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Welcome to Back to the Future, I'm your co-host, Daniel Driscol, joined today by Mark Paul Goslar. Hello, Mark. Paul. Hello, Daniel. How are you? I am great. OK, well, we can't even if you saw my face, you would know it wasn't straight. I can't even say it with a straight face. I can see it just peering above the little set up you have to record behind as we now people only knew the setup that we have.


It involves cardboard, cardboard and masking tape. No duct tape, actually. And but it is better than being on my RV, which we recorded the first, I believe, three episodes on my RV.


The first three episodes were a phone call and now they take place in a how do you want a home gym? This is a home gym. It's a it's a pretty good size home gym. Jim doesn't really do it. Like a lot of people think, home gym is like a bicycle in a corner. This is like a I feel like I'm I'm certainly more of a gym than I've ever been in in this calendar year. I treated myself with this gym when I was doing pitch.


I was playing a Major League Baseball player, needed to bulk up. And I thought, this is a great tax write off. I'm going to use business money for this and created this nice little space that we're we're podcasting in.


And I bet when you created it, you never in a million years thought you'd be using it for this. But thank you, Mark, for opening up your gym to tape recording. I have nothing more to say than take it away. Let's do the show. Daniel, wait. No, I didn't. But did you do your homework? Oh, I did.


Good. I did. It was fun. I had a fun time doing my homework this week. This is a fun episode. OK, yeah, I would agree.


But say fun any more times in one sentence. You can but it has diminishing returns on, on how much people will believe any of this is fun at all for anyone. But I, I did have fun watching it. But in case you're listening and you didn't do your homework which again that's OK, nobody's perfect. I prepared a brief summary and and here it is. It's Science Project Week at Bayside. Zach is partnered with Screech, who was doing all the work until he became hopelessly distraught at never finding love.


Zach unsuccessfully tries to help him find a mate in the halls of Bayside, then decides to pretend to be a girl over the phone named Bambi, who's interested in Screech Screech falls for Bambi, chained himself to a locker demanding to meet her. So Zac, with the help of Lisa and Jesse, dresses up like Bambi for a date with screech at the max. Screech is smitten at first, but eventually ends things with Bambi when she makes him choose between her and his friends.


Screech leaves to finish the science project. The End. That's the episode well done.


And just like that, it's act one. And yeah, the episode begins in the max. And you have Jesse and Slater arguing over their science project, which again, you know, Science Project Week. And Marc Paul, did you ever make a volcano like this?


I think it did. Maybe in elementary school or junior high school. It's just baking soda and vinegar. It is vinegar. I mean, they would they a chemical reaction, right? I mean, yeah, but it's also a chemical reaction that, like a seven year old can harness. So when all the hubbub around science projects and there's like a lot of legwork going into this episode over a science project, this is the kind of project we're talking about, just a volcano with like papier mâché and vinegar and baking soda.


And I'd like to point out one of the most awkward high fives in television history between Slater and Jesse. Also, I remember well, a couple of things. I'm jumping ahead of myself, but Jesse had the giggles. Elizabeth Berkley has the giggles in this episode. I'll point those out. But a few things that I remembered. We remembered some stuff. I remember things as I was as I was watching. I'm so excited. Look at that. You're so excited.


The regular saved by the bell ahead of myself. Yeah, yeah. No, but I remembered there's surfer dude and I in the background playing video games.


Those video game councils did not work conscious consoles like the consoles. I mean, I'm going to be a cabinet cabinet. Yeah.


You're the one that's had fun in the last episode.


So that is true. And I've said it all. Who are you? I said it when we're not recording, too, but they didn't work. So it's a blank screen. Sam and I are very animated in the background. I got a chuckle out of out of what I would love to know what we were actually saying. The jukebox doesn't work. The little things on the counters where you pick your song, those don't work. The pay phone doesn't work.


Basically anything that's supposed to be plugged in didn't work.


I mean, anything that would like make a noise and potentially disrupt a shot is is not active. That know, that makes that makes sense. I would I would probably run a set similar way.


So this is going to be a thing in the show, right. Between Slater and Jesse. They bicker like a married couple.


Yeah. It's like a it's not quite an on again off again thing, but like even in series when Jesse and Slater are together. It's still like not fully harmonious. They are they're kind of constantly bickering at each other, but, you know, like opposites attract. I mean, there's certainly plenty of relationships like that. Also, slaters pushing for the name Slaters Crater in the volcano. That's a that's a good name. Jesse should have been the bigger person here.


Been like, you know what? Slaters Crater is a great name. I want that a I'm going to go with that.


Also in this episode, I gesticulate quite a bit. So I want you to to realize that as you're watching the episode with us, a lot of awkward hand movements that I that I'm doing here. I'm not quite sure that I was completely comfortable with my body in this episode. This was a Gary directed episode. Do you think Gary was like Mark Paul? Can I just get more hands all around?


It could be could have been a could have been a director's note. It could have been one to be more animated. Yeah.


Let's see those hands, those hands use them and screech with his science project. E I mean this thing is is like a canary like even if like he says right now it's broken and it makes canaries fly into walls. But what is it, an early detection sign for Canary's later. It's just a canary machine. And I hear when he when he names this contraption, it's called an electromagnetic aerial hymenoptera detector. I hear the word himan. OK, well, on a kid's show.




