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All right, quick question, this one's for the boys when you're changing your tire and the pressure, OK, now that we got the girls away, OK, no, seriously, when you're with your favorite, what's your favorite car part in an automobile?


Oh, that's a tough one.


I really like the steering right now that we have all the girls, OK, for the boys, y'all take just the glitzy out when you go to the bathroom. Are you do like the glitzy in the sack? OK, now that we have all the girls know that that's my real goal. That's the question. Yeah. What's a glitzy you're asking when I change a tire.


No, that was a build up to get the girls not to listen to anything that starts with, like Liz or they just I think of like Krispy Kreme doughnuts, like a Lizzie McGuire.


Never heard of the pin.


What's it referred to is that I thought, you know, something so like so no specific.


It's just the day I would think I would be well versed in this, but I don't know what the fuck. Yes. They just call it a glazy now. Perfect.


OK, so now repeat that question and would that made a party just do you do you take just a glossy out or do you pull the rest of it out with it when you go to the bathroom.


Oh I pull out everything. Everything. Yeah.


I just want I think I just want all my junk out of the park. Like I don't want like to play any sneaky games, you know, like I just want everything I make the business and then put it right back obviously shake it before I want to do whatever you want to do and you want to bring it all to the party.


Yeah. I got you. I don't I don't agree with that at all. What a strong intro.


Let's get this party started. Maybe his. No, go ahead. All his coffee talk baby.


That's my new favorite move, that little like side running to oh, he's still got it all on gives and it's like, Oh, that was my new favorite movie.


Sorry, sorry. All right. Welcome back to Saint Heath unfiltered. I'm Zain. Oh, my God. Oh, see, that's when we get. Our conversation. I just. Well, we're trying to change the set up. Is that like was that like a sign that we were snapping out?


It was a sign.


No one was saying, drop the coffee, make this like a million different messages that just happened left and right. That was scary. So should we put it back now?


Live it down if I can. And I'm Heath, your other CO.


We're joined by Mariah High and Kenny. Hello. Hi, guys. Kenny is our brand new. Oh, my God. Told guys Kenny is new. I hope you like him. We've had a couple of great episodes so far with him. Have you enjoyed being on this podcast? Is this like something I don't enjoy? When you introduce me as the new member or you are a new member, what do you know?


This is your like fourth, fifth episode?


Yeah, but I like for the people just coming in, just, you know, there's people going to watch this for the first time and be like, who the fuck is that? Oh, I see. So we have to, you know, for a little bit, just maybe for a couple more episodes.


It's my initiation. It's my hazing. It's fun. Speaking of Kenny, Kenny says he has a story that he wanted to share with the class and he brought this up yesterday. And I've been dying to hear it, but he wanted to tell it live on the pot. Oh, so you've been keeping this better be. I've been holding this.


And he came home the other night and he goes, something happened tonight. And I was like, oh, what?


I was like, tell me, because it's going to have to wait.


So he murdered someone or help somebody bury somebody. That was literally my first. Oh, my God, you're not the night, Kenny. Is it personal?


Should we, like, talk about it before, like we know it's all right?


I mean, all this at this point. No, I mean, lights, camera, action. Hey, the show must go on. Knows that she knows the deal. All right.


So a few days ago, I hung out with a friend in L.A. and we were just going to grab dinner, just hang out for a quick little bit.


And we were making jokes throughout the whole night because she's like, my God, I feel so bloated. Like I can't get these pants on, like I was making fun of her. I'm like, it's the fat ass, it's the whatever.


And she was making my jokes racing, by the way. She was making jokes like. I feel like I'm like pregnant, like I feel like I just I feel completely different, I feel weird, like I've never felt like this before.


I'm like making jokes, you know, the entire time I have, like, a boyfriend is she she has a man friend. So it's not a boyfriend. It's a man friend. This is just a friend. It's a yeah. It's not. It's not. Oh, this is juicy. All right. All right.


I know who he went out with that night, so I'm just like I know who you know and I know what you to give it to me.


Oh, my. I can't I can't give any.


It gets it's a very tangled web. We get back to her house and then she's like, we genuinely need to go to the like Rite Aid or the pharmacy, get a pregnancy test. I need a pregnancy test.


Like, I need to just I need to rule this out like now because I feel weird about straight from catch, straight from in and out, straight from straight from Nobu, Malibu.


OK, I've been given very specific instructions of what tests to get because she wants the one that says pregnant. She doesn't want there to be any guesswork. She don't want to look how many lines there are. It's like a math equation for her.


She just wants to see, not the smiley face. Seems like. Are you happy or sad that you got going right?


We would just want to know we get back.


I hear my name called from the other room. I go over to the bathroom.


And she is.


Distraught, like in tears on the toilet, like just freaking out and she's panicking, I look at the test and it says pregnant and it's definitely not anything that she planned for.


