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What do you see there in that baby sitter? Well, I just want to make sure that you don't need it like diarrhea or anything before we start.


He's been having the run whooping problem because he's on the scene. He's on this little diet right now with your friend where you eat no carbs, no bread, no dairy.


And he said, by the way, I want to point this out. He made this and he specifically said, no carbonated drinks. There are so many healthy carbonated drinks. But he said no carbonated drinks. But he was actually referring to soda. Now he's stuck not drinking any type of carbonated drinks.


I do. I do miss I do miss my sparkling water, though. I will say that you love sparkling water. That's why I find it hard to believe that you do make it out like this.


I know I was a little bit too broad in my terminology, and I think it's kind of backfiring a little bit. But you know what? That's about your dad. What are you even talking about?


Let's just go right into the intro. We baby, we got some news today, baby, so let's just get right into it.


That is coffee talk, baby. Yeah.


All right, all right, guys, welcome back to Zane and Heath, unfiltered.


His name is Heath. Sorry. Oh, no.


You have to think about the new people that are coming on here. You know, there's got to be at least one new person listening to this episode specifically. Hey, guys, I'm here. This is my voice. And this is Zane. And this is my voice, Zangas. And this is this.


And welcome to ninety that MPL choice.


All right, guys, before we start this pod cast off, we do have to give you guys a little bit of news.


As you guys know, Matt has been with us for almost 40 podcasts.


And, you know, that's about right. That's like that's like 40, 40 years. Carry the one eight months, eight months.


So for the listeners and for the people watching, as you guys might have seen, Kenny is in the seat again this week. But we do have to share some news with you guys that unfortunately, Matt will no longer be joining us on the podcast. He is very booked in because he's got a lot of stuff going on. So it does it does suck and it is sad to see him go.


You know, we got to let him soar. We got to see him take the Hudson River and fly in. And there'll be dramatic. Obviously, Matt is still our best friend and still lives with Zane.


There's nothing weird, but yeah, unfortunately, we had to let him go. But he is very busy and has a lot of stuff that he's working on. So make sure to follow all of his ventures and keep giving him the love that, you know.


We all we're sending you love to Matt. We love you. Love you, baby. And speaking of love, we do have somebody else for you guys to love as well. Kenny, you guys have seen him on the last two episodes.


So Kenny is going to be the new full time member of Unfiltered.


Get off my back. Give them a round of applause till the next guy. Oh, right. Oh, that is too soon, baby. Too soon.


I just can't get over Matt leaving, but yeah, guys, make sure to give Kenny some love in the comments.


Also, he is clearly very nervous about he's got some big shoes to fill.


I feel like I'm over here, like biting my nails like.


No, Kenny, you've done a phenomenal job on the last few episodes and we appreciate you so much.


Thank you for being able to take, you know, if anyone going to fill up that seat that wasn't, it would be you. So my guide to you are literally the best runner up ever.


Oh, my God. I love being a first alternate. And take that with a grain of salt. You got a very salty. I feel the salt. No, I mean, thank you guys so much.


I mean, I'm obviously not trying to replace anyone. I understand how to play some people's hearts. And I just am thankful to you guys for giving me the offer and seeing something a little old me from hometown Florida that would bring something to your podcast very, very, very candid about to make me cry.


An emotional sweet. If I could, I would like to address the audience. Oh, let me talk it over. Go ahead. Gleiwitz. There was like the mic is yours.


I just wanted to say thank you guys to whoever was encouraging me through the last two podcasts.


If you turned into the thirty ninth podcast, you know that my overarching goal is to pursue voiceover and it's kind of a more invisible art. It's very behind the scenes. So to be put in front of a large audience that my friends accumulated is very awkward. But I appreciate everyone that was leaving positive comments. So thank you and I'll try not to let you down.


We love you, Kenny. So all those who are dissatisfied with you getting this seat really think about where your comments are. Yeah, I know. You know, I feel you. I understand you. I understand that I'm not everyone's cup of tea, but luckily it's a good thing it's coffee talk.


They make coffee. Dogberry So. So before we get started on the episode, Zane and I actually have a little surprise. What's a surprise to you?


Are we in on this? Do you know what we're in on this?


Oh, Heath and I, we do this with every new member that we have.


