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Judgment Day splitting up. I'm Oli Davis. I'm joined by Dan Layton because Luke's DAD on holiday. Luke DAD is on holiday. I'm filling in. And he's always complaining about Raw every Tuesday. I'm like, Luke, how was Raw? And he goes, Well, you know when Nxt used to be booked by Triple H? That. It's a bit boring week to week. It's the pay per views that matter. And here I am. I come in, random Raw to review. Absolutely banging show.


Plot twist. It absolutely slapped.


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That smackdown. Then it went Omega.


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Ultra nats. Get in those ultra nats to wrestletalk. Com forward support or read out every single one of them over $5 us dollars before the end of the show. But we're going to start off talking about the book ends of the episode, the opening segment, and the main event, which were in typical Wwe template style, entwined. They were really, really interesting.


Yes, that is exactly the word I would use. Yes.


Please. I thought you were going to elaborate.


No, I was just waiting for you to tell us.


What happened. I'll run down what happened. So Seth comes out to open the show. I described him as being dressed like his world heavyweight belt because he's all gold. I'm calling it the world constellation weight belt as well.


It's the world constellation price.


And he said how a world title hasn't been defended on Raw for two years, so he's going to start being a fighting champion, which is great. The point of the belt. Yeah. Great idea. That's what Rollins did in that Intercontinental title run back in the day. Do you remember that one when he really started Monday.


Night Rollins? Oh, yeah. Yeah, he did do that.


I went back to look on that period because I was like, Was it because he lasted really long in the Royal Rumble? But it wasn't. It was a gauntlet match on Raw. And everyone was like, Oh, my God. This guy's.


Great again.


After the injury and botched baby face return.


Period he had. He also had to put up with the Fiend stuff. Wait, was this before or after that?


Well, the Fiend stuff was a year and a half after.


Oh, God. What an interesting run Sef's had.


Yeah, he's.


Gone up and down. Because he had the whole bit where he won the universal title and then got stale because he turned into Beckham and his boyfriend instead of anything of note.


He was a cult leader for a while.


He was a cult leader.


Yeah. Of whom authors of pain were disciples. Were they? Hey, Austin Theory was part of that faction for two.


Whole weeks. This was during the pandemic, wasn't it? Yeah, everyone was losing their minds. Half of it I decided was just I was a bit crazy.


It's out of continuity.




So it's good that... This is good. As we've seen with Orange Cassidy and the TNT title on dynamite or John Senna's run, hopefully you can just every week or every other week have a great match with someone.


Nothing says more legitimate than wins and wins and losses matter in my world still. I feel like coming out defending the title, almost losing it but keeping it, that legitimises you. And that's why Gunther as the Champion for so long is successful because he's kept the belt in a bunch of really banging matches.


In Wwe style, really, the answer is moderation. You have it somewhere between the two where it's mostly defended on pay per view, but a few times a year it's on TV. But they've got one belt that is never defended, so they've got this other belt that they have to defend.


All the time. They have to at all times.


Which will, you know, it will cheapen it over the long run, but that's the bet they've made for themselves. So his first opponent is Damion Priest, who comes out with Fem Balor when Seth mentions his name. And Damian's like, I don't need judgment day. I can beat you. I think you deserve it. It was been a bit baby face.


Yeah, what's interesting is that they came out already as a broken unit. They came out without Dominic and Ria, where we used to see them come out all four. But they came out on this one completely, just the two of them. And Seth is goading... It's interesting you say that he's playing a bit baby face because death is almost heeling it up a little bit. I don't like him. In that you don't like this character at all, do you? It's the tweener element that I vibe with. It's not the tweener about it for me. It's just.


Full heel. It's just an obnoxious twat.


Don't disagree. It works. And also I want his wardrobe. But he's needling and making a point of saying, You don't do well against me. They've made a point of this shoulder a lot over the past few weeks, which would lead you to believe that Fin is his first big programme. It. And then, yeah, it's all goading him into saying, You need the Judgement Day. You always need the Judgement Day. Where are Ria and Dom? Are they off doing their own thing? And then, yeah, priest just says, I don't need them. You know what? You'll get just me. So let's do it. And Fin gives a bit of...


It's more than that. Okay. He gives a bit of a big, scrunchy Irish face.


He gives a bit of...


That is actually quite good. That is pretty good.


I'm an actor.


So yeah, obviously very small teases, but we've done wrestling before. We know how these things play. That is a seed that's been sown.


There is no subtlety in Wwe.


Either it's one that is actually a red herring and someone else gets kicked out of the group or another person joins or they forget about it.


Which would be super interesting as well because I think the Judgement Day have been really.






C onsidering where they started, Edge's supernatural.




And they are one of the most overachs in the entire company, both collectively and individually. But Fin is the odd man out, I think.


This is interesting because they've never had a leader, the Judgment Day is never, except Edge. But once Fin joined in, it was very much just the four of us and they'd all have equal time on the mic and they'd come out to their collective music, but they'd still each have individual individual music. What was interesting here was this idea that Fin didn't like Damien stepping above his station. There was something in there that was a little bit like, Oh, hang on. You don't have the authority to make that choice.


I've always interpreted Balor as the leader.


I think so, but I think it's more interpreting rather than the way it's fully projected. I think that is one of the subtle things about it, personally.


Well, I think that could play into where we're going to go next with this because there's a lot of focus being put on Damion's... I don't like him as a baby face. Damien? Yeah. Or at least how we present him as one. But he immediately goes one dimensional. And that.




That's a heel voice.


A lot of baby faces in WBR that level one dimensional, which is part of the problem. It happened to Rollins a lot, which is why I think sticking with the same character he was when he was full heel in this organic face room, present company accepted, it works a little bit. I think priest as a villain is such a good... He's so big.




He's domineering and he can batter you and he looks great. I think the work he did with Bad Bunny was brilliant.


Oh, yeah, he's a great heel there. So you've got Damion priest, you've got Ria Ripley, you've got Dom. They are all genuine breakout stars who you have been really elevated by Judgement Day.


And we'll get to Dom.


Yeah, later on. And Ria's most followed TikTok star.


More than Tom Hanks.