She's everything.


She just goes through the whole gamut of emotions in her mind, like, who do I tell who, like needs to know, who cannot know.


Like, I'm currently staying with the entire podcast right now who can't know millions of people. Right.


And this is something that I've gotten the OK to talk about why I grew up watching. I'm not spreading anyone.


You shouldn't edit. And you're just like, hey, guys, we need to cut that hole.


No, she she's told me that I can talk about this and just she was just trying to get all the answers that she could. And I was like, look like there's no point in worrying about worst case scenario. Like, you need to take another test. Either are false positives. They exist like they you know, this is too early to be freaking out about. You don't need to make up these crazy scenarios in your mind if you don't know the answers yet.


So, I mean, my opinion on it is basically based on the fact that at the end of the day, men can't be physically held accountable the same way that women can. So whatever her decision was going to be, I would have supported it because it's it's a life changing thing.


And and she's going to have to be the one that, you know, lives with that choice, makes that choice all of it.


So if she's making it, it's the right thing to do for her in that moment. And she's my friend and I'm going to support her regardless.


Right. So I waited until she took the second test and the second test said not pregnant. Oh, plot twist. False positive.


But at that point, she had kind of just chugged a whole water because she needed to pee on the stick.


And she looked something up that said, oh, well, if you pee on these sticks after you just chug a bunch of water, it could dilute the hormone that is detected. She said that the screen was glitching out a little bit before it displayed the pregnant statement.


So she's like, I don't know if if the positive was a false positive because it was glitching or if I diluted the hormone in my urine and it was a false negative. So we're still kind of up in the air 50/50. But it was enough for her to kind of like. And that's just the last calm down we know latest. I'm pretty sure she there's no way she hasn't taken multiple tests and I'm pretty sure that the other ones must have said negative, because if not, like, I would have heard about it all throughout the day.


I think that's just yeah, I know this is a very serious conversation right now, but imagine pregnancy statistics in the future.


It gives you on the screen, the screen. It's like so high tech.


The screen is just somebody that pops up and goes, you're fucking pregnant by the book. There's a there's a 15 second ad and that like play before. That's really funny.


Oh, my God. Well, that's a great start. That is a great way to kick off the game. So this might be careful.


Ladies and gentlemen, please wear a condom, because if you don't wear a condom, you will die. Which brings us to our first ad Trojans.


Awful Charger was my high school mascot.


We were called. It was a condom, a giant condom. Could you imagine the pep rally?


Oh, my. Oh, yeah. Every like for football games and stuff. I wish I could remember, but all the banners were something like. Just like with sexual.


Yeah. Really. Anyway, those Trojans were hard to beat. It was like, it was stuff like that. Can't be that so.


Well I was going to say it's one of those things that it doesn't have to be an innuendo.


But if you look at it as a right, like the teachers or whatever the principal like, didn't look at it like in the gutter, they were able to get away with it. Wow. It was a very inside joke to all the students except for the stuff. Sneaky, sneaky.


I like that Paladin's was anything sexual about our school. The nights. I don't think so, no. Nothing sexual. He did have one of those jousting sticks.


Whoa. Oh OK.


Yeah, I think we need to have a little conversation with our slow down slow. We'll talk to them about our ten year reunion, which we're going to go to, by the way, right. Yeah, I have to. That first time we were like, should we go to our fucking high school reunion?


Yes, you have to. At first we're like, fuck that. No, we don't want to see anybody. But we really thought about it.


We're like, it's so crazy because I go, I feel like with, you know, today's age, it's kind of not as meaningful because we just see everybody on social media and it's kind of like we kind of keep up with everybody.


I feel like if you had no cell phone, no Internet, you don't even know the way it's like ten years. That would be like really something that's so it's like I know what all of our friends look like.


So like, yeah, we see that they have kids, we see what their babies look like, like nothing's really going to be a surprise.


Do you think people will still show up though? Like I feel like people get over that. I feel like it'll slowly fade out. I think high school reunion, I think it would just be fun to hang out with them, like just to actually be in person to see them because we'd probably all go out, right?


Yeah, we'd hit downtown. We are getting out now. I'm all about it like that. Sounds all spontaneous. Y'all said drinkin it. Oh my God. It's going to be fun though.


I feel like the twenty five year, thirty year like whatever the one is they have another reunion. Is high school dad important where they got to come up with reunions every fucking.


No it's, it's not that it's important. It's just like it's far, it's tradition. Yeah. My mom loves it. They all like meet up in New York every time and like she she has a picture every year. Oh my gosh.


Speaking of she does her Emily. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


I listen to the last podcast. That was the the girl we both were in love with based on the title dude I like.


That's embarrassing. Yeah. Why, why is she listening to this podcast. She has no business.


I ask, I ask myself that too.


