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He's addicted to that Listerine stuff, my Listerine. You'll do it like before diving and you're not you're not talking to anybody for the rest and even a good oral hygiene is a bad thing. I know it's not a bad thing like I get if you do, mouthwashes actually cleans you, but that doesn't do anything but give you good breath.


OK, well, Britney, like she she sprays this as like candy like every time. And she's like, OK, can I have some.


And I think she's going to do what I do, which is just like a fixie. She goes, Hmm.


And then she'll hand it back. I will say the night that we puked all over the place. Oh, this helps. You gave me a Sprite and I woke up in the morning and I was like, that was hot, right.


It's probably running low, but you can pass it around through the rest of the class to try to. You literally took the last. No, no, no.


Keep doing it. Keep doing it. Actually doing actually got a one on one. Yeah. Oh I feel like I'm standing on the mountaintop. I'm good. You know, I'll put some of my. Wow. I'm coming out. That's nice. I genuinely probably took the last breath. I'm in. I'm completely, I'm literally a junkie. That's just like I just need, I just need one more and then we want to get high.


You're ready now. Yeah. Yeah. All right, let's go. It's coffee talk, baby. Oh, wow. Old Skrillex.


Who what's going on, guys? Welcome back, Zane and Heath unfiltered. I'm saying I'm Kenny. I'm your other hostess. I'm Kenny. I called being Kenny. You don't want to be Kenny right now.


Oh, let's just jump right into it. We've been having a did we not already jump right into it? Well, not now. The I don't know. We are starting the. I'm calling you out. Are we going to do that.


Right. OK, ok. All right. Look, look, look.


You were saying look, look, look, we just out the pockets. I have nothing to say to that. That's OK.


I think we're good. I think. Thanks for listening and we'll see you next week. I imagine a two minute podcast. Wouldn't that be great?


All right. Let's all over again this hour, OK? Yeah, we just happen.


And it has been a long week, baby. We are a little bit rusty. Yeah, as always. But that's OK.


How's everybody feeling? Really brincat. I don't know. I've had a lot of energy lately, so I don't know what it is. Yeah, I think it's the no alcohol, no bad food.


I'm just like I think it's eating better for you. Yeah.


And I know where you coming from to because I've lost like I've lost both of those so I'm feeling good about myself too. Yeah.


I just feel better about like everything around me in the world. Are we going, is this a gloop.


So I think we're having one. I'm feeling really good. I do get where you're coming from. Yeah. It's so weird. Like who thought eating better would make you feel better. Yeah. Who'd have thunk. Huh.


So weird doesn't make any sense. As I said, my alcohol. So how's your bet going. Because I know you're on this bet right now. You're still on it.


I thought you said bad and I was like oh my bad bet bet bet. Oh oh. You got to say right. Right. Yeah I bet it's going pretty well.


I haven't cheated at all. Thank God I don't like cheaters for me. Thank you. Very good.


I just, I just don't even think about it anymore. Like cheese and dairy was so easy to give up, you know what I mean. It's not like.


Yeah, that's really easy to say. Garagos I've literally never, never said that in my life.


Now you're doing good. You're doing really good.


Thank you both. You are. But the alcohol, sometimes I'll have like a little craving. I'm like, oh, I wish I could just I want to kick back and have a beer. Yeah. Something. Oh, everybody everybody in the Commons are saying they definitely broke his broke his nose. Yeah. I didn't even last a day. It didn't even last I was drinking that partying. I'm pretty sure I had another drink after the party so it broke, I broke immediately but and that's on commitment issues.


But that's on staying on break. But I only I've only been drinking before this podcast. I haven't been drinking like any other day. I feel like. Yeah, other than not the day it's been going pretty well. I just got back from Mammoth. Oh.


How is what's mammoth for people that have no idea what you're talking about. Mammoth is a town in Northern California. It's a bunch of mountains. Ten thousand foot elevation somewhere around there, give or take. Vary your vibe. Uh huh, I camped.


Which was not surprising, which was the first in a very long time, like real campaign camp. Oh, you fucking groundbreakers.


I'm so used to camping in my living room. Must have been intense, Clampitt. Good job.


He's big Acento. It is clamping.


I feel like you have a little it's like a 12 person apartment. Two bedroom living room. Yeah.


I found out there's a doormat that flips out. Oh, really. Well, welcome. How did we miss that? I think it was just like folded under but like it unraveled and I was like, has led lights.


It has a place for like your iPad or laptop, your bottom lines these days. I really I think it's tick tock. You've seen you've seen that Manch intense that they sell, right? Yeah. I'm like those sites. It's insane.


It was like we saw it. It was like the mansion box.


Yeah. It's like chandeliers and shit. Or is that another side. It's like I think that's a stretch. So I feel like I saw like just a very Glaspie huge mansion. Yeah. Yeah.


So basically I roughed it out there in the wilderness to be callouses. I think they came off in the hot tub literally.


The second I got out of the truck, we pulled up at the campsite, I walked out, there was a fire pit like logs and stuff. And I was like, this is it?


Like I was pumped. I'm King of the Hill. I literally did that.


I walked over. There was this log I stepped up on and I was just like King of the Mountain felt so good.


The second I stepped up onto the log, it flipped like it just slipped out from under my feet. I fell, scraped up bloody all over my leg and I fell to the ground and I was just like, this is not for weight.


Is that what you were asking? Was infected earlier? Yeah. That big gash on my leg. Yeah. Which it isn't.


Which is clearly infected. Absolutely. In fact it looks angry, but yeah, I was great. Kamps went fishing skeet shooting down.


When you're out camping like that, especially high elevations I feel like, I feel like everything tastes better to the air is oh we literally cooked like chicken and asparagus on my little burner thing. Yeah. I get just like and then breakfast in the morning. You can't beat it. Yeah. It's because nothing else is out there and I think that's why you have there's no option.


So what you have is what you get and it just takes ten times better. But I will admit I was terrified going to bed last night.


Yeah, well you were like in the middle of nowhere.


So people were like shooting guns and like we just heard like guns in the middle of the night. I don't know why that would make you, like, more secure.


Like authors, like good people with guns around me.


I can shoot people popping off rounds at midnight. I feel like drunk people.


Like that's what I think about if they're in the middle of nowhere and you can get away with that.


I guess he jumped up, up, up like the middle of the night, because usually if they're shooting out there, it's skeet shooting. Right?


They're shooting at like because there's like shooting is like when you shoot ranges that were like set up for to like, go do that there, which is pretty cool. Wow. Mariah and I had a much more tame time back here.


It was it more tame? I mean, it was not Bettina's I saw the Instagram stories. It looked like it was it was kind of lit to and it's held on until we did it.


I, I don't want to brag. I know.


You know, we had a night in and we watched.


Raises your voice with Hilary Duff. So good while you guys are connecting over there, huh. We I don't know why, but we kept referencing this movie somehow.