I mean, some would say that's like an inkblot test. You kind of hear what you want to hear, I suppose. But they don't judge me. I mean, we look is there a is there a couch in this gym during a therapy session? And yet Kelly is appears to be dressed in the clothes of one of her many older brothers. She looks like a dress like a teenage boy here. And so Laerke. Lisa Turtle. Yes. Walks in looking very cute.


Yeah, great. Great outfit. And Screeches is looking at her lovingly saying, there's my woman. Yeah. And he's thinking about going over there and sharing his love.


Yeah. And I'm going to argue here that Zac is actually even though it's for selfish reasons of like, hey buddy, get back to work on the science project. This is Zac being the better friend here, because Zac is like kind of laying it out factually. Hey, buddy, this is this is not going to work. And and then you get Kelly being like, no, just go for it, which is just go for it is not always good advice.


This slowmo didn't work for me. The lines are off. It looks like Lisa is looking right at Screech. Right. Well, I mean, if they if they didn't do that, then you'd know what it really was. But it it is it does look like I mean she is looking directly at him so.


And is that Birhan behind her.


Birhan at the table as you know I'm talking about. I know. But you know the Birhan I'm talking about don't act like you don't know birhan know his face is on the dart board in here but no I, I don't know. That's not surfer dude.


That's, that's, I think that might be. Byron, I want you to, I want you to pay close attention. I'm right there.


Is that Byron. It might my my answers are conclusive. It might be. What is he doing back there Daniel. Scheming.


He's plotting on your demise. That's what he's doing. Byron is in these halls just waiting for his chance.


So Lisas man comes in. Yep. Hugs her right in front of Scrouge. Devastating. We get the answers from the audience and he goes back to the table.


And I'm kind of like I told you so. Yeah. I mean, again, like Zach was correct here, this is not going to happen.


One thing I don't like and again, we talk about character protection, but I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to say it happens here as well as that. As Screech walks out, he looks back at Lisa and Lisa coldly stares him down. Let's let's go. I think it's a very nice moment.


Let's go to tape, because we have here the episode cued up here and you get a twin solo twin in the background, kind of scoping out the whole thing.


And she's disappointed in Lisa as well. Yeah, I mean, it's like Lisa, I got to do screech like that and we're in Zach's room and you get that whoop you mentioned as being a functional part of your acting life, even when the cameras weren't rolling, your your hooping up in that that room, a lot of time passed without that whooping a ball.


We had a big kind of stunt effect there with, like, the explosion in sex bedroom. And Zack, again, was right that if he worked on the science project, it would just set them back further. So, you know, I'm not going to argue for Zack here is being a good friend. So I'm going to cut a head here because the wardrobe right in the next scene, we're in the same wardrobe. That's correct. So this scene is before school started.


I had that in my notes as well, that it seems a little odd that they would have the time to, like, talk and hang out like this before school, because my my experience with school was always being late, or at least at the very least rushed in the morning. The theme song to this show is about being late for school. So it does seem odd. They had this like leisurely beanbag hang before class. And Dustin takes a huge hit in the face in that scene.


It's just a pillow, but you still don't want to get hit in the brain. And he really does, like, sell it. And it seems like you really leaned into it, it seems like you I'm sure I did. It seems like you wound that thing up and let it rip, I think at all times, whether it was Mario myself or doesn't any chance that we got to on one of us. Right. We took full advantage of it.


But Dustin was really good at taking these hits and taking these falls and this next scene in the hallway.


He tries to impress the girl.


Susan, is their name Susan? I don't know. Susan says, hey, he tried to impress Susan in the neon green shirt, but he takes a fall right into the trash can.


You know, Dustin was always really good at these things.


Do you think young actors are really allowed to go for this kind of physical comedy anymore? No, I don't think so.


I mean, there's so many times on set where I will say I will say, let me do this this kind of trip or this fall, I did something for my show that I'm on right now makes this where I think I fell to the ground and we had to have like a full stunt coordinator come and and plan it all out.


It became like a big production.


But we were this was going to take some time to tear apart the actors unions for setting up all the safety measures. I'm just happy to have a job. Another thing that I remember Dustin did and watching this scene, it it came back to me. Dustin used to read back your lines. So not only would he memorize his lines, he memorized your lines. And you'll see it in the scene with a girl. Susan, I'm not going to call her Karen because it's a derogatory term in this area.


Yeah, but he says, do you know that worms are a source of protein? And then her line is, why don't you go eat some watch Dustin, repeat that line.


OK, we have it cued up.


Let's let's go to tape, as they say he does. Wow. Yeah. Someone someone pointed out on Twitter is like as a as like Dustin kind of mouths along the words. Yeah, that is that must be very distracting to to work opposite of.




It was you just you sort of notice these things and then you just, you work with it. Laerke actually used to have a habit of not looking you in the eyes. You look at your forehead sometimes. Oh interesting. I don't even know if she was aware of it. And you don't ever say to someone like my eyes are down here.


But she used to do that and Dustin used to. Yeah, he used to mumble your lines under his breath.


We also just in the background here, we have this PE teacher in blue shorts that I, I took notice of because he it's like almost like he could be a student, like you just kind of hoping he's a teacher. But there are a lot of old students at Bayside. Maybe maybe that guy was going there. Nothing says PE teacher like those dolphin shorts. Yeah, those shorts and the knee high socks or I guess like calf height socks.


