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Testing, oh, you hear that? Yeah, a full Asmar podcast that was not coffee, that was actually Red Bull during a Red Bull today. He's a trader. Is that Mike Box on it? Is it going to die before we end the podcast? No, Will not.


OK, don't even want to talk it. We will die before this box does last podcast.


A lot of you guys in here Lost podcast, but last podcast on MIT Box died a minute before we finish the podcast, and we lost the entire audio for for the podcast. So we had to use the audio from the cameras, but it was so bad.


So basically what happens if you're recording an audio file with this thing and you don't close the file out by stopping recording? It just loses the entire.


What do you say there's a fault in the design? Yeah, it's like a flaw in the design. It got me it was a fault in the design. Right.


It doesn't make sense. But yeah, the audio was so unbearable, like you couldn't even really hear anything.


So we apologize for that. And it happened. It happens in every podcast, so has to have at least one. Right. And it happened to us on the fortieth episode. So you know what? We had to get it out of the way. You know what?


Maybe I'm still proud we made it past four episodes because as soon as it happened, I did I didn't even get pissed. I was just like like I looks just like, you know what it was going to happen at some point. I'm glad it happened now. It got it out of the way. Exactly.


Imagine if we had someone like Will Smith on here, you know, and then I feel really bad that you think we could pull it off.


Oh, man, what an entanglement to get him on the podcast.


So sorry about that, guys. And we we promise it won't happen again.


And Kenny's back and he's got real elephant in the room. I didn't I wanted to be I was trying to stop. We're right coming back. I'm just like in in and. All right, let's get let's get the intro popping off.


This is called Little Baby Woo!


Oh, sorry, you guys had to see those Danylo of Tick Tock dance on, sorry for the people listening, you'd never see our dancing the heat than I do in every interview. It's very you got you got to see it's a little unbearable. But you have to you just got to you got to hear it. You got to bear it. Exactly.


Oh I think that was one of about oh check that bitch.


You know, this is Matt leaving right now. Yeah, I guess so. Where are you going? We got to get to the bottom of this guy's silence, that bitch.


Welcome back to saying he's unfiltered. I'm your host, Zane, and I am Heath.


And I'm Matt. Hi, sisters.


And that's not here yet. Someone new and everybody that was really good.


My sisters, sisters. So as you guys can, Kenny was actually on our last podcast that we had up, and he's back again because Matt wasn't able to share it because he got to like a pretty bad accident.


Matt, no, it's not funny. It's not bad. It wasn't like a car accident or anything, but it was just like it's a it's just a funny it's not funny what happened. Yeah, but it's perfect.


It fits. Matt Well, like this would happen to Matt. Exactly. Matt got run over by a bicycle. So he was so it was what was it yesterday.


It was yesterday on him and Mike went to get Jimmy Johns and I don't know how it's set up. It made no sense to me the story, because, like he was telling me, I'm like, makes no sense, Matt. And I make him fully explain to me how when he walked out of the Jimmy John's, the biker just hit him like I sense he's like I was like, is it in like a plaza like Jimmy? It's not like in like a store alone.


It's like it's usually in a plaza. And you know how like there's a walkway and applause.


All right. Yeah.


Was there a biker going through that section of the place going that fast to run him over. Exactly. Installs like you didn't like walk out a little bit then he's like, no, no, I like open the door. And I stepped up and past Mike and he hit me.


Oh, my. I was going super fast.


It was like like it was like Lance. Who's that biker? Lance Armstrong.


Oh my God. I'm like Tony Hawk. He was like going Lance Armstrong fast, like he was a biker.


We checked the security cam footage of the Jimmy Johns. It's like a five year old on a big wheel just running into him.


I told Matt, like, dude, you got to go back and get that footage. They have to have it. And so he went back and asked and apparently their camera is either not on, on or didn't catch it like or.


I know I told Matt, like, don't tell me that you're going to like, Sue or anything just right. You just want the footage just for, like, just the Latha and but they just didn't have it.


But it was a perfect match right after that.


I mean, the parallels are almost too heavy, like the audio cuts out when Matt's back, he gets hit by a bicyclist for a week after I learn how to ride a bike. Oh, yeah. We got we got to talk about that one, too. Do you believe in God? Do you believe in karma?


He deserved a hundred percent do not deserve that bike.


No, no. But yeah.


So that's why he is not currently here on this episode. He is recovering.


He scraped off his hand and like on his story, he posted his scraped and just like recovered.


I covered him. Boo boo yah. I feel so bad about it. No, but I'm on this show. The hit show where you got hit. Don't show like the little scrape on your head was is is hit pretty bruised up. Yeah. Like so byker like hit his hip really hard and that fall.




He said it was like a very intense like hit like my I want to know his first thought was like if he didn't see the bike coming and just got slammed from the side like I would have thought like a driver jumped the curb and like imagine out on the ground.


Oh my God. Oh my God.


My ham and cheese sandwich, you know.


You know, he reacted. You know, he overreacted.


Oh, my God. I my father will sue you. I don't know how I would react. Like, I want to be mad. Like, I would realize it's a bike.


And I'd be like, did I really just happen to know what happened to the bicyclist, too?


Yeah. Cause, you know, I went over that he was he said he was fine.


I'm surprised he didn't he didn't like put a lawsuit on right there on the spot like that. Was it a Whuffie. Yeah. So that's a nice bike. That's what I was like for his bike.


It was a Whuffie. They're built to last like by cruiser.


The only one I know. It's the one with the basket. He ended up in the the thing. But yeah that's so he yeah.


Again he is recovering.


But speaking of bicycle, I know Kenny just learned to ride. Well he finally got his first lesson and succeeded.


So you've never been on a bicycle before?


I've been on a bicycle before, but you just never know. I learned anything when I was in like. When do people learn? I actually don't know how old I was, I was like five. Yes, sir. Yeah, I was five. And my dad, I feel like my dad didn't feel like teaching me and I didn't feel like learning. And the first time I scraped my hand, I was like, I don't want to do this.


He's like, all right, let's see if your mom's on making lemonade.


I went inside, so he told us a little bit about you.


So we got him on the bike and then we got him off the bike. He got on. I think it's just trying to teach somebody the fundamentals of, like, counterbalancing.


He hopped on the bike and we were and we were like, smiley. We're like, okay, this is me. Great. And then we were just, like, speechless. Like, where do you even begin to teach someone how to ride a bike? It's just like you just go. But he was like, how do you go?


You got to get it pretty well. How do I get it? I mean, I don't have much to compare it to, but like I mean, you guys didn't give up on me like my and life.


And I feel like it's harder to teach adults how to ride a bike because like little kids, like, they're just like, okay, cool. Let's just let's just do it. He was over thinking and he was trying to think of the science behind it.


