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It's time for bullet club ass. I'm Oli Davis. I'm joined by the Ass Boy's biggest fan. It's Tempest.


Ass Boy's 2023.


Luke's on holiday and it just beautifully lined up with the week that Raw was excellent and I got to review it. And AEW Dynamite had a close in angle with the Gun Club joining your beloved bullet club.


Well, you say my beloved bullet club because I loved bullet club when everyone else loved bullet club and that was five years ago. But that does not mean that Colton and Austin Gun potentially being aligned with bullet club in AEW does not Ralph Wiggum style, break my heart, freeze frame. We'll talk about it. But of all the things to open Twitter to see this morning.


If you haven't already, please press the thumbs up button and press the subscribe button, leave a comment down below with what you think of ass. And also send in your Omega chats to wrestletalk. Com support, we'll read out every single one of them over five US dollars, while we discuss this close was in the Angling match. So it was Ricky Stark's versus Jay White. I thought this was a fine match, but that sounds like I'm doing down on it. You've got AW main events and they are typically a very high bar of either loads of blood or just crazy athleticism. This was more of a traditional, old school wrestling match, but I loved it because I loved that and I'd love it when it's Jay White doing it.


Jay White is very good at that. It's funny because in the ring, I don't think of Jay White and MJF as being similar, but they're both people who utilize very old school elements of heel psychology to their advantage. It's just very different elements of it. But they both specialize in doing that incredibly well. It's just so funny to me because this feud still feels cold. It doesn't feel like the hot main event angle. When I saw this card for this episode of dynamite, I thought, for sure, Swerve and Orangecast, he was going to be the main event. I thought, we're going to get a title change. We'll get into that. Then when they said Ricky Stark and J. Y. Is the main event of this show, I was like, Huh, well, that's interesting because I didn't think of this as necessarily a main event program, at least how it's been portrayed the last few weeks with a DQ finish. And the Juice Robinson, Ricky Stark's match was just like, Yeah, it was all right. And you go into this one, it's like, yeah, it was a good match. It was totally solid. But again, the rivalry that is the package for this match just doesn't feel very hot.


Yeah, I agree. I mean, I've said it as soon as Jay White reviewed. I was like, This is what you do with the guy. And Luke's like, Oh, have some patience. I'm like, Well, first impressions matter. Right now, I think we're still in this holding period. Well, you saw it with Adam Cole as well, I'd argue. You come into AW, you go into a holding period feud until one of the other guys gets freed up from whatever plan Tony had two years ago for them. And I feel like now, it's quite clear by the collision main event that was announced on this show, which is FTR and CM P unk versus Samoah Joe, Jay White and Deuce Robinson, that maybe Jay was being reserved for punk, something with punk.


Yes. It feels very much like that. I don't know when they came up with that idea. Obviously, we've heard that CM P unk is a fan of Jay White's work. I don't know if that is a recent development or if he's one of the guys that CM P unks would have watched when Jay White was in New Japan Pro wrestling because, of course, Jay White was a top star there. And you would probably think that the big main event matches that would draw the ire of someone like CM P unk would come during those years. But it's interesting because I don't know whether this plan was put in place a few weeks ago when punk was like, I'd like to work with that guy, Tony. Or if it was like, Okay, we need to give Jay White a first feud, give him a win over someone who's been here so that he can be a little bit established and then ready for CM punk so you don't just go right into it. I don't know which one of those I prefer. Because I agree, I think the first few months of Jay White being in AEW has been pretty solidly underwhelming.


I would have thought he would be at least treated like a top main event level heel who could pretty much immediately challenge for the World Championship. Whereas right now he feels like a guy who would feel in the mix for a TNT Championship and International Championship. And hopefully that changes. And I would imagine it would, considering a looming rivalry with CM P unk. You can't get much more main event status than that in this company. But it's just weird. This whole Ricky Stark's, Jay White thing, like Juice Robinson was the guy feuding with Ricky Stark's and all of it. And now he's just become an extra wheel in this feud, it feels like. I don't know. It's all very weird dynamic. And I am hoping that once we get to collision, then things make a little bit more sense. And that seems to be what we say in wrestling a lot during this period of the year where it's, oh, we got to get through the Wwe draft and then things will be fine. Oh, and then we got to get through Double or Nothing or the Launch of Collision or Forbidden Door. And there's always another thing, so let's just start making things make sense right now.


I think with Stark's and Robinson, if this happened this week without last week happening, I would be like... But I thought last week that segment was so much fun when they're in the ring together with FTR, and they were really able to get over their characters in an in ring segment, which is something they haven't been given the whole time, I felt, Phil, since they arrived. That, finally get them to see do that on screen, plus this, where it is in the main event where J White did get the win due to lots of interference and having an act added, like a tag team added to their faction. The tag team just so happens to be the guns. It makes sense. It's the bullet club. These are guns.




Did we not see this coming?


It would also have been funny, and this was from King of the North on Twitter, put Big Bill in there and call him bullet Bill. Yeah.




Would have preferred that.


Let's start with the faction name and fantasy book the way backwards.


Yeah. That's how all great factions are started.


That's how we do a lot of our show development.


Yeah, but we're good at it. Yeah. So there is this bit which the end of the match comes and Ricky Stark hits the Roshambo but knocks down the referee in the process.


Terrible positioning.


By the referee. Yeah, ridiculous. I don't like to pick on referees because I look at people criticising Abre Edwards and I'm like, Give it a rest. There's bigger fish to fry. But I'm getting more and more annoyed with Paul Turner's work, honestly, which is annoying. I don't want to focus on the referee.


Unless it's Rudy Charles, in which case.


I have noticed, and this is a separate fact, but I've noticed he's probably the biggest one to hold hold up the count and then they kick out referee in the company. And I've been able to notice that, which means it probably happens too often. But regardless, he was out of position, gets knocked down in the Roshambo. And then with the referee down, the Ass Boys come down. They hit their flat liner 3D looking thing. I don't.


Remember what their finish was called. 310 to Yuma, it's called.


That one.


And then... I'm a true fan of the Ass Boys.


Going through the 2020 Hey, I was right. They beat the acclaimed. Then J. White picked up Ricky Stark's, hit the blade runner and got the win. We didn't get a pose at the end of the thing. I'm still like, Are they in the group? Probably. Maybe they're not. Maybe they've just got some beef with Ricky Stark's that we don't know about. Probably not. I would guess that they're just in the group and that next week they'll all come out and be like, The newest members of the bullet club, the guys. Runs.


This is the thing. When that happened, when the guns ran in, I was like, Oh, my God. You tried to make them happen with the firm. In hindsight, a bad transitional title run that called off the acclaimed that didn't really do anything for FTR. Just a bad idea. Didn't even elevate the guns. They just disappeared after that most of the time.


They had a cool entrance when they lost the belts. That's all I can say for it.


So I wasn't enthused when it happened. And then the show ended and I was writing my notes and I was like, well, actually gun, bullet club, yeah, that all works. I started to think about, well, what do you do next? And yeah, it's like next week and they have the big segment where they get to do an insane promo. Austin, which one is it? Is it Austin or Colton who's the really good promo?


Probably Austin.


I don't know. The slightly.


Shorter of the two.


That's Austin, yeah. Austin is a great, great promo, I think. I think he really knows how to control a crowd as well. Plus, juice Robinson and his crazy promo skills. J. Y. Is the calm, but dickhead one. I think there's the makeup of a really good heel faction here.


