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Yeah, that's what I primarily use it for, paying back my friends. Right. Look at you dinners. Why else would I use PayPal? Maybe like a vacation if you like. A split, like a like a rental home. You could use PayPal to split that up. I've done that before with friends back when, you know, vacations and dinners and all those things. But you can still support local businesses. A lot of them take PayPal and it's a great way to quickly send money without coming into contact with anyone, which is definitely a thing of importance these days.


And definitely the PayPal app makes it so much easier to send and receive money. It's fast. It's easy.


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I mean, it's almost like what can't you do with this thing? You know it. You love it. PayPal. PayPal is making it easy to pay safely, quickly and easily. Download the PayPal up today. Terms and conditions apply. Welcome to Back to the Future, I'm your co-host, Daniel Driscol, joined today by Mark Paul Goslar. Hello, Mark. Paul. Hello, Daniel. You know, I'm not even going to ask you if you did the homework.


You've been such a good student here. It's like, what's the point? Yeah, I. I'm a good student. A grade student. Thank you. Top of the class. All that. But, you know, just in case you didn't do the homework out there, which is this episode was the substitute, which is the seventh episode as it aired, but not the seventh you shot. I did prepare a brief summary. And before we get to that, it's worth noting we have another special guest this week.


Mark Paul, you're going to be talking to the actresses who played the twins on Saved by the Bell, the Zeffirelli twins, Allison and Jennifer, the Zeffirelli twins. That's what they were called. That's that's what Peter called them. I don't think they had an official title. I don't even know if they know they had an official title. But when we asked Peter what were the names of those twins, he said, the Zeffirelli twins, it would make sense that they would.


I mean, yeah, if they were if it was a normal school environment, that's how they would be categorized. So he you know, that makes sense. Does it? Uh, I mean, I, I, you know, I'm going to take it right back. It I'm not so sure it does make it. But in the world of saved by the bell. Sure. That don't make sense in the world of high school. That makes sense.


I went to school with multiple twins in the grade below me, which seemed like a real anomaly, like two sets of twins. How often does that happen in a school? I don't know.


No one cares. No one. No one cares. Just get to the summary. OK, that's a good point. I didn't think about it like that. OK, Mrs. Simpson threw her back out, teaching Shakespeare a lesson Zach was using to woo Kelly. But when the handsome substitute Tony Crane shows up, all the girls at Bayside are head over heels. Zack creates an alliance with Slater to bring in an actress to pretend to be Tony's wife. Tony figures out what's going on, but goes along with it and uses the same actress to make the girls think he's engaged.


They immediately lose interest. The end. That's the episode. And just like that, it's Act one. And the episode begins in a bayside classroom with a a cool guy on a skateboard through the class.


And if you notice, Jesse looks a little annoyed by the skateboarder. I think she's worried about getting a flat tire. Oh, she's like not happy with the with the action. No, no, no. She looks back and then she's, like, trying to scoot a little faster, you know, so she doesn't get hit from behind.


Yeah, she is. She is clocking the guy behind her, which I guess you would do. It's worth noting another guy with the skateboard opened up an episode we've already seen fatal distraction saved by the bell seem to enjoy having a skateboarder zooming through the halls to to open an episode like kind of fun action. And then we open with Zack Morris walking through the door with a new hairstyle.


Oh, yes, a different hairstyle than we've seen before. And a little more grown up.


Yeah, because as established, you you guys shot seven and then there was a brief hiatus, which is industry jargon for everyone, went home for a little bit. And you guys came back and you were you had aged a little bit.


Now, you know, look at that. What was what was your time like? Like what was that like when you weren't on essentially after those seven?


Well, I think I've said this before, but we we we would do these shows. And whether it was a seven episode run or a thirteen episode run and usually, you know, whether a show is going to get picked up again and you're going to continue shooting sometime in the future with Saved by the Bell, we would finish our run and then we would just go back to our normal lives, which meant we would just go back to school and we would have no idea if we'd we'd ever see each other again.


So we'd have these wrap parties where it could have been forever. We would just say goodbye. And I went back to school. I know we've talked about what's with Mario, that he would just go back to school in Chula Vista. I was going to high school in Valencia. And so I would just go to my what's called a heart high in Valencia and I would just go back and just be in air quotes. Normal, normal teen.


So you did have, like some some normal schooling in your life.


