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You know, we create these podcasts with the aim of educating as well as inspiring action and from the looks of our Apple reviews. That's exactly what's been happening. Let me read you a couple Misch Music Man wrote, Over the past several years, I've been following the Innocence Project cases and now I've begun supporting them. And another listener named Coco wrote, After being an ongoing listener, I've decided to pursue a career in civil rights law. I'm on my first week of school.


Go Coco. Thank you, Music Man and all of our listeners. I've been reading your comments and your reviews, and it just inspires me to want to do more. And now you. Yeah, I'm talking to you. You too can be a part of our growing community. Just keep telling your stories in our Apple reviews and we'll keep reading them again. No action is too small. I hope it's been inspiring for you, just like it is for me.


I'm Laura Nightrider, and I'm Steve Dreazen. Steve and I are lawyers, we fight to free people who've been wrongfully convicted and our specialty is false confessions. Last season on wrongful conviction, false confessions, we took you inside the interrogation room where psychological manipulation can make innocent people admit to crimes they didn't commit. Now we're back with season two 12 more true stories of false confessions. And these stories are more revealing than ever.


Detective saying she's a murderer, that she's going to be locked up for the rest of her life, telling her she's an effing liar.


If you were able to tell us the entire story and it's what we already believe, that would be a tremendous help that he was told if you just sign some papers that he would be able to go home.


I had to ask, what do you mean you didn't sign anything that you.


And he said, yeah, I said I signed a confession and I could have just died right there.


This season, let's talk about injustice that spreads from the interrogation room to the entire criminal justice system, looking straight in the eye and he said, I swear to God I didn't have anything to do with this crime. The mere existence of the death penalty corrupted the search for truth here. Mass incarceration is such a big problem in this country and it disproportionately falls on the backs of black and brown people. We'll talk about what happens when police work goes terribly wrong.


There was a rush to judgment in this case right from the start, but they knew we hadn't done. They told us that we were still like that. And we'll talk about the fight for justice. It was immediately clear to us that these boys were innocent. It took decades to right this wrong. Unbelievable. Join us on October 5th for season two of wrongful conviction. False Confessions from Lava for good podcast's. Find us on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen.


Her life was interrupted for twenty three years, but now she's living and it's a beautiful thing to see. For NPR ex.