But then I was like, wait, we dropped her full name. So I wonder if people went to our friends and like searched it. And then I was like, oh my God, they're talking about Emily.


I didn't even I didn't even put your picture on the thumbnail. I use someone else. It was it was a model. Karlie Kloss. I don't know why I picked her picture just so I had to pick her up just so I didn't pick you because I didn't want you to fucking see it.


But you did. And now it's embarrassing. Really awkward.


What did she say? She said crying, laughing at the one from today. You guys make me feel so special. I'm so sorry about our first ever phone call conversation. If I made you feel so special, why wasn't I special to you in high school?


Oh, they always come back around. She only she answers your questions based on the bad guys.


She's like, well, to answer your question that, you know, she comes in on those who comes in on like the voicemail. Oh, right. Like a little call. And we plan on doing that.


By the way, we would be really fun. We'd like to have you guys call in and answer some questions.


We think that we we're trying to figure out the best way to go about it. I'm trying to come up with a little template, a little, you know, professional little. Oh, my God.


Can he get to work, baby? Let them sit here working opposite all day.


We're going to confuse the fuck out of everyone I know.


Is it that you do everything the office. No one is opposite day Wednesday, right?


Wednesdays y every Wednesday. No, it's not that I was serious. When is opposite day.


It's one it's a one day visit days on Monday, January twenty fifth. Two thousand. There you go. It's got to be something this is so stressful that's weird that you and I had the same opposite day, but we didn't.


It was also like wacky Wednesday. You guys every Wednesday was opposite the doesn't even make sense.


We only like I only in elementary school. It was like only some people knew it was every Wednesday night. It's opposite day. So did something like silly, like it was stupid.


The only date we had at our fucking high school was nerd day, literally. That's the only day that we actually got to dress up like I and what we had to dress up.


I loved Nerd Day because it was the only day we got to actually go. They actually got rid of nerd day.


Why? Because it's insensitive.


I know two nerds to out, but I noticed that on on a message on with the emojis, you know, how you can type like hot or flame and it'll come up with the emoji trying to come up with if you type in nerd, it doesn't come up anymore. And I'm like, why does that happen? I guess it's because it's insensitive. I looked up nerd. I looked up dork.


What it's fucking insensitive. What emoji used to come up.


The one with the glasses. And are you offended when wow, you're really gonna call him a nerd right on this podcast. I didn't know. It's funny though that he says that because I didn't I wasn't even like worried about nerdy because I'm like like I honestly wouldn't change how I dressed my baby.


You wore plaid every day. I want solid colors. Ah. And a matching plaid pair of shorts every single day pulled out of school.


I got I got to show you, I have the picture right here. I knew this year we weren't friends, but I saw what you wore. You're like we weren't friends.


And when I saw what you were wearing I knew why we do you have a picture of you on senior day?


Look at this. Oh, my God. Just look at a different person.


He was a totally different person, like seeing that picture. Like, just it brought me back all of us to high school. And like, he was a completely different person. He like he doesn't act like that.


I don't think you get every time you present your ID to and yes.


You got a haircut. I still have. You have the same line every time. Yeah, I still have my old ID.


They just didn't update my picture. But like my hair is like down to my chest.


Florida license don't expire for like literally I still have another like six years and it's crazy.


Every other license expires in like three years. Yours is like literally fifteen years I think.


Yeah. You know, taste buds change every seven years. I feel like that happens to just my entire body, not just my taste, like I look completely different throughout my entire life.


Yeah, really. Like I you can look at baby pictures of me and be like, that's not you. Like I just don't look like myself.


A picture from you like from like two years ago and you look completely different.


I know it's not so weird. Oh my.


Speaking of like I pictures my passport picture I the time I took my passport picture because I was traveling the country, I had pink hair and they made me put hair color pink like they wouldn't let me put brown.


I was like, my hair color is brown. They're like, no, you have to put one pink.


I was like that. What if you said I'm dying it tonight? Yeah, I don't. I think it's because that's what the pictures. I don't it makes no sense to me. It's like my hair is brown. You got it's natural.


It's going to be brown in two weeks. Just let me just put Brown please.


They're like the picture is. Thank you. We got to like you. What if you had like blue contacts and what if I had a mask.


I'm trying to come up with a mask. What if it just makes no sense to me? Yeah, the whole the whole system, like the system that's above us. There's so many things that so, so many questions that I have. It makes no fucking sense. I was going to say, do you have to specify beard?


No beard sometimes beard that does it make sense to me? Kind of like the insurer. Can I talk about my I have a question about my insurance.


OK, so I Zeno's questions about everything like this. So I wanted to you and here we go.


You know, I had an intruder break into my house, steal shit, steal my car keys, which I just got my car back. Finally after like six fucking weeks, I got my car back finally.