I know we talked about you having, like on set school, but you also had you like you interacted with real substitute teachers.


I did. But that was short lived because of my schedule. The teachers didn't want to put up with it. So I ended up having to go to a sort of a workers school for kids who had jobs or were, I guess, delinquent. And so it was more of a school that was in a trailer next to my high school. I don't really want to give the name of that school. I don't know if it's still there, but what the deal is with it.


But basically that was there like bad kids and. Yeah, so you were you were there because you had a job, but you were also it's like there were other kids there because they. Jobs as well, but there were also kids there who it was like the last train, last chance. Yes, trailor trailer.


I wonder if that gave you any info for Zack, if that like how much do a little bit to be around, like, kind of the bad boy. No, no, no, not at all. I mean, I work that system because you would go in, get your work. And most of it was was on a sheet and it was multiple-choice. And then you just take that home and, you know, complete it and then send it back in.


I would work that system. And there was a lot of finding the answers in file boxes when the teacher wasn't looking and then turning in work that was already completed. That's a that's that's amazing. It was like you were you would so basically you would rap, say, by the bell and go live a miniature version in a in a trailer, it sounds like. Pretty much, yeah. Pretty much. Anyone who lives in that part of where I grew up knows the school that I'm talking about.


They pass it on their way to the real school, OK?


And I'm sure if you go to Six Flags, you're probably in the in the vicinity. You are in the vicinity. How much is in Valencia? Right at the Six Flags in this trailer. OK, and we're in the class. We get the twins, the twins who will be well, who you'll be talking to later in matching clothes, which just feels so surreal, I guess, like that they need to match and sit right next to each other.


It's a specific choice, this this showing it.


And then when Zach gets picked to play the I don't know what character is playing, but, boy, I mean, that was my best effort at an English accent.


Oh, you're like you. Well, you remember it's kind of sweet that he memorized the you know, he was ready. He was ready for his moment. There's also a little production error. You can see a boom mic when he like tricks Kelly into standing up. There's just a little boom hanging out in the corner. You know, no one thought we'd be seeing it thirty years later. But, wow, I never got a note from the director saying, like, hey, maybe you should take a lesson and dialects, because that is that it's a really shitty job.


Or is it just me? I mean, I just critiquing my work a little too hard. Did you notice that my English accent was shit? I, I wouldn't say I noticed it was shit. I just noticed it was like like I noticed you were doing an accent. It didn't sound like you were from foggy old English town. It sounded. It sounded. Yeah. I guess it did sound like shit. Thank you. Yeah. No I mean you were kind of fishing for it but yeah I was really worried about Kelly up on that chair by the way.




We've talked a little bit about like safety. I know it's a pretty mundane, mundane production thing of like what it means to be safe on set. But the chair on the desk that Kelly is on does not look safe. That that does feel like an accident waiting to happen. I think too many of those accidents have happened and that's why we're not allowed to do it as actors now. Right. It was an accident that did happen on another set.


And now, yeah, it can't happen anymore. Also, the the teacher here, Mrs. Simpson, played by Pamela Cash Rich, TV acting history, Star Trek, Golden Girls, Family Matters. You've you've definitely seen her around. And she is actually an English actor, correct? Right. Yeah. I mean, I guess your accent is especially like should hideously bad next to her. Yeah. Yeah. Shitty, right. That's the word. That's the more technical industry jargon.


Shitty my hair though if we can just go back to my hair as well as slaters. Slaters is a little more shinier this season. Mine is just very poofy. And I'm not sure that that shelf that I have going on, how, how I got that to happen. There's a lot of hairspray, I guess.


Yeah. I mean, you know, a lot of volume all around us. But same with Kelly. A lot of volume in our hair as well. Yeah. Kelly's hair really does like. Yeah, I guess volume is the word of the day here.


So Miss Simpson throws out her back playing hockey. She says old hockey injury.


Yeah, it's a fun joke because you get to picture her playing hockey, you know. Is it. I yeah. I am going to say that is a fun joke because my brain instantly, like, conjures up this lady, you know, really roughing it up, playing hockey. That's what athletes say, right? Roughing it up. You would know. Yeah, I would know. I'm the regular gym hog. I'm in the gym all the time.


And then we will ah out into the the hallway. Yeah.