And it's like the gravity and the inertia. And yeah, you did really good.


Your first lesson and you're as tall as a tree. So if you fall off a bike, it would just be a bad fall in any way off that bike. If I fall off the bike and no one's around to hear, it doesn't make a sound.


But he did pretty good. He got a couple of pedals. No, actually, like he did pretty good for his first shot. Ahamad in some training wheels on the back of that.


I was requesting them the whole time. It's all right, Candy. We'll get you a try again. You got you don't got to worry about it.


I literally saw when I would walk to get like food the other day. I saw in that parking lot a kid learning how to ride a bike.


And I was like, oh, Mr. Average, I remember my first time. Yeah.


Is there is there anything else you don't know how to do? Oh, I'm sure. Do you know how to swim? That's everybody's first question.


When they find out is the natural follow up. I can float.


I'm literally just picturing like my next video throwing him in. And you see in those videos, videos are it is saying, Larry, you've actually never seen those videos like a long time.


Like, I remember seeing those videos like seven years ago and it just started resurfacing again. But it is crazy how babies can just float like that and they're able to keep themselves over the water like that. Like in there. It's really important.


Oh, yeah. They're really like Candy doesn't say anything to you. Yeah, no. It's really impressive.


He's going to request my water wings now. Maybe if I had a dime I went to training wheels. You go get you nice little pink float is for you to put you in the pool with. I love.


So wait do you know how I didn't answer the question. I can stand in the shallow end. Yeah. Because I'm tall. I like I said, I can sit on the deep end. Yeah I can.


I can, I can swim doggy bag. Yeah. Yeah. I can't, I'm not like I'm no Lance Armstrong.


I'm swimming. I'm not Tony hot. Tony you're not. No Mikey Phelps. Yeah. Come on.


But I can, I can I can go in the water ok.


I'm like he's not going to drown is what he's saying. Right. He can float. That's swimming. The coffee is strong.


That is not our coffee by the way guys. Oh he is much more agreeable. Who makes this Colombian Hussie Jose Cuervo.


Oh my god.


I forgot you mix that. We just can't get it out of your club, baby.


Oh, at least before the podcast, you know, I mean, speaking of drinking, we actually had a full day of drinking the other day. Yeah, we went on a private wine safari. Yeah. So there was Santa Barbara.




So there was a there was a like a wine tasting tour guide that like reached out to Jason was like, hey, I want to take you in the group like Al for wine tasting.


And we're like, fuck yeah, let's do it. I mean we, we haven't really done much lately. Let's fucking do it.


Well what's so funny is Jason was like, hey, do you want to come wine tasting. I said, yeah, sure, let's do it. He's like, we're going tomorrow. Is it cool. What time. Like should we do it. He's like, be Zeins. At eight o'clock in the morning I was like, who the hell?


Why to go by day it was all drink.


And you're drinking alcohol. Like why we got to wake up so fucking early to just start drinking that early and especially wine.




Early Bird gets the wine and ended up taking so long to get there we ended up drinking like eleven thirty twelve because it was like an hour, an hour there and then an hour away from Santa Barbara they went yeah we went to Santa Barbara then we went somewhere else. Sure. You guys made up for it.


Oh yeah. No, the tour guide gave us a bottle while we're here. You guys were like, well fuck, since we're here, it was really fun.


We got to go to a different couple, whatever you call them, not vineyards.


But it was like the the plants that they may come in.


Yeah, they do all the bottling and the whole oak aging process and we learned how each company like grew them and climate and everything that goes into like there we learn so much about grapes, but you don't know what the plant was called.


Got it. Well we were more interested in what they tasted. Yeah. It was really cool because like there are small owned like businesses too, because they're not like big wine. So they would have like just a little store, like a storage room with like what, three big tanks. They make all their wine there. It's like it's crazy out. Every bottle comes from these three tanks in this room.


It's crazy outside. It is you don't think about it like I put some grapes in a bottle and then leave it in the barrel for just months and they have to sit in there for a long fucking time to even push it.


Yeah, I'm just being like, I want to get drunk. Let me put this in here and wait a year for it to be ready. Like, I mean, come on, I don't have the patience and just all wine just tastes the same to me. Like it. Just like you bring me 10 different wines. They all tease the fucking same.


Yeah. I'm not a huge wine fan myself, but once you have enough of it, you're a fan and I like it is the most intense drunk you can get.


Is wine drunk. It's a it's a different type of drunk. It's not like a. We're used to yeah, we're used to tequila being like kind of upper your legs, yeah. Oh, fun doing the thing.


Like you just kind of just get laid, like sunk. It's a it's a it's like down.


It's like it feels like when you're wine drunk it feels like you've been drinking all day and it's like you want to go to sleep but it's like it's not time to go to sleep yet. It's 12 o'clock in the afternoon on your second tour of the wine tasting.


But it was really fun. The second one we went to, we actually met this guy named Matt and all Candy, you would have loved him.


He was six five No. Six eight oh six a sorry. I was just perfect. That's how tall you got to be. Yeah, I know. That's right.


He was he was a good, good looking guy. And I remember the whole time he was talking, we all just keep looking each other.


We're just like like all the guys were just mesmerized. It was just I have never not so intimidated, but just so, like, emasculated, like just because I had a crush on him.


I know it wasn't a question. It was. It was. Yes. Everybody had a crush on him. You were beady eyed. I saw it. It's OK.


That was just the one make and like like has acres of just like wine. OK, it's just all this wine growing in is like a crack of wine.


And he goes, oh boy, I would just self-made, you know, and and he was this insane volleyball champion basketball player to waiting for the part of the story.


We were like, so we got his number for you and my business card.


No, we do. Yeah, well, we'll give it to Kenny. Well, but I can do some business with this man.


Remember when we were sitting there, we're sitting with the guy and Mac goes, what do you think of this person? And he goes, I don't know who that is.


He goes, Well, you follow this person on Instagram.


Oh, yeah. And we're like, Oh, man, why are you on his Instagram right in front of him? Just want to see if we have mutual friends. It was so it's like, well, he falls two thousand people. I'm like, man, Jesus, he's my. To tell us a story about how he started making money for two thousand people. I figured, oh, you follow him. It's talking to you like and it's like, oh my God, oh God.


I think like because the whole time was not not trying to one up him, but trying to like compare himself the first thing out of my mouth.


So how tall are you.


He's like, I'm six, eight miles. Well I'm six three guys like, all right, cool. Oh that was really funny. But like, Matt was like it looked like genuinely crushing on this guy. Yeah. And then infatuated.


And then he goes, well, look at the legs on that. And that goes and looks at Amatzia.