How can we be relevant? Let's compare ourselves.


To all these things. Wba really said, Go yourself, Tom Hanks. They really did.


Well, no one likes Tom Hanks.


Famous villain, Tom Hanks.


Although, yeah, maybe not in Elvis. Terrible casting.


Awful, weird, but you know.


But there's Fim Bala, and I would say he feels exactly the same.


Right. That's interesting.


In terms of the judgement day split. So I'll run down what happened in the main event as well. It's Damion Brees versus Seth Rollins for the Constellation Belt. And it was really good. It was. Really good match. But the most interesting thing was the finishing sequence where the outside, I think Damion's on the apron and Seth uses that to get right in between his legs and power bomb him. I hated that video so much. That's what he did. He did. Poked his head up between his thigh.


I'm going to power bomb you.


Don't do it again. Stop doing it.


And he powerbombs Damon into the barricade. And all of a sudden you're like, Well, that's the spot that injured Fin Bala, 2016 for that Universal Championship. Inaugural, of course, Fin won, but he had to relinquish the title the.


Following day. And crucially, he has never had a world championship. Killed him. Nxt since. He had the Nxt title, but he never won the world championship again, which I think is a really interesting nugget to this story.


So when that happens, priest starts selling the shoulder. That's the same injury. The torn labrum, I think it was.


That rings a bell.


Then Fin appears at that moment. So this is definitely thought out. This is not coincidence. Fin appears, he goes to attack Seth. Seth super kicks Fin. Fin's like, doesn't actually distract Damion or do anything bad, apart from trying to support his mate. I interpret as. Yeah. Seth gets in the ring. Damion's had a bit of time. Choke slam, near fall, Damion gets up, ow my shoulder, looks at Fin. What are you doing here? Turns around, Steph, something, stomp, win. And then Fin stares down Damion afterwards.


And that's the closing image we get.


So I feel like there's a lot of stars that have aligned here, one of them being Fin beat Steph in the Genesis stages of one championship. Seth beat Fin in the Genesis stages of this new championship in the tournament. Rubber match.


Interesting. I think it's really the what was also curious about the whole match was that a lot of the time, priest had Seth's number. A lot of the time, Seth was jumping off something and he'd get a big old up. Or there was that great table spot I loved, which is where Seth's going with something on the table and priest just goes no. Sam slaps him on the table. And he was looking great in it. He had a lot of his big moves. And then you're right, it's nothing out of the ordinary for the judgment day to be able to come in and help each other out. There was nothing different about it. And in fact, yeah, it didn't really make any impact in the match whatsoever. It was priest going, hang on, what's that that caused him to lose the match? But he did lose it clean. There was no physical interference. So arguably, priest is now at the bottom of the chain. If Fin is the next answer to this apparently rolling open challenge, do you use that as a way to cause further dissent in between the bloodline? Would you have the belt on Rollins for a while?


Or do you see Fin Rollins coming a long time from now?


You know what? To be honest, I've not thought about it because it's not been a belt that I've been excited by. No, I agree with that. I felt like the World Heavyweight Championship, it's immediately hampered by not being the belt. One of the two belts Roman has. I know they're now combined.


That's a big gold belt.


It is a big gold belt. The tournament itself was very predictable. Seth won. Because there was all that flat malays about it from me, I never really thought, Well, where do they go with this? I quite like the idea of Seth just doing loads and loads of title defences. But then I also quite like the idea of Fin beating him at Money in the Bank and being the champion. Or maybe you keep the belt on Rollins because here's my other bit of fantasy booking, Judgment Day turn on Fin Bala. Just over a year after they turned on their last leader, Edge, who was holding them down.


Was that only a year ago?


Yeah, but a year and a couple of weeks. So it could become a judgment day annual tradition. I mean, the clues is in the name. We are a fact. You come to your judgment day. That does a judgment day on one of us every year.


That's so interesting.


And you kick out Fin, who's the leader, just like Edge. Fin, like I said earlier, hasn't really elevated alongside the others. So he's the weakest link here, which is crazy.


And you could argue if he loses the belt or loses the title of Championship match, Ria has a belt. So she's the leader. If there's a leader, it's mommy.


That's interesting. Plus, plus, plus, plus JV McDonner.


Yeah, that's an extra little bit of spice. Because the idea was that we talked about it a few times is that Fin is maybe going to bring him in. And there was supposed to be a segment with them last week that I believe got caught at the last minute. If Fin was going to try and bring him in, does Fin work separately with J. D. Mcdonner? Does J. D. Mcdonner replace Fin? What's the... You think that one?


Well, it fits.


Edge. Irish.


They're Irish. They look very similar.


They're both from Bray County Wicklow.


I mean, they look really similar. But you've got... I'm trying to remember how the storyline went. Edge beat Fin Bala and he was going to bring Fin Bala into the Judgement Day. Something like that last year. Aj styles was involved as well. But it was actually Fin who ended up replacing Edge. So you just run that back. But this time it's not Fin, it's JD going in as the junior role that Ria Ripley, Dominic, and Damion are going to elevate.


I don't want to see Judgement Day go away. That's the other thing. I like their stick. I'm into their deal. I hadn't really thought about it. I guess I hadn't had the word until you said it, which is exactly that Fin hasn't really been elevated. Fin is the same Fin, as far as I'm concerned. Had great matches, is a fantastic rest of the would like to see in main event programme. But when I think of priests big moment at Puerto Rico, or I think of where Ria Ripley has got and solidified herself, when I think of what Dominic has done with this opportunity. You're right. Fin hasn't had that moment. Well, the argument, the contrarian point to make to you is it's too perfect. It's too perfect and we will never go with it. But there is a perfect circle in, Sorry, Fin, you ain't holding up your end of the bargain. That's curious.


All the details are there, aren't they? They could go another way. Fin could be cost it, cost the belt if he faces Seth at Money in the Bank. That's a show where you don't need a fully, like a really big title match. You can use it to tell the.


Story of.


Judgment Day. You've got all.


Your chats. The main event of the Money in the Bank absolutely is, or the What we're there to see are the Money in the Bank matches. So it's like the Royal Rumble. You need a challenger, but is it your big programme? So why not? I don't think Fin's going to be... He's not had a qualifying match has he?


