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Hey, guys, welcome to Wild Till Nine, our new weekly podcast hosted by myself or in or you may know me as Lord DIY from YouTube or a map out in only fans.


Just kidding.


The podcast is first and then the only fans while online nine is cohosted by night, Paula airier. Other have Jeremy.


Why Haria stay here.


You know here let's minneapolis' from swiping right to third base to moving in and sharing a dog. We're going to be having some highly intellectual conversations about things like who is the hottest character from Gossip Girl? We're not going to talk about that.


We meet and relationship red flags each week will be recapping our days, which get pretty wild. And I while we wait until, like nine o'clock, know, launch the crafty influencer, who is the reason I have glitter stuck to every shirt I own and the type of person who cries over other people's dog videos.


And Jeremy, who is more fluent in sarcasm than English, is an ex frapp president turned tech salesman who also did a quick stint of reality TV.


While two nine is about our relationship, your relationship in that two a.m. text, you probably should not have answered. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode OK by.