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Welcome back to the Future. I'm your co-host, Daniel Driscoll, joined today by Mark Goslar. Hello, Mark. Hello, Daniel. How are you on this day? Just another day in paradise, my friend. Another hot day in paradise. Another hot day might actually be the hottest day paradise I've seen in a long time. It's sweltering out there. It is. It is sweltering out there, but not so much in here and in here, Mark.


Paul, we're going to be talking about a little later. Aloha Slater episode. What episode is this? This is Episode six and six of the original season two on your streaming your streaming platform of choice.


Platform of choice. Yes. So this was actually in production. This was the seventh episode you shot and was the final one of your original seven episode order. So this was kind of going to be like the finale sort of. But when it aired, it aired is Episode six. OK, and we should also note that we have a very special guest this week. You were able to catch up with the Slater from Aloha Slater.


Mario Lopez. Yes, the Slater. I was able to have a great chat with him, you'll hear throughout the episode.


That is very exciting stuff. But before we get to that, did you do your homework?


Of course. Of course you did. I'm a good student. I oh, I'm very familiar with that. But just in case you're listening and you didn't hear is a brief summary. Zach's upset after being upstaged by Slaters Wrestling Trophy and the attention from Kelly that comes with it. Slater's dad tells Belding he's taking a military job in Hawaii and bringing Slater. Slater doesn't want to go since he likes Bayside Screech spies on the meeting and tells Zack he'll have no chance with Kelly.


Slater sticks around. So Zack hatches a plan to convince everyone Slater's dying from a rare disease and they have to be mean to him so he'll seek treatment in Hawaii. It works until Kelly volunteers to go with him and reveal Zach's plan. To Slater, who hatches a revenge scheme. Slater asks Zack to talk his dad out of Hawaii, which is just a setup to terrify Zac into confessing. Everyone throws Slater a farewell out at the Max Zack return.


Slater's trophy, he said, was destroyed. Slater reveals he knew what was happening all along, and the girls are disgusted, having been used for his twisted game, The End, directed by Don Barnhart.


We're back to Don, yet directed by Don Barnhart, who, as has been discussed at length, directed almost all of these. And it was written by Michael Sward. Look and Act One begins. We are at the max and this is Zach coming in to say he won a ribbon in cross country. So referencing again that that Cui's from the first episode and we get Slater just immediately dominating Zach with a pretty much comically large trophy, which which feels, you know, on Brand with with Mario's physicality at the time.


It's funny. Just so just to nail the point that we actually played sports, I come in wearing my tracksuit. Right. Tracksuits now are more like quarantine leisurewear. But you were wearing a tracksuit having just come from a track, correct? Yeah, I didn't bother to change. And Slater comes in wearing his wrestling. What do they call those unitards.


I think they're singler singlet. I think singlet is the industry term for what Slater is wearing. See, I'm not a wrestler. Yeah, me neither. But I, I heard it from wardrobe before and also just a fun, little fun little Easter egg. Screech mentions an ALF lookalike contest. He came in, I believe, fifth place. You were actually the lead in show for ALF at the time on Saturday morning.


Oh, ALF was on Saturday morning. Alf was on Saturday morning. NBC right after you guys. You were at eleven thirty. Alf was high noon, huh. Yeah. There you go. A little fun little fact huh. And in the next scene in the hallway, something I have never noticed before but immediately caught my attention.


Kelly is holding a desk and I did catch that as I was watching this. She never uses it. No, I think it must have cut something out. It must have been it must have been a joke that, like, she is so in love with Slater and his trophy that she's dusting it. But they yeah, they must have cut it. So instead, you just have Kelly, like, oddly holding this thing. Now, are the lockers a different color?


And from the other episodes we've watched, they look almost orange.


Aren't they supposed to be red? They are red. Maybe it is. I mean, one of those like the lighting, but yeah, they, they are generally redder than they appear here now I think.


I see. And this makes me think like the shows were shot out of sequence or aired out of sequence. Correct. And we were adjusting things on the show as we were going. I think we're getting notes from the network saying the tones in the hallway look a little muted. Let's let's living it up a little bit. And then they would maybe change the color of of the of the show because this hallway, that trophy case isn't there, right.


Yeah. Isn't it's not there all the time. Is not there all the time. And buildings office kind of moves are. Round in the show, too, like, well, that's interesting you say that because Belding's office is just to the left of that trophy case. It's where it is for the rest, for the bulk of the series, the bulk of the series, it's right there. It's it's the I mean, it's the door just to the left of this awards case.


Right. Which later in almost every other day is laughers. I think there's an episode we've watched already. We're building leaves his office. I think it's the one where it's the Lisa card. He leaves his office and he comes from one of the back hallways. So there was they were kind of figuring out the geography of the of the campus.


So when he talks to the receptionist and there's jokes where, you know, the receptionist and the and the previous episode, where's her office? Yeah.


I guess there you would imagine more like Miss Bliss, there was kind of like an administrative hub in those in Indiana, but you never really see that at Bayside. I'm not really sure where those those people are. We never see, like a teacher's lounge or anything like that. No, no. And we also get in this scene. Mario joking. Dennis and boy, oh, boy, does it look like his head is about to just fly off his shoulders.


I don't think that's a wrestling move. We'll have to ask Mario when we talk to him. Yeah, that that's like you're subduing somebody with that.