It kept coming up like both of us. We were.


I don't I don't even know what the movie is. It is like both think it's a movie about this girl, her brother passes away and she ends up going to this music school and she has like PTSD from how he died and all this stuff.


And and she is that it big fans over here and it has no idea.


No alterations. Maria, we're not selling this properly. Really?


It's a movie with Hilary Duff. Does that. I think that sells it enough. Yeah. Neither one of them know.


We just heard about that whole five minutes of them explaining. It's a it's a movie about Hilary Duff and she's a singer.


Great. OK, life imitates are OK. So are movies ever. Yeah.


It's just a movie that is very near and dear to my heart. So yeah, it's a classic. Have you seen it.


And you're this is why we don't talk there like you guys tell your stories and we're like, trust us, we're good.


And then we tell us it's the fact that it's just an iconic movie in our childhood and that we kept referencing it double time. So the movie doesn't even matter. The movie doesn't matter.


It was good. What is going on here that was sooner than it seems like.


Find around anyway.


What is Hilary Duff up to these days? I haven't seen her. She's the only child star.


I'm sure there's more, but she's the only child star that didn't fall off the deep end.


She literally she just has kids and she's a mom and she living a normal life, never had a scandal like.


Yes, yes, yes. OK, I respect very good. I love holes. All right. Enough about Hilary Duff. There's no know. There will never be enough time to talk about Hilary Duff. Do you remember when she ended homophobia, more commercial?


There was a commercial. It was a commercial that was airing.


I don't I feel like it was on MTV or something where she's like shopping.


I like I know what you're talking about. She's shopping in a store and like, what was it? It's it was a moment in history.


It's saying that sarcastically. You know, it was this is a very iconic commercial where know a bold commercial for its time.


And we'll explain and give us a OK, so Hilary Duff, you don't see her.


OK, so there's two girls and they're shopping a real hold on before you. So I'm sorry to cut you off, but are we can we watch it? Is this something where a lot of wallet or. You know. Yeah, let's watch it. OK, yeah. OK.


Do you like the stuff. So ok. Really. Yeah. It's like you know you really shouldn't say that. Say what. Let's say that something is gay when you mean it's bad, it's insulting. What if every time something was bad everybody said so. Girl wearing a skirt as a top of you because they're cute jeans. Then when you say that's so gay do you realize what you say. Knock it off. Knock knock it off.


Ends with a compliment. Right. That was the old form of hate. Oh my God. Hold on.


The fact that she put her wearing a skirt as a top as equal to calling something gay like, well, how would you feel if somebody said that's so girl wearing a skirt as a top? It's like that. Not even I understand what she was trying to do.


She was trying to single her out and make her feel like. Right. She's bad for just like what she's wearing, who she is.


But it was a very bad comparison. But, you know, it was like it was like going in the right direction. Right.


Because at that time, that was a popular slang word. Right. Like, that's so gay. It's like it was completely under.


Yeah, yeah. We completely understand. No, I'm sure the people the people that people that are like, well obviously. Well yeah. But back then like it was OK to say now.


Yeah that's true. Isn't it odd that like that completely died out. I completely thought that I was going to live the rest of my life with gay being.


And so I was like, yeah, I feel like I haven't even heard the word gay in a long time, just even in like a sentence to.


Yeah, true, because I hear I hear more the term LGBT than the word like more income or a more inclusive.


Yeah, right. We are evolving my God as a society.


But again, that's an old video so that we can't give a hard time with the skirt, with the top but not so it does, it does sound like something that a whatever.


So while it's really a girl with a skirt as a top, start saying it and see if people I would almost rather you use gay again, I'm like, please don't say that.


They should bring that commercial back though. Just I was like, yeah, that's nice. No, I love that commercial. It was it was a moment in history.


Ended homophobia, singlehandedly ended homophobia. She did. I love when people comment that shit over video. I saw this chick talk today that really fascinated me. Were you on my account?


OK, we get it or you say just pop it. No, no. He's like, oh.


Oh. So that's how much I don't know, so it was this girl, I don't remember exactly how it was set up, but it was a way that you can use the word and five times in a row and have it be like grammatically correct, if that makes sense.


It doesn't like, you know, like in a row or like five times in a sentence.


So like, well, it's going to be in a sentence, but in a row like and and and and no word in between any of those. No.


That's not even you know, that doesn't make sense. I don't think in any situation that wouldn't even like blew my mind. I like the color blue and and and and and they think like we went to the no, we went to the park and the mall and.


No, no, no, there's nothing intuitively and and no. So I don't remember exactly what the setup was, but it was something like there was a store or a restaurant, something called this and that. So the way she said it was, I hope I'm getting this correct, but it was along these lines, so it was like there's a sign that says this and that. So in the sign, this is not the the space between this and and and and and that is not the same.


What so that says and five times in a row you. Yeah. But it makes sense that.


Yeah but there's not too and it's just there's one and in the middle. Right.


You're referring to the space. And and. And That's right. No but yes. No, no.


So there's OK so imagine there's three words right. This and that.


The space between this is not the same as the space between. Yeah. Correct.


Right. So imagine like the word this and that. So the space between this and and and and and and again.


Oh that's so stupid. So you're saying if you think about it this way, pointing my fingers help me out. So if it was this bubba use your brain. So let's replace end with blue.


So the space between this and blue and blue and that. Are not OK. The thing is, is that and isn't always used as a connector, there are some points in this sentence where and is used as the subject. So it's also it's a connector and it's a subject.


I did it. I'm an English teacher. Wow. Very good. You get it.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Because like I because separating the two. Yeah. It's like this and and now you do this one and and and that.


Yes. Yes that's right.


So I got this and and and and and that. Yeah. Hey look, unfold your family.


I hope you stick with us after this conversation. We, we, we know that it's this our high episode because I feel like this is very polarizing to a lot of people using and five times in a row, she's still thinking about it.


She's writing it out in her head. It's very. And that so it's right.


And it's five times.


I want I want to I want to continue your your topic about like how like how weird is when you take words and like it makes sense.


I don't even know if I mean it's exactly like this. What's that called. But let's all take a breath.


This one was actually very interesting to me and it'll take me about ten seconds to find this one second. It's a word that's weird. Race car spelled backwards is race car.


That's a palindrome. So it's taco cat. That's a palindrome, mom. Wow. Just to name a few, but. Yeah, but race car is more fun. It's longer.


There's a sentence to I went to an AP to put the other day, you know.


That is the restaurant Peter. Yeah. No they're tip jars said something like Peter spelled backwards or something like that.


Like that's what it wrote on the tit's hip but. Oh nice tip.


A tip. A tip. Is that what it is. Tip a tip. Tip tip a tip. Pita pit. Yeah it's tip a tip. I've been trying to write it backwards in my head and like thinking about it. Tip a tip.


OK, the big brown fox jumps jumped over the lazy dog uses every letter of the alphabet. Oh my God.