Did your mom ever put you in dolphin shorts? No, I think you know what?


I'm sure there are some pictures floating around. I mean, I can I can give her a call and check check on the old photo album. But no, I.


I think I leaned into pants pretty pretty early as a child and we had Dustin shoveling himself in a locker, which is like the true sign of being sad at Bayside.


Yeah, those lockers didn't have locks so you could open them from the inside or obviously from the outside. Right. But there were a few off offset that did have locks. And I remember at some point I shoved Dustin in there in a locked locker and left him in there for appreciate that. I mean, I don't he wrote about it in his book. I don't blame him. I would not appreciate that either. How long would you say he was in there?


I have no idea long enough where he complained long enough. Yeah. I guess that's the standard unit of measurement for how long you're trapped in a locker. And then when Jesse comes walking into this scene looking like a teacher.


Yeah, she she's very adult. I mean, if that teacher was was questionably on the clock, you would assume Jesse certainly teaches at this school based on her, her pink blazer. Very stylish. Yeah.


I mean, they really do everyone a lot of favors in this episode fashion wise, except Kelly and Screech is running around the school while Zach is like making his pitch to Jesse. And we get some insight into Jesse's character here because she's open minded and progressive, but dates, great shakes. No way.


That was a big thing back in the eighties, wasn't it? The finger in the mouth gag. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I was alive for a very brief period in the eighties, but from what I can tell from eighties film and television and early nineties for that matter. Yeah. The the finger in the mouth gag me thing. And then Screech comes running back in after having ran laps on my clock, it was about forty five seconds that he was off screen.


Well, if you'll remember from last week with Rhonda chasing you, that, like the halls of Bayside, are a labyrinth of like you can go in one way and come out completely the other. It makes no sense at all. Ends back here ending Act one, making one of his signature Zack Morris impossible promises that he will he will certainly have a woman for Screech. And that, of course, will be the key to this science project, which, again, I want to remind everyone a science project they could probably get an eye on just by mixing together some stuff under the sink, this freeze frame.


Yeah, not typical for to end an act with a usually the episode would end on a freeze frame.


Oh, look at you.


I was going to say keep using terms like that, like like act. And then I was just going to say that it didn't look like we had the technology to do that freeze frame, almost like like an afterthought in editing.


I had two thoughts on the like one of them, I thought they were kind of using it to build tension on Zach's promise. But then I was I looked at it again and thought maybe like they just didn't get enough of a of a tail on the shot. Like your face didn't sustain for as much as they needed. So they had to squeeze a couple of seconds out. So they used a freeze frame and we learned more about Mario's character. And in Act two here, he's on the phone with his his girlfriend in Italy, presumably from his father's, like, military career.


He's he's racked up girlfriends all over the globe.


So did I win this leather jacket or did I have to give it back to me? I can't keep tabs here.


Both So you won it and then you had to give it back to him.


And again, it's a little confusing to me because that episode of The Gift, these were all shot and aired in different order. So it's it's unclear if you had been eyeing this leather jacket for several episodes and as you shot it or if this is like a callback. But yeah, that's the same leather jacket and it might even be the same leather jacket that that guy was wearing talking to the PE teacher. They may just pass that thing around. McPaul, what are your thoughts on the shove that ends this scene?


Because because the scene kind of ends with Slater giving screech one of those shoves into a locker. Well, this goes back to what I said earlier. Any opportunity we had to inflict pain on each other, we probably would take it.


What a fun work environment, boys. Yeah, it's like it's cool. I mean, it's it's still high school. It is, yeah. And you'll notice any time that Mario puts his hands, I mean, it's it's aggressive. And any time I do to him it's the same. But yeah, this particular shove the lockers, I remember there was some give on the door so if you got pushed against the door you could take a pretty good size hit.


But Dustin gets pushed against the spine like the.


You mean the metal in between the ribs. Yeah. Spine on spine. That doesn't feel very good. He took another good hit right there that could have bruised the poor fella. You guys were like pro wrestlers.


There's like there like tricks to making it all happen. Mark, Paul, I noticed you like wearing clothes, I like wearing clothes, I do it almost every day. But wouldn't you love it if the clothes you bought came from a store that already understood what you liked and what you didn't like? There is such a store, Dashiell. What is that store? Mark Stitch. Fix, stitch, fix. Do you remember when we signed up for Stitch Fix.


I do, yeah. Easy. Painless. You let them know like your sizes, right. The type of styles you like. Do you like them Slim. Do you like them wide. You know how to close fit on you.


How adventurous are you. It's like are you very adventurous or not adventurous at all. I went for just above. Not adventurous at all.


I'm going to let that sit there for a second. And you know what? Stitch Fix understood my preference for just above. Not adventurous.


I received my package a few days ago and I'm very pleased with what I got. That's great. What did you get? I got a new pair of shoes and a new pair of pants. And I love shoes. I love pants and a t shirt and a sort of a hennelly type of shirt and then a button down shirt. Oh my God. And so with stitch fix, you go through this like little like a survey survey and a few weeks later you get this package they put together with a stylist and then you go through the package and you figure out like what you like and what you don't, and you just ship it back for free.


Yeah, I think I'm keeping everything. Wow, look at that. It's that good. It's that good. It's like having your own personal stylist. And also you don't have to leave the house to shop. I mean, that's a that's a huge bonus. Yeah. And they got it right. They they got my style right. They got my fit right. Very happy with how seamless this was. You know, seems it's a clothing thing.


