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I pulled my hamstring today learning the warp dance, and I am not proud of that.


Roll the intro music.


You ready? Yeah, let's go home then and then and then. Hi, guys. Welcome back to Wild Night, our weekly podcast, I Have a Moose on my lap. Currently a special guest tonight, special guest Moose.


So if there are some non-human, like sounding sounds, it's probably Jeremey, but if not Jeremy, it is Moose, our mini bull terrier.


And for those of you that don't watch the video, he is a handsome, well-trained stud. That's it. That's all.


But all you need to know, honestly. And he's very cute. So if you listen to the audio portion, go follow me on Instagram or something, or maybe just go like look at his face. You can visualize him being very cute with the podcast.


OK, anyways, hi, we are back. Welcome to Episode five.


Oh, my God. We're doing it. Fuck. I know. I know, I know.


I got a little feedback that, um, there's a little swearing in this podcast. Yeah. Yeah. And that's going to continue.


I know. I think I've broken the hearts of a few 12 year olds who no longer feel like I'm appropriate to watch.


And I want to say that I'm sorry, but I. I'm not I'm just not. You know what?


I was family friendly for so long that it is time now to release this side of me to the world because it's been in hiding.


We're still family friendly.


It's just family friendly after a glass of to a wine and a little little if you little fuck bombs, you know, it's I don't know of the content.


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Really, it's doing quite well so far and I'd love for it to continue to do well.


And we're surprised, honestly and shocked. And if you question if you're on YouTube, can you can you comment below what podcast player you use? Because we're trying to figure out if it's an apple. Is it for science?


Or just let us know if you listen to podcast elsewhere outside of YouTube, since YouTube, I guess, is the only place they can leave a comment. Well, yeah.


I mean, like Apple, you can do your writing review. Right? Right. Sure. This is like random ones that you can. Yeah. Yeah.


OK, anyway, babe, I have a question for you.


OK, before you ask that question. Last episode was me getting fucking railroaded the entire time. OK, graphic.


OK, but you know what? Episode three was me getting roasted for the last quarter, so I feel sad for even.


What's the question. You can break this down in either a ratio or a percentage is fine, or if you want to list them all out, that's also acceptable. OK, but I'm curious to know.


How many times, what is the percentage, the ratio, the breakdown of how many times you have been broken up with versus being the break up like the receiver of the news, that they don't want to be with you anymore?


Um. For the longest time, my memory obviously lapsed in my favor and I thought that, like, oh, I haven't been broken up with I've always been breaking up with. And then I was thinking about this question. And when we kind of like talked about it a little bit earlier, I've definitely been broken up with how did they do it?


Not not that I have any plans or and how did poorly they did it poorly.


They handled it for, you know, it was all very it's all childish shit, you know. I mean, the problem is that when you're young, you don't know how to cut it off. How old were you?


What's young here? Well, the youngest was seventh or eighth grade. My very first girlfriend.


Oh, but that's like you can have your friend go tell him you can throw them a paper plane with like I did this thing where I didn't really date, like, actually date girls was, oh, you don't want to be locked down in grade seven just too much baggage.


No, I didn't date many girls at my at my school.


So it was we like the we like the exotic kids from the other schools.


Yeah. I was like the Catholic school in the next neighborhood over OK. And so I don't know if it was a text or call. It was definitely not in person.


And what's funny is it's scary for a grade seven or no. What's fucked up is that the, the, the person that I think my first girlfriend left me for like seventh or eighth grade, my second girlfriend also I think left me for that same guy.


That same guy. Yeah, down. Down. So he must be he must have been putting down them. Good Peck kiss. I think his name is Joey.


I don't know his last name and if I did I wouldn't say. But fuck you Joey. Wow.


I wonder what Joey is doing now. Oh my God.


Just give me like a few details of his life and I'll track him down. We'll follow up with that. OK, wait, you didn't answer the question? No. What's the ratio like? What's the percentage?


I think five to one. Five to one. You've been the breaker upper. Yes. Break up. You interesting. Do you have a technique like do you have like a go to method?


No, I don't like it. But someone who doesn't mind saying things that are abrasive, rude, kind of out of the blue, harsh.


I'm not good. At least I wasn't very good at communicating that in a way that wasn't either to this is how I feel and this is how I'm going to feel tomorrow. And that's the end of this or on the side of like.


Yeah, I mean, like it's like I mean, I'm still having fun, but, you know, like I wasn't ever to really be able to like I find that that center.


And I think the next time I break up with somebody, I'm going to nail it. OK, so that that implies that we're not going to be together forever, OK? Of course not.


I got to, got to, got to. Got to find the one that's like pretty good. That's like you have been the heartbreaker. Not that there's not obviously like heartbreak involved when you break up with someone like that. It's totally not what I'm implying at all.


But I mean, it is nice, not nice, but it can be the perspective could be that it is a luxury to be the one who kind of makes the call.


Yeah, I guess. I mean, before high school, although it seems like the world is ending, the world kept spinning, but yeah.


Yeah, it's a sad four hours of four hours while you dealt with that shit. Quick cycle. We could get over it. Here we are. Here we are here.


You did the same question, OK? I am. I am uh. I have been the break up or one hundred percent of the time. Wow.




I mean, there was there was one time where it was mutual ish, but it was my initiation of expressing. Break up. Uh, Crumb's eloquent. Yeah, I can see that, but who would break up with you, babe?


Who would break up with me? Better not be fucking you. I would never. You'd kill me. I would.


I would probably kill. No, no, I wouldn't. I mean, I don't know. I don't know. OK, that was a nice question.


Thank you for that.


My question is post breakup, OK? When is it OK for you, either the person that broke up with someone or got broken up with wins, is it OK for you to hook up with the next person? What's the time, duration that needs to pass? Oh, God.


I mean, if you look at this a few different ways because like, OK, there's the black and white perspective. It's like, OK, you just broke up with me. I am now officially single as of ten minutes ago when you dropped that bomb on me or whatever. You don't I mean, it's like you can look at it that way and being like I can officially go dig around with whoever I want right now because I am not I am not in a committed, loyal relationship.


So I think there's like that perspective. So I'm not judging anyone. If they literally turn around from being broken up with or break up with someone and go sleep with someone else. I also think that, like, if someone if I was in a relationship and someone was going to cheat on me, I would feel better about getting broken up with and then them immediately leaving my house and going straight to their bedroom. Like I would feel better about that morally.


I think if I was in that black and white area of, like, being broken up with or not.


What's the fastest turnaround that you've personally witnessed and by way of being a part of participator? A week, OK, a week, do you feel good about that answer? Like, do I feel good about the doing of the action or do I feel good about my the truthfulness of my answer? The letter, uh, you know what?


It was probably within like a five to ten day window. I think I got business days. Yeah. Five or ten business days.