Sure. I think that totally plausible. My problem with the Ass Boys is, was, and has been, and probably will be until something changes, that when you ring the bell, people do not care. They, in my opinion, are an utterly unremarkable tag team in the ring. What they do can be done better than by many tag teams on the roster. And to me, and not everybody has to agree with this part, but to me, AEW is a very in ring driven promotion. There are story lines for sure, and those story lines are often the best part of AEW. But if you cannot have a great match, I find that people lose interest in the crowd and you go back to the Revolution 4 way tag match. When that match ended, there were crickets because people just don't care about these two, even when they were tag team champions. When they won the tag titles, people were only chanting, but they were chanting bull ass.


To the booking.


Rather than that. Yeah. Maybe this is what they need to be involved in another act that actually can be entertaining and isn't the firm, but I just don't really see it. I would have liked to have had this act put together with people who will be like, Oh, I can't wait to see an eight man tag with them against somebody else or whatever. I see the guns get involved in another angle where I know I'm going to see them on TV every week again. I'm just like.


Tony, what.


Are you going to learn?


Don't you enjoy their promos then? Because I don't think you can discount the role of the guns in getting over the acclaimed. Because it wasn't just the acclaimed and Daddy Ass. It was also Austin and Colton being in those segments, being really good comedy foils to the acclaimed.


No, and that to me is totally fine. I do think that there could be a place in the company for the Ass boys, but I do think it's as a comedy geeky little team. When they're running around with Ethan Page and the Hardees on rampage and they're getting beat by hook so that Ethan Page is now in league with the Hardee Boys and doing some funny comedy bits, I think that's totally fine. The same way that, and this is not an exact comparison, but the same way that I really enjoy what Matt Menard and Angelo Parker do in JAS. But if all of a sudden they then were supposed to be this really credible tag team, it would take a lot more work than I think they've done with the Ass Boys to make me believe that.


The therm is.




I think the therm could have been a thing still, although I didn't care for it at all. It never caught on. If we didn't have that transitional tag team title ring and the guns were just beaten by the acclaimed and that's the end of that actually very well done story overall, I would say. And then they just have the occasional match here and there. And then boom, here they are. They're aligned with J. White and Bruce Robinson. Does that change your opinion of it?


Maybe. I don't know. It would be very difficult. I can't really say what I would think in an alternate world where the last year would be totally different. But I think looking at something where it's... All right.


It was a.


Crappy question. No, it's a fine question. I'm just like, I really don't know how I would feel because they gave them the tag titles and I went on shows or whatever and I went, This is a bad idea. And I still feel confidently in saying it was a bad idea and didn't work. So if they just didn't don't do that, would I be more confident that the next thing that they would do could work? Maybe, but that might be because of my own ignorance to not having the information to be like, Oh, here's some evidence of them not working as a top act.


See, I see it as it's like when people feel over pushed, it tends to put me off them for a long time, usually forever afterwards. Never recovers for me. I feel like the firm, that was just a.


Bad act.


I felt like they were being appropriately pushed because of that organic getting over of the story with the acclaimed, and then they won the belt. I was like, Whoa, you have just massively overp ush them. T here was a backlash and it didn't work. There was no follow up, really. I feel like this is an appropriate level of push after the firm push. I'm like, I can say they're now the thirds for Jay White. They've not got a title as much as I want Jay White to be a bigger star. Bullet Club Gold is a midcard act. That feels appropriate. The problem is they had that bit in the middle where they were just forced down everyone's throats.


Yeah. And like I said, I think that this very much could be the thing that the Ass Boys need in that they get to be around Jay White. They get to be in a smaller role but still showcased as often. Just they're not the focus of the segment. When they're the ones going out there and beating the Varsity Blonds on TV, I think that's just death TV. Whereas now they can be secondary behind Jay White or juice Robinson or whoever the focus of that act is going to be. Maybe that then will be able to get them to where they need to be if they're going to be showcased that much. But in the time being, I'm not going to be that excited about it is the thing.


I am excited. Also, death TV, not death Jutsu. No.


That's another thing. That's a different thing entirely and a much better thing. What did you think? We're going to read out some Omega chats here, so make sure that you get those in support at wrestletalk. Com to have your message read out at $5 and above. This comes in from your local metal head saying, Nope, guns better stay away from bullet club gold. J. White and Juicy Robinson don't need the Ass Boys. No Stable needs the Ass Boys. Have literally anyone else joined bullet club gold. Keep the Ass Boys away from my favourite wrestler, Tony.


Should we do a poll if Mud Mother is in the chat? Yes. Do people want to see the... No, that's different. How should we phrase this? It's like, are people hopeful of this will get good? Because I don't think this is good right now. Sure. Okay. Are you open to the idea?


Ass Boys in the bullet club, yeah or no?


Yeah, there you go. That's better.




Succinct. We'll see.


Bonesaw Buck 823 says, I think it's supposed to say Olly, good to see you, but it says oil, good to see you, and Man in the mask. You're looking as scrumptious as always. Thank you, Regal. Always wanted to say that. Why ell, I agree, White hasn't been treated like the star he was in Japan, neither was Kenny in the beginning of AEW. Give it time, he'll get there.


But that was also a huge mistake in hindsight. And we got bored Kenny for a year until he went cocaine heel.


I was always the one who liked that Kenny Omega was down on his luck when he started in A EW because I was the guy being like, Oh, he misses Kota. Because I was that guy. But yeah, they point to that thing that a lot of people also didn't like at the time. I would argue probably the same people that were upset about that then are probably upset about this now.


It's a problem with AW, for me at least. Some people like it. But Keith Lee.


I was just going to say that. How many people get brought in and then you wait weeks and then they do one match and a backstage segment for three more weeks and then you're like, Oh, yeah, they showed up.


Who was it that he just lobped out the ring?


It was Isiah Cassidy.


Yeah, Isiah Cassidy. I just remember that. I'm like, Yes. And then nothing. I get some of that is other circumstances.


Yeah. It's something they could maybe work on. Charles Burks says, You've heard of Machine Gun Karl Anderson? Well, get ready for the assault rifles. Austin and Colton Gun. Enjoy the MJF and Cole promo. That should be a fun match. But the winner of said match is unfortunately pretty obvious. Hope everyone's doing well.


We'll see. I certainly think Samoah Joe, J and juice could win that with interference from the guns. That way you get an FTR guns match. Wait, was they building God? No, not again. Ftr versus... If the heels of victorious there, then you can have White and Robinson challenge FTR for the titles. I think that's the route they could go. Also Charles Bird, I didn't think you were going to go for the assault rifle. I thought you were going to go for machine gun.


That's good. The Machine Bum? That's very good. I also think he was talking about the MJF and Cole match that we're getting next week.


Good to see you. Could be wrong. Yeah, okay. Sorry, my bad.


But we will see. Streamlads has lost the username here, so make sure that you send our bots a message to get your name read out. Seems like the point of the gun's title run was to get the belt back on FTR while keeping FTR as faces so they can put punk with them. The guns being with J and juice could be the thing to actually give them a real push. I think that all of that is mostly true. I think it was more a matter of like, Well, we probably don't want FTR to beat the acclaim. I think there's other ways that they could have.


Done all that. I think you could have had a genuinely good baby face versus baby face match. I don't get why they were so reluctant for FTR to be the ones to beat the acclaims.


I don't know. Either. But that is all of the ones about the bullet club and that current situations. We will get into the rest of your Omega chats at the end of the show. So keep sending those in to support@resultalk. Com at the $5 and above limit.


Yeah, it is. Is it support? What did you say? Support? Support at Restl talk? Yeah, restl talk. Com support.


That's the one. Yeah.


I think I got an email.


