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All of my toys are coming back to AEW. There's an Eddie Kingston, there's a Takeshita, there's a Kenny Omega, there's a Will Osprey.


On top of that...


There's a Zack Saber Jr. Orange Bollocks.


But I mean, in this segment, there's a Kenny Omega, there are some young bugs, there's a hangman page, there's a Jon Moxley. This was all of your toys.




Together at once. And you were like, as your booker as a 10 year old kid, being like, I'm going to book the best goddamn ending to wrestling show.


You've ever seen. And there's me going, where's that Sam Punk? I had. Hello. Welcome to the AEW Dynamite Review podcast on the Restor talk podcast channel. If you haven't already, please press the thumbs up button, give us a subscribe, leave us a comment down below with what you thought of AEW dynamite, and send in those Omega chats to Restor talk. Com forward slash support, or read out every single one of them over five US dollars. I'm Oli Davis. I'm joined by Lucas and DAD, and we're starting with this main event match, which was the hung bucks, Hangman Page and the young Bucks in their first ever trios appearance in AEW.


Which is mad when you think about it, really, because I know Page and the Bucks split up during the pandemic, but there was a six month, eight month period where dynamite was on TV and the elite were all together that we just did not get this trios.


And lso on this episode, apparently it was the first time ever Chris Gerico and Sting faced off in a ring. Do you know what? How are all these things not have happened before, English?


I thought about that Gerico Sting one because Gerico did an interview two days ago where he's like, I've got no interest in wrestling Sting. I thought to myself, He's definitely wrestling Sting at a show soon. So when Darby was in the room, I was like, This is where we set up the Sting match, I guess.


This main event however, was absolutely fantastic. It was the hungbacks against C lodio Castignoli, Jon Moxley, Wheeler Uter, with Brian Danielson on commentary, who is just such a consistent delight. I always love William Regal on the tree in these Blackpool Combat Club matches of old. But I think what Danielson adds is just more storytelling. I loved Regal. I loved how he would get over the moves, but my God, Danielson is an incredible color commentator.


He's so so good at it. And there's a moment when Wheely Uter was getting pinned and he kicks out and Tas goes, strong kick out there by Uter. And Danielson pauses and goes, I'd have liked a stronger kick out, if I'm being honest.


So the match is absolutely insane. It is just move after move after move after move. And all the moves are the best moves you've ever seen. And they're by the best wrestlers you've ever seen. I thought the eight man tag earlier was fun and chaotic. This was just a massive overdrive of that.


I was just writing up my notes for this. And my first note was, yeah, this rules. And then my next note was, it's all action and it.


All rules. Yeah. And then my next note is BTE triggering to Buckshot Marriott hangman page wins.


It's one of those matches. We've had these on the show over our six year history that we've been doing this together where you just can't take your eyes off the screen. You could just write down every move that happens in your notes, but it's a fruitless endeavor because we're not going to sit here and account every single move that happens. So you can't take your eyes off the screen. You're just enjoying what's happening.


Well, something else happened in this match in real life to me. I just remembered this as you were saying, I can't remember how I blocked this out. I'm watching the final bits of dynamite. I've got like five minutes left. My cat, which I've had for eight months, comes down the stairs. Beautiful cat. Beautiful cat. The prettiest cat you've.


Ever seen. Yeah, but it is factually second to my kid in the poll we.


Did around the office. In the poll.


We did a poll of what is cuter, Olly's cat or my kid. My kid won unanimously.


Well, people vote for the Nazis and buy Cold Play for them.


Can't trust people.


So the cat comes in and it's looking at me and it's got this one of the feather toys we've got and it's got it on its mouth. I'm like, oh, that's really cute. And then the feather moves and it's a bird. It's a bird that it's kicking killed and brought into the house. And it's the first time it's ever happened.


Did it look at you with a real proud look on.


Its face? Oh, yeah. It was like, Meow. Meow. And I was like, Oh, my God. Thank you, the kiki. Because she thinks it's a good thing. Of course she does. Yeah. So then I'm like... This is.


What they're bred.


To do. I pause dynamite and I'm like, How to dispose of a dead bird? You want to get a glove? Got a garden glove, got a plastic bag. So I'm going to pick it up, put the plastic bag over it, into a big bin bag straight in gut, like normal waste. Apparently, you're allowed to do that.


Have you not got compost?


It said put it in the general waste bin on the council website when you need a spousal of dead animals.


I've also got a dead bird story hilariously from two days ago.


Oh, my God. Yeah, we've got two dead bird stories then.


Tis the season after all.


One bird, one stone. So I go to pick up the bird and the bird's not dead and the bird just starts flying around everywhere in the house and spewing blood.


It's like a John Moxley match.


Yeah. And I'm like, oh, my God. But still, that selling isn't as good as it was in the match. And this is actually genuinely traumatic. It is. And it really like... Because then Keegan, my cat, jumped up. It flew into a door, knocked itself down, tried to fly back up, and Keegan just launched itself across the room and the bird starts screaming. Oh, crazy. And it's just screaming and it's on the ground fluttering. And there's blood all over the door where it went into. And I'm just like, I've got to kill the bird. The cat's not going to finish it off.


The cat can't finish the job.


The cat won't kill it. And it was about half an hour of me just looking at this bird and trying to maneuver it, poke it into the garden so I could smash its head with a shovel. And then it flew again. It flew again. It went onto the work surface. Kiki attacked it again. It smashed three glasses on the kitchen work surface. What? And in this moment, I had closed enough doors for it to come in. I just ran out the house into the garden and the bird followed me. And it just flew away. In spurts. And Kiki's just walking around like, meow, meow, meow. What a fun time that was, hey.


That bird's got quite a story to tell its mates when it gets home.


No, Luke, it's going to die slow and painful death. But yeah, so I tell this story because that happened and I've never killed anything before. And I spent a long time psyching myself up to kill another thing. And that was all done. And it flew away, thank God. And I sat down, press play, and I loved the last three minutes of this. Even though all that stuff happened, I'm like, my heart's pumping. I'm like, I can't write my script after this. I can't even eat. And then Eddie Kingston's music hit to make the save for hangman... Well, not really the save. He just wanted to deck. I think. And I just forgot about everything.


That's the power of how good.


This final angle was.


This was. I only saw half of the show this morning before I came into work because I woke up half an hour late, which meant I watched the first hour of it and I had to take the kid to nursery.


Busy killing birds.


They were the shove of it, like, where are they? And I take the kid to nursery. And by the time I got back, I was like, I have to get the train into work. I came on the train to work, just did not look at Twitter, just put my audiobook on. I just stood directly ahead, check some stats and stuff, as you do. Got the tube in, again, just listening to my audiobook and I'm just keeping dead ahead. I got into the office and I wanted to just let everyone know I have not seen Dynamite yet.


Spolier free.


I want to be spoiler free. I just had this thing in my head. I think there's going to be a big thing on the show. Why? I don't know. It's because I loved the opening match. Great opening match. The Cole MJF match with the time limit draw. And then the eight man tag was so much fun. I just had this feeling in my bones of like.


The gun club are going to come out.


Yeah. There's going to be a big thing at the end of this show that is either going to be this or it's the gun club joining bullet club. So I was like, It's one of two ways. And I don't know. And I nearly even said, I'm going to go film live reactions today so we could do that. I just got this thing in my head that it could be. And I got in and Pete was like, Hey, how's it going? I was like, Shut up, Pete. I haven't seen dynamite yet. He goes, I won't say anything. That just fueled me even more. Anytime anyone walks into the room, I haven't seen dynamite yet. I'm watching it on the screen and stuff. And I had this whole thing in my head.


