryan Johnson told everyone about how Apple allows their products to be used in movies. Wait, are you telling me Apple doesn't want bad guy smashing matchbooks over people's heads in movies? It's shocking. I know. And we talk to a movie production designer who's got the documents from Apple that outlines surprising ways Apple products can be used.


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Can I smash someone with Apple Podcast's? This brings us to an interesting next subject, let's let's dive right into the topic of your almost stint in reality TV.


OK, so we talk about this on episode one. Is that how you did NBC's The Sing Off, where Jeremy was literally an a cappella singer in a group with dancing and everything? It's a whole thing. Please look it up on YouTube. It is highly entertaining. You will not regret it.


In one episode, his pants come down. So look for that one anyways.


You outside out of your last fresh out of your last relationship, you were contacted by all of the recruiters and casting agents for all of the dating shows.


So we had like, are you the one which is like fun fact? One of my favorite shows on MTV and I haven't seen it.


It's it's incredible. It is. Absolutely. They were pursuing hard. I love that. I like.


I'm so glad you didn't, because that probably meant that, like, your trajectory of life would probably be completely different had you done those shows. And so, like, we would have probably never crossed paths. But I love the idea of you on. Are you the one or even better, you as The Bachelor.


It's not to say that I don't think that would have been fun, that would have been like, OK, like fun for you, like maybe fun for me. So fun. Oh, my God.


Except if you had gone to the fantasy, like if you had gone to the fantasy suite, was I what I would have had to break up with you. What do you mean? I would have had to break up.


I mean, I was abstinent until the day that I met you.


Thank God. Anyway, point is, I just and you can attest, once you've been on TV, reality TV is ruined like, oh my God.


Yeah. I mean, it's the once you take a tiny peek behind the curtain of like what making movies or TV is like, it's you will forever see things in a different person. It's binary.


It's like, oh my God, this is amazing. Or like all you do is you hear that like you're the hot seat. Right. And like MTV's like favorite thing, all you do is you don't hear the answers. You just hear.


So like, would you say that you're attracted to Russell and then like, can you repeat that question back in your answer?


OK, so like, start with yes. I was like, I think I don't know, like what I'm attracted to General, but like I think I really think that Russell's hot. That's all you hear.


That's all you hear. It's like short escape the night, like we even do. What are they called again when you're in the hot seat? What's it called when you do the.


Oh, my God, there's a specific name for it, but it's it's just so funny. And then when you watch a spectacle, especially like The Bachelor Bachelorette, they piece together the narrative based on the commentary that they've like cut and spliced together from those interviews to like create a totally different story, which, by the way, if I was a producer.


Oh, hell, yeah. That's absolutely right. Something that I know you're talking about people from Kansas and like trying to make them like 30 minute stars, which is OK, but people aren't that interesting. Normally, if you ask me a question, they're going to give you a very like an answer. Then answer is not going to resonate with the Midwest.


Totally, totally. I, I you know what? You would have made the best bachelor.


You look like a bachelor, like you used to look like a bachelor, not like someone who works at home and took. Oh, my God. OK, so you used to look like a Bachelard, like you have the hair, you have like the look like the white guy, tall, good hair, good job. You're the right age. You know what, though, when I watch The Bachelor now and I see that everyone on the show that's like like trying to get married and engaged, it's like twenty three years old.


I'm like, but what do you mean? What do you mean that's not going to go away any time soon.


I know. I know. I feel old though looking at all those girls. And I think growing up I was like, that's so fun. Like they're ready for love and I watch it. I'm like, you're delusional, dumb bitch.


Stomatitis getting paid a hundred dollars and you have signed your rights away for everything you say for the next 20 years.


Forever. Forever. Yeah, but I like Warner Brothers in Fremantle on you. Right. You know what, though?


Not going to stop me from watching every single season ever. Absolutely not. I love it.


No I can't. That is. Take that back. Take that back. You will not you never watch The Bachelor with me.


No, no. It's the best with you know. I know. God.


OK, so I heard this really fun rumor. That is for sure. I have to say, not true, but go on. Nobody was I just like was screaming. I was cackling at this. And it's it's let me just preface this by saying that, like, this is one hundred percent false.


But the idea of it I think is very funny. And I need to repeat it because it's so funny.


And this is absolutely the opposite of what you should do any time you hear a rumor that is that is not not maybe in the most positive light towards the person, you're going to say now what I do, OK, I do what I say, not what I do.


Don't spread rumors. Rumors are bad. But this is not even you know what? This is so fake. We'll just call it a fake narrative.


So I heard from a whole, like skew of people that are probably not even related to Jason Drella or his ex-girlfriend, who you are a slew of fuck.


I meant SLU. Yikes has one baby. Rosie forgets all English. So anyway, again, this rumor is false.


It's so false that we shouldn't even call it a rumor because there's probably no truth to it.


But I did hear that when Jason Derulo orgasms, he sings out his name in Jason to know exactly how you did it beforehand, but better.


And that idea is so funny to me. I don't know why.


I just think that is like but like, OK, here's the deal. Next time we have sex and I come I'm saying, Jason, no, I don't know why I like that.


No, I superheat that.


I just never have that. Oh my God. It was so good. No, no, no, no, no, no. There's is no real. We're that's that's not OK. No, that's not it. Could I make my own Tagget sing that. No, that's even worse.