Merch and stuff. I stopped doing Ultra chats, usy chats on the smackdown podcast my brain has turned a mush.


Did you hear what Dan Layton tried to call the raw version? Yeah. Maddie chats or Ultra chats.


Ultra chats.


After Natalia, the greatest wrestler. Yay. I'm cautious about pushing that joke because it's obviously mean spirited. But also, I don't want to accidentally do that thing, cultaholic occasionally do, where they get over to mean it. Yeah. I don't.


Want that. Don't hinder gender. The day that Natalia turned the corner for me is when I realized that when she goes to the middle rope and goes like this, she doesn't go, Yeah. She goes, Yay. I was like, I don't think she's real. She's an AI. Anyway, this show had a banging opening match.


Great opening match. It was Orange Cassidy versus Swerve Strickland. I agree with you. I thought this was going to be the main event. But it is dynamite tradition now. The international title opens things up. It was just a really good match. It's like they've already had the first third of the match and they just picked up right from the battle royal. So they're going a million miles a second, really good rehearsals throughout. Just like they did a spot where Swerve had Cassidy up in an electric chair and they spilled outside over the top rope for them both to still be in the electric chair. And then I think Cassidy hit a Hurrican Rhine thing on it.


How do you do that without breaking a leg? Because I've seen a lot of people go over the top rope when they try and do the suplex spot to the outside and they still end up in the suplex position and really hurt themselves. This was so impressive. I love these two guys. I'm not going to be shy about it. I thought Swerve was going to win this match. We will see how the rest of Orange Cassidy's reign goes. But if Swerve was the one to win the International Championship, I would have no qualms with that whatsoever. That didn't happen on this night. I'm not going to say that was a bad choice because I don't know where we're going, but I would have liked to have seen Swerve win.


I think everyone was like, Yes, Swerve is amazing. This has been a great title run so far. Orange wouldn't lose anything by losing. Everyone's got respect for him now. Not that they didn't before, but it's just been like another level this whole title run. But as the match kept on going on and Orange is selling was so good because it's selling. It's like he sells without letting you know he's selling. Cassidy is in a similar predicament in that his whole gimmick is, I don't want to look like I care. But that meant he really looked like.


He cared.


This guy is meant to be so cool and aloof. Actually, this international title means the world to him, I think. He looked a bit panicked at the point. He was on the top rope. He was like, Oh, like that. I think Giovana pointed that out. And there was another bit when he was just getting so beaten up and he was on the apron and he looked sad. I really started rooting for the guy. I was like, I don't want his title run to end.


Well, that's what you should want in a baby face. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. And this to me is maybe the best version of the baby face champion defends the title week in, week out, and gets further and further broken down by various injuries that he suffered because the hand injury has been a running theme throughout his title reign. He was having a back injury and selling that. There were so many different elements of his selling that ultimately are done to protect the baby face when he inevitably loses because eventually it just not his day and there are too many things stacked against him and you can absolutely just pull the trigger on somebody beating him and both guys look great because of it. But I guess that means you could still have matches like this that really get people so all the way to the way into it and turn people, even on the day, because I'm not immune to it. I was watching going like, Goddamn, Orange Cassidy is amazing. As I do most weeks, I just want the swerve to win. But that's fine. It was such a good fun match with really good near falls, too.


Swerve, he goes for the house call and he misses. And then Orange Cassidy hits the beach break, and I thought that was it. Then Swerve kicks out of that, and we go a little bit further, and Swerve ends up hitting in the house call and sets up and hits the Swerve stomp. And then I thought that one was it. And Orange Cassidy kicks out, you get a great shot of Swerve's face after that. And then Orange Cassidy manages to get it with a roll up where both of them were just rolling through each other's rollups and grabbing the tights. And finally, Orange Cassidy rolls them up and holds on to the tights and gets the win.


Fantastic opening match. People were losing their minds. This is awesome chance.


Good crowd.


Great crowd, I think. Thought for this show. What were they?


Colorado Springs. The most boring place, according to M. J.


F. He's never been to... I'm not going to say something mean. I was about to just name a random city, but I'm just like, No, I don't want to be a heel.


I buried Milton Keynes.


Yeah, that's fair. Milton Keynes has a Tim Horton's. So they have a little bit of brownie points with me.


With this going on, because I really thought Swerve's the guy who's going to do it. I am somehow I'm really surprised that I'm not sick of this title run. Considering how over Roman Reign's runs I was at some point in his Thousand Day Reign, how definitely done I was with Jay Cargill after a while. They've been put completely differently though, and I think that's part of it. But with 23, 24 in, that's a long undefeated streak for the championship. I've usually been in the position because it's not been booked well of, Okay, I'm cheering for the opponents now, but I really do feel like I'm still rooting for the baby face, which does mean you probably do want to get the title off of him soon.


Before you lose that, which is I think what happened with Bianca at a certain point.


Yes. I'm looking at collision. I do something big. I think changing the International Championship there, Nero coming back. That's what I'm thinking.


Yeah, could well be. I think there's a number of factors that I think go into play with something like this being as good as it was. And I think it's just because he is wrestling so much more frequently on TV than Jade and Cardgill was, certainly more than Roman Reigns has been, but that goes without saying. And the matches are always great. When you know that you've got a champion where almost every week you are virtually guaranteed just a 15 minute awesome match for the title. It makes it so easy to enjoy a title reign. And that to me, I think they did that with the first Cody TNT title reign. There's been so many of those just open challenge style title reigns that I think are so much fun. And when you've got the just wide range of great wrestlers like AEW does, it's one of the things that they can do. Because how many times do we say, I really wish we could have seen this singles match at some point point yet.


Swerve and Keith Lee.


Sure. They're being kept separate for some big match and whatever. I thought maybe Swerve was going to win this and then we would get the title match between him and Keith Lee, but whatever. It is really nice to just be able to see Orange Cassidy fight everyone on the roster. Somewhat side note, I'm wondering where we can go next because I don't know if we're getting Swerve and Keith Lee at any point in the near future. I'm tired of beating that drum. I would like to see some version of the Moguls facing House of Black for the trios titles.


Yeah, that could be cool.


Just seeing Swerve and Malakai Black with your is it? Good Lord. But Swerve and Malakai together in the ring, I think that's a very fun pairing.


And they're set like the House of Black of tweeners. So it's definitely a dynamic you could do. Speaking of the embassy, as soon as the match was over, the embassy ran down, started beating up Alan. Sorry, not Alan, Cassidy. Lights cut out, come back up. I didn't think it was going to be a surprise debut or something because Sting had returned last week to.


Save him. I thought it might have been someone from New Japan to challenge Orange Cassidy, save him and be like, I want that.


Saber Jr.


Yeah, that'd be fun. That'd be really fun. That'd be really fun. I like.


That idea. Yeah, Derby and Sting saved him, and we had Swerve and the embassy versus Cassidy Allen Sting and a random Keith Lee for next week's show. Yeah. Big man tag.


58 % positive on bullet club ass.


So yeah, Keith Lee, whatever, we've said all this. He really should have had a singles match with Swerve by now.


Two pay per views ago.


But I'll touch on it now. It applies to Jungle Boy L ater. Derby Allen, off the back of a co main event, world title shot the pay per view, a fantastic 4 way. He is essentially playing third fiddle to a Cassidy Feud.


Yeah, which is strange to me. Now, I have been trying to fantasy book my dream card for Forbidden Door and such, but this is really an example. Maybe you couldn't do it because Dominion was just this past weekend, so you've got a week where you have to wait. But I badly want to see Darby challenge Haro move for the junior title.