Which I'm, that's kind of what I pointed out, the skateboard in the beginning. Like it's a it's a load-Bearing skateboard. It we introduced the skateboard and then it pays off in three minutes and building giving a like this is one of those like hey hey hey, what's going on here. That is super warranted. Like they're wheeling a and an old lady through the halls, that that's certainly a time to ask what is going on here?


Is this one of the first times where you actually pieces those that those two phrases together? Uh, I think we've I think we've heard it before. Have we just sort of what's going on here without the. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Right. Hmm. You know, it's starting as I feared it might in this process, to blend together a bit. But that might be the first proper. Hey, hey, hey, hey. What is going.


You do realize that you have one job. I mean, yeah, but it's to actually have several jobs and they all seem to be saved by the bell related. And the process over several years has kind of melted my brain a little bit.


Not going to lie, but it's it's rare that we actually see only the gang together. Right. It's we have all six of us in the hallway all together. Yeah, I guess you're right. And would you you don't include building in the gang, do you know?


But I guess I could. That would be all seven of us. Yeah. Bell cast. I would go there. Right.


I would make the argument Belding is in the gang. OK, so a listener wrote in and tried to solve the Orange Red Locher question last week and their theory was, which I'm just going to say I don't subscribe to, but their theory was they painted the laughers orange to show we were in a different hallway at Bayside, maybe a different floor. And that's why there's like a trophy case we don't see again. Oh, that that seems crazy, though, because it's it's clearly the hallway.


Yeah, but if you go one floor up. Right. Or down, that's what they're that's the theory. But I mean, that is the theory because where do those stairs go. Right. It would well it would be way then you know that doesn't because there would have to be downstairs and they weren't downstairs or upstairs.


The stairs theory. I knew something was wrong. I just couldn't quite figure out the physics of it. But yeah, correct. There would have to be a difference. And I was so high when I wrote that tweet. That was you. It was me. I admit it. Was it OK, you changed your avatar to and location to Cincinnatian. You look everyone listen. I came from Indiana and I did a show in Paris. I mean, what do you want from me?


Sure. OK, well you OK, so we your theory has been debunked by you. But yeah I was there is there was no up or down stairs so it would have to be I mean I think the different part of the the building I guess maybe. Yeah. Like it's the same floor but a different corner. I mean I look again, I don't I just don't think they thought we'd be thinking about this stuff is beside only a two storey building.


I don't know. I don't know. I just thinking about that winded me. I'm not sure I got overwhelmed trying to picture the stories of Bassat. And then we go into the Max and Zach with that shitty accent he thinks is going to like seal the deal here with Kelly.


Like she's just going to be ready for marriage. It actually does seal the deal. She was supposed to go to the beach with Slater, right? I mean, yeah, he is like he is really like weaponize this curriculum to like is his dating life. And the audience seems to really enjoy the parting. Is such sweet sorrow. Jump. Yeah. And then I love I love Slater's reaction to that. He just wanders aimlessly in the background. He actually goes the Uri Henley, one of the extras back there, and he seems like he shakes his head.


Sorry, pal. You just kind of water back there. Yeah. He like he like paces back and forth like like he just he got some terrible news or something. Is it is it is a funny reaction. There's also yet another there's yet another person on the phone at the max like that just is there's always someone on the phone. I notice it now look, I can't help but see it.


So I'm so glad that you guys took the time to talk with me, because you guys come up so often on our podcast and is I know that you love your characters on the show have also spawned drinking games like every time you appear on screen.


People have to take a shot at listening to the podcast. And every time you guys, I, I like to bring the phone to my husband and my kid, I'm like, don't they just it. But we've been listening to the podcast.


So awesome to hear it to get recognized as the twins from the show. Well, not now. But, you know, it's funny because there's so many saved by the Bell fan clubs on Facebook and Instagram, and I've joined a few just for the fun of it. And when I you know, sometimes I don't really want to comment, but then I'll say, hey, I'm the twin from Saved by the Bell and people go nuts and they want to know about the show.


They want to know about you guys. They want to know what we're doing. I'm hooked up with, like the filmmaker in Italy who wanted to interview us for his Instagram post. So, I mean, people definitely recognize us and they definitely still think only of the twins for the show. And we're thinking, wait, but you know how we were when we tell people that we meet now, we were on, say, mobile, they're like, oh, I remember you guys.


