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I can't believe it, but this is the world we live in now. The wrong world where Don Calles, a carny piece of S word, is getting more of a crowd reaction than the biggest star and most morally justifiable wrestler in the business, CM P unk. I'm Oli Davis. I'm joined by Luke O n DAD. Welcome to the AEW Dynamite review edition of the Razzle Talk podcast. If you haven't already, please press the subscribe button, give us a thumbs up, leave a comment down below with why you think CM P unk did nothing wrong, and send in your Omega chat to wrestletalk. Com forward slash support, we'll read out every single one of them over five US dollars before the end of the show, while we discuss what might have been one of the best segments in dynamite history.


That's a bold claim. It's a big, bold claim.


I haven't seen a crowd reaction like this since. And people will say, M, The Taker, Roman, the night after mania. I'd say that that Seattle promo with Kevin Owens and Alliance.


Alliance, that's the one I was thinking of as well. Because there have been times with Dominic Mysterio where the heat from the crowd has been so intense that they struggle to get their words out, but they eventually are able to get their words out and able to get through this. There have been videos that have been posted online from people who were in the building in San Diego for this promo, and you cannot hear what Don Calles is saying because the boos are.


So loud. I read a report where someone said, I couldn't hear what my wife was saying sitting next to me, and she was yelling. That's how loud... They said the building was shaking. There were so many boos for Don Calles and Dikesh to hear.


And the great thing about this as a segment is because we watched it back in the office because Adam and Sullivan and Tempest hadn't seen it. So we all watched it together. And I was actually just listening because I was on the other side of the desk. What I like about it is that he comes out and he gets booze, and then he stands in the ring and he gets some more booze. Then he tries to talk and he gets even more booze. And it's because the crowd are like, can we do more? Can we go further? And then it becomes a fun thing for the crowd. How loud can we boo?


Well, that's how I've experienced things before. Certainly being at wrestling shows, the crowd more have fun by themselves rather than actually being invested in the characters or the story lines. I'd say that's exactly what happened with Kevin Ow and Elias in Seattle. It just became a thing after a while. Let's just see how long we can keep this up.


The Roman is the same one. The Roman promo is the same one.


Roar after mania crowd traveling audience. They're just having a good time.


I think even the Dominic Mysterio one is just like, people really enjoy booing Dominic, and that's now become part of his character is when Dominic goes to do a promo, you as the audience boo dead loud to try and drown him I.


Think this is distinctly different. What really made me realise that was when the camera cut to people in the crowd and I was like, there's no one smiling here. They're not smiling like, oh, boo, because you get that a lot. And all those examples we just ran through, and my experience at end of these shows, that's the face. Boo. The podcast is I'm.


Laughing and smiling. You're laughing. You're nudging your mate being like, This is funny. Let's keep.


It going, bro. You suck. You know, stuff like that. But it cuts the crowd. And there's one shot in particular where it looks like extras in a movie scene who have been told to really boo someone. That is how perfectly coherent...


Are you trying to say that AEW are hiring actors now to be in their crowd?




Of a bitch. You figured it out.


That is not what I'm saying. Not what I'm saying at all. Although they could do with hiring a few more fans based on that.


I'm not getting into this ticket argument at all because apparently selling 11,000 tickets for a pay per view is bad.


These days. But Pat McAfee showed me a picture.


Honestly, if you think selling 11,000 tickets for a pay per view is bad, you're thick. You're categorically thick.


Yeah, well, you've got the TNA 2009 expectations. I'm being clear. The fact of the matter is this was a tremendous segment and this crowd reaction was really something special. And it was a good promo anyway. Don Calles, he's for years and years and years. Ever since he really came back to wrestling, doing commentary on New Japan with Kevin Kelly. He's been one of our favourite guys. Really has.


But he was the wrestle talk inside Rider.


Exactly. Yeah. At one point, he was our mate. Before, he was really cool, you.


Might say. Yeah, I think we put him on the map, you.


Could say. He went into obscurity after being the jackal, and then we plucked him.


And we were.


Like, You'll do. You're good. Man who's already getting really good reviews everywhere for your New Japan commentary. He was in that.


Mode of time as well when he was doing it under a mask.


And stuff. Yeah, well, that was out of its time as well. So he's always been in these acts where it's not 100 % Don Calles, is it? He's the invisible hand job. And I loved him on commentary because I could just experience loads and loads and loads of Don. But really, through the elite, he's always been playing second fiddle to Kenny, and that's correct. He's been lost in the large cast of the elite a lot of the time. What made me really excited was this is Don Calles Prime.


The other thing I would add to that is with how the crowd were reacting to this because they were reacting to the story and the character and things like that, Takeshita got the same reaction. So Takeshita association with that carny piece of S. Don Calles. Like Tony Schifani introducing Don Calles out being like, I've got a bile in my throat before I say this name. And before they went to the outbreak, because I was like, Coming up next, we're going to hear from that human piece of garbage, Don Calles.


I like A EW, the way they set that up. I love that as well. It makes them really feel like a baby face promotion, which is something W. W. E. Can't do.


But it was, Tikeshter was getting the same level of heat. And that's great because that means by being with the association to Don, he is now, it feels like the biggest heel in the company. He's the biggest heel wrestler this.


Company now has. The way Don spoke this up as well, it's not just a keshchur associated with Don. He's in the mix with this main event storyline. Don is the best at getting people over. He's a carny piece of S word. Yeah, he's great. He'll take something that means nothing and he will give it meaning. Yes, so mostly lying, but also because he's a great talker and he can provide context and substance.


It's almost as if he learns a lot from working under Paul Hayman.


Oh, did he? I didn't.


Know that.


He was in ECW. Oh, of course. My head is just truth commission.


He had that survivor series match in 97 and then we and her nightmare of him until he started doing commentary.


If you haven't watched our PFK Let's Play, T elestrations, but wrestling video that came out yesterday, the Truth Commissioner reference, and I watched it because one of the Adam weirdly guessed the truth commission. That was going to be on the guesses. And editor Rich fashes up a picture of the Truth Commissioner. I'm like, Don's jacked there.


Yeah. Well, he was the jackal. He was the.


Jacked all. He's jacked all. But this, Don said all the people that Takeshita is better than Ricky Doe's then, Innoc. And then he says, I thought he was going to say Omega, but then he said, Even Okada. At that point, I turn around to look at that point, I turned around to look Tempest and he's the little Japanese wrestling Marquis Heart sword.


Tempest, because he hadn't seen this episode of Dynamite, I was like, Oh, Tempest, you haven't seen the other segments. I recapped what happened in it with the Bucks and Paige when Alex Marvets explained that Kenny has left the country. I thought that was brilliantly set up. He's like, He's left the country. He's so upset from the loss. Then Paige gets distracted by the dark order of being a dicks, basically. He gets distracted by them. And Marvets is still trying to interview Paige, and he says, Kenny's gone home. And Paige, not really thinking, not really answering the question, he hasn't gone back to Canada, and he storms off. And that's the, he's not gone back to Canada, which means he's.




To Mexico. He's gone to find the King. He didn't need to look far. He's on rampage.


Conan called him up. I need you to do me a solid buddy. I've got a mega champion. Chip here for you.


