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Hey, guys, welcome back to Zany Heat, Unfiltered. I'm your host, Zane, and I am Heath. We'd like to give a little brief explanation on why we had to delete yesterday's episode. And by the way, we're very sorry about that.


As you guys will hear later on in this episode, David is hosting a TV show and all of us went out to the TV show to go check out the experience. I don't wanna give away too much right now, but you guys will hear it later on.


So on Sunday night before we started the podcast, we asked his team for his OK for us to talk about it because we knew that their promotional video was going to come out on Monday, which which is when our podcast comes out.


And they did give us the go ahead. So we did talk about it. We uploaded the next morning, a few hours later, we got last minute word from David's team that they actually weren't ready to post a promotional video until Tuesday, which, you know, is fine. So out of respect, we pulled the video and we want to wait till next day to release with David's promo.


So again, guys, sorry if you're in the middle of listening to it or didn't get a chance to, it's up now and get excited because the show is going to be awesome, guys. And let's just jump right into the podcast. All right. It's called the Tar Baby.


Oh, my sir. He hung up on her. And right now I go. I feel wired. I feel this bitch up like three times right now.


It's my fourth cup of coffee and that's after tequila. Anyways, so I woke up this morning. I didn't have the best start to the day. Oh. So I get out of my bed, I walk straight to the backyard, and then I look down and there's a dead fucking bird outside my patio.


That's bad luck is that it's either bad luck or really clean windows.


So good for you. Had a lot of windows because I clean up bitches every day. It was bad luck. And that's why you keep getting broken into.


All right. Oh, very true. Baby doll intruder. No, it wasn't. It was it was a great guy.


A great well, let him have a lot of fun. It was like great colors, I think was a great day.


It was a pigeon. It was a great to actually have a picture of it. It's it's really it's really sad. Like, I actually teared up. Y'all want to see this dead bird? Oh, my God. I feel bad. Like they have they have thoughts like those are able to do everything about like walking around how many like ants you probably have stepped on, like their life.


That's it.


Imagine being reincarnated to to an ant like you die and you're like, all right, and where are you going to be? You're going to be in your own fucking end like we're top of the food chain.


Imagine something being ten times our size that we have to be like in fear of every day dinosaurs.


That shit existed like hundreds of years ago.


I'd be like Zanjani Xangsane thinking people existed with dinosaurs.


No, I mean, in water there's shit that's bigger than us for sure. That's true. Yeah. Yeah. Like on land and dinosaurs. Good fucking just on us. It's crazy. Like they will take over this planet.


I'ma go out and check the mail real quick. Just this big ass baby.


Let's kick this off. It's coffee talk. Yeah. AI Weiwei, those who are sorry, all right, five, six, seven, eight, it's coffee talk of baby. Guys, we're getting there. I'm your host, Zain Hejazi, and I'm your host, Heath Husar.


And please give a warm welcome. Oh, we have Mariah.


I was really embarrassing.


I started waving, but he was introducing Kennecott, Heath's lovely girlfriend, Mariah. It was a serious person in the world. And please give a warm, warm welcome again, Cannis. This is his fourth episode now, but please give another warm welcome to Kenny. He is the fourth person of our podcast. Come Closer, Act like we like each other. Quite literate. Welcome.


He is changing up the game right now. Look at the backdrop for those listening. We are we are turning this set around and we got Queer Eye for the Straight podcast. He is doing wonders.


Maybe he got a penny on a Kenny.


So Heath and Mariah took the time to pick out some brick wallpaper and it looks real. It's rainbow water. No, no. I literally hours people watching.


What do you mean the people watching know exactly what they don't know that it's. Oh it's real. We built it. It's really Beltagy. I ripped the wall down myself.


I'm a bricklayer. Yeah.


So we got this new brick background for everybody listening.


If you want to check it out in person, in person, buy your tickets online. We are getting a rusty no or not. We want to do the same thing on the other side because I feel like the other side. Like the neon sign. Really.


Pop, before we go, we're going to turn this whole thing around. Yeah.


Let me Alexa play upgrade by Beyoncé.


OK, I one other than other than your bird incident, how has the rest of your week. Ben, I'm in a lot of pain right now. So is Mariah.


Oh yeah. Oh so. So a couple of days ago David sent a little group to, I was like, hey guys, I'm doing this show if you guys want to be on it. Didn't didn't say know.


It was just like by the way guys, I'm five episodes into this TV show I'm filming.


You guys want to come, by the way, the first thing I thought of when we saw that text, because he sent the text saying, hey, guys, I'm doing this like dodgeball wipeout type of show on Discovery Channel, goldbug.


Would you guys be I would love for you guys to be on it.


And as soon as I saw it, I was like, oh, fuck, because they were just talking about, like, hosting some sort of like show like that.


But of course David got to at first. But I just I was really fun just talking about it. I was like, oh, fun.


And we will continue to live in the shadow. But yeah. So Dave is doing the show on Discovery Channel. It's what do you know what it's called. Dodgeball, Thunder, Dodgeball, Thunderdome. It's kind of sort of like those like wipe out those. Like what, like what do you call the special obstacle course type of shows. And it looked really crazy and being able to see it in person was absolutely insane. Yeah. But now it was like, hey guys, we're out in the middle of nowhere, so just be prepared ball.


And we're like, OK, it was off the exit and then like twenty minutes deep into the middle of literally nothing, just like dirt roads.


And we finally get there and it was like 115 degrees, like it was so hot, so fucking hot.


But they ended up having this obstacle course set up for the TV show and they were like, do you guys want to do it just for fun? And Zane, Mariah, Jonah and Suzy were brave enough to take it and got taped up for it, like you had to tape your ankles up for safety.


Jason got taped up. He looked at the course.


He's like, OK, he's got bad hips. You know, he touched the he touched the course with this button. It was just like, yeah, this one.


It's so funny because he he thought Scott and Jeff are all injured right now. I would also love you guys. It looks so fun. What is it. Er by the way, let's get a little promo one.


Is it er the show. I mean Monday's the promos. Yeah I oh who the fuck. Sending you money.


Hey baby. Oh my God. What have you guys just paid me five dollars on Venmo and said hi. Who's it from.


Well it Katie but I don't, I don't know Katie. Well thank you Katie.


Thank you Katie for the five days. Spend it all in one place. That's a lot of money. Normally get like ninety nine cents.


But she gave me five dollars. Hey Katie. But yeah no it was a lot of fun but we got beat the fuck off.