And how many members have you had? So so we do this all the time. So we got to do with you. Now we have to nitu and swear you into the Zaneis unfiltered come. Oh I know. Game of Thrones. Oh yeah. And that's exactly where it's from because baby you want to get them.


Yeah. All right. So you do you want to get up. Let's get them. You do, you do the swearing and I'll do the hold it back. I'll do the sorting. I should have brought my fly zapper. Damn it. I forgot it you idiot.


We need you to put your hand on this real quick. This is our unfiltered YouTube plack. One hundred thousand subscribers.


So your right hand. Right on. OK, well don't scratch it, OK, do you, Kenny? Promise and swear to provide the juice and the funny. So help you, Matt King? I do not. OK, and do you promise to bring the juice, the whole juice and nothing but the funny? So help me, Matt King. I do. Yes, sir.


By the name of the Zayn and the Heath and the unfiltered podcast.


We now know. We know at first. I now pronounce you the newest member of the Senate unfiltered podcast.


Oh my God. I feel like a different woman. OK, I give it was my bag. OK, now that we got that out of the way, thank God I did not like doing that for Kenny.


I'm just.


So we just had to make it official. Everyone hated it. We didn't like it but younger. I'm, I'm trying this new thing with my. Oh here we go. Thanks.


We've been watching a lot of time. I'm like I keep looking at myself. I'm trying to I'm trying to do something here, trying to feel myself.


Oh, well, you look bangin.


You could always get a couple more hair plugs in the top here. I know. That would bring more bring more voluptuousness. And I could think of something else to do with 25 great guys.


It wasn't 25 grand. It was 24 grand. We're all wearing hats today.


I feel like we're all yeah, all of us.


The same level of NCF, every single voice.


Let's hear it.


This week I had my update for my hair transplant because I haven't seen them in like the past ten months. I got it done months ago. I came in like. Three days after to get a wash up of my hair, and that's I haven't seen him since, and then I saw him for the first time like three days ago, and I came in. They said it looked great.


My hair transplants look phenomenal. The hair is really good. It does.


For the people watching the video. It looks amazing that my hair plugs are growing in nicely.


It looks really full now. It does look really good. Thank you. Thank you.


What are they. So none like fell out. They said everything worked, correct? Yeah, not ninfa. If anything, some might take longer to grow than the other, but like all grow at some point they're like, they're brand new.


It's like baby hair. It's like they got you got to give it time to grow. And once they're grown, that's it. She looked at the hair and everything and she was like, yeah, it looks really good. And there is like five seconds of silence.


And I look at her and she looks at me, she goes and I knew is coming. And I don't feel bad because I was thinking the same thing and she was like. I definitely suggest to do another hair transplant was like I was thinking the same thing, we can redo the whole thing.


No, no, not to redo it. I have more hair, but it's not enough for my liking guys. So that didn't have to take a whole nother strip from the back here.


Yeah, I can't either do it where they do the strip, which is very painful, which was a painful recovery. It wasn't painful during the process or FUI, which they do like. They pluck each hair and they put it in, but that would take forever.


And like the. The risk of like having your hair grow from that, I don't know, there's like risk for if you would you would you do another one? I don't know. I'm like 50 50 on it. I really don't have to go through all that again because it took like a whole it takes a whole year to see results.


And it's like I'm like after a year, am I going to be happy with this?


Are you happy with your results right now? Do you have that confidence to like the confidence? No, I don't. OK, I can have more hair, but I feel like I'll never be confident about my hair just because second one, you can still see yourself like wearing a hat. There's a huge chance that I still will feel the same way and I'll have a hat on. That's why I'm like, but that's the thing, though, is that, like, that's why I, I can't say either way because I don't know firsthand, but like, I don't feel like even getting the second one is going to give you the mental capacity to just feel confident enough to not wear a goddamn hat, you know, like I don't know.


I just feel like you need to work on looking at the progress that already has happened, because Mariah the other day were like, oh, my God, it looks so full.


It looks so great. Had your hat off. And I was like, you look really different.


Yeah. Changed your face. Yeah, right. And good. And your knee jerk reaction is to be like, no, but like I'm dissatisfied with it because of X, Y and Z. But if you were to just change your perspective and realize that it does look better, it's an improvement and you can probably work with it without a hat.