So there was a name that was not listed in Dunn's list of people. He did not list Kota Robushi. Yes. Kota Robuchie recently had that interview where he said, I don't really like that Takeshita. He's a poor man's version of me.


Editor Rich was filling me in on a bit of Tikeshita history that I wasn't aware of. I don't know if you are. That Omega and Robushi, of course, started off in DDT. That's where they made their name. That's where they wrestle children and blow up dolls, but also had some spectacular matches. Those are spectacular matches just in a different way. Then they moved over to New Japan. When they moved over to New Japan, it was Takeshita who became the ace of DDT.


Yeah, I suppose that would make sense. Yeah, you became.


Their guy. Yeah. So there is a connection between Ebushi Omega and Takeshita that I haven't comprehended.


I'm so stoked for a lot of this. But also, I think there is a Forbidden Door element to this because there's a brilliant bit of camera work here when Don was talking about, I need to find some people, and the camera just slightly tilts up so you can see the Forbidden Door poster behind him. Lovely little bit of subtle camera work to be like, there is something that's going to pay off here at Forbidden Door. And I wonder if it's going to be Takeshita Plus Partner versus Kenny and Okada.


But this whole storyline since the Winnipeg show, maybe?




Feel like that's where this really kicked into high gear because that's when Hangman first joined the elite again when they leveled up in Winnipeg, Oh, my God, he did it. I didn't even realise.


We've been sitting here making fun of Tony Khan for that promo, but he did level up in Winnipeg.


Maybe I should watch a Sam Ferry of the God.


I mean, no one else did.


But it's like that it's got a really good drip feed of every week I get an answer to a question, but I'm also given a bigger question that makes me want to... I'm always satisfied but always curious. It's a great back and forth. And the key part for this promo wasn't just the set up of, Oh, my God, Takeshita versus Okada in some iteration. It was also, Don has a new family and it's going to cut the elite out of all elite wrestling, which to me says, new truth commission, baby.




Dust off the bere eyes.


Dust off your flak jackets, lad. I need you.


But who do you reckon could be in this new family for Don Callis? Is it a one-off for Forbidden Door?


I mean, the answer is obvious. It's the Ass Boys.




Hathaway. Stokely Hathaway, big film page.


I actually genuinely don't know. I don't know whether it is people from New Japan. I don't know whether it's just a Forbidden Door thing. Are we moving aside Blackpool Combat Club and the Elite for a bit? We're tabling that until we do some forbidden door stuff so we can do this little mini feud here and then we can return to the Elite and Blackpool Combat Club for Blood.


And guts. Maybe it is Blackpool Combat Club. Maybe that is his new family.


I'm so curious about forbidden Door this year. T his is something that they did not have last year at Forbidden Door. And I think this is a testament to where AEW is at, at least for me personally anyway. Sure, there's three matches that you can do for AEW versus New Japan, but I actually just want to see the next chapters of the stories. I want to see the next chapter of Black Bull Combat Club and the Elite. I want to see the next chapter of bullet club gold and FTR. That's what I'm interested in. That's the stuff that I really want to see. And I'm now worried that Forbidden Door is going to be this little roadblock that I need to get through. We just need to get past Forbidden Door and we can do some of these fun little cameo appearances and then we can do the proper matches again.


It was certainly that last year, which is why it's concerning. It's very much survival live a series for a month. All the cool stories go on hold because there are one shots which slightly tie into your stories to include another.


Promotion's wrestlers. I don't think that they had a storyline that was as hot as this last year, though. So Forbidden.


Door from last year. Everyone got injured. That was the main problem last year.


There was no storyline last year where I was like, Oh, man, well, you've got to do that in place of doing this in Forbidden Door instead. It felt like, Yeah, no, Forbidden Door is going to be this really cool show, and then I'll see what comes out after Forbidden Door. But this year is these are some story lines I really want to be invested and be involved in and I don't know how this plan to Forbidden Door. It doesn't feel like New Japan is going to be this big presence at this year's show. It feels like they'll do a six man tag of Ricky Stark and FTR versus bullet club gold.


Plus more. David Finlay.


Exactly. It'll be David Finlay. That's like that's five AEW guys and one new Japan guy. This is going to feel like it's just an AEW show.


Or like The Invasion. It's just all WF guys.


That's exactly what it is. That is exactly what it is. It's the survivor series from Invasion.


Of course, if Don is successful and he cuts the elite out of all elite wrestling, it will just be all wrestling.


All wrestling. And some people.


Want that. Jim Cornett wants that, I think.


So we had a bit of a trawling thing in our title here. We might as well just touch on the CM.


P unk announcement here. Oh, yes. Definitely.


Because Tony Khan had his late statist announcement on this show. I believe that is now 8 for 8 that he is doing announcements for.


To be fair, the strategy is sound in that you build excitement for your show by every week announcing a new competitor, a new match. That's how indie wrestling promotions do things on Facebook.


I would agree. It's now become a meme.


But it's because he's had a year of doing big announcement, guys. Yeah.


This was the latest big announcement, which is that the debut episode of Collision from the United Center will feature the return of.


Cm punk.


Going by live reports from the building, someone replied to Sean saying that it was 65 % loud to him.


Did they do a YouTube poll?


35 % loud boos.




Watched it back so we could get our feel for it and again play it to people who haven't seen the announcement, see what they felt. I think the consensus that we had was there's an initial pop, the cheers are way louder than the booze, but the boos were more sustained than the cheer was.


Yeah, it's an interesting one because I don't think anyone thought he was going to announce CM P unk, even though everybody knew CM P unk was going to be on the show by now. I think people thought, Oh, he'd say Miro, or, I mean, they've even been confirmed, maybe an opening. A main event for the first episode will be Miro versus whoever, right? Something like that. So I think that initial pop is a whole arena of people going, Oh, my God. He said CM P unk's name. That's the first time we've heard this promotion address that that guy exists. A world champion.


Two time world champion.


For eight months. Wow. So I think it was, oh, my God. He said the name release. And then so I didn't like that pop. That was like, it wasn't either way. It was just, wow, a thing happened reaction. I think the more interesting thing to dive into is what happens after, which you've laid out. And that is, yeah, there's cheers. The camera cuts to a lot of people who I bet they zoned out beforehand. They're in their CM punk T shirt. He's got a punk shirt. He's got a punk shirt. And they're like, yeah.


Trying to get the crowd into CM punk chance.


Yeah, CM punk with their Marky ways. But even with that careful cinematography.


And the commentary as well, which was like the, Can you believe that? Whoa, what a name to be announced. See how fun it's been announced. They were baby facing it up that this was a big baby face announcement thing.


But there was 100 % cheers. I mean, 100 % boos. Not 100 % as in everyone was booing, but that there were definitely booze and it was definitely loud and it was vocal. And if it was 35 %, it came across like 50-50 because booze just sound a bit louder than cheers in general. And then the camera, even when it was cutting to people with punk shirts, you had people doing the double thumbs down. There are a big portion of people who do not want to see CM punk back in a view.


Some people saying in the chat there, they were in California, which is Buck's territory, so could play something into that. I've made this point on previous shows, I think he's going to get a massive baby face reaction in Chicago because they will refuse to boost CM punk no matter what he does. The most interesting reaction for me will be week two. It will be what the second show of collision will be. That's the real telling for me how the AEW fan base is going to react to CM punk.