And that, to me, is something that you want to set up as soon as possible just to make Darby Allen feel as relevant as possible as opposed to, like you said, just playing third fiddle in an orange Cassidy and sting against... I don't even know why they've got a beef with Swerve and everything. They had a match on dynamite a few months ago, but I haven't really heard of any other derby and Swerve feud since then. So I don't know. I'm looking forward to whatever we get next with Darby, but I would like for them to get there because there's only a few weeks until Forbidden Door. If he even has a match on Forbidden Door, who knows?


A lot of people dissatisfy there. It can't all be singles matches.


Imagine. Give me 15 matches against an eight hour card and I'd.


Watch it. Blackpool Combat Club then took on an iteration of chaos, which was Rocky Romero, Trent and Chuckie. This was a really fun match.


I love.


This match. Particularly for Danielson on commentary, who is just sublime, trash talking, and Carter, who is his forbidden door opponent, of which chaos is his faction. Also just pointing out they shouldn't be hugging right now. Why are they going for the pin? Blackpool Combat Club were amazing. And Clodio up a cutted trend while he was doing a moonsault to.


The outside. I wept.


That was.


An excellent stuff. I love seeing any iteration of best friends against the black pool Combat Club just because you have the Wheeler Yuda dynamic. They feel, I mean, they're never going to beat the Blackpool Combat Club. And if they do, it'll be a momentous occasion. People will throw babies in the air. But it, to me, is like, a really good through line for the Blackpool Combat Club because you really do just get to see whatever other dynamics you want going on at the time. But there's always something tying Wheeler Uta into everything else because he can feel like the other guy in just a trios match because Moxley is established and Claudio is established. And you've got Uta who's in the group, for sure. But in this, he gets his own character defining act presence as well. That it was just a really great little match.


I love.


Rapongi Vice. I love the best friends. I love the Rapongi best friends. Fantastic stuff.


I forgot about Trent and Rocky in all this. I just see Trent and Chuck now. Of course, Blackpool Combat Club one with loads of elbows and a choke as well.


Max choked out Rocky while Wheeler was doing the hammer and anvil elbows to Chuck, and he kept going. Went afterwards and Moxie was like, All right, kid, good job. You killed him enough.


The Bucks and Hangman Page are then backstage and they say I think Hangman Page said, Good match. I'm sure we didn't watch it. We came across a bit wanky. Then they challenged the Blackpool Combat Club for next week's show in Washington, DC, which was the site of the first ever dynamite. Danielson said, Great. That's where you guys had your first ever national TV match. Much. Next week's going to be your last.


Every little line that he had. He did a one little line about in the promo package before where they're talking about Okata, like Excalibur or Tony Schivone or somebody says that Okata is a once in a lifetime talent. Brian Danielson just immediately sits down and says, Why aren't you saying that about me? You don't think I'm a once in a lifetime talent? I'm going to show you that I'm better than Okata ever has been. Perfect. It doesn't have to be a five minute promo, but just in one line at the beginning and end, you see so fantastic.


We got a Will Osprey, Kenny Omega video package for their match of Forbidden Door. Forbidden Door already feels so much bigger than last year's. I'm very excited because I was very vocally down on it last year. It was too long. None of the matches felt satisfying. Loads of multi men stuff, loads of injuries.


It was.


A curse show. Yeah, it was a curse show. But I also don't know how good it would have been even if it wasn't curse. I don't know. Maybe that's.


Unfair to say. I think it would have been more memorable and amazing than it was because I thought it was a very good show. But imagine if Ishi is in that four way and you're getting Ishi and Malakai and Miro and PAC and everything. It's still a great match. Yeah. And Hiromu is on the card and X, Y, Z. Injuries don't happen on the show. But I do agree, put Okada in a singles match. Obviously, this one has the benefit of Kenny Omega being present for it, which is a luxury that last years just didn't have. Again, Ditto Brian Danielson, probably Ditto punk. Those are probably your three biggest stars in the company, argue about whoever else is on that list. But those three weren't on the show last year. And if they're on this show, that already just takes it to another level above where it was.


It's quite a dense segment, and we'll try and clip through it as quickly as possible. But MJF came out next, called Colorado the most boring place in the world. And he's an authority on boring because he's bored of the competition AW is serving him. And that was a perfect queue up for Adam Cole. Adam Cole came out. We'd all speculated this for ages. He'll be the next World Championship Challenger. Beat Chris Gerico. So he's got that momentum there.


Feels like that is done, which is a, whoo.


Then, MJF did this excellent job cutting a promo, building up Adam Cole, which, to be honest, did a better job building up Adam Cole than that entire Gerico feud. Then pretty much anything in a EW so far, other than the actual debut.


I think the run from all out to full gear for Adam Cole, where he was just Adam Cole and the young Bucks, these douchebag dickhead heels. Adam Cole's back in the elite and he's having great matches on dynamite. I think that was a good time for him. It was a good time. Then I think once he got into the Orange Cassidy feud that just kept going, people got tired of it. But I do think that eight weeks of his first run, I give them more credit than I think they've been given lately. When Adam Cole showed up and he cut that first promo at his first match the following week with Frankie Kizarion, it felt like, why wasn't this guy in major arenas for the last four years when he was in Nxt? He's this megastar. And then it just tapered off and he lost his matches with Angman Page and it just kept me and he got hurt. It was difficult. But I do think this promo was very much the rehab that he needed.


First off, Max said, Well, when CM punk up and left me as a kid...


It's crazy hearing.


His name again. I know, right? Yeah. I've got said it on TV, but it was just shocking to hear a character say it. He said he felt like his fandom was over, but then he was flipping around on TV one night, came across Ring of Honor, and then he just buried Ring of Honor. Said it's a bunch of indie guys, had no interest in them. But then I saw this one guy with piercing blue eyes. It was Adam Cole. He said he was instantly hooked, watched him go to Florida, shock the system over there, become Sean Michaels' handpicked guy, called him the best world champion in that promotion's history, and then just talked up how amazing Adam Cole was. Even said back in... He used to look up to Adam Cole and model his career, study him. I don't know if you've seen that Instagram post?


I don't think so.


So someone found an Instagram post that Max had made in 2016, and it's a little collage of Chris Gerico, Tulley Blanchard, I think Chris Candido, and Adam Cole. And it says, the caption is, To be the best, you got to study the best. Wow. It's like he's booking his dream feeds based off his social media history with the CM punk photo as well. But that was really nice detail. But then he said, Then you stepped into this company. And I was like, Who's this guy? This is not the guy. And it rang true for me. I don't know if it rang true for everybody else. And he just talked about how he's out of shape. He plays Twitch all the time, gone from Panama Playboy to Panama Game Boy. Company does everything it can to get.


I love this bit. This call back section of the promo, I thought was delicious.


So the music, the girlfriend, and then getting into the vent stuff.


No, this bit where he says, This company is giving you to make you a star. The cool music, the lights, the girl. All they need to do to make MJF feel like a star is ring the freaking bell. Which it was like word for word what Adam Cole had said to Keri and cross on Nxt. Was it?


You didn't realize this.


I didn't people share this promo on Twitter every other week.




I realized what he was doing once he got to the... What do they have to do to make MJF feel special? I was like, Oh, my God. This man is amazing. What a call back.


Oh, my God. Phenomenal. That's why he is the best promo, as we decided on the herd mentality last night.


You only say that because Eddie Kingston is not on TV. Go watch herd mentality on no holds board over on parts of Unknown.