And insurance will not cover my stolen shit like they won't cover my keys. My the cost of my keys, they won't cover the cost of me having to fix my locks.


Nothing I pay every month for what? Home insurance, specifically for burglaries. If someone comes into my house and steal something right, I pay for it monthly. But this one, they can't pay for it because it's some sort of weird like so yeah. So whoever comes to my house and steals shit, they have to steal over eighteen thousand dollars worth of things for insurance to cover it. Why tell me how that makes jacking is a scam. Eighteen thousand fucking dollars.


Eighteen thousand. You have to, you have to pay. You'd have to wipe my house clear. Yeah. And more. You'd have to steal chunks out of my house to go eighteen thousand dollars for, for them to pay for it. So if you're the criminal that broke in just take the cash that you see. I'm like trying to get the stove out though. Zane wakes up in the middle of the night, he's like, we're not there yet.


Keep going and you run out on eighteen thousand, but you need to call me a car key and a bug zapper. Don't add up. Makes no sense, so to speak. My financial adviser like handles all this I was talking about was like. Why am I paying monthly for this, he's like, well, you definitely need to have home insurance because if something really bad happens, you you need to get covered. Something bad happened.


No, not also not not entirely bad and not really bad. So they won't cover it.


So this person can come in still. Seventeen thousand dollars worth of things in my house in one night. Don't cut it. Won't cover it. I don't believe in insurance.


It's definitely it seems like such a scheme. It was a hoax. It's like somebody broke into your house you're paying for just in case somebody breaks in and steals stuff. It's covered. It happens. No, not this time.


Then they show you the fine print and you're like, this is what I signed.


Like what? How does that make any sense?


Like the way my financial adviser was talking to me about this is that it made sense, like saying like, this is the way it is. I was like, just because it's the way it is doesn't mean it's the fucking right thing to do.


It's like you might as well not be paying every month, just like you're rewarding these people that, like, break into houses all the time.


Like what if it's a recurrent burglar and they come back in a couple thousand times?


I was going to say, but over time they they steal more than eighteen thousand dollars. So I should set it up where they steal.


He just puts a thousand cash on the account. You got it. You got it. You just got to say bump the system and then just say this this this got stolen Sancho's.


I had, I had a bowling alley here. I'm gone. I had three fridges.


I'm down to one. The Pharaoh.


No was somewhere over here. I couldn't. But the problem with that is I have cameras all over my house so they want to sell you.


Don't they want to sit down before you call 911. Did I tell you that?


Did I speak about this already? The time where I tried to lie about a tree hitting my car? Yes, I try to lie about it, but they're like, OK, well, you have a camera on the back of your crime, right? And it's the footage.


I never responded to my read, but the thing is that the tree did fall on my car, but it didn't cause that mark.


So I was trying to he's trying to get everything. I was trying to get everything out of that. He agreed. But the tree wasn't even in the camera.


The tree wasn't in the camera. So there's no proof. The tree and my car, you know, sucks. Just pay everything out out of pocket. No insurance.


Just my my physical therapist is cheaper with no insurance than my dad pays with his insurance covering a portion of it. What is that? It doesn't make me crazy.


Like when they told you your total today, I was like it was under one hundred dollars. Seventy five bucks for my session with no insurance.


Mine was more than that for my knee with insurance. Exactly. What does that make sense. That makes no sense. Don't get it crazy.


Carry carry the one where is the worst. It is. They need to do a whole documentary about like insurance is fucking scary because it's what they have to have have.


I know what we're trying to find out.


What, what sucks is that like you need insurance because you know when the fucking big earthquake hits and your house gets crushed, whatever you're good over it was meant to be. If I look at it.


Did you see the have you seen Twitter these past couple days?


There's a lot there's a bunch of minor earthquakes happening around the fort right now. You're like a living, breathing Twitter. So I don't check it anymore.


You just come in and you're like, say you guys check this out. Your shirt right now is the color of Twitter. I found this out because I can't because Cali's, our friend Carly, is deathly afraid of earthquakes.


She should be. So she told Matt and Matt told me.


And I was like, what the fuck are you, Tommaseo? I checked Twitter like our friends are talking about it. Right. And and it reminded me of the earthquake that we felt a week a week ago. Remember the earthquake that woke us all up?


I think we talk about that. Yeah, we haven't talked about it. We thought it was a bomb like me and Todd, like, immediately started texting each other. And we're like, what the fuck was that?


He's like, I think was an intruder. Yeah, you heard it. So it was like, it's weird how you wake up to sounds like you hear the second half of whatever you're waking up to. So like I heard the second half of this bomb sounding like sound and I was like taut.


I think I think it was an intruder. Like, we're being broken into. And he's like, no, dude, I think it's an earthquake. So we're checking Twitter and like everybody's talking about it. Everyone's freaking out.


We woke up when it was going on and it was just like our windows and stuff rattling.