Do you think this reaction reaction, which was a John Cener 2009 style reaction in terms of its Bizarroland Split, or it's a controversial reaction out there, which is so interesting that punk over 10 years later has become the man he rallied against in terms of crowd reaction.


He was doing those CM punk spots in the... Sorry, those John Cener spots in the Eddie Kingston match. Remember he did the Cener comeback. He did the shoulder blocks and everything.


Well, because then Eddie Kingston referenced that Yankees promo as well. God, that match was great. It's so good. Where is Eddie? I know.


He's injured. He's on ring of honour. I think that might be the best match AEW has ever done.


Whoa. Wow.


Okay. I'll put it out there. I'm not afraid to say it. I think that's the best match AEW has ever done.


Do you think AEW were caught off guard by the CM punk reaction?


No, I think you'd have to be as thick as the people who think that 11,000 tickets is a bad result. You had to have known this was going to happen. I think it is interesting that they were still trying to baby face it up on the commentary team. They weren't even like, Wow, it's a controversial name. Or even like, it felt like it was a commentary team. It was almost W, W, E in a way, ignoring what the crowd reaction was.


They didn't give an opinion either way though.


They didn't give an opinion either way. But I cannot imagine they would have been caught off guard by this because I think they would. I mean, especially it got booed when they say, I nounced Chicago, because that was almost the confirmation that CM P unk is coming back. I think they must know.


With that in mind, I agree, they must be aware. If they're not, then there's too many S people in management. Do you bring CM P unk back as a heel?


Not week one, certainly week two.


Well, I think you can because Chicago, right? I think if you're going to bring CM P unk back and it's not in the main event of the double or nothing to reveal himself as the mask man. Did you.


Hear Dan's voice? I heard Dan L ater.


I know. God, I keep thinking about how awesome that would be. Cm P unk, Brian Danielson, John Moxley, C lodio Casting, N oli Wheeler, Utah, the ROH invading team. I know Moxley's a bit, but yeah. I think you have CM P unk come out and he's like, I'm all about loyalty. And every single one of you, Chicago, you stood by me no matter what. Sometimes I've been in the wrong, sometimes I've been in the right, but you've always been there for me.


I think you can 97 Brett him. Actually, funny enough, that is something that CM P unk has always wanted is to be 97 Brett. So he can really get his wish this time round.


He's a homecoming baby face hero in Chicago. But in that same promo, he says, But everybody else who has booed me, who has doubted me in every other city, you're on my list now.




It's MJF Long Island. But in a much more vicious way, I think. I really hope he does turn heel. I think it will harm him and AEW if they don't do it.


I agree with you in principle. I'm not sure I would say it would harm AEW. I think it will be a more harmful thing for AEW, certainly their reputation is if he just wins the world title again. If all out, he just wins the world title back.


I hope.


That happens. That I think it's either a huge big brain play to get this mega heel heat, or it's just going to look like he got everything he wanted, including his friend's job back and the world title again.


I think him and Ace win the tag belt. I think he retires today.


It's going to be very hard for Ace to win the tag belt when he's working from home.


Yeah, well, yeah. Just he's there. It's a laptop in the corner. Should we see what people think?


Yes, let's do that. Please do get in your Omega chats to resttalk. Com support. Now, we actually did have a poll being done because we were 10 minutes late going live. I don't know who put this poll up. However, the poll was, where is Olly? And the options are in the field chatting about CM P unk, waiting to use the bathroom, buying all in tickets for everyone and revising his rating scale. What was the winner? 11 % said the rating scale, 14 % said for all in tickets and the bathroom, 60 % thought you were in the field shouting for CM P unk.


My personal reaction, I came in this morning and two separate people were like, You see the news. So have you see the news? That have served seen it? Have you seen it? And first off, my response was, I've seen Succession Episode 9, I still haven't seen... I'm not saying the episode numbers here. Jesus Christ, man.


Well, I had this yesterday when I was filming Cine World. I just an and Ellis just talking about it openly and then I'm trying to ignore them.


I was saying, No, I haven't seen the final yet. And they're like, No, I'm not talking about Succession. I'm talking about the CM punk thing. I was like, Oh, yeah, I guess so. And then somebody else said it. And I thought they would... Again, I thought they were asking me about telestrations going live. I said, Yeah, it's really funny. Me and my lady partner watched the first 15 minutes. She got bored. We skipped to the end and it was the Yoku Zune a bit. She doesn't enjoy YouTube stuff. It's great content. That's on her to go and watch it. And then again, they were like, No, I'm asking about the CM punk return. I'm like, Oh, yeah. Me personally, this was announced, like Chicago. I know he's coming back. When Tony Khan said CM P unk now, I'm like, Oh, wow. He said the name. I don't feel anything because I felt that all last week. Now I'm in just this holding period of, Well, okay, we're not actually going to get a company reset post pay per view because you're saving it for punk. I feel like I'm in a holding period.


I would disagree with that. I actually felt there was a lot on this show that was... I felt like every single on the show was, Here's the next feud, here's the next feud, here's the next feud, here's the next feud, here's the next feud.


I felt like it was almost entirely continuations of stuff.


But even then I was like, But it's the next step of something. I think I strongly disagree.


But we'll.


Get into that. Let's see what you have to say in this. Ben Vlerik said, P unk, as controversial as ever truly divided the fan base. Embrace it. Use it. P unks best as a heel anyway, and indeed the best as a heel. Guaranteed, punk versus the lead will instantly be AEW's hottest feud straight up the hottest thing in all of wrestling. Get over the real life issues which had only made the feud more interesting slash heated, and do the business because it's got money written all over it. Aew's own Civil War or Batman v Superman, especially punk versus Omega. Money, boys, do it. They'll blow up the internet. Plus, MJF could be involved. Punk could be considered a cancer to the company, same as MJF. New 2 man power trip that and correct me if I'm wrong, has MJF ever done anything with the box or Omega? I don't think so. Mjf and punk versus the elite war over AEW. I will say I was pitching for the MJF punk two man power trip thing at All Out last year. That was my big pitch for the rest of 2023. But I like that a lot.


Charles Burks says, look in my eyes, what do you see? Cm punk means happy Olly.


Wait, yeah, not really.


Cult of personnel Olly. There you go. I say he should return as a heel. Play into the critiques. He's a bitter man here for a paycheck, and he knows the boss is a simple for him. I want him at his worst.


Will Campbell, I laughed a lot at two things last night. The amount of pure, sustained heat, callousness, and takeshita got in the hilariously mixed, to put it lightly, reaction to TK announcing punk's return at the first collision show. Graham shore said, We've had summers of punk, we have the Triple B, but who's ready for the Triple P? The probationary period of punk. Where however excited we are that he's back, we're all still holding our breath to see if he's on board or has.


Another tentrum. Yeah, he could just get that mic and shoot on everybody.


I was saying this to me and Alex got the taxi back yesterday from our shoot, and he was asking me questions about punk and this and the other. And I said, If I'm Tony Khan, I am S in bricks on that head cell on that first collision show because I'm sending him out there with a live microphone and be like, Please play ball, please play ball. Please don't do this. Please don't do the thing that I fear you might do. James Grieves here says, I've got my ticket to all in. I'm so happy. But also some lovely tickets to Money in the Bank's watch party. Two cracking shows, but on an AEW note, I wonder who will don recruit?