No, he's not. I think... No, Roar isn't filled out yet. Because you've got LA Knight.


You've got Rik 2K, and Rikershine. They got Rikershine, but he wasn't against the Shinsuke Rik. So there's still a Roar spot for somebody.


It's got to.


Be Dominic. Yes, I don't think it's going to be Fin. That means Fin has availability in his calendar, some of it to do. You could do a lot worse and you could build two story lines in there. Seth continuing to build this belt and then judgment day.


In play. Yeah. Should we see what everyone thinks on the natty... No, the ultra nat. Ultra nat, dear God. Ultra nat. Think people aren't sending in chats purely because of.


That name. We can try a different name. Which was yours? What was your pitch?


No, natty chats. Nanny chats. What was it?


I said ultra. You said Natalia chat is what you were going with. And you said.


Natty chats. Was it.


Natty chats? Natty chats and then ultra nats is where we ended up. I like.


Ultra Natts. Let's stick with Ultra Natts.


Ket's Ultra Nat says, With Roman still being called the undisputed champion, it makes the World heavyweight title more midcard than when it was revealed. That unification match last year was not only boring, but also did more harm than good in the long run. Yeah, definitely. It's just interesting because for me, it was one of those things of like, let's see what the belt looks like on a person. And now we have it. We have that belt on set. And I still think of set as a US title contender. I don't know if it's the character or if it's the fact that there hasn't been a programme really yet. But him holding it still doesn't really feel real. And it's because we also have been sold the other one in a much bigger way.


I feel like Gunther is more prestigious.


I feel like Gunther is more prestigious. I completely agree and has had the matches to back it up. I don't know what you do about that. And we have another one here from... Oh, I don't know how to say that. Tyrell Marcus, who says, I'm so excited for the watch party for Money in the Bank. I came all the way from Tyrell, Australia just to be there. Oh, my God. That is a long trek to come and join us for our Money in the Bank party. But tell us about the Money in the Bank party and why that's a good choice.


Well, we were both at the United Champions watch along. We were told by a sports bar, a place that has sports and events all the time, like the World Cup, like the Super Bowl, that we were the loudest audience they've ever had. 150 rabbit, screaming wrestling fans. We turned Night of Champions into a British indie show with just nonstop chants and it was so much fun. And we're going to do it again for Money in the Bank, even though Money in the Bank is.


Across the road. Oh, yeah. You get that extra like the ripple effect.


But a lot of people said, Well, I would prefer to come to this because it's a close knit, intimate community and vibe. So, yeah, the tickets are already nearly sold out, so I don't really need to chill it.


I would call it the hottest ticket.


In town. There's literally like five tickets left. If you want to get your money in the bank watch along ticket in the Long arm pub in Old Street, which is part of East London, we'll be there. We'll have a lot of fun and there'll be 150 other people. Live Quizzle Mania. That's already sold out, though.


We were talking about this with Pete and I when we're doing the page on Mail bag. The FOMO with wrestling and the idea there's so much wrestling. What do you watch? It's not so much the shows or the matches that we get the FOMO of. It's the experience of watching it with people. If you don't usually watch wrestling with a lot of your friends, you will make friends at this party come along. The second you walk in the door, we're all one big mess of fans. And it is one of the most unique experiences. Being in that room when Jimmy Super Kick Roman. Unbelievable.


Really special. And it'll be for money in the bank as well, which will be insane. So if you haven't already, get your ticket. There should be a link somewhere on this page, maybe underneath this, maybe in.


The chat. Somewhere. You'll find it.


Tickets are going very fast. They're nearly sold. So act now. One more chat?


Yeah, one more chat. Ted Ruther says, I agree with you, Oli, not attached to the W HC, but I have just realised that I have not had any connection to any of the titles after Mania, not even the IT title. Oh, wow. Fin and Shinsuke, please go back to Japan. Ang, I can't say that. I need to get there. Ang Postercoglu... Ang, the new manager of a tartan. I'll get his surname. I will. I will learn how Postercoglu. Ang Postercoglu, I've done it. It's a tartan. Melbourne represent. Goodness, goodness gracious. It's a big Australian representation here. But yeah, it's interesting. Luke talks about this a lot about the spinning of the wheels and waiting for it to kick. We just need to get through this. We just need to get through this. We just need to get through this. It is always this period where it's like, I'd like a little off season and kick things into gear. I thought Night of Champions was great. I am actually far more invested in the Royal Women's Championship now than I was beforehand because we have a new one and the little parade of all the women on smackdown was quite fun.


So maybe money in the bank, maybe we should get through money in the bank, guys.


I don't know what you're talking about. Raw was fantastic.


Raw was great this week. I had.


A great time this week. I just assume it's always this great.


Let's keep that being what you believe. All right.


So this episode of Raw, please keep getting in your... Ultra Nats. Ultra Nats to wrestletalk. Com support or read out every single one of the five.


Us dollars. Is Mod Mother with us today?


Should be, yeah.


Mod Mother? I've robbed Luke's earpiece here. Can we do a poll in the chat and see whether we prefer Ultra Nats or Natty Chats? Just a quick one. Just see what happens.


We had Seth, Damion and Fin to kick off the show, which we already covered. Then we got Beccy Lynch versus Sonya Deville.


I liked this match.


It was okay. When they came out, I was like, Okay, Beccy's going to win Money in the Bank qualifier. But they actually stacked the deck enough against Beccy. They did. To make it a bit more interesting.


They did. Kevin Patrick said something absolutely foolish and nonsense and ridiculous, and I loved it and I hated it in equal measure. He said, Thousands of Irish are already making their way to London to see Beccy Lynch. Kevin, it's a month away. What are they paddleboarding? If they were paddleboarding and walking from Liverpool, they still got a couple of weeks before they need to leave. They're looking for work. They really are.


Like the old days. It sounds like Vince is producing them in his ear and Vince's vision of Irish people is that they are still with little flat.




On big steamer tug boats.