I was back in back in action. OK, what's the longest a week. Five to ten business days, you got it, it's all it's all about it's all about it. But I mean, we've talked about this in other podcasts. Is that like when I break up with someone, I have probably stayed in the relationship longer than I should have to begin with. And I have really like it's kind of like beating a dead horse, like after the relationship I know is dead.


It takes me a while to accept not I mean, we talked about this before, but like except the failure of that relationship and like moving on. So I've probably already overextended myself in that relationship. So once I hit that like black and white switch of like, OK, are we together or not? I'm like, I'm a free bitch, yo, and go do my thing. I got it. OK, I would love to hear that question on your end because I have a I have a a little.


A little.


You want me to answer the question or do you just want to allude to the answer. Yeah. Answer the question. Minutes, hours, minutes, hours. Hours huh. Yeah. Interesting. Yeah.


And but I will say it looks like I'm forgetting one. Yeah. I don't think any of them were like, OK, I broke up, I'm coming over, it was the deed has been done and I was like, oh, I feel bad about myself and sad. Let me go try and replace this in some unhealthy manner.


That's healthy. I said unhealthy, man.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no, no. We all been there. We've all been there.


Yeah, yeah. OK, um I have so many more questions for the girl perspective this. OK, ok. So speaking of, of, of duration and time, ok, when is it ok for you or when I say you, for you or people that are like you or whatever. Yeah. Whomever to fuck a.


Boyfriend or girlfriend of a friend? Oh, my God, oh, my God. Oh my God.


Yeah, I mean, my gut reaction is never because Dasha is girl code, but I think it depends on how close you are to that friend.


If it's like an actual friend. The answer is never like fucking never like you don't do that. That makes you a shitty person and not do that. No, because you would have had to do something bad to get in love. You don't just fall in love with someone being like, oh my God, great Swapan wehn I love you. I mean, that's how it works for me, but not for everyone else, you know?


So it's like you don't just fall in love with someone out of nowhere, like something has to happen and you had to have betrayed a friendship for that to happen.


So it's not that I disagree here. I'm just. Yeah, yeah.


No, I get I get it with a friend. Never, never. OK, not OK. If friend does that to you, cut them. Cut them.


Because that is not a true friend. Not physically. No. Oh yeah.


No no. I just mean like cut them out of your life like like snipped them out of your. Yeah right.


OK, but then I think, I mean I think it's tricky. There's definitely gray area here when it's like an acquaintance. I mean I think it depends again, like what your relationship is with the acquaintance when you might have met that person in relation to a mutual friend.


I don't know. See, things get fuzzy here because I think that I'd have to have like a specific scenario to be like, OK, this is how much time I think needs to pass before you can sleep with them.


But I think proceed with caution no matter what and go with your gut, because if it feels wrong, it might be OK. It might not. I don't know. I don't know.


I've never been in that scenario where I'm like treading lightly or walking on eggshells because it's a friend's friend or something or a friend's ex even. Right. So I don't know why. What's the male perspective on that?


Well, I don't know if it's I I'm not going to speak for all males here. But from from my perspective specifically, I think it's that complicated, really. I think it's very much a should you do it? No. The only time and reason you should do it is not a timing or duration or this or that. It's is this act that you're about to commit with this girl or guy worth losing that friend forever, for sure. And if you can answer that, I don't care.


Whatever you your great advice, though, because that helps define the fuzzy gray area, because if you are not willing to potentially.


But here's the thing, though, is that sorry. Not cut you off, but I had a little light bulb moment. If I just feel like some people are blinded by Dick, you know what I mean? And this is this is the female this is the straight female perspective. And there are so many other combinations of this perspective. But I mean, like if there's a girl who's so in love with a dude, like or the idea of the dude, they really don't even know the guy that well.


But they're so in love with the idea of, like, hooking up with a friend's ex. And in that moment they're like, yeah, like I mean, we haven't talked in like six months. Like, it's fine, whatever, like like I don't even think we're that close. And then they go and do that and then it doesn't work out and then they can't rekindle that friendship and they're like, damn, like I should not have done that.


That's tough. It's not that tough because you did the act and someone is hurt. That's there goes that friendship. That person has every right not to trust you again.


Absolutely. Totally agree. OK, so, I mean, maybe I guess that's that's good advice. That is good advice. I think I just overcomplicate things.


You I overcomplicating know. And I just like I just I'm so scared of hurting everyone's feelings.


I'm so scared but sweet and just it complicates things.


It does. But also like I think friendships and obviously it's your style friends. Yeah. You know, you're your pal, but like, you need to be able to be honest about what's going on in life in all aspects. And this included.


Absolutely. I mean, friendships are relationships. They truly are like obviously like you're not fucking or maybe you are fucking. I don't know. But like, the communication needs to be there for it to be a strong relationship, just like generally speaking, I feel like there was something that happened in my friend group and we had like the most honest, open conversation. And everyone were just like thriving on like the level of communication that we were like working with and everyone was putting into the friendship.


What an incredibly ambiguous story.


And you know what? I don't even remember what it was about. Like, it wasn't even anything like it was. I think it was it was literally someone overcomplicating something within the friend group. But no, yeah, we just everyone communicated so well. And I feel like that is just like I'm twenty seven now and it's like oh hell yeah. By like twenty seven we finally fucking figured out how to talk to each other and be honest and open and communicate like congratulations.


Like I can assure you in five years we're gonna look back and go, I knew nothing.


I know what I look at twenty to five years and I'm like, you were a literal child who knew three things.


If you asked Jeremy at twenty two how much he knew. Yeah, he thought he knew more then than I think I ever will know in my lifetime.


Right, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're your brain gets a smaller I think as you get. Older because you're like, this is what I actually know. So not switching gears a ton, but going onto the friendship thing. Can you from your perspective, or have you been able to be friends with an ex? Oh, I get this question in my DMS every goddamn day pertaining to just my last relationship. So it's been a fun question that just like gave me a little like a little PTSD.


I feel like, OK, I'm. When was that anyways? I think in the past it generally. Actually, no, I don't know. I thought I had an answer for that from my perspective, but it's kind of been all over the place and like different in different situations. The first boyfriend that I ever broke up with deleted me off Facebook before I even got home from driving home from his house.


And I only live ten minutes away like it was an immediate thing. Right.


And I assume that that Facebook wasn't as big as it is now. So, like, no, no. Like, he probably had to click through, like, 16 things to me to. Yeah. To take us out of a relationship on Facebook and then delete me and then block me removed from his top aide on MySpace to her.


I mean, we were past MySpace, but I definitely would have been booted from the top eight on MySpace, 90's babies.


Right now I like MySpace to be well, GenZE like MySpace on Tom from MySpace anyways. And then my next relationship, I definitely became friends with them after time had passed. I think I initially had never had an experience where I had been friends with an ex. So like I didn't I didn't really initiate it because, like, I didn't really consider that like the norm or anything.