But now I mean, that's that Zaneis brain.


Yeah, it's that they show you pictures before like, oh, oh, it's unbelievable. The difference. There's one hundred percent a difference I don't like don't.


What's the word. Don't get me wrong. Don't get very good. How do you even get that. Like I was like there's no way they're no one's going to get that one. Don't get me wrong, don't get me wrong. I take a shower, I drive, I drive myself, I drive my hair, I put all my hair and I fully dry. And I look at them. I'm like, it doesn't look good.


Maybe there is your hair that you don't. Yeah, it's not a lack of texture. It definitely is. And it's my jeans. It's because I'm half Arab, my entire dad's side, as are all bald, either balding or completely bald. And it's and the thing about my dad's side is they all look good with the bald head. The good will. Have you ever had a bald head? I imagine myself with a bald head. And every time I talk to somebody about me having a bald head, they go, Yeah, you definitely should have a bald head.


One thing I will say about bald heads is that you'll look the same age for basically the next 40 years.


Like look at the rock. He's been bald for so long that he just doesn't look like he's changed it.


All right. But he would also look really weird with hair if he had. First of all, you don't you don't want him hair to base like it off of like.


Oh, wow. They've started to lose their hair. The hair. Yeah. Like gray hair. But it's just like I feel like it's like a you thing.


Like I, I understand your reservations. Like I understand like you think young people should have a full head of hair and you're not old yet so you should have a full head of hair. But what I mean I wait a second.


Is this an intervention for me to be bald. Just want me to be bald, shave it off. No, no.


But like I mean, you just kind of have to be at some point, you have to work on being satisfied with, like, the hand that you're dealt like. But the thing is, I don't like my hair. I mean, I'm wearing a hat right now, but I don't like my hair. The quality of my hair, my hair is. But it's very thick.


It's unlike yours. It's very thick.


It's very like wiry. I feel like it's very if I was to, like, just run my fingers through my hair, it would just stay in that position. I don't like that.


I love white hair. I wish we could switch hairs. You take my hair and I'll take your hair. Baby, you always want what we don't know. Oh, Russ is always going to be greener.


So even if you get another hair transplant, I feel like you still will be dissatisfied.


And that's what I'm scared about. Yeah, it comes from within Zane. Yeah.


And I feel like it's a lot of surgery and not enough. Hair, but like to do that, will I be happy in the end, probably not, because I could see what he had on to. Yeah, I think it's because when I like when I look at Dad's now, I look at any dad now, like I see a dad, a family with kids. The dad is never wearing a hat. I feel like it's a very like youthful thing, youthful thing.


When I see a dad and I'm just like, oh, he's he's a fun dad. He probably skateboards. Yeah, he's I don't know.


I just I want to get to a point where I never have to, like, I don't have to work.


What do you do for your wedding? Exactly. Like Dora, if he's going to wear a veil, are like, remember the remember the was it the Shorty Awards or the You Times? We were presenting presenting on stage and I wore a fucking high. It looks so bad I was wearing a full suit and slacks and a high. Just accept the compliment, move on and not bullying me. Kenny you're bullying yourself. You, you, you're pulling.


You know what. We're trying to make me feel confident. We're trying to make me feel good. I don't want to feel good about myself now with the old in with the new baby.


There's a lot of new going on, you know what you know.


But at the end of the day, we support you if you want to, because it's worth about making my baby. Exactly. And that's why your appointment is next week with us. Right? Right.


Oh, he's so well.


Will make me very happy is if you buy this merger.


Oh, he's really trying to get that money for the transplant. He's had hair plugs at first, but yeah, that was good. Very good. Kenny, you're all over the seat giving them right now. Bring it bring in the next guy. Seriously, we do have merch that is out right now. I'm Banjoko Zazen and Heath, unfortunately, I know the lovely baby blue that we have behind Matt and Kenny right now. Oh, I mean.


Oh, OK. Well, that was bad on Mariah Carey, Mariah and Kenny. We have the baby blue that is completely sold out. Y'all love the blues so much, baby. It's sold out now. So now we have this thing on the block and the block that's on the side. Still, if you guys want to, we're we're not restocking these colors. So maybe whatever is there, you guys got to get and then you guys are the only ones that have it.