Why actually is that worse than singing someone else's name. That's worse. Yeah. Is it.


I think you went to create a tag and then in the middle of sex decided to sing it. Yeah, that's worse. Oh, I'm so honey.


That's weird. Yeah, it's weird. It's weird. Anyways, that was so funny to me that like I need to tell someone else.


What's funny is the fact that like Jason Derulo has become a bigger star now on Tick-Tock and I don't even like watch tick tock. I'm not like a consumer. I, I feel like I know what's going on. Tick tock. Because you constantly are on the up. Yes. Like otherwise I would not know what's going on. Tick tock. But I would still know the Jason Duvall is becoming a star more than ever because he's a tick tock. Alister King.


Yeah, I mean, he hangs out with all the cool tech talkers, too, which is so interesting like that, like it's it's worlds colliding truly and like Jesus Trillo, like, very cool, very successful, obviously has done incredible things, got bang you.


Or if you go to show one, you can dance totally sing that stage presence. He is ripped up like fucking Rambo. Get more abs than the average man. That's for damn sure. For sure. And all he does is just like one song to the next next. And you go, oh, I guess I'm like a whatever it is, I know him. You leave and you can't get any of those fucking songs out of your head. I mean, he makes orks, anger or.


No, know for sure. Banger's only banger's only. But yeah, he he's massive Ontake talk. And I think it's so interesting to see, just like traditional celebrities or singers like Lil Yadi on tech talk is so funny. He is genuinely so hilarious and like but you have to be creative to pop authentic talk.


Oh my God. Or a good dancer. Right. Or even an average dancer or even average dancer with Grace Wetpaint win with Grace Wetpaint.


We saw one more time.


No, no, no. That was a one time thing anyways. Yeah. No it's take is truly like OK, let's, let's touch on the band real quick because not to be dramatic but I will die if Tick-Tock goes away, like I will genuinely have to move back to Canada.


So I will have access to Tick-Tock because I will die.


OK, that seems a bit hyperbolic. No, I will die. I will die. OK, I will die. Do you think they're going to ban tick tock.


No, I don't think so. I think there's no way. I think our boy Donny Mr D the big D Donald. Mr. Don.


I think he's a little salty about it. I just feel like, you know, there's got to be some kind of salt salt involved for this to be so high on his priority list right now.


And like I get it, China is like scary like all the data stuff.


But like we've been sold our data, you know, it's like when everyone did, like, the whole face shifting thing to, like, be old or to be a different genders to Russia. But OK, OK, that was to Russia.


But it's like we been sold our data first thing, like I think we're gonna look back at twenty years and be like, I can't believe we just like let this thing that knows everything about us. Right. Like God knows if you look in half the people in this frozen notes, you have their Social Security number.


I'm not going to not say that on my password or saved in a notepad. I know we're working on that. But but the fact of the matter is, like Texas is no worse than any of the other big tech, literally.


And yet so I don't think it's going anywhere. I think Donny's a little salty about the whole like they really up the numbers for that one rally, salty about it. I think it's fine. I think it's personal for him, honestly. I think it's personal whether it is or isn't, like who fucking knows?


And no one has control over that shit. At the end of the day, I think the stars on tick tock totally like will be fine. I feel bad people are just getting started.


Yeah. Oh my God. No. As a creator I see so many tech talkers who are so creative and so incredible and make amazing content on tech talk and they've got millions of fans.


But when you go over to their Instagram or their YouTube, they've had millions of fans for two weeks. Right. We're on tech talk and so it hasn't translated over to their other platforms yet. So if talk were to disappear tomorrow, they potentially just missed out on such an incredible career and like, hopefully they would be able to recreate themselves on whatever comes next.


If tech talk really does go somewhere, which again, I don't think it's going anywhere, but I just feel so bad that they've built up this audience and this community. And I will say that ticktock.


And like all of my years of social media and like being on different platforms, tech talk really has created communities that are totally unmatched. Like YouTube, of course, has like niches for every single genre ever and interest ever.


But like tick tock, their algorithm is so interesting in the way that they serve up content and also like, where else can you go to watch wombats, prison tech talk in prison tours and prisoners doing dances in their jail cells while also getting Stalin's Bo dog videos and Grace Swapan we like. Where else can I get that in the span of sixty seconds? I don't know, but I think that's a great no dead. And on that note, I love how we just come full circle back to Grace Swapan, I mean, to to be fair, that's what it all started with and it's worth going with.


It's it's what it is.


And with it I mean, that's it's me. It's me. Craft girl. Foxcroft girl. Fuck is the moral of the story, baby.


I'm excited for next episode. Me too. Me too. Me too. I'm excited for sure. What if no one likes this podcast. Then I'll be really sad.


I mean the big guys like hit the like button like we need to hit that in the beginning, otherwise it'll just die.


I mean, you're saying this is the end of the podcast is not very helpful because like some talked to the real guy, you're a real one if you last.


Yeah, no, no, you're right. You're right. Right. If you made it this far, is you a real one? For sure. OK, so on that note on Grace Warpaint mean, leave us a comment like subscribe follows. You don't miss the next episode. We have a while till nine Instagram. It's wild till nine with a nine the number and not phonetically spelled out. And I think that's all a self promo I have for the end of this podcast.


And I will see you in the next one, Jason.


Bye bye.