And I feel like when you break up, you don't always know how emotions kind of like simmer after a year has passed. If they're like totally over it, if there's still resentment, they're like, you don't really know if you're not in communication, like, how would you know? Right.


And so we ended up I forget what. Something something dramatic in their family happened and I reached out just like make sure they were OK after it happened and it rekindled the friendship and was totally platonic and friendly and just like genuinely happy for each other. And that was like a super, super healthy, like a friendship we like hang out or anything.


But like, it was just like we would talk to each other once every other month after I'd moved to L.A., they'd be like, Oh, how are you doing? Like, how has it been? And they're like, Oh, I heard there's like Hellfires like, are you OK? Like, stuff like that. It was more just like well-being check ups because we'd spend so much time together. I'm just like such a big part of each other's lives.


And then later on I think my last relationship was just like the most. What's the word. It sounds like Summersault took to much more tumultuous. Tumultuous. Yeah, that's the one I knew it had the right meaning. Can you define that for me really quick and say over time so I can say it again? Chouest tumults summersault.


Yeah, but it's like. It's like rocky. Like chaotic, right. Yeah. Is that right or tumultuous. Right. Tumultuous. Please let me know if you learned a new word today. If you've never used the word tomorrow, you were fucking the definition to that up.


Yeah right. Or by definition is just totally wrong. I mean that breakup was definitely the most tumultuous and I don't know, some shit went down at the end that was a little more unexpected.


So I think there was like on top of already being so emotional from like breaking up from a long term relationship and relationship, just like get more and more serious as you get older. And I feel like that's just a natural path. Right.


But it was not only the most emotional, but then we had some, like other shit go down on top of that that was like unexpected. And so you're dealing with that as well. So I feel like there was just like emotions plus more emotions and then a little more emotions and then a little sprinkle of more emotions on top of that.


So I think that that was a tougher situation to handle. And then we also had so many mutual friends. And so, like some of our friends, felt like children of divorce at the beginning because it was just like not you have to choose a side, but it just natural. You hang out with one person more than the other. And they had to be a child of divorce for a little bit. But I think. I think because of the industry that we are both in, it was a mature decision on both of our parts to make nice and be friendly and make it not awkward for mutual friend or even you to hang out with, said Ex.


And it's been, I want to say, forced, but it was the right thing to do.


And I feel like it was very mature on both of our parts to be like, OK, for the sake of everyone else involved, including ourselves. This is something that we should work towards.


It's like being friendly.


I don't think either of you were that mature in the beginning, but yeah, it blossomed. Absolutely the fuck not if you were. That's why I said tumultuous. Yeah.


Yeah. I don't know if that that word means all the things that you think it means, but.


Yeah, definitely. OK, well now ok, well we don't need to look a bit up. Defined, tumultuous. Uproarious. I tried to move Siri next to the microphone so you could catch it. OK, so making a loud, confused, uproarious, excited, confused, disorderly, I would say disorderly, you know, like one of those.




Confusion, disorderly.


Anyway, anyway, maybe that's not the right word, but there were lots of things that happened, lots of a roller coaster of things and know you're making it more dramatic than it was.


It was just some emotion. Some shit got out of hand. It got back into hand. And then we're all friends again.


Hell, yeah. That was a I'm overcomplicating. I'm overcomplicating. Oh, yes. Yes, I'm overcomplicating and I'm sweating. Appreciate your honesty.


Oh, my God. OK, so, I mean, from your perspective and your past relationships, um, just give me that question back. Like what. Like what's what's been your experience.


Can you be friends with an ex. Yeah. Um. And it's one hundred situational, I agree, and I have if I've learned anything and might me. It's not about I think I think I used to think that, oh, it was a bad breakup, we can never be friends or oh, like things didn't work out. We can be friends that are like whatever whatever that entails. I don't think it's really much about the breakup because time will fix that.


It's not about who you were in the relationship, it's who you both become after the relationship, which really defines whether or not that's healthy.


That's some deep shit right there. Yeah, these are middle of the week after Work Day podcast's, complete different and different human answer.


Like a dickhead like I mean, that was like so deep. I was like, oh man. Yeah, that was good. But it's you're like, I am. I mean, if I've dated ten people, which I don't think I have like maybe eight, seven and if I've dated ten, there are half of them that I would enjoy getting a coffee with and there's another half that. I would either not be interested in or would prefer never drink caffeine again, you would choose never drinking caffeine again then seeing them.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, I don't think I have anyone that I would go that intense with. Like, that's that's and maybe that's because I was always the break up here. And I feel I mean, do you think do you think it's less do you think it hurts less to breathe?


B the breakup over the breakup in the beginning, but then later on, I feel like you think about how you could and it depends.


It depends what's what's your. Oh my God. I am just I hate myself. What's your breakup routine like?


It's like a morning routine from late 2015 YouTube videos.


It's like I wake up and I turn off my alarm and then play Candy Crush after being broken up with.


Yeah. What's your what's your break up routine. So we know you're going back to when. Ten seconds later. That's number one on the list. OK, and then I immediately hyper focus on all the things that that person didn't like about me. That obviously was like an insecurity. Yeah. And I spend ten times more energy and effort on addressing those that like just the amount of like times. I'll just like get in a good shape, start like like reading more body shaming you, babe.


No, no, no, no. But just like everything is just like I'm going to be a better version of myself. But I like I think there are some people that when shit hits the fan they go into like, oh, no mode. And it's it's like they recoil and there's some people who are like going to go off the deep end and do just like, like crazy shit. And there's some people that are like, I'm going to like focus on me.


I mean, the breakup bod, everyone knows but the breakup. But like that's so common where someone you got my breakup bad. Oh yeah.


It's just been, um, you know what German I worked out with a trainer today for the very first time. Honestly, I hurt more from the whopped ends than I do that workout because I have been more consistent with my current workouts.


Uh, Jeremy's just a fucking weight in a year and a half.


I genuinely thought that you were going down like your face was. So I've never seen a face look so red and so pale and other place at the same time. I was genuinely concerned for your heart health. I mean, I was good for the first like forty minutes, but then I to fucking walk.


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyway so that's my acces. No I think they're definitely some that like everything's cool and there's the ones that are not and like I don't see that changing but it's not because of anything. It's happened, the past is just like the person that I am today and the person that they are.


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Right. And then after, like a week has gone by, they just thrive. And then on the flip side, again, like this is what this is what the media has painted and portrayed is that guys like go out and they hook up with all these girls and they party and then they realize that they're that they're not better off without the girl. And they miss them and they want them back and they're just for the girl.


And then they get really, really sad afterwards. Right. Is that does that is that a line? Does does the media's portrayal of a straight males break up pertain to you as a straight male?


I mean, once again, circumstantial because some of the relationship they got out of I was like, wow, that did suck.