Ebb ushi. Ebb ushi. Yes. Ebb ushi. Particularly when Omega ran down. Last time you heard of him, he wasn't in Canada.


Yes, well, that's it. So the young Bucks or the hung Bucks win the match and then they're doing the attack afterwards and stuff. And that's when I was like, it's Omega's coming down or this is where you do the Ebb ushi moment. Those are the two things that are running through my head. Eddie Kingston's music hits and were you in the room when this happened? I just froze and my mouth just flew open. I went and then Eddie Kingston walked out and I screamed. A genuine guttural scream.






When he walked out. It was louder.


I was so excited. Eddie was something I did not see coming. And I was thrilled by it. And then I got even more excited. I was like, He's not even here to save them. He just wants to fight. He wants to save his boy, Max. Because he's fighting off... Because I was like, Who does he hate in this world? He hates Cloudio. Do you know who he hates more than Cloudy? Pardon CM punk. Danielson. Do you know who he loves? Moxley. So now he wants to come out and be like, Jon, what are you doing? These guys are dick heads. I've been telling you this for years. Why are you hanging out with them? He's got a new story with the Blackpool Combat Club that's separate from what the elite are doing. And then Takeshita runs down and he gets his nuclear heat. And then Omega runs down to the side and I'm like, This is amazing. And then from out of nowhere, Will Osprey jumps in and he super kicks. And I was like, I can't even compute.


So much happened.


I'm still trying to compute the Eddie Kingston thing. And here's Will Osprey standing tall. There's Don Callis applauding Will Osprey doing it. I was like, Is that the family? Is this the I? This was so great.


It was full on, wasn't it? Yeah. So Eddie Kingston comes out. Let's try and unpack this very complex but admirable, also very simple man. That sounded nasty. I meant simple as in he's just fueled by very consistent rage. So you think he comes down because he wants to get Moxley out of this club? Because I took it as, well, he's not saving hangman Page. He's not saving the Bucks. It did just look like it finally had enough, like a year after it happened of Claudio being around.


Well, they did all their Feud in Ring of Honor as well over the Ring of Honor world title. So I think some of it stems from that. But when he goes down to and then takes Claudia, so it could just be this is them setting up the next angle for Ring of Honor because they got super card. Is it super card of honour?


That'd be such a shame because I want Eddie on.


The main roster. Yes, dynamite. That's what I would like as well. And it was the mox thing that made me think that this is a main roster thing because he's attacking Cloudio and then the young Bucks are like, Hey, brilliant. We're going to beat up Mox now. And then Eddie goes like, No, not him. And he stops like Matt and nick doing it and Matt's like, What are you doing? He's like, Yeah, not Mox. You don't want to hit him. He then goes face to face with Mox. It is the look in his eyes being like, What are you doing? This is not who you are. I know the real John Moxley in this ain't you.


It's interesting, isn't it? Because Kingston was teaming with baby face Blackpool Combat Club this time last year against the JAS. Just to mention it as well, Moxley and Hangman Page going at each other at the start of this match was just... I didn't forget, but I did somewhat forget the intensity that those two had in their feud. But yeah, of course, Omega, Takeshita and Osprey, that all makes sense in terms of why they're feuding. But yeah, really exciting stuff. Such a hot end to the show.


Very hot crowd as well.


Great Washington crowd. You build that Osprey Omega match, which is potentially the main event of Full Forbidden or not Full Geared Didn't Door.


I think it'll be Omega. Okada, Danielson will be the main event.


Yeah, both worthy. I really hope. Maybe you're right. It could be either. I really hope they do something with Kingston on collision or next week on dynamite, because I feel like the guns angle last week and dynamite do do this a lot. Whereas, W. W. E. Immediately follow up on stuff, sometimes to their detriment. A. W. E. The complete opposite. I want Kingston to contend continue this momentum.


Do you think this is... And I'm not saying this is what you're completely saying. I'm asking you because you mentioned the guns. Do you think this is a response to the gun thing from last week? You remember, they did that dark order angle right in the early days of dynamite and that dark order. And it got over like a wet fart. And then two weeks later, because they had the Christmas break, basically, Tony Khan was like, I'm taking 100 % of the book now. And he just booked these beast.


Level shows.


Do you wonder if this whole chaotic ending here was almost a response because last week's ending didn't go down great?


No. Well, I think last week's ending, it didn't not go down great. It was just an average ending. Apart from Tempest, no one was really down on it. I was quite excited for them being together. I think this all happened here because they're two weeks out from Forbidden Door and they were just like, Well, we got a bunch of people in town. We haven't had like, Sonata's or TanaHash's or Okada's.


Yeah, you're right. Sorry, I didn't agree with Cody. There's a lot of spinning plates here because this was spinning the Elite Blackpool Combat Club feud. This was spinning the Omega and Don Calles feud with Tekester. This was starting perhaps this Eddie Kingston Blackpool Combat Club Moxley thing, as well as spinning the Omega Osprey match that's going to be happening at Forbidden in a couple of weeks' time.


Yeah, very well worked. And you had Daniel on at the top of the ramp, or he was annoyed. The Blackpool Combat Club lost clean. There was no chicanery or anything. It was proper losing clean.


They would even take on commentary. It's been over a year since Blackpool Combat Club have lost when teaming with Moxley.


And it was you two who took the pin. But when Osprey was beating the crap out of Omega, oh, my God. Danielson's grin was so funny.


He was like, I'm going to have to stand up and give that man a round of applause. And he applause. And yeah, I think Calles, applauding what Osprey was doing as well. I think we're going to see an angle there at Forbidden Door. I think Callis gets involved with Forbidden Door. I think Takesh is probably getting involved in some capacity. Maybe that's how Kenny's going to lose the belt and Osprey gets it back because I would imagine Osprey's getting the belt back.


I'd hold off that until all in. That's my big do the third one at All In. But Osprey has to win this. Maybe you do the draw. So maybe it doesn't main us an event. I don't know. There's so many ways.


You could go. I think Call of Supporting is very interesting, but it was an amazingly chaotic ending to the show. The feedback that I've seen online and stuff when I was looking at how people were reacting to the show, a lot of people were drawing comparisons to that summer, autumn period of 2021 when it was like, every episode of dynamite was this banger and the ending of All Out and then that's Tsutsuki and Danielson on the rampage buy in and all this stuff. People are like, this is is... I think AEW has felt cold. Cold is a harsh word, but they had that a very down period after Brawl out last year where it felt like... Actually, not even before that, because they had all the injuries at the start of the year. Then which hampered Forbidden or somewhat. Then CM P unk was out and then we had Brawls out. Then there was that full game where I was like, Ah, this company's back. I think it has been there, but it's not at the levels that it once was. And I think that's reflective in some of its ticket sales as well. But this was one of the...


I've been saying this for.


A while. But again, because I made this point earlier.


They're not bad ticket sales. No.


I mean, apart from that Hamilton show, which just sold like 900 tickets.


And Regina.


That teenage witch, Sabrina. They're still really good ticket sales. They're just not at the level that they were previously. This is an episode of dynamite and an ending of dynamite that I was like, you can ride this wave of momentum and try and make this feel like a hot company again.


In my review, I gave it 94 %, which makes it a top five ever dynamite. Not ever, but since it started 2022 when I started tracking overall rankings for me personally. I think that's how good this show was. I hope people can go back and watch the last six months or even a year of shows, those people who were like, Oh, my God. This is an all time episode. Compare that episode that you thought was an all time episode to this episode and you'll be like, Oh, right. No, there was a whole other tier. I wasn't ranking things low the last year. I was ranking them appropriately because I knew A EW's heights they can reach. And this is right at the tippity top, the whole show, this angle. Phenomenal episode.