I was like because we were, we were like tasting the wine or whatever and you know, like the leg of the wine, how it's like the way the that's where you go and it's like like drips, drips down the glass. I was like, oh, look at the leg on that.


And he looked over at Matt the the tour guide and was like I was like the glass of wine man, not him.


And he was like, oh I don't know, it probably doesn't help also that like his name is Matt.


So it's like you're going to compare his tone. His name's Matt, right.


US for single success. He's like I lived in Italy. I was UCLA basketball volleyball star and how old he was like what.


Thirty seven. Seven. Yeah. He didn't look a day over twenty four. Yeah.


That's what they say. A glass of wine a day you know, and keeps you healthy. It keeps you. I can see that. I don't know how much forty two did for you guys but you know. Forty two glasses. Right. Yeah exactly.


And then we're in that, we're in that room. Remember that room where he makes like the. Yeah. The rocks and all that and I try to steal one of the rocks.


You try to steal a rock, you just literally pull that out of your ass. Oh I did it. We kept looking around.


They were like every time we pick up something memorable with each other and just like we guys are never going to get invited back there.


Were you guys you remember Matt, right? Yeah, I got his rock.


I felt a little uncomfortable because, like, I'm usually very respectful and like I was asking all sorts of questions and very into the conversation and just genuinely interesting.


Yeah, that's I mean, that's how you fake it. But then it got silent and then we're all just sitting there. So, like, Todd looked really good in the lighting. So I just grabbed my camera and I was just like, he's like, I'll wait.


And I was like, oh, he's assertive. Oh, all right. It just sounds like on this one tribe you are really into guys.


I just looked really good.


So and he was inserted, you know, and then after that we we watched a couple ostriches having sex. I know we off topic.


It was a while and they were just staring at your shirt. Now I'm like, guys, we went to the Oscars Zoo and that's where I got this. I'm wearing an orange shirt with his face over it. It's a little scary, but I thought it was it was worth it's like a souvenir.


It's like I want to remember this moment for the rest of my life.


So that's why you took the rocks and that's why I took that shirt. Exactly.


But I. Paid for this, I didn't pay for it, and that church rocks you should have had Matt. We'll see you outside. Oh, fuck.


Did you see the officers having sex is out? And it was really uncomfortable. I called it out. You Damaturu.


Like, what are they doing over there? What do they. Oh, they're playing.


But it was weird, though, because I expected some sort of sound like I'm like, oh, what you would you expect something? It was just so simple. Animals make noise when they're having sex. Every single one. I have never heard an animal.


You ever seen the turtle video? You've never seen that every turtle makes.


I think that was very, very rare. OK, no more tequila.


Oh, we've been seeing a lot of birds having sex with Membrey today. We saw two birds on the bottom. The barrel. Oh, yeah. Is that why the power like, oh my God, it's mating season.


That's why our power keeps going out?


Oh, I hope I was hoping that I kind of slipped away. But you heard what else happened.


It's a it's a pretty big blur. I don't remember a lot of it. Like, I just remember I just remember fun. It was nice. We really do it.


So I know I went home and I knew I needed to go out like I was. It was eight thirty or was it eight thirty nine. I was like, I need to hit the sack.


Yeah, it was a long time wasted. But you kept the night going didn't you. Ya know, once I get going we got back and we had you know, we did our tour, baby. We were shopping. We like, give me that bottle, give me that bottle. So we got back and I was excited to try one of them. I mean, I tried it all day.


No, you come in and go, Hey, Kenny, want to try this wine you're already on gawking at? I'm like, I I guess so. Sure. I mean, it's open.


So we drank that bottle and then continued to have a few more drinks.


Afterwards I went to bed because I knew where this night was heading. I want to be involved and Kenny and I don't really know what happened.


It's just so it's just it's like a high school story. It's like that's what it felt like a drink. And then we're back in high school. I told you I to God when I told him I go, I go.


He's like, I haven't seen you this drunk since Florida. Like like Florida drunk.


It was it was one of the worst I've ever been. And we have proof in the game room to show it.


All right. Well, guess what happened. Come on, guys. OK, sorry, I don't want to jump in, say I puked all over the place, but yeah, Kenny and I ended up letting it all out on what are Mariah's brand new white carpet that's just born.


That was me. He I made it outside.


Well, you threw up on my shoes before you made it outside. Was it on the Guzzi flip? But Dumpster first. Oh, I can't wait to tell my half my side of the story. So what's it like a puking thing where it's like you smell his puke and then he was like, oh my gosh.


And then you just don't remember. I was just saying it's like a chicken or the egg that he's puke first, that I puke first.


It was just kind of like I think we both sat on the couch and just it felt like we were at Six Flags.


Maybe my head was like I felt like I was on a ride. I could not just I couldn't function. And then out of nowhere, I just I felt it coming.


And the spins are the worst. Yeah, man, I tell you, start drinking.


That's down one foot on the floor. Trick does not work. You never heard about that. If you get the spins and you're laying in bed, put one floor on the ground while everyone but one floor on the ground floor, just one.


I still I'm still feeling that line. That's enough for you know, you put one foot on the floor and supposedly it stops the spins.


That was not a when I was learning how to ride a bike, it worked beautifully. But when I was drinking.


Yeah, so we ended up we ended up puking all over the place.


Oh, I also remember I feel like I puked first I, I remember I felt myself going and I grabbed I did one of the he does it and like I didn't I like all I grabbed I grabbed your water bottle of smart water.


The tall one that's all. One smart water.


That's what I needed to be drinking smart water because I was going Oh you are smart. Yeah.


I grabbed it and I literally just got no more than like a minute later.


I swear, you're you're kind of like coming to you on the couch and you're like reaching for the water bottle.


And I was like, no, no, no, no.


He, I could I couldn't really see. So I grabbed it and I picked it up and I was getting ready to drink it.


He was like, no, thank God you were still knocked out, but you were the first guy.


I am like, I can puke right now. I'm thinking about this. Oh, no.


We got a new rug we're getting we did order a new rug. Sorry, Mariah. You didn't have to do that.


Yes, I did. Well, the same is not coming out, so. Yeah. Was your side of the story, what happened with you? There's never a time where you don't come to bed. So I got up at 7:00 a.m. and I look over and you're not there and all the lights are on in the house. And I was like, what the hell happened?


I automatically, like, started, like, hyperventilating.


And I was just nervous. I was scared. I was like, something happened. This isn't like normal because, like, the kitchen was, like, untouched. And I was like, what? Like, what's going on? The door was unlocked, like and then I peeked over to the guest house and the lights are on, the door's wide open.


And I was like, do I check to like I literally looks like somebody broke in, dig that knife.


And so I don't feel bad about as I'm like freaking out, I step by step and I step in something.