Those courses look so easy like, like Keith, like everybody was watching us do it and you guys almost look kind of boring, not bored about what you guys are. You know, we're just you're just letting us go through the years.


And I kept looking. I was like, I don't think these guys understand how fucking hard this force is. I think, like, they do that on purpose, too, because I asked Heath, I was like because I felt cool. I really did.


I felt like I was in the military. Well, we were on TV too. So like so I said I said, how do I look?


Did I look cool? And he was like, it just look, I know it's hard, but it looks easy to somebody watching.


That's what they want. They want me. Right. I want to sign up. I want to. Yeah, it's really hard. Like you you looked great.


Like you did so good. Thank you. But yeah.


Like you're looking at something you're like come on, just go, go, go get it, do it, do it right.


But my little Barbareschi one two grand that day u grand.


I got to great. You got, we got one, I got five hundred dollars but no you. You you finished way before I was well, we were neck and neck for a while. OK, wait, why don't you explain the course? OK. All right. So the course starts with we're on a box and the four of us, all four of us, different rows.


We're not even including Susan to get past the first part. We barely got off the start playing the beat. Yeah. Yeah.


OK, so I don't have a lot of fears, but I am for some reason petrified of bees like wasps. I probably I've gotten stung as a kid like so many times. I'm just like terrified of bees.


So we're on the course and instead of like on wipe out how it's water, like you land in water, it's mud, it's half mud, half water.


So I'm looking at the mud and the first row is infested with, like.


I'm not exaggerating like 300 to 500 bees right there. There's a lot of bees, what's like the killer wasps? Yeah, but in the moment I'm I'm trying to be on their side right now. It did not look dangerous. They weren't like they didn't steal anybody. They weren't, I think throughout the whole thing that stung one person on the course.


But like it was because it got into the shore. Right.


So that makes sense. It's like that's completely normal. Yeah. In the.


So Mariah goes topless kids. So. Yeah.


So there was like so many bees and then when they went to pick us up, they were making us up in the order of who is going to go and what I was like, I'm going to get row number one, I'm going to hang around who was in row number one.


Out of all the rows I got, row number one, they were like, OK, we're gonna put our eye on one. None of the other rows had bees. I was like, this was this was on purpose. I need to face my fear right now. So I was the only thing I was nervous about was those bees like you were nervous about your elbow.


That was the one thing. Yeah, I was terrified of these bees, but she was number one.


I conquered. I don't know I don't know if she really wanted to win or just get to the course as quick as possible to on the bees. Probably.


But so let me let me explain the course, you guys. So before before the promos come out, you know, give you a little inside scoop. But so we basically we start on the box like this box above ground and there like this beam in front of us. And the beams obviously move like it's like electro mechanical beams.


But it was like, it's fine. You guys work in it. It's on a spring. Was it? No. Yeah. Oh, they're on spring. I thought they were fucking with me because I can't get out. So I thought they kept nailing. You did at the end. Oh, let me look stupid because the lube is clear. So I was like, how did you fall? And I was like it was loo.


I was like easy peasy the moment I took that first step and busted my ass my face first going guys, the mud.


So I look over at Mariah, she's running across the beam, gets to the last step. She's like this. Yeah. Slips under her back. And I was just like but it's such a mug shot like Zane first and then meet up.


It was like we were cartoon characters like.


So if we can put that footage. I know not only has that footage, if we can, we'll put it up there for you guys to see because it was actually really fucking funny guys.


But as soon as that first of all, I it was going I knew was going to be is going to be a miserable time. I was like this after I got past the beam, which took me ten minutes. It was so hard to get past that fucking beam. I get to the end and I step in the mud in the mud, removes my shoes completely, completely.


And I'm like, oh my God. And I keep going. They're like, you got to put your shoes back on. I was like, come on. So I'm I try to put it on in the mud for some reason, will not let me put my shoes or my feet back in my shoes.


And I hear the guy just like smart ass go try on tying the shoelace and putting it back on.


And I'm like, mother fucker, the mud is all over it. I would have to shove a mud ball in my mouth to get the shoelace off.


And also keep in mind, as this is happening, there's people surrounding the perimeter of the course whipping you with dodgeballs, with those machines, that it's like a softball like baseball shooter where you put it right.


It has like the two wheels in it, like shooting you. They're shooting us with dodgeball. So I'm watching Zane. I had like an aerial view of you because I was already on top of the platform. I'm looking down at you tying your shoes and you're just getting very excited, like more because I was sitting there trying to, like, get my shoes on.


All I'm going to say, like this entire time, I'm just thinking I'm like, OK, beas balance. Where where on earth are the dodgeballs?


Why is this called? Oh, it's like dodgeball. Like Hannon's. It's like it's like shooting there on slingshots and cannons.


And then we also had dodgeballs that were like feel free to throw them at your teammates. I'm like, I don't have time for this. Like what are you.


It's weird because the rules are like a little wonky when you're doing it. But we know on TV it's going to look hilarious.


It's like that's how they set up. It's like the rules don't really matter.


It's as long as you get the right, I get just throwing them at the BS, just get away from Jonah and Susie could not get past the first thing it was. It's going to be so funny when we watch the all cut up every round, the producers are like, just just pass it.


Skip it has me insane. We're so far ahead. I don't even think it was a producer. I think it was because David's hosting. I think Dave was just like, hey, we like we need to need that.


It was an at what point Susie was sitting. Oh, my God. I was like, Susie, you got this girl. And she goes, she goes, I don't want to throw up. I was looking back at pictures.


I was taking pictures of Zane while he was doing the course. And I'm looking in the back and I see Susie just sitting.


And I was like, was she doing it like it was? It was.


But when Susie got to the end of it, this I think it made everybody's day. Oh, my God.


At the very end, I don't think. Is this even ruining it because. Was like the folks just putting that in 100 hundred percent, that's so so she just gave it to you guys, fuck it.


So they filmed the entire thing and at the end, like, everybody had already finished it, basically. And then Suzy is on the last step.


She's like, I'm done. I give up. And David's like, I'll give you a thousand bucks if you get to the other side. She's like, all right, let's do it. And she's like, hell, yeah, let's do this.


And it's basically those big yoga balls that you sit on in the sand buried halfway into the sand, and you've got to like, jump, jump, jump across them.


She goes like this.


She's like and know she didn't know it.


But there's a guy sitting directly in front of her like 20 feet away with a loaded slingshot with a kickball covered in like this.