Do you want me to rename the stream to Olly Was.


Right All Along? Thank you.


Hilariously, before we were, the stream was going live, there are a few people who haven't seen your edited review yet and we're asking, what score you gave it? And everyone was trying to be like, yeah, he gave it 71. People go, he did what?


I don't know. There are very few episodes I've given under 80 %. And everyone's always like, This guy hates it.


Yeah, hates it. 74 % right, let's.


See what you all thought though on the Omega chat. It's wrestletalk. Com support. We'll read out every single one over five US dollars that you send in there. Well, Campbell says, Hi guys, this episode episode ruled. Opener was insane and Max is proven again that he's one of the best on the planet and AC killed it too. Also, I am hype to see Eddie back. He's one of, if not my favourite, rest in the company. Now push him after Blood and guts, Tony Khan.


Yeah, that's if he's on the side with the elite. Man, weird seeing Kingston teaming with the elite for Blood and guts. But I don't hate it either. Yeah. Well, then Adam Cole killed it, not an AC unit. Just a.


Although it is hot today, isn't it? Red man 2490, what match do you want to see more? Eddie versus Mox or Eddie versus Danielson?


I mean, any match with Danielson is probably the one I want to pick. But the drama and character you can get out of Eddie and Moxley.


We've seen.


Eddie Moxley. Yeah, it was the title.


Match at Fort Gea. And it was great.


But that was back in the pandemic era. So maybe now, different people.


I would like to see Eddie and Daniel some more. Dante Kennedy, member for two months in a row. Thank you very much.


I'm glad you're here, Dante, because I was trying to find this because this really, really made me laugh. So I'm glad you've got it here as an ultra chat.


I must correct you, sirs. They aren't hungbacks. They are the elite, formerly known as sexually suggestive and anatomically incorrect team name.


That was what their lower.


Third set was.


Was it really? Yeah, so I'm nearly a little thing where they have the joke. He said, like, formerly known as a sexually suggestive and anatomically incorrect team name.


Which means they've got small little willies.




Penises. Tiny, tiny dicks, which does make you less of a man. It doesn't. I'm planning to that toxic masculinity. Landon C, trios match to end this show. Shots fired to collision. Kingston could have been convinced to come back as a middle finger to punk. I don't think so. But I hadn't thought about that because the idea of brand supremacy is so non existent. When it comes to W, but I feel like there's such a pride and creative freedom in the work rate in A&W that maybe it could actually push dynamite and collision's specific stars to really go at each other.


Possibly. I don't think Kingston didn't need to be convinced to come back. He was employed by the company. It's not like he decided he was leaving. In storyline, he quit and went to ring of honour, but it's come So it's not like he actually walked out on the company situation. But Kenny did a promo after the show, then if you've seen this, where he was talking about all the great stuff that AEW got coming up. We've got dynamite, we've got rampage, we've got forbidden door. Fight forever. We've even got this brand new show called Collision and a CM punk chart broke out and then that was shut down by booze. And so it was like this duelling boo and CM punk chart going on. And Kenny May was like, Well, that's the great thing about AEW. If you want to see us fight the best, if you want to see people who hate us fight us and you want to see people that we hate fighting, we hate the people that we fight, sorry, we fight the people that we hate, just watch our shows. You get to watch every show and you get to see the best wrestlers on the planet.


And it was a case of it didn't feel like it was shots fired at a collision more of like, hey, you should check out a collision because that show is going to be really good too.




Have they all just settled their beefs? And we're going to be building up to it. Probably not.


But survivor series. Colision versus Team Kenny versus Team Pink.


So I made a joke about this in the news yesterday. I know everyone on the rest of the news channel, which was that they don't really know what this brand split is. There really isn't a brand split either or a roster split. I don't think Tony Khan knows what it is or what he's actually doing with his brand splits.


I think he's just hoping it'll all smooth itself over.


I think the same thing because what he effectively was saying was that, yeah, there'll be like, Miri, Neil, Andrade, and punk are going to be like this collective roster of stars, but they are not unique to collision. They will also be on dynamite. But if they're on dynamite, then the people who are usually on dynamite will be on collision that week. And hey, if you're a wrestling fan, you might not know which roster you're going to see on a show, which I don't think is a great selling point to be trying to sell tickets to things. But I think Dave Melzer summed it up best in the wrestling observer newsletter, where it's like, The brand split is changing day to day, and it will probably still be changing up until the actual show itself. And it will probably change once whether or not collision's a success. Because if collision is this huge success, then turning around, brilliant, let's do.


A brands book.


But if it's not, if it's this colossal failure, we're like, okay, yeah, let's.


Sack that off. Let's put a Danielson.


Over there. Yeah, you know you now just all need to get on the same page, if you can.


Well, let's keep sending in those chats to wrestle. Com support or read out every single one of them over $5 us dollars. Let's get into the full play by play, which started off with a pay per view calibre, a premium live event calibre match of MJF versus Adam Cole in a World Championship Eliminator. Meaning if Cole wins, he gets a future shot at the World Title, which makes me think, Cole must be winning to get that shot. After Forbidden Door.


Which is funny because it was making me think, Well, how is M GF going to win here because it's Forbidden Door coming up and it's not going to be Cole MGF? Or how are they going to get to it so that it'll do a fatal 4 way or something along those lines?


We'll just go through a few spots in the match before we get to the finish, the finish of which was just incredibly well thought out and executed. A lot of Sean Michael's stuff from MGF, of course. Michael's was Adam Cole's tutor. That was set up in Canon. Mjf referenced that in last week's promo. I don't love it when they do references that aren't more explicitly set up. Max is very good at making things clear, so everyone gets it, even if they're a new viewer. He's tuning up the band. He does the Sean Michael's taunt, and he even hits, and very weird for Max, a top rope flying elbow to the outside through a table.


Yeah, really cool spot. And then rolls back in the ring, tells the referee to start the counter to get this win because Max is desperate here to not have to defend this belt against Karl.


There's only two things I would have changed in this match, and one of them was not doing that spot. As great as it was, it's a huge baby face spot. And I think Cole needs baby face spots at the moment for people to cheer him. Okay, that's interesting. Not that they're not cheering him, but I think he's in this rehabbing phase after coming back. And MGF does not need to be cheered more because it's so easy to accidentally start cheering him.


Even when he knocks.


Off fans' hats. That was brilliant.


He walked into the crowd, walks up to this guy who's wearing a baseball cap and just knocks his baseball cap off his head.


Right at the opening of this match, by the way, it was Edgar Wrighting in how it just set up the whole story, the whole 30 minutes of the next of the TV that they're about to have in just the first 30 seconds where MJ reverses something, does a strut, he reverses a second thing, does another taunt, and then he goes to be cocky again. But Adam Cole goes for the super kick and Max just falls down. He's really scared. It's just that real vulnerable, scared layer underneath Max's character, beneath all the bravado, which is like, he's such a good performer.


For me, when I was watching this match, I've had this thing for the last few weeks or so now because we watched in the office, we watched a bit of wrestling on our lunch breaks and stuff, and we watched Cole and Rico Shea for the North American Championship and scrolling through Twitter over the weekend, and someone was sharing clips of Cole and Matt Riddel. And I was just reminded of Nxt, Adam Cole, which reminded me of ring of Honor, Adam Cole. And I had this in a moment, I was like, I haven't seen that Adam Cole for a while. It's not like he's had bad matches in AEW, far from it. The Gerico match was a misstep, and obviously he was off for a long period of time with the injury and everything. But even when he was there, I loved the Orange Cassidy match.