Look at that. Look at all of these that are apparently palindromes and like sentences.


What's. Some some of these don't make sense. Hold on, hold on, hold on. There was one that I used to say all the time, never OD nor even know. Not that one murder for a jar of red rum is the same backwards and forwards.


Madam in Eden, I'm Adam.


There's a very sassy statement there.


And there are some really good ones though. Zain, are you still trying to find a word? No, no, no. This is it's a tick tock.


While Zane's looking for his tick tock Bubba Japanese mouth that we we learned the other day.


Yeah, I do it every morning just to make sure. Yeah, I did it this morning. As soon as I walked in the kitchen I was like, give me a piece of paper, make sure I still got it.


We just got to make things creative. And then and then it's fun. So I don't know if you guys have seen this who are listening, but there's a new way to do math that I guess is a Japanese way of doing it.


On tick tock, it said the Japanese way. And then when I put it on my Instagram story, people were saying, this is how kids learn it in like some American schools now, really.


So I think like it's just like once they discover it, they're like, OK, let's learn this way.


But the new way of math is called new math isn't new. Math might be. Yeah, something like that. But I wonder if this is a part of it. I don't know.


But it's really fun. Like this is what I should have learned in school. I would have picked it up so much faster.


So if you're listening right now, apparently if you take two numbers and you would God, it's hard to explain, but you do like a diagonal line for each number.


So if it was like 42, you do four lines, then two lines, then you would do what?


It's times going across the other way and then you put it into sections and then you you got that when you count how many times that the lines intersect and then it makes the I don't know, the whole time you guys are doing that, I was thinking in my head, you know, when you do a math test and you answer, if you don't know the answer, you just you have to show your work, have to show your work.


I just imagine someone showing the work blood and just the teacher going, what the hell is like?


My mom sent me some of my oh, my God.


Saying, These are so funny.


My mom keeps a box of our old school work and half of my papers, it would be show your work. And I would just make something up because I would know the answer but wouldn't know how to show my work.


So I'm guessing like maybe like second, third, fourth grade. But there's a bunch of my papers where I knew the answer. I would get the answer, but showing my work, like when it give me the point.


So it was like all my papers at the bottom would say zero to twenty see me every she is getting every paper was see me, Maria see me. So I would have to go see the teacher after class. See me.


She said yeah. No, no, I knew the answer, you know she was like this. You're right. I don't know.


I genuinely remember like just just like figuring it out and then like they were obviously like simple. But they wanted you to show how you got your answer.


No. And I'm just like I believe just like you just do it, like, what are you talking about?


I just didn't know that was all of us to know, because I think in school there was there was a certain grade that you went up to that you didn't have to show work like you were taught the way to do it and just kind of almost took your word for it like that. You would get the right answer. They just wanted you to be getting the right answer because they're like, oh, he's learning. Right? But then after a certain grade, they require you to show work, to get any points.


And that's what you get zeros on everything because they want you to understand where you got it from them. Like, yeah, I just couldn't stand that. But there's one more where there is a spelling sheet and my teacher put fifteen out of fifteen, I got one hundred percent. I went in and realized I got one wrong, corrected myself and put fourteen out of 15.


And then the teacher was like, Thanks for being on us this morning. What did she take the point away. I got fourteen.


It's oh she made sure of it like my. Yeah. If I would have let that slide in like honest honesty is the best policy.


You start, you get the extra point for the bottom spelling money wrong for the rest of my life. So and I it's all right. What were the other. Because I know you had other ones were fucking hilarious really. What was the story?


Zain would relate to this because this is how my brain works.


So we're we're both we're both stupid.


Know it's not stupidity. It's just like like what do you mean? Like that's why this is this way. Yeah. OK, OK, so I have a test where it has six questions. The first five questions are math problems.


And the last one, remember, you had to do the math problem and then the last one was like, explain this.


Explain your answer. Yes, right. Not explain your answer.


But this says explain why you might need to add zeros to the end of a decimal in order to subtract.


OK, so me so that you can't be confused.


And also it will line up correctly instead of just numbers everywhere.


Like true. Like I was just very literal. I wasn't like it's like dumb smart. It's like I'm trying to like clean it up for you, but like, you know, in a good way. But honestly, where is the line. Where's the lie. Right. But like, it made sense.


All right. Yeah, it's. That there no, there can't be just numbers everywhere like that was that was a little bit of the first sentence.


I really like to not get confused so that you can't be confused and move on. Like, that's that's how I worked. Like, I was confused, like the whole explaining. I'm like, this is just how math is.


You just don't want to be confused. I'm trying to not confuse you was confusion.


That was when my siblings and I would fight. We would write like notes to each other and like slide them under each other's doors, like apologizing and like there was no face your problem, but only happened in movies.


I didn't think actually fucking like this with the novel. Take that this one to my sister.


Dear Francis, I'm sorry I was mean to you. Do you forgive me?


It's just hard to deal with you love Mariah. OK, well I found the to talk finally what I was talking about.


So there is, there is this one sentence where it's a whole sentence if be changed.


If you emphasize a different word of the like in the sentence, it's a completely different meaning. OK, so the sentence is I didn't say we should kill him. So if I didn't say we should kill him like that. Yeah.


So if you emphasize each of those words, it's a completely different meaning. I didn't say we should kill him, OK?


I didn't say we should kill him, OK? I didn't say we should kill him.


I didn't say we should kill him. I didn't say we should kill him. I didn't say we should kill him. I didn't say we should kill him as a complete. Everything, each word for every sentence. I don't think so. This kid on, I was saying that this is the only sentence you can, like, do that. And that's all that's really going to be like.


Turn the camera on, turn the camera on the. Yes.


I told him I get to talk to Bunkie's are like Zain and and the cam the frenzy of the one with the short sentence that if you change where the commas located, it completely changes the meaning.


Yes. Yeah. Right. Instead of let's eat grandma.


Let's eat grandma. Yeah. Yeah. Let's eat grandma. Well, I mean, I just hope they don't.


I just hope they don't delete talk that be that because where are we going to get all this fun fact knowledge.


Exactly true.


And you think it's going to be shut down. All right. So here's the here's the whole situation. Obviously, we have a fact checker here, so maybe you could do a little fact checking when it comes to what I'm about to say right now. Whoever wants to buy tick tock has a certain deadline, I think. No, it was like tit for tat. Yeah, it was.


It's like 45 days. It was 45 days from when it was announced. And the final date is September 15th is when they need to it needs to be bought.


Exactly. So Microsoft is trying to buy it. Yeah. Microsoft is trying to buy the I think the U.S. portion of tech talk. Right. Is that like the whole they have to buy like the U.S. like part of tech talk.


I just want to be owned by a U.S. company, not just a section of the operator, because no one listens or that doesn't make sense.


OK, I mean, I don't know. They don't want to. I don't know.