And I was like, oh, what the hell was that outside though?


Right outside that was your arms.


And I looked down and I didn't know at first. I didn't think puke. I literally looked like like like animal insides.


It was something that looked like and I and then I realized I was like and then I peeked in and I saw you lying on the couch.


I was like, OK, it's puke. I wiped it off on the grass. I walked in. There's puke on the white rug, the table is totally moved, the other room, there's a candle lit, they're both knocked out. He's like half on the couch. Kenny sitting straight up close, like straight is a poor just eyes closed and the candles lit and all the lights are on. I was like, literally my jaw dropped. I was like, oh, hello.


I was so like, what happened? So I blew the candle out because the whole candle room was pitch black.


Black because the flame burned for a minute. I guess it was burning for a while. I was trying to cover the puke smell. Is it going to say so we could sleep?


So then I walked back in whatever. I clean up the kitchen and then you do this thing where you don't want me to know that you threw up. I went to the store and I got carpet cleaner. That's all I did. I just bought carpet cleaner and I put it on the counter. I didn't say anything about like what I saw that morning. Your momma just car her kids like that.


Like just like literally because I was in the kitchen, I was like washing dishes. And he comes in fully clothed, shoes, belt, everything on comes in and he goes, Good morning.


I was like, good morning. And I hand him the the cleaner. I was like, do you want to take this? And he was like, yes, you want to clean up your ass? And he goes, So you went to check on us this morning? And I was like, Yes, I did.


And then the first thing out of his mouth, it was Kenny. And Oh, yes, because you asked about the carpet. No, I said, I think I just gave you the carpet cleaner and you were like, I didn't throw up. It was Kenny. And I was like, I knew you were lying.


Like, I knew you threw up at some light because it like that because. No, you're like a baby. Come on, give me a kiss now because he gets embarrassed when he throws up. That's the thing.


Like he's not like whatever you said, you saw him immediately in the morning. I woke you up because I woke up and the first thing that I see, I'm like, come into I'm like a bottle of puke.


Bottle of puke in water. Oh, I didn't. I wish I saw the bottle.


Yeah, OK. Well at least we know about that, but I didn't see that bottle.


The first thing I did, I woke up before I woke you up, I poured the bottle out and then I woke you up and I go, hey, it's early.


We have to get this done before Mariah gets here. Oh, no, I was already on the case. Mariah, you should have talked to them and told her, hey, honey. So I drink this like smart wine this morning and I'm feeling a little weird, like it tasted weird and oh, there's no way she would not know what she was.


It was it was your bottle. It looked like a science project. Knew how it's like oil floats to the body.


It was water and then just a paragraph of vomit. It was better grab.


Just a good way for me to dig in that knife a little deeper. No, no, no, no, no.


I know it literally in the morning. I like sheepishly, like, walk in and you go, good morning. Oh, so petty.


No, it was it was her being nice.


I just felt I was just like, I knew you feel bad. You know, we are not good role models for Chyna, that's for sure.


He just moved out here. Poor thing.


He just unpacked and he's he's had like thrown up on the floor like a Zane blackout night that he had. That's like me five years after living here. But he's been here for a week, but he didn't break his elbow.


But have you guys been in that state like together? Have you?


Oh, baby. Do you know what you're talking what are you talking about?


Me wrong bitch. Yeah, those are those are Dennie days. Like we'd have nights like with Kenny.


Oh yeah. Kenny days. Oh no, no. We, we like that.


You know, we're as sober as a pen. It was a date. There's two different sides. I'm confused.


He's like lying there with Kenny. Yeah. We've gotten we had drinking nights with you. Wrong bitch. Wrong bitch. How many counties do you know? I don't know. That brings me to my next point. I stopped drinking, OK?


Yeah, but you know this more. Every month I'm stopped drinking again. But you said the same thing, imported drink right before we started.


I'm not drinking coffee.


No, I actually I'm going to try to stop again because I stopped for a while. I felt really good, baby. Well, you know, where's that wagon? Well, that's good for you.


I mean, you know, I'm going to stop drinking now, but don't take another say. We should do a little bit on how long. OK, you win these bets as he sips. Should we put money on it?


Sure. But you're going to beat me because I'm weak. Last time you guys made a bet.


Yeah, we posted we tried to make a bet about to go the longest without eating meat.


We started the three days later, he goes to Florida, post a picture on his Instagram of butter chicken.


And I'm like, yo, you got line. And he's like, oh my God, I actually forgot there's a baby.


It was butter chicken. I couldn't pass it up for that poster because I felt like an Indian song. I was like showing off my buttocks. He goes, he's laughing. It's funny to go out. He goes just like and I was like, it's only been three days.


And they try to cover it up to as I like like you said, you said no. And then you're like, all right. Yeah. Because I was like, there's no way they made butter chicken and you didn't eat it.


Like, that's not possible. You know, it's crazy. What's crazy about, like, these bets, like because he's right now has a bet with one of his buddies were they're not what? You're not eating carbs, drinking soda.


And so, yeah, it's no bread, no soda and no choppiness.


All right. And yeah.


No dairy. Yeah. Yeah. You see, you're doing really good though.


I'm not I wouldn't consider myself a liar. Like, I feel like I'm a pretty honest person, but I feel like in those situations if I had a bet with somebody, I would just fucking eat and drink whatever and then just lie about it and just like go on.


Not the eating they're seeing. Like, if they can reach there. Yeah, we're trying it, like they said, how many pounds they want to lose. Yeah. They're, they're all saying like who's going to get to that.


I would still try to lose it but I would how I would lose it if you break the rules because well breaking it would be if you had like I said, you needed that craving, you just take a sip. That's what I would do. I don't have self-control. Yeah.


If he took that step, he'd be done like he needs to, like, cut it off. Yeah.


So you just have an addiction to just everything that's not just drinking. Yeah.


You have an oral fixation piece. This is actually your intervention, right. You guys, you turn all of the studio lights on. Maybe there's an audience I take. I know. And I start crying. It's my family behind the curtain. You don't really care where you're.


So they tell your story. It's like, oh, here we go. Tell us your truth.


Twenty seven years old, you quit cigarettes, you quit like, well, I like alcohol. Let's talk about that. Like, if I start doing something, like I have a hard time stopping whatever it is, like eating like I eat really well to begin with. Yeah. I just I like food. I like like I'll just keep having more until I'm disgusted with myself. Yeah.


He doesn't eat junk, he doesn't like junk food. He really doesn't. I don't like snack. I don't eat like he has a salad.


He's going to have a salad so it doesn't fill you up a salad. You got to eat a lot I'm saying. Right. But right in general.


But I'm going to need to I mean that's that's I'm going to like Ruby Tuesdays and fucking all. You can eat salad bar souplantation and I'm just like soup.