Particularly the last one. Oh, that final match was great.


The final match was great. But I'm sitting there being like, I haven't had that Adam Cole match yet and that Adam Cole performance. And I was watching this and I had this like, here it is. This is the Adam Cole performance that I've been craving for a while now because I don't even think we had this during the hangman. So I was so in thing because I love Adam Cole and I thought he was super in this match. And MJF was perfectly placed to get that incredible performance back out of Adam Cole.


I'm not fully there yet. He's definitely showing glimpses. And I'm hoping the more matches he has, he can get back to prime.


Adam Cole. I'm not saying he's as great as he was five years ago, but I'm saying this was the first time in a while where I'm like, there it is. That's the spark.


Well, one of the main sparks is in this excellent finish. So ref bump because the ref was counting a near fall and then got up, moved to exactly where the... Anyway, it's wrestling. So it was Price, wasn't it? It was Price. Price is down and M. J. F. Is like, Right. Runs out, gleeful look on his face, runs out, gets the tidal belt, runs back in and he's going to use it on Adam Cole, but sees that Price is about to stand up. Easy win here. I can get him de queued. Chuck's the belt to Cole, lays down in the Eddie Guerrero, I'm framing you spot. Brice stands up, he's about to turn around, but he falls over again. And there's this just incredible moment of irony where Max is looking at Brice and then he looks up at Adam Cole, who's now got the World Championship belt. Adam Cole looks at the championship belt and the crowd are going nuts. Very similar to the 4 way. When Jungle boy had the belt, I think he was going to use it on derby. And then Jungle boy was like, No, you're not going to use it.


But Cole, because even though he's a baby face, what I really admire about him, he's a smart tweener baby face. Like, as we saw when he outwitted Gerico in the Falls count, well, the band from the arena match. And Cole just clobbers Max with it. But Bright's still weary. It's a slow count.


Yeah, he lowers the boom. It's a slow count. Max kicks out of it.


What an angle.


What a spot. So, so good. So Reamsburg hurt his eye in the ref's spot. And so he's then selling the yoke and they're like, Now the referee can't see what's going on now. So Max goes and he gets the dynamite ring. And the commentary are like, Oh, here we go again. Look at Max with the dynamite ring. And Adam Cole is talking with Reimsburg, and Max stands up and he goes to hit Cole. Remsburg, evil with only one eye goes down and stops him because he's a smart ref and he knows that that's exactly what MDM is going to do because it's what he always does.


It was matrix level. It was like, Brice is looking this way and he goes and catches the diamond ring in his hand. But yeah, that allowed Cole to hit Panama Sunrise. Boom. One, two, ding, ding, ding.


Time limit expired. Time limit expired. 30 minutes. What I loved about this is that they didn't do the Justin Roberts. There are 10 minutes remaining of this match. And I think that's what caught everyone off guard because when you do time limits, it's hard to do to not telegraph it.


Well, you just do it in every match. Well, exactly. You don't only do it for the match. Is you're going to do a time limit?


That's the problem. I always go back to that Osprey Pack match in Rev Pro, where it's the only match where they've just announced, like, there are 20 minutes remaining, and the crowd went, okay, so it's the time limit for what we're going to then. And here they just rang the bell and the crowd didn't know what was going on. And Excalibur just turns to Tony Schifani and he was like, oh, look at the time.




Because Tony Schifani was so into the match, he didn't clock how long the match... I didn't clock how long the match had been going on for either. The crowd hadn't. And then they announced, the time limit has expired. This match is a draw. Booze and heat from the crowd because they... And it wasn't like, boo, that's a bad finish. It was boo, we didn't get to see the finish.


I thought it was masterful booking. I mean, me personally, I would make it.


Apparently they did do it.


They did do the.


Time course. Yeah, apparently Robert said there were 10 minutes remaining. I didn't hear that. I didn't.


Wow. Must have been so wrapped up in the match. Well, if that's the case, I.


Take it back. I stand corrected like the man in orthopedic shoes.


But what a finish in that I really was excited to see C ool W ooddy Vs. Max. I thought last week's promo segment was brilliant, but I was like, Well, how are you going to make me want to see the match again after doing the match? It's a tricky thing to do in a EW. It's not like Wwe where they just put it on regardless. And this this was fresh, innovative way to make me want to see it, to get past Forbidden Door. I'm really into Adam Cole's chase all of a sudden. This achieved everything it set out to do.


And more. Cole grabs the microphone, shades of Revolution, and he asks for five more minutes. Max stands up and he's like, meh. He just gets down, slinks out there and he's like, no, not doing that. Why would he? Why would he? That's exactly what Tas was saying on comment. He doesn't need to. He didn't need to beat Adam Cole in this. Adam Cole needed to beat him. M. J. F. Just needed to not lose and he didn't lose.


Next up, we had CM P unk, not out in front of the arena. That's been Saved the collision in Chicago. But a video package, which was weird. It was weird seeing him. He spoke, he said lines like, I ain't going anywhere. I think that was a clip of his from the first promo he did. Only thing that's certain is nothing certain with CM punk. I'm coming back because I've got scores to settle. I don't know what I'm going to do or say until I've got the mic. I've got a lot of things I want to get off my chest.


Which was the first line of.


The pipe bomb. Yeah. Well, I think the first line was as you're sitting there, hopefully as uncomfortable as you can possibly be. Yeah. That implies pipe bomb level honesty.


That's what I would think as well. We're doing live reactions to Collision this coming Saturday. Myself and Oli Davies will be watching Collision live, so do come and join us as we're watching this. And we'd booked that a little while back when they announced it, we're like, Let's do live reactions. It's going to be the big punk return. He'll do a promo. And I think we should definitely be doing some live reactions to this. And then they announced us as a six man. And in the week, last year, the other two, I was like, I've made an error. I've made such an error. We shouldn't be doing live reactions. I'm actually just creating toilet problems for ourselves because now we're going to take time off on different days because it would just be this six man tag and nothing big is going to happen.


The modern roar after mania.


Yeah. And then we got this moment here where it was like, I'm going to do a pro and I was like, few. Okay, good. I made the right decision.


I'll be surprised if he's doing a proper pipe bomb. He has to reference, brought out. He has to reference the elite. I just can't see that happening, though. But he's a master at this. He'll be in Chicago. I'm sure they'll find a way to make it work and it'd be very exciting and compelling. But currently, right now, from Thursday's vantage point, I have no idea how.


And the thing I'm so interested in as well, because FTR later had a promo. They had a promo from FTR and bullet club gold where FCR said, CM P unk is the best wrestler on the planet. And they are super, super baby face at the moment, FTR, teaming with CM P unk at this show. And I was thinking to myself, maybe this will be when CM P unk turns heel, not on turn turns heel, but turns heel on AEW to be like, I don't need to be here, but I'm stuck here. I'm under contract, I'm forced to come out through these shows or something like this. Because of what happened last year, it made me tie it into a character thing. But I was like, But are you turning FTR heel in that process because of their association with him? But I don't know because I feel like you're not turning FTR at this point.


Well, FTR did say that CM punk is their best friend. They said those direct words, which probably means FTR are turning heel on CM punk. You don't say that unless you're turning, jungle boy.


Someone here thinks that it's going to name drop Olly Davis on live TV.


If he does that, it won't be complimentary and it'll break my heart and I'll leave the stream and I'll assess my life choices. After that, we had Samy Gavara coming down. He's a baby face now, didn't you know?