So and guys, we've seen so many people tweeting at us that have already ordered it. We just want to say thank you so much to everybody already and we're excited to see you guys wearing it.


So last night, we, the four of us, got to deep, deep conversation about bullying in school and elementary school, middle school, high school. It's it was really bad when, like it's like when I was in elementary, middle school, bullying was really bad.


It's like what you see on in movies. That's how it was when I was in school and I won. And we all wonder if it's still going on today, just that type of bullying.


Yeah, I think about that, too, because obviously, like the the younger GenZE is all, I guess, a lot more Wolke and more. I don't want to say sensitive, but they're very anti bully allegedly.


Right. Right. We don't know. So they say I feel like there's no like physical bullying.


I feel like it might be like catty girls. That's what I meant.


Mentally, mentally bullying. Like there was a lot of physical bullying back then, but not like us in high school or middle school.


There was no like Internet bullying. There was no like sending me nasty comments. Yes.


Like you had some shit to say. You said it to their face. Exactly. Yeah, it was it was that type of bullying. But yeah, I'm so curious.


Like, guys, if you guys are bullies, please come. Oh, you guys are doing what it's like. We really are curious in high school and middle school and elementary. Were you guys the ones being bullied? I never read the book. I don't think I ever got bullied.


Lucky, you know. But seriously, I mean, people people teased me. Yeah. I guess I was the only thing teased was your hair.


I know that was pretty good with the hair puns today.


I took that joke right from his mouth. I said it last night when we had this conversation. It's all right. No, no, no, it's not like I said. Oh, you delivered it really well. That was perfect. Thank you. I appreciate you giving me that. But I don't I don't think I ever got bullied.


Like, every. You're right. Everybody got teased. I know Zenga. His ass kicked kind of. Oh, oh, I did get my ass kicked. I tell you about the middle school fight over donuts. I get my ass rocked and like, I wasn't, like, giving attitude or anything. It was just like I didn't really like, you know what I think it was like I was very vulnerable. I didn't have any friends around me.


I was like by myself. So it's easy for anybody to pick on me because I didn't have, like, a back up.


Yeah, I didn't have backup.


Kenny, did you get bullied in school. Such a loaded for being bullied, for being tall. Thank you guys for just lying. I yeah.


I mean I was bullied pretty early on in my school career.


I feel like I said I'm one of the other podcast that. Yeah.


I mean people were calling me gay before I knew what gay was and. Before I even knew that genocide, is that right? Exactly. Remember Caesar, our buddy Caesar? Yes, he's one of his good friends.


I was getting bullied a lot. So when we're on the school board lead, my friend Caesar, I didn't bully him. Look, wait, just just give me a second on the school bus. I was just like, ha ha. Caesar, what do you Caesar salad. I was calling him. See you. Yeah, that was me. Oh, my God. Cesar would tell me about this, how it traumatized him. I didn't know that was you.


That was man, you you guys are going to Caesar salad.


I know. So fucked up. I feel really bad about it. Check all this was in middle school.


I don't know. It was either like old school. I just know that like I, I like I was like, you know what, maybe but maybe bullying people is something that like is OK because I get bullied all the time.


Is fifth grade energised.


Two wrongs do not make a right. That's that. That's right in front of his salad.


I learned a lot on much but I did I did apologize him. This was like years later. I think it was maybe about four years ago. Do you remember when I called you a salad broms?


I mean, you know what people used to fucking call me in high school back in like elementary school? What, Saddam Hussein. Oh, Hussein. Because it sounds like Saddam Hussein, he was a terrorist.


If you guys don't know anybody under the age of 18, don't know. What I was saying is he was a very evil person who was like killing a ton of people and.


Right. They called me Saddam Hussein.


They would call me a terrorist in school because I was half Arab. What? It was awful. So I told my I told my dad this. My dad got so pissed. He went and told the principal, like the teacher. But somehow it got to everybody.


Oh. So it probably just in my class and it just made it worse, you know. What does he get better? Embarrassing.