But then Max... I mean, it's a classic Max promo. I never get bored in them. I know some people think they go on a bit too long. But then he goes into, he heard a rumor that someone else in another company thought you weren't good enough to be a top star. And I was like, Oh, right. And then he just went, That person's name was Vince McMan.




He said it.


He said the name. I'm sure there's maybe a legal reason why he couldn't say, Oh, you were down in NXT. It was like, You were down in Florida. You're also under Vince McMan.


I think it's intentional. I think he was on purpose. He said Sean Michaels's name, I suppose. But it was a way to say, I'm not going to mention the other company, waiting for the right moment to then say Vince McMan. And then he looks in the camera and he's like, Big fan.




What a way to get hate.




And he says now he's standing opposite Adam Cole. He agrees with Vince.


It was a hell of a promo, I got to say. I've seen a lot of criticism of this segment just feeling like... And I do see it because I thought the same thing when I was watching it, but it didn't really bother me too much is that we see this style of MJF promo fairly often where we saw it with Ricky Stark, we saw it with CM P unk, where MJF talks for a lot and then it's the other person's turn. And then MJF will probably get the last word in. And if not, then he'll kick them in the balls or the other guy will get one more line or something like that. I do see it. Maybe they could use a little bit more like variance in their presentation, but he is the master of this right now. And it's very difficult for me to get bored of just hearing great wrestling promos, especially because I like to tell myself, go back to before AEW existed and there just weren't any great promos. You had all the WWE scripted promos and Alexa bliss being called biscuit butt on TV for 10 straight weeks by Mickey James.


I'm not going to complain when it's like, oh, I would like the presentation it would be changed up a little bit.


20 Minute Promo's got a bad name with the authority and everything, but when they're like this, I do not mind them at all. So Cole's rebuttal was, he had some good lines. I thought nowhere near the level of what Max was saying, but there were good lines. Said, What's your obsession with other people's girlfriends? Maybe it's because your fiance left you. Oh, real life. And he says, Well, you talk about my body, why don't we go backstage right now pissing to a cup? Oh.


I didn't realise that this was something that was floating around.


Yeah. So obviously what he's doing there is implying M JF is taking steroids.


He's on the gas. He's juicing.


Which is... Yeah, he's even said to see who's natural. So I was like, oh, okay. That could definitely be a character thing. You could pretend Max is on steroids. Sure. Plays into that I want to go to Wwe sports entertainment. Physique is the most important thing mentality. I was a bit like, oh, that's a weird thing to.


It was a strange line.


And then said, no one respects you. And he got the Crowd channel against Max. Crowd were very on board with the baby face hill dynamics. Mjf said, That's tough talk from Keith Lee's manager, which is such a deep cut.




Was like one report two summers ago. But then this was the reveal, which I think makes the whole segment really good, that Cole says, Look, if you're a real world champion, you wouldn't be doing all these put downs now. You'd say, I'll fight you right now. Then Cole walks off and it's like the act of this person that Max pretends he doesn't want the acceptance of, but really does. As soon as that happens, Max's like, I'll fight you.




It felt it was an actual baby face trickings on the heel into accepting the challenge.


That is exactly the take away I had while I was watching it, where I watched it and went, Ah, a smart baby face. Baby face had a goal in mind when he came out and got exactly what he wanted out of this. Smart. A gain, one of the things that stands out to me in promos like this, where they can feel maybe a little bit similar to other ones that MJF has done, is that in this promo, like we've seen in a few, when somebody something really does bother Max, he becomes one of the most interesting characters in the company. And it might only be for a little chunk of time right at the end, but it's enough to just, oh, all of a sudden it hooks me because I think by far that's the most interesting stuff that MJF does.


Because he's actually a very broken man, he's all this bravado. Remember when they took off the mask and he had the black eyes from the Danielson mask? The mask has slipped. He wears the devil mask. Oh, my God. It is just been all more of that guy. He's like a Spiderman across the universe of wrestlers. Just constantly in.


Awe of how good he is. We were talking about this movie before we started the podcast. It was like, two, one, go live. We were like, okay, all right, let's talk about the ass, boys.


Another nice touch after Max was like, Well, yeah, we'll have a fight. T hey've got this championship eliminated match next week. Big deal. Max doesn't wrestle singles matches on TV a lot. That's when Adam Cole does that. Adam Cole Bay Bay. Because Max had stopped him from doing that earlier.


It's a little staging thing. I've started to notice it more as I've gotten older, where if MJF comes out to somebody's music and it's like, I tricked you, whatever, they're probably having a special entrance as that was the way to give the live crowd a chance to hear the song that they've paid to see. Like the CM punk entrance at Revolution, he comes out to cult of Personality so they can sing cult of Personality and then they do the other entrance so they still give the people what they want. Where MJF can now take away Adam Cole's catchphrase at the end of the segment, gives it to you anyway. So everybody who goes to the show goes home happy.


Yeah. Brilliantly done. I think Cole got the worst of it in the exchange, but I think it was needed to address all.




Lacklust of feelings with Adam Cole, and hopefully they can grow from here. Hardie Party backstage, they introduced Ethan Page as their new faction member, but Matt doesn't want to abuse him. He wants to make him a better man.


I think this is going to lead to Ethan Page being rehabilitated and his nickname after the fact will be No Ego Ethan Page.


Oh, that's cool. What, like, Matt Hardie will do a...


Give him a.


Lob or something. I was going to say more like a spiritual and light and broken thing. That'd be fun. They're already good comedy. Well, Ethan's a really good comedy performer. Honestly, this next match was my match of the night.


Yeah. Caught me out of nowhere like a freight train. Hook and Jungle Boy taking on Preston Vance and Dralistico. And really what it was is it was hook and Preston Vance. They just beat the crap out of each other out of note, it was a tornado tag. I don't know if it was no DQ.


It was no DQ, no count out, and no tags.


And like, Preston Vance immediately is bleeding everywhere, not just over his face, but over his body. He's got a great look anyway. And the hook is so cool. And yeah, I just thought it actually really enjoyed this match.


Yeah. This was one of the things where they would do matches like this fairly often during the pandemic era where they just did the young box against butcher and the blade in the Falls Can't Anywhere match one week.


Or here's Joey Janela doing something. Right.


Joey Janela, like the Bunkhouse Brawl match with dustin and QT Marshall with the butcher and the blade. They're very good at taking a match that on paper just looks like, maybe not the hottest thing going right now, and making it just a Buck ass wild match with tables and blood and hook hits him with a chain. And it was so much fun. Absolutely just a blast. Y ou can just have one of these really fun, bombastic matches to just spruce up a show like this because you can do it with anybody, basically. I thought that it was going to be the trios match on this show would fill that role. But then this one went out and was even crazier. This was a lot of fun.


I just want to put two things over. Preston Vance's discus clothesline on the outside was just perfectly here. Then Hook and Vance are on the apron and are battling against each other. Jungle Boy, I don't think it was done protected chair shots in the head, but it looked like it.


He got him. It looked solid.


That allowed Hook to just hit this explosion suplex through the table on the outside. It was just such a well done sequence and that led to the finish. So yeah, takings from that. Commentary of putting over Jungle Boy and Hook is what an exciting young team. This is really bad follow up to me from where they were at two weeks ago at Double or Nothing. This is Jungle Boy's come from here to here.




Trying to find positives Jungle Boy is getting more violent. T hat was the long term character story they were telling with that chair shot here. What's your thoughts? Do you think he's going to turn heel on hook?