Yeah, we don't know. I was looking at the card, not the card, the roster, and you want to look at people who are without a faction, don't you? It's not many. Not many. And if there are, there are people like Miro or Andrade, people who will be not working with the elite. So I really don't know.


Yeah, well, we'll see in find out. But also, thank you very much for picking up your ticket. The early access went live today. So people who were at our Night of Champions show were able to sign up to get 24 hours early access on those tickets. So you've been sent your pre code, your presale code. You may look at it and see like, I've got two emails in my inbox here, one that says presale code and one that says presale code and plus link. And then you're clicking to that first one and you realise that while it does have a presale code, there's no link to the actual event page to buy tickets. You may think that's but it's not. It's just your eyes to see that both of the emails have the event page link. You might just miss it in the first one, but I would certainly open that second one because it's for sure in there. But I don't think anyone made any errors. It's what I'm saying. Danny says, What if the prize member of Kalis' new family is punk? And we get a Tikeshita punk versus Omega Akada match at Forbidden Door.


I mean, it'd be amazing, wouldn't it? I don't think it's going to happen.


They add, Also, Jack Barry should turn heel on Ricky Stark's next week and join the Blackpool Combat Club. It would be exactly what Jack needs. Also, I love...


Jungle Boy Jack.


I don't know if I'd go with that one. Evil Wizard said, During the Don Calles promo, when Don said, Tikeshka was better than a carder, the camera panned up to show the Forbidden Door banner. Forshadowing or just wishful thinking?


Forshadowing. It absolutely absolutely foreshadowing.


It's an elite story.


That could just be just a singles match. Yeah. It's just, yeah, Takeshita versus Okada. Colostopia said, Don Calles' new family is CM punk. Just imagine the heat the two of them would get. The other two would have to be Tammer, Tonka and Tonka Lower. They probably still hate the Elite's guts.




Is Destiny is not the worst show in the world. They do hate the Elite.




nick Smith said, Who should be Don Calles' first recruit to the new family? And why should it be Jeff Gerret?


Could you imagine if it's Jeff? Oh, the carniness. Can't go full car.


They're both just be trying to overtake each other. Who's really in control? Mikayla says, To be honest, as a Pandemic era AEW fan with limited WWB knowledge. I have seen the pipe bomb. My only visual of punk is an angry, reactive man who is made of tissue paper. I'll be booing him. I've no nostalgia, so I don't like him based on his attitude.


The great thing is that's 100 % valid. And I don't know. I just love the guy.


Look, I will say, Mikaela, that's also the opinion of a lot of people who do have nostalgic love for CM P unk.


My heart made its choice a long.


Time ago. We've even said on this, it's hard being a CM P unk fan.


I still buy the Weezer albums. I listen to the Weezer albums on Spotify. I know they're going to be bad.


But we still do. And there'll be one good song on that album.


Apart from Shazam, F ury of the God, there is not a single DC movie I haven't seen.




I'm going to watch it and they're all bad.


William Rosmers said, Could CM punk joining Don Calles work? It feels like a good way to get some money out of the whole thing if everyone can work together.


I think it would work. Just that visual of a masking punk instead of Takeshita would have been the time to do it. It would take the company to the peak heat. I can't imagine a hotter programme in wrestling right now than that.


Matt Hennison said, I don't want punk back, to be honest. He embarrassed the company and led to their lowest point. Oli, you mentioned how you feel uncomfortable seeing Jeff given what happened, which is understandable. I feel that way about punk. I would not have him in my company. Srs was asked if he could see the Elite leave AEW for WW with punk being brought back, and he said it definitely increases the chance with him there. It ain't worth possibly losing Page and M ake and the Bucks.


For punk.


It's a real possibility. Just look.


At Cody.


It is. But again, I said this to Ellis, and I don't really know where my business hat would lie in this scenario. I think I've said before on Blackpool Content Club, our old video series that I think I would try and I would rather have the happier locker room, but that's your episode, it might make me a bad businessman. But punk does shift tickets. Ticket sales for Collision weren't great. The dates that they announced for Collision weren't were not great. Dave Milton said that the lowest advanced sales that they have had.


In a whatever.


They were doing really bad. They announced CM punk, they announced... Well, actually, they didn't. They announced the United Center, sells out almost instantly. And now, those other shows are selling better because of the CM punk announcement. He does shift tickets. He does shift merchandise. I guess it's just which do you prefer? Happy Locker Room or All the Money?


Yeah, or you could just be a ruthless SOB running the company because one of AW's big problems is it tries to uphold itself to more moral standards. It's not a problem, Wwe has. Wwe can bring back the biggest tosspots.


Hulk Hogan.


Hulk Hogan. And it's like, we're all like, Well, you shouldn't bring them back. But we also... It's fine.


Okay, the great example of this is Brian Kendrick. Announce from Action Dynamite, the internet lost their goddamn minds. And Tony come pulling you from the show. He's worked two Wwe shows in the last six months and they're like.


I'm not bothered. Yeah, it's different standards. It's different standards. So yeah, do you want to run a company that everyone gets along in? And even without punk, I don't know if that would work because you've got people like Miro, Thunder Rosa, etc.


Maybe Sabu was the litmus test.


We can get away with things.


I'm going to bring Sabu in after everything that he said. I'm going to make him jump off a table, even though he can barely walk. Let's see how angry this makes people.


And all they're criticising is how boring the Gerica was.


I'm going to give him a bad finish as well. And lastly on this topic from moderator Les. He said, I love Don Calles's no entrance music and only the sound of the chorus of booze takes me back to champagne after his heel turn on Gargano. It's really fun to get into.


Yeah. And it's always just looped clips of the last time Don Calles beat up Kenny Omega with what is apparently a redone version of a famous painting by Ivan or Ivan the Terrible murdering...


Is it the 2?


I think so. Yeah, the Pink Guy. Murdering his or betraying his nephew or son or something.


And he was referencing that in the promo because he said, Hey, I've lost a nephew, but I've gained a son in Tikeshire.


Very good stuff. Right, so the full play by play review of Dynamic, please keep getting in your Omega chat to read out every single one of the five US dollars. Rattletour. Com support. This episode opened hot with the Blackpool Combat Club coming out. That's Jon Moxley, C lodio Castignoli and Wheeler Uter, having a match against the Lucha Bros and Bandido. Of course, the previous week we had Castignoli and Uter take on the Lucha Bros and lose them because the Bucks interfered.


Yeah, really like this match. I thought it was a great match. Very good match. And also, it did a great job, again, in telling the story they're doing with Wheeler Uter. Because Uter got pinned on last week's episode of Dynamite, which Brian Danielson was.


Very upset about. Not just got pinned, but didn't make a strong enough cover at one point.


And again, you got Danielson on commentary during this match. And there was a moment when he got a much better pin. And see, see, he's listening. That was a much stronger pin. He did everything that we taught him to do. On Sunday, he pinned Kenny Omega, Wheeler Uter did. And here he got the win again with the seat belt maneuver. He got the win for his team. And Brian Danielson was so proud, so proud of his boy. And he was like, I'm going down there to shake his hand and celebrate with him. I thought this was a really great match. It was a great match anyway. But just furthers that story we're doing with We The Uter and the Blackpool Combat Club. I don't really know where it's going to head or what it's going to lead to, but I am excited to find out.


