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Lemanada. Well, hello, I'm Julia Louis Dreyfus from all those shows on what we used to call television. Oh, remember television? I'm also a fancy podcaster now, and I wanted to let you know that season two of my show, Wiser Than Me, is coming soon. I got to tell you, we are really onto something here. It turns out that hearing from older women is an entirely new thing, which is cuckuck crazy because older women are the real deal, man. They are the great, untapped, natural resource. Did you listen to Season 1? If not, Jesus Christ, what the hell is the matter with you? You missed 10 of the most fabulous conversations with women like Jane Fonda. I mean, you have not lived until Jane Fonda has read T. S. Elliot to you. And Carol Burnett, the fricking queen of the Variety Show, who I now play Wurttel with every day. And she is so good at that game. It just pisses me off. She gets it in two every time. I got to talk to Isabel Allende and Darlene Love and Fran Leibovitz and so many more unusually interesting and captivating and insightful women. Yeah, I think that the reason the show seems to resonate with so many listeners is that when these women reach a certain age, there's just less bullshit and more authenticity.


That certainly allows the conversations on this show to be genuinely revealing, like a discovery. I mean, it can be really funny, and actually, it can be really moving, too. It sure has opened up my heart and my mind in a way that I never expected. And I'm totally shocked. Well, I'm astonished, in fact, at how many people are stopping me in the street, like in the airport, at the TSA thing or the grocery store to talk about this show. And they want to tell me about certain little nuggets and things that these 70, 80, 85, even 90-year-old women have said that have really stuck with them in a most meaningful way. So I am really excited we're going to do it again. We'll have more conversations. I'll share some little pieces of my own life. And just like last year, at the end of each show, I'll run down the highlights, download them with my own 89-year-old mom, Judy. In fact, here, let me play you a conversation with my mom that you haven't heard yet, okay? Because I just got some really cool news. Not to toot the wiser than me, horn, or anything, but we just won Show of the Year on Apple Podcasts.


Yeah. So anyway, when we won it, I just had to call my mom, and here's what she said. I said, We won Show of the Year on Apple Podcasts. And now this is my mom talking.


That is fantastic.


Is that crazy? Oh, my God.


That is so great. I'm not surprised. I'm not surprised because I have to tell you, in all the things you've ever done, I've never gotten more response to it.


Well, that's because you're in it. Yeah, she was very happy. In't know. I mean, truth be told, my mom is really the secret sauce of the show. I am so proud and delighted to share her insights with the world. Although, yeah, she does go off topic sometimes.


I went to put my hands in my pockets of the slacks I had on, and the pockets weren't there. I thought, This is so strange.


Oh, no.


The pockets were in the back. I had my pants on backwards. And I was just in the midst of saying, Oh, everything's so grippy.


Okay, we may have to use this piece of the recording. Yeah. So we did use it, Mom. We used it. Wiser than me really is a family affair. I mean, obviously, I got my mom yaking away, dropping pearls of wisdom all over the place. My son, Henry composes our awesome theme music, which I just love. My husband, Brad, he remembers my childhood stories better than I do, for real. And Paula Jean Kaplan, who I met on my very first day of college at Northwestern at age 18, is my co-producer. And the whole producing team is like a little family. It's a great group. So yeah, welcome to my world, which you are a part of now, too, because none of this is possible without you guys listening and sharing this show with your friends and your families. I mean, really, together we all get to meet these remarkable women who do change the way we think about living our whole lives in the most fulfilling way. It's a complete blessing. It's completely fantastic. So now we're all back to work on season two. And this time around, I know what I'm doing. Kind of.