Awful line. Loved it. But I like the carrot stick. I like Chelsea Green getting involved. I thought that was fun. It's a decent match, but the running theme of the show is the crowd won, making any noise whatsoever, which I thought let them down.


Yeah. In the matches. Yeah. That's a big, big crowd, isn't it? That's true. Pop for the finish, pop for music. We had Trish Strat us and Zoe Stark appear on the ramp to give a slight distraction, but they never got involved crucially. And Beckie won pretty handily in the end. But yeah, it had substance because it decided someone who goes into the money in the bank.


And it showed us that there was a great section where Beckie just threw them both at the barricade. And further the story with Zo, I like the fact that we're going to get more of Beckie and Zoë within the match. I think that was a smart choice to get them both involved because when they came out, I was worried there'd be an interference and I was not here for it.


Yeah, the idea of Zoë Stark costing Beckie this place because it will be Beckie versus Zoë Stark and money in the bank and Beckie wins.


Keep them both in it.


We got a recap of the excellent Bloodline segment from smackdown. I can't remember what's Roman's line when he hugs him. He's like, We're not.


Today or something. I think I just said, No, I wanted him to say, I love you, I'm sorry. I was so ready for it. And then pushing backwards into a spike would have been...


So that cuts to Byron Saxton backstage. He says, Well, somebody's really experienced with the Bloodline. Sam Zane and Kevin Owens.


Let them escape. Let them escape. They've won so many times now.


And Sam is just like, I mean, J's still not made his mind up. I think Samy should now just be annoyed.


Yeah, Samy's in Kevin's position. Kevin was like, Please, let me get you out of the Bloodline. He's just like, No. If you're not going to help yourself, how am I going to help you?


So Empyrium interrupt them and KO does that funny yelling thing that he did last week. I quite like it.


I quite like it. And I had a little something when we get into the match proper, but I call him scrappy do Kevin Owens.


Yeah, that is what he's become, which worries me. I really enjoyed last week's segment when Imperial came out. He was like, You do not get to come out. That was fun. But seeing him do it here again, still funny, but I don't want that to become his gimmick. Kevin Owens just used to say things to entertain himself, and I thought that's what it was. I don't want it to become scrappy.


Dude Kevin Owens. That's it. It can become a little bit tricky, but I think when you get into the match itself, there was something that was quite interesting in there for me.


Well, that immediately set up Gunther versus Kevin Owens. I thought we were going to get Keyser versus Alex. Yeah, too. Not this what is effectively a dream match.


Yeah, I sat up straight away. I was like, hang on, what? Yeah.


Not for the IC Belt. No. But still, this is like one of the four, five main events you could have on a pay them.


We're getting this on free television. Okay.


And they had a great match. Really good. Gunther dominated a lot. Kevin Owens, despite Gunther dominating him, it wasn't like R. Lee where R. Lee was rag dolling dead. Owens was always getting back up and trying to try fight him off. You had Sammy on the outside looking distressed. Loads of German suplexes. Swant on bomb from K. O. Great near fall, but then the Imperial braw starts happening on the outside. Kaiser gets in the ring, right in front of the referee and the referee is like, This is fine.


You fight Kaiser. Yeah.


And Owen stunners him and turns around. Gunther rolls him up. Bad finish. But what was your little detail you saw?


Agree there. So my little detail, I rag on Kevin Patrick a lot, but Kevin Patrick actually made a good point in this match, which was that Kevin Owen's temper keeps getting the best of him. And I have thought this a few times. It's almost like he keeps jumping to anger and Samy keeps trying to be like, no chill, no chill. And if Kevin's temper keeps getting the better of him, is that going to lead... In this case, he was cross and was distracted in a way that priest wasn't in the main event, for instance. That's what led to him being able to be rolled up. Is that going to be a little storyline thing? Is it something to keep an eye on? Is that going to cause dissension between those two? Is there going to be an I'm so cross, I turn you back and maybe his term that makes him lose the tag titles and then Sammy turns? Because I can't help but look at Sammy and Kevin and think there's another main event picture. For all of the Romans hogging the titles and Cody should have won it. May near and the World heavyweight Championship is a Constellation prize.


Goodness me, we're stacked with main event stars, aren't we? I feel with Kevin Owens and Samy Zane and Damion Priester and Fion Bauer and Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and Cody Rose and Dominant Mysterio and Ria Ripley. We got such a roster of people, Gunther, you could do so many different things with them. So I was a bit curious to hear them mention this temper, which is something that I've spotted a few times over the past couple of weeks and go, now you said it, it could become part of the storyline. That said, you are Kevin Patrick, you say a lot of things. And then I thought the roll up finish was a shame because I don't see why if Gunther didn't... Let's just say Gunther slammed him or decked him and then got a normal cover and not run out of the ring. It's the same finish. And I think Kevin can take it. It won't negatively affect his character. So the roll up was a shame. Otherwise, I thought the match was really good.


I would have just, and I hate I'm saying this, a DQ braw.




Yeah. I'd have had imperium Sammy Zane spill into the ring because I don't want Gunther to pin Owens. I think that if you're going to just suddenly do this match on TV, at least use it to build an actual match they can have. But I've seen Gunther pin, not clean, of course, but I did see him pin it.


I'm always much more inclined with a finish than a DQ because we had that run in the summer last year where every other match was a DQ and I was like, What are you doing? Whereas if Gunther absolutely batters you in the face and you knocked out for three, I think that's fair. So I think Gunther and Kevin Owens are the two people where that could actually work, especially if he's been distracted by all those people. It's a mild bugbear for me, the mother.


On the Kevin Ows, Samy, his aim relationship, because they're now back together, you can bet they are already thinking, Well, how do we break up? Right. So, yeah, maybe that is. They love it. They love it. In a couple of months time, Sammy actually goes to pull Kevin Ows off someone and Kevin Hines turns around and backs him or something. Backs him or something. Yeah. Owens is upset. Zane's like, Well, this feels very much like the last relationship I was in.


That's a great idea. Yeah, because he's got PTSD from the bloodline.