Yeah, we to change it for every other country. Yeah. I mean, the thing is, is people have already found ways around be like their, their whatever it is, VPN or whatever address. People are already finding ways around it to convince people that they're not in the U.S. so they can still experience tech talk like it's insane watching the people go to these lengths to just view content.


And it can definitely happen because they banned it in India. And yeah, I know I was told that a lot of creators, a lot of people making money on tick talk, they lost their jobs because the entire app was just banned from that country and that's it.


And they still don't have it today. And it's like that's thing that's so fucking sad to just take away that many like careers from the people out there, especially out there. Like, you know, it's probably really hard. It's hard to get jobs anywhere right now. But like, I just feel like India, like like that was just such a good source of, like, just jobs in general when it comes to content concentrating.


But it could definitely happen here.


It's funny you say that whenever tech stock made an actual statement about it, the first time that this was coming out, the I it was one of the head honchos at Tech Talk said she leaned into that fact that ticktock creates so many jobs in like around the world. She's like, we will continue to promote, like, you know, creation and individuality and like we promote the, you know, the creating of jobs, like all that stuff she had on all those points.


And she was addressing it.


But she never in the video, she didn't say it was going to actually be banned or not. It was just kind of like it was kind of just like a positive video like, hey, we got to stay positive or.


Yeah, what's so crazy to think about, though, is like, remember, there was Vine, there was Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, like the main apps. Yeah. I just remember like having talks about like gosh like do you think there's ever going to be another app that'll come out and they're like, no, I mean everything is already done.


There's all else. We all had this conversation like right. Years ago we all had this conversation, like there's nothing else that could possibly be done that could be different.


Like you got Twitter to write, you got Instagram for pictures, you got YouTube for videos. Like what else? The thing about to talk about I feel like it makes it a little stressful is that you can do anything on that.


Right. Like the whole green screen effect. There's so many different filters that you can use. I feel like after tech talk came out, now I can see how other apps and come out because you could just come up with a better tech talk, better green screen, better, because you know how the green screen is not the best. Like when you upload it, it's like really shitty quality. Still, it's all the algorithm.


Like think about it like Vine had the the popular now page, but everybody that had the app had the same popular now page. Exactly.


Oh that's tick is like I can go on, you can go on all of us and none of the videos will be the same. Yeah. We all, we all have a different experience. So what we like and I think it does a really good job in showing us so we love it definitely caters.


It's interesting is that as marketing analytics become more easily accessible and as technology progresses, I feel like it's inevitable that another app is just going to surpass tech talk like even you.


I'm saying I'm not worried like it's okay. I mean, something new. Yeah. And you said the other day, even to having this past experience with Vion, you're like, I just don't see how tick tock can be topped. But inevitably as people's expectations grow, like as people learn more about their audience, as people learn ways to prolong technology, it's like and that's by stealing and mining or goddamn baby, that's how they do it.


Marketing is like disgusting when you think about it. Yeah. I think we at the same time we do appreciate it when it's something that we we want to buy and it pops up on a screen and we click and we're. Oh we're.


It is. Very convenient, and that's what's scary, but like we're letting it control, we train, we have a buddy who works like a marketing company, they take your phone and they can see where you're driving every single day, what age you are.


So they can see how old the drivers are, what gender they are. Yeah. And know what to put in a billboard to market to that specific person you're looking for on an average like.


Yeah, that's so insane like that, because at the end of the day there are some ways of thinking about it where it's like, oh, it's just like numbers, it's just like data or whatever. But when it's so specific to you, you're like, I don't necessarily want somebody knowing that I'm a six foot one tall 26 year old male, you know what I mean? It's weird. It's all just numbers. But we take it so like we get really scared about it.


Well, what was the what was the ad like? I think what have you brought it up? There was an ad you got and asked, how do you feel about this ad? And then it showed like too personal to too accurate, too accurate.


Already seen this ad like it was all stuff that was like, why would you ask me these questions if you already all things that you would be like make you feel uncomfortable. Yeah.


Already it was already bought. It already saw the ad. Too personal. Too accurate. Yeah. It was like really weird because it clearly is. It's almost like a joke. It's almost like they're fucking with us. Yeah. Oh you like these ads. Was it too accurate. Yeah. Like it's like, it's kind of like they're, they're like they're having fun with it just like. Well I feel like at this point it's just another bit of data to them.


Like they just they're now like, OK, people are aware that we're like taking their information, but like how aware are they?


Like, they're they're literally getting analytics about how many people are aware that analytics are being taken of them.


It's weird. Yeah.


Like you're gauging how self-aware someone is that their personal information is being capitalized on.


But it's like we it's it's a matter of giving up everything just for convenience. Yeah. Just because it makes something a little bit easier. Yeah.


And in the end of the day. Oh, I don't care. Like I'm like yeah. Every time I talk about something that pops up on my phones and I'm like, holy shit.


But like I don't you're like you talk about your like hey habits. Yes but but then I kind of want my phone to do that, like I want it to be listening to me. Like if it, if it, if an ad pops up of something I've been thinking to get and it pops up, I'm like, oh, it's paying attention to what I want.


Thinking about getting that's another night.


When we think of saying what you want, I swear people are like I was thinking in it popped. I'm like I you gotta set it.


You gotta know, you never know. Or maybe it's it's transmitting some signals out of the phone to your brain and that's what's making you think you want it. OK, flutter through doo doo doo doo.


OK, ok. Know what they're like. Like think about that. What if it's like playing some sort of sound wave that can make or not sound. I mean I completely get it. There's so much shit that we've experienced. We're like, it's like, we're like in your head. It's like it sends you Diet Coke. You know him. I was so random.


I want a Diet Coke and then like, you open your phone and it already knows you're thinking about Diet Coke or if, you know, like you're on a diet like me, I'm like, OK, a problem.


And he knows I'm on a diet. Right. It's all a matter of perspective.


At the end of the day, it depends on how you feel about people knowing shit about you.


Did anybody have a pager? Yeah. No, you had a pager.


Well, not me personally, but like my parents used pagers for so long. Really?


You saw how you're judging her. She goes, well, not me personally, but I don't mind. I just like I didn't think kids just had pagers. I thought, oh, no, not me. No, not me personally.


Living with my parents, OK, but like we would play with them and stuff like that, they still have them.


I never really understood what a pager was.


I think when someone it's like a voice, like someone's trying to contact, you know, it's like shorthand. It's like it's a shorter way of saying something like if like if you said nine one one, I remember that would translate to like it being an emergency, it being very of high importance. But then there would be like some sort of no combination that would mean call me, then you would go to a payphone and call your mom's house, right?




It was like a text message without a message because I didn't think it was just like beep technology would be by far where you could like I feel like just call each other like that, but you have to send them a message.


Hey, I'm trying. I'm like today I'm looking up beeper codes right now. OK, one for three is I love you, I.