It's so it was so fucking embarrassing and it just and it went on. I actually became more of a problem because like kids, they take that information. They're like, oh, this really bothers him. He brought his dad in to save his. Oh, yeah. They run with they run. They ran with it. So it got worse. I never even like I didn't even tell him. I just kind of dealt with it. But it was it was fucking awful.


That was like that was my elementary school year though. That was in elementary school.


Yeah. Maybe he was, you know what maybe was in middle school. Now, that wasn't a plantation middle. Yeah, it was an elementary school before I moved to Central Park.


That's wild because there was actually somebody at my elementary school. You didn't go to my elementary school that his last name actually was Hussein. And any time that there would be like a school assembly or anything, any time they would announce his name as like a winner of some sort of award, they would say his last name as Hussein.


And everyone in the audience was like, who? I swear it was so like elementary school kids.


I don't understand where they get this from.


I remember, like, when my family would travel, like my last name is Husar and like, it looks kind of. I guess. Middle Eastern, some sort of like close to Hussein. Yeah, so like we would get pulled out of line and, like, double checked, like my brother would get like pulled aside and they would do like the pat down, like.


Yeah, like my dad, my dad. When I when I told you when I told my dad about you and I told him your last name, he thought your Arab everybody immediately it's Mossad like Mossad like that's how you'd say it, right. If you're speaking Arabic. He liked you immediately.


So he was like, oh, is he Arab? I was like, no, he's not Arab. Which is surprising because he has an Arab last name or a sound like a lot of people think that.


Yeah, but and also also to I'm not giving excuses because I call me terrorists, but this was right after the September 11th attacks.


So, like, it was like very fresh in everybody's head was. Oh, Hosain. Oh, he's Arab. Oh, my God. He was a part of September 11th.


Yeah, that's the thing. I mean, I feel like you would want the general population to be smart enough to know that just because, like, this wasn't somebody's last name after the attack or whatever this was, it like is something new. But you are equating this to something that is going on in the world right now and you are stupid.


Yeah, I know. But but then again, these were these were kids like these kids are calling me this. Their their brains are not even full. Yeah, I know. Because at the same exact awards ceremony, there was also a girl with the last name.


But and every time somebody I knew this exactly. I knew it.


But no, it was Butte's literally like butts. Oh my God. And everyone but the new one quickly everyone would laugh at her name and then everyone, whenever it got to Hussein would like like everyone knew how to react.


It was so stupid, you know, that's they would also call me Zain Highjacker because of my loss.


That sounds like a MySpace thing. Zain Hijrah. You know what?


I think that was my MySpace name. Wait for it was like it was not for like a couple of months and then.


That's right, baby. You take what they call you and you put it back. We use that against yourself before you let people use that against you. You let them know that you don't care about that. And that's exactly what I did.


I didn't really have any like I guess not nicknames like but like bad nicknames or people. They call me like Heather because I had really long hair. Oh, poor thing.


Oh, my God, you're so brave. I well, I would like to share that. By the time I got to middle school they call me Kenny the QUERE which I now I would they call you that.


I don't know where they got that guy but where did they get it. I didn't even know what the word queer meant back then. Yeah. How long ago was this when they would call you. This was like seventh grade.


I feel like that they would call me this. But the thing is, is, I mean if my name was Gary they'd be just be like, oh, Gary the gay easy. But Gary had to get creative, which I give them props for.


They help me carry the queer. We love alliteration.


We love alliteration. What was the the story that you told us last night? Could you share that? Oh, in my grade now. Yeah, yeah, yes.


And we know these girls, but change your names, change their names up for the sake of profit. I say, I say call a bitch out. Yeah. You know what?


We should we should be rich. No, we can't. We can't judge their middle school behavior. Yeah, no, no. Of course. Of course.


Say that then.


I mean, it's just funny because I mean, I don't know if I would say like it was straight up bullying, but it was just funny because I feel like in middle school we just feel like we know everything. We know how the world works. We know this. We know that. We know about drugs and alcohol and all this nitty gritty stuff. And there was there was a couple girls in middle school, let's say one of them was Belinda and Belinda went to Elizabeth and she said, oh, I got some really good coke if you want to try middle school in my I don't even know what that was.


No, I mean, like Coca-Cola, I'm more of a punk. I don't think I just knew it.


I had no idea. Know.