Yeah, that's interesting. Nice. But yeah, really good match. Crappy finish. It cuts backstage to Kathy Kelly, who's talking to Riddel. Riddel is just like, out of nowhere, furious because Gunther cheated to win or I'm so angry. Kaiser and Vinci come up and say, Well, don't talk about Gunther like that. And he Fs them up.


Really does, doesn't he? He proper threw him across.


He chucks Kaisa over some crates and then gets Vinci in this ankle lock. I think Vinci was crying him. He sold it so hard. He did.


I don't like reaper boy Matt Riddel at all. The Bongo's thing was a famous thing that I, on the show, was very cross about. I like intense Matt Riddel because this guy's a cage fighter. This guy's someone who I'm supposed to believe could snap me like a tweak. Having him literally launch Kaiser across the arena and then threaten to break Vinci's angle and Vinci did sell it really well, loved it. I was like, Yeah, more of this, especially if we are going to get Gunther Riddel. I don't think Riddel is going to win it, but I'd like to believe that he could.


I know what you mean, but I just feel like this segment started with Riddel at 11. Yeah, that's true. Then he.


Finished at 11. But it's Riddel. Riddel, do you remember that time Riddel did a promo with Aska? Completely forgot his lines and just skated away. It's Riddel. You're never going to get a solid, decent build promo, are you? So you got to get where you can take.


Speaking of great promos, do you know who likes to party?


I absolutely do. In an empty room, it's Caden Carter.


And Katana Chance.


Yeah, they love to party.


They love to party so much that they say it in their debut appearance on Raw in a backstage segment with Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler. Then Corey Graves just continues to mention it on commentary. These two girls love to party.


They just love to party. I'm like.


I hate you two.


It is interesting, isn't it? Because I like these two a lot. I was fans of them in their tag tile run. I think they've got some good stuff on show. I think they've got a great look, each of them. Blue. The look is blue. Yeah, Cate and Carter in particular, I think looked cool. It got the grey hair, got the contacts, the piercings. I'm a big fan. Katana Chan's looks a little bit like you saw a sorority girl who went along for one rave and thought that the music was nice and popped about a little bit with a wire and spritzer. But the heel levels of this promo of them, how much they like to party, I was like, I don't like either of you two. What is this about? This is weird.


It's like, Wwe's new. These two just like to have fun.


Hey, Vince is back. He doesn't know what fun looks like.


So Shane and Ronda, it starts off with them holding the belt. They said they want some opponents, and that's when chance and Kada make their debut.


I didn't expect to have a good because we got a promo. Normally, they take a week off. They came off and they said, Hi, we're here.


They are. The height difference was stark.


It's hilarious. Have you played how much 2 K 23.


Have you played? I don't think I'll ever play enough 2 K 23 to end up playing Katana Chance.


So I did because I picked her on my GM and I like to now and again just play one of the matches just see what the entries look like and get the move set. It was stupid. She's this big on the game. It's not even like I'm like, how? And then so I was like, She surely can't be this mini. And then she is.


She's a mini person.


But it worked quite well in the story. I thought this was going to be a squash match, if I'm honest. Ronda and Shane is first.


And I was sad about that match.


Oh, you wanted it to just be a kill job?


No, I was sad about it. I thought it was going to be a squash match. I was sad about that it might be.


But actually, they told the story of Shane and Ronda somewhat underestimating Katana and Caden. And the blue s were... Do you hear Sullivan getting?


Yeah, I just thought we could hear it.


Running down. Katana Chance and Caden Carter, their offence is amazing. It's great, isn't it? So flippy and fast. And there was a 450 from Katana Chance here. I think it was a 450 stomp.


It's a finishing move. It's a double team finishing move where you have her in the reverse D DT position. And I think it's not so much a stomp as it is supposed to be a splash, but the.


Rotation is what I'm thinking. Amronda and Shane had just broke up the pin and the crowd didn't believe it. I didn't believe it, but I did pop.




It. Five minutes earlier in that backstage segment, you had me invested in this match. I was like, no way. They like to party.


And you.


Hate to party. Yeah. But this was good stuff.


It's interesting because for me, this is a perfect example of how you introduce a new set of stars because these were the longest reigning NSE tag team women's champions. They are here, Ronda R theatre and Shaneer, who got a decent ish promo, I thought, but have been speaking in the past week or so about how they basically demanded the opportunity to be a tag team IRL. I would like to have seen them be slightly more believable, realistic in the way they're speaking like that. But for them to come up and say, we'll take you on. You're talking about you want to legitimise this tag team division, you want to, well, let's fight us, we'll.


Take it. We'd like.


To party. We'd love to party and we'd like you to come to us. And then to deliver a decent match. It's like when you are a championship football club and you get promoted to the Premier League, you're not going to win the League in that first season. It would be unbelievable if you manage to do it. But you are a team who has a trophy. You did really well in that, but you're in the different Leagues now. You're you are the NXU tag team champions. Congratulations. You're in the big League now. It's the Major Leagues. It's the Major Leagues. It's the main roster. So they should be able to take it to you and not quite meet the mark. The show was great. Sorry, the showing was great. The moves were great. I thought Ronda and Shane looked good as well. And we're trying to establish them as a dominant tag team. This was a really good use of these two teams in a really good match. I really enjoyed it.


You want to establish the new champions while elevating the new stars. I feel like they juggled those opposing things quite well.


And one of the big things I wanted from the brand split was a commitment to the women's tag division. And we're getting it. And I liked it. I would like you do that more, please.


Johnny Gargano got a video package Sherry's Time and the Nxt it exists.


Which was better than his wife's video package from last week, which was cringy. Oli, it was so cringy. What happened? Oh, you know how Caden Johnson... They like to party.


They like to party.


Well, Candice LeRoe believes in fairies. She was like, Why do I wear these pixie wings? Because I believe fairy tales do come true. I'm living mine. Here are some primary colours. I was so angry about it. I was not... This was what we should have got for Candice LeRay. I think it's maybe a bit too little, too late for Johnny Gargano at the moment, but he'll put on a good match and we'll all come back around.


He said the Gargano story is just getting started. We had a backstage segment with Rigger, Shea, Bronze and Reed and Nakamora, Bronze and Reed was like, I should be in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Rico Shea pointed out, Well, you lost a qualifying match.