One, two, one is I need to talk to you. Oh, 11. or two oh nine is go to hell. Oh, they make it easy. They make it harder to say the hate ones.


So you couldn't actually text that like in there wasn't like how would you like somebody had a beeper pager.


No, no. This is what a beeper looked like. It would. Oh I'm pulling up pictures. It would have.


My dad still says it one for three when he text me, my dad will go one for three.


It would have little numbers.


So yes, it would beep and it would buzz. You would feel it because it was always on your hand. I'm saying like, did you have a beeper number?


Like, how would I text your beeper or how would I be your beeper? Oh, like a code.


Probably code. What if I didn't want you to be unfriended?


Could I reach out to the beeper for my phone?


People listening think we're like censoring and the beep could I beep, beep, beep, bleep just handsprings the whole fucking time. Oh so the bleep bleep.


I think my mom had the blue one. You see the blue one, the little see through. And I'm almost my mom was like trendy. My mom just wanted to. Yeah.


Like I remembered my sister's having a translucent purple one and I thought it was the coolest thing ever when I was a kid because I couldn't have one yet.


My sisters are older, so I saw a lot of history through them.


Remember the Motorola phones where you could call them and radio them? So if you didn't like one to just could do a whole phone call. Yeah, my brother had the yellow one.


You remember the yellow one. It looked like like a bump that was like that's what like the construction workers used to.


Yeah. Like like a work. Because my dad is in construction here.


We use them all the time and that he never he never adapted past that. He thought that was the peak of technology. I swear he we all thought, oh no, I know that point.


But then when the technology kept going we were all like, OK, we're down. And my dad was like, no, it's not getting better than this. Like you would have is like what? It's like a Nokia that they're like bulletproof. He had that for the longest time. He still has the Nokia to this day.


I'm pretty sure I'm telling you those games, all those new Nokia phones were the best fucking snake. They need me. They need to bring it back to, like, our iPhones, because it was it was I think I don't know.


I think you're feeling nostalgia right now. No, no.


Because like, after that game, I always try to find, like, snake games like this was back then. I'll try to buy snake games to match that game and no snake game would match the snake game on.


And I think part of it is the functionality, because an iPhone, you don't have those buttons to press. There is some sort of satisfaction when you press a button, it turns at the exact right moment.


Yeah, I don't know what it is. I don't know how to explain that. But like, there is there's a there's a satisfaction comes with pressing a button.


You know, I do remember the Nokia phone having a millisecond delay, which I think felt nicer. You'd do it like a millisecond after, but it felt good.


It felt like one of the games in the arcade where you got to, like, get the block to, like, stop and end it.


Like the BlackBerry phones had the best the real circle of the game called Do You Remember What It Was?


And one of the games where the bar went across and you would bing bing and you would hit the pong. Was it Pong something breaker. Block breaker like like I had like brick by brick by brick. Brick by brick.


You might not always steal my stepmom's phone just to play that fucking ring. It was on the bottom.


You had to slide it as it was coming down and you get the one that was sexy. The ball. I know. I got it with a box.


Your ears stick to your thing. Wait, no, no, no.


I'm talking about the on the BlackBerry though. It was real. It wasn't. It was after the ball. Oh I was like a black. I wasn't serious.


I didn't go that far. That's the only that's when I that's when I adopted a BlackBerry was when they got rid of the ball and I was like, yo, we should bring it back.


Pad is sad. Oh my God. I wonder, can you buy blackberries just to have that game.


Like is that something we can get right now. So. Oh oh my God. Yeah that's it. Break breaker.


Oh my God. That was the basketball game. This picture. Yes. Oh my God. That's good.


That's a really cool guy.


I hope our 90's babies know what we're talking about right now, because this game, this game was so fucking good.


They have like Call of Duty now. We're like brick breaker, best game. That's why we made bricks in our background.


Yeah, we do appreciate shit like that. Like the other night. You play the game every night, actually. The game that's like isolated. Yes.


It's like something about older looking games.


It's still so fun to play. It appeals to us.


I'm wondering I'm now wondering their analytics. I wonder how many people actually play it that are like older and how many are that are younger. Because I feel like for younger people, they just be like, oh, this looks gross.


Yeah, yeah. Force clarity. Yeah. On the screen it triggers something in us.


Do you think you could right now go back to having like, like an old phone, like a BlackBerry or some sort of like well to make a razor to me that's like having no phone razor, just like the updated version they're trying to preserve themselves.


Yeah, I remember how quick I was texting on, you know, how it was just the numbers. There was no keyboard and just texting on it like T9 nine, you would press one, two, one, two, three, one time.


I used to. So quick, I don't think I would be able to do it now. I don't know how people use fucking T9 like I don't know how no t nine is the ages version of predictive text yet knows what you're going to say. It knows by the combination of numbers that you're choosing, what letters you're really trying to you would even know there are ahead of our time.


Y Yeah but I mean I feel like if sidekick came out with something there is a certain demographic that would be really into that.


Yeah I would buy and a half.


He bought a sidekick recently. Oh yeah he did the orange one. Yeah. He doesn't use it though but he does and he definitely has such a cool.


Do you, do you think you can make a transition like away from Apple and doing like an android. No, it's lot.


It'd be cool to have just a play with but I wouldn't, I would not. I don't get how there's such an equal balance of like it's either. Absolutely not. I will never go Apple or like I can never do Android like our friend Gabe.




There's hardcore Android, Android and Jordan will never get off of Android and I'm crazy.


I don't understand. It's also because that's all they know. If they had an iPhone for a year, I don't think they'd go back to Android. I think it's also because this is all we know. It's the same thing.


Both people are just they're too deep into it to commit to, like, OK, yeah, I guess I'll try to switch now because I actually did switch. I feel like we might be Android.


Right, but we're not guys like flip phones like we're out and iPhones were in. I went straight to iPhone. I never tried Android.


I was always flip phone to I had an Android phone for the first three or four years I had to touchscreen. Not the really nice oh, I remember the new touchscreen.


I liked it look like an iPhone, but was an android. Those those are like I never galaxies the galaxies. Yeah.


Oh I remember you had that when I had it for like three years and like when I got the iPhone I was able to adopt in a fucking day. I was like, oh fuck the.


And that's why in my head I'm like, oh no people this day. Yeah, it's easier.


It's I try to unlock an android and I'm like, oh, you have to like, drag it so easy. Like one. It looks like if you had like a Heinz ketchup and then a knockoff brand next to it, like, like a girl wearing a skirt as a shirt. Right.


Yeah, exactly. It just ended homophobia. Good job. My community. Thanks. Take them off androids. But I enjoyed that.


Be a funny video like you having an android for twenty four.


I imagine everybody in the world having people were like oh oh my God.


I know it would be a ghost town. Nobody would post any tweets just because this woman fucking.


Did you see that to talk of the girl. She goes people with androids when they go live and it's all just it's like five boxes.