That's like that's like the one I feel like that's just like the red and you're just like one hundred percent big redneck families of. Well it's just like oh we did, we didn't get to go out to eat a lot.


Yeah. So it was like when we did. It was we're going to make them look like, you know, when you go to a buffet and you do like the math and you're like, yeah, that was probably worth the ten bucks.


So we're like, you got to eat more than you think that it was worth. Like, you got to steal. Like, that is so disgusting. Horrible.


It's so funny because when it comes to a bet, you don't back down. Like if somebody uses the word bet, you're like, I'm winning, that's it.


But I'm not a gambling addict. It's not one thing, it's the other.


Do you remember that one time you made a bet with Kristin about eating the meat and he was doing so well, they they said it was my first.


Right. It was like three months or something. Like first person to eat meat, lose it. That's always a thousand dollars or something. No, he accidentally lost. I felt so bad accidentally not like slipped up and ate it.


He we ordered burritos from this spot and he got fake meat. Everybody else got real meat and the waiter which put him in the wrong room.


So he took one bite and he realized and he goes, is this fake? And he goes, oh sorry.


Like I accidentally because they were labeled, oh, I accidentally switched them.


And he goes, I was in a fucking bed. They can't even for three months, I lost a thousand dollars because of that waiter.


And that's taken so seriously.


Like you can't extend a courtesy, like, oh, it was clearly like. Right, right, right. So check this out. I'm not going to you know, I'm not going to hide shit like I'm going to be honest. I told her I was like, hey, just to be transparent, let you know what happened.


I will let you decide how we go about this. She said, give where's my money?


I kind of think she she told she was behind this. She told the waiter switcheroo. That's a rare little switch up. Like, I feel like mistakes like that don't happen a lot, especially with people that are vegetarian. Like, I know you don't give vegetarian meat. It's like a big deal like you. Obviously you're not a vegetarian, but like I feel like an actual vegetarian. If you gave me accidentally, it would be a really big deal, especially out here.


I feel like, yeah, they'd be like, oh yeah, sorry. But like you, I'm going to put the other wrapper on it. Yeah.


Yeah I know, but I'm not saying the waiter was just saying, you know, that's a very, that's a very like rare I know I feel like situation that would happen but yeah I lost that bet and.


And you're going to lose this one too and I'm going to lose it and you're going to lose a what do you want to eat. You actually want to put a bet on the drinking.




OK, I lose it on this episode at the end of the day. You want to do it.


Um. Why? Because I know I'm thinking about it the dumber it sounds, I think it's I think this is in your favor this but like it would not be in my favor because, like, for me, I'm not drinking. You win. I'm going to lose. Like, so I'm going to not drink for three months and I'm going to lose.


So you're going to feel better. You're going to physically feel better. It's a win.


Don't fucking tell me what to do, how I'm going to feel. I have a problem. He went a long time, like literally six months. Just if we would go out to bars, like he would have iced coffee. But like, you got to the point where it was like, I feel like I'm not like fun anymore, like around my friends, you know, and through.


This is my downfall, though, like, Zane's going to feel that he's going to be like, oh, because he felt that.


I will say, though, it's just hard to. Not sober around a bunch of drunk people. Really? Oh, yeah, tell me about it. But like, if you're if you're drunk too, it's like yeah but you don't realize, like, how bad and.


Yeah, yeah.


And these days I feel like it's actually a lot easier to not drink because there's like nothing going on. Right. Like wine tasting.


That's been those was the most that we've done that had to do with drinking like this all the time because you're not going out yet.


So it's literally your house like you're under control. Yeah. Just test your control.


And I like like Matt and Todd were drinking at the house the other night and I didn't even feel like drinking. It was like and normally I'd be like, oh my gosh, you're going to drink too. But like, I just could be drinking. I know.


Rubbing off on him like you do. Give me my gun, have a lettuce wrap and a cold water.


But I am proud of you. But you didn't really think what about me? You don't even seem stressed. You're just like, oh great. What about me? I literally started to ask for a cook. Just started 20 seconds ago. How am I doing. What about me? So what are you going to do with your time if you're not sitting around drinking?


Well, it's not like I just sit around and drink all day. What are you going to do?


Like, what will you do when you stop drinking because you're so dramatic, you're going to do, oh my God, trim his roses out.


Yeah, I don't know. Why don't you wash your car? Like, what else are you going to take this.


What do you do. Like, like do laundry. I don't know. Clean the clean the floor. Take up crocheting. Oh I don't know.


Maybe I'll do art. Do you want to try crocheting. Absolutely not. Why. I know how to crochet. Can he knows all the you know the crocheting people.


Oh is this because I'm gay. They just sit around like knitting. Who wants a beanie.


He says Oh you looked cold. I'm going to put this. I just think it'd be really fun to be like around like a bunch of older woman and crochet with them on a just connect with them.


And this is why we're not popping off on the Internet like we are two oh oh oh. It's like we're just talking about before we started the episode today we're just dying every day.


Inside, inside, outside and online, just dying.


And we're going to be thirty and then we're going to be forty. We can't do this shit when we're forty are going to be you're forty.




You said you guys need something to do that's like a little more wholesome, but like still fun. Well, I started getting excited.


I got Scott to get a dirt bike. We went out riding. I was like, I'm going to be doing this once a week, like it's going to be fun.


Tore my rotator cuff and I haven't heard from, OK, something fun, but not strenuous.


But it can be done in the house.


Maybe I got I got an idea he I wanted to start gaming. Right. That could be fun. Oh.


Oh shut your voting. Right. I think I know the whole idea of being heat like going live for like an hour and a half and playing just different because we don't like game. I mean we use the game. I don't like normal play games, but like I feel like it is all going badly and you you being really good at games, it would be just like a funny fucking thing to like, watch.


I just think it'd be a lot of energy. And just like us, I don't know, I just I, I like the whole idea of gaming, like I don't know.


Yeah. Listen, do you have a gaming system. I got Xbox.


Maybe you go wait. Do you like have a game. Do you have a Gameboy color. I, I mean my PS4 is in one of the boxes out there so you guys can we're, we're so bad at this.


We record from our phones the TV, we don't we don't know how to stream it.


You guys are each operating half of the controller filming the guys. Like let us know in the comments below if you like, is if that's something you want to see, because it would just be like we'd go on Twitter or something like. Right. That's like that's like the way to go a couple of hours a week.


Oh no.


I could see you guys on and on us, you know, just like get drunk, not wait. No, there goes that. That would be actually a lot of fun. But the problem with drinking and doing that is that you can't cut live footage, you know. Because we do stupid shit, we're drunk, but like you. But then again, people want to see stupid shit. It's me puking on the keyboard twitch unfiltered.