I'm so sorry to those women, you know, whatever. I think it was more along the lines of like after a bad experience with someone else, like highlights things or when things just aren't going well. And this is what it is when things aren't going well or there's something that happens and your brain thinks to share whatever happened with the person you always share things with. Oh, like they're in there and you can't talk to them category you either. There's two there's two things that happen.


You don't send that text. You're sad because you can't share with them. You try to redirect that. You you send that text and then you have all the consequences that go with it.


Yeah. Yeah. And that opens up a can. I was thinking about you too. Yeah. I told you not to talk to me or silence. Yeah. Yeah. Radio silence. Right. And you know, that's a there's a range of pain that any of those responses can deliver.


OK, that's interesting. I mean, I feel yeah, I feel I mean, overall, I think it's situational no matter what the relationship is.


I just don't think that there's a one size fits all. No, absolutely. That's literally anything in every topic that we'll ever talk about is that there's not a one size fits all.


We want to make that very clear, except for our love is one size fits only makes. No, no, no, no, no. Fucking yeah.


But this is a hot topic because people have very, very descending views on this thing. OK, all right. Can you as a as a woman or as a guy, be friends with someone the opposite sex or same sex that you were attracted to? Oh, and let's say you're attracted to that friend, I'm saying like you as a guy who's straight would be attracted to a girl who is like two gay men as to gay friends or any gender.


Right. Can you be friends with the other side and not have that come into play?


I mean, OK, so again, speaking only from my perspective, I personally have succeeded at many male platonic friendships. And I think that I have sometimes sense that on the guy's side that if I opened that door and let there be more, that they might take the opportunity. I'd be cocky of you.


But I mean, just in my 27 years of life, you know what I mean? Like it has happened before.


I feel like if I had given the green light, they might have taken the opportunity.


And maybe maybe I'm totally reading everything wrong and I'm a cocky fuck, like maybe I've no idea. But my my Spidey senses, when I could sense the Spidey senses in the room of, like, sexual tension radiating off their body a little bit.


I was like, oh, I don't like this. This is weird. And I would just like make sure to sit on couches, not near them, you know?


I mean, I'm overcomplicating everything. Oh, my God, this is my special power overcomplicating everything. But no, I really do think it's possible.


I think it it again, situational.


I feel like that time getting out of every question right now is situational.


But I think when my Spidey senses did tingle, I just chose to ignore them. And I was like, ignorance is bliss. This friendship is great. But I mean, sometimes there have been guys who have done things for me in a friendship that are like above and beyond that.


So none not only were your lovers generous, your potential potential lovers.


I feel cornered and slutty. No wrong answers here, just ones that hurt my feelings, right. OK, well, you know, suck it up again.


I think that I have had some situations where, again, Spidey senses tingling in a friendship where a guy would, like, do something really nice for me, like really, really thoughtful and nice.


And I mean, like I have a lot of guy friends. I feel like I almost am more comfortable hanging out with dudes that I am girl sometimes aside from, like my close, close girlfriends, I feel like I can just hang with the brose and yeah, I don't know. So I guess my advice is ignore the sexual tension. Ignorance is bliss.


I don't think I've ever disagreed or thought an answer on this podcast was such bullshit.


I mean, OK, but like here's the thing is that I feel like there is a level of like Mallee's that could go with this because I do know girls what I know it's good. I just feel like I do know girls who have used like their sexual tension, power to like seduce like quote unquote, guy friend. And in doing so much for them. And I've witnessed that and been like, oh my God, that's like, why are you gross?


Like, why are you doing that? Like the poor guy? I think the situations that I've seen that I'm like, oh, this is toxic, is that it's not reciprocated the effort and they're just using the person that they know is not in love with them, but interested.


And they're like, oh, this one extra errand could be the thing that makes them both in love with me. And then we can be together forever.


I don't think anyone has. Is that intentional about like going above and beyond with little things to, like, win them over? I think that those feelings are just there and they'll just continue doing it and hopefully not get hurt.


Oh, that's so sad, though. Yeah. What's sad is that you are like, oh, just ignore that and not communicate that. That's sad. What do you mean. I mean, obviously you can't go around and be like, hey, I noticed that you were super nice to me.


I just want to talk about whether or not that was platonic.


Like, obviously you get so wrapped up and died thinking about being like, hey, so that really nice thing for you today. I just want to say that I was like, really nice, but like maybe don't do that again if it has, like, the wrong side.


My point is I would be a little more interactive in terms of just like I probably want to talk about who if they were interested in anybody and stuff, but I totally do that too.


But then I feel like that can be used as a Segway to gauge someone else's reaction on how the person that they're interested in is talking about.


No, I don't know.


You ever think. I know. I know. I feel like I. I just like being in my mind is very stressful.


I think that, um. Guys are really, really bad at turning their penis off sometimes, right, like bad. So are you saying that my Spidey senses were tingling, were right?


I think any man that is in the presence of you long enough would be foolish not to be interested. I just want everyone to know that Jeremy is if you're not if you're not watching the video portion of this, the component is just the most bullshit of his life.


No, but I mean, you know, I think that that and I feel like I just like shit on guys this entire podcast.


But like, I, I know a lot of guy friends that are first in line to fuck up that friendship for the chance to, like, hook up with the girl girl.


But here's I guess here's and this is just from my experience and my friends, a lot of them, although there would be down, I would say it's not to say that they're actively interested, but I will say the I think the driving factor for a lot of that for guys is not that like, oh, I'm interested in hooking up with her. I want to hook up with her. I'd like to be with her sexually and or even that I want a relationship with her.


I think it's a when a situation becomes something bigger or the opportunity for a situation to come to be bigger and that, like, scratches the itch of, like, feeling wanted or like, oh, I'm good enough for them on multiple levels. That's just like, oh, green light.


It's not like you. But should I think about this, maybe I shouldn't do this is just like.


Oh yeah, why not. We'll think about the repercussions of that tomorrow.


Yeah. See my overcomplicated brain would never just dive into something like that, I don't think without thinking about it for at least three weeks. Yeah.


It OK, so the, the follow up question to that is, have you ever had a friend or friends that you're friends with both of them and you're hanging out. Everything's cool and you find out later they've been hooking up. Yes, yes. If I have and not told anybody about it.


Yeah, but you know what, I, I feel as if I can play devil's advocate because I if I were to be in that position, you wouldn't want to mess with the dynamic of the friendship, you know. I mean, so I have had a group of friends and relatives, friends you can't be honest with.


Well, what do you mean can't be honest with. They weren't honest with me because they were fucking. What do you mean? OK, I was on the outside of this one, but we we just like a big, big front group.


And there was there was a lot of us, there was like ten to fifteen of us that could hang out in groups of whatever at any time. And two of the people were hooking up, not me out of fifteen.


Two of them are always hooking up.


I mean there was like there was a core group and there was like, yeah, but they kept it a secret for so long and actually lied about it when someone addressed it.