Yeah, well, Belinda knew that Elizabeth was an easy target and adventurous. Yeah.


She would be willing to to take the bait. And Belinda was like, oh, I got the best stuff from my guy. My guy might steal a plug in middle school.




And she in class I remember in class I was in the class and she.


Cut her up a little line and it was a pixie stick. Oh, no. Was it was it given to her? And like it's like it's like blue. Black.


No, there is color in it. There's no pixie stick that is white. It's it's all different colors.


But at that point, I just feel like everyone is just willing to be like, oh my friend. Saying It's like a coke. Yeah. Like blue. That means it's like really pure. Yeah. What's it in like a little baggie. I think they did before class.


They put it in a little bag, just a really warm at the moment they. I heard stories about this either two very embarrassing. And Elizabeth, is that would you call her name?


That is very good because like, I am so fucked up right now, like, they were like I feel like she's like, yeah, it's really good. Oh, no. Yeah. That's honestly how it was.


And everybody just made fun of her because she acted like she was of a similar story to that.


This was actually I think it was like late high school where it was hella l'eau. It was like A-list friends, it was close friends.


And they were saying how they had this, like they got this, like, really good weed. And they they pack this like bull for him. And in the bull there is no weed.


It was oregano. It was straight oregano.


That's like a classic prank. Is it a classic prank as first time I ever heard anything like that.


OK, and he smokes. He smokes a whole thing and he's like, holy shit, I'm so fucking high. And then, like, they were recording him and I felt so bad.


He's like just being on the other side of that. I was like, oh, man. Like, this is just like something that he's going to have to deal with for the rest of his life.


And, you know, it was probably the situation. It wasn't like he was trying to be cool or being like, yeah, I'm so fucked up. That was he was probably like.


It's like having to feel like they expected a reaction. Yeah, he didn't want to seem like right. He probably felt pressured to be like, yeah, so stoned. And that's what I remember about Elizabeth, is that I feel like at that point in high school, she was on a sugar high. So she I just feel like collectively all we knew about truly was weed at that point in our lives. And so I feel like whenever she did the pixie stick coke thing, all she had for a point of reference was being high off of weed.


And it's a completely different feeling, you know, how would you know that?


I've read extensive literature subject and I was waiting for that one.


But I just feel like that's how that's how she acted. Whenever she did this whole pixie stick thing, she she was like, whoa, man, I am just in like.


Oh, yeah, Coke is not the same thing, and we know that now because we're adults and we do research and have seen movies.


Yes, they're very good.


But I mean, it's just so funny. It's just like you look back at everything that happened in middle school and high school and just like seems so childish now, you know.


Yeah, exactly. Poor thing. And not only that, there was like so much other shit that happened in our high school, which is like now thinking back to it was so fucked up. But like during the time when we all like was received, this information were like, oh my God, that's crazy. But like now thank you. I was like, what the fuck? Like, remember the security guard that was I caught hooking up with one of the students.


Yes. Behind the behind the portables.


My like that's like thinking about that now is crazy. But back then like it was just like all weird. But that's it.


That's all like that's all you thought about. Like I know. But it was there was like multiple instances. It was like in the bathroom in the middle, you know, we're like the two bathrooms in the circle were the gymnasium. Yeah. It was in that bathroom too.


It came out like, that's so bad. It's weird to look back at now. But yeah. I mean, like you said, it was it was I don't know, somehow it was it was brushed under the rug. I feel like for us I feel like everyone involved, like teachers and faculty and staff, were just kind of like, oh, big deal.


And they couldn't let it get out too, because if they do let something like that get out and parents are not going to want their kids to go to that school because, oh, your your staff is hooking up with the students. I don't want my kid to go here.


So like you remember Dr. G. Dr. G. When he asked one of the students to go get something from his briefcase and then something spilled out of the briefcase.


This was in high school. This is in middle school. There was this teacher I was about to call him a professor, but we don't call them that until college.


But his name was, for all intents and purposes, Dr. G.


And I had him. Did you have him? No, I never had him like as a teacher. So he was part of this program that taught other things outside of normal middle school like curriculum. He taught like law and I think debate or something like that.


And he not in my class, but in my same grade. So I heard about it. He asked the student to go get something from his briefcase and it was like a textbook or whatever. For whatever intents and purposes, it was a textbook.