Yes, we are really interested in that. So if that's something you guys would like to see, then maybe we'll start a Twitch channel or we just go on Instagram, live every day and just let me know what you guys want to see him thinking that you can invite somebody who does have so much time.


We have so much free time on our hands. We're like trying to figure out like, what's next? What should we do because we're just so fucking bored.


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Next thing on the list we have Heaths blood fart's who put that in. Can you put that in? Next we will skip that topic. Why. It's all right. It's on the list we got to talk about. It is OK.


We got something else we could talk about. The new Ford Bronco that just came out.


Oh, no, that doesn't work for me. No, it's a no for me. No. All right. I really the Google remember when we looked really I was really fucking Kenis over there. It's like, well, I really want to hear about the blood farts.


Yeah. Yeah. So we cancel each other out with votes. So. All right.


So let's discuss getting our six cars so we. Oh, my God. Should we get like. All right, I'll just return.


The Lamborghini is fine. I'll need it. So, I mean, return it and then we're going to get the Bronco and we'll split it and I'll save so much money because I just get all that money right and we do everything together anyways.


Yeah. You guys are so giving. Keep going. Oh you both talk about our humbleness and we'll talk about the Bronco for the Bronco.


Ford, he he knows his car very.


I think we're more on the same page with cars. Oh yeah. The new the new Ford Bronco. It sounds like a brand. The new Ford Bronco just came out. Oh no. I'm really excited. It looks really sick. And they haven't made one since.


I think it's been 15 years.


Yeah. Yeah. Just like Twitter, actually. No, just let them in a little more. Oh, OK.


So we have an update on what we don't have an update on the intruder situation. If you guys in here a couple of episodes ago, we were talking about how somebody broke into my house and took my car keys and all that shit, and we weren't able to figure out, like, who it was. The police aren't able to figure out who it was. We got like license plate and everything. And still they are. Did I tell you?


Did I tell you about that? But I know you guys know about the whole police situation. How like they did not.


OK, don't think we know. I think the last thing we said was before you got the license plate, when you said we haven't talked about that.


You know about that. Oh, my God. All right. So, all right.


So I have the police comes to my house, and because I needed to put in a report for the second break in and.


And the cops come to the door and, you know, they're asking me questions, I'm giving him all the information I have and and I tell him that I have like the license plate or I don't have the license plate, but I have footage of it and it's like not right.


Crystal clear. But you can make out like you can see five of the six numbers. Exactly.


So we got we got a video of it. So I took screenshots. So I, I sent them the video and the screenshots of like the bus bus from the video and they look at the video and they go, hey, can you like.


Can you like edit the pictures, edit the screenshots, because I know you were to make them look like you want to know, I'll get to that because they they bring it up out there, but they ask me, they go, hey, do you need an edit the license plate a little bit?


I would like to make to make it clear they're like, yeah, I was like, well, don't you guys have like machine or don't you guys the whole system?


Baby, I watch CSI. No, I do not even CSI. But like, they got to have computers right. Where they run license plates all the time. All they see on their system is probably license plates because just carjackings like they use the same shit they use for the fast pace. Exactly. So it's like, oh, don't you guys have don't you guys have machines at your, like, police department? They're like, no, they don't.


We don't have, like, the best stuff at the department. Well, aren't aren't you Uber? Can't you just edit that yourself.


Oh, and I'll mess. It was like I didn't, I didn't care. I don't get offended at anything, but I was just like. You're just make yourself look so fucking bad, what you're doing right now is you're telling me that you can't even edit a picture of a license or don't even want to take the time or effort to try to figure out the last number.


It's crazy. And I know I get it. In my situation, no one got hurt. No one got robbed at gunpoint. It was just like like someone broke into my house and took something from my house. Nobody got hurt.


But it's like at least look like you care when you're at my house taking over because you're still in danger.


He came into the house. If you guys don't know, this guy came into the house while they were sleeping.


Yeah. Yeah. And they've he's been back multiple times now and he's getting in the way he's getting in is more and more aggressive, he said, to serve and disrespect.


So that really pissed me off.


I was like, is there anything else you need from me? They're like, no, we're good. And then they leave. And in my head, I knew that, OK, this is something we're going to have to figure out on our own.


We're going to have to kill ourselves because they're like they're just not going to do anything.


I already know they're not going to do anything that your audience could find him faster than, oh, my God, I do like you guys are like your fucking truck.


Yeah, like one of you guys sent.


He found my truck three years later, which is so amazing. And I'm so grateful that you guys did that. So we had to take matters into our own hands.


And we felt like we saw you called in the troops. Yeah, we felt like we saw him scoping out the house one night. And then I told them I was like, yo, guys, I think he scoped out the house, like, just now. Yeah. Is there any way you guys can come over?


So they come right over. And it was me, Todd Heath and Ryan.


We're like, all right, let's fucking do this. We all grew Celsius. We're all drinking. We're like, all right, we're going to be up all fucking night.


And we sat at the window just waiting till the sun came up.


It was exciting, though, like we're in that office, just like sitting there just drinking, just like just just watching the street the whole night.


And we actually had I had my I had like my private security down at the street, but like, we just wanted to be a part of the service just in case. He said, I don't know, we just wanted to be there for it. So we're out there for, what, five and a half hours? Just like every one person was always looking out the window.


It felt like like the military where they take turns just like knocking out first. I can't like doing like doing the Nightwatch or something breaks up.


Today, Mariah were quickly falling asleep.


I fell asleep on the hardwood floor. We were we were on on duty for the most part. She woke up one time.


She was like, do you have anything to eat?


And then just as soon as the sun started coming up, we called it off.


But yeah, that was a rush. It was it was exciting. It was exciting. It was.


But like at the same time, it is crazy that, like, this is just something we have to do ourselves because like nothing I mean, realistically, nothing could really be done. You can't just have the police department sitting outside of my house every night, you know, like it's just it's it's unrealistic.


But but I feel like they could just put it into a machine that would auto random, generate that model car with a license plate, missing one number and just be done with this shit.


Yeah, but there there's some new information we have on which has to do with, like my mail and all that.


But like I don't want to talk about it right now because I want to like wear it because this is like this is like evidence, evidence like this could really lead up to the schruder very random and bizarre.


Yeah. We don't we don't want to ruin it and like not be able to catch. Yeah. We just don't want to give this information out and going out because that's like the most we can give you. But we want to make sure if this does lead to the injured and we catch them, then we can tell you this information that we have, because this information is like it's weird. It's weird that we caught on camera and yeah, I just can't like I can't wait I can't wait for us to catch it.


Like, it's like we're going to fucking catch them. But I just I can't wait till we get there when we can talk about it because it's so fucking weird.