And it was like they didn't like put them on blast or anything in front of everyone. But I think it came up somehow and someone mentioned it and they ended up lying about it. It was like in a one on one conversation, I was not there, but.


Yeah, but I think they were just scared to mess with the dynamic of the friendship, which I truly do understand both side, because they don't want to be treated differently. They don't want to make anyone else awkward and they don't want the dynamic to change. I think, especially if, like, they are not planning on dating or they don't know where it's going or just like doing whatever. It's like they don't want to risk messing up the friendship, especially things might go back to normal.


And I mean, quote unquote normal, like, do things ever go back to normal after you fuck someone? Like, I don't know.


But like depends on the person depositories, of course. But yeah, they, they hooked up and then lied about it and then one person end up with loose lips and the other and confirmed it. And that's the end of that story.


I got, I got, I got a. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's weird, but and maybe it's just because, like the type of guys that I it's like acclimate towards the blunt honesty is part of the relationship, right?


I mean, to be friends with you, you have to be able to like a dish honestly and be take honesty.


I just like I'm fine with having if I never have a new friend ever again in my life, like I've got such a core group of people that I already know and love. Like Tonight Night. Yeah.


You and you almost. Yeah. But like, I just don't I and I get that everyone's like this and and they think it's rude to not sugarcoat things or just ask what you're thinking right now. I'm not saying that like getting people's business and obviously they're keeping it a secret. It's their secret. But if the secrets impacting the rest of the group and you want to maintain friendships, then you might want to be a little more communicative about that.


I just feel like people are scared, though, like they're scared that the outcome is going to be worse than whatever the present is of not saying anything. I get it. And again, I haven't been in this situation, but I feel like playing devil's advocate, like it's it's risky. It's risky because if things are OK in that current moment, they're like, why would you risk messing this up?


Definitely I get that. Yeah. OK, so have you, um, not necessarily on the boyfriend side. Right. Like an ex boyfriend. Have you been able to hook up with someone and then become friends and just hang out in a platonic sense afterwards?


No, no, no, no, no. I also too haven't slept with the same amount of people as you have. And you can you can do with that information audience as you would like.


But why did you have to come back to be an attack on me? There wasn't an attack. It's only an attack. If you thought it was personal was a personal one. No, no, no, no. Just is your number.


His voice gets really high pitched voice Oh, yeah, yeah. I wonder if I'm lying.


It's guys, I've had more I had more sexual partners. And Lauren, there's a fact. That's a fact. That's what I'm saying. That's all right. Back to my question to you. Have you been able to become friends?


And when you hook up with. No, but I just don't think I've ever had the opportunity to make that happen because, like, it's been like relationship sex and then like super random person that I saw two or three times and never saw again sex like it never had anything in between where I, like, would run into them over and over again. And that's partially due to moving cities at some point as well, is that I left people in, uh, another country literally.


But I am such like I don't know, this is going to sound so like I literally hate that I'm going to say this, but like, I feel like I'm not like I don't want to empath, but like, I take on people's energies really easily.


And I can read when someone's mood changes immediately and I kind of absorb that. And so, like, if I'm feeling weird about potentially having slept with someone, just say six months ago and I start overthinking that.


They're feeling weird about it as well. Or like even just knowing that we at one point had sexual chemistry, like, I don't think that I could make that energy between two people go away.


OK, so I'd ask you, A, there's no right or wrong answer to this question. OK, I know that that's your your truth and a fact for you, OK?


Ms. Do you think that's the same case, honestly, for me? Like the rational side of me wants to say yes, but like the girlfriend side is like, bring a bitch that you slept with around here and I will I will kill.


This was not I this was not that was not going to be the next step here.


OK, well, I think this is my exit for every answer. Situational. You kidding?


OK, well, you might as well run for office with the amount of politicking. I guess you can't really answer where we are. Honest with you thinking.


I'm thinking. I know. I know. I have me sweat like that's how honest I am.


Is that like I am sweat sitting downstairs. Yeah that's true. Um, OK, let me think about this. Some people. See, I think it's just too hard because I'm your girlfriend. I have a fun story to tell. So one time this is like kind of unrelated, but this is just an example of me wanting to kill a bitch. And I'm not a jealous person like I really am not.


But there's just like I get you know, I I'm not a crazy, jealous girlfriend. Like, I'm not stereotypical, like, text me at all times, like, you know, I mean, like that kind of like I'm going to be I'm going to do what you did to me.


OK, who's more jealous. Me. Are you. This is not a hard question. Yes, it is, yes, it is. Can I can I can I tell people what you said after last week's podcast?


What did I say? Oh, OK, yeah, no, definitely, yeah, yeah, I think that we are the same amount of territorial and protective bullshit, but not controlling. No, you're more territorial than I am. I don't know, because I would love to I would absolutely enjoy watching you mingle in social and be social in a room with every guy you've ever slept with.


But that's because you know that I'm awkward and I would die in that situation. Not to be entertaining for everyone to be funny, like I know, I know would be funny. Right? And also torture like that, so, you know, even in a room with all the women that you've ever slept with. You know what I do.


Hey, Jeremy, nice to meet you. It's Samantha, you fucking asshole. Oh, my God.


That's a second time you Samantha in the podcast, people with the name Samantha are like, really stressed right now at home. Choose a new choose a new basic Amy dickhead.


Yeah, they go. They go. There are some of the names. OK, well good to know. Yeah. Um I yeah. So I want to be very clear that I'm not controlling. Neither of us are controlling like that jealousy component. We absolutely do not have the definitely we. OK, so this story that I want to tell, I really need you to answer the question before we go to the story.


No, I want to talk. I forget the question already.


What's the question? He's more jealous. Oh, uh. I don't like the word Jones, though, because that gives like a like the the connotation of like controlling and like that's not the right word. Who's more territorial? Me. Thank you.


I would kill a bitch. Yes.


Make eyes at my man and I would come for you with more jealousy.


So this bitch at Coachella last year. Oh, I'm just thinking about it. And like, I don't very clearly I'm not actually mad. Like, it's such a funny story we've told so many people because it is a funny story.


So we're in line at Coachella to get food, which is like it's like a it's like a 45 minute situation where you're in line to get like two shitty chicken tenders and some like cold fries for thirty five dollars or thirty five dollars.


And we're so we're waiting in line, hanging out with our group of friends. And I mean we've been sitting there for like twenty minutes. So it's like everyone's just kind of standing there.


It's like we've, we're tired, we've chatted all day, like we've been hanging out and I turn around to talk to some girl and I'm like, whatever.


And you should play this out of the conversation because I wasn't involved in this part.


I just came up to me like we were like in line at the same parallel spot or whatever. Maybe she was like leaving or whatever. And she's like, Cheramie. I like, oh my God, how are you? Fuck.


And we'll call her Sarah. This is Sarah. And Sarah comes up.