They're a heel faction, but they are a heel faction with a consistent moral... What do you call it? Code. Yeah, code. Code of honour, you might call it. And that means they can... Even though they're behaving heelish, you have a begrudging respect for them because at least they're consistent to their own morality. And it forges them. It's not like the most healthy workplace for them, but you have to, under deniably has become a better athlete in the last week because the Blackpool Combat Club, presumably, trained and bullied him on a mistake he made.


That's a lot of what Brian Danielson puts over on commentary is that we are actually improving wrestlers in the Blackpool Combat Club. I can't say that for the elite.


Look at Michael Naka Zouwa. Look at Brandon Cutler.


But now look at Wheely Uter.


Moxley debuted this new T shirt, which Danielson was magnificent on commentary and he explained things so well. But one of them was Moxley's shirt, Death Jutsu. Death Jutsu. It's not even a pun.


And that's why I love it. Death Jutsu.


Awesome. It's so good. The moment I saw that, I thought, That sounds cool. That is a cool thing. I prefer that to be the name of their faction. Death Jutsu? Yeah. Blackpool Combat Club just doesn't work without regal. I know they're paying homage, but Danielson described that as violent, technical wrestling. Beautiful. That's it. That's what they are.


I thought it was great. Also, shout out to Bandido who I thought was superb in this match's delayed vertical suplex that he did for a full minute.


A quick minute.


It was a quick minute. It was 1, 2, 3. With Wheely Eater.


That was really good. It was a 24 hours, if you know what I mean.


44 minutes. He had him high up and he was like, Yeah, this is going fine. So he got about the 40 mark and they went, whoop. And then it was like, 41, 42, 43, 41. I need to put this kid down.


Yeah. Shane Mc look like a... Which was a tribute to someone? It was a.


Tribute to a children's entertainer who passed away.


Is that what.


It was? Yeah. I don't know if you found this out. I went through to Twitter and Denise L said it was like, If you don't know, this is who this is. He was like, If you are a Latina Harassment, you probably do. You all know who this person is. It'd be like, I suppose if he came out dressed as Timmy Mallet and we'd have been like, Oh, it's Wack a day. If Timmy Mallet passed.


I'd still think that was a bit weird.


I wanted to make the joke of being like, Hey, I came out dressed as Bumblebee Man. And then I found out what it was and I was like, Yeah, fair enough.


Great opening match, though. That's when we have the elite backstage and Matt Jackson's getting his foot seen to, apparently, because he had his foot dropped on the tax, apparently they took some of them out and the tops of the tax broke off. So the things were in the heel of the foot still.


Gross. Actually, my favourite thing about this, and I was talking to someone yesterday who does not watch wrestling, but we were talking about Spiderman into the Spider verse, or across the Spiderverse, I should say. And they said, Oh, have you seen the across the Spiderverse Nikes? They looked really awesome. I said, Well, funny enough, actually, there was a wrestler who was wearing those on the pay for you on Sunday. And he put an explosive in them and then kicked someone in the face and it blew the show up. And then my favourite thing about that is the trainer world found out about this. So there's loads of comments from trainer fans being like, What are they doing? What is this? Those are expensive trainers. They're limited edition and he blew them up.


Yeah, Matt Jackson references that as well, doesn't he? He's like, I didn't think I'd be making exploding kicks like that.


Did you see so many bad faith takes about that? There was one sent into the fightful post show that said, Am I supposed to be? Now, the Matt Jackson's got super powers and he can make sparks fly over shoes. I'm like, Are you stupid?


There's no other way he could have done that. This is the bit when hangman alluded to Kenny being in another country that isn't Canada. And yeah, the dark order were like, Oh, see with your new boyfriends now. And they seemed a bit pissy. And to be honest, hangman has not treated them well. He has not. So I appreciate that they're not dropping the Dark Order stuff, but also I'm getting a bit annoyed.


With it. Yeah, I agree because they should be a three way ader.


J. White and Bruce Robinson, thankfully, then had the best segment they've had since joining joining AEW. They both come down to the ring.


Was six weeks ago.


No, surely it.


Was longer. It's not like Jay White's been here for two years.


Deuce has been there three weeks before then.


Yeah, but it's Deuce Robinson. People aren't mad that Deuce wasn't getting a push. They were mad that.


Jay White wasn't getting a push. Anyway, I think first impressions count, and I will die on that hill. Bullet Club Gold come down. They cut a promo to Tony Schivane and the combination of Jay just being the way he is, so such a good heel and juice being the over the top delivery, which he is so good at. This felt like the juice from four years ago before it just weirdly went off the boil. So this was great. And they talk about FTR because they had a run in with them backstage at the pay per view. And FTR come out because they're calling them dumb. They patronized FTR so well, they felt like high school jock bullies, but in a credible way. Then juice whacked Dax with a fist full of quarters.


That was so great. Brilliant stuff. Yeah, really good. Cash immediately pounces onto Deuce Robertson to take him down, like the good friend that he is. They beat him up. Ricky Stark runs down with a chair to make the save and we got a challenge. It's going to be Ricky Stark and Jay White next week in a singles match.


Yeah. So we're probably long term, though, building to Ricky and FTR versus Juice, Jay and?


David Finlay, like you.


Said earlier. Yeah, someone from.


New Japan.


Chris Bay, maybe. Yeah. Then we got the Tony Khan announcement for punk. Then we got Trent versus Big Bill versus Swerve Strickland. This was the fallout from the Battle Royal, which was great, that Battle Royal. Dan did not like it. He did not share my.


Enjoyment of it. Dan was wrong.




This was good. Entitled to his own opinion, his wrong opinions.


This was good stuff. I've not got many notes. It was solid stuff. Very good stuff. Gave Swerve the win.


This was all about building up that international title picture and laying out the stall that Swerve Strickland is going to be the guy that's going after Orange Cassidy's titles. Not only did Swerve Strickland outlast these guys in a battle royal, including Big Bill and Trent Brede, he's now also beaten them in a triple threat as well, gave him a big win on TV. And they also set that up later when you had the tag match with Orange Cassidy and Darby Allen tagging against the Gates of Agony who were part of Swerve Stable.


Yeah, weirdly part of. I don't quite get the end of the scene. I like the Mogul affiliates. I like the Mogul affiliates faction, even when it was Parker Padraig and.


That other guy. Both of which have just been dropped. It's been replaced by the much better Gates of Agony.


But Swerve this was an opportunistic win because Big Bill had it won, but Swerve stomped on it.


It should be El Fantasma. Sorry, I was just.


Thinking about who the primary should be. Yeah, that's a good idea. It should be ELP. Is he still in Bullet Club?


I don't know, actually. That's a great question. I can't remember. I just just only thought then that would be really good. It should be EOP.


Sorry. Building swerve for that international title shot. A video package on Chris Statl and just talking about how happy she is winning a title. Very good. Acclaimed interview. It was an interview heavy show.


Don't mind that. Because a lot of it was just putting the building blocks in place right there. This is the next step of this feud or this is a new feud.


