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Hi, I'm Jason Flom, founder of Lovaas for Good podcast and host of Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom. True scientific expertise is built through rigorous study and review and is absolutely vital in a court of law. When you trace any of these so-called forensic scientists back to their origins, you get a curious origin story. But what happens when one claims to be an expert in a discipline that isn't based in science at all? They take a course 40 hours. You're an expert and they're testifying all over the country.


This is Attorney and Innocence Project ambassador Josh Dubin, whose name you've heard from me and from some of the people he's helped free. We heard horror stories of innocent men and women robbed of their freedom. We will examine how science, in fact, junk science has played a role in wrongful convictions. He is the host of the brand new series from a lot of forgood podcast, Wrongful Conviction, Junk Science, whether it be bite marks or arson or blood spatter for one court to accept a quote unquote science as valid can lead to the spreading of that science, much like a virus across the criminal justice system.


Josh interviews actual experts who can shed light on just how dark things can be in the American criminal legal system. How is it that you could have multiple expert witnesses make that fundamental of a different finding with the same evidence? Why was it ever accepted as reliable?


Because it worked in the criminal justice system is an efficient eating and killing machine of largely poor people of color, and whatever facilitates that process is going to be used as long as courts admitted wrongful conviction. Junk science coming to this feed August 3rd. Find it wherever you listen to podcasts.