You can get started today at Stitch Fix Dotcom Zach that Zach M and you'll get twenty five percent off when you keep everything in your fix that stitch fix dotcom slash Zakim for twenty five percent off when you keep everything in your fix stitch fix dotcom slash Zach and Zach M. This scene in your bathroom here, we get like a really so just what do you what do you want to say? Because I have some thoughts, but yes, I'm sure you do.


But so Belding's taking a shit building is taking a shit.


That's that's Cannon. That is what was written in the script. Belder Interior. Baci bathroom building takes shit. And like, what's so funny about this whole thing is we get kind of screech on the pay phone and then the reveal that that this woman he's talking to, Bambi, is in fact Zach on his cell phone, another Zach Morris cell phone scheme.


But like building, here's this. This woman who he thinks is talking to him in the bathroom while he's taking what I would assume to be a smelly shit. Come on. It's a comedy show. This is really going to stink up the joint.


And he tells her he tells her not to like he says, it's hero worship. Like like please. I know you're in love with me, the principal, but it's just here. Like, it's a pretty funny leap to take with this new woman in the in the room.


You're missing something here, though, is Screech. He's on the phone. Yeah. She says she she likes him. Right. And then he takes out a Binaca tube. Yes. Do you remember those those spray Binaca tubes again. I know them. I knew them first from like TV and film before I like I think they kind of I mean, I didn't see them as much certainly later on. And I think, like, the technology sort of kept evolving.


You had those sour Altoids for a minute. Yeah. So he sprays it in his mouth and that's a legit reaction. Like it's it burns. I remember we used to spray it and see who could do the most sprays under your tongue. Wow.




Teenage boys really don't change because I remember like things like yeah he he is like disgusted, which also I'm going to get a burn.


That's a that's a legitimate burn in the mouth reaction right there. Yes.


I'm warheads and like it is a funny joke that he's on the phone and using a breath freshener that is just, you know, that's good comedy writing and on the wall in the bathroom. I notice that says Lauren loves Zach. Yeah, but did you notice it's misspelled wrong.


Zach is spelled wrong. It's Zeya C.H.. Yeah. And I was Zach. A fun little Easter egg. The very first Zach Morris is trash. Zach is spelled Zach is spelled wrong in the opening title card of the first video.


Oh, you fucked that up. I'm going to say it was a partnership of me and the graphics department, but I'm probably mostly me. I think I was I was final set of eyes and I didn't catch because he kind of looked like I didn't catch it.


And, you know, I'm sure art department, whenever they're doing names, they put names of coworkers or people that they know. Yeah. When I saw that Lauren loves Zach, Peter Engle's daughter's name was Lauren Abbott. Oh. So you think art department like did that. And that's the story I'm going with. Interesting. Yeah, that would be a that's a that's a bold joke to make if I can connect the dots on that joke. But yeah, we have building taking a dump.


Yep. And very funny move that he does with his legs. Like he, like he closes them like always like closes. But like I'm so confused by this whole thing because he's said, well first of all, Zach, when you come into a bathroom. Yeah. And you're, you're, you're scheming. Right. Wasn't the first thing you do is check under the stalls, make sure no one's in the bathroom. I mean, I'm going to check under that.


Even if I'm not scheming, if I'm just going in there recreationally. Yeah, I'm going to check for feet, you know, and those are also the No. One else is wearing dress shoes like that. I mean, maybe Jesse, no one else is wearing shoes that formal to school besides the principal. So, you know, that would be like I think again, like for such an advanced schemer, Zach, so regularly cannot you know, I mean, read the writing on the wall, I guess, pardon the expression with his name written on the wall.


Also, after the dust settles, you get the funny confusion of Slater walking in and building, continuing his half of a conversation with a woman who is who is never there. Slater was very cool in this episode. I mean, hey, man, the leather jacket gets you like ninety percent of the way. Also, when Wayne Slater does here Belding's explanation, which is, quote, Bambis, a girl and she was just in here with me, played for big laughs.


Slater is like, hey, cool. No point.


Is he like, dude, I'm calling the cops one of my favorite lines, those from building in this scene when he's talking air quotes to Bambi, the men's room is one of the few doors education should not open for you.


Yeah, I took that down as well. That is a it's kind of a nice quote about like building as an educator and his views on on the educational system, particularly for young ladies.


This is so weird. Like the pooping in this. It is.


I mean, it's like an unspoken thing. Like I mean, you could argue that he was just building was just in the bathroom to get like thirty seconds of privacy because some blonde terrorists opening up his office door every five minutes. But it is. But also, like, is there no faculty bathroom, there should be a faculty bathroom, but he comes out only tucking in his shirt, not not doing like a full pants, not doing a pants hike.


Well, you'd think that masturbating. I mean, he is holding a magazine, but maybe he wasn't pooping.


Yeah, maybe this thing's getting weird. All right. Well, maybe we should move on.


Moving right along. We're going to get in trouble. Somebody is going to come after you.


I don't know what one of these theories we're going to be right about. And then one of us will disappear like that movie, conspiracy theories. We're going to hit on something and we get Belding's signature laugh in this scene also, which is we learn is is nervous sometimes. Like his laugh has many facets to it. Sometimes he's really laughing. Sometimes he's just nervous. And later in class, which is the next day, because Zach has changed clothes now and he's tired after being on the phone all night with Screech.