They claimed came out with Daddy Ass, spoke to Rene Paquette, and Daddy Ass said, I feel like it was my fault, boys. I let you down. And Bones is like, essentially promising this man is going to win gold because he deserves it and we're going to help him do it. So yeah, going for the trios' championship.


And I hope that they play up the idea that they did not have a stipulation for their own pick.


Rule and.


They can then use that as part of the story for the rematch.


I'm quite annoyed that people keep undermining that part of the open house concept because the first one was a joke. Second one was good. The lucha tag in, tag out rules. Third one, which was the pay per view. They were just like, won't have one. And then a lot of people were like, well, maybe that's building the story that people do take it seriously. I get that. And that is a story and it's a good story. But the much better story is treating it seriously from the start and then having one act undermined it, which could be the acclaimed, and then they have to learn that they use it.


Also works.


Works better. Don Callison, Dikeshita had their promo, which already covered. Arn Anderson and Wardlow challenge Luchasaurus for the TNT title shot.


Next step in that chapter.


Yeah. Not really into that.


Wardlow is doing nothing for me as TNT Champion.


Orange Cassidy and Derby Allen, as you've already mentioned, teamed together to take on the Gates of Agony. What did Gates of Agony look really good?


This was a great showcase match for them. This is like the best showcase that they've had for Gates of Agony since they came into ring of Honor and by extension losing.


On Rampage. I feel like they had a really good match on a main event of Rampage that I watched. But yeah, there's no momentum there on main TV.


But I thought they were absolutely awesome in this match. Really, this crowd, I mean, there was a great crowd all night as well. It was almost like more evidence that Double or Nothing should not be in Las Vegas next year. I thought this crowd really brought this match to life because they were really into derby and really into... I was so into Orange Cassidy. And by extension, were really against the gates of agony and were really booing them with their offence, cheering whenever Orange Cassidy or Derby Island would make a comeback. I thought everyone was superb in this match.


Swerve came down to watch on with his other embassy people, which was Brian cage and Prince Nana. And then Orange Cassidy and Derby got the win.


Final few moments were insane amount of fun.


The embassy started to stroll towards the ring, but then it's Sting.




Walked down and Swerve was like, No, I'm not getting involved in this. I like that Swerve has... We had two segments of Swerve on this show and I know I'm getting him next week because the last time we had two segments of Swerve was the show that was main evented by Keith Lee and Chris Gerico. I was like, Right, okay, now getting back to this. Swerve's amazing, K eith, these amazing, let's get into this storyline. T hen they just never followed up on it again.


Just so everyone knows that is Olly Davis advocating for more matches to be put on pay per views.


No, but this was then that was TV. That was an episode of TV.


Yeah. And everyone thought, Oh, cool, because that's going to be building up to them having their match at double or nothing.


But then they never told the story. I'm saying you could have that match on the go home episode of Dynamite.


Well, it sounds like you're saying is you want to put it on paper.




I agree.


With you. But it swerved gaining momentum, which I think probably leads them winning.


Next week. Well, that was going to be my question to you is, do you think he wins next week? I think he's the perfect guy to win the belt off of Orange Cassidy that is in pack and maybe you then can pay off that. I mean, pay off. I don't think we're ever going to get the pay off to this Swerve and Lee. I think they'll always tease their single match. We'll never get it. It would just be a big running gag that we're never going to get this match. And I think then you can do it over the international title or still have Orange Cassidy involved in there. But I could see Swerve winning the belt next week.


Same here. Definitely the biggest credible threat. We got a MJF promo from immediately after the match at Double or Nothing said, A W hasn't got anyone left to face him. No Gladiators left.


A perfect set up for Forbidden Door, which is that Tony Khan has to face someone from New Japan for the world title instead. I thought I was a really clever way of setting up an inter promotional match there for MJF.


You're right. It totally is. I liked it. I just didn't know I liked it because of that. Tony Schivone is in the ring again.


Of course, he is. Hook. He went on a commentary. He's got a service walking shoes on today. Back and forth on the commentary desk.


Hook comes out. He's going to talk when Los Ignorables...


I said that right. Los ingoes de Bananas.


Came down without Ruch, who's the best part of the faction.


But it's way for a collision.


Working, man. Do I get to beat anyone up and make myself look good? No, I'm not coming.


You see those people who thought that he did go into business for himself in that Jungle boy match.


Look, I would not be surprised. It's Ruch. That whole family do that all the time. Maybe not fully going into business for himself, but he was said, Hey, work over Jungle boy for a bit. And Rush is like, I'm going to beat the crap out of this kid.


And then Jungle boy gets the high spot and he's like, I.


Don't know. Walks away.


I think we should do more of my stuff. Then we'll do your bit.


That's why I love Ruch. He feels genuine. A genuine asshole, sure, but he feels genuine. They come down.


Manager Jose, and then.


They beat up Hook. Jungle boy makes a save with a chair and then JB and Hook.


Fist bump. I was waiting for Jungle Boy to waffle hook with that chair. And I think that is what this is going to lead to. I think this is Jungle Boy hitting hook with that chair.


Because it's been about a year of Christian or MJF saying, you haven't got the killer instinct, Jungle Boy. And then also a lot of fans going, I'm a bit bored of Jungle boy's baby face. So could these two things come together?


I think so. He was walking around the ring with that chair and I was like, he's going to hit him with it. No, he didn't. Maybe? No, not now. He will do it. No, he didn't.


All right, we're backstage. I think it's safe.


I think so. They got safe this time.


Tony Storm was backstage with a promo with running Mapicke r with the outcast. I thought she just looked like a megastar and she was talking so well, this was a.


Good decision. She was so awesome in the media, the Poshow Media conference as their heel character. I can't remember who it was that said, Oh, could you do this match? She was like, Oh, chop the tits off of her. Actually, it was the MJF promo. It was that post show media Scrum that made me think that it's a Fevered Door thing because he said, Oh, I'm not doing a match of Forbidden Door.


Why would I?


That indie fed. Yeah, exactly. New Japan is an.


Indie fed. The bit when he started saying, Well, there's only one guy I like there. It's the Great O Kahn. He knows exactly what to say to push people else buttons. Even though the Great Khan has blossomed into a pretty.


Really decent wrestle. We saw him six years ago.


He sure was. Such a bad gimmicker. Oh, it's that one Japanese wrestler that Rev Pro are forced to use to train them up. Then we got Chris Statlander versus Nia Rose. Decent match. I never got fully into it. I don't know why. Nia Rose dominated most of it. Statlander won at the end.


Yeah, it was a match that mostly took place in the commercial break, I think, unfortunately. This was just here to give Chris Statlander some shine on TV and push the storyline that she's got with Tyre Valkery, who feels slighted by Chris Stattland of stealing her moment at Double or Nothing. I'm glad that they're still picking up that thread and going with it. But yeah, this was just to put Stattland on TV and she's got the belt. She gets a nice, clean, credible win over Nia Rose. Rose did exactly what she needed to do in this match. Thumbs up from me, but it's a thumbs up that I was not interested in.




I feel the same.


Then we got Excalibur Rundown, the upcoming matches for shows. And all of a sudden, Zack Saber Jr. Is taking on Action Andretti. Okay. Oh, and Lee Moriarty's versus Shabbata. Oh, I'm watching Rampage then.