You had a chance to.


Rico Shea and Nackamora had a match. I just it's astounding how much Nackamora phones in these performances.


It is. Now, that's interesting because when this match started, I was like, oh, they're feeding the children this episode. We had Gunther and K. O. And now you're giving me Rico Shea and Nackamora. And maybe it's because Nackamora has phoned in so often. I thought this was a great little match, a great little telly match between them.


I thought it was pretty basic and it didn't have a proper finish. I knew what was going to happen as well. I knew Reed was going to cause the DQ. And that's what happened. Couple of minutes in, Reed runs them both over, hits a tsunami on Rico, and the crowd shout one.


More time. And he goes, no. And I loved it. I love Bronson Reed so much. I am such a fan. I love the way he knows how to hold his body, the control he's got. I love the whole I'm just going to run through you thing. It works in a big way. I love his character work as well. I think we're seeing that on show for him to palm off the crowd, not just not pay attention to them, I hear your chants. You want more of this? You don't get it. I love that.


I got a kick out of this. Chad Gabel, Otis and Maxine backstage. And of course, they're fused with Viking Raiders and Valhalla. I smell an intergender six person tag and they're going to train up Maxine.


Did you hear my little pitch for last week? I'm a big fan of Alpha Academy. I make no pretend I want to push Chad Gabel to the moon. Love, love, love. I am a big fan of this angle because what I want to happen is for Chad and Maxine to turn on notice and go off on their own. And that's what Louis did as well. I love it. Isn't it good? The idea being because last week we got this. Well, that's exactly we got this kick on Valhalla from Maxine and she looked at Chad and was like, I did it. And Chad went, Yeah, you did. And it was like, Great. And then she ran off. And that was where the dissension here is. But Chad has his number one guy, and now he's about to get his number one gal because it was like, Otis' idea to let them train together. And I love the fact that Chad was like, I agree with that. I can't train you in that. And she's like, I've got the perfect outfit. And then they're going to go off and train together. And bit by bit by bit, she's going to go actually, the one I want is his literal name is Chad.


I love it. I love this as a potential angle. I think they're all great. They came on screen and I just went out of sight and went, I love these. I love Otis. I love Chad. I love Maxine. It's great. I am sad that the maximum male models are nowhere to be found, but what we're getting instead is great. Great stuff.


Yeah. Maxine walks off like, I've got something I can train in. And Chad and Otis there were just looking in her direction like, It was good. I hope we get some proper vignettes off on location, in the gym, on the track.


Best thing in the show.


Training in Maxine. Love it.


And that's the Alpha Academy, isn't it?


There you go. To pay off with your idea is very cool as well. Really good segment after that. Ms. Tv. And Luke always says that Ms. Tv is bad and he hates Ms. I just watch an episode of roar. Ms. Is great. I actually don't like Ms. At all. But this segment was really good.


I bring you into my house through the forbidden door and all you can do is come after my guy like this. I'm a big Ms. Tv fan and I think what Ms. Tv is able to do with something like Ms. Tv, I find these segments generally not just limited to Ms. Tv, but the Waller effect, all that stuff. There can see I don't love, but they're here so I'll go with them. And it's better than another backstage segment with Byron Sexton. Ms. C an Literally Get Anything Chanted. He got his own name chanted this week by saying, That's not my name. Do you know what I mean? He got Mike chanted. This segment was really fun. Go.


The guest was Cody Roads. Ms. Started off by saying, Well, I've got a surprise for you. We've not got Brock Lesner because he's... I think Cody said he's annual hibernation period.


Took a little dig in.


I think we won't see Brock in Money in the Bank. If we do, maybe he'll appear at the end of the.


Match as an angle. Yeah. Melzer essentially reported that he'll be there at Summer Slammer. We'll get Cody Brock 3 at Summer Slammer. I would have had Cody in the Money in the Bank match and have Brock taken out. That was how.


I get there. Oh, we're getting something way better. So Ms has someone else to bring out for Cody, and it is another person who has the pressures of being from a wrestling dynasty, Dominic Mysterio. And as soon as Ms. Said that, I was like, Oh, you've flogged me a bit there. And what a good idea this segment is. You're in theory top baby face with Cody, and then you've got your top heel, most of the whole thing. The one that gets the most booed heel in Dom. And Dom comes down, getting mega heat. You couldn't really hear him. It wasn't Dom Calles' heat from last week's dynamite, but it was very, very loud. Called Cody a bad father because he's not at home with his daughter. Of course, Dom's.


Projected a bit there.


And Cody has a couple of great lines saying, You've got a worse prison tattoo than me.


Yeah. 15 minutes of hard time.


And Ray isn't perfect. He's made mistakes, like the worst one I'm looking at him.


I was like, You serve. That's great.


And then Cody turns around and then comes back round and Dom just goes slap in his face and runs right behind Ria Ripley.


And he had that grin. Loved it.


Cody just turns around because Dom and Ria had walked off and just knocks out Ms. Because he's there.


I was so sports entertained by this statement. This is very good. I absolutely loved it. I'll tell you why. I could wax lyrical about this for a little while because this was so well put together. For the reasons that you have just said, not just the way it went down, but also your top heel, top baby face. I love the fact that when Don was talking, both Cody and Ms were like, We can't hear you because the crowd is so big. Cody got a massive reaction as well. So he's still over with the fans. Loved to see it. What I loved about it was that there was an internal logic to it. I always go on about internal logic in wrestling and how I just need... Just do the basic stuff, please. I beg you. We had a bad example of it earlier on when Ronda Rousey was like, Oh, you want a match? I'll tell it to pierce. Then comes straight out to the ring. And then we come back from the break and Kevin Patrick goes, So during the break, Ronda Rousey spoke to one of his. I'm like, What? She left the arena, then came back.