I don't know if he's going to turn heel on hook, but I definitely feel like some character shift is coming because his music hit and I did not hear a big pop. T his was a crowd that was pretty into most things on the show. T here were people still doing this and singing the song and everything. But when the music started, I felt, Wow, Double or Nothing really cooled off Jungle Boy, exposed him and that sort. But if he continues down the path that he's on, I don't know if the people will accept him as a violet baby face. So he may need to turn heel and Hook is someone that the people will side with. So I could certainly see that happening. It's just very funny to me that we started the year with Jungle boy being like, look, I like Hook a lot, but I'm doing it myself this year and I'm going to win singles gold. And now it's like, oh, that didn't really work out. Let's put them back together.


Yeah. It does feel like a step.


Backwards for Jungle Boy. Little bit, yeah.


Hair versus Hair Match.


Oh, God. I don't want either of them to lose. That's some real stakes.


But Jungle Boy is shaving that head of his. I tell you, freshing up the gimmick, maybe. But what is he without.


That hair? I don't know.


Tony Khan had his latest announcement, which was the collision main event. We've already discussed that. Samoah Joe J. White, Juice Robinson taking on CM P unkin FTRR. Exciting. Hopefully punk won't break his foot in that six man. Tikeshter came out with Don Callis with the footage of Kenny Omega being betrayed by Don, not just playing during the entrance, but for the entire two minutes squash match as well. Guy called Damon Ace, Takeshter beat him easily. And the then Don got on the mic, said the same stuff as last week. He's going to cut the elite out like a cancer from all of the wrestling. Got loads of heat again.


Good stuff. Good stuff. Simple, easy, quick, effective. I love to catch stuff. I love Don Callis. I love this act. I want more Titanron videos to be like this, to show me the action. This has been a common thing I've been saying lately where I want more proper TitanTron videos. I was like, oh, there's one. Make them all like that.


But make some people, make some fan versions on YouTube and send them to the music and stuff.


For us. It's my favourite thing to watch in 2010.


Christian Cage came out of his locker room. There was noises coming from inside the locker room. Alex Marves is outside. With a microphone. It was Luchasouras beating up Brock Anderson as a message to Arn Anderson.


For having cost Christian the ladder match at Double or Nothing. I thought this was good. I don't know if this just means the Christian and Wardlow are going to keep going or maybe Aaron is going to have a different client that's going to spin off and do an Aaron versus Christian rivalry. I don't know. But I mean, Christian's great. It was a good little segment other than Alex Marvets going into the room and being like, Oh, we need help. Hey, dog, doctors, trainers, somebody help. This man is dying. He's bleeding. He's been beaten up by a dinosaur.


Yeah, I felt like he could have looked more beaten up considering all the noises. I remember the glory days of Lance Arch just loving people into the ceiling. Imagine if Brock was just half through a wall and it was just his legs.


When Lance Archer put that guy in the garbage can. Those were the days. They weren't. It was the pandemic, but it was funny.


Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. There was some stuff in the pandemic that was presentation wise, of course. Chris Statl and the versus Anna J came up next. This was Daddy Magic was out there to help Anna J. A bit of interference. Anna J got a lot of the match, a lot like the previous week's match. Who was she against? Who was Statlander against last week? Nile Rose. But Statlander land the fought back, won at the end, tombstone, Tyreke Valker is upset backstage.


The people were very into this match. They were with it. I think this TBS Championship has been given a shot in the arm that it desperately needed. I think Chris Stattlander is just great. I was a big naysayer of hers when she showed up originally at the start of AOW, but it was just because I hated the boop on the nose thing when people were actually selling it. I couldn't handle that. That was my limit. That was your line. That was my limit. I was like, This is stupid. Everything else is fine. This is stupid. But she is a great, great wrestler. And Anna J has been like, Kind of hit and miss at times. She's learning obviously, but she's had some really great matches. She had that one rampage street fight match. She had a match with Jade that was very good. I thought this was another one of her better performances.


I actually really like Anna J. I think she's got a charisma about her. Yeah. But yeah, just solid win. More of the same as last week. Tony Storm and Ruby Soho got a promo on whoever wins the rampage four way number one contenders. Match for the Women's Championship. I think it's Brit Baker Sky Blue.


Mercedes Martínez. Mercedes Martinas. Yeah, it's someone else.


Effectively, it's Brit Baker, but maybe they take her out. Sure. Then it's Sky Blue versus Tony Storm because she's in broad on that.


I do have one thing to say about this, and I think it has now been two weeks since we've had a new Women's Champion crown, and they have not been shown in front of the people yet. I think that is appalling. But that is your top women's champion. I get that you want to put Chris Stattlander on TV and it's not one or the other. Have both of them on TV. You don't have to have just one women's segment.


We've only got 15 minutes for the ladies.


Clearly. But why have we not seen Tony Storm have a match yet? Or just a promo, do a championship celebration with that'd be a.


Lot of fun.




Like that. The outcast out there healing, spraying something green. Those green balloons.


Anything. They've got big portraits of Tony Storm winning and they've spray painted over Jamie Hayter. Something like that. I don't know.


And after that, we got the main event, which was Stark's versus Jay White, which we already talked about and was very good, especially the final angle. Overall, I thought this was a solid show. I gave it a 75 %, I think.


I think that's about right. If I was to give it out of 10, I would probably give a 7 out of 10 score here. It was some really fun stuff. I really like the trios match. I like the tornado tag. I like the women's title match. Really really like the opener. Maybe that was fun, but wasn't a whole lot on this show that I'm going to remember. The stand out moments on this show were basically just the ass boys. We were talking about this when we were coming up with what we were going to lead with on this. And Max's promo. And Max's promo, I guess that is true. I forgot about that. Yeah, that would be probably number one ahead of the Ass Boys, but yeah, solid show.


Weirdly, because I reviewed Raw this week, I gave out 79 % % % % % % I'm in a strange position here where I enjoyed more than dynamite. It's by the numbers. Before we get into your Omega chat, we've got Patrion shout out to do. Go over to Patrion, wrestletalk. Com. No, p atrian. Com forward slash wrestle talk because not only is there loads of exclusive content from Russell Talk and parts of Unknown, but we've got the latest episode of No Holds Bored uncut up there, and next week's episode for early access.


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It's one of the most controversial things I've ever seen happen.


Yeah. Their opinions were had, and I can't wait for more people to watch that episode. You should sign up today if you haven't already. But if you're signed up at the $25 and above tier, you get your own custom wrestling nickname read out on a show just like this. So a big shout out to the Black Plague Butch Rosser.


I'm just going to move these into the middle so I can see them. The Venerable Jesse Venable.


The cleaner Kenny Sean. Yeah.


The British Bulldog Philip Boy, J. Smith Jr. Yeah.


Result Talk's personal ring announcer, Rodrigo Benítez.


He can last Sean for longer than you in the ring.


Yeah. Starbucks, Steven Costa. Yeah.


Shield Maiden, the Zornis.


The Tacko Man, Thomas Hernández. Oh, sorry. Tomás Hernández.


The Redacted One, Jake.


Will the MS Warrior Stewart.


He ran, Aaron Haran.


Aaron Haran.


Couldn't get away. I mean, you're a film guy. I would imagine you would have seen a lot of in the fall.


Out of land. Yeah, well, that's what I.


Think of. That's what I think of every time I hear that song. Thank you very much to all of our pledge hammers, of course, but especially to you $25 and above patrons. We're going to get into the rest of the Omega chats here. This is the final call. Ding, ding, ding, ding for your Omega chats. Get the last of them in, I suppose, to ru stletalk. Com support. That's the one. Read them out at the $5 and above. Dollar amount, whatchamacallit. M itch Gilliam has been a member for five months in a row, saying, I personally would love to see Hook in bullet club.