Can you tell that Rampage is back at its normal time slot for the first time since March?


And we also got Swervecast the announced for next week. And the main event was Gerigo and Soraya versus Adam Cole, Brit Baker. A lot of fun. This should have been the pay per view match.


I hadn't thought of it until you said that in your episode review, and I was like, Oh, yeah. No, it should have been. You're absolutely right. Because I really enjoyed this. It was a lot of fun. I thought the Soraya and Baker stuff was a bit slow, but it was all right. But I really enjoyed Baker... Sorry, Cole and Gerica working together.


They were far more intense than they were on Sunday.


And Gerica tripping Baker and stuff to lead to some Surrey heat, I thought was really fun. And it built up to Baker locking the lock during on Chris Gerica, which was really great. I thought this was a hell of a lot of fun. And I was waiting for Gerica to win so we could continue this feud on. And then Cole just beat him again. And I was like, all right, I don't know what this story is then because Roderick Strong beat him because of Adam Cole. Then Adam Cole beat him at the pay per view and then beat him again here.


It wasn't even Brit pinning Seraya. No. How many times did Ricky beat... I think Ricky beat Gerica and then I think Ricky beat Gerica in a tag, specifically pinning Gerica early on in their feud. So it's not... We're not out of the woods yet.


Pete said, This feels like it's the end of the feud, where I was like, No, it's Chris and Derek. It's Chris and Derek. This is going to go longer. I just don't quite see how it's going to go longer. But you did get the nice little cute ending because you had Cole and Baker celebrating together in their matching gear, which was very nice.


If you asked me this time last week, should you do an intergender tag at the pay per view or should you do an unsanctioned Derek versus Cole? I would have said 100 % Gerico versus Cole in a singles match. Maybe not Sabu.


No, I don't think.


I'd have done either. So I don't know how much of that is just Gerico and Cole had a bad match. It's so weird though. It was a bad match. Was weird. We haven't spoken.


About it. And it was not good. But I think a lot of it was the match structure. I just don't think it worked. I think the Sabu thing did detract from the match somewhat. And it was a finish. Okay, so it's three things. I don't think the match worked in terms of what they were doing. And I don't think the Sabu thing helped. And it was a really bad crowd.


For that part.




They couldn't go full on violence because Aniki and the arena.


Which as you mentioned on your review, then don't book that stipulation because if you can't go all out in an unsanctioned match because you're doing Anna Kean in the arena, then don't book it as an unsanctioned match.


That's the show. Overall, I've seen a lot of people say this is a great episode, one of the all time greats. It's nowhere near that for me. I thought the Don Calle segment was super. I enjoyed all the wrestling, but it did feel a bit like usually after a pay per view, it feels like some fresh stuff starts and this did not feel like a fresh start in any segment.


I cannot agree with. I also don't think it's an all time episode. I don't think this is a five out of five show, but I thought this was a good solid four out of five show, or maybe even a very solid three out of five show, maybe like a 3.5. But every single segment on it felt like we're doing this to start something new or further on from what we're doing. So you had Blackpool Combat Club and then with the Wheeler Ute story.


Okay, they wrestled Looch bros last week.


Yes, but this match was designed to tell the next chapter of.


The Wheeler Ute story. I'm just saying I enjoyed that one. But I'm just saying that is one of the most clear continuations of something that I've always seen last week.


It's fair, but at least it's paying off something that did happen the previous week. But I will hand you that one. Bucks and Paige talking about Kenny Baker going off to Japan or Teasing going off to Japan. Bullet Club Gold Feuding with FTR.


What? Bullet Club Gold Feuding with Ricky Stark?


But also setting themselves up as the next challenges for FTR as the tag trials for.


The tag trials. And Ricky Stark is still involved.


Yeah. So we're setting up a plate for FTR and Bullet Club Gold and finishing off the Ricky Stark Feud.


I feel like we're setting up a month of six man tag, which I've got to sit through and then we get the tag titles after that.


But yes, but this segment did set up the tag feud.


It's a continuation in my head.


And setting up something new.


There's nothing think completely... What I'm saying is there's nothing fresh.


There's nothing completely fresh. Swerven OCE?


That was already being set up last week and on the blackjack. Well, it wasn't set up last week, but it was set up on the blackjack battle. That's okay. That's more okay.


Chris Stattland and.


Tyre Valkery? I wasn't into that, though.


I guess you get a continuation of Baker and Cole versus Gerica and Soraya. I would argue that's the only thing on this show that did not further anything. If this was my GM mode, that would be the only thing that did not further a grove or start a.


New one. I'm not saying stuff wasn't furthered. I'm saying stuff didn't feel fresh to me.


Chris Stattlander and Tyre Valkery is not a fresh feud.


That one would be, but I'm not interested in that.


But that's a different argument.


I think we are in a holding period until the actual reset happens, which is collision.


I strong disagree about that one. But let us know what you thought in the comments down below or in the Omega chats, resttalk. Com support. Get in your Omega chat, it's about the US dollars and read out every single one of them about the US dollars. Plus, if you were at the Night of Champions party that we had last weekend, there is an email in your inbox with the pre sale code if you signed up for it to get your early access ticket for our Money in the Bank party on July first. We're going to be doing a watch long party for Money in the Bank at the Long arm P ub in the Bayer Brewery in Shoreditch with a live Quizzle mania live Quizzile Mania 2, which was so much fun. Everyone had a great time with that so we're going to be doing that again. And it's going to be a wonderful party. The JMPing ship will be online. Jam in the jar is making.


Its return. I didn't think about that.


Looking to make it a three Pete.




It for a third time in a row. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 1PM BST. There'll be a lot of notification of that in the news tomorrow which Laurie Blake will be doing. Make sure you get your tickets for that. If you want to head on to Patrick, there's loads of cool stuff over at Patron as well, including suggestions and the poll will be going up soon. I believe the polling is up today for the next episode of Result Talk Extra. I can confirm that someone has suggested DNA Slammersery 2009. So a nice continuation on from our.


Just do the best year in DNA history. My year. My year.


And we will get into the rest of your Omega chat. So, U rkut, here it says, In my humble opinion, the House of Black matches rules are brilliant storytelling, showing that if the teams don't take the dealer's choice seriously, House of Black will dominate, as seen in the three matches so far. Also high 90 % show, in my opinion, opinion?


Yeah, a lot of people really liked it from what I read. On the open challenge thing, it doesn't work, that argument, because when someone did choose it, which was the luchadors, they were beaten handily.


Cody, media, five said, I'm happy Adam and Eric got the win. I'm a huge AC fan since he debuted in Nxt. I've watched his ring of Honor days, which may be an even bigger fan. Give him all the belt. Also, Luke, I hope you like my fantasy booking. Much love to you.


I like the idea they said that I'm a huge AC fan. Well, which just makes it feel like an air conditioning unit has emailed him.


Marion Jackson said, As much as I see people complaining about sticking to roster, the amount of ROH players regularly in the ABW should be discussed about more. Also, the triple threat wasn't needed. Swerve should have cut a promo leading into the tag match. I think giving him a win over two other people that did well in the Battle Royal is actually much better than just doing.


A promo.


Same. Sen Razer said, I can't wait for Kenny to be at New Japan Dominion on Sunday because the Blackpool Combat.