And we didn't feel anything. But the all the windows were going crazy. And I was like, what the hell?


Apparently that apparently I woke up, she was like, what's going on? Like and I was just I'm sorry. I just go back to bed.


Yeah, I was you know, I felt it. I felt it. And we were in the same bed with shaking. Yeah.


That's what's odd is that I but like you said, it's kind of like how they described it, though. He woke up for the second half of it. I guess that's what happened with all of us because I woke up to it too. But then my bed was shaking and tremors.


That's crazy.


It's also crazy that I felt comfortable enough to just, like, know, go back to sleep with this in the morning.


I'm not like we live in California and we know that it's such a common thing for Earth. Quakes happen, but when it's happening, you don't think earthquake like like you're like somebody breaking in. Like what? Because it's such a strange feeling. Yeah. Like you don't think about it.


Like they've been happening, like, overnight. That's the thing.


I was actually scared that the the big one was that your house was going to fall over the hill. I was up all night. And it's crazy that we know this earthquake is going to happen at some point. And we're just like, you know, we're just going to live our life in the city until it fucking happens. And then we're going to wish we weren't here, like sleepwalking.


Hundred and thirty years overdue or something. Yeah, yeah.


I feel like everybody's been talking about it's coming. It's going to happen. It's this is the year this little clip right now is not going to end well.


Well, yeah.


Speaking of like because in one of the podcasts I was like, we just need something crazy to happen, like shake the world up like God.


And we woke up in quarantine. So many people were bringing that shit up.


Yeah. So you posted the footage of us. I am the man for this was like in January, February two was right before. It was two weeks before the entire world shuts down.


Like thing about earthquakes is that you don't know when they're going to stop. That's what's kind of freaky, is that like I mean, hurricanes, which we all know well. Well, you guys still get hit with some.


You still got it bad. That's why I always wondered, like, how is Florida when I talk to people from Florida, they're like, oh, another another hurricane. But we, like, prepare we tie everything down because, you know, it's flooded.


It's like we prepare for anything above a Category three. Maybe it's our fun.


That's like my house floods every time there's a hurricane, everybody just has hurricane parties. It's funny because in the eye, like once you like, once it's passing. Oh, did you ever come out? We'd all come out of our house when we hit.


There were people that would come to my my area that I lived in wasn't properly drained.


Like the storm drains were a little lackluster. So it would kind of flood, but not like flood our house. The streets would just kind of flood.


And I remember during the eye of a storm, it was a Category four.


I think maybe Wilma, we we look out the window, me and my mom, we see our neighbors in a canoe just canoeing down the side of the road, like go they should.


Yeah, that's, um, this is South Florida. That is very Florida. Very Florida. And what's crazy is that when a big hurricane hits Florida, everybody outside of Florida all freaks out like, oh, my God, the floor is about to get hit. We need to pray over. But everybody in Florida is fine. Yeah. So we are we getting off work. We know it's a fucking vacation for us.


It sucks that our streets are fucking, you know, destroyed and we have to fix it. But like, for some reason, everybody kind of we just know what to do. Yeah. We just we know how to prepare.


They can be very disastrous, though. Oh yeah.


I mean, yeah. Outside like the ones outside of Florida get like is really bad. Like in Louisiana I feel like places right by. Yeah. Like NuQ. Oh.


Especially because the Gulf of Mexico is just warmer. So any time that anything gets to the Gulf of Mexico and it gets warmer water, it gets stronger.




So there's are always I feel like there's always maybe a little bit more scary.


But I was here, I mean we've been through some bad ones.


I mean, even Wilma, a Category four, I remember like standing on a little chair to look over the little eye hole in the door, the front door, and I would see my neighbors across the street, their shingles just flying.


Yeah, flying branches just coming down. Like you see telephone wires are shaking like tremoring like it's kind of scary as kid.


But then you grow up and realize that everyone's just kind of like another one.


OK, also also people people with like went after the hurricane, what happened? People would be out and like they'd be ripping tiles off their roof, trying to get a new roof, their insurance, like they'd be like fucking their shit up, trying to like or do hurricane insurance.


They're probably fucked out there. They're probably like, we need it. Like, they probably all have to like a closer business because it's like so many people, they're clearing them out, clearing them out, sometimes named earthquakes.


Like we named we named her American Boy Girl in alphabetical order. But yeah.


Oh yeah. Oh shit.


On I and when you said like I didn't know this actually but you said that every other year or something, it's like boy girl and girl boy or something like that. I know it just always flips I believe is why that is.


You're right. Like why is that the only natural disaster that has a name I got.


But. Oh right. But you were saying like so if a started for and went through it then the next one would be Adam for the next year and. But I guess me. Yeah. Yeah. They should name tornadoes like tornado Tina. Yeah.