What would you do if you ended up going to sleep again and you woke up and he was in your kitchen like he was that first time? Like if you came out in like a middle of the night to get like a glass wall, a pop is fucking madness.


I'll pop home with me. He took your bugs out. I bought two more out of buy two more. I bought two just in case he took one.


Look, I'm preparing him to come back and take both into his ears just just like, you know, what would you what would you do coming up, like up in your face? What would you do? What would you say?


Oh, I don't know, Steph. Oh, brother. Be nervous, you know. Oh, my God, it's him.


It's the next. It's Matt from the vineyard. Oh, my God.


I see him. I see him on camera all the time. If I ever see him in person, big fan.


The way I'm going to react is like, oh my God, that's the guy from like I wouldn't even like react as that's intruder. Oh my God. That's the guy I keep seeing on my TV screen.


You know, it's like it's like seeing a celebrity in person, you know what I mean?


I just can't wait. You're be like, oh my God, can I have your autograph? So we're going to have a motherfucking sit down. That's what we're going to have. Zane also almost fell to the floor that night and gasping almost had a heart attack because.


When you walked into the security camera room, the security on the screen was freeze frame.


Oh, my God, I'm looking up at the camera and he walked up three times to look into the footage and he went to he went to the footage where the first night he, like, broke it. Yeah. And he was on the screen with him, like, looking at the camera and he just left it there and I almost had a fucking heart attack. It's funny.


I'm excited because I think I think I have a pretty good eye or I think we have a pretty good idea of where he comes from. You know, like with the whole situation, we could talk.


It's just we're we're definitely going to be prepared by the next time.


And people are people listening and watching this part like fucking idiots. Why are they talking about this? What if he's watching? I'm like, trust me, he's not watching.


Not because after we talked about it and release the footage on that one podcast, he still came back.


Came right back. Yeah. So he's definitely has no idea we're on it. Don't you worry.


We're on because we put like the footage out there. And I know it was very risky that we even showed the footage that we showed the footage like last episode or two episodes ago.


We showed the footage to go and the motherfucker still coming back.


You guys need to like home alone his ass. I was thinking the same thing, but to fill the door, maybe that's content if I ever heard it. I just want to know how that camera set up like that.


It was just a whole like remember Dragoljub, remember Parent Trap when she walked to the cabin.


And just like the feather is right, we did think of some decoys, but we don't know, like how we came up with three, like escape like escape plan.


So, yeah, well, showed that, you know, we might we might need to use them.


He does seem like he's like he was about to tell me the decoy is there was one there was one plane that we came up with, but we had it quickly.


We had to abort the abort that plan because involved with him possibly dying, we couldn't let that just in case.


Right. Let's just see how had to do with a spada kick down the stairs.


Oh, he's playing all these scenarios you have like this like like this seems like if he comes to the door and he like comes to look up, we should open the door before he gets there and then kick him in the chest down the stairs.


And I was like, but it's like twenty steps that are vertical cement.


It's the Milman oh oh oh. Domino's Pizza.


That's terrible. Oh, oh, oh, oh, that's funny.


Exciting, I'm excited. Well, whatever.


No, we wait for you motherfucker to come back to. We all fucking strap, though. We should do a podcast.


He is ready to do a podcast where we're posted about like your house, a out stake out podcast. Mireia, with our headphones, she's like, OK, we have a visual.


We want to get walkie talkies because we just wanted to we were literally two feet away from each other. We wanted to get walkie talkies.


I picture you being like, I don't see him. You don't see him what?


I don't see him over. Well, remember the one member? It was three a.m. and there was a car that drove past. And then you called David and you're like, David, you need to meet us. You need to come around the neighborhood and just block him out if he comes. David was up three. Yeah. Oh, yeah. We forgot David was part of it.


Like he was like, Illia, wake up now we need to catch this guy. And they hopped into the Tesla. We see the Tesla drive by and David posted it up at the end of the street waiting for this guy to pull in.


I completely forgot about that. David was busted up and is on the squad. Roland D.


Yeah, like, I really after that I was like I really thought highly, David. I was like, damn, he's like woke up. I didn't like just two or three in the morning.


I kept having this vision because we were all sitting here just looking out the window waiting. And I just had this feeling of somebody like the guy walking in, like sneaking around the back, us not seeing him come in, him leaning up on our shoulders, like, what are we looking for, guys?


I like I just had this like like, you know, back your neck. You get, like, all that.


Oh, I actually have a pretty intense story. We just went to Lake Arrowhead a couple of days ago for Kenny's birthday. Happy birthday to another another a little scary encounter.


So the room that we ended up staying in is apparently haunted by a little eight year old girl ghost named Hannah Hannah that died in the room.


So you were told this before you. Yeah, OK.


It was it's a really cute spot, like an hour and a half from L.A. all the way up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. It was me, Heath and Kenny. And we stayed in this little it looked like like an apartment. Heath and I had a room downstairs and Kenny had like the whole upstairs. It was like a cute little like Log Cabin apartment.


Yeah. It was really cute. I should I should I give Kenny Company no advantage. Yeah.


He had Hanah. Don't worry Manhatta. We're kicking it up in the third wheel.


Well we did have the first weird thing to happen. There was balloons in Kenny's room like a whole bunch of like helium ones like on the roof that were just like there with the strings coming down.


We went to go eat and then came back and all of the balloons were pretty much on the floor, all twisted together and like weren't floating anymore, which was really bizarre because we were like, OK, these were obviously brand new balloons that just got put in here because Hannah let some helium out.


I don't know. It's just like a weird little vibe.


Obviously, she wins with those little those balloons were like, I understand that there are cheap balloons, like, I don't care. You pay ninety nine cents. Like, they're probably crummy, but I've never seen something lose helium so quickly.


I don't know. It was very strange. Definitely call Ghostbusters like that's that's some sketchy shit. What happened are balloons are floating.


If that wasn't the weirdest thing that happened. So one of the nights I was sleeping and it was probably like four fifty in the morning, I didn't know it. But Mariah had woken up at the exact same time that this happened, like, oh, that's spooky. Five seconds right before. But apparently I was sleeping, jumped up, stood on the bed, looked and sprinted across the bed, turned, fell off the back of the bed and I busted through the fucking bathroom door, landed back.


I have no idea what this is like.


Sleep, sleepwalking. Oh, my God.


I ran. I never done anything like that. The edge of the bed turned back, stepped, fell down and busted through the door. I don't know what happened. And she ran over. She's like, What are you doing? Are you OK?


And I just looked up and I was like, so confused, you know, put a camera, the fuck are you freaking out?


And I still don't even know where I was. I like, got back into the bed and I was sitting here looking around like, where the fuck am I?