It was like it's like, yeah, just sitting there and they have, like, professionals behind the way. This is not the group aiming right at her. She goes to take the first jump to the first ball. She steps while her face before it was, guys, you're going to die.


She takes this that lands on the first ball and boom dodge ball directly to her face.


She fell like literally feet up, like she slipped on a banana peel, like was the funniest thing I've ever seen.


I didn't see the actual hit, but this was me trying to get past a fucking tire swings.


But I turn around and I see her half way backwards.


Her legs are in the space and he's just like, oh my God, I thought she died.


I thought, all right, red all over her face from this guy.


And she thought she was bleeding. She, like, touched her face, just saw red. She's just like it was hilarious. It's crazy how he completely filled up her entire body.


I have a picture of it.


We're going to put the picture in right here so you guys can see a picture. So good.


Guys, please make sure to check out I think they have a promo for on Monday, so make sure you check that out. I don't know where they maybe David will post on his family. Right. But make sure check it out. It was so much fun doing it.


And you guys should definitely and I want and I want anyone to give a little bit more promotion to this show. I think it comes on shore after shark after Shark Week and David hosting it.


So it's going to be really fun to watch. And I and I one that I mentioned, I want one as well. How much did I mention I won two thousand dollars.


Those shows are like wipe out and on. Remember that old Japanese. Is that Japanese Maxi.


Thank you. I said mexi the other day who most extreme elimination. I was McKenny. He was like ha most extreme elimination challenge.


Yeah. So good. The big ball. Yes. Like the Indiana Jones. Yes. Jones. Yeah.


So yeah it's basically a Japanese game show that they dubbed over with like American comedians as the the that's not that's not the original show is it.


Like they just did it after or that was. No, there's not a lot of Japanese game that was the show.


I know that. But like when they aired like they filmed the new show and they air it, aired it with the Americans dubbed over it. Yes.


This is Holleman. Really. Yeah. I didn't fucking know that. I thought like it was re aired or not real.


They took the old show and then put their own voices and made stupid shit about it. And they'd be like, this is this is Sonia. She's from California and she likes to stick gummy bears up her ass. And she's like, Yeah, but this isn't the original, obviously, right?


It's not original. The original is Japanese. Japanese, right? Oh, it it's going to be from God.


I know it might sound like a scene because I just I've never really I've seen clips of this, but I don't know.


It was so good.


It was so good show you just like started it all. Yeah. Well I, I knew the Americanized version, the it was literally called I survived a Japanese game.


Right. Korei we take Americans, they would fly them to Japan. So yeah. Just the culture shock was like funny enough because they're like what the fuck does Japan goes hard.


They don't they they like start everything like it is.


So the trends. Yeah. So ahead of their time I guess like that we are so behind and like this type of content.


That's why I'm excited though because I'm like I'm curious to see how it pans out whenever David like this show is actually totally created because like the commentary and everything, it just like meshes together to be so funny.


I imagine them taking like David's show and like doing a Japanese voiceover, like, it's funny.


Did anybody watch, like, Legends of the Hidden Temple or your God figure it out or hole in the wall? I've always known as a kid.


Do you guys remember I used to watch this when I would come home from school? Shit. American Gladiator, I think it was, yes.


I mean, it's not a show that's on right now.


I don't know what you're thinking of American Ninja Warrior. Not that American Gladiator wasn't. I don't think they want to show network or something, so. And they're just like these. Old school bodybuilder like furtherer time, there were just like they looked like superheroes and they would compete against, like people that wouldn't challenge them. I definitely don't remember.


There was like this pyramid thing where. Yes. Wasn't warm and she would have like, this big look at these people.


Yes. Oh, yes. It looks like my dancing video I did for you guys.


Oh, my God, you guys, this is not going to be looked like. It needs to be the promo picture.


So that's what they look like on the show. Yes. So we're only bodybuilder's, you know, only be a body builder, regular people against the body, right? Oh, my God.


And they're doing like. Yeah, like the type of thing except jousting Yadkin thing.


Yeah. Those shows are so much fun to watch. It was like you were so jealous of those kids on that show. How the hell did they get that spot on that show.


What a time to live in crazy. But they actually brought this show back pretty recently. American Gladiator. Yeah. A few years in that same concept.


Same name you. That's what my mom showed up look like that like six months ago when she did her bodybuilding thing.


Crazy. My mom's a firefighter. She's Batta.


All the guys are like, oh no, literally my whole family are fucking badasses except for me, like they all are about me. You're a badass kid, baby. Thank you. I appreciate that. But my mom just on the side, she was like, you know what? Like, I want a little I want to have a hobby. So she started working training for a bikini competition.


I remember just like so unlike my mom, like this is all actually I like found out she started doing it. So she's like, I haven't talked to her. I know it might sound weird.


Me and my mom had a really good relationship, but we just don't. But we just don't like we don't talk on the phone a lot. We just I don't think we need to. But I didn't talk to her for like maybe three months. And I FaceTime her and she and she's looking really thin in the face.


I'm like, oh, my God, Mom, you look really thin. What's going on? And she's like, oh, my God, I haven't talked to so on. By the way, look at your mom and she shows me her body and she's completely shocking. Ripped It's like crazy, completely ripped. It's unbelievable.


Hey, seeing that in person was definitely like like a little different for me, like having to sit there, you know, all of her family, like Verson in church, we were all dressed up. Really nice to watch this competition. My mom's specifically told me it's like, hey, honey, there's going to be this like stance that I do.


I just don't want you to see it when they turn around. Yeah, you got to see the guy, right. It was like I mean, I didn't turn away because I'm like, it's a whole competition.


She's like against like four other ladies. So, like, I was like watching.


I was like, I want to see how everybody is probably just looking at the other girl. I know I was bad.


It was just like I just saw a lot of my mom that day.


It was like I didn't look away because I wanted to support her mom. Your ass looks. Oh, I'm actually kind of like, yeah, it looks like honestly, American Gladiator is doing some sort of comeback that she gets recast it.


I want my mom to be on a game show. She would actually be so good what it says that they're it's rebranding a little bit. It's a little less red, white and blue and a little more postapocalyptic. And it said spandex has left the building.


So. Oh, very good. I think we got a chance to actually just see a little bit too much of somebody else recently.


Oh, it wasn't too much. It wasn't enough. I remember. Overall, let's tell the audience, OK. All right, so somebody's going to be listen to this. This happened. This happened.


I don't think I told Kenny or you.


I don't know, but I'm trying to get a reaction for you guys. So. So Natalie was nice touch over our house.