I remember you guys.


So it's really cool. How did you wind up being cast on the show? Were they looking specifically for twins?


Yeah, well, we signed up with an extra agency and they called us and they said that saved by the bell was starting. The pilot and Peter Engl was looking for identical twins that looked for some reason they weren't Italian looking twins to be the Zeffirelli twins, which I think they refer to us every once or twice as that. And so we we went to the casting call. We just like it was at NBC and Peter Àngel was there and they hired us right on the spot.


I think it only so that to like I don't remember there being another set in that it was like, OK, if that's about it. Yeah.


How did you get scheduled to be recurring background students? You guys are a huge part of the show. I guess it's two questions that I but I have. How do you become reoccurring and also how long were you on the show for? We were on the show for two years. And we would basically I mean, it was odd because we kept thinking, oh, this is it for us. They don't want us back, but they just kept calling us.


How they would schedule the extras is they basically just call you the agency would call you the night before and just say, OK, here's your call time. Here's how many wardrobe changes we had to bring our own clothes. And they would just kind of tell you, like, you're going to be in the max, you're going to be in a dance, you're going to be in the hallway. So they would just tell you how many to the screen and show up.


And that was it. And that's how we all got schedule. Pretty much you become a part of the scenes. You become a part of the the the story. So I'm just fascinated, like Joanne or Maria or Casey. Were they the ones that would give you direction? Would you read the script? Did you know did you follow along?


Yeah, they kind of gave us direction and kind of I think we would come in on Thursday. You guys were there all week and then we would come in on Thursday and rehearse and get blocked in. And I totally remember Joanne. So you just said that she would meet. Yeah. And it was just kind of an Maria can have lines that often, but when we did, we would get a script and, you know, just rehearse along with you guys on Thursday and then wait for tape day.


And yeah, we would get blocked, get blocking and lighting and kind of go through what you guys went through, but not till Thursday. And they would tell us, OK, I walk by you to go over here when he says, you know, when he says this, you guys react. So they would be giving us direction.


So do you guys still dress alike or sit together like you did on the show?


Nowadays, we stop dressing alike when we were probably in first grade, other than, say, by about you know, it is funny, like my sister I was talking about this yesterday week. We know on purpose that alike, but we find that when we're in situations we're together, we end up sitting the exact same with our hand like the same. And it is just something I think twins do. It's just one of those like weird anomalies that happens when you're with.


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And that's not just 10 percent on Alpha brain, although you should certainly give Alpha Brain a shot. It's 10 percent on your entire order from on it. And that again is on it on dotcom instant and use code. We get the the old fry the mouth gag and we get a huge reaction from the audience. You know, we actually noticed when we were working, different audiences would give different reactions and the energy would would would dictate how good of a show we would actually do.


You know, it's like if you're in a sports event and if if the audience is is really into a game, it it kind of fires up the players. Right. Right. It would fire home court advantage. Exactly. Well, we would feel the same way as as actors. Like if our jokes landed and we get a big reaction, it kind of fired us up. Did you were you ever in the middle of one where you were like, oh, this is a we are just in the middle of a stinker here?


Yes, actually, there were times where collectively we would all feel the energy wasn't where we would like it and we'd actually have to get a pep talk from some of the ads or the producers would come down or even Peter himself would make an appearance and and kind of try to get us back up and try to tell us, you know, don't let them don't let the audience affect your energy. Interesting. And so they would like they they wouldn't want that to get in your head.


I guess also the audience probably reactions got bigger as your show started airing like these are initial audiences had to learn about all these characters. But I would imagine later ones where we're more familiar with everyone because they'd they'd seen the show.


Yeah. You start getting fans to. Yeah. Which yeah. That drives the energy up. And we're back at Bayside and Mrs. Simpson, she is just she is down for the count, although we will see her again. Yeah. Yeah. She's coming back. I think she's actually even in an episode of the new class, like they just could not get rid of Mrs. Simpson and why would you want to. But she's been replaced with a very handsome substitute.


Tony Green, Tony Crane, played by Hank Stretton, who was on an episode of NYPD Blue with you, was he? Yeah. You would later go on to work with Stratman.