With that that hold subduing is if you use restraint, you might actually be in the process of murdering someone. And you mentioned the lockers moving around. There was also some trash can moving where you would regularly, like, sit atop a trash can by the steps. But they had to move that over for the water fountain.


Yeah, well, they moved it over so you could be on your, like, garbage thrown to throw away your ribbon. Oh, right.


Because sometimes the the can would be next to the stair. It was usually next to the stairs and. Yeah. So there was a drinking fountain right where the trash can is.


Yeah. But they had to just move everything around to give you like the optimal view of this trophy case which we never see again. Thank God to see any more. You don't, you don't need that. Slater has. And Slater. Slater. OK, well you know you can well thank God Mario is going to be around to talk about that. You know, what's up with this light bulb? It's just fun, like cartoon stuff, you know, kind of like the the Dutch angle thought bubble pink circles from a couple episode.


Do you think this was like a Don Barnat request? He was like, I need I mean, look, Alfa's up next, we got to really bring it. So, yeah, gimme gimme some cartoon thought bubble was just one of those things that we were just trying out to see how how it would the response we'd get from the audience. Yeah. I mean you I would imagine so. And when at the time of shooting this nothing had aired yet.


So you guys were really in the experimental phases of let's just try to make it work.


So I get to interview you for the very first time. Yeah, this is this is kind of cool. I like to see you in this in this light. The tables have turned black. This is not this is not necessarily your wheelhouse. So I'm very proud of you. Not my body representing. Very good. So I've been watching these shows and something that completely stands out. I always knew this about you, but it's I'm looking at it through a different lens.


But you're a natural. You're a natural host. You're a showman. I mean, you're really good at at what you did on the show. Thank you very much. I mean, I'm just noticing, like, they kind of wrote towards your strengths. I mean, you were a wrestler. Yeah. If you remember that's I do remember this vividly. They had us write down a bunch of our interest or hobbies skills, if you will. So you know, my mom, just because growing up in Chula Vista, not necessarily the most upscale neighborhood, it was a lot of potential for trouble.


So my mom's whole theory was to keep me as busy as possible so I didn't have time to get into trouble. So and plus, I was a hyper kid, so I was like the only dancing, wrestling, karate theater kid that I knew. So I had an activity literally every day after school. So it worked because I didn't have time to get into trouble. In the end, it was a lot of the kids in my neighborhood and cousins.


What have you that they ended up kind of turning into a mess. But because I was able to do all that stuff, I pretty much avoided trouble or any kind of serious trouble, I should say. And so when when they asked us, well, you know, the character when they asked is, what would we like to do? So I remember I wrote it down, I wrestled, I dance, I play the drums, I did all the stuff.


And then they ended up incorporated into the character because I remember the breakdown. I can't remember I can't believe I remember this, but I remember the breakdown for Slater. He was supposed to be this Italian kid that was really in its head, like in the vein of Vinnie Bob Marino, which was John Travolta's character, and Welcome Back Kotter. So he was supposed to be more like just kind of a street kid and just kind of a little bit more of like a bad boy, not an athlete at all.


Like I was the athlete in real life. So then they incorporated into that. So kind of like morphed into that. But he was I remember the breakdown specifically, and it was like Vinnie Bob Marino, John Travolta, and he was more like a street kid like that. So there was an element of that. But it wasn't all about that. You were 15, I think, in this episode a little later and you were taking down a grown man.


Do you remember taking down Dennis Hoskins, Richard? Mr. Belding, with a with a chokehold? You basically you you drop them with, like, some sort of knee behind his knee kick and then you almost do a rear naked choke on them. But you have your your left arm tucked under his armpit. Yeah. And then you have like a choke on him. Do you remember doing that so that it's not a it's not like a jujitsu move.


It's more like a restraining order. Yeah. Yeah. I probably yeah I, I'm sure you pitched that. I'm sure that was your you know, you choreographed that fight. Yeah I remember. I like like when we had our fight. I love that a lot of people I take pride in like a lot of people liked our fight. Remember we went up there. Yes. We can't jump back. All right. I go I have to get you on for that one because Slater and Zack always had this competitiveness about them.


Was that was that in the scripts? Do you remember that being, you know, written for us? Or was that something that you and I just had this natural thing where, you know, boys will be boys? Basically, no. We always got along really well. We never had I never felt that. And I thought everything was real cool that was written on on purpose because they always wanted some sort of love triangle with you and I and Kelly.


Right. And then at some point it sort of transitioned. I ended up hooking up with with Jesse kinda. Did I ever I guess I did kiss or shoot. I can remember, but I transitioned to I remember to Jesse, but I initially, especially the first season, it was about the that love triangle. And so that's where I think it started. We've now watched six episodes and I wonder why why I ever end up with Kelly, because like I said, Slater is like the total package in Dancing to the Max.


You guys are amazing dancers. You're a great dancer. And then you play the drums and one of the other episodes and you know, you're just like you have everything. Then you win this, the wrestling thing. It's like, yes, no surprise that that Kelly's all over you. Your mom's classes paid off. Are you guys. So in the building scene with Major Slater, yes, he says that he's building he's from the fighting fifth.