Speaking of this company telling you someone's a baby face. Oh, my God. Khafner comes out, He's going to be a dad. And then Rene Piquette's being like, You're going to be a dad. And on camera, they're like, He's going to be a dad to a baby girl. And Sam is like, Hey, if you didn't hear, it's going.


To be a baby girl. He's the first person ever to have a kid in a EW. And what I loved is Samy then took the mic and said, Well, what I'm going to do is I'm going to have my baby daughter in one arm. And the crowd are like, That's nice. Because we're genuinely happy for the human of Samy Yovarov that that's happening. And then he goes, And the world title in the other. And they went, Boo. No, we don't.


Like you. I'm not sure that's what happened. I think it is not as overtly boo as it had been when he was a heel. I had a boo. I think, well, I think we are getting his mixed reactions. I think we are getting some people who are just like, Look, he's a baby face now, let's cheer him. And other people are like, I don't think I want him. Because what the goal is, yeah, he's going to be a dad. But then we're like, I don't want him to be championed. But it wasn't a wasn't boo like, I hate that idea. I was like, I don't want to see that.


I don't think you outwardly boo that idea. And then Derby comes down and it's just... I like this whole show. This is probably the weakest thing on it for me because Derby, who is traditionally counter authority, anti authority, he goes out there and says what felt like one of those tone deaf, W. W. E. Prescripted lines, These people are starting to love you. I don't feel like they are Darby. You're just saying that because the company have told you to get over this guy. That's not what you want for Darby. No. I get that they want Samy to be a baby face, but they've tried it a bunch of times over the last 18 months, and none of them have stuck. He's far better at being a heel. The people want to naturally boo him. Let him be a heel for a while and don't do another JAS split, which seems like we're getting. I love Samy as a performer, but this morality switch is not working for me in the slightest.


Have you seen Samy's hair? Man's a heel. Have you seen his face? Man's a heel. I felt bad a little bit for Darby in this, but I also was thinking as it was going on was like, in the lead up to Double or Nothing, I had my big predictions like, it really feels like we're going to be doing MJF and Jungle boy after this app might be like the all out thing. Never did I think, oh, no, Sam is going to come out of this as a baby face. I'm going to turn Jungle boy heel.


Yeah. And everyone's pretty much playing seconds to other people's feuds. It's not a good follow up for my money for those three guys.


I would disagree on that one. I think Darby, I would agree with. Jungle boy going after Sonnada, I don't think is a terrible follow up to and particularly because they are very much turning him heel. And I think he can go into a program with Hook to elevate Hook at the same time. I don't think that is a terrible follow up to that.


What about Samy?


He's the Uber baby face now. He's going to be a dad. And he said in this promo, I'm going after the AEW World Championship because that's going to be one of the next title programs.


And Jeff will be cheered massively there. Anyway, Derek O'Veigh comes out and says, Hey, why didn't you call me for help when you were going for the World Title? Samy Gavara. I just don't.


If you did, you'd be champion right now. Yeah.


It's just calling attention to some... They ignored that. Aw ignored that logic intentionally because they wanted to split them off. But it makes no sense. They're trying to make it make sense now and they want to do a Sex God's Reunion tag team match next week. But against who, Luke?


Well, yeah, Darby steps up and he says, You call yourself a wizard, but every time you step into the ring recently, it feels like the magic's gone. So that was a really good line, actually. And then Derek looks at him and was like, It's two on one. You're on your own. Who said I'm on my own? Out comes Sting. Out comes Sting. And he's got a baseball bat as well. And they do some baseball bat shenanigans and Sting and Gerico do. And they are putting over hard on commentary. This is the first time Derek and Sting have actually shared a ring like this. Amazing. Which makes sense, really, because Gerico was in the cruiser weight division when they were in WCW together. And then Derek goes off to Wwe or WF at the time, and he's there for 20 odd years. And Miles was And Sting was doing TNA.




It's only now that they're both in the same company. And it shows the amazing lack of restraint because I even mentioned this when me and Tempest were talking earlier about who takes the title of MJF. I said, I could see it being Kenny. And Tempest were like, They haven't done M JF Kenny. This company is nearly five years old and they have not done M JF Kenny as a big program.


And it's remarkable. They've done very well there and look forward to that tag match next week. It is next week.


Isn't it? Well, yeah, they said they didn't announce it as one of the next week's matches, though. Maybe they'll be announced on Collision.


Sonada then issued an open challenge for the IWGP title. I forgot Sonada had shaved his beard again. Who's this guy? Why's he got the belt? Oh, yeah, it's Sonada. And yeah, later on, we might as well do it now. Jungle boy accepted.


Yes, he did. Yeah. And 100 % did a promo here. I was like, I'm turning heel just so you know, because it's him and the hook. And he's like, This is going to be the summer of Jungle hook. I can feel it. And you know what? I said at the start of this year I wanted to win gold and have it around my waist. And that's what I'm going to do now because I'm going to accept the open challenge. It seemed they sent it for a tag team thing. Every time Hook went to speak, Jungle boy spoke for him. And he wants hook in his corner for the match against Senna. Because he is.


Turning heel. And he also said, Because you're my best friend. I want you in my corner.


He's learning things from Christian. It turns out Christian did teach him things all along.


Eventually. Then we got Sting and Derby, stayed in the ring and Orange Cassidy and Keith Lee came out because they were going to have an eight man tag against Muggle Affiliate. It was amazing.


Crazy good fun, this. I mean, of course, trios matches, you're always guaranteed to almost have crazy good fun. Add two more extra people in there, it's just extra people to have fun with. Particularly when it's Derby, Sting, Orange Cassidy, Keith Lee, Swerve Strickland, Brian Cage. It's bound to be a fun match. This was just all action all the time and I had a blast.


It was one of those things where I didn't really write down notes because it was just so many spots. But Keith Lee tags in at one point and he's beating some people up swerved as he forward roll jump up for the one move, whatever that is. Keith Lee just caught him and looked at him like, It's happening. It's happening. But then they all got him all Muggle affiliates, picked up Keith Lee like he was a hammock and then swerved at the stomp off the top robe. That was good. And then the finish was it's Brian cage versus Sting. Brian cage has Surfer Sting face paint on and cage hoists up sting. Orange punch back into the Scorpion death drop. Hits that for the win. Really great.


It went smoother than when he tried it against Matt Morgan at Slammerversary09.


Yes, which we both watch now. Renee Young is backstage with the guns. She asked them about joining bullet club gold and they're like, Oh, don't know what you're talking about. We're here to talk about our match against the Harding Boys next week to prove who the best brothers in.


Wrestling are. Yeah, well, they use this segment to challenge the Harding Boys to find out who the best brothers are. But yeah, they are not officially part of bullet club gold. Actually, I think it's a good choice.


See, I don't. After the angle last week, I was Well, that's a bit of a lame finish. But then I really thought about it and I thought, Huh, Austin and Colton with Jay and Bruce is their other high school lakens. Their characters suit each other. They're like the high school jocks, guns, bullet club. I was like, Actually, those could be some really fun.


Promo segments. This is wrestling fan 101 right here. They did it now. You're like, I don't like this angle. The following week, they're following with the like, we're not doing that angle. I was like, Well, you probably should have done the angle.


What I.


Said is what you.


Just said. I said this last week. I was like, Look, I didn't love this bit, but I think there's real good potential in these guys being an act together. Let's see where it goes next week. And where it went next week was...


I don't think we're doing.


That anymore. Two in the week after. Or they're just stringing out.


For ages. It could be just stringing out. I think it's probably more they're stringing out for ages.