And I was I was I in the same scene with Hank, though. I scrubbed through it. I found it, although you did find it. But I could not quite like I just, you know, I got a lot of spare time, but I didn't quite have the forty four minutes to watch the full thing, but I could not find Hank Straton and scrubbing through this episode of NYPD Blue. OK, so I'm not sure if you shared screen time together, but, you know, maybe next week I'll I'll give you the update on that Season 12 episode that you guys, OK, we're ending and that'll expose whether I am a true asshole or not.


Oh, like if you like.


Yeah. I mean, there's no well it was he was probably more I mean he was certainly more aware of it I would imagine, than you. But I should be aware of these things to Dashiell. Don't don't don't try to paint it as that. You know, I have an excuse. I'm not, I'm not.


But I would just you got to give people like human leeway here to understand his. He was on saved by the bell once.


So you and I should remember Tony Crane. I mean, this guy looks like he was the inspiration for Christian Bale's character in American Psycho. I mean, how can I not remember Patrick Bateman? Yeah, he's a Ken doll, like walking around. Oh, you know, there's there's something definitely darker. And I mean, now that I've told you, American Psycho, you will not be able to unsee that. OK, I look forward to not being able to see that, but I laugh actually when he comes in the room.


I'm just going to rewind here a little bit because Kelly's reaction to him walking in the room is absolutely hilarious. Her jaw almost unhinges when when he walks into the room. Just watch Kelly and watch her reaction.


Yeah, it's like a of anaconda preparing to eat up, eat, pray or something, yeah, you're right. The jaw unhinging thing is absolutely happening and we get the the fun little I'm yours joke, too, to bring us right into Act two. And Tony appears to have brought a costume to his substitute teaching job. That's it's a little peculiar, but like why didn't he just wear it in the class? Like why did he have to introduce himself?


And then I would imagine go to the locker room or something and change it. That feels like an unnecessary step. I think he just change right in the classroom. Oh, he like asserted his dominance by just stripping down. Yeah. Yeah.


There's a lot of inappropriate things that happen in this episode with Mr. Tony Crane, in my opinion.


I do have some questions about like what his history is. And and you're right, maybe there are some some skeletons in the closet as a metaphor, but also maybe just like some actual bodies.


American Psycho. Yeah, his did am I alone in thinking like his Shakespeare outfit feels like very pretty like it it I don't know what I would like costume design for Shakespeare, but this feels closer to a pirate than someone doing Shakespeare and Kelly acting opposite Tony it like I'm not I'm not sure what she's trying to do, but it's like she has like woozy eyes and an open mouth, like her version of swooning almost looks like she's about to faint or something in a but not in like a romantic way, like a like she needs water, perhaps a trip to the hospital.


And that's how you do. Hi fi, folks. The Slaters High five. That's how you do one. That's the good stuff. Yeah. I was good. That was pretty good. I was happy with that one.


Do you think, um. Do you think Kelly is Juliet Cap is like tilted that way to avoid a shadow. I'm in tune to the world of Face Shadows now thanks to our conversations. And it feels like the aggressive angle back was to avoid a shadow of her hat on her face.


Otherwise, she'd look like a conehead, though, if she wore it straight up and down. No, right. Yeah, I mean, I would it would mess up her bangs too, which I'm sure they took a lot of time to get that fluffy again.


That kind of volume doesn't just happen. Yes. The the Coneheads mention I did the math here. Coneheads hadn't aired in ten years on SNL at the time, four years before the film came out. So Screech really knows his Saturday Night Live to make that Coneheads reference, which we did the two thing already.


Oh, no, we haven't. Like, you mean Tony's little like tooth. Another kind of cartoony additional thing that it did it did it work for you like the tooth ding or whatever you want to call it? No, I just I was just blown away by that that creepy look he did before the tooth thing.


I'm telling you, you don't trust this guy.


Don't trust him at all. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I yeah. I don't it almost sounds like you're you're back to what Zach was feeling of immediate distrust of this man. But yours seems to be rooted in like this could be my new Byron. Your new I mean, you got to it sounds like it always is rolling downhill to someone, so. Sure.


And we're back at the Max Slater again. Let's get like a chokehold count for season one. But he's he's got screech all locked up in his bicep.


Now, I definitely come in as a pirate. I mean that there's that. But look at me. I have a sword.