That Oh catch you. Catchy title. Tornado Bad Baby Tornado Tsukushi six nine oh tornado tore tallentire. Did I tell you guys.


My, my little brother and sister were born during Hurricane Wilma like it was over us really.


We were like born or conceived. Born there were born. Now, in the hospital where they had a home birth, they are know in the hospital, so they were in the hospital and like a hurricane was happening. And then after they came back and we had no electricity, which is really scary because the kids need like they need like boiled like, you know, the formula that they have to drink, like it's like when they're brand new born baby is sure, they're brand new baby.


They need boiled milk. All right. You need some boiled milk.


All I know is all I know is that it was scary because, like, we had no electricity and we needed to boil water to give the heat the milk to the milk. Exactly.


Do you know what the last one was called, the one that just hit Florida? Oh, I know. And it is getting close. Stotsky baby. It was an I was it was an eye hurricane pterodactyls.


Right. Right. It on the screen. Security here. Cigarette lighter, pterodactyl colitis. OK, right there you see the name of it.


Go back right now. Was built on the right Hurricane Isaac isosceles triangle. Hurricane Ike I says.


So he was so close he was actually pretty close and we all looked at that. We're like that's izia like that's how you organize.


Is it spelled ay ay ay ay ay ay. Yes, right.


I thought it was Isaias. Yeah. Is not. What is it then. Isiah's OK.


I think.


I feel like we just got we're like losing creativity with coming up. We just ran through every name, all of that. There's a etcs listening to this right now just like why am I not valid.


Are tornadoes as scary as I that make them to be? I think they're scarier. Yeah, they're pretty bad. Oh, they're worse than what?


Tornadoes aren't really bad. I think I saw a world record they just ripped through the town.


I don't know how they figured this out, but a guy holds the world record in Guinness for the longest distance thrown by a tornado.


Oh, that's what any. So how do even know that like a thousand feet?


I think I was. Can you can you. How is he still double checking.


How did you know that? I don't know. Like Guinness has to be there to give you the right to like verify. I don't know. I saw something about it. Maybe this is there were there they were just they just happen to be in the car and they were like, all right, here comes.


Get ready, run out, run out, run out. Would you guys ever want to chase tornadoes?


I've always wanted to I always want terrifying.


Like watching Twister. Yes, Twister. Always one. Oh, my God.


That was scary. You'd want in this world with yet thirteen hundred feet.


Max Sutor of Fiordland, Missouri, holds the record for the longest known distance traveled by anyone picked up by a tornado and survive. Oh, but somebody might have been thrown further. They just.


Oh, this is all right. OK, this has to be inaccurate, though, because there's no footage of this. No, there's no proof of this. There's no Guinness. But Guinness wasn't there. How were they there? Says on the date, March 12th. Twenty six, it says, according to National Weather Service measurements.


Oh, Weather Service measuring what the tornado has, like what did they send those balls like they did in Twister the movie?


I just copy her any movement in a tornado.


I'm terrified of tornadoes because of the ride. Do you guys remember the ride twister?


No, but they I heard they shut it down. I don't know why, though. It was I've never anything. Where is that? It was in Florida. Orlando, I think Disney. You I think it was universal.


Oh, you have Universal too.


We got everything down there. I think that's all we have. Alligators, theme parks, hurricanes. They shut it down because I think it was too like scary child probably fell or something.


It's always something like that.


Like people are getting heart attacks cause I know, like it was something like that because I do remember that, right, being. Oh, here we go.


That's it. That's cool. So you're just standing there? I think so. Oh. So it's not like you're in a car or anything. You're just standing there. Right.


It's kind of like that other ride, remember, like the L.A. ride or like the.


Yes, it's kind of like I was getting confused with King Kong because King Kong you're like cart start.


Oh my gosh. We had a King Kong ride on Staten Island. So when we would have birthday parties, we would rent rides to come like down the street. And one was King Kong.


But it was like it was like one of those ships, like the pirate ships that just like swing like a good ride.


But ours was called King Kong. And we would have it come down the street and we would all go on the King Kong and then it would just drive away.


Wait, didn't you work a theme park for a while? That was your first job. Who, me? Oh, this whole thing.


Me? Yes, I was I was the mascot of an amusement park. So it was in Pennsylvania.


It's called Dorne Park. So in Pennsylvania we have Hershey Park, which I'm sure you've heard of.


It's his favorite. Like Dorne Park is basically. Yeah. It's just like another Six Flags. God, I guess John Boehner for these parks saying, I'm sorry. It's like my favorite fucking thing to do.


I know. I'm like and we haven't been in. Oh, my gosh. Is this you know, I was these two characters, I was Lucy and Snoopy Sloop Dorney Park, a mascot of Dorney Park, is Snoopy, but it doesn't even make sense.


I know, but I love it. It's like when you go to I don't know if they have them at Six Flags, but there's like a kitty section where it's like like this was Snoopy land.