Yeah. Which is the National Guard in Indiana. So we do get a little bit of acknowledgement that Miss Bliss happened, that he was from Indiana in some capacity. But we just learned he had a Viet Cong girlfriend a couple episodes ago. So it kinda kind of raises the question like, what is it? Don't you guys discuss this in the writers room? I mean, I certainly would.


I don't know how far and how long the conversation would last, but it it it almost feels like Belding's stealing valor. I'm going to I'm going to throw that accusation out there. Maybe building is stealing valor. He also says Bayside never won anything at sports, but there's like trophies in the case and trophies in his office. So so like, what is it? What is it building? I think those are his personal trophies. We also get scratch in the filing cabinet here, which is a do you have any thoughts on how the human body might be able to do what it appears Scrooge is doing?


I don't even want to go there. You don't think I mean, it would you'd certainly always have to, like, disassemble.


I mean, that's that's a we talked about bad magic a couple of episodes ago. That's good magic. This is like cool magic tricks, like being able to pop your head out of a filing cabinet.


I mean, is it do you just take out the bones of the filing cabinet and he just stands in there? I don't think the filing cabinets, bones are the ones you're going to need to remove to make that happen.


But I kind of got creeped out by Mr. Belding when he says that, you know, he's popular with the girls, too. Right. And his next sentence is that he gets almost as many whistles around the pool as Slater does.


Yeah. I mean, he's building is like he's basically bragging about teenage girls, the cat calling him it.


If I really did not pick up on this as a casual viewer, but now watching these in order, which has been such a fun journey so far, sincerely, he really talks a lot about his past sexual conquests.


Like if you if you're in buildings office for more than thirty seconds, he's probably going to tell you about like he's going to allude to a time he had sex as a younger man, which seems like just a very odd way to rap with the youth. And why is Slaters still wearing his singlet? Like, isn't wrestling a pretty dirty sport? Don't you want to shower directly after. I know I do jujitsu. I know Mario does a jujitsu as well.


And the minute I'm done, I take a shower. I'm worried about ringworm. I'm worried about matte things on the mat living on me. Wow. I'm still wearing his singlet like it's gross. No, yeah.


I mean, it is kind of funny. Like it's like the people who carry around like a motorcycle helmet into the wherever they're going to be like, look at me. I really do ride this thing. Like it is odd that he feels the need to be in his sports gear all the time.


What I do remember, which is so funny and it wasn't just in this episode, but of other ones, they used to for some reason have me wear my singlet, which is the wrestling. Know, I brought that up. You wore your singlet through that entire episode. Was it your I it was the whole episode. I knew I wore it at some point, but it wasn't just that I remember I used to wear it a lot, but it wasn't by choice not to tell, yo, this is not how you do it.


The only time I wore my singlet, like in real life is like if I had a Doumitt or a tournament like after school in like in fifth or sixth grade, I put it under my pant I or, you know, whatever you were wearing. And then I kind of go because if I didn't have time to go like whatever like that, well some of the rest of us did that. But in this episode, I think I had it on, like through the whole thing or I had it on a lot.


I just remember I just be rocking it like it was a regular outfit. So here's the. So our next product we've talked about quite a bit in our podcast, Alpha Brain by on it. Dashiell, did you take my little samples I gave you? You did. You sent me out of here with some samples last week. I tried one, and it's great. I replaced my morning coffee with an alpha brain and I was certainly on it for the duration of the day.


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Dustin, I feel like in this scene, again, we always talk about him breaking character, almost on the verge of laughing. I get a hint of that every time he pops it out because he gets a really reaction from the audience. I think he plays with that.


But I think Major Slater's a is a is a fine father. Yeah, well, I mean, like you mean gives Slater a choice.


He's like, look, son, you know, I have four days. I got to tell my commanding officer whether we're going to Hawaii or not. It's up to you.


Yeah. That is that is like very progressive parenting for this kind of like you'd think very dominating military. Dad is he cares. I mean, it's really like him insulator against the world kind of vibe.


So we go into the bathroom again. I notice that the the walls have been cleaned up. All the graffiti off the walls have been taken off since the previous episode.


Yeah, there's there's that graffiti is gone, but there's actually new graffiti on the wall. And I took special note of every single name almost in a little effort to do some, like detective work, because you said producers would put names up. There almost is like inside jokes or kind of like insinuations perhaps. And one name I recognized is Franco Franco Bario, who is a producer on exec producer on the original, as well as the new Saved by the Bell.


But there were a couple other names that stood out to me. And I I wonder if you could connect any of these dots. There's a mark plus sue with a question mark in a heart. Hmm. Now I see that Mark Paul and I think Mark placea in a heart question mark seems to imply maybe there was something going on between Mark and Asou on set. Maybe maybe there was like some kind of some kind of secret romance happening here.


I don't know that. I don't know if you could could you pull that off? Could could our department actually do that with the IP and HRR thing? I don't know to put that out there if it wasn't true. Well, but that's where the question mark comes in. It's like, what do we niños though? This is the 90s. We could do anything we wanted to. And there were two marks on set. And one, two, there was Mark Fetterman, a production coordinator, and Mark Think, a creative consultant.


And Sue was the assistant to either Peter and Franco.


You're starting rumors that I did that. I did the work, I saw the graffiti, and no one thought anyone would connect these dots. But I am I'm doing the pointless work. So, Mark, Sue, if you're out there, I know what you're up to back then. And, you know, I hope you're happy together and I hope no one got hurt.