Right. And I think we were drinking the night before.


I'm not sure. I don't remember. But I did sleep in the guest room because I just fell asleep there. I don't know. I like sleeping in the guest room. It's my old bed. It's my old bed. So I like sleeping on my old bed. It's my old mattress.


I feel like he's somewhere other than his own bed or off like the couch, the guest room. I do. I do the pool. Guilty of that.


So my guest room, I have a huge glass double glass door where you could see straight to the pool.


I'm sleeping in there all night and I my eyes, like, open up at like. What was it, 7:00 in the morning and nothing woke me up, is just like I think it just a sixth sense, something spiritual woke me up. It was probably yeah.


So I wake up Munjal, I wake up, I open my eyes up just a little bit, and I didn't know if this was real or not, but I swear to God I saw Natalie.


But as I'm standing next to my and I didn't see anybody else around, it was just just I picture it looking like heaven because it's still like cloudy.


Why was she was she facing you were facing away from before we can tell you guys this is Natalie David's David's because it's also Todds like Durel.


I felt like I was in a dream because I saw the white shit around my eyeball, so I didn't know if it was, like, fully real or not.


So I see it and I see her like just just like like a free spirit.


She has her hands up and then jumps in the water and and I fall back asleep and I wake up the next day and I didn't like I didn't remember it like I woke up and like, you know, I did my thing. And then halfway through the day I'm on the treadmill and I'm like, wait a second. You're like, wait a second.


I saw Natalie naked yesterday. I didn't intrude her personal area.


Like she she was in front of me when I opened my eyes.


Did you, like, look back and think it was a dream or were you like, no, this is like I didn't I didn't really know. I didn't know. So I asked I so I asked Todd, I was like I texted him like, hey, ran weird questions. I felt like I was scared to text Todd because I didn't want to tell Todd I was dreaming about Natalie, you know, like dream naked.


Oh yes, of course it wasn't real. So I was was I thought about I was like, OK, seemed like just be prepared for Todd to like, get a little weird.


You're weird around you if you're dreaming about not only make it so I was like, fuck it.


So I text Todd. Hey, this might sound really weird, but were you up at 7:00 in the morning and was Natalie naked?


Because I don't know if I was dreaming or not, I think.


Were you up also was Natalie, because I don't know if I was dreaming or not.


And he lives he goes, oh my God, yes. She was up. I was like, oh my. So it was real. Like, it was real. I it was it was.


It was real. And that was the second time I've seen her naked. Wait, I didn't know about the first, this was actually my fault. I love to walk into rooms without knocking the door.


I'm yeah, it's a.


There's no sense of privacy when it comes to opening up about a friend's bedroom. I don't know why. It's no common courtesy.


No. So I, like, open her bedroom door. I'm like Natalie. I don't know what I was asking. It was probably nothing important. I'm like, hey, Natalie, I need eyes. And I open the door and she's completely naked in her bathroom, like in her private area.


It's her area that doesn't do that to her. But yes, she's complaining. She screamed and closed door. And I was like, oh, my God, I'm so sorry. And she was she's like, it's OK.


Maybe we should just get out of my room. Oh, my God, I'm sorry. You're, like, still standing there. Like, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to walk in on you. I was like, I'm going to leave. I walk out of the bedroom.


I was like, I just saw Natalie's boobs. I don't know who was there. I don't know who was. I don't know. I don't know who it was.


I think it was David or somebody who was just like we really like because nobody's ever heard.


But at that time, I was only one has ever seen her naked because nobody else has ever barged into our bedroom door without knocking.


You know, to my right. I was thinking about that because we're going to get older.


I can't just walk into your house like, you know, you have kids or whatever or like if you guys are in your room, hey, guys.


And I just do that now. But we all do that. Nobody does that. But, you know, fine, I do that.


I just think we have, like, you know, just open relationship. Love is an open season.


I don't think Natalie knows because I told Todd not to tell her. Because I want to ask I wanted to ask her myself. I want to ask you the same question just to see your reaction. What? She's going to hear it and she's going to hear it now because I don't think Todd ever told her.


I don't understand. I feel like there's a big chunk of the story that, like, what was she do?


Was she by her side? Yeah. Yeah. Why was it. Oh, OK. So seven am three months ago, we all woke up, hung over and we went and jumped into the pool.


So I think she likes to do that when she's up like reset in the morning. A lot of people jump in the pool when you're home. When they're home. Yeah. It's like a normal thing. I just didn't think I would see it. Yeah.


Her being naked is like says and that's the perks of waking up early, which is why I got up at six o'clock every day. Just exactly.


And you know what? Now I sleep in the guestroom because Jessica, I don't want to miss anything.


I don't want to miss, you know, next time I see, like Jason, I'm like I'm like, it's a dream.


It's like a hangover. I was trying to reset myself, you know, it's so weird.


Not that I think about this, but I thought about it once. I don't think I don't know about you guys.


Have you ever seen David without a shirt on one time. One time, too.


You know, what I thought about it would be, you know, how people react to like Jonah, how he just like at the reception is like if he, like, showed the mock squad like him without a shirt on, like their reaction, like he takes his clothes off in front of us, like, oh, I think I'm just used to all the guys being shirtless.


Like, nobody wears a shirt in the group and he's the only one.


The thing the thing is, I completely understand David doing that because I don't like to take off my shirt in front of people. Right.


But it's like he said, I can't we can't ignore him because of our fear. Hey, I mean, yes. I mean, we don't know if it is like completely different.


He has a core set on all the time year. All right.


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Well, I mean, in the spirit of getting to know the vlog squad better, I actually have a little a little game, OK?


I feel like would be a little cold and in with the game. I love game. We haven't done games in a long time, actually, so I'm excited, you know.


I mean, I just feel like I only know all your friends from what I've seen through your videos and like social media.


And you're a huge fan. You know, he's the biggest fan out there and he is a stand. And then he became part of the podcast.


And I'm going to call you Stanley.


I have a it's hard to know, but I was just curious, like what you guys personally thought of your friends. I figured it'd be cool to do like a little, you know, like the superlatives in yearbooks at school.


Like, most likely it's like, yeah, OK. I feel like fans have their ideas of who would be the winner in each category, but I just feel like you guys might have a different perspective.


OK, ok. That's like, oh my God, I want to start two peas in a pod. The two that should have dated. Are you insane now.


Wow, that's OK. All right. And we have a most unlikely to succeed moment to play some games, the most unlikely to be able to play now in six months.