So like they saw I was Snoopy, Lucy and Linus all through at the same time.


How did you separate your body to to three? Wescott's at the same time, so three shifts back to back.


So when I did meet and greets, I would. You're really out of, like, a sign, an autograph. All right. I would be Snoopy, and then we had to learn choreography for shows like on a stage.


So I would say something. Yeah. So then I was like the kids. I was like Lucy and Linus.


So we had this.


We were I hope you were that girl on the right. That's Lucy. Yeah. You look what it did. That's you in those pictures and you just don't even know it.


There's a couple pictures of me.


There's a picture of me in line somewhere. Really? It was really cool. So like, oh, that's my.


We this is. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is me right here, guys.


This is Mariah in the bottom. The bottom. This one. Lucy, that's you. Yeah. Wait, how do you know that? Because that's my stage. That's our costume. And I had this person tag me on Facebook one year. Oh, my gosh.


Look at my boobs. Look, it's so big. I can see in the background it says twenty, eleven and eleven. Yeah, I did it for a few years. Wow.


I wonder what we were doing while she was doing that. Probably fishing and drinking. Smirnoff Platinums.


I mean but like not definitely not working.


My one friend also worked at the games and he got fired because they would give us free vouchers like for ourselves.


And he was going around school and like selling them to like telling us we love and entrepreneurs and hustle right there and somebody's writing them out.


And he got fired right away.


And he was like, OK, well, I just I can't really say much because I just recently left a job on a not so great terms.


You wrote a very big team that was really good. That was a very well have a way with words.


I know how to write professional emails even when I'm not being totally professional.


Kenis, first apology in this in this industry. This is my apology video to my previous employer.


Yeah. I worked at a luxury.


I don't think I heard of it. I dunno if you guys heard of it. It rhymes with hoochie coochie.


And I just recently left on not so great terms. I say he got offered a better opportunity.


You can drink on the job. You can do whatever you want on the job. Pretty much never stopped me from drinking on the job before.


Oh no. But I, I, I liked that job for the time being. It served a purpose. But yeah I, I'm just so not used to leaving a job on bad terms.


I'm normally very professional. I know that, you know, I'm going to have to use this job as a reference and I'm going to have to do this x y but we covid-19 right now baby.


Yeah you're good. And baby, I capitalize on that fact to you.


You've always worked at like high end retail stores, correct?


Pretty much. I mean, yeah, in my adult life, yeah, I've pretty much only worked for for high end spots.


So so I didn't want to have to go out on the note that I did, but I sort of had to. It was like a B flat.


Yeah. But you sent them, you sent them a letter like a really nice letter saying that you're quitting blah blah blah. Like what happened after.


I mean I just didn't it didn't go the way that I wanted to. I wanted to like, you know, give it two weeks and, you know, thanks for the opportunity and all that stuff.


And it just kind of I'm trying to say anything incriminating, but I guess it doesn't matter.


Started it got to the point where I was trying to trying to get yourself fired. Basically, I was trying I would have been great getting myself.


I would have been great because, you know, I could have the prospect of unemployment if that needed to happen. I was also trying to see where their head was at because I knew that they were kind of paying me to work remotely for a long time. So they sent me my phone like.


They sent me my phone and I was just kind of playing it by ear when they wanted to reopen again. So you were stealing company dollars?


I was getting what I deserved on. Unbelievable.


So I was just sort of just I was ball was in their court. They kind of switched it up a few times. And I was just wondering what the best case scenario would be to get the most money to clear them out.


It's Gruchy, baby clear. They're soggy. It's all rhyming with hoochie. But but yeah, it was it was just not the best way to go out.


I wanted to give it two weeks and all that stuff, and it just didn't happen that way. So I had to basically craft a very eloquently worded email saying, thank you so much for the employment. My determination will be effective immediately. As of yesterday.


Oh, it was a little aggressive. I feel like the last thing that I wanted to do before I left this job was use my company discount, go and get the pair of shoes that I'm currently wearing.


That's right. The discounts you get are unbelievable there when you work. They're very fair. Listen, frame. Oh gee. Shoes.


Yeah, I feel like I just wanted to get that last little use of the discount and because that was my benefit and that was my right, it was a God given right to work there.


I was.


That's why I don't feel bad, is that I knew I was like really decent the whole time I worked there.


I have a question and I feel like you probably can't talk about this, but we really want to know or I really remember. You don't work there anymore. Yeah. You don't work there anymore. So you can't get a job because you're already gone. You're fired. But he fired you. You probably have dealt with like some.


You know, rich asshole celebrities or something, so you want to give us any stories on any celebrities or any well-known, he had a hard time saying the name of the story.