Like, stupid. Internal logic is so easy to do. And they did it in this, which was that they'd announce Cody was going to be on this TV. And I had the idea when it starts playing out and Dom comes out, oh, so Dom could have gone to Ms. And gone, I've got some stuff to say to Cody Rodes because, yeah, his big trig, his trauma is that his dad wasn't there for him. And last week, Cody Roads literally said, I'm going to be in this, this, this, this, this, this town. Come and fight me. He basically said on national television, I'm leaving my family. And so that's Dominic's big thing, and he hates it. So quite justified to come out and say that, I think, which was really interesting. Then that beautiful little slap, the idea that Cody is not going to punch Ria, but he wanted to because Ria has given it some as well. Maybe we'll get some little Brandy Rose because she had something to say, didn't she?


Yeah, she had a tweet. Can I open it here? I've not got the transcription.


She said, Was it, Puppys not going to hit mummy or something?


Papa won't hit mummy, but mommy will. I guess she's the mummy.


We'll workshop it. You should workshop the programming for next week. But I loved the... And you know what, S o to close out this little piece of theatre, this sketch that we've written, I'm going to deck the Ms. I loved it. And the Ms, the other part of the internal logic is Ms. Trying to suck up to the judgment. He's always trying to be in with the cool crowd and currently, Ria and Dom are the cool crowd. So it all worked for me. Every ounce of this was really well thought out. Big fan, Cody Rose, big star and I can't wait to watch this match. If you'd have told me when Cody was in AW, one day you're going to get Cody Rose versus Dominic Mysterio and you're going to be excited for it, I'd have gone sod off. But I'm excited for it.


Well, I don't think we're getting that.


No, at all?


Well, I think we're getting Cody and Brandy versus Dom and Ria.


I'd rather just watch Cody. I know, so would I. I know, so would I. I know, so would I.


I did. What's Ria doing?


Being Ria?


Yeah, but she's not got a title contender at the moment. It's money in the bank. Oh, you mean what she's doing and.


The money in the bank? Got you. Yeah. I mean, she doesn't need to defend it.


You can have Ria in the ring with Cody. It just further elevates Ria. Dom can take the pin.


Yeah, I suppose so.


That's how you bring Brandy in, which Cody is itching to do.


Expand the Cody. Yeah, I suppose. I don't want to.


See it. I don't want it either. But I said in January, Karen Jarret is going to appear in a Jeff Jarret storyline. Stop manifesting it. And it happened. We got Zoe Stark taking on Natalia next. This was another Money in the Bank qualifying match. Natalia, she's there. And Zoe won.


This is the perfect use of Natalia, our crown jewel here on the Monday Night Raw brand, our mascot for our show. I thought it was a decent match. I love Zoe Stark, always do. I will say... What did I write here? Basically tonight I thought we saw some really decent wrestling from stars who are new or aren't always showcased. And I wonder if bringing back the May Young Classic or organising tournaments or anything and then showcasing the more raw might help because I felt the crowd really weren't popping for this because they don't know Zoë Stark yet and Natalia is Natalia. So I feel like giving a small It made me think of Fullsale and the smaller crowd who were there regularly and did get the chance to buy into these people. I like that Zoë Stark is being put with twitch. I like that she's being pushed. I think she's showing a lot of promise. That move is great. The Z 360. I love it. I'm all into it. I wonder if we could have more tournament style stuff to give us opportunities to see them compete in a more sporting capacity, get to know them, get to like them better, and then bring that to the main roster rather than just throwing them in at the deep end would be an interesting thing.


But I like the match and I'm glad that she's going to be in the money in the bank.


After that, we had Paul Hayman looking right down the lens. I love this promo. Just saying, I invite you all to smackdown where J Uso will make his choice to stand by his brother and for a moment there, I legit forgot Solow existed. Why is he saying that? Solow is so cute. Okay, yeah. And acknowledge his tribal chief. So probably another great smackdown soap opera episode.


Oh, no. What a shame.


And the last thing we're going to talk about, because we already covered the pre Sprolyn's main event is in the Sher versus Cedric and Sheldon. Match didn't even get started because Villa and what's the other lad's name?




Beat Cedric and Sheldon up before the match began and the referee called it off.


Yeah, it's a shame because I thought I was like, oh, we're going to get an actual match out of these guys now. No, we weren't.


Villa is always going to come.


Well, you can't help it. He loves it. It's this thing of constant squashes doesn't work. One or two are okay, but at some point you've got to see what you've got. And I think we had a prime example of it recently with Brunson Reed, which was where came out, battered around a bit, didn't really have too much of a character, but then shows up in the elimination chamber and we go, Oh, I'm going to sit up and take notes. A match here with Cedric and Jelton would have been really good. So I was a bit like, Oh, that was disappointing. And once again, the inter share experiment isn't vibing.


And the last thing was, Ripley was announced as W W's most followed TikTok star. Lovely. And that's where they got a jab in it. Lovely old Tom Hanks.


Maybe that's really the opponent for Money in the Bank. It's really Tom Hanks.


I'd pay you to see that. Or maybe Tom Hanks is the new Judgement Day member in his Elvis manager gimmick.


Tom Parker leads Judgement Day. Goodness gracious.


But yeah, do you want to hear my joke? Please. I've not written it down on this script. Ripley is WW's most followed TikTok star. I know you have followers on TikTok, but maybe for Ria, they should be called subs.


I'm upset that I laughed at that. I'm going to move on now. Do we.


Have any Patrion channels?


I don't know.


My thing isn't logged in.


That's devastating. We probably do. We're very professional here on the Raw podcast. Yes, we absolutely do. Podcast shout outs. We're in a brand new month of June. Yes. Do you do the Patrion bit?


Well, Patrion is for wrestle Talk and Parts of Unknown. We've got loads of exclusive content over there. Dan and Pete just recorded the Mailbag Show, which is why we're just answering your questions for an hour and a bit. If you saw on Parts of Unknown, we've got a new board game series there where we play board games with a wrestling twist.


No Holes Board.


Me and you were on the last Wednesday this episode.


You drew a lovely picture of Yoku Zuna that lives in infamy.


A very accurate, realistic portrait of Yoku Zuna, thank you. But we've got the full unedited versions of that. I think the episode online was 40 minutes, but the real one is an hour and a bit.


The empty stuff.