Most likely to get it out, OK. Imagine being blind eye popping each off each other on a test.


Oh, no, man. Imagine all of us in the same classroom.


Nothing would have gotten done. No, I want to quit. I wish we were able to do all this and still go to high school. Next video. You guys should go back to school yet, like, sit in a classroom together.


Like imagine with Jonah. Oh, my goodness. Yeah. But like, the teacher isn't just like an actor. Like the teacher's like a real teacher. We're sitting in a classroom read to follow the rules. Like it's not like a funny thing.


No, we should we should sign up for a semester of college. I'm OK.


I just I got nauseous thinking about the first category. So we're going to start out with some some some traditional ones.


The ones you might have heard some easy will start off easy. I just don't want I want you all to think for yourselves.


I don't want you all to be affected by the next person's answers, OK? I just think about it. Get your own answer and then commit. OK, so we got the hottest.


So first category is class clown Zane, obviously.


OK, I'm going. Jonah.


Oh, OK. Just because like he's so obnoxious and just like I we'll do anything back in high school, I would definitely say he because he's always fucking did that. He was really bad. You're so bad.


But it was always funny.


But today, but today just imagine me in a in a classroom is really hard to think about. You're not in a classroom.


It's just around your hero. He's like, I'm going back to South Plantation. I mean, I pick a person, class clown.


I would say, yeah, I would probably say myself, nice. Just because he wants to win something, because I know I'm not going to be in any other categories. I'm just one for the. All right.


OK, ok, I start. OK, that was that was so not easy. So let's kick it up here. Right. All right. So OK, so let's do most most athletic.


Oh, Scott. Man Scott. Scott. Yeah. You're not one of them, baby. I'm not. Hey, I know. I definitely say Scott. Scott is what does he do or does he like place he did wrestling.


Gymnastics. So what else did he just. Yeah, he's just I feel like he's good at anything that he tries. Yeah. He's gifted at sports, flashing back to me trying to ride a bike. Can't relate. All right. So moving along, we have best laugh.


Susie here is incredible.


She gets yeah I agree. She can say the stupidest thing and show life after. And it's funny. I don't know, I'm just hungry and it's just like it won't be something that's funny, but it's just like yeah it's infectious.


So I got a couple times and it is, it's just fun. It's really good. Like I might not even know what she said before, but I'm like, oh I bet it was funny because she's laughing like that.


It's kind of got like that like we used to. It was taking her breath away. And it's just like I love runner up is Aaron. Aaron has a highly contagious laugh.


It's perfectly true happiness. She might win this category because next category is best smile.


Oh, Aaron does have a really good time to see someone completely different, like not already gossip.


I know who I'm saying. Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, a very boy girl.


It would be Scott and Aaron. OK, yeah. Yeah, she's a lovely runner.


Once more I get her veneers or something else game over for you. I know my body's heating up because I wish it was me.


All right. This one's going to be a quick category.


Best bromance caught in a retro and romance. Hot and Scott love. He's been taught. And just definitely we don't have that conversation later.


And that's on that and on t oh, that's on tape here. And that's on that period purity. We're just going to say Zannini, what does that period to what's period poo. I've been saying, don't worry about it. It doesn't matter.


Oh my God. That's that's so Altec talk of you. Oh, my God.


OK, I feel like I want to get another juicier ones, OK, this good most opinionated who isn't 100 percent most unqualified to make an opinion and the most opinionated part.


OK, fine, I'll I'll take it.


I'll take the crown. I will take the crown. All right. We got worse.


Procrastinator say you already won three. But hey, look how you're making me feel better. But baby, you won three already. That's great. You doing good. Oh my God.


OK, ok. OK. We got a best shoulder to cry on. Not Zain.


I only got one right now. You guys are you fucking me. I think we're all we all might have a different answer like OK obviously Heath but I fight like duh. You probably pick Harley.


OK, yeah. I feel like I had an opinion that people are going to pick Harley. Who do you who are you going to say.


I'd say I just wanted to see if he would pick a good tie between Heath and Carly Zane or Scott.


I want more coffee. OK, good. Oh my God. I was hoping you're like, oh, OK, great. I'm not even he wasn't even like, obviously, Mariah, but we already we already.


I know we just don't have broad shoulders. It's hard to embark on it. I'm working on it.


Let's do worst singer.


Oh well they may not. They may do you David. Yeah. There really. You got him a microphone.


Roseborough They are like he's the worst thing. Yeah, that's true.


David, David, David could try to take classes for the next five years and he wouldn't get any know. The thing is though, he has fun doing it. He does.


And that's what it's all about. Right. I mean, American Idol. But you get a consolation prize. You know, David's so good at everything else. Yeah, it's not bad. And so, you know, the things that he doesn't have.


Zangas OK, so like is best singer next. Who would that be?


Next up, we have most dramatic why Zane get all these dramatic, most dramatic from these storms out.


Was his microphone down? That's a good one.


Maybe. Sorry, Todd. I would say like Todor Karinna maybe. Yeah.


Are those good? I think me and taught are pretty dramatic. We could be pretty dramatic over things I've got.


I want to say, like, Todd is so dramatic, but like he just gets very passionate.


He's a he writes poems like that's him, whether it's like good or bad, anything he's just very passionate about. Right.


That's a good word. That's a good word. Passionate, right.


Well, I was going to say because I felt like this category was kind of similar to like most opinionated but most opinionated. You gave Zane very quickly.


Like Todd was. Yeah. Once you playing what. Right. And would you like to give a little bit of input on why why you're so opinionated?


Would you like to give your opinion on it? And I'll give you my opinion on that.


I can say that we have most likely to be a motivational speaker. Oh, me for sure.


David O one hundred percent. David really. I mean, yeah. He's speaking at all these colleges already going on like that because that's OK.


Either David or Matt. Oh my God. About Matt takes it. Matt is so good with his words and he's like yeah. Matt Matt over David Hayes.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Right. I take my answer back going Matt. OK, cool.


We've got to change their mind when answering questions.


Zainy Because you give Matt any topic and he'll be able to even if he doesn't really know much about it, he'll make it sound like he knows a lot about it.


And I think that's really where your friend isn't right. Which for your friend group is enough.


You're like sound educated, most likely to become a travel blogger. Coryna Yeah. Crenna or Todd. If Todd can bring somebody, he would do it. That's true. Karinna would go by herself.


Oh, you see, I didn't know her and I would go by her cell. Yeah. Most gullible Matt.