Ward Lowe then took on Jake Hager. I forgot they'd had this epic rivalry couple.


Of matches. It.


That's what they've had. In the octagon. Do you remember that in lockdown?


Oh, that's right. They did do that match. I don't think I've ever seen that match.


We all got into some weird hobbies in lockdown.


We just tried things. Otis was money in.


The bank. We just got to try these things. Yeah, Wardlow beat Jake Hagan. Couple of power bombs. 2.0 came out. So Brock and Ron Anderson fought them off. The major bit was the post match Christian appeared on the screen. There were audio issues. No one could hear him.


In AW?




Happens. I'm not going to throw stones in this glass house, but yeah.


You won't be able to hear them. Not mic'd properly in the glass house. But the Christian said, Well, Luther source is going to challenge Wardlow on collision and you won't have your new Daddy to protect you because here he is all blooded on the floor and on Anderson was beaten up. Do you think we get a.


Title change? No.


I think Wardlow up those reins for Charlotte Flair.


Or Bayly W? I don't think so. No, I think that Wardlow retains here. I do feel like we're going to do another Christian Wardlow match. Maybe that's where you do the title change or maybe just Wardlow retains.


There as well. You work backwards from the ladder strip, don't you?


Of course, yeah. You use the ladder stick to set up to other matches. The other thing to mention from the eight man tag as well, just highlighted in the comments there, the no flashed up on screen again, like it had done a few weeks back.


Is that meant to be a thing?


It has to be. It's a new character or it's a new angle that they're going to be doing or a new group, perhaps. But it happened a few weeks ago.


We thought it was just a.


Fine thing. We thought it was a fine thing. But Sean Ross said, No, it was across every broadcast. So it is an on.


Purpose thing. Do you not think it was just someone going, Will there be any audio issues next? Chat GPT, who's directing the show, No, everything thing's fine.


Just on the Discord chat. You got the sound sorted out for you? No.


Oh, no. You've sent the.


Letters to the broadcast.


Horseshoe Tanahashi is in a little vignette next with beautiful hair and he challenges MJF.


Exciting. Yeah, because he nearly won the title last year and he didn't beat Moxley. So he's now going to challenge MJF instead for the AEW World Championship. And later in the show, Renee Paquette interviewed and asked MJF about it. He said, no. I mean, Tony Khawin could try and book me if he wants, but I don't wrestle indie promotions. I'm not wrestling these little indie geeks.


I'm not going to wrestle some random from a Rinky Dink promotion.


Some random is.


What he said. Great stuff from Max. Of course, it's.


Going to happen. They announced it later in the show, that's good for her. But I'm now looking forward to Max's promo next week where he's going to be like, This match is not happening.


And just the match itself where he really underestimates Hiroshi Tanahashi, of course, Tanahashi is going to lose. He loses all the time now. That's his role.


Me and Tempest were talking about this earlier. Tempest was like, Well, that's what Tanahashi is. He is not a New Japan protected guy. I said, Yeah, it's like Ishi. You send Ishi across to other promotions to lose, to have people beat him. They used to do the same thing with Ishi and Tsutsuki. It's another guy. Kai. Naito has now become one of those guys you can just send across to other shows and you can just lose and it's fine. But he highlights that's also the problem with joint shows like this when you do title matches is you can't do the big star versus the big star. It's what you have to book. Instead is the big star who's the champion versus a not big star.


Either a legend in Tanahashi or an exciting up and coming like Jungle Boy. Exactly. Bit predictable, though, you're right. The real dream forbidden door matches will be the non title matches.


That's exactly it.


Then we get the segment of the show. Renee Young... Renee, sorry, is talking to Orange Cassidy, and she's like, Well, forbidden doors coming up. Who do you think your challenge is going to be? And Cassidy's like, Well, you know how these things are. Someone's going to turn up. And then, oh, yeah, here we go.


And in walks Zack Saber Jr. Who calls him?


Hello, Orange Bollocks. I think the idea of being a double champion, beating you with my ROW... Not my ROH, my New Japan pure, whatever TV Championship it is, sounds bloody marvellous.


It's like he's in the room with us.


Obviously, huge fans of Zack. He just gets better every time. I remember when he was just a technical wrestling guy, didn't cut promos. But he's just... No one wrestles like Zack Sabre Jr. And no one now talks in promos like Zack Saber Jr.


Because he doesn't sound like Will Osborne does when he does his promo because he's got the whole like, bruv.


All right.


You seaward. Listen up, you seaward. He's like, All right, darling. We're not having a match, are we?


Zack Sabre Jr. Is a Guy Ritchie character, apparently, in the way he does.


His promos. He's from Kent, isn't he, Zack? Or is he from the Southeast? Or I think ecause I found out that McGinnis was actually.


From where I live. Oh, from Reading?


No, from where I live now.


I can't.


Remember the last name.


Virginia. I thought it was from Essex.


I thought it was from the if.


He was.


Will's from Essex. Yeah. Oh, the Isle of Shephy. Yeah, it's off the northern Coast of Kent. I was right.


It is from Kent. There you go.


He's is my county brother. A lot of people talk like him from where I grew up.


Also, I feel like if you're from Kent, that's just statistically likely as well, because that's just all of the Southwest of England. It's like the Southeast. There's Berkshire and there's also Surrey and things like that. Kent is massive.


Oh, yeah, the Garden.


Of England. If someone says I'm from Kent, I'm like, You need to be more specific. You might as well say you're from England.


I'm from Swanley.


That's exactly what I'm after. I'm from Maidstone. I'm from Rochester. Those are actual answers.


So Zak is saying this. And then Daniel Garcia walks in and says, actually, I was the closest anyone's come to beating you for that international championship. Also, where's Shibata? I want to face him for my ROH pure title too. And Cassidy just goes, Oh, yeah, Shabbata is going to be here next week. We'll have a tag match.


So next week it's Cassidy and Shabbata versus Zack Saber Jr. And Daniel Garcia.


And then Garcia turns to Zack, maybe that's work together, and Saber Jr. Just goes, Pack it in, Daniel.


Oh, he's great. He's so good. And Zack Saber Jr. Versus Orange Cassidy. That's the one. That's the one. That sounds real fun. When they did Cassidy and Will Osprey last year, I was like, That sounds like it's going.


To be all person. And it was the match of.


The night. Yeah. But Zak, that's going to be so, so much fun.


Like, Osprey and Omega and Danielson and Okada, they're going to have the best version of those kinds of matches. The thing is Cassidy and Zak Sabre Jr. Are also going to have the best match of the night, but it's of that different genre. It's just going to be the pinnacle of what those two can do together. I'm so excited. This was actually my favourite segment on the entire show, even though I objectively know everything else was of a superior quality.


The second that Zak just walks into a shot, you're just like, I mean, Zack is a reason I would watch ring of honor.


We got Sky Blue versus Tony Storm next. I thought Sky Blue looked really good in this match and she has done for about a month now. Good job both her and AEW in booking her presentation. Although her mom did not sell the gas canister.


She's never broken into this business.


Sky Blue's mom is a ringside Sky Blue hugged her at the start. She's not from Washington. No, she's from Seattle. I think she's from Seattle, isn't she? No, she's from Chicago.


She's from Chicago. She gets to wrestle at the United Center next week. Sorry, next week, this Saturday.


Her mom's there, whatever. Tony Storm gets in her face a bit of the star and then she goes to do the green spray paint in her mom's face. And her mom just d ucks.


She got hit by it because she went like that. But then was back up pretty soon after.