Now, remember, I didn't go to normal school that much. Sure. But I do remember there wasn't a lot of time between classes. I remember just having barely enough time to run to my locker, grab some books and go to my next class at this school. Yeah, I have enough time to fall asleep in a classroom with no teacher. Yeah. This isn't detention I take.


Well, I'm going to I'm going to argue that this is first period. So maybe in this world Zach was early to class, which also seems far fetched. But that's probably what's going on. It's probably like seven fifty six in the morning.


Got it. That's why I have you. I knew there was a reason.


But also what's weird is like Screech is wide awake and Zach is exhausted even though they were both up the same amount. Or maybe Zach had like other calls running after screech. Also super colorful wardrobe in this scene all around like screeches bright shirt. Zach's very colorful shirt is very colorful undershirt. Lisa comes in like neon attire that's signature, say, by the Bell wardrobe. So screeching the scene realizes like he needs to meet this woman he's madly in love with and then kind of sulks out.


But again, you mentioned how it took him. Forty five seconds to run around the entire campus. He walks outside for about fifteen seconds before a guy comes in like, hey everybody, where does he get the handcuffs from. Yeah, I don't know. I mean I would, I would imagine he, I mean he probably stole them from Zach's locker. Like Zach probably has like all kinds of gear like that just for random shenanigans. Also, Zack, again, being I'm going to say it again, he's being a good friend, he says what he did to Screech was not the best.


He has kind of a self-aware moment with the audience. You know, he he understands he has like some self-awareness because movements.


Like when when Screech is chained to the locker, you mean kind of like stomps away? Yeah, it's just awkward, awkward hand movements in this episode for Zacky is like a lot of open mouthing. That one is breathing. A lot of that also in the hallway. In case you missed it earlier, there is a science fair banner again using that kind of convention and say by the bell to always use the banner space to like set the tone for what was happening that week.


And we're in buildings office for Act three. And it, again, is just good comedy that Screech has dragged the entire locker system with him to Belding's office. And one of my favorite, like little jokes in this whole episode is just Kelly walking in saying nothing, getting something from her locker and walking out. That was a good gig. It's good. It's it's like a fun little gag.


And, you know, it's another fun gag. Is the receptionist saying, who is this?


Like, I'm calling the receptionist with a very specific problem and getting a who is this response twice very Ferris Bueller. Yeah, you're right. There's there's plenty of ferrers I mean, the hapless principals as far as this gets Ed Rooney, Ed Rooney.


So when Belding threatened Zacchia, which is fun that this adult man is is threatening a child, what do you think he means when he's like, if you don't get Screech to meet this Bambi character, I'm going to make your next semester miserable? Like, what do you what do you think that means?


I just took it as he's going to fail me. He's going to put me in detention like, you know, that's all he could do, correct? I don't know. I mean, it, like, came and he did go TANNUM. Yeah, he was he could like he could put you in a box somewhere and not let you out for months.


You know, the theme of twenty twenty.


And then we open up in Zach's bedroom, we see the bed sheet in the New Zealand flag and the dirty kicks. All things we've pointed out in the past episodes. The dirty kicks. Yeah.


So when you mentioned earlier that the Jesse like. Has you mentioned earlier that Jesse is kind of breaking this whole episode like she's always on the verge of giggling? Yeah, it was very apparent to me here. She really is like delighted to be in this scene with you, even though you don't all you do is hold up a dress. It's like what's about to happen is so fun to her. Yeah.


No, she's she's very delighted in this episode. I see a little giggle right there. Yeah. I mean, they are like they're having fun. Mean. I think it's just they know because because you know, what's about to happen is one of the bigger visual gags in series, at least for your character. And by the way, also not the last time you will dress up as a woman. Spoiler alert in show. Really? Yeah. Really.


Yeah, but it is something to be said that I don't remember. Yeah. I mean these things. But we'll get into that next scene because the next scene I'm pretty much full fledged full full fortensky.




Yeah. But in this, in this scene I did notice the Edie Brickell poster. I had such a crush on Edie Brickell.


Whose. Edie Brickell. What. Yeah. Atypical in the new bohemians.


You don't remember. What was that. A song like today and what I am I know what I am. I'm not aware 19 where we know the rights that we don't have the rights to any music. I'm just saying what I what I'm aware of. I know what I know, but OK. Well, if you know what I mean. We would write we would certainly never use copyrighted lyrics. No, God no. Never but atypical. OK, yeah.


There was a bit of a crush and I don't know.


Do you, did you have a crush before. Like I was like before, before you were so close growing up and you're like, oh yes, yeah, yeah, yeah. I also like that Jessie hands him a razor for his legs.


So this is a this is a you know, I didn't shave my legs for the episode. I don't mean and that's not what I was going to ask, but I love that that's what you thought I was going to ask. Like, Zach touches his face and he's like, I don't need to shave. Were you were you shaving at this? No. And I have a funny story about that.


So this was in when was this. Eighty eight.


Eighty nine hundred in eighty nine. So I'm guessing you shot eighty nine, maybe eighty eight. OK, so in nineteen eighty seven I went to a Marine military summer camp. Well in Harlingen, Texas, I wanted to be a Marine grow and I thought that that's what I, I was going to become. And so I went to this summer camp because I wanted to go to school at this academy that's still there. It's in Arlington, Texas. Look at me.