Oh really. She was like, get away from where people to get on.


But I'm wondering if it's the same on the reverse. I wonder what Android users see when.


Oh, I was going to say. May be that it's yeah. Credible can be as bad. But you know what, they probably don't see it that good on their phones because if their phones are filming, they're probably receiving shitty quality videos. We pick up an android. It's still black and white one, because that's the argument that I see, though, every single time.


And it has never made sense to me as when people are like Android versus Apple. The claim to fame for all Android users is that the camera is actually superior. Have you ever seen those? So but it's right.


They think they advertise that.


Yeah, I get so much better than the new ones are, though. No, I don't think so. The newer ones you've you've never seen the ones where you can zoom in all the way like thirty miles away.


Yeah, but if, if people were buying them, I feel like I would notice, I still notice people with no because I remember like I bought a Nokia Lumia what Nokia looked at ten twenty. It was something like that. And I remember I was like it had the most megapixels, it had this and I was just like I made the switch, I did it. And I remember getting my phone.


It was the white Nokia and it just sucked like, yes, I'm sure it had more megapixels, but it just didn't look right.


It was on the screen. It looked like it was just talk. It looked like, oh, it was. And that was the thing. I wanted our phones to look like our computers. What was that? We were like, it's not good unless it looks like my desktop home screen because it looked like you had a mini laptop with you all the time. You felt good about sucking these little.


Did you guys ever have a video now?


What video now? Yeah. No one sister had one.


Look it up, show them a picture. It was this little gray device.


It was about this big and it would be a tiny like literally three by three screen and you can play a DVD and you would just watch these black and white like my sister had, like, is that she.


Oh my God. And you would play movies on it? I didn't have that one, but I had a better version of that.


OK, where you put you put is that a CD player? Yes. OK, it's a scene. You put the screen up and the screen is when you flip it.


Oh, I know it's not. The portable DVD player I know, it reminded me of that this was like a knockoff. Yeah, that was like the cheaper version. Right. This is what we got, had a more expensive version.


Look at the little tiny teeny pixels.


Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. We thought this was the technology. It was not going to get better than that. Oh my gosh, that's not iPhones.


We're only for business people. Do you remember? That's what BlackBerry started us to.


It was like maybe a PDA is.


Whoa! Oh, my God. What does PDA stand for?


What about BBM public display of. Oh, my God, BlackBerry Messenger with some of your BBM.


Oh, I remember being so jealous. I don't have a BBM. Me too.


I sat there with my flip phone like I could just text you and then they would like beep each other, like to like it wasn't like what your BBM and ping, that's what it was called.


They would, they would ping each other. And I'm like, you son of a bitch, we're talking a ping. At least you had text baby. I had A.I.M. That was my source. I don't wait to get home to do that shit you see on the side that like your crushes on all but the with the rings around it.


But then you look over and you hear the door slamming sound and they would log off and you're like, oh shit, I didn't talk to them, you know, like there was a door slam.


And that means that they logged off of the building. Yeah. And also, like, Buma was offline.


And but initially when they came up, though, they would have a little green dot next to them. Right. Like on like whatever. And you're like just shy.


They're on there on their own. I just remember making plans through A.I.M. all the time. I wouldn't call them. It's like, hey, you want to do the movies Thursday?


And like, we would plan it out on and we'd meet each other and look at the screen because we set up a time with our parents to drop us off and we would tell them through A.I.M. and that's how we, like, hung out. Oh, my God, look at that.


My username was New York Bambina. Eleven. Oh, Bady Fina's Lebanese dude.


Four or five, six. What's their nationality, really? And then after that was pizza face eight.


Oh, I guess people would call me Pizza Face because I had it like a very triangle face with like, oh, I thought it was, you know, probably I was going to better, but yeah, I had a lot of acne. And so they call me pizza face.


Remember. Remember logging on how long. Oh so long. But it was worth it. I don't think I think that actually prevented me from getting girls though having seen having pizza face it didn't like the shape or the acne.


But I think just having that as I am, I don't think it was very like, it's like oh yeah.


I remember well most of my friends when I was on a.T.M had their names.


That's what I remember would be like a mixture of like letters and numbers. Perfect for you.


So this was middle school for you guys or middle school. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All of you guys had to be for you to read. I didn't have it like I wasn't. And you didn't have a phone either, so you just. How did you know I had to memorize my friend's phone numbers and call their parents.


I still know my friend's phone numbers from like having to know it and email. So my mom set up an email and me and my cousin would email each other back and forth. But we would like change the color and we would do every other letter was capital. We would take so much time to email, I could still find them. We have screenshots of them.


Did I ever tell you the story about me liking Emily Mollica in middle school or in in high school freshman year? And my phone call I had with no. Oh, my God.


Okay, this is this is like one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. And I don't think I ever told you this. This is Emily Morcos, a friend of ours, and he's actually a really good friend of his. Yeah.


When we when we our first day of high school, I remember like, I was very new to everybody, like a lot of people, like like the only people I knew in school was like my two friends and everybody else is like brain fucking you.


I didn't know anybody. And I remember seeing Emily Molcho and I was like in law.


I was like, oh, my God. Like, she's so.


I just wanted to be my girlfriend right now. I was I was obsessed with her. And I remember getting her phone number.


And now looking back, she did not want to give me her number.


She did not she did not want to give me her number, though. It was like just it was a weird way of retrieving that number from her.


And I remember like the next day, give me it was like the first week of school.


I remember calling her from my landline to her cell phone. And I remember it was like the most awkward is fucking phone call. I was like, hi.


Hey. You want to you want you want to hang out? And she's like, Yeah, yeah, I'll see. Well, it was nice. It was nice talking to you. Thank you for calling me. Oh, okay. Bye.


And I remember just like for the whole rest of the year, I just know that she like probably told everybody about that phone call because it was the weirdest fucking thing that was it's just a weird kid on the side that like just pretty much I'm never going to believe who just called me from their parents land.


Oh, it's just really funny knowing that was Emily Mollica and that was just like the one girl that I crush on.


I remember we were I think it was freshman year and we were like the the lunch area outside, like door to.


That's why she did that's why she didn't want to give you a number and she picked over Zain. No, she she had this like boyfriend who was like scene king like he was.


Do you remember who. Yeah. Oh, super skinny jeans to me. He was like Stephen King. I know. I know.


He would wear like like the giant halter jacket. He was he was a legend. That's why I wore giant halter jackets, too. This is why I dress like that, because I wanted to be. Jeff. What was his name on MySpace? Well, Jeffrey Riet.


Jeffrey Wright. Oh, good. He was one of. Yeah.


You remember our blog podcast like ten out podcast episodes ago. We talked about Arsène Days and how to go to Sawgrass Mall every week. I remember he wore a him jacket and I remember looking up at him and trying to like their music.


I like some of their music because I knew he liked it over on the did mass murder.