I don't want to go there. What if they were married? And what if I just what if you just very little kids hear this like, oh, my God, I knew it. I knew all along that Auntie Sue was like having an affair with dad. My dad. Mark. Well, sorry, maybe maybe art department shouldn't have been so cavalier with the graffiti. Also screech Minton's screech mentions. Call me a Smurf. Lola, Lola McPaul career cross over there.


I don't think I know anything about that. Smurfs were big. You also Smurfs were your lead in Smurfs three minutes before saved by the bell. Yeah. Yeah. And we open up in the next, in the next scene. Bayside Classroom back to study hall. Yeah. Kelly with her volleyball just so we could nail that into the viewer that she played volleyball. She was all-American. You don't carry it around. Like, how do I know? And were you at all surprised by how quickly Zach turns here from like, oh, I need Slater really should go to Hawaii based on screeches guidance, which is rare, by the way, that screech like guide Zach usually the other way around.


But are you at all surprised that Zach immediately is like, oh, I know what to do, convince everyone that he's dying? Are you questioning the logic of this show? I'm not questioning the logic so much is like the speed. That's a it's a very quick jump to be like, how do I get your question that now?


Episode six? Yeah, I mean, that's correct. Yeah. The the lockers are swinging open for an auction. Twin's buying boots one at a time. That's stuff I get. But to just it's it's a very advanced scheme. These kids are like geniuses in this realm.


The Mambu quod relation osis. Right.


Try saying that a few times. I can't even I'm not even going to try to say it once. I you really should. I really have a hard time with a lot of words. And this of course leads Jesse, who is like wisely, not immediately buying this thing to go to building. And it's another fun building office scene.


Do you know that Mark Diamond, Dustin Diamond's father, you're saying there is another mark? Oh, yeah. I got more consumers. Yeah. I mean, I'm telling to be Dustin Diamond's dad, so I don't know. We got to like I think we might have some special guests coming up because I'm going to crack this case by the time the sun sets on this one.


But Mark Diamond is the actor who portrays the the teacher in this study hall. Oh, really?


You didn't know that, did you? I didn't. I was one that I taught you something today. You did. And thank you. I appreciate being taught. No, I was wondering who played that. Guys, that's that's a fun little fact.


And we don't give them any credit at the very end. Do it know. And he's not like in the regular like there's teachers that will emerge over saved by the bell who are kind of the regulars and he seems to be more of a one and done. And yet Jesse with Belding is like I mean, this scene is so funny that he would be so cavalier about a dying student, this kind of like conversation. You know, there's this this classic sitcom stuff.


We got to stop right here, though. See on Belding's desk the pencils. Yes. How they're all perfectly lined up. Yes, I do. I think that was a dentist thing. Oh, he was like a like he would do that.


He would do that. And I vaguely remember whenever I could, I would go into his office and just put one or the whole thing out of order.


Oh, so you were like I was an asshole. Yeah. Psychological warfare. Yeah, I was. I was. I was a dick. Yeah, you were. You were like quietly driving him crazy. Yes.


That's again that's a very advanced schemin. You must have some kind of mentor. But by the way, it was just me. Yeah it was, it was more Paul wasn't I wasn't in character at that time.


I always do it, you know, just to fuck with them. Right. They cast the right kid for the job. Absolutely. No, I don't know about that. But I do love the Belding's like big laugh on when she asks how long he's going to be around. He says two weeks, tops, and there's a snap. It's just so funny that he would be, you know, just so, just so casually talking about this kid who's like dying very quickly.


Yeah, I really enjoyed this scene. I thought it was really well written. I believe. I think. Right. I mean, you're the writer in this. I am. I am the writer in this room, I think. And yeah. No, it's again, I love it. I love I love the the energy of Jesse being just like increasingly sad and distraught, like Beldin giving her nothing other than just being like, oh, you win some.


You lose some like. It's great. And that's all that's all Jesse needs to believe that that Slater is dying also in the next scene, we're back in the classroom where Jesse is now fully on board with the whole thing. The way Zach like plants, the seeds of these symptoms is rooted in Slater forgetting to meet him in the weight room. And I just thought that was funny that Slater would ever forget a trip to the weight room. I would think that's all he's doing at this time, and I don't think Zach ever went to a weight room.


Yeah, it's like a double it's like a double goof. Like I didn't hit the weights until I was 16.


Yeah, you're there's a stark physical contrast between you two in this in these early. What are you saying, Daniel? I'm saying Slater looks like an adult man with muscles. And you are.


Stop. You're still young. Your youth here.


Thank you. You're very welcome. Overly dramatic. Wailing by the by the girls. Oh, yeah. Like they're just so like a chorus of of sadness. A Greek tragedy. I did the math here. Screech says these are five generations of ants. Ants can live up to 15 years. So Zach is holding seventy five years worth of ants in that jar and he's about to sacrifice them just to get Slater to get up and do an itchy dance.


And there's Marc Diamond. Yeah. Walking in as the study hall teacher.


Yeah, he kind of breathes some of the same air as Mr. Tuttle of being this like rotund, rotund teacher, so I wonder if they kind of picked Elaine after a while and we see Yuri Hennelly in the background really enjoying the itchy dance. The dance. Yeah, it almost feels it.