Yeah. Like, so what if Tony's is, like, pirate ish? You are like full blown of the Caribbean in this scene. Back to the shitty accent. Can you do you have it. Do you. I don't I don't have an accent that shit anymore, if that's what you're asking. It was. Well is it better. Is it do you have anything I'm not going to give it to. All right. You don't deserve it. That is true.


I didn't I have not earned it and I don't deserve it.


So why is Tony coming to the the diner? Yeah. I mean, there's lots of places that he has to come to the diner. What is he doing. I don't know. And he's inviting them to sit down. I don't get this. And then you got to notice when Jesse when they all scramble for seats and Jesse knocks over something, something breaks. Oh I heard offscreen. Right.


Yeah. There is a it's actually in like the IMDB goofs section. Oh, really, really is. She's noted as Guffin that she knocked something over and there was like a break. Oh yeah. Because also you'll see Tiffany's face. She, she almost breaks character. She's looking around at us. And then when the camera comes back to us, watch Dustin's face because he's about to break as well. So, yeah, they kept a take that seemed to have a lot of things go wrong in it.


But they still got to it was raw, raw. It was raw energy. And there's also broken glass on set, which, again, speaking of safety, that's that's what you want. You want a floor full of broken glass. But before that, Max gives some advice. He says, you know this Tony Crane, don't worry, guys. He could have a girlfriend or he could be married. He's not going take your girls. How about he's an adult, right?


That yes. Thank you for pointing that out. That that's the only thing that would stand in his way. Also, Slater has some very troubling anecdote where he's like, I've seen this before. The teacher shows up and he takes all our women, it's like what was happening at those schools overseas, but, you know, Zack and Slater are willing to put all the rivalries aside in the interest of making sure this teacher doesn't begin dating all these teenage girls.


That's the only way this is going to happen, is there are they're forming a truce and we're in Jesse's room and and guess who's in there with the girls so that that creepy doll just poking around in the background and we get a fuzzy pink fantasy. And, you know, the girls are envisioning some scenario where they're like all getting married to Tony at the same time. And the creepy doll is in the fantasy, too. They they were like, let's I mean, I'm not obviously I wasn't in charge at the time of making this episode, but I would have said, can we please put that doll in a wedding dress?


Also feels like a an easy enough decision to make. The doll is also in a pose. It's not just sitting there. It's it's actually posed in a in a way. It's arm is up on the legs. Up on the couch. Yeah.


It's like Joanne, it's you know, it's chilling. It also looks like there used to be more dolls. But I have a theory that that that doll came to life and got rid of the dolls it didn't like. There can be only one doll in Jessie's room.


So they all think they're getting married to Tony. Yeah. And then Tony comes through the door dressed as a groom. Right. And says, I can't marry you. I'm only a substitute teacher. And that's his reason for not being able to to marry them, not the fact that it's not legal.


Well, I mean, it's not legal twice. You'd like you cannot he cannot marry them for their age. But also, you can't get married to three people at the same time in the state of California, I say. But we can overlook that. OK, that's right. Sure, we can overlook that. But, you know, like, again, it's like these and also are we just living in a world where substitutes are like nomads who wander the land?


I mean, just because he's a substitute in L.A., he's he's still around, you know, is he? Because I didn't know that. You mean substances aren't nomads?


No, they don't just, like, hop on their bikes and, like, travel with the wind until the next school needs help. They they tend to be local. I remember having, like, regularly recurring substitutes. Oh, see, I didn't go to normal school, so I didn't know this. Thank you for educating me. Oh yeah. We had recurring substitutes for sure.


Do you have any juicy gossip about any of us? Did you remember anything that would happen?


We don't have any juicy gossip. Unfortunately I don't we didn't see anybody on the show. I think I went out with one extra like twice but didn't work out. But no, we don't we didn't have any thoughts about about anybody. Everybody was really cool. Nice. You know, who was on the show that just after the show launched the career with Scott Wolf. And he seems like a nice, sweet guy. And now, you know, with his career just like went crazy, but he was such a nice guy, like such a nice guy.


Yeah. I had him kicked off the show because he was getting more screams than Slater. And I don't know if you remember that story. I didn't have it kicked off, but he was like every time he would enter on screen, the audience would go wild for him. And I the rumor was that he was released because he was taking attention away from the three boys. It was the devil's later dimples.


So, yeah. So it was really nice guy, though. I think for the most part, though, we were good kids, right?