Maybe that's on me. Maybe I'm just seeing the sprayers like a mist and you would sell the mist like you're blinded. I just thought Sky Blue then wasn't fiery enough following the mum spot. That was my only criticism.


My criticism of this would be that Tony Schivani said, Hey, look, the outcast always come out together. They've always got backup. And then Sky Blue opting not to have any backup. Let's not highlight the fact that they never come out together.


They only come out after the match, as Willow Knight and Gayle proved. Sky Blue almost got a really good near fall.


Yeah, that code blue is really good because Tony Storm and Ruby Soho had an interaction back then. There's no Soraya on this show. They had a little cardboard cut out of her instead. And Ruby passes Tony Storm the spray. So Tony Storm goes in there. Ruby is distracting the referee and she's goes to spray it in Sky blue's face. Sky blue's got one of her own. She's got blue spray instead. And so Tony sells this big Kod blue, really good near fall off of that. And well, that's only because she actually got the pin. But Ruby distracted the referee again and Tony Storm then hits Storm Zero and Sky blue kicked out of it at two. And then she got her into a cloverleaf of the submission win. I think it was a really good finish. I thought Sky Blue looked.


Dead good in this. I agree. And also I'll put over Tony Storm and Ruby Soho as well. I think the championship win, Tony and Ruby getting to be this more heel persona over this year.




Think it lends the outcast a lot of credibility. I'm really enjoying Tony's run because Hater didn't really get to do anything because all the focus was on the outcast beating one person up and then you made a save. I'm enjoying this stuff. Then we got Jungle Boy accepting Sonata's challenge. We've already covered bullet club golden FTR video package. We've already covered. And the announcement that Buddy Matthews will be wrestling Andrade on collision.


So they've got the card of Matthews versus Andrade. We got Miro in action, the tag match of Sky Blue and Will and Nightingale versus the Outcast and that six.


Man tag. Yeah, stacked. And whatever this pipe bomb is.


And then we got that main event, which was all awesome. And the final to it was so great.


So I gave it a 94 %. It's in the top five shows since I've been doing my review system.


What would you give it? So five out of five show. I loved every single segment of this. I know you didn't love the Samy Gabara segment, and I don't think the Sky Blue Tony Stolmanch was. It was really good because everything else on the show was so great. It felt lesser, but I loved this show. This was a tremendous episode.


Of Dynamite. Magnificent. Last call for the Omega chat. Resseltalk. Com forward slash support. Get those in there. We'll read out every single one over five US dollars. Before we do that, let's say a very big thank you to our wonderful pledge hammers on Patron. Murderous, James Muta.


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Brilliant show.


Great. The Monster's Ball Match. Raven and Daphna versus Abyss and Taylor Wild.


It's nice to do shows in chronological concurrent order as well because we did Sacrifice last month, which was the preceding show.


Yes, head on over to p atriot. Com r ussel for that. And also if you are watching us live, vote in the poll. Let us know what you thought of this show. Thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs in the middle.


Remaining Omega chat. Akurto says, Holy F and S words this dynamite was awesome. Also bandido versus Tekestar on rampage. F yes. I didn't see that announcement. Jeez. Give it to me now. Also, I feel Sonnada versus Jack Perry will surprise many and how really good it will be. Jack will get more desperate the more he loses. Ftw win will come.


Yeah, well, I would agree with that. Also, I think United Empire are resting on the show. Will and Kyle Fletcher and Jeff Cobb versus chaos, the best friends of Rocket Romero and Sue's mom.


Tony Shade says, Tony Shade, new subscriber. I was there, second row into every dynamite in DC. Md? Don't know what that is. Since the first episode, and this was the most stacked TV wrestling show I've ever been to, Wwe included. United Empire is so over. The room was electric, top to bottom. Well, you're an amazing crowd. You really were. Your local metalhead says this might have been my favourite dynamite of the year, maybe of all time. What's your favourite dynamite of all time?


Don't know. Mine's February third last year, which was Chicago's... Cm P unk. Punk versus MGF one.


That is up there.


For me. And winter is coming would be second.


I also loved the Six Man when it was FTR and MJF versus punk Sting and Derby Allen. And that was during the punk MJF feud, and punk and MJF didn't touch in the entire match. And punk is chasing you through the stands.


Great match.


Obviously, there's also the Brody Show, which is just a different tier. Different tier. Back to your local metalhead. Every match slapped and the built of Forbidden Door has been fun and the feen gun club aren't in bullet club gold for now. F out of five out of five show jam that jam. Ben Vlarik, is it wrong to criticise a wrestler's body? It's part of the job to look the part, isn't it? Cole is a great talker, a great in ring worker, but so are MJF, Mox, etc. But they don't look as if the wind can blow them over. Am I the a hole? What's your guys thought?


Hawk Hogan.


Watches our show. It continues. Ospreay gained muscle, PAC pre Wwe was skinny, Zack Saber Jr put on some weight to look more credible. Not trying to be a bully. I like coal, but harder to suspend your disbelief. Cut most other great small recesses. Make up for with Fizik, Guerrero, Benoit. Well, I wouldn't use those two as the benchmark because they used a lot of steroids and ultimately died because of complications because of those. I don't really get the body thing because I like so many different races of so many different body types, from very small stature people to very overweight people. It just depends on how the... It's the character that works for me. And that's where my problem with Adam Cole is. It's not been the same coolness of character as it was in.


An NFT. That's where I stand on this as well. It's got nothing to do with hisphysique, and it's not even like he's got a badphysique. I don't feel like he is the cool Adam Cole that we had in an NFT or even in ring of honour.


Like orange Cassidy.


Yeah. But I'm like you. I remember when Husky Harris showed up in NFT, I was so excited. He doesn't look like all the other wrestlers. He's got a really unique body type, and I like that. And I like the fact that he wrestled in trunks as well because it accentuates the fact that he had a different body type. Then Vince got a look at me and I was like, Put a T shirt on, pal.


Matt Hennesse, love this show. I've been very critical of AW since last year's Double or Nothing as it was when I started noticing cracks with Feud's dragging ROH taking up too much TV time, brawl out and lack of stories. Glad to see them back on track. A great show. Five out of five. It's exactly the same point I started to feel cracks as well. Hayden, Sonnada screwed up. He should have challenged Jeff Jarret directly. Where was Jeff Jarret? Former bullet.


Club member Jeff Jarret. This is why really, it can't be a five out of five show. There was a lack of team DNA on this show.


William Rosmer, three days before a CM punk return and dynamite is back in top format. Coincident incidents, I think not. So hype to be at Collision, Dynamite and Rampage next week.


It's a big week in Canada. I talked about this on yesterday's news episode. People are like, Why are ticket sales bad for these shows? And it's probably because they're running so many shows in there. People are just focused in on collision. They're also running Dynamite, Rampage, Forbidden Door, and another dynamite in that area. People don't have unlimited resources of cash to be able to buy tickets for every.


Wrestling show. And time.


Yeah. And so other people have made the argument that there's no TV deal for collision in Canada yet. And there's no... Rampage doesn't sell as well because Rampage doesn't get shown in Canada. But I think I'd probably look more towards running too many shows in the same area in a short amount of time. Kill the territory. You can kill an area.


Graham Shaw says, Beyond excited to see Forbidden Door in person now that we have some top of the card. Looks amazing, even if MJF really no shows. Suggestion to add, Derby and Sting versus Desperado and Tsuzuki, please. Sorry, Tempest. I know you want Derby versus Hiromo, or so good.


Yeah, Derby and Sting versus... That'd be fun. I mean, Sting and Tsuzuki.


I don't think Sting would do that.