Oh, my God. Jeremy. Hey, how are you? Like, nice, sweet, nice, whatever. And like, we like talk but like, I'm really trying to move on from this.


I'm just like I would like to not have to introduce them. I really would.


And when he says them, he means Sarah and I. Yeah.


And it just it it's been too long. I've been talking too long and I have to. Hey. Yeah. Hi Sarah. This is my girlfriend Lauren. Lauren, Sarah. And you know that's me do and immediately turns to me blocks off Lauren and goes so like are you seeing anyone.


And I could feel, I could feel Lauren's fucking leg laser daggers, daggers just dug into my fucking neck. Yeah, I really am. And, you know, the deck is where you want to be very clear, Dikkers Like I could feel the side girl supporting girls.


Not the energy, not the energy.


I mean, like, I just like this is my girlfriend Lauren. OK, Ryan.


So like are you she literally, like, chose to omit that information. Yeah. Just just one in one ear and out the other.


We're going to assume that there was some audio issues there.


Oh, no, no, no. We shook hands. We shook hands like there were there was there was a dimension. And you shook hands with anybody.


Oh, my God. Yeah. What is shaking hands anymore. Oh, my God. Anyway, that was up there with one of the more awkward but funny. But I mean, that story is so funny because like I was I don't know if that's one of my top three territorial moments of my entire life just because the audacity that this koczela bitch had. Oh, my God.


I mean, I feel like I would have enjoyed the opposite situation that way more. But see, like I feel as if it would have been more enjoyable had I still been a part of the conversation because you introduced us and I was like, yeah, it's like this. Like I want to be a part of this conversation. So I turned around. Right. But I should that was the biggest mistake of my life. I should have stayed in that conversation.


So she could have said that and I could've been like that.


Lauren's fascination, an obsession, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, we're no, we're not encouraging violence. We're not encouraging encouraging violence. But I would I would have really enjoyed that encounter.


And I'm not entirely sure what the outcome would have been. I don't know how many drinks I had at that point, but I'm sure would have been it was a number between one and two at any point in time.


I mean, it's just so hard to get Acocella.


It just takes forever. So realistically, I don't even know fact cake donuts are far superior to these donuts and anyone who disagrees doesn't know donuts.


OK, I don't know what planet you're living on, but at least donuts are the only donuts that are acceptable in any situation.


That's ridiculous, because I know for a fact you like cake and a cake. Doughnut is cake.


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But I'm glad that we decided and everyone can be in the audience can decide who they think is a little more jealous, but something that I think is interesting and plays a role in all this shit. I think I just heard Moose fart.


No, it was my my throat literally like swallowing but not swallowing. It was like a weird I don't I'm not entirely sure what I don't get this.


But anyway, something that is interesting that I think is is so indicative of like our upbringings and where we're at today and like how we live and work. Friend dynamics.


I have a question that I need to ask you really quickly before I move on to this topic. Have you ever gone through a girlfriend's phone? Yeah, you have. Yeah. Oh, my God.


Oh, my God. Before the time of, like, face ID and thumb unlock. Oh, my God. Tell me everything. What did you find also? Why did you go to the film?


What were you looking for like did you have evidence to be like the only the only time I've gone through a girlfriend's phone is because I had a weird feeling. Yeah. And I was 100 percent correct.


Oh, my God, I just feel like that be the worst feeling ever. I haven't had that experience. I've had friends who have and then they so it's so shitty because I feel like for my one friend who had it happen in high school, she had gone through her boyfriend's phone.


And obviously he's in the wrong more because he's cheating. But it's like she did something that's, you know, quote unquote wrong to find out. And so they have something to use against you when you're like you're are you cheating on me?


Yeah, but here's the issue. This is this is how that person gets caught up. Because when I found that out. Yeah, I don't know how long I waited before I was like, address the issue. Right. But I was like, I want to be very, very clear. I did this right. I saw this. Yeah. And we need to discuss this as opposed to being, like, disgusted.


You do use the word disgust. I'd be like, get your shit and get out.


Yeah. Anyway, the point is, it's so nice the times that I'm nice, but I think there's a difference between that and the person who's like, so is there anything you want to tell me?


Oh yeah. I think that people get so caught up in the dramatic flair of like I want them to admit it. Well they didn't admit it, so that's why I'm breaking now. You're just playing games, which you need to do is discuss the fact that, like one, you thought there wasn't a reason to trust to you looked at it. You're correct. Three, how do you if I can get through either that or button that thing up and say best of luck, because I also think there's a problem if you're looking through somebody's shit and there's nothing there.


And to the point where, like, if you have to look like I know you're you know, every you have all of my passwords. You mean snooping through my shit. You got my shit. Yeah. I mean, like, if there's no snooping here.


No, because you you had my fucking GPS location since our day to to get lost in the neighborhood and we've checked every password.


It's like. Yeah, yeah. Like joint password. Right. Yeah. So I'm not talking about that level of like oh I use the same devices and I saw this shit I'm talking about. You felt like you needed to go out and fucking Snoop and you either found something or equally as bad, you didn't find something and it's like well you need to look inward. Yeah. Yeah. Now that's tough. OK, anyways, carry on with your friend dynamic.


It's like, OK, friend. And I think that it is like listening to you in the way that you describe your friends in the way that, like, you are very close to your friends. And I think that like being in L.A., we've got a couple of tiers of friendships for sure. And I don't think that's necessarily because we feel like we need to appease lots of people. I think it's one of those things where you know, that working in an industry where there's so much bullshit, it's just like you got to constantly weed people out.


Oh, my God. Yeah. I also just feel it, too. When you get older, you value the time that you have to spend with others. So much more, so much more like I feel like when I was in high school I would just do things to do things and like be out. And I didn't really care who I was with. Like obviously I had like my closest friends, but like, I just wanted to be busy and, like, hanging out and like doing things.


But now I just feel like time is so much more valuable than me, you see, like I'm like ticking like towards my death or something.


But like, I just feel like, I don't know, like you value your close friends and I just feel like I don't have time to, like, hang out with shitty people or fake people and fake friendships. Not to say they don't have like acquaintances that I see at events and are friendly with and like we're totally good. And like, if they ask me to get coffee, I'd be down. But like, I really drink coffee.


I drink very diluted coffee with soy or oatmeal.


Like, if I ask you to get coffee, I'm not even sure you'd say yes. That's that's not true.


That's not true. Erskineville all. I'll tell you, it was soy milk and light ice, I think.


And this is oddly deep again. So apologies. I think that the older I get, the more I am precious with time and every aspect. Like, sure, when I was a kid, I didn't think about how much time someone would take me. It was like, oh, what does this pay or what is the outcome? What is the lesson that no matter how much time it took. Oh, I want to do that. I want to earn this check.