Absolutely. You guys were, because we were twenty one when we did the show. We were way older than you guys and you guys were all nice kids and you were very innocent. Like people wont get gossip. Like what was what was what was my pal like and what was his like. Like you guys, they were kids on the show and they were innocent and well you were very professional. We don't like what we saw. You guys were really you are good kid.


You were good kid. You worked hard. You were very professional. You knew your lines, you knew your marbles. You were always doing everything that Peter and you had to do. And you were you guys were really nice kids. You all were very nice to the extras, very respectful, respectful to everybody. Do you both have kids? Yes, we do.


We had our babies two weeks apart from each other. So it was it pretty close. We just we just sent them off to college a couple of weeks ago. Oh, wow. Wow.


So did they did they watch the show? Did they did they follow along? Oh yeah. We would have the DVD in the car. They would watch it with their friends. I mean, they knew every episode. Every line. Yeah. Absolutely loved it up there. So happy like we're doing this right now. I just called my daughter in her dorm room and now her friends are like, oh my God. And their friends are watching. They're eighteen years old now and they're still they still like to watch the show with their.


It's crazy. It's like crazy.


What was their reaction when they see you guys on the screen. So I don't think this one is my mom. You know, they say that they were just not even though sometimes we don't even know, like we were watching that episode last night and we couldn't even tell. I didn't even know who was. But I think that's me. But I'm not sure. But I mean, that's the reaction that they get. So they were so thrilled, especially when they were little kids to watch it on TV.


I can't tell you how big my smile is right now. Just talking to you, too. I just love hearing that everything was positive. And, you know, the experience for you guys was positive as well as everything that's happened. And since then, we're excited for the reboot.


We're so excited to watch with our with our families and just kind of relive it and to see you back in your role doing your thing. We're really excited and we'll watch. And we're going to be big fans.


Absolutely. You'll love the reboot. I think you'll be beautiful. It's it's a reimagining more than a reboot. I didn't see any twins, so I don't think they stole your thunder.


That's that or not where the O.G. twins. Exactly.


Allison, Jennifer, thank you so much for your time. Dashiell, breaking up with your old wireless provider just got a whole lot easier thanks to Mobile, they were the first company to sell premium wireless service online only.


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I don't think we need the script on this one. No, I mean, we're both since we were both sent a Toschi. Yeah, a buddy from Taishi.


First of all, it comes in this really cool package. Very, very simple to install. Yeah. I would not call myself exceedingly handy. I had zero trouble at all installing my tushy. And you're getting a bad day that you can install on your toilet that you currently own.


Yeah. I cannot say enough good things about this product. And you suffice to say you just owe it to yourself to improve this particular aspect of your life, your daily life, hopefully. And it is truly a game changer. I cannot endorse this enough. So some people might be asking what is a bad day? A bad day is a way to be cleaner on the toilet. So it cleans your rear end when you're done using the bathroom.


It's just basically this little attachment that shoots water towards your butt. It cleans your private area. And generally these things cause these toilets that can do this, that are integrated like this cost thousands of dollars. Yeah, not cheap, but Chukchee is extremely affordable and it really works. Yeah, I use less toilet paper now and there's no electricity. No additional plumbing. Right. You're going to cut your toilet paper by 80 percent, yet you'll realize how much toilet paper you were using.


And it also like you'll realize like, oh, this just makes sense. Like, you know what I've told people before because I'm I'm a I'm a totally salesman. Off the air also is if, like, a bird in the sky were to poop on your hand, you wouldn't just wipe it off with a piece of paper. You would involve liquid, you would involve liquid to clean that mess off. And that's what she does.


I like this company so much that we received our Toshie for free. I have gone out and bought more Tosches for other toilets in our house, as well as toilets at friends homes, family. In case I go over there and I have to show they love that. I'm sure your friends and family well, because I know they're going to love it just as much as I do. And if you don't love it, you have a 60 day risk free guarantee where you could just return it.


So what are you waiting for? Go to hell, T.F. to get ten percent off. This is a special offer for our listeners. Go to hello. Toshie Dotcom existed for 10 percent off. Hello, Toshie dotcom slash Zeti. So we we come up with a plan, a classic Zak's scheme gets hatched. You get an actress playing, an actress playing Vicky Best Maior Beckmeyer did a great job. Her accents were on point. Oh, yeah.


I mean, she probably went to school. Sure.


