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A television show unlike any other that defined a generation. Then refuse to go away. I'm talking, of course, about saved by the bell, whether you tuned in when it first aired or caught reruns on cable, hung over. Everyone has been saved by the bell. Everyone except this guy. Hi, I'm Mark Goslar, but you might know me better as Zack Morris proud Bayside Lion Tiger dude. Come on. I knew that. Did you maybe.


Listen, I haven't watched an episode of Saved by the Bell since I left the set over twenty five years ago. I didn't watch it when it was on either. I've never seen what fans assure me is one of the greatest shows of all time. That might be a slight exaggeration. Are you calling my fans liars? No, no. I just think they might need to give it a rewash. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


What is going on here? I'm like Mark Paul. I've seen every episode extensively. My name is Daniel Driscoll and you might know me is the guy who's been dragging Zack Morris on the Internet for years, which is why you, my friend, are the perfect person to finally introduce me to the TV show I starred in. But I've never seen you do realize how insane that sounds. Doesn't sound any crazier than some of the plotlines fans. Tell me about it afterwards.


Pimples and it turns your face maroon, but it's only temporary. A day later it goes away and you're fine until you take it. Well, see that part they're spot on about.


But if we're doing this, I need to know you're fully committed fully all the way on board. One hundred percent. There will be homework. You know what?


I don't like your tone of voice. Relax. Preppie always wanted to say that. I just mean you'll have to sit down and watch the show one episode at a time. Sounds like a giant headache. You do remember this podcast was your idea, right? Yes, I do. So join us as I revisit Bayside High for the very first time. You don't remember anything? Hey, I've done a lot of stuff, OK? I was in that thing with the two guys.


Pretty sure one of them was named Franklin. Do you know which one was named Franklin? Nobody knows which one was Franklin, but I'm sure my Bayside memory will get jogged once we get going. I mean, I've got the world's biggest expert and we can have gas. You know, I'm still friends, really good friends with some of the people who made the original show.


Hello, Franco Bario, one of the original producers from Saved by the Bell.


Marc Paul, we talked yesterday. You asked if I'd be reachable in twenty three hours.


Are you OK? Right. Is is now a good time? I'm actually making dinner. Got it. I'll be quick then.


So in episode seventeen, you know, I was skeptical, but this thing sounds solid. What do we call it, Zach to the future. Subscribe and listen for free on Apple podcast, Spotify, radio, dotcom or wherever you get your podcast. So, Dash, the original show is good, though, right? I mean, what would you compare it to? Have you ever seen Breaking Bad? It's one of my favorites. OK, yeah, it's it's nothing like that.