It almost felt like M.C. Hammer's dance, but that was like a year after this. But like the body movement, they kind of like upper segmented dancing. Slater sells it and we're back in the hall. This is a we get here like Zach's planned and full, full steam ahead. Everyone just being super shitty to Slater to, like, get him to hate Bayside. So he goes to Hawaii again, very intricate.


I'm thrown off by the lockers. I really I'm wondering why they're so orange. I thought it was my screen.


But you're not wrong. I mean, they do look orange oranger than in other episodes. Maybe they maybe they were orange for your first seven run, and then after that they they read in them up. I was really thrown off by the background. Artists on the phone really took my my attention away from what was being said. It's all I could see. Yeah. She's making a meal of the conversation for sure. And not the only background person on the phone in this episode.


I mean, I, I don't remember people just always being on pay phones, talking before the invention of cell phones, but that that seems to be the world we're living in a BASAD and, of course, Slaters missing trophy. The the biggest possible and like people being mean to his face and telling him to basically drop dead, he could take it or leave it. But that trophy goes missing and like he's he's ready to fly across the ocean.


And we're at the max. And Slater announces that Zach's plane got to him and he's leaving. It worked, but it worked too well. And now a selfless Kelly Kelly wants to go with him.


Oh, Kelly, she mentions an uncle in Honolulu, that is, she has family in Hawaii. That is Cannan. You guys will later go to Hawaii for a a TV movie. I remember going to Hawaii. I would imagine. I would imagine that one would stick it. Yeah, it's off campus. Yeah, off campus. Right. Although Slater's a slaters dimples, which have been mentioned previously and implants. Right. We all know. I mean, it's Hollywood's worst kept secret that he has dental implants, implants as the implants for Democrats.


But they really seem to be like this episode highlights later a lot of ways. And I just I, I could not I was hypnotized like they are there's like a depth to these dimples that are it does not feel natural or or normal. The implants theory is strong. Do you remember if the description that you needed to have dimples and then when did you get your implants?


No, that was my old man had them and then I ended up just having them. And then we've I think we've convinced the audience that those are actually dental implants. They're real because it was funny is when I was a kid, I got teased a lot. They used to say, like, I don't know why they call me Mario the Oreo. And I think they said, oh, you look like you fit Oreos in there. He was I don't know, you know, kids can be cruel and shit.


And then as I got older, girls started to like them and I was like, all right, they're not so bad. So. So it worked out. But I remember getting, like, mess with a lot as a kid and then, you know, what are you going do? You can't do anything about them. And now both my boys have them, both my sons have them. So hopefully they won't get messed with as much. Did you take up like martial arts and wrestling because of like what came first dancing or the the wrestling?


Dancing. I was dancing like at three, four years old and it was just my mom. And, you know, you're so young you didn't know what I didn't know any better. But but to listen to her but like again, growing up in my neighborhood and dancing, then, you know, people they'll start giving you a hard time. But I don't want to quit because I did want to quit, but I didn't want to let let my mom down.


And then she quickly put me in wrestling at the boys club at the Chula Vista Boys Club. And all my cousins wrestled and my uncles wrestled. So it was like an easy transition. And then I just kind of gravitated toward it and I liked it. So it sort of help balance it out. When did you start lifting weights? Because you know that you're primarily the reason I started lifting weights at a young age was because of you. You got huge to you.


You were a beast. I think I sort of have an addictive personality. I take things to the extreme, you know. Yeah, I remember that you swell that quickly surpassed. You know, I really didn't lift weights too much, to be quite honest with you. It was just a lot of the wrestling and wrestling is like if you look at any of these wrestlers, too, it's just it's sort of like a gymnast, right? They're technically not lifting weights, but you just start kind of developing.


Now, Michael, I don't know about you, but I love to eat meals, that's one of the things I like to do every single day is eat. And you know, what makes eating meals specifically so much easier for me is hello fresh a service I have signed up for since we started this podcast.


So the meal that sold me on Hello Fresh was it was like a parmesan, like crispy breaded chicken thing with some garlic couscous. And it was a the experience with Hello Fresh is they send you all the ingredients you need directly to your door, all locally sourced, and you can kind of pick how many meals you want. But what the real hook for for me was immediately, which was like, oh my God, this this tastes like a restaurant.


It tastes like something I would not expect to be able to cook myself. Tasted like you knew what you were doing. It tasted I mean, because for a brief moment in time, thanks to their instructions and the ingredients which are portioned out, I didn't know what I was doing, which is which is rare. I don't always get that feeling in life. And I feel like the recipes are simple enough. But the taste is complex, right?


I mean, it's not like, you know, I'm just putting a few ingredients together and making a meal. I mean, there's a lot of ingredients, a lot of fresh ingredients. And for instance, I made scallops with mushroom risotto. I had the scallops, too. That's crazy. With mushroom risotto. Yeah, I think it was with the mushroom. That was probably the longest recipe. Most of the recipes. And we use it for the family.


So we have a serving of four and most of them are under a half hour to make. Yeah. For really tasty, delicious meals. The longest was that scallop with mushroom risotto. But it came out, like you said, restaurant quality. I was really impressed by the taste. Yeah.