I want to do this. Whereas now it's like it's not to the outcome. The ending isn't important, but like what's going to take to get there.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. No time and time is like different as you get older I feel like and that's something that you learn as you age.


But we have although like more time than ever I think when you're like in four years of high school or four years of college, it feels like eternity, yet it's flying by all at the same time.


Oh my God. OK, high school felt like nineteen years like high school felt literally never ending. And then college went by just like in a snap, like it went by so fast. And then I think of like I've been out of college for six years now, university or whatever, and that's gone by even faster.


Like time just keeps being it. Like some days obviously it feels like time is literally not moving.


Are you like my legs sweating against this leg?


I mean, that's what you. Yeah, I five inch inseam, you know, I and not just have balls in the camera. Yeah. I don't bubble in the camera.


That's how you get you monetize. And we would like to pay back these camera debts. So anyways bulls camera that's where you don't dare cut that.


Time is very valuable, I value my friends, I think a lot I feel like I feel like I get so many questions about, like, does L.A. actually have all these fake people? And I think the answer is that there's fake people in every city. And no matter how small your town is, you can find ingenuous people no matter where you go.


I think L.A. Jan, what did I say? Ingenuous. Is that a word? No, fact checkers.


I don't think it is disingenuous. Sounds right. OK, that's what I meant.


But I think you can find fake people everywhere. There probably is a higher amount of fake people in L.A. just because, like, our industry is so superficial.


Yeah, I also think that there's just higher, like stakes in a lot of different verticals and people feel like they need to pretend that they're more than they are to get there. We're not necessarily the case in a county in Kentucky.


Yeah, yeah. We went in two different routes, their accountants accounting, you know, but it's true. Like people, especially in like the influencer side of things like love, knowing everyone and like the thought of that distresses me out. Like as a partial introvert like that just makes me sweaty thinking about that.


Well, also, when you realize that you have nothing in common with that person behind their cell phone, you just use the same filters. I am. I'm going to push back on one of the answers you just gave me. OK, you. You didn't. You said something about you, I hated that noise. You said something about, OK, you said something about doing things because you feel like you had to or like in high school, you are like, oh, it's Friday.


So I will go out. Yeah, yeah.


I think there's still a few friendships and relationships and things that you feel indebted to.


OK, yes, definitely confirming that. But I also want to say that pre covid there were definitely some things that I did because I felt like I had to because my group of friends wanted to or because it felt like there was pressure on like social media to also participate in whatever that, like, outing was or something.


And I feel like honestly, like the pandemic happening made me be like I feel like I'm never going to see that person again because I don't have to write.


Like, I could just choose to not do that. And you always give me shit when I am dreading doing something. You're like you're twenty seven. You don't you get to make your own decisions.


You don't have to do it. And I'm like, yeah I'm like that.


But like I should, I don't, I don't want to do the best part about living in your own house and paying your own rent and everything is you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. I know. I know. Like when you are in junior high and high school and your parents say we're going to go to Aunt Kathie's house.


Oh, my gosh. I was thinking Aunt Kathy in my head to shut up. I don't have any in cash. Let's get married. Oh, my God, no.


But like, you just kind of have to write and like, that's the best part of being a grown up. And for me, my friends, the people that I actually really, really fuck with, they get that like.


Yeah, it's not to say that, like, to me, just short of you making plans with one of the person in them, changing their schedule, the group of people, there's a thing or that or whatever you should be able to communicate at some point in time in advance. Not like the second, but you know what shit day wasn't the day. Let's kick it again sometime next week, which I could be there, just not gonna work tonight.


And they need people able to go for sure. Yeah.


I mean, I feel like I feel like the people that I consider my actual friends are absolutely like that.


And I feel like the most classic thing ever. And I don't know if it's just the city because I feel like people do this to Toronto too, is like the fake making of plans being like, oh my God, I think we should totally get coffee sometime. Like, yes, absolutely down. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. Like, have you been to Alfred? Like they had the cutest mocha latte. We can take Instagram photos, but then you never actually pick a day and it's like you're both making good on obviously showing interest, but like no one actually pulls the trigger on, like wanting to pick a day and pick a time.


So like you're just like reminds you. Did you just abbreviate triggered a trig. Yeah, I pulled the trigger. Oh OK.


You know I think I got that from his runni because when she she's really, really good at pretty basic shit.


I'm pretty basic Alzado.


Yeah, pretty good. Can we get a shot. I know but like rummies.


So I think I got that from cause I think she says pull the trigger when she wants to, when she's like too drunk. Got it. Yeah. OK, yeah. What a nice light to put her in. Right.


Anyway my queen. What do you mean queen of pulling the trigger.


I just and my favorite part about being in L.A. is that every once in a while when I, I say no to something. Yeah. You know, like we should do this. No I don't like hiking, hiking the. Oh my God. Every person in the city is fucking obsessed with walking up hills and it's no fun.


It's a great workout and the views are incredible and it's dog friendly, literally. What is not to like. You were complaining about your job. End of the day, this is how you can get your dog back is hiking and Moose also gets exercise.


Maybe you can find his jawline to, you know, did you just about me that I'm not happy with the way that my body and facial structure looks like to everybody.


Well, welcome to my fitness journey.


Don't keep me accountable anyway. I just I'm not in there. Are there a thousand things that I'd like to do with friends? I guess what I like hanging out with friends. Yeah, that's not to say I don't like an activity walking up and down a hill and the sun doesn't seem like my cup of fucking tea and so do your tea y'know. But my favorite part is someone's like, oh my God. Like we should like going to high, you know.


And I, they look at me I think because I'm just like, OK, no, no, no.


But I feel like where things where things go wrong is your delivery.


You're not like, oh, you know what, I don't really fuck with hiking. Like, how about we do this instead?


Like, you just you just straight up start with no.


And they're like, yeah, I mean, no, not even that. A lot of them are like yeah. It's like what do you usually hike. I'm like I don't, I don't like.


No, yeah. But like I just feel like the delivery if someone doesn't know your humor is like I don't want to walk up a hill with them.


If they don't know my humor, I'd rather just fucking be alone. I this is what 28 looks like, yeah, this is what I'd like to catch up. I like to consider myself a relatively social person, but like I don't need that. I don't need to walk up hills with people I've met today.


Parking's not your cup of tea. That's OK. It's a great mousse.


And I have so many hiking buddies that we we scratch that itch with other friends and other dog buddies and it's totally fine.


I thoroughly enjoy a good sit, nice glass of whiskey, some music.


Poppo or go to a bar. When those opened up again I was a bar.


Yes, I went to one place monopoly deal. I didn't have to have alcohol, but like I don't wanna talk about.


Yeah, no, no that that's that's totally fine. So that the question was, don't you feel like there are some friendships where you are beholden to what it was. Yes.