Yeah, yeah.


Hunter percent the most educated and the most ho literally the definition gullible is M.S. pathic.


You apply only to have a king and queen. Yeah.


Yeah I when it comes to it like in the moment, stuff like just very simple things. It's easy. I'm thinking about people listening right now who don't really know our friend group. They're just like most people.


I'm curious. Comment down below. If you have no idea who these people are. I'm curious. I mean, you just talked about Natalie being naked. Very good. Like, you know, sometimes.


So I'm very curious to see if you guys want to picture Natalie next.


She's brown haired girl. She wears glasses sometime. Girl next door, girl next to my pool, five foot.


A source described her naked skirt.


Supple God, I want to know. OK, last one. I don't know who the most likely to win the vlog squad Hunger Games would be.


Think about this.


Oh, look like there's one survivor or the rest of you are going to have to die. You're going to go kill everybody in our friend group. Everybody everyone is going to have to kill off the next person, like who has that in them. Yes. OK, I'm going I'm going to be dead serious if we they put our entire weapons. Yes, you do. Oh, they put our entire friend group on this on this map. We have to think for ourselves now.


But I know that I could trust Heath like there is one winner.


One of you will. I know. But you got to think about the first Hunger Games when it was Katniss and what's his face. They end up to the end and they're like, OK, we're talking about before the seventy fourth official hunger.


We're talking about all the ones before, OK, one person was like, it's me.


Tomorrow I would probably stick together.


Now there's three people I forgot about Mariah. Gee, we can't leave Mariah hanging. It's his girlfriend.


All right, so look, look, I was doing like cartwheels.


I'd probably go to I'd probably go to the no, probably really be really bad to, like, be with somebody who is not honest.


I wouldn't know, but I know. But honestly, though, like, I feel like these guys there are people in The Hunger Games, though, that, like, you have to think about you have to think about survival. It's not just killing people. It's like you have to last longer. You have to, like, know what what berries are poisonous and what like, you know, that's true.


OK, Jeff, I'd be scared. I'd be scared about. OK, let me ask you, Zane, do you think there is any shot in hell that you would be the last one standing? No, no.


Didn't didn't know because I. Yesterday's obstacle course. Yeah, no, no. I think that you could be the last one standing.


I think I could be that one of the last ones. Mariah, do you think you could be one of the last ones standing. Yeah.


Because he's going to be on Razmi. Speaking of saying, you want to show off her battle wounds from the other day, please show them show your battle wounds from The Hunger Games. I got you guys. You know, I can't even move. I can't even move it. Oh, my gosh.


You guys seem to be getting about somebody who would probably have traps all over the fucking map. It's David. You'd probably have a trap.


He would be filming it the whole time. He'd be like, can you do that again? OK, go get Jonah to be funny. Your legs in a bear trap.


He's like, we just have to do that one more time. Jonah, I need you to walk right over there.


It's a funny thing. Funny. Be funny. Oh, they would be Jonah the whole time. Oh, sure.


Just because he knows that he could just go test it out, see, because that was good.


There are some big celebrities in that. Did any of you guys have any celebrity crushes when you were young or currently or. Huh.


Yeah. You had to when I was younger.


Yeah. I always like I always like the pink Power Ranger girl. Oh, she was somebody.


Oh, we like you like you liked her. Like when she took the helmet off. Yeah. Oh no, no, no helmet on. But not these days. Now I like the I want to see what you like power.


Who's who's like the girl.


Like the tomboy type of girl. He's like the green one. We're like Zane that's a guy.


So yeah I think now that pink is pretty. Oh she's cute. Yes I remember her. Oh my God.


Look at her. Look at her. She still looks incredible. Like normally when you said you're like, oh, she looks different. She looks like she reminds me of Missy program. And she was like one of my all time favorite. Oh yeah. She was in the gymnastics.


Stick it, stick it. Oh but hold on. Yeah. Oh it was. She was also in the show called Rieper that I really liked. Yeah. She Shania Twain that was, that was my, my main one growing up.


That was mine too.


I asked my mom if she to go girl to see if I can marry her.


I thought I was going to marry her before I found out, you know, my affliction I that little thing, a little hiccup in my it caused some turmoil between our relationship, but I think we could actually work through it.


But yeah. So it was a nice plan. And then I also had a really big crush on Britney Spears.


Honestly, the only one that I remember was and I honestly don't even remember having a male celebrity crush. It's just a tween in my mind. I wanna know who yours is, though.


There's a few I would say like Taylor Lautner.


Oh, like Twilight or or Chuck Berry and Lava Girl cheaper by the dozen.


He was in that.


And then wasn't it cheaper by the dozen. Yeah, he was what he was. He was Allison Stoner's boyfriend that she dated.


He was from the other family.


But I remember like obviously like he was really cute, but he also did like he was a break dancer and he did like karate.


And I was like, oh, weird. He kind of looks like Todd back then. He must find Todd attractive, but it does look like, oh, my God, oh my God.


They're by the way, they're bringing back Chuck Brown live lava girl. I don't really I don't know if they're using the same. They should use the same or use the same people.


But yeah, I used to like this picture. I think I had I had one up on my wall. Yeah.


I feel like a real like we're in these old movies. And it was so big. Right. I think a lot of them get embarrassed. Kanye and Mariah not even paying attention.


We're looking at pictures of Taylor Lautner. So I feel like a lot of these celebrities are embarrassed to go back. Kind of. Do you live that childhood? Yeah, that's why I feel like a lot of them don't even think it's embarrassment.


I think they I think they don't want to I think they want to go out once they establish themselves as actual actors, they're like, oh, I've been in, like the Twilight movies.


I'm above this.


Yeah, right. But like, if I was an actor, I would I would love to go back and do two girls. I was glad, like, you wouldn't want to go back and make a vine out.


That's why I'm glad. Like full house. Like Fuller House. Is it my cup of tea, the new one. But it's very cool that they have the same characters except for Mary Kate and Ashley, obviously.


But everybody else came back, John Stamos, like Judi, whatever.


That was like an iconic show. It's like, yeah, it's the same level as friends. The fact that they brought it back and they're in the same house is incredible.


Aren't they bringing back friends? Wasn't that like this?


They're doing like a reunion, but I don't think they're bringing back the show like Jennifer Aniston or Monica.


Rachel and Phoebe have been posting on Instagram together and stuff.


You know, they've talked. They all hang out. I just wonder if I was a fly on the wall in that, because I'm sure they've had multiple meetings.