And she goes to his briefcase and I just remember the story being that, like, tipped over or something and some photographs fell out that were of him and his wife.


There are wearing clothes, what nudie pics? Yeah, they were like the old school way, a physical. There's two things about that story that like I I'm already questioning why why is he asking a student to go to his briefcase?


It makes no fucking sense to me. I don't know. I think he was hoping she saw it.


That's what I. Is this story true, though? Yes. Like people I mean, stories all the time. Like it was true enough for him to get fired. Yeah.


Oh, he got fired. He got fired.


He got let go and he. Yeah.


He Why would you ok if you knew that that was in the briefcase. Didn't want it to be found, why would you have anybody go into your briefcase.


Maybe he specifically asked this certain girl because he was interested in the certain girl maybe.


And why would you have it be a picture of you and your wife if you were trying to impress maybe maybe to show that he was kinky? I don't know.


I was I had my concerns and my speculations because I mean I mean, he was a very back then. He had to be probably in his 60s, 60s, 70s maybe. Oh, he was old. Oh, I thought he was maybe like thirties. No, no, no, no. He was old. Oh, this one.


No, Fifty Shades of Gray. This was about fifty years. Also say this. Fifty fifty years. A great man. Great for a very long time but he picked the most.


I can't even describe how she was very she was a straight-A student. She was a very goody goody two shoes kind of girl.


He picked her like over everyone to go and go into his briefcase. Yikes.


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Actually, you guys are reminding me I did get bullied, but it wasn't in school. It was at summer camp.


Well, is it the same summer camp where you would tell the kids to go into the the claw machine? No, that was when I was older.


Oh, OK. Right. I was more mature then.


It was. It was. Eighth grade ish. Mm hmm. And this was my chubbier days and I would get picked on because of my body and maybe that's why I'm so insecure today. But they would make fun of me and they they'd all laugh at me and talk about my nipples. They would laugh at you about your nipples. Yes.


And they would maybe they call them for educational purposes. What would they call them if they were if they were to talk about your nipples, what would they say? Say their names. Hey, can we guess.


Yeah. Yeah. Guys, what do you think they call my nipples. Guess I would call no hurry comment. I would call Tropico.


And when he did I talk about this. No, I just I just guess I guess try to go to my camp. No. Oh I'm the one that called the tropical traffic diddies.


Yeah. They would, they would make fun of my.


Is that what you say your nipples are Koni. Yeah. You always say that. You're like I got them Peerce because I think they're coni I was like, what does that even mean.


I remember that but but I understand the reason why you got them here.


But like this is so odd. I have the same type of nipples.


I hope you feel seen because my nerves, whatever traffic pits, big old car like you know.


Yeah. I was just really insecure about my nipples and it was a it was called aquatics and it was a summer camp based around being in the water all the time.


So go figure. I always had my shirt off and I couldn't fucking escape it.


Dude, I'm sorry. Do you want to see it. You want to see him. Yeah, let me see it. OK, you put your shirt back. They're not pierced. Oh, yeah, where's your piercing? I took them out. Why his MRI? Because I had to take him.


Oh, yeah.


So the guy the guy looked at me and he was like, so we're gonna have to take out all of our piercings, all of them.


And I was just like like I don't have any in my face anymore. So I don't know why he like specifically was like all of them. Like maybe you know me, you know, my shirt. He's like, well, that guy's got some conine. Oh, they're pierced.


So I yeah, I had to take him out for my MRI and right afterwards I tried to put him back in, but they just puffed up so much because they're big cones that I couldn't.


You are stopping traffic.


Yeah. So I literally could not put them back in after being in there for that long.


And you took it off for what, 30 minutes. Yeah. And a hold of that. Well, I took him out like a couple of months ago for like a day and they started closing up. So I had to like push them back in. And ever since then, they've just been like weird and raw.


I also feel like you were in the MRI for more than 30 minutes. I mean, I was it was it was an appointment. It was right there for a long time. Have you gotten an MRI before?


I've never gone. I'm I'm scared. So it's like the circular tube thing. Yeah.