I couldn't believe it. And it was it was so good. And it's also just like something to do. It's fun, you know, fun to be in the kitchen and cooking. So if you want to give Hello Fresh Shot, which you really should go to. Hello, fresh dotcom Zach m80 and use code Zach m80 to get a total of eighty dollars off your first month includes free shipping on your first box. Additional restrictions apply. Please visit.


Hello, fresh dotcom.


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I did get my box. Yeah. How do you feel? How do you look with it.


Which question do you want me to answer for all of it? Well that's that's how I answer it all at once. No, I, I did like it. And they have so stitch fix essentially on the website and you fill out kind of a survey of what you're into. They show you kind of like models of do you want to look like this person is basically a personal styling assistant.


Yeah. So when you get it, it stands to reason you're going to like what's in the box because they they already know they essentially see into your soul through this survey you take about what kind of shirts you like or what kind of pants you wear, that kind of thing.


So walk you through my process. I filled out that questionnaire online and then a few weeks later I received a box and in the box was a brand new outfit for me to wear. I had a shirt, a button down shirt and a t shirt and like a hennelly and then some pants and some shoes and they all fit. So I kept it all. If I didn't want to keep any of it, I could have sent it all back. I would have paid for that particular box.


Yeah, it's risk free. Risk free. You send it back. They pay for the shipping. So it's a win win really. You keep what you want and you send back what you donate. It could not be easier or with less risk. And if you want to get started, stitch fix.


Just go to stitch fix dotcom, Zach M-Net, Zach M and you'll get twenty five percent off when you keep everything in your fix that stitch fix dotcom slash Zackham for twenty five percent off when you keep everything in your fix stitch fix dot com slash z.


A sec m. In the bathroom, we get the first ever in series, Zach Morris, time out.


Yeah, I guess it is the first time out. See, I think they're just trying things out in these episodes because I do talk to the camera and then this is the first time out.


This is the first time out. It almost raises some questions like, does Zach Morris have superpowers? Or, you know, like the there's there's a couple of logic things you could ask, but, yeah, he's able to freeze time, which is, suffice to say, cool, but he doesn't really use it that much to like you would think if you could really freeze time and you were Zach Morris, you would freeze time and like rob a bank.


But mostly he just freeze his time to like, you know, talk to the audience. He never robs a bank mcpaul, spoiler alert. Oh, and then we're at Slaters House for Zach, just walking into this setup, you would you know, you think Zach would you think Zach would smell a setup? But he doesn't. He never does. Who lets Zach in the house? I mean, he just comes in, finds Major Slater in his office.


Yeah. I mean, he like while Slater goes out the back door. That's correct.


You would imagine normal procedure for entering a home if someone opens a door for you and you walk in, you know, traditionally that's how homes work and doors work.


I also like that he he so Slater and his dad are like hanging this giant American flag as a prop, which I cannot imagine a military man would be doing. But OK, you know, it's like. It's like it's like it's like, you know, it's fun. A giant flag. Yeah. But it's done to like, you know, it's done to visually look like Peyton, which I get. Got that right away.


But then Slater has to say, I want him to think he's talking to Peyton.


I just thought that was a a little handholding we didn't need. We already see the big flag is, you know, we get it.


My first thought when I was watching this scene was who's going to pay for that desk when, like, he he smashes the desk? Yeah, obviously, that was a prop, right? Obviously. But in the world of the show, you just wrecked your desk. Yes, sir. Sir. Yeah. I mean, I guess I guess he really doesn't care. I almost it almost looked like they added like I thought what they would have done.


And again, in the world of the show, not production like Slater and his dad would add a little breakaway wood to the desk. I don't know where they went to a hobby shop and got some balsa wood. I don't know. Maybe they're in a building model planes. I don't know.


But it's funny that he said the Russians are in Burbank. Uh, nineteen ninety. I thought that maybe were talking about Russians. We're still talking about the Russians, we're still talking about Russians.


And I'm glad that I thought this scene had a few funny jokes in there and just the rhythm of a yes major. I'm a minor. I thought I was I was a little bit. But I'm glad you mentioned the Burbank thing. As previously mentioned, this episode written by Michael Swerling. He also wrote Nineteen Eighty Sevens Can't Buy Me Love big comedy movie. He was coming right off that he wrote this episode of Saved by the Bell. And just for fun, McPaul, I watch Can't Buy Me Love yesterday.


Never seen it. There's a Burbank joke in Can't Buy Me Love Me. So Michael, swear to look at the time. Just a little fun fact. He was into Burbank humor while writing that movie and also this episode.


I'll give you a little fun fact on this show. The one that we're watching Saved by the Bell. Yes. Was filmed in Burbank. Oh, Burbank, California. Burbank, California. The one and only. Is there another Burbank? I don't think so. OK, you know, just just clarify what you say for fun. OK, now, this was shot at the NBC studios, which is still in Burbank, California.


California, No. One. Oh, down the street. I know where it is.


Yeah. There's an airport in Burbank. Yeah, California. Yeah. It's no longer called the Bob Hope. Is it called the Bob Hope? No, I think it's no longer called the Burbank Airport. Now it's called the Bob Hope Airport. I thought it was no longer called. Bob Hope was just called to Burbank. They took that from Bob Hope, I think. I don't think it goes that way. I think you can only give someone an airport name.