I'll bring it back to show and if they would want to do it, but. You would think that these the cops would want to do it again, but like it was probably such a I mean, filming was probably such a drag like it was, but I think so.


I think a lot of casts are coming back together. Like Zoe, one on one just made a reboot like they made their, like, newest debut on like the new all that. They all came back, all grown up. But I think people are seeing that it's trending right now for like old shows. So like, where are they now? So everyone's like, oh, I got to hop on this. I got to hop on this also, too.


As an actor, though, I would be scared considering how many reboots there have been made already.


That just ruins Hank.


Hank awful like I that's what I would be scared of as an actor. Like, I wouldn't care about being like, oh, like I'm an established actor because I'd be like, whatever, get that money. But yeah, I mean I feel like for sure, like I just feel like there aren't that many shows that can bring them back, like the regular cast. They would have to be like their dad or like their mom or something like that.


And that's just weird. Like the same. No, I mean it's like that's so raven like now Ravens' like a mom or something like that.


Yes. And it's just weird.


And sometimes it's like, why is it that we enjoy these shows so much back then but now they're just not sitting right with us anymore.


They're not the same. They're not the same. I don't think the jokes are different.


The humor is like cheesy. And it's like like I feel like shows. Back then they were a little more lenient with the jokes. Now they have to like, think about like, OK, is this a sensitive topic?


Yeah, yeah.


And I think that's so Raven was at its time like they covered a lot of topics that like nobody else had covered. It was like a pioneer in a sense. So it's hard to be like a pioneer in a different decade. Like it's almost like you. It's like striking fire twice.


I think because I was such an iconic show, they just covered so many different things that no other show it ever touched on.


And I feel like it's the camera equipment to when it comes to these shows and movies and stuff, just look too good.


Looks way too fake or too real. Well, it's not clear, but I'm staying here too. Looks like it doesn't look natural. Yeah. Is what I'm saying. Like back like way back then like it looked like, I felt like I was a part of the show. Now I'm like it looks like I guess and it's just picture perfect.


Exactly. When it becomes so clear you really start to like notice stuff and it just like takes you out of that moment.




Like I remember when I was watching Rock of Ages, I saw Russell Brand. He had like a tattoo covered up and you could see the makeup over top of the tattoo.


And I was just like, I don't know, like it just like you just like you see stuff that you normally would just be blurry because the camera's not good enough.


Or maybe that's what it is, too. Is that just like as we get older, we realize things that were not we were talking about this. I feel like the other day that kids are just more likely to just blindly accept things as reality. Right. And I feel like maybe as we get older, we're just more we're just more cynical and we like nitpicked things more.


And I think and I think the younger generation is actually is catching up with how we look at things today. Yes. Can possibly can possibly made a reboot like live action. And I feel like back then, if we were kids, we would've been like, oh, shit, cool. But everybody was making fun of the new Kim possible. Really. It looked, it looked really it looks really bad.


It was like it was like a live action. Yeah, maybe it was. Was it a movie or a show where they had like the actual like it was like real life.


I'm sure he's going to find out now every click on Tick Tock on Twitter, everybody. And you could see the kids.


Yeah. It just they just like roasted it.


But it's like it's hard to bring back these shows. I mean, we like to played it was live action, the live action. Everything goes downhill when it's live action. Like even like I'm a huge villain. Oh yeah. I mean, Moulin was pretty good actually.


Oh. Did you see the trailer, the trailer look good. Yeah. I think a lot of people like making fun of it because they're taking their way through. Yeah.


They're taking away like really core elements that made it so iconic in the edited version. Like there's no moo shu and then there's no singing. It's because they couldn't wait to make movies.


You would probably cost another million dollars to create family for that.


I almost feel like they're not thinking it through. They're just throwing it out there because they're like, it'll do well. People want to see what they're up to now. I think so, too. Like they're just like this is the cool thing to do.


I think they do things like iconic and have this thing to look back on them, to be like, all right, let's do it. Let's bring it back and spend more time with people.


Remember, like the reboot, they're like, oh, you know what would be an incredible reboot just because I know the people behind the scenes would kill it is the office.


Oh, my God. It would do absolutely incredible.


They all do the same show. It would be.


I know. Like the jokes and stuff like that, but like the way it's so iconic, the way it shot, like breaking that fourth wall is so like that was the first show to ever do that. But and the fact that like John Krasinski, like he has reunions with all the characters, the zoom right now, and they're all still like connected. They all still have chemistry like like Pam and Jim, like still hang out and talk. And it seems like it's cool to see.


I mean, I think there are cars that have chemistry, but I feel like what would keep it from being like like another one of those shows that just kind of like loses its charm, iconic status.


Yeah. You know what I mean. Like, yes. Like at its time it was groundbreaking and it did this crazy thing. But then it's like however many seasons they are, it's like how do they keep it?


How do they keep that level of.


Yeah, yeah, like we went we started The Matrix the other night just to, like, watch that and like watching that iconic scene of like though the slow mo and like the camera panning, it was just like this started it.


But then you're like, looking back, you're like I was like, yeah, it's like that was groundbreaking then, but now everything has just been so it still gives me goose bumps when I see Matrix because I know Matrix was the first right to start that slowmo.


Like, you know, honestly, I it's the first time I saw it was was the other day when we watched it. I'd never seen it before. And so. Yeah, yeah.


So to me honestly, I was into it. I was like, oh my God. Like, Oh cool. Because I just know all the things that have come after it. Almost like when you watched Clueless, you're like, oh wow. So many movies that came after it were referencing this. This started. It was the same my mind actually. Yeah.


I couldn't believe how many movies like Mean Girls and all these movies took jokes and took situations and took the vibe straight off clueless to the color palette.


They started in the character.


Yeah it's like everything. And then and then the same thing with Matrix and Terminator like all those iconic staple movies.


But at some point and I don't know, I guess it's up for debate, like how many movies you can get out of it while still being that cool.


But like there was a time when the Terminator movies stopped being great.


That's like everything though. Yeah. Maybe you got to quit while you're ahead. Yeah. Yeah. No wonder you're a great role model. Guys quit while you're quit while you're alive.


So the same is what happened with you. Is that why you stopped posting. Yeah, he quit while was.


There are a couple of questions we want to answer on this podcast, because we've been seeing a lot of you guys just ask the same questions.


So we should answer some of these questions. Right now.


I'm asking the first one like you just did. Zane, go ahead. Where the fuck have you been?