And going to this camp, they send you there with a razor because you get your head shaved and it's like basically going through boot camp in a way. You get your head shaved and you have to look high and tight all the time. Yeah, I wasn't shaving at the time and my mom didn't want me to start shaving because once you start. Once you start. Yeah. You have to continue.


So she sent me with a note. It's like Pringles for your face. Yes. She sent me with a note to give to my troop handler. If he ever made a comment about me not shaving that I could hand to him now.


Yeah, what was that? Was that was the note mommy gave you about shaving for the Marines.


Well, do you have it? I don't have it. But I still remember the the look on my troop handler's face when he said, you know, because my my sideburns were starting to grow in. Yeah. I would fly in the Marines. Right. And I had to have a conversation with him about why Mommy sent me to Marine Military Academy with a note that I couldn't shave.


So then just to be when we walked out of there, OK, just to just sum it up, we walked out of there. I had to kind of give up my cover, say, look, dude, I didn't say that, by the way, because I, I would have had to do a million, but I said I'm an actor. Yeah.


And I'm sure they love that. You know what? You know, I think they loved it because I actually hustled my ass off. I was actually a pretty good athlete at the time. I wanted to be a Marine. Yeah, I just had a no from my mom saying saying this note requires I not become a man. But I followed all the rules, man. I was like I said, I wanted to be a Marine. So I remember being there for I believe was two weeks and only having to do push ups twice because, you know, I didn't follow the rules.


Yeah. Oh, well, before again, not to get too ahead of ourselves in series here, but but you kind of join the army in this show and Zach is doing push ups all the time when that happens.


So when we did that army I remember that army show. We had to walk around the classroom, I believe. Sure. Yeah. And I remember I, I would do these squared corners because I learned that at the the camp. Whoa. OK, well I mean please save it for. I will.


I will but that's. No that's exciting. I annoyed my fellow classmates because I was like no, that's not how you do it. You're like, look at my marine camp. Mommy told me not to shave. This is how real soldiers march.


Yeah. That is good stuff. Yeah, when I saw this episode and I saw me touching my face with a razor, I thought, oh, it's just so clear that you're not like it's so funny to me to be like, yeah, like like I don't need you say it like you just shaved this morning. Yeah.


I'm sure Mario is shaving at that age. I was a late bloomer. You know what I'm on right now, you are on it. I am on a new tropica. Yeah, you know, in a new is, I'll tell you, please. It's a dietary supplement that helps support certain brain functions, including memory, mental speed and focus. Basically, it makes you go. This is called Alpha Brain. And I was turned on to this years ago listening to the Joe Rogan podcast.


And he talked about nootropics and he was talking about on it, which he's an ambassador of. And I am now an ambassador of I've been an ambassador at on it for now over five years. I love this company. It's a wellness brand. They have all types of supplements and nutrition and gear, but we're talking about alpha brain. My question about alpha brain would be, does it help me remember names and places? It does. I feel it's I'm letting you in on a little secret.


I use alpha brain whenever I feel that I need that extra. You know what I'm talking about, that extra I regularly lack. So I do know, yeah, I would love to have some. Right. So I'm at work. Right. I have a let's say I have a a monologue that I have to memorize a big day on the set. I need to retain a lot of things. Alpha brain is my secret. It helps me retain and gives me mental clarity and focus.


And at the end of the day, I look back and I think, oh my gosh, I was on point. I was. You were on it. I was on it. I'm like, what? You did that? Yeah, I did it at the beginning and then I did it again. Just now at the shirt I'm wearing dazzle. It isn't on it, sir. That was that was almost like a magic trick, like, well, how long have you been planning that you've been hiding since I came in today.


All day.


No, seriously though on it out of Austin, Texas. I've been to their facility. I love this company. Huge fan. Go to onat dot com. You can use the code, Zac, and you'll save ten percent on alpha brain. You can also use that code to save ten percent on some of their other products. But please do yourself a favor. Try Alpha Brain. You're going to have unbelievable memory focus. Mental processing is going to be on point.


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Go to Mint Mobile Dotcom Zakim. That's meant mobile dotcom slash Zackham. Cut your wireless bill to 15 bucks a month at Mint mobile dotcom slash Zackham. And after this, this fun scene, we get the big Bambi reveal, although not before some Eddie Alonzo magic, some pretty shitty magic, by the way, and I'm not going to blame Ed for the shitty magic.


I think the the camera operator could have helped out with the with the angle. It's just the angle that was that was off. I mean, but again, they did not think one, they didn't think people were going to tape record this and watch it again. One has to tape recorders either. That's pretty shitty magic. I mean, I don't think people thought we were going to be like looking at it. But you see, Dustin's hand mine this, whatever that is, to make the flower come up.


Yeah, it is not right there. Yeah. It's not good. Oh, terrible. We're going to rate the magic. That's bad magic. That is bad man. It's not his fault though. I again throw it at the angle. Yeah. And now this one again if you're watching Jesse is giggling because she just came from where I am standing. So in the back in the back of the Mac's here, there's a little platform. I'd say the platform is maybe ten by ten and you're waiting to go in.