And I think you can like like it's never not going to be Kennedy. Like, I think once you give the airport name, it sticks. Oh, I can't wait to see it. I think someone's going to come from it's going to be awesome. Bob Hope is going to come for you. He's going to just dig himself up and hit me with a golf. Oh, I can't believe you went there, Daniel. I mean, what, an airport named after him or does he get help?


He may or may not have an airport named after him. Yeah.


I mean, did they take away John Wayne's airport? Well, John Wayne had a little more controversy, I think, than Bob Hope so.


So maybe maybe that maybe maybe you can get, like, airport canceled.


I don't know. And then I do my little voice crack trope. Right. Which we've established was you acting, but also harnessing the changes of your body at the time. Brilliant acting might add you you might add that. Yeah, you might. And this whole scene kind of plays out almost like the opposite of a Belding's office scene for me, like it is the is like a nightmare in slaters, a Slaters Dad study capped off by a live grenade or at least the presence of a live grenade.


Anzac scuttling on out of there. So then we open up in the max. And I think that's a charred French bulldog with an apple in his mouth.


Yeah, it doesn't I mean, I'm not sure what it is, but it doesn't look good, whatever they're serving. And and yeah, I mean, they really took over the max. And these are not like light decorations. I mean, there's there's pretty massive makeovers going on. And so we're supposed to believe that Zac doesn't know about this.


Farewell, Leo. So let's see.


Does he know about the I mean, he walks in. Yeah. Screech gives him a dirty look. And then he says, Slater, is that you? Who else would it be? I mean, all slaters. Wearing sunglasses and a lay on his head, he's also sitting next to a sign that says the word Slater. It says Aloha Slater, three inches from his face, and boy, did they just love the dress, the boys up as as girls.


Yeah, I mean, what do you want to call this? I mean, it's like full Chiquita banana.


That's what what Scrooge is doing. He looks like the sticker on a banana. Yeah.


And he's about to break every moment like this makes me laugh.


Yeah. I mean this like very it is like they pause everything for a little dance number, just kinda just to inject some fun energy into the mix here, which again, like can you imagine popping into the max for your Thursday night cheeseburger or whatever, and you've got to deal with this. I just like guys that I come here all the time. Why is there always some weird event happening? And I assume that Maria Hennelly choreographed that dance that we do for the audience.


And who else are we doing this hula dance floor? I mean, you get real applause and people were they got a show and they went to that taping although screech you gotta hand it to him for having the confidence to like still hit on Lisa in this absolutely ridiculous outfit and you know, she shut him down and then the gift that we're supposed to give to Slater, a man eating plant, what's the significance of that? Yeah. So if we're going to be rating good magic, bad magic, that's not even magic.


Like that's like bad prop comedy, which is like it's like somewhere in the mime realm of entertainment, just not highly regarded. So this is what I'm talking about.


Zach walks in, he looks like, what the hell is going on here? He's got Slaters trophy that he had engraved right here at the twenty four hour engraver just popped over.


So you're right, I did not pick up on that. He it's like how did he and he just knew to go to the max.


That's where like everyone is all the time. But he didn't know about the layout. Right. Yeah. I mean some stuff got to him, some stuff didn't before cell phones and I decide to leave but the pineapple princess stops me. Yes. Screech playing two roles like The Kind Of Guardian and also like the demure dancer. And, you know, we get the we get the reveal here that Slater knew about it the whole time. And and it's OK.


He's staying and the girls are not happy about it.


So at the end here, Screech does a gesture that basically is my new greeting for twenty twenty. Oh like the like waving. It's the double wave. Yeah. Double wave and then the slimy thing. Yeah. A little bit of finger. A little bit of wrist action. Yeah. That's a bit of fun. That's good. That's my greeting. Here it is. There it is. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You got to bring the face is good.


Yeah. Yeah. That's my new greeting for twenty twenty.


I look forward to seeing that greeting in the near future. Yeah.


And I'm pretty sure I had to, I had to Google this so. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time. I did. But now the FBI is probably gonna come knocking on my door. But I had to Google. Is it illegal to carry a unloaded grenade. Right. Because Slater has one in his pocket, brings it to the max. Yeah. What did you find? I'm not really sure. I don't think it is.


Well, I mean, but I guess it's all about how you use it, though, right? Because, like, if you walked into a bank with that grenade, I don't know why I'm on bank robbery right now. I don't know. I watched Point Break over the weekend. If you walk into a bank with that grenade, then it would be very illegal. Even if it's not active, you know, like you can't you can rob a bank with a fake gun and still go to jail.


Yes, that's a firearm. Yeah, but that's an explosive.


Isn't that worse? I don't I yes. I would think it's worse. Like when you get I mean, I would in real life, once you get in trouble, if you brought it to a diner and I mean, if you brought that grenade to and I mean, this is almost a school event.


Yes. In real life, were you to bring a grenade into a diner? I'm sure at the very least they would not give you a novelty plant with chattering teeth. You'd probably be Asterix.


And so this episode, it kind of it's interesting to think about it as the seventh one you shot, which you guys didn't know if you were going to get more episodes after this. And it kind of bookends the season as it was originally written, because in the first episode, which is now going to be like Episode 15, I think King of the Hill, you and Slater meet and face off. And in this one, Slater has like stoop to your level.