Yes. Yeah.


And I so and I used to listen to that band back then to I don't think it was from him but like is this funny how you brought that up too. I remember getting a purple striped hoodie because he wore purple hoodie.


Oh I thought this is so he was literally like the coolest guy ever. Yeah. So that was Jeff.


But what I was going to say was I remember like having a crush on her too. And at lunch she would talk about she was like, yeah. And we made out for 30 minutes.


And I remember like, this is the thing she was saying to you. Yeah. And I was like made out for third. I had never kissed anybody at this time. So you can kiss for thirty minutes.


Yeah. It's a crazy thing.


That's so weird to think about it because like it back then I like I probably kissed a couple people in my life, but I was I was surprised.


I would hear I probably kissed a couple, but it was crazy just hearing people like making our 30 minutes and giving it to somebody on the playground. I was like, holy fuck, you can do that.


I felt like giving someone a PBJ on the playground. I was older. Yeah. PJ gave them a blowjob. Fucking PJ on slide. Huh.


I'm wondering, you guys, his take, though, on kids nowadays and how I don't want to know.


I don't want to. I feel like I don't want it. Everything is being done younger, just completely across the board with drugs.


Oh yeah. Well I feel like kids are very impressionable nowadays and especially with they're just exposed to too much. I feel like too young and I feel like there's no way for parents to kind of watch what their kids are doing. Because when like because Tick-Tock is pretty much an art that a lot of kids are on. So when. Oh, you're on. Oh, that's my oh that's the like dance on there. You know, it's a it's a good it's a good app.


Like it's a it's a kid friendly, but there's a lot of adult content on there. Yeah. And they get away with it like there is this ticktock that I saw the other day of like some kid.


It was like it was a pool shot. So they shot it like a shot the white ball. Right.


And they knock a ball in and the kid's nuts are in the cup and you see the nuts and the tick tock was up for like one days. And I had like a shit ton of views and lights. And I'm like, how is this not deleted? Yes.


I personally don't think kids should have a frickin smartphone until they're way old. I mean, I'm not giving my kids phones.


Like, obviously, I don't like technology and like, this is like the future.


And yeah, like I understand it's twenty twenty, but they're still there.


Shit like kids should not be able to just have Google at their fingertips. Right.


I just saw your kids being like, but daddy, I wanna be a YouTube. Ah. Like you, you had a phone at my age. I going to be like not now.


No, no but we didn't, we didn't have phones until I was a freshman in high school. I couldn't imagine being there's no way I had a phone in middle school.


Oh no. I was like all my friends have it. She goes, Yeah, you use one of theirs. Good use. Yeah, well, you can use theirs. But you know what, honestly, I'm like just being twenty seven. I'm glad I didn't have a phone until I was that. Me too. Because like I if I was exposed to all that shit as a little kid like just like because you're, when you're young you're like a sponge.


Everything you take in. Yeah. That's the thing. Become what you're like watching and what you're tuning into. Yeah. I know that if I had a phone when I was fucking like twelve years old I would not be. Well you heard it here first folks. That's the reason I'm gay.


As I started looking at videos when I got my first phone, you saw the the the ticktock of the the little kid and the mom was like, why are you Googling this? And was freaking out. And like the kid was like watching porn, like the little kid.


And he was like it accidentally popped up. And she's like, no, it didn't.


I'm looking at your search. And it was like, yeah, I mean, that's and that's completely like everybody every kid or shareholders, I don't remember.


But I was going to say I think he was like. Secondary, when you guys got your phones, did you have no experience? I didn't have Internet like having a computer, like all I did was do paint. I didn't know there was, like, Googling. We had different.


Yeah. Our parents my parents were just they they saw what I did on the computer. Yeah. That was like parental control. But whenever I don't know why, maybe it was because I was younger.


When I got my phone, I got my phone in middle school, my first phone, and I don't know, for whatever reason, I thought this was my first step into being like an individual. And for whatever reason, I wasn't served with, like, what my parents had access to. And I should probably stop talking about this because my parents are going to want watch.


This is fine.


Keep going, baby. This is unfiltered. I would start looking up shit like that at a young age. And I remember I had interactions that are now filmed on tick tock. I had an interaction like that. Like, well really.


Yeah, it was I would not even know to look stuff up. Like I just want to show you what's it like looking at something, huh. You got caught looking at something. Yeah. Like it, it was, it was what was it more.


It was obvious.


Well what else was it. I just wanted because I could uncomfortable sadness over here.


Honestly, the best moments of SpongeBob, it wasn't it wasn't even like images or anything like that.


It was it was it was when I started using A.I.M. for evil for a while for like I would I would I think it was like it initially started off it initially started off as like a chat room thing.


Oh, well, I would go into these chat rooms and I was just like, oh, like whatever, talking to new people. But then it just like quickly turned into something that I didn't bargain for.


Gosh, yeah.


At this point, though, I was trying to discover who I was and it was something that I thought that I was doing behind a closed door.


So I had this like feeling of privacy and whatever and trying to learn who I was at this age, trying to just like understand what was going on in my mind. And so that's what I used it for, because that was something that I was curious about back then. So it was like used as a means to kind of like confirm that what you're saying.


That's really interesting. Speaking of somebody who opens up, I love getting deep into shit like this. Like this is stuff like we've never talked like I've never heard this story before. So it's like, yeah, that's the thing is that my mom is the one that discovered me.


So she knows what the fuck was happening and I knew what the fuck was happening. And we all just tried to pretend like we didn't know what was happening.


My sister sent in the family group chat this this guy that made it tick tock, joking, and he was like, when our parents would let us sleep over, like our friend's house, I was like a twelve year old and he was a kid, like running into his room and then slamming a door and like doing middle fingers and like, like, like mouthing like, like jumping up and down.


And my sister and I like we were all laughing and my mom goes, did you really do this? And nobody spoke. And she was like, did you us? And we were just like, ha ha ha ha. And she was like, oh my gosh. Like, she she got mad over that.


Like that's when we got twenty five years old. She's like, I this I love bringing up shit that I used to hide from my parents.


Like now like when I go, when I go remember I said, I'll try, I'll, I'll bring it up because I think it's the funniest thing to bring up shit that you have. I'm so scared.


It's like you saying that I remember the first time I ever did that and I fell off.


Yeah, I remember my mom turned away and I went like this.


I was like. A quick flip off, yeah, like and I don't know why doing that felt like that was the worst thing I could possibly do. Yeah, I wasn't 100 percent sure you doing that, too.


Like, it's so easy to pick. Like you're doing it just like like just like she turned around.


I was just like because I was barely a finger too. It was like I didn't really want to do it, like, you know, because it was so weird.


Because you knew personally how your mom would probably react if she saw that I had an instance to where I genuinely said to my mother, you are the worst mother on Earth or.