No, I'm actually really surprised they didn't do Cassidy and Tsuzuki.


Yeah, that was one of our dream matches.


They were going to do it at GCW, weren't they? Was it Bloodsport they were going to do it ad? Then the pandemic happened and that match was taken away from us. I don't think they've done it since. I might have missed that, but I don't think they have.


Mr. Higgins' B, member for 20 months. Any idea what the no flashing on screen could be? Also, what do you think it will take MJF to face horseshoe? I think they're just contractually obligated. Yeah.


And as for the no, no idea.


Cried Wolf has been a member for 21 months. Thank you very much. Philip says, Hey gents, Oli, weird observation, but orange works for you. Thank you. As for the show, aw has really opened my eyes to how useful time limit draws can be for future match hype. #geffthatjarratt, PS Luke, more cut scene, please.


See? I'd like that too.


We don't have this username, so sorry, please let the moderators know and we'll try and shout you out. When they played the Sonata Open Challenge video, I was so hypered about who it could be. Miro, Paige, Malakai, C lodio, Moxley, Samoah Joe, but no, we get Jack boy, Jungle, Perry, or whatever his name is now.


I think that's also part of it because it's leading to his heel turn. I think you being disappointed in this is part of the heel.




As a reach. But also it goes back to you have to have someone you can beat. You can't put a top guy in it.


Hot tag.


35 Antonio says, I don't know if this is a stretch on my part, but AEW's booking of Samy is reaching no, he's actually a good guy. Wwe levels of absurdity. Their desperation is getting ridiculous and I wonder how many more failed attempts it will take for TK to realise he's better as a heel. Antonio, I don't think he'll ever reach that. I think in Tony's mind, he will be a top baby because I think that feels like that's been the plan since day one is that he's with Gerico and then we'll make him a top baby face off the back of that. And it will take a long time. Maybe the pregnancy this time, maybe this will be the one that sticks.


Well, it was working. They did break him away from the JS. They did that whole thing. He proposed to his girlfriend in the ring. And then something went off course.


Unknown username, please do let our moderators know says Luke Olly, five out of five dynamite for me loved those final moments and the MJF stuff is always incredible. With his return, who do you think Eddie's first feud for will be? Dream match for Collision? Also RIP, John Squawksley, the bird that couldn't be killed.


John Squawksley. Is John Squawksley the name of the bird that attacked? Well, yeah, it came into my living room this morning.


But it's Blackpool Combat Club by the looks of things, or at least, you know, Cloudio and Daniel.


Blakey says, I think they're trying to make Sam a baby face because they don't want people to boo a new dad because it feels weird and people don't want to boo him when he talks about his daughter and Sam wants to talk about his daughter. Well, I mean, Blakey, that's your... Don't have him talk about his kids.


No one likes people going on and on about their kids, and I just had a kid and now it's part of my identity and my nickname and everything. People hate that.


I was going to use myself as the example. If we wanted to turn me heel, I wouldn't talk about my kid because that might endear people to me.


Yes. A lot of wrestlers have kids.


A lot of baddies have. Danielson's got kids.


They don't all make it part of their character as soon as they know.


Danielson's a heel. He's got two kids. He's got two daughters, no less. It doesn't make him a baby face.


Actually, because he was accused of neglecting those children was part of the M JF Danielson feud.


Also, we got to stop bringing up birds as well because this kid's called Birdie. I thought it was way less.


Harrowing as well. Do you not think it's the pigeons trying to come back?


What happened with you? So we got birds nesting in our gutter ring and our little fledgling. I clearly tried to fly away it was a bit too early. And because I live in a three story house, it fell. It fell some distance. And so I went out of my back gate. Why?


It's awesome because you've got the baseball bat.


As it comes down, batter, batter, batter. Oh, that one died. It went far. No, I went to go put this thing in the garage, went up my back again. I was like, Oh, God, that's sad. So I put it in the compost. But apparently that's not the right thing to do. So maybe I got to go and rescue that and just put it in the bin. Fred Worst says, I was at the show last night and I still have no voice. Not sure if it was from booing, tongue tongue, rampage, or when Eddie returned. It was Eddie. It is always Eddie. Please push Eddie. Yes. I mean, we could spend all of this time and effort trying to make Samy Givara a baby face. Just put Eddie Kingston in that position, please.


Don't Mind Me, Emma. Work says, Create me if I'm wrong, didn't Eddie Kingston beat Switch Play to cast him out of New Japan? They should have a program as soon as possible just from the promos. I kicked you out of one promotion partner. I ain't letting you in this one. It could do wonders for both of them. I love that. Love that. It's a great show. Charles Burks says, A very fun show with lots to enjoy. Good stuff word for sure. I was thinking about how Olly is looking for a three letter thing for Restor talk. I think I have one. Restor talk. Celebrating underrated matches.


Ccm? What's that?


I can't see any reason this would be an issue.


Oh, no, I think he's done a typo, so it should say underrated. At which point it would be C. U. M. Yeah.


Sorry about that stuff. Dane Gees says, Afternoon, lads. Hope all is well. Absolutely adored this show. Will Looking Great at the end. And Adam Cole finally getting some of his fire back. But Zack Saber Jr. Steals the show for me. I got childhood flashbacks when he said, Pack it.


In, D aniel. Pack it in, D aniel.


Decavenko says, The cat didn't finish the story. Very good. Very good. Needed an diversity. Nick Smith said, CBW season three, Golden Joe gets a cat and cuts promos about his unequivocally better than a.


Human child. Well, that would be good on especially Silver Bro. It's like, I don't know. Anyone who has a kid. I don't.


Know if you've noticed, but I've got a cat now.


I've got a cat now, everybody. Golden Joe is complete. Golden Joe doesn't need to get a kid to fill any holes that Golden Joe has.


And the last note from our editors that MD is for Maryland.


Yes. And also, let's find out on this final poll where.


We're at. You do the little plugs and I'll do this.


Well, we pushed Patron earlier and it's not just all that exclusive podcast, weekly content we have up there, not just exclusive early access to things like No Holds Bored, our new board game wrestling series over on parts unknown. We also have tomorrow, because we reached a certain goal in our PFK World Cup tournament, Adam Blampied and Sullivan Bow Brown will be playing through WWE 2K 23 My Career Mode. My Rise. My Rise. They're going to do the first half live streamed on Patron tomorrow, and then we'll do the second half next month. So yeah, go and become a patron right now. I think it's $5 and above backers. You all get to see it. Yeah, be a good time.


Have a fun time hanging out with those guys as they fumble their way through playing the game. Although Adam is pretty good at it. I mean, Adam won, it's pointless, Adam won the World Cup, so he's got some pedigree behind him. We'll see how they get on in a story driven game.


We just had one last chat. William Rosmer, in my last chat, I was talking about the Chicago shows before Forbidden Door, not the Canada shows, guys. If you want to talk about killing the market, I've been to every AW show in Chicago since Revolution 2020. Lots of good shows, but maybe too much here.


Well, Melton has been talking about this, about them running Chicago too often. Does happen.


Well, thank you very much, everybody, for joining us here today.


The results of the poll, thoughts on dynamite? 1 % thumbs down, 4 % mid, 95 % thumbs up.


That's close. It's close to me. There it is. I said 94. Well, yeah, thank you very much for joining us here today. Please go to our page right now and sign up there so you can get all the exclusive content along with Adam and Sully's Wwe2K 23 live play through tomorrow. But for now, I've been Oli Davis. That's been Luke and D&D. Jam that Jam. Jam that Jam. Jent that Jam. Jam that Jam.


Jam that Jam.