And now you guys are kind of on like you're both in the doghouse with the girls. But it kind of brings the Slater story of the season. It kind of ties it up in any way. But that's not what happened. You guys just went on for a bunch more episodes in season one because you got a quick renewal. Yeah, I thought that was neat. Also just fun little fact about after this episode. My last little fun little fact, I promise forever.


No, don't say that. OK, just for now. OK, after this episode aired, you had seven done. Peter Engle did not know if this would be a hit. No one did. He went to Brandon Tartikoff office and threw essentially a tantrum until Brandon Tartikoff gave him thirteen more episodes. He said, I'm not leaving your office until you give me 13 episodes or call security. And he lay down on the floor now and go lay down on the floor in Brandon Tartikoff office while Brandon Tartikoff called various talent agencies and went about his business for about eight phone calls, as Peter Engle writes.


And every time Brandon Tartikoff would end a phone call, Peter Engle would yell Thirteen or security. And finally, Tartikoff said, I'll give you 13 episodes, get the hell out of my office. And that's how you guys got a quick renewal before anything ever aired. And it was after a little house later.


Really? Yeah, I can we can we fact check that story.


I mean, we could I know two guys who we can fact check with, but I that's again this is as written in a Peter Engle's book, so maybe never happened.


But I, I'm inclined to believe it feels like a bold story to just to completely fabricate. It's Hollywood though, is it is. You're right. Do you remember anything about Brandon?


Oh, yeah. I love Brandon Tartikoff. And what a legacy he left. Not only was always very cool, I remember him. This is so random. But there was some sort of luncheon and he brought Will Smith up at the stage. I don't know if you were with me and Will was up there and I was trying to make some jokes. Nobody laughed. And then I remember Brandon said, don't worry, Will. They're going to be laughing later on and they're going to be laughing for a long time.


You'll see. And I remember I say and obviously he became, you know, one of the biggest movie stars. But it's funny that Brandon was the fourth side he had and is the pioneer and just just a brilliant, brilliant guy. Do you remember anything about being in in Burbank on that lot? Yeah. Stage nine. Where are we in stage nine? I don't remember. I do a Studio nine. The only reason I know that is because I've worked on that lot a lot.


And they have like like somewhat of like a little plaque on the on the show we used to pardon me on the stage we used to work on. And then they also did Fresh Prince either on that stage, coincidentally speaking of Will Smith on that stage of the stage right next door, I can't remember who was either the same that I remember it was it was a stage across the way. It was OK. So it was just next door to us.


We shared a hallway with them. Yes, yes, yes. OK, I do remember that. Yeah. Right next hour. Right. Yeah. So that was that was a fun lot. Now did you always think that we were going to get canceled as a series? I mean, because you went back to school, you went back to Chula Vista and just went right back to high school. Yeah. And we were lucky in the sense that because we were all miners, they and it was to their advantage we shot in the summertime.


So they don't have to mess too much with school. Sometimes we'd bleed into the into the fall. But for the most part, we shot a lot in the summer. So I feel like kind of having that balance. But yeah, I didn't really like I didn't it cross my mind that I wasn't stressed out about it or anything. I guess, you know, when you're young or at least when I was young, I was just kind of whatever, you know, all Celebi kind of attitude happens.


Cool. And if not now, you know, you obviously think about stuff a lot more. But back then, I don't think I was really I didn't recognize the just the gravitas and the situation had it could have been all over at any moment. Well, that's the thing, too. We didn't have social media. We we didn't know the impact. This was making on our peers and we didn't realize how how deep the audience the reach was, right.


So it's like we didn't have these tools that we have nowadays to, you know, look at the Nielsen ratings to be on social and see the numbers. I always felt like we were operating in our own little bubble. And then remember, in Saturday morning, it it had sort of a niche following in a cult following on Saturday morning. However, it didn't really pick up a lot of huge fans in the momentum and this sort of cult following until it went into syndication.


And then it kind of took on a life of its own. But prior to Saturday morning, like it was it was popular. People watched it. It was cool. But when it went into syndication, didn't you feel that's when it really kind of kind of went to another level? Yeah. In 1996, it went into syndication. I think everything changed for us at that point because you could watch the show during the day after school. Right.


It reached a whole nother audience. Right. So when you went back to school, did people know what you did or or why you had left for a few months? Yeah, I was kind of a trick because I was the only kid that in this business that kind of like I went to a regular big public school. We had 3500 kids in my school. I kind of wanted to kind of try to blend in. I don't think you blended in.


So next week's episode is called The Substitute. And do you have any guesses here, Mark? Paul, just any shot in the dark?


I think I do. I don't know the actress or the actor's name that portrayed her, but I think it's like an older it's a substitute. And I know that's the nurse. Are you remember the nurse? Well, because I've seen photos of it. Yes. That's not this one right now. And I'm I'm lost about the substitute. OK, well, your instincts aren't totally wrong that it might be about new faculty showing up at Bayside, perhaps a substitute teacher, Mr.


Belding's brother.


You are wrong again.


No, it's not that episode I but I'm so glad you have a rough sense of some of the stuff that happened in the show. It's feels like we're making a lot of progress here. And please do your homework last fall. And thank you, Mario Lopez, for joining us. Yes, thank you, Mario. We'll see you next week. Zack to the Future is a production of Caden's 13. It's executive produced by McPaul Goslar, myself and Chris Corcoran, production and direction led by Terrence Mangan, editing and mastering by Andy Jenniskens.


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