I think he's better as a lone wolf. I think he's a weird jungle boy at the moment.


He's got the attitude that you might want from it. But I agree. I agree. I could see it, though. Sheldon Jackson says, Questions I have about bullet club gold. Is this an AEW idea with New Japan Pro wrestling's blessing? And who has the final say about who joins bullet club gold? Either Tony Khan or Gator? I don't believe that New Japan Pro wrestling has any say into what goes into bullet club gold. I think it's just...


It does seem like a separate faction, but surely they'll... Is there intellectual property?


Yeah, I think they're fine with them using it like that. But David Finley went out and said, Whatever is on another show, that's not bullet club. This is bullet club. So I would have to imagine this is a Tony Khan creation and everything, and it's unrelated. I don't think they necessarily had say in the Ace Austin or whoever joined bullet club in Impact a year or two ago either. But that's just me speculating. We've got Scott Young saying, The fact that CM P unks first match back is the Trios match and not against the Elite is an embarrassment. The fact that five grown men can't talk about their problems is beyond a joke. A nother issue that no one is really talking about is Tony. Well, this is a very large point of discussion that I feel like we've talked about to death over the last nine months or so. Listen, I want to see the match. I'll read the rest of it because it goes on. He says he doesn't have the personality to be a leader of a massive wrestling company full of massive egos. I'll ask you this, how different would that presser have gone if punk was sat next to Triple H or Vince?


Punk would have been dragged out by his ear lobe if he ranted. Well, that would never happen because he quit. He wouldn't work for those people because he decided not to. He got sick of them, too. Cm P unk is a very interesting individual with a very big personality. In some ways, he's perfect for pro wrestling. In some ways, he's not fit for for pro wrestling with the other personalities that go along with it. I want to see that match, too. I want to see the Elite and see MFTR in a trios match, for sure. I have heard people say that the young Bucks have told them that the period of time last year between all out and full gear was the worst period of time of their lives. I'm not going to be upset at them for not wanting to work with the guy that put them in that position. I'm simply not. Their feelings about that situation does not Trump me wanting to see a match. That's how I feel about it. I'd still very much like to see a match. If they did work it out, I think that's totally fine. But if you looked at it like any other workplace and not just, Oh, it's a wrestling locker room.


Get along, work it out, make money, I can't imagine that... There's no way anybody else would ever have a job the way that things went down if it was another line of work. I don't know, perspective is weird on this one. Your thoughts?


I did nothing wrong. I think it's difficult to compare it to British employment laws, but everyone would have been dismissed, I imagine, because you had a fight. It's gross misconduct. But they're independent contractors, whatever, EVPs. You can reconcile these things. It never was strictly public either. I know the press conference was, but in theory, what went on in the locker room, no one knows and no one will talk about it.


It was a whole work.


But I must say, I don't think I think the way it seems to have been dealt with, which is, we'll just put everyone on this show and hope it doesn't bust up again. If I was in Tony's position because I run this company and that something similar was happening here, that to me, it's just kicking the can down.


The road. I agree with that. I didn't really touch on the Tony Khan element of things. It's just like, yeah, if he was a little bit more iron fisted a boss, would things be different? Maybe, but if he was, maybe CM P unk wouldn't have signed with AEW in the first place. It would be a different company. It would be a different company entirely. William Rosmer says, so Orange Cassidy is only three defenses behind Rowen in about a quarter of the time. When do we acknowledge the Tropicana Chief?


The Tropicana chief. Keep the belt on him a little bit.


Longer then. Yeah, just so we can do that. That's very good. Kevin says, Does MJF defend his title against his own insecurities? Not having a family against Brian, not having a mentor against the Pillars, and now not getting respect. I like when he said he had the best singles dog collar match, paying respect to Jay Brisco.


Yeah, that was a subtle bit of baby face work that was really well packaged. Yeah, I think that's what makes Max such a good character. And hangman Page as well, I would argue. It's always he's written the biggest enemy is himself. It's really compelling.


I mean, I love an insecure character. That to me is so interesting. Who better in wrestling right now than this guy? Nick Smith says, at All In One, Cody Roads won the NWA title. How would you feel about All In Two? Opening with dustin Roads winning the NWA title and for the last run of his career holding the same title his dad and brother held, I would feel great about it if the NWA wouldn't... If it wasn't run by Billy Corgan and the champion was not Tyrus.


It's a beautiful idea, though.


Yeah. In a perfect world, yeah, I think that would be great. If nick Aldis was still champion, having beaten Cody and held it for four years or however long it would have been. I think that would be a really fun idea. But as it stands, NWA can kick rocks. Streamlabs has lost a name here, so make sure you send in your name to the Mods and we'll get it right out. I like Forbidden Door the show, but not how we get there. It's a glorified super show. Can you glorify a super show? Seems pretty super. That should not affect the weekly product. Maybe make it a faction team, faction slash team draft type event. Winning faction team gets or will compete in a final free for all for title shots. I know it's a long shot, but having a fake face punk for a couple of weeks to then be part of Dawn's family with FTR to enter the elite feud would be fun. I hope he does not go into an MJF feud because Tony booked it originally. Rew level up flash in Chicago. I don't vibe with a lot of it, got to be honest.


Forbidden Door is a show that is built for me. I am the happiest little sausage on the planet because we're going to get Brian Danielson versus Kazuchko Okada. I can understand the idea where on one hand it's like, Okay, we've reached June survivor series where we have to force in brand versus brand stuff. I get that. But it's also really fun. We go get great matches out of it.


I think survivor series is the best comparison as opposed to a super show because your overarching stories do have to take a bit of a pause to accommodate building into promotional matches.


Do we have any of those right now, though? It doesn't feel like anything is really being paused.


Blackpool Combat Club versus the Elite is probably the major storyline. It is on pause, though, because really now it's Danielson versus Okada and Omega versus Osprey. And that will be the focus for three weeks. I suppose they're resting next week. They're works. But it does feel like a bit of a diversion. But last year I was very against that because I felt it wasn't being done well at all. I think it's been done well currently.




Of Sunday's Dominion and through this. I'm very happy with.


How it's going. I'm excited for it. Graham Shaw says, When Tony Khan announced the Collision main event, my first thought was punk, new bullet club leader, and I was in. Then the Ass Boys joined bullet club and I'm on the fence. Also for Borden Dorff, fingers crossed for LiJ versus House of Black House Rules, tikagi triad rule added. Don't know what that would mean. I'm a fake fan, I suppose. I don't know if there's stuff with LIJ because there's CMLL things that bar people from being involved. I don't know if they're one of them because I think like...


Because Nightow wasn't on it last year.


Nightow wasn't on it last year. I think he was originally supposed to work with Andrade or something. Maybe I have that wrong. But I know Titan is in L IJ now, and he was a CMLL guy. I think he's a New Japan guy now, but I don't know. I also want Hiroma to be in a singles match, but that's just me.


Isn't the triad match the match with the three different... You have to win a three stages of hell match that they've done a few times this year.


Maybe. I'm a fake fan. Philip says, Hey guys, bullet club ass, name of your next sex pay per view. Aside, Mr. Davis, how do you feel about FTR punk? Is it your literal dream come to life? #justthat, J arred, #buythat. That book.


No, because Jeff Jarret and CM P unk would be the best version, or Jeff Jarret and FTRR. A lot of people keep coming to me and like, Oh, but I bet you're so happy. This was particularly last week when punk's name was literally announced. I really really am like, Cool. When he comes back, I'll probably get excited again. But it's been a long nine months and I know I project that he did nothing wrong thing. But of course, it's a hugely complicated thing and it is very draining to be a CM punk fan because I'm a very loyal person to people and I've been put in this position by punk. Vive. I just want it to work out.