Club are there. That's a great idea. That's a great show. That's totally going to happen. Great call. Was that Tem Riza?


It was indeed. This was an incredible episode. I can't wait for the CM P unk and I'm pumped for the road to all in. Which UK celebr music would you like to see it all in, can't wait to be there from all the way from here in Australia. Let's F'ing go.


Oasis and the Del.


Because they're always down together at.


The moment, aren't they?


They'll come back for this. Liam's doing his solo shtick.


There's one thing that will bring those boys back together.


After the reception they gave at BBC's Big Weekend, Royal Blood. Did you see that Royal Blood thing? Obviously, it was a pop concert that they were at, but they were playing their rock songs and the crowd went into it. So it just went off on them. Lovely wasting my time up here.




Music and appreciating.


That's awesome. So you did a CM punk press conference?


I did. It was awesome. I like Royal Blood. I thought it was rad. I've seen some people be like, Who are you? It's a crap band like Royal Blood anyway. I quite liked it. An unknown username. Please do let our moderators know who you are because the StreamLabs has lost your team. Looks like we're building to Blackpool Combat Club with Kinesuke Takeshita versus the Elite and Unown. Should this match be at Forbidden Door or Blood and guts? And would be doing both too much? I expected boost she would join for Blood and guts, but I doubt he would join them for Forbidden Door. Pong's returning in Chicago, which is most likely he goes off on script in his first promo, makes another major star look bad, or he jumps at the crowd again and breaks his other eyes off. My money is on both.


What can go wrong?


I think you do different matches of Forbidden Door and you do the Blood and guts match on TV. Cold Brew says, for fun, chat GPT thinks the Forbidden Door card should be MJF versus Sezuki.


Oh, my God. I mean.


Yeah, that's.


The match I'd want. That's really funny. Max would just run away from him.


Derby versus Tokagi, Christian versus Naito, Bucks versus Ishi Ngoito, Shida versus Mene, Sakahashi versus Jungle boy, Gerica versus a carter, Golden Lovers versus bullet club G old. Jam that AI.


That's why we're not using robots to book wrestling just yet.


Sullivan did ask chat GP to write a Roman Reign's promo in the style of a Shakespeare Sonnet. It was genuinely better than most of the shows. It was really good. James C. Morgan said, With two different main shows, I'd like AEW to do something different. What I would do is have a draft. Instead of being drafted to the brand, you get drafted to a faction. Each faction can only have five men and three women. Each team will be assigned to a show, which they will show up more frequently on, but can also show up on the other brand on scheduled weeks. Each match is worth a point and then the team for that show with the most points face off in the end of the season. The top team from each show face off in a series of matches and the team who wins the series goes on to a special dynamite or collision where they challenge for all the titles in the company. If a champ is in the faction, they choose the opponent. To me, this can make more them have matches to have more meaning, give a reason for multiple brands and make where we don't have to add more titles.


Also, you can have buy weeks. So if the Elite are on collision, punk can be on the buy week and vice versa.


It's very high concept, but it's pretty cool, isn't it? I don't know how much of the ongoing part, but the idea of a draft happening and all the various faction heads trying to draft unaffiliated people. That sounds really cool.


Justin Reed has been a member for three months in a row, said, As per a wrestle tix, two out from the rampage debut, AEW had sold 11 of the 14,000 seats in the United Center. So far, they've sold six of the 8,000 this time around.


I'll say it's set up.


For less. Set up for less this time, or fewer. But I'd also, I would expect that because this is not his first return in 10 years.


It's diminishing returns.


It's diminishing returns. Austin here says, I hate that there's tribalism on whether you're on the elite or punk side. Wrestling fans need to understand that these are all just people who have disagreements and they were both wrong. That's it. Anyway, shout out to or shout out all the way from the Philippines.


Right. So you're one of those people that's on the both wrong tribe. Tribalism is everywhere.


Lucas here said, I wonder if we now see collision specific pay per views in order to keep the roster away from each other and from causing chaos backstage. Could be a way to add more pay per views to the slate. I hope that. I don't want that at all. I think it's bad enough that we've got two separate brands. I don't need two separate pay per views either.


Really limits the creative things that.


You can do. If you are one of those people that's just like, I think they should have specific roster stuff, different pay views, even now with the brand split and stuff, watch 2006's, and watch some of those smackdown pay views. Can you tell me if that's a good idea?


We used to call them Sunday Night Raw when it was a Raw one.


I'm Just Marcus said, punk is coming back and I don't know how to feel about it, which is weird given where we were not too long ago. That aside, am I the only one who thinks that punk should have been the attacker at Double or Nothing? Instead, the heat would have been way more intense.


That would have honestly been the biggest thing you could do right now in wrestling. But there are reasons it couldn't have happened. But since I've heard it, my God, I can't stop thinking about it.


We have got another unknown username. Please do let our moderators know. It says, As a Chicago Ian, I'm with Oli here and I'll always be a punk guy. While he may be toxic to some, I could take solace in the fact that it's all ego related and nothing like abuse, allegations or bigotry, which would turn me away. Oh, that's from Austin Felton.


That's a good point, isn't it? Because that's a completely different side of things. People can be a douchebag and you can still hang out with them.


Justin said, I mean, we hang out with people in this office. Justin said, I'll be at Collision Live. I can't wait to see how Chicago reacts when culture personality hits. Also, anytime Sting returns, it's always to save his son from a three on one beatdown. Always makes me laugh. Philip here says, Luke, Luke, Luke, is there more cut scene coming? Well, hope so. We don't know.


Share those first videos around more.


Yeah, absolutely. Kevin said, My signed copy of 2 K 23 has arrived.


Great. You are one of the winners.


Can't wait to play my GM Modem. Me as confused as Luke or Peter is for my rival is not growing. But I don't know about Brian Children signing it. It may be needed as an exhibit for one of his many trials. Peter here says, Greetings from... What do you think that is?


It's very gay.


It's very gay. Well reviewed. Thank you very much. And Eternal Blue has been in member for 23 months in a row, says just one more month until two years. That's mad. First time in a long time that I'm able to catch you guys live too.


Oh, that's great. Well, thank you very much for becoming members to this channel and sending in your wonderful chats there as well, which I learned today don't require VAT on them because they are not products. They are considered tips. Yes.


Look at that.


Got to have a chat with our accountants who are making me pay VAT on all of this. Wow. The bastard. They didn't. They don't know. They don't know. They don't know what super chat is.


But we've just got to end our poll here to find out what you thought of this show. Thumbs down.


2 %. Oh, wow.


Mid, 23 %. Thumbs up, 74 %.


Well, I'm mid, I'd say.


I'm mid pointing upwards. But if I have the three options, I'm picking thumbs up. But that is all we got time for on this edition of the show. Thank you so much. Tomorrow on this channel, the best of wrestle talk from May will be going live. So make sure you check that out because there'll be all the fun clips from shows like this as well as the live reactions as well, like the ones we had last week. So check that out tomorrow. And we'll be back next week with reviews of Raw and AEW as we build towards collision and forbidden door. We're going to do live reactions to collision, don't you forget? So please do subscribe to this channel. All that good stuff. And we'll see you next week. I've been Luke Owen, DAD, or back on Saturday. And that's been Oli Davis, Jam That Jam.