Exclusive podcast, mine and Luke's Razzle Talk Extra Show, and shout outs on this very podcast. Go over to razzletalk. Go over topatreon. Com forward slash wrestle talk to sign up there today. Thank you to the $100 Man CD Hauver. Well, it's Adam Rockwell. The Kessel Run DX solo.


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Have an argy bargy, Margie P arty.


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And the roller coaster, Robert Acosta.


Thank you very much for everybody over there. Please do go and join them. Wrestlep atrian. Com wrestle talk.


Get on board. To hang on. Let me back.


Last call for Maddie Chat.


Well, we have our official poll. Do you want to hear that they've picked it? So we had a new Raw Ultra Chat name. Obviously, we have the UC Chats and the Omega Chats. And I was feeling left out. And I know Luke would be on my side in this, were he here? So we've picked between... You've got your choice was the Natty chats, Rawsome Chats, and Ultra Nats. And the winner with 39 % of the vote was the Ultra Nats. So I am so thrilled to the Ultra Nats.


It's quite close on all.


Of them. It is. It was a very split decision. So maybe we'll have another think about it. But for today, let's go through the rest of your Ultra Nats. A missing username, unfortunately, a StreamLabs has issues. So if we read out your chat, please do allow them on a raise, know who you were and we can say thank you proper. But they say a Fin Bala versus Seth program would be a lot funnier if Edge had put him over at wrestle.


Oh, yeah. If Fin won loads more times, this would be a lot.


More interesting. But that does feed into your idea of kicking him out of the old J. D. Louis Adorno says, Hey guys, here from Hartford, Connecticut. Can't wait to meet you all at the watch party. Thank you so much. I was at the show last night. Wow, what a big month for you. I was at the show last night and after the show, Seth Rollins told Fin and Damion to shake the champ's hand, finger, angry and left. But Damion stayed and shook his hand. Oh, Fin got angry and left, but Damion stayed and shook his hand.


Yeah, of course, it's stuff after the show went off air. We can't read too much into it. But yeah, definitely more baby face behaviour from priest.


Do you remember how drew sang at the clash of the Castle? Yeah, that was on air. That was on air. Safari says, In one year, which belt will we care more about after one belt being held years like 1970s and another belt being handled like the 2000s?


The belt that is the longer reign. Well, to be honest, the belt with the best storyline and the most over champion, which will be Roman.


You may have entered the wrestle mania night one with the tag team titles because they had the best story lines. Any belt can be the belt that you care about if you do it right. Dylan Walt Schmidt, fantasy booking, Cody and Dom qualifying match. Brock interferes and Dom wins. Mega heat for both of them. Also, my suggestion is Mummy Chats for the true raw star.




Chat isn't bad. Yeah, we'll write that down.


I like.


That book and as well. Yeah, it's a good chat. It's a good way of getting involved.


And getting Dom into the... It's a very undeserving spot.


Because you don't want him to clean win over Cody in any way, shape.


Or form. And Dom can just boast about that all the time. I'd be Cody Road.


There's your main event of REST of May 41. We got it written down. Another missing username. Hot take to online fans. People saying someone should leave W W and go to Japan or A W is selfish and ignorant. Balor and Nack have have resigned, resigned a couple of... They look the same. The words are.


The same. Balor and Nakemora has resigned himself to the right.


Balor and Nakemora have resigned a couple of times. If they wanted to leave, they would have. Enjoy people where they are or don't say you're a fan. Follow on, I think. R estlers have families and people who rely on them and wanting them to risk that because you don't like how they're being used is insane. I do think the idea of someone being told, you should go here, is an interesting one because how many stars have we seen go from W2A2 get incredibly big opening pop and then do nothing?


But yeah, I think the larger thing is, though, someone has settled and you believe that person is better than what they've settled for.


So try something and move elsewhere. If they choose not to and that's because of other circumstances, that's their prerogative. But for me as a fan and someone who enjoyed their other work, I think I'm totally entitled to say, Chad Cable should go.


To AEW, for instance. Seeing Brian Danielson talk about it, it was very complimentary and grateful for his time in W WW and then was just like, look, I wanted a different thing. I think that's the point. It's like, if they're happy in what they're doing at the moment and they are genuinely happy, they're not just like, well, it's easy money, I'll do that, whatever, then their prerogative. But we all want to see some banging matches. And it's more on the bookers to get it right, isn't it?


But it's also the rest is do have to take responsibility. There is a path trodden where Cody left W W, where Drew was released and they turned themselves into huge stars outside of W W at a time when A EW wasn't around. Cody launched A EW off the back of all the hard work he did. So I do respectfully disagree with missing username.


I think that's fair. We have one more chat. With the final poll, how do we check that? Luke does the checking and I don't do it. Can you just close the poll and then you tell us?


Usually it just appears. Doesn't it make it appear? Moth Mother just make it appear.


Moth Mother, just pop it in the little thingy here. In the meantime, the adults are in the room. Franken Fowatt says, Wife and I are planning on coming to the UK anyway to celebrate my being able to walk again and medical retirement from the US Navy.




Congratulations. I'd love to be part of that celebration. Thanks for coming to the UK. Bought watch party ticks last Friday, so can't wait to meet you all. What?


That would be great to meet you. I just assumed people who were coming from America or Australia would be going to watch the actual show, not our watchalong party.


They are coming to watch the actual show.


Thank you very much.


That's amazing. Question, can I set up a side Smash bros tournament, wrestle talk rules? Good luck with that. You'll find yourself a lot more occupied than you think you will. Also a note from Datsun, the watch party is sold out.


There it is. The watch party is sold out.


Packed to.


The rafters. What's that? Four days on full sale? Full sale university?


Hello, Full Sale Bar. Maybe that's one of.


The titles of the... We sold out.


Goat team. We have the results of the final poll, which is 2 % thumbs down, 26 % mid, and the overall rating for the majority of you was a 71 % big thumbs up.


Good. Well, I thought.


It was a very good show. Four star rating for me this week. I was a big fan. You were?


I gave it 79 percent.79 %. Which is actually four out of five. Yeah. But that's all we've got time for today. Thank you very much. I've been Oli Davis. This has been Dan Leighton, Jam That Jam. I have to press the button.


Press the button. Bye, everybody. Can not get it on.