I as well. Edgar Carrasco has been a member for 17 months in a row. Saying that Danielson promo calling out Okada has me hella stoked for Forbidden Door 2. Also nice to see my two favourite guys this morning. Hi, Olly and Tempest.


It's nice doing shows together. I always get a kick out of doing these ones.


I don't know what it is. I feel a very different dynamic with each different co host on this show. But this is a good dynamic and I enjoy it. I'm Just Market says, am I the only one who feels like Ricky Stark has been severely cooled off? Remember when he had that amazing promo segment and match with MJF earlier this year? It was last year. And we thought he could eventually win the title. Now he just feels like another guy. Unfortunately, I agree. I feel like he's solidly midcard now as opposed to reaching for the main event status. I don't know what you do about that, but it's a shame.


He's got it, though. He has the thing. It was Derek Vortex that he found himself in.


Sheldon Jackson says, off subject, but I wonder what will happen first. Jeff Jarred actually becoming a singles world champion again, or Oli Davis actually sitting on the other side running the deck for a talk podcast episode. I don't know. I'd place your bets on Jeff Jarred.


I have run two streams with Dan Leighton over the last two weeks. So you take that back.


Will Campbell says, Hi guys. When M. J. F. Toured Nicole during that promo segment. I thought of that one Regal sound bite where regal said, oh, he cooked him. Also a title Eliminator match in AEW is the same as a Championship contenders match in Wwe. It just sounds cooler. Yeah, but they do it properly. I think the champion has lost a championship Eliminator match, like, once. It was like the young Bucks lost to Eddie Kingston and Penta after Double or Nothing 2021. And that's like, I think the only time. So if you do it once out of 50 shots, yeah, it's a good idea. You beat the champion, you should get a title match. Whereas in Wwe, Shotzi and Tegan Nox beat the tag champions three weeks in a row, and then one half of them was fired. Good Lord. And Will Campbell goes on to say, Also, as an addendum, I love the almost cheeky smirk smile that Adam Cole had on his face when Max mentioned his channel. Thought of this as a moment where Chugs momentarily broke through the facade of the character. Yeah, it could very well be. Love Chugs. Great channel.


Watched him play Zelda the other day. It was nice. Another Streamlabs Lost ID, so make sure you get that sent in. Cole versus MJF in the title match as the main event of the first collision seems more interesting than a six man with a returning punk who won't take a loss in Chicago. I mean, MJF beat him in Chicago, but whatever. And is MJF going to have a match on Forbidden Door with a two week build? I think MJF should face Hiroshi Tanahashi, considering how much he was burying New Japan Pro wrestling and all those guys at the press conference for Double.


Or Nothing. You don't want Great O Khan? No. Mjf versus Great O Khan? No. But he respects him.


That's great for him. Yeah, that sounds like a good meta then for the first collision. But they've got one booked, unfortunately. 35 Antonio says, I disagree with El Tempesto. It's Tempestisimo, thank you. Aew is not as in ring focused as they were just a year ago. Aew right now is the equivalent of late 2010's black and gold A Nxt. Also loved how Cole exposed MJF's low hanging fruit insults as deflections to hide his insecurities. Perhaps, but even still, I think a lot of AEW's shows are booked around, we need a really solid opener and a solid main event. I compare that more so to what happens on Raw and smackdown, for instance.


I think that's Tony's strength as well. You get some bookers, we always think of booking as creative, but booking in its purest traditional form is matchmaking. Put this guy against this guy. I actually think Khan is unparalleled and just going, Oh, here's a match. I'm like, Oh, my God. I never knew I needed that one.


Just look at that show where they did the Kenny and Moxley cage match with Phoenix against Cloudio and so many different matches. Those are to me the best episodes of dynamite where it's just this little mini pay per view that you end up getting. Those are the shows that I think are best. Blake, he says, Got floor seats to the August 12th edition of Collision. My MJF pickles arrived. Today is a great day.


It took them that long. I guess they're preservatives.


That took a long time to arrived. Yeah.


I don't know what the pickles thing is. Have them on a sandwich with peanut butter.


It's about two months ago. He's on commentary for one of the four pillars tag matches or whatever. He's is talking about these pickles and how he's partnered with a company to bring out his own pickles. They're kosher pickles and Taz is chomping away going, Oh, my God. His best pickles I've ever had. It was so funny. We got it. Then they released the pickles.


Yeah. Swamp Titan says, Orange and Derby just fought Gates of Agony last week. Gates of Agony is in Swur's faction. This is why Derby and Swur are connected right now, not because of their old feud. That's fine, I suppose, but.


Doesn't feel very substantial for Sting to make a lights off, lights on save.


Yeah. I don't know.




Yeah. I guess it is an explanation. I just want even more of one. Simeon Morgan.


Where's the story?


Yeah, where's the story? Simeon Morgan says, passing thought, is MJF Colin Cole, the best world champion in that company, a subtle dig at Samoah Joe for shoving him when MJF played one of the security cards for him during his reign. I'd like to think so, but probably not. But you never know, there's a few Nxt champions on that roster.


Yeah, but probably is. Max probably wrote that as a little detail.


Yeah. I mean, if anybody's going to think that deeply about it, it'd be Max. Ben says, I know no AEW but Shiki forever, Baba. This is in all caps, by the way. Break everybody's back and make them humble. F the Hulk, Hogan, and the tomorrow. No good, Gibroni. Iron Shik best champion, best boner, real man, Campbell clutch, make everybody humble. Screw USA, Iran number one. Rip Shiki baby. Ben Vlair also continues on to say, Let's celebrate Shiki with two of my favorite quotes. Hogan, you are worse than an airport tuna sandwich. And Hoke Hogan may have been a dumb son of a bitch in the ring, but outside the ring, he was also a dumb son of a bitch. That one's my favorite. He never changed legend RIP and says, Anyway, sorry, lads. I had to get my shiki tribute in there. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to Money in the Bank. Hopefully one day I can join one of these live watch parties when I have the time and money. Greetings from Belgium. Thank you very much. We hope to see all of you who are attending the Money in the Bank live event as well.


Should be a lot of fun. Mayor of Painsville, Dan says, Hi, everyone. Hope you're doing well. This podcast just happens to be so good. I got outside and walked and walked and got distracted, and now I'm in some forest I don't recognize and, well, help.


Do we need to send out a search party?


Yeah. I don't know. Dan, retrace.


Your steps. Okay, Dan.


If you get seriously injured or in need of assistance, do not make that known by sending in an ultra chat to a wrestling podcast because that could have been sent in an hour ago.


In another country as well.


In another country.


It's important to note we are not liable for anything that now happens to Dan.


That will do it for the rest of the Omega chats, however.


Do we have a poll result for the... Did we do a poll for the overall rating?


I don't think we did a...


Okay, well.


I think we just...


Just on the bullet club ass.


Let me check. Thumbs up, 71 %. Thumbs in the middle, 27 %. Thumbs down, 2 %.


That is a positively reviewed show then. Thank you very much, everyone, for joining us here today and loads of Omega chats as well. It's very you to all send them in.


Yes, please come to Money in the Bank where I might be defending my Jam That Championship.


Go watch the Restor talk News over on the Rest of Talk News channel and go check out No Holds Bored on parts of Unknown as well, where we're both playing a racing board game. But for now, I've been Oli Davis. This has been Tempest. Jam that Jam.


In the gym. In the gym. In the gym. You.