I still regret it to this motherfucking day, oh, yeah, because I knew in that moment I remember that's one of my first memories. I feel like as a kid, I remembered just the look on her face. And it was like heart wrenching.


Yeah. Because I didn't mean it you the worst. And you just want possibly say to like. I knew that that was the worst thing that I could possibly say to her because I probably wasn't getting my fucking way in the moment. And that's what's so stupid about people nowadays on the Internet that say this because it's like you're just trying to say the most hurtful thing, like, yeah, right.


Do you really mean to get a reaction? Like, it's just like, what are you really doing it for?


That's why it's so easy to, like, see past that right now. I used to I used to do the like the whisper under my breath.


Yes. Oh, for a while you were responding.


Yes. When there was a back and forth. So you're still you do the dishes, right? Yes. I'll do the dishes.


Right. Just a little. Yeah.


You know, my parents are. So the thing is, I would just I would keep it all to myself and go to my room and just fucking cry because I knew that I could never talk back to them because they were the type where they would just give me another month, Jodi, to ever slam the door, slam again.


And then you would open your like, sorry, my windows open the windows, because if they knew you actually slammed it like crucified.


Yeah, that's a done.


But I remember like slamming it and then I was like, you like doing know do you do like the slammer right before it slams you like kind of like pull it. You don't let it. Oh God.


Did you guys like hang out in your rooms. I, I only went to my room when it was time for bed.


I think it's different because like there's a I have a lot of siblings so like it was like let's go to the boys room, like let's let's go play in the boys room, let's go play in the girls room.


But then also like the state area, it's really big to have like a basement. So like the basement would be the big hang out or our bedrooms.


Those moments we only had that when our cousins came over, when our cousins came over, we hang on to each other. We could really be in the same room. We'd like talk, we'd like laugh. It's like a fun time. And we would get that once every few months, like home.


Got that every night. So enjoy it.


Yeah, I was going to say it's weird because I'm so much younger than everyone else in my family, like my sister is the next youngest out of all my cousins and everything, and she's ten years older than me.


So I pretty much grew up like in my home as a only child. But I had two sisters.


They were just like far older than I thought. You and Shane were far apart. Yeah, we're seven years. Wow.


Really. Ah, I don't know how far apart you are. Yeah. My sister one year one is ten years older than me and one is thirteen years older than me.


So I didn't grow up with them. That's why I saw them going through these other phases that I never went through with beepers and you know, like boys and like things like that. Like I just remember things from them growing up, but I didn't have any one growing up around me when I was growing in the age.


Got that you I feel like you're with your sisters. I feel like you couldn't really connect or hang out or anything because you're always too young. Yeah.


Yeah. It was honestly more of a it was one of those things. When you're a kid and you're just like, look up to people that are older than you. It was just one of those things. Yeah. I was just like, oh my God, they're my older sisters. I always thought they were so cool. I still think they're so cool.


Yeah, I love my relationship with them nowadays because it's like they always did look out for me.


And I feel like in a weird way, they knew the downfalls of like my parents parenting with them and they were unspoken, only determined to be like, we're going to help this kid out.


Like, I always felt like like they were just going out to have in your back. Yeah, always. I mean, we're going to raise this kid. Yeah. Aside from when they would turn off my Fisher-Price cassette player, when I would play tonight, Wayne.


But fuck, I saw against them HALABY. Yeah.


Did I tell you about the time my mom I mean I am not trying to make my mom look bad but she left me the bank once so we all went to the bank and we got out of the car, went into the bank.


Her and my brother got into the car and just left and I was like, Mommy, I hit the door and they just kept going like this everywhere.


And that's fine. What I was a kid.


It felt like thirty minutes. It was I was sitting there and I was in fear of my life.


I thought I was going to like I was never going to jump on it.


And I remember obviously they came back and my mom was there. Oh, my God.


But like, I remember my brother, my mom telling me the story of what was happening inside the car.


When I was there, I saw my brother sitting there like playing boulevard, just like my mom is talking to the both of us.


And my brother's responding, not letting her know that I'm not in my car. Something like mom goes, Where the hell is I?


Picture you in the bank.


I think it's hilarious. My brother didn't even think to say to say anything, but it was horrible. This is the brother that was two years older than you. Yes, he was. Do it on purpose. He was like that.


My mom would leave us every like like I said, they're not bad parents. It happens. My mom would leave us everywhere, like the one time my mom had my sister in the car, the car seat or whatever, she went to go pick me up from preschool. She gets in the car, she picks me up, she gets a call from the preschool.


We have Frances here. My mom, like, set her down under the table with my love with me and not crying.


And she was like, oh, shit, not mom does not a whole fucking car seat with the handle, but the fun is like someone leaving their baby lunches.


They were just like up on the roof, like just a car seat belt. Do you think that's top. Oh.


So what happened? Oh my God. That's all. Hey, stop that car. Stop that baby. I was just looking over. It's like a mile desirable.


Well, OK. We just took a quick little potty break real quick. We were we were going on and on for a minute. And we there was a there was a list of things you want to go over today, but we were so off track.


I like when we go off track. I like talking about random shit like that when we have episodes like this, like there's never been one exactly like this. Yeah.


But it just felt like we were just hanging out like we normally do in the kitchen, just having a conversation. So I don't know if that was like it was very all over the place, but that's literally what our friendship.


I forgot where we were. Yeah. I didn't really I didn't realize how often. I just felt like we were just talking. This is how we there was no structure.


And that's I feel like that's like every time we talk before the podcast, we talk about how we want the conversation on the podcast to be authentic, authentic and what what they're like actually.


Yeah. In the living room talking. And this podcast is pretty much how it goes.


I mean, that's how we understand each other.


Yeah. Like Zane, you barely stuttered. You know, I did a study in our little ones. That's how we like talk to each other, though.


It's just like one one big happy family.


No, but yeah, we we had a bunch of like topics and stuff we wanted to go over. So, yeah, maybe we'll stay for the next episode. But yeah.


If you guys want to comment below and let us know what you thought about this episode, that would be great. Yeah.


That's how these episodes are going to be though. Either they're going to be hectic or super structured with like different segments and stuff.


That's just how it is. Yeah, right. Because there is timely stuff that is going on right now that we wanted to cover. But exactly. Kind of we the train went off the track for a little bit.


Right now you get what you get and you can get upset. Leave us in the comments. All right, guys, thank you again for tuning. Entertaining. He's unfiltered. We love you so much. We post every Monday on Spotify and Apple podcast and all that good stuff. And on Tuesdays we post the video portion of the podcast on YouTube, dotcom slash Zane and he oh, quick little update.


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And also in this podcast, we're going to talk about how I was how I grew up in Lebanon. And Beirut was a city we went to all the time. But we'll stay here for next podcast's since we went track for this month.


And that's it, baby. Guys, thank you for tuning in again to Zane Heath unfiltered. And we will see you guys next week.


We love you guys. Bye bye, Bergwall.