She went to another fake high school the same year she played the female stoner as credited in the movie Heathers, the same year this came out. And of course, you know, as soon as they say she's got to be on the lookout for the most handsome hunk, I mean, the only possible thing that could happen is it's a goof on building that that just is straight down the middle. And when their plan gets a, you know, blows up in their faces, as generally happens around this time, all the boys stuff themselves in the lockers, the red lockers.


Just the ultimate sign of shame at Bassat to do stuff yourself into your own locker room, actually surprised we actually fit in those lockers.


It did look like a tight squeeze, but it always feels so effortless when you guys come in and out of the lockers.


And I love with, you know, when Tony confronts us and it's like, guys, look, I really have no intention of taking your girls from you. I mean, what do you want me to do, give up teaching? Like, that's that's his like, again, like what you like. Why is that the only thing in the like. Why is that. Why is it one or the other. Here's the episode.


Hey guys. I have no intention of taking your girls. I would never do that. I'm an adult. Their children, they're their kids.


I'm an adult man. And you guys are kids. Yeah. I would never do that. I would never do that. Yeah. OK, thank you sir. There's the episode. Yeah. Also all the girls are like fighting over this guy who wears a white socks and and leather loafers. It I bet you there's a penny in those you probably know.


And you know, Tony learns about this and decides to like he decides to go along like that's that's again the best everyone's best thinking is, is, you know what, the only way to diffuse the situation is to I mean, we already paid Vicky the actress. We might as well, you know, get our time worth here. I love how he walks into the max. He gives us a really cool two finger wave. I'm not sure, but he may have been the originator of that two finger wave right there.


So you're saying Tony Crane with his one and done appearance on, say, by the Bell was like. He introduced a move that is, you know, now just known throughout the land, let me know if it was done before. I'll tell you what, I'll go. I'll watch that NYPD Blue and I'll let you know if he pulls it off in that. And it's it's funny, too, that in order for Tony to, like, sell this to the girls, it's not just this is my fiancee.


It's like this is my very mean fiancee. Just just for fun. Let's just have her be a really not nice. I didn't think she was she was that terrible. She thought that joke is pretty funny, you know, because that's that's important to the girls to be, you know, to to be like adults, you know, and for somebody to say, are you the same age as those boys?


You know, that was that was but she was a very crafted dig, which I kind of thought was well played. Right. But it still is a dig because she's like the boys look so much older. Right. So she's but that's what I mean, she's like she knew what would affect them. Yeah. And that's where she turned the screws. That's why I felt it was well played. OK, I'm going to I'm going to say I'm going to say she's not nice.


You're triggered very easily by these things.


Yeah, it's true. I've been wrong by a lot of Vickie's in my life. So this was this was hard to watch. And that's it. Everything's back to normal. The adult man who almost married three, what, like fifteen year olds is gone. He has been exiled. And, you know, everything's back to the way it was. Another great episode. It's interesting, like so much of the series is about a romantic pursuits and interests that we get a little bit of the the female POV here of of what the girls what it's like for them to swoon.


And I really want to thank the twins, Jennifer and Allison, thank you so much. A lot of insight and hopefully they'll join us again later in the season. Oh, my God. I would I would love to do it in a twin studio. Yeah. See, I see what you did because I mixed in studio with twin. Well, duh. Yeah. Thank you so much to the twins. Thank you, Mark. Paul, we do have more homework.


I'm not going to let you get out of class that easy. Next week's episode is Cream for a Day. Do you have just any old guesses what that one might be?


I kind of know what this one's about just because we've been filming the reboot and it has to do with something that happens to Kelly, some some sort of zit cream. Yeah, it's actually zit cream that is featured in the the key art for our podcast. There's like a little tube of zit off in the podcast art. A little Easter egg, a little Easter egg.


So Marcoule, watch cream for a day. That's Episode eight and see you next week. Zach to the Future is a production of Cames Thirteen. It's executive produced by Mark Paul Goslar, myself and Chris Corcoran, Production and direction led by Terrence Malinga Own Editing and Mastering by Andy Jenniskens. Engineering and Production Coordination by Sean Cherry. Artwork by Kurt Courtney with illustrations by Jeff McCarthy. Marketing is led by Joseph Francis with PR by Hillary Suf. Thanks to the whole team against their team and to you for listening.