OK, yes. And I feel like that can happen when in a few different scenarios and like these are just the ones I've experienced is that one. You've been friends for a really long time and you feel like history has to hold you together. And that time that the time that you've spent in like growing up together and maybe like you grew up next to each other and you went to your first dance together, whatever it is, you don't mean like the difference between guys and women right here.


Oh, my gosh. And I don't know. But this is welcome to my brain. It's very stressful in here.


I had no idea how much you're just thinking about all of the possible scenarios and outcomes that haven't happened.


You see, you want to have to nap every day total. My brain is on overdrive all day from the moment I wake up. So, OK, going back to my point, I feel like there's time that can hold friendships together. And you feel like because you've been through so much and you've been friends for so long, like you should continue that friendship, even though I think the reality is, is that there's so many friends that maybe you, like, outgrow the friendship.


You just grow up and become totally different people. And if you're not compatible anymore as friends, I think that's totally OK. And something is very natural. And like your progression of how friendships go as you get older.


Yeah, I completely disagree. I don't think that. True friendships that are genuine and have value on both sides should feel like homework, I think. I totally agree. I just feel like I have become trapped into some of those friendships because as we have now identified then a little girl learning.


But like all of my what I love about my high school and college friends is not the conversations that we have on any of my day to day life. It's very much so when I see you will be good friends again. And that night that you know, that week when we go back for a wedding or that we just fall back in and it's like it's like no time has passed. Absolutely. And I want to hear about what's happened. But the friendship and the value that I have with that person is because we get to share experiences together.


I'm just not someone who derives a ton of pleasure from, like texting or like FaceTime in a hundred people from my past to keep up with everybody. Yeah, I'm moving on. They're moving on when I see them because it will happen again one day when it's supposed to. We'll talk about it then. Yeah.


I mean, my good friends, I feel like like my good friends from like Canada and like high school and college. It's the same thing. It's like, you know, we might not talk every single day. And I would say that, like, I'm definitely a bigger texter and communicator digitally than you are with friends.


I've got to the point where I just like, hey, let's hang out, text my girlfriend literally.


Oh, my God. I feel like I'm like your assistant for making social plans on behalf of us as a couple.


And even like my new friends, I'll be like, hey, I like my friends. Your friend we met. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just text us both. Yes, yes. We're going to hang out together. We are.


Honestly, I'd rather just do it. I would rather just do it. It's more organized that way. Yeah. I mean, I totally agree. I think that like I love nothing more than face timing. My best friend from high school, you know, for two hours once every other month. You don't I mean, we do like a catch up session and like, if something crazy from our small hometown happens, like I might get a text from her to be like, yo, guess what happened or something, you know what I mean?


And we still feel connected and are still connected with our past, obviously everything that we've been through together. But we had the same expectations and are on the same paths of like growing up and doing our own things and going in and out of relationships and like hitting life's milestones. And I feel like those are the healthiest ones when it feels low pressure. You're not like stressed about the expectations. I feel like that can get really, really toxic.


I mean, I think it's the my favorite part about social media is not for the daily shit. It's like, oh, shit, that dumb ass guy has a baby and texted me like, yo, you have a human life that relies on you. Wow, that kid's fucked. Like, that's fun.


Oh, my God.


I mean, any guy can relate to the fact that like anyone that you went to high school with. Right. No one screams what a good father Jimmy will be, right.


When you're when you're seventeen. So just like it's fun. That's the thing I think is is is healthy. I think it's OK to grow out of relationships. Yeah. It's not to say that like it ends, it's just like and that's it. Like is it like if I see you when I see you it'll be good enough. I don't know.


OK, yeah. I mean I think it's just hard when like if there's a friend that's holding on more than the other or there's a balance, you know, I mean it's like that that can get tricky for sure.


But if there's a friend that is holding on or has more imbalance, then there almost needs to be closure to a degree on the old part of the relationship to move on. I get that.


Yeah. I mean, yeah, tough territory for sure. Again, situational.


What's great about this is that I know that you have no issue keeping in touch with anyone you've ever hooked up with because it's not possible for you to be friends. You're welcome for that. You're absolutely welcome, all my generous lovers in the past, you know, for a full on fact, if you were on face time with some dude that you you'd have up with in the past, you know, I would come downstairs like, you know, the dude who used to hook up with, Hey, Robbie.


I've never hooked up with a Robbie, but yeah, also but just I just wouldn't be face time with the dude that I've hooked up with, but, you know, that's my approach to that. Be funny. Oh, yeah, for sure. My approach would be her line would just go silent while you guys are faced. I mean, you wouldn't know why, but it was actually like looking me through a chain of other things.


Yeah, well, yeah. OK, I get it. OK, I think I have a way to to sum all this shit up. Right. About friendships and exes and hookups as we typically do, OK. Somehow we found a way to weave sex and once again. Do you think I would be friends with any of your exes on the basis that I didn't know that you ever dated?


Know, everyone that I have dated is incredibly different, like so worlds apart, different, like I've really sampled the the platter of different personality and or rainbow lovers who were never going to drop this guy is oh my God, this one is sticking around for a long time.


And I am so sorry for you both of fellatio. Oh my God, Felicia, what a gross word.


Oh no, I.


Yeah. Donna, is it for you? Oh, no, no, no, no. You don't think so? No, I don't think so. I think there's people like if you were put in a room with them that you can have a good conversation.


But I don't think that happens once every month. But I don't think you'd be like you would have been like, oh, my God damn. Like I connected with that dude so hard. Like, I can't wait to grab a beer with them. You don't mean like there's no one that I think that you would be like friend attracted to, like, you know, like you meet someone you're like a friend boner. A friend boner. Yeah. No, that doesn't exist.


Yes it does. Yes it does. Yes it does. Oh my God. No. You know, I had a friend Boner for Zach Chaundry girlfriend Maggie when I met Maggie, I and I told you this I told you the other day I was like because she on her podcast, You Can Sit with US, which is one of my faves they were talking about, like making friends when you're older. And I had an absolute friend Boner for me, you know, I was like, you were the sweetest man I've ever met and I want to be friends with you.


OK, so it's a no go. It's no, it's a no. Do you do you feel as if there would be I mean, I just got such a range cheesa. I'm sure there's someone in there that I could be friends with. Why does everything have to be so pointed to negative.


It's just like a fun thing that I mean, it's like generous lovers, babe.


It's my generous lovers for you, so deal with it. Yeah, I do think you'd be friends with at least one. At least two. Wow. Yeah, I like serious high school girlfriend and one of the girls did it in college. OK, and I think the other ones you'd fucking hate.


OK, and if you even had a whiff, a thought, just a moment's hesitation, that they might have known me at one point in time. Yeah. You wouldn't want to be in the same zip code.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. OK, fuck. All right.


All right. Well, on that positive note, maybe now's a great time to stop, drop roll rate the podcast. Subscribe and download on your podcast platform of choice.


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It sounds like a guy's voice trying to be like, oh, no, that was impressive.


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