Not only have I lost like, the love and the motivation for, like, to post on my own channel, it's I just can't come up with any ideas anymore. Like, as you can see, every video that I post, I put more like time.


And like, it has to be revolved around one idea, the whole video.


And you put a lot of pressure on yourself now. Yeah. And so now like not that I don't have any concrete ideas, I don't want to have to put out a blog. I just turn on my camera and just pointed at my friends and we talk about literally nothing and then just upload it.


I just I can't do it anymore. Every time I look at it or I like post something like that, I don't feel proud of it anymore.


So it's just I know I see a lot of people saying, like, well, we just want to see stuff like coffee talk, like just film talking, but like that's basically what this is. Yeah, right.


This is our coffee talk, but in a longer format brought to life through our podcast. Yeah.


And there's times where like I'll like I'll sit there like, you know what I'm going to post this week and I, I head up, I'm like, hey, let's do coffee talk from our channel. And then I think about it. I was like, wait, this is like a really good thing you talk about on the podcast.


I'm not going to put it for my channel. I'm just going to say for the podcast. So there's a lot of things that like we could do and we could talk about for my channel. But I really just say for this podcast, because this podcast has become like more important to me than my channel, which is like crazy to think about because, like, I've worked on that channel for so long and this podcast just started. But I just want this podcast to become something that's it is already much bigger than my channel.


But like, I want it to become just I want to take over my channel. And I'm not it's not I'm not saying I'm not posting ever again on my channel.


I just it's going to take me time to find the rhythm and find the inspiration and find the inspiration to.


It's also really tough right now during quarantine. Like there's a lot of stuff that, you know, yeah, there's something going on.


Right. Like when memorizing the fucking the dodgeball tournament thing for David show, the whole time I was like, this is like this is the most we've done in like a month.


But this is exciting and that's why we get exciting. Like it was a rush.


Yeah, but like these times have been really rough for like content. And so and that's why and that's why I haven't been posting.


Another question that we keep seeing is when is our coffee coming up? It is in production right now.


They're actually being made and packaged and everything and everything and everything. And we are going to be getting them soon, which we could take pictures of and get it up and running so you guys can purchase them. Yeah, we do want to apologize. I know a lot of things can be rushed and we could have our name slapped on something and a company could put it out and rush it. And we could have been done with this months and months and months ago.


But this is something Zane and I have been really passionate about, have had our hands. You're very involved. Yeah.


Like we are in every single decision making process from the very beginning with the way the bags look, the logo, everything. What blend we're using. Yeah. And like this could have only taken us two weeks to do.


But why, why?


Just like again, just fine beans are already made and slap her name on the back and then it's not Mirch, it's not we're not like releasing something that like this is like this is our coffee. This is like we want this to be the best coffee, the best quality coffee that we can ever bring to you guys. So, yeah, we're sorry it is taking so long.


Trust me, we want to get it out to you guys and just we're really, really excited. And it's something that we've worked so hard on and. Not half assed. Yeah, it looks so good like it looks so legit and the reason why it looks ologies because we spent months on it like finding the right people, we've had to go to like four different people to design these bags. And it's like we just want it. We want to look for it to look perfect and it looks perfect.


This ain't no half assed middle of the mall shit has. Guys, this is a full blown coffee company. And in the end of the day, it's not even the logos and what it looks like. It's the taste of the coffee and the just the coffee is incredible. And it's we wanted to match the logo with the taste of the coffee, which we get.


And it's like you guys will not be disappointed. It's so good.


And and our blends are one of one that nobody else has the coffee that we have, which is really, really cool. Mass. Oh, roast the master.


All right, baby, we made the coffee beans, right?


We grew it in our backyard, baby. It's coming straight from our back. Right. I know. It's just going to say, just from what you guys have told me, like, I would expect nothing less from you guys. I mean, just because we've we come from coffee, like coffee is so, like embedded in who you guys are.


I just feel like it all makes sense. Like I wouldn't I would be honest with you if I was just like guys like this is something stupid to worry about, like speed it up. But I genuinely think all your concerns are very valid.


And I hear you're going to be very, very good. Thank you, Kenny. Kenny has seen everything. So he is speaking from a place of knowledge. Yeah, no, we've been like Keith and I are the pickiest motherfuckers on this planet. And that's why that's why it's been taking so long. But but it's worth it, baby. Yeah.


Do you have any other questions? I feel like you have one more question you wanted to answer.


Oh, we got something to inform you guys on. We actually just bought all the gaming equipment.


We said, oh, no, buying everything. So we we got it come in and we are setting it up and it's going to be a really cool satellite.


Yeah. And it's first year happening because we bought everything, we bought all we furniture box five.


So it is going to be coming, we're going to have that set up pretty soon and I think we're shooting for September 1st.


I won't even see September because there's not even some things aren't even coming until September 1st. Oh, right, right, right, right. Any other questions you want to clear up? Um, yeah, I get a podcast.


We're at a press conference. Those are the few questions that I feel like people needed answers for because I saw a lot of those comments. But but if you guys do have any questions. Yeah, email is down.


Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We should we should have a phone call in.


Remember, the old game shows where they do donations and are like twenty people sitting with phones mean we have a certain number florins.


I think, I think that shows that I've seen it's like actually recorded calls or so like people would call in questions and yeah, we would play it throughout the broadcast. That would be fun. Yeah. We want to involve you guys more in these like episodes. I feel like it'd be a lot of fun. Yeah.


Guys, so if you have any questions, make sure to send them to Kenny at our email. Zanin, he, he reads all of the third at Gmail dot com and he reads it to us before we go to bed every time like a bedtime story.


But that's it for this episode. Thank you guys, as always, so much for listening and watching. We post the audio every Monday and then the video comes out on Tuesday on YouTube, dotcom slash Zane and he guys make sure to buy the merch.


We have the pink and black, the funny, the juice Hudis available. Only the blue is out of out-of-stock.


What is it called? Out of sight. Out of sight. Out of mind. Out of sight. Out of mind. And we are not restocking those blue. I don't think so. We're going to have the pink and black for you guys. Get it while it's hot. Get it while you can be. Yeah.


And we're going in guys like we're going to be releasing new merch and like the next month or something. And they're going to be like really gets off like we have like really cool ideas in mind. So we can't wait to put that out there. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much for listening and tuning in and we will see you next time. Bye bye.


Bye bye.


Oh, wow, that's I thought was an alarm outside. It's alarming. It's going to be a baby.