So she's already seen me. She she's seen me standing there waiting to enter on screen. And that's why she comes in with a kind of a a smile and a giggle. This is on a on a soundstage. They have the max. Oh yeah. So like it's not a real place. No, I know it's not a real place. Yeah. It did later become a real place but so you're kind of waiting in like dark wings with that really dark wings.


I'm behind the paper. Got it. So it's like it's like illuminated do you're very. Yeah. Elizabeth your co-star can see exactly what's going on. Oh yeah. Yeah. She saw me a second before she entered and I'm waiting to come on in. The laughter Israel and the laughter the Bambi reveal. The Bambi reveals like do you remember what the audience sounded like when you walked out because the audience participation was like a big part of taping? From what I understand, it was and this is again, I think at some point we'll have to have a therapist on the show.


Jerry, I don't remember any of this. Whoa. None of it. I don't remember the getting ready for it. I don't remember the the the press on nails that they had to individually put on my fingers. I don't remember trying on different dresses. And this is a this is a direct homage to Tootsie. Yeah. I mean, it is could not be more clear that this is inspired by Tootsie and, you know, Marple, we like to, on this show, kind of give a little bit of insight into some of the characters who appear once or not many times.


So Bamby who appears first time, only time in series, went on to have a great career, was in NYPD Blue, is currently on a show called Mixed Ish, starred in several movies. So Bambi stayed working despite only having one appearance on Saved by the Bell. Very well dead man on campus. That was a good one. It was then. Oh, God. Didn't see that one going to see that. When I do my homework, I'm looking at a period.


Where is this going? That was a good one. Yeah, thanks. I mean, really, I mean, if if Bambi walked in to your local diner. Yeah.


That's the, the stairs would give, I mean I would assume I'm getting robbed like this is part of like a heist crew because this is such an over-the-top get up. And again she's dressed like a like a business woman. Yeah. Very, very.


Dustin Hoffman and Tootsie. Yeah. And and Elizabeth again is giggling in the background as I'm sort of stumbling on my heels. Yeah. Dustin with his magic flowers.


Oh, it is interesting to watch the background actors at the max because when things happen, like they really do look up from their meals, which I feel like is a realistic like I did at a restaurant and they were involved, you don't see a lot of that in current productions, right?


They tell the background like like it's like a cardinal rule. Like you do not look at the action. But the truth is, like if you saw Bambi walk in to sit down with Screech, you would immediately put down the cheeseburger and just say, like, what is the story here? I want to point out also that that wig is not the same wig from the Lisa card, which we thought it might be.


But it's not not. You're right now we can see it. They are different wigs.


So please don't send out mean tweets, please to Dashiell. Please don't whatever you do for the hair, but you can send out mean tweets for other things. Other stuff. Yeah. I mean, you know, please cyberbully me.


I love slaters like super acid wash jeans too. Like there's this episode has a lot of really good wardrobe choices. Even Screech Jacket is like a nice formal jacket is great. Slater Zech averages. Yeah I always wanted a pair of those.


So like that little slashes on that harder. I should have done that harder. You regret not back.


You slapped him like you thought a lady might slap. I slapped him like Bambi would have slapped him but I should have slapped him. I think it would have been more comedic if I slapped him. Like Zack Moore sort of slapped him. Right.


Because you do the slap from Bambi comes like if you look at the body language, you're like when you hit screech with the pillow. It came from your whole shoulder, but the slap from Bambi just comes at the wrist. Yeah. So you you you you wanted to watch Bambi slapped you, Bambi slapped him. I should have Buck slapped him. Yeah. See, what I, I understand I think would have been better for the comedy though, because from the Slap that's when Slater goes Morris and it should have been at that note.


Should have been, you know, slap them like Zack like a boy, slap the male physicality.


It's like it's the same place the comedy comes from when the dude when you walk in is like checking you out and you're like, get lost. You kind of like use your male, which if you seen like Tootsie or Mrs. Doubtfire or any of these movies and genre like that, that is often a funny point. You know, that's how that's how the comedy works. Yeah. Kelly, on another one of her oversized brothers t shirts and Zach makes a joke that I thought was an interesting choice, which is F troop F troop referencing the show from the sixties that I would guess Zach watches like Nick at night or something like I don't know where Zach is watching a watching F troop episodes at this time.


How do we feel about the boob touch? Is there a touch? You didn't see that. Can we go back to tape like on SportsCenter? OK, so Slater is a hand on shoulder.


Oh, yeah, you're right. Oh, my God. I guess I read it is like I guess I write it is like a pat.


But you're totally right. It is a I mean, at that point he knows it's inappropriate. Yeah, it is. It certainly is inappropriate. Yeah. I mean it's funny. Yeah.


I think, I think I just misread it as like a shoulder pad but it is like a cup and I can't tell.


I rewound this a few times but I believe that when Lisa's man walks in, the crowd boos them, the audience a little boo. Yeah.


People were rooting for for Screech in this. I think so. Yeah. They rooted for the cars. Sure. Why not. And Slater doing a lot of like a kind of gear turning in this scene, like really trying to like motivate the kiss between Bambi and Screech and like he's really, really relishing in this whole thing and doesn't when he when he puckers up for the kiss, it almost looks like he's going to break there, too, because I think he probably got such a big laugh out of it.


I'm so glad it didn't have to kiss him. I've had to kiss a man in my in my career before. Sure.


It wasn't wasn't Breckon one of those? He sure was.


Yeah. Boy, you really follow my career, don't you?