I don't know if you guys have seen it, but check me out. Got my movement back. Maybe I was super tender, I can't really do much, but I can I can move it around, but I'm scared because I have to go for my check up. And I don't know if they're going to make me get another MRI to, like, see if I'm recovering or whatever, because if they make me do another MRI, I'm not going to go.


I'm little. It was the worst experience that I've ever had. I'm claustrophobic as it is. Like Bubba knows that. Like, I absolutely hate being in, like, tight spots.


He like goes to take a sweatshirt off and if it gets caught for a second, he's like, I need it off, I need it off and off me.


I'm like, I freak out. I hate it.


So what they did was they put me in this little tube and my arms are pinched together and they slide me head in and like I'm up to here and like it's like right in front of your face, like completely around you.


I thought there was a lot of space in there. Tight. No, like really tight.


So the movies are lying. You know, when they whenever they have MRI, really the camera right above you, you're like, oh, cozy. No, no.


I always thought there was like a lot of room in there. Awful.


And then all of a sudden, like this crazy banging like starts happening again and it's right into your ears.


You got like earplugs in, but it still doesn't help.


I couldn't imagine being in your position because I've gotten MRI before, but I was the I was going in the opposite way. So my legs were in there. My body. Yeah, my head was out.


So I heard all the sounds, I heard all of that. But like, I didn't feel claustrophobic because my head was well yeah I a 14 and like it hurt to like sit there with my arm pinched like that but yeah.


So sore and like hurting.


When you say you can't move what is that like you can't move like like well pinching like it had my arms pinched at my side like I literally couldn't, I mean I could lift it up if I wanted to. Oh OK. OK, so it's like if you lift or do that you mess up the shot. Right. So then they have to start it over again. So you're still stuck in this too.


So it takes thirty minutes to take a picture to do multiple things that they're doing.


Well they're taking, they're also taking a 3D image. It's not just taking like a Polaroid of your shoulder.


I know, but. Thirty fucking minutes.


They should make an aquarium instead. Like the dome. You should be slid in and see like some fish.


Yeah. What. Like what. Like a place where you're going.


You have to cut that out because like we don't want anybody to take that idea. All right. Don't patent that. No, please. Nobody steal her idea. Aquarium Marai Aquarium. R.I that's the name. You write that down.


And what if, what if what if a shark shark shark starts hitting the glass and you have to stay still. You can't move that shark planetary MRI.


Hey sharks are just giving out all these sharks. I'm looking for one hundred percent.


She goes on Shark Tank. You got Ebola.


But yes, you're really good. But you're going to do good, Bubba.


On a lighter note, on a lighter note, I think as Bob does, Zane and I have been looking through the comments on the last episode and everybody's very excited about our gaming that we're going to be starting. Yeah, we are in the process of getting a set up and we've started a list of all the different games that we're going to be playing and what we want to play and we think you guys are going to want to see.


So I might seem really hard to hear that Heath and I are doing something and we might not like it, but we are sticking to this just like this podcast different.


It's going to be different than other gamers, I feel like.


Yeah, yeah.


Because we're going to suck because we're going to know I'm going to hold you guys accountable because the stuff that you like, want to do I think is so fun.


Yeah. Yeah.


We have, we have a whole list of games that we're going to do and we're just going to do it on like a livestream and then we're probably going to cut it and put a little like highlight reel of our best moments.


If there are any of the best moments from what we say, or is it our game is probably not going to be any like no games or games.


No, that's not something that we can do.


But yeah, we're still trying to figure out a start up date for exactly what we're going to release that. But it is coming soon. Yeah.


Yeah, we're really excited about it. You know, we got to we want to do something new, something fresh, something that we've never done before and we got to just do it. So we really cool guys be really fun.


Yeah. Let's just end this podcast. So, guys, thank you so much for listening and tuning in again. This is any on filter. We post every Monday's audio form on Spotify, on Apple podcast and all those other platforms. And on Tuesdays we post the video form on YouTube dotcom slash in and here. That's right.


And again, guys, make sure to show Matt and Kenny some love, keep everything positive and upbeat. And again, we love you guys and always thank you for tuning in and listening to you.


Have a good night and have a good Monday and good Tuesday. And God bless. And you all have a good day. It's one thirty a.m..


I know this was our latest episode.


Time flies when you're having fun.