Like, what just happened? I was like, oh my God, I'm in Lake Arrowhead right now. Like, I didn't even know where it was so weird.


I was also awake at this point, too.


And right now in the morning, Kenny goes so weird at like 4:00 a.m. or something.


I heard banging like he had no idea, like so he thought that was just sounds going on. And the thing that weirds me out the most is just the timing of everything. Because I was up because I was like marking up scripts. Everyone else I feel like had gone to bed at that point. Everyone else was sleeping the. I swear, it was like within a minute of me turning out the light, plugging my phone in, like curling up, going to bed, I just hear boom, boom, boom, boom.


And I'm like, OK, I won't go to bed, OK?


And I woke up and this morning. Yes, but what's weird is, like, she woke up five seconds before this, took to see it actually happen, like fully alert, like wasn't like getting like waking up like I woke up like this and then it happened.


So do you think Hannah woke you up and then she asked you to enter my body?


I knew I fucking you. I knew it. But like, that's I've never done that before.


Hannah Copeland, if you're listening, but like, you're like, did you have like a weird dream? Was it like I don't remember.


Well, people at the at the lodge or in or whatever it was said that she. Oh, it's fine. Like she was pretty harmless, like all the encounters.


Like she's just kind of like she likes to play like like she likes to play which like she she plays like pranks.


They said it was fach. I was trying to catch a ball. Yeah.


Like I don't know, it just it, it does seem kind of like funny, wacky, silly. I don't know. She's playing with the balloons. She's like waking you up from. I don't know. Yeah.


I don't know. Weird. Very strange. But you didn't like Ozair there like throughout the night. You didn't hear anything you didn't like. Oh I did hear one other weird.


Oh yeah. This creeped me out so I was in the bathroom.


Taking one of my blood for your blood poops, so I'm sitting there and I'm on the toilet, I'm just like hanging out and there's like a window right next to the right at the end of the bathroom.


Yeah. All of a sudden I hear this guy talking and it's like.


Right. Like it sounds like right up against the window.


And he's like, oh, no. Yeah, he murdered he killed the guy, you know, he murdered him and he only and he only did like four years. And I'm sitting here like, what the fuck.


And then I kept hearing, like him saying like, yeah, I was yeah, he murdered them. And I was like, and he's going over his lines for his organs.


But like, I got out of the bathroom and I walked around and there was like nobody on that side of like. The hotel room. Yeah, like that window. It would be so embarrassing because if you, like, got killed and like the crime scene would have been just blood for all over the floor.


That's what we don't know if this is from the the injuries sustained in the murder or if this was previously in the toilet, the Arrowhead Blood, four murders. That's the whole block. That's what we call a poofter guys.


Oh, God, we don't need that.


Kenny, you've earned your urine. I like it when she does upon. You're like, get out. And I like, oh, my God, oh, dear God. That Boo Yasari like, get out, Mariah, call me out, you know, call me up. But it was a fun trip, right? Yeah. Oh.


On the way back down. So it's all mountains. It's literally nothing. We're driving and it's like a 40 minute drive from the top of the mountain to the bottom. And we're driving down and it's nothing, nothing, nothing. And then there's a cliff on one side and then a high school on the other on top of the mountain.


Yeah, it's called the Rim of the World High School. It was totally on the edge of, like the highest mountain you could imagine, like a danger zone.


If you walk across, like there's the school front door, you walk across the street and then it's cliff, no barricade, nothing.


And a giant like rock formation, like sitting right on the edge that I'm sure a bunch of kids want to climb.


I was like I was looking at it like I would feel uncomfortable just being that high at all times. Just every day I woke up and I was just that high.


Well, when we were we were leaving, we, like pulled over to go look and we were looking down at the clouds and like looked like water, like an ocean way below us.


It was early. It was like before the sun made all the clouds, like, disappear.


So it just looked like and it was really cool, you know, the show, The Simpsons, The Simpsons. Imagine that just over the school, it's really lights.


But it was real, like it looks like a movie set. It's so if anybody goes to remove the world, what does it of the world of the world rim of the world high school in all of us.


Yeah. What's your watch?


That's the thing. That's the matter mascot. We couldn't figure it out. All right.


It was like a no remorse, no remorse. There's people all over the world and they just live their whole life. Yeah. Just there up that high. I just can't get over.


Oh I, I was panicking on the way up honestly, like I had to. The only thing that got me through it was listening to the client he says and he doesn't feel like you just handed it over my voice.


I'm like, but yeah we played the client by Miley Cyrus.


I feel like I'm just so used to Florida flat.


Like I mean, I've been out in San Francisco, but I just wouldn't venture out that much. But like, it was scary going.


Yeah, I don't like whenever whenever we do go like remember like a year ago we went Big Bear. Big Bear. It's, it's scary. Like I don't like I feel so uncomfortable going up and up and like doesn't end because every time you get on a road like that going up the mountain you're driving for thirty fucking minutes to get to the top of this mountain. And like you, you know that it's going to take thirty minutes to come down.




It's like and there's a thousand foot drop off on the side of the road and there's a guardrail, half the hire a tire and half the time there's no fucking guardrail, which always confuses me on off Mulholland half the time when you're making a turn there's no fucking guardrail. And why is there no guardrails? You could easily just drive right off the fucking cliff. Well, freaks me out too.


Is the people that actually do live up there and like you had to pull over a couple of times because I pulled up every time someone was behind me, because it's people that have lived there their whole lives.


So they're used to it. And I'm going twenty miles an hour and they're like fifty up my ass and I pull over every time. Yeah.


I can't wear you in the car right over you all for my birthday.


Where were you. In the car. I don't remember when it was but we were driving in like Malibu and it was pitch black out. Yeah he was there. You were. Oh yeah. You were in the car pitch black out. And Mariah's doing like a canyon drive and she's zipping you. Oh yeah, I remember that. I know Mariah because I've seen her drive other roads that are similar during the day and it's literally like over the steering wheel.


And I was like, it's so funny. Like I said this. I was like, it's so funny because if more, I knew what she was driving through right now, she would not be driving like this. And she's like, what do you mean?


I was like, there's literally a cliffs right next to us and you're doing like forty fifty miles an hour.


The street lights like a forklift to the side. And she had no idea.


I said we're overpopulate anyway. If they go down they go, all right. But guys, that's all the time we have. That's it for this episode. If you guys are listening right now, we are currently wearing the new Zannini Heath unfiltered merge that just came out.


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That's on Mariah and Kenny right now. Super soft, super comfortable.


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Well, we love you very much. Thank you again for always tuning in. And we will see you next week.


Bye, baby. I love you. I'm drunk. Oh, my God. Somebody came on. That's your last one.