Well, I see the tweets about the show and one of them reference that. So I have to be truth be told, I've never seen Franklin and Bash. So when we finish the run of this podcast, we can go right over to that Franconia Dash party that's got Franklin Dash. I already sold your attatched, but and hopefully Brechin is too.


After the last week, I notice that I cross my legs like a like a lady.


Yeah, you do. And you see you. So I didn't like you do see Bambi's legs, which Jesse has apparently instructed to shave when you enter. But I really feel you get a lot of Bamby leg in this shot. Like you like you see what's going on. What's interesting to me is you see Bambi's leg cross, which Screech cannot see. It's almost like you, the character are doing this like to to maintain as Bambi I committed.


Yeah, I fully committed. And I'm looking at this and I have a considerable amount of hair on my legs. Yeah, sure. Congratulations. Stop looking. Yeah but I didn't start shaving my legs a little inside here. Don't judge me. No judgment, no judgment. Free gym. I started to shave my legs when I was 16 and I was doing it because of the sports that I was playing. Also, I was a competitive cyclist at one point.


Right. And I stopped shaving them probably like four or five years ago. But I didn't I'm noticing I don't have hair. I don't have a lot of hair on my legs here. They look shaving. They do. So what was I wearing, panty hose or. I don't know. Those those appear to be bare legs. I mean, like the skin tone of your hand on leg looks pretty consistent. Yeah. It just is such an insane getup.


And I remember none of it. I mean, that is that is was a lot of work right there. Yeah. You would think some of it like you think you would have looked in a mirror and your brain would have registered this as like, like our brains are really good at registering new things. So like this would be a new thing and you would think you'd hold on to that.


Was it was it.


There we go.


We can't wait for for season three when we get the couch in here and I'm playing with my nails because I'm sure they feel really awful.


I'm sure it was just a whole bizarre experience. It's really interesting how far down the road Scrooge is willing to commit to this woman he had just met for the first time. But as soon as Bambi, like, jeopardizes his friendships, specifically Wozzeck Screech is not willing to cross that line. It's sweet Screech is a good friend to Zach. I mean, he's if I mean, at the very least, he's, like, extraordinarily loyal. This is the first woman who's paid any attention in his entire life.


We have Elizabeth in the background trying not to break character. I mean, she just she just got a real show.


Bit of a giggle. Yeah. For all the lessons Zach may have learned in this episode and about being a friend and science projects which she just sent Screech to go do one. And that's that was the whole reason. For all of this, when Kelly shows up and she wants to use the bathroom, Bambi just jumps to her feet that could not be more eager to infiltrate a woman's restroom. That's what boys did back then, is it? That was that was that like the the highlight of the day.


And there's your freeze-frame. That's how you end. Yeah. And that's the episode that screeches.


Woman That was a fun episode.


Yeah. I, I did have fun watching that and that is so bizarre to me. Of all the episodes you may remember things maybe didn't that you just have like zero recollection on that one.


But again, I remember things like Dustin mumbling. Yeah. My lines under his breath.


I remember the the the the pain we tried to instill on each other. Certainly at any point you remember broad strokes, things like becoming this this woman character on the show, this one and done Bambi out a letter to the Bambi disguise, got brought back four other schemes like, you know, he has a closet full of these these outfits and wardrobes. Does he? I would. I would. I mean, one would imagine I haven't seen it on the show.


Now, Mark, thank you for doing your homework. Thank you for the time, as always. But we have more work to do. Lay it on me next week, Season one, Episode six of Saved by the Bell, Aloha, Slater. Now, do you have any guesses what Aloha Slater might be about?


Well, I'm just going to point out, I think I cheated. OK. Thank you for pointing it out. Very honest. I'm being honest here. We just shot a scene from the reboot. And in that I mentioned the time where we threw Slater a farewell luau at the max because I convinced everybody that he was diagnosed with mumbo quad relation osis. Wow. OK, so you you very you are aware of this episode.


Yeah, that's all I got. OK, I know what I had to say on the reboot.


And I think we're I think we're by the way, we're using reimagining was what the last the last line I heard from from Tracy Wakefield when asked about it. It's not a reboot. It's a it's like a reimagining.


Oh, OK. I mean, I'm going to she doesn't feel like a reboot, by the way. I think the fans are really going to dig the reimagining.


Yeah, that's crazy. I read what you say about the show. Please don't fire me. I love what they've done with our characters. I love that Zack is the governor and Kelly is his wife.


I think fans of the original show are going to really enjoy the little eggs that we've we we have throughout the run of the show and to see where these characters are now.


And I think they're going to fall in love with the new the new gang.


Yeah, I mean, I, I those are my hopes and thoughts, too. As someone who also worked on the show, we're co-workers. Look at that twice in one year.


Well, on that wonderful note, thank you so much, Mark Paul, for doing your homework and for looking ahead. Thanks to you, the listener, for listening. And we'll see you next week. Zach to the Future is a production of Caden's 13. It's executive produced by Mark Paul Goslar, myself and Chris Corcoran, production and direction led by Terrence Mangan, editing and mastering by Andy Jesuit's. Engineering and Production Coordination by Sean Cherry. Artwork by Kurt Courtney with illustrations by Jeff MacCarthy.


Marketing is led by Joseph Francis with PR by Hilary Suf. Thanks to the whole team at age 13 and to you for listening.