You think he's going to. I know. I know. But maybe you like I didn't have any bad, like, terrible relations with people that other people would have known. I had good experiences with some people. Kelly Osborne was really sweet. Oh, really? To be nice. Yeah.


She like I remember she was when she came in to shop. She was she seemed totally chill in the beginning. And then she seemed like a little bit rushed. And I'm like, oh, is everything cool. Like, are you OK?


Whatever she's like, yeah, my fucking mother is just blowing my phone up right now. And then she plays this voice memo and it's like you need to get to the jet, what are you doing?


And like it was a very warm enough. You know, that sounds like it's like scripted. Like it was. Yeah.


My friend had an interview to be there, the family's assistant, and he said they were the same way. Like he was like, it's crazy. It's like watching like them on the show. Like, what was the show?


The Osbournes just keeping up with the Osmonds. I think I might have to look that up.


Now, that's so crazy that they're just like that. Yeah, it's like manic. But but initially, like, very nice. Very nice, very like regular people, whatever. And then and then it just got a little stressful at the end when she just needed her.


So I mean, when you got to get to your private jet, you got to get to your private jet. She was really sweet.


I feel like I feel like at this job we we it was like a lot of like just people that were like a little shady. Shady in what way. Like how to be shady when you're buying. Good.


You I don't know, they just came in very like incognito and very like they looked like they had a secret and then they paid with all cash and then it was just an odd interaction.


Every time I just remember there was one guy that came in and he was really in a hurry. And I don't know why people are coming into Gucci in a hurry.


Like, what do you need so quickly, right? Yeah, that is strange. Like, he wanted a jacket and I got his eyes. I found his profile. I looked up the size that he bought in a similar jacket before we nailed down the size, very quick interaction, whatever.


And then we were at the end of the transaction. And in these types of jobs, we're not a we're not a position that's like tipped like we're paid fairly.


Yeah. So we don't accept tips, anything like that.


It was just this moment where he at the end of the transaction shook my hand.


He goes, Sorry for stressing you out, brother, like thanks for the help, shakes my hand.


And I feel a piece of paper in my hand and I instinctively just keep eye contact, not just be like, of course, put the paper in my pocket and say, you know, if you ever need anything like, you know, here's my card, I take my card out of my pocket that I put the paper in, the money called out. Yeah. And so I checked it after he left and it was one hundred dollar bill. Whoa.


Oh. I thought I was going to be some special note that he wrote like You're hot, do you like me.


Just stop you. A real juicy but good tip. So what's this.


After he was being sketchy. Yes. OK, so he said keep your mouth shut.


Yeah. You gonna see me here? Yeah. You're in his truck.


I feel like when you said that I was thinking of like, what's the word? Like, I'm thinking of the people that go in there and they buy this shit and they're like really shady and they're probably not trying to, like, be very suspicious. I'm trying to think like they're probably buying shit to wear for very sketchy things, like underground sketchy things, or they're trying to think of like or you get some, like, money on the low from something.


You just got to spend it real quick, try to like.


There was an instance that I'm just I'm I still don't understand. That's the only thing this these people I remember they came in on. The day before Christmas, I want to say Christmas Eve, the day before. That's correct. There we go.


It was Christmas Eve. It was the day after Christmas. They come in, I swear they must have been not one of them was older than 16.


And they came in with, like Hynde's Louis Vuitton bags on bags, on bags and bags and bags. And it just didn't really make sense. They came in right before we closed. They were pretty much the only people that were currently shopping.


Everyone else had kind of left. And I was the one that was helping them. And in my mind, I was excited about the prospect of selling a lot because I saw that they had bags. But then at the end of the day, I was like, y'all are like 16, like Max.


How like what is this? Are you guys pulling my leg? Are these a bunch of empty LV bags? I didn't get it. Did they look very confident? Were they like, oh, you know, we know exactly what we're doing? They looked very. Did they look like Daddy's money?


No. Daddy's money, 16. Oh, like.


Oh, you mean like father? I'm like, what he was thinking. Sugar, sugar.


No, no they didn't. They all seem very like they were not like prissy teenagers or anything like that.


They were very like rough around the edges and they were nice and cool and whatever. But they were just like, OK, you don't have that on a large like I mean, like large would be better, but like yeah, whatever. Like I'll just take the extra large. And then I also wanted shoes and like this bag is really cool.


Can you tell me about this bag. And I was like, what's happening? And then fast forward to the end of the transaction. They spent 21 grand wallet in twenty.


I be like in that situation, if I was in your shoes, I feel like I would call somebody before making this transaction.


But baby, when you're making commission, I know you don't know what to say when they pay with the car. Do you check for ID or anything? We do, yeah. We checked Friday and that's the card that means. But I remember the name. OK, so I won't say the name but how old were they.


Because you got their I.D..


Yeah, there was a ringleader and she was probably at least 16 and my gosh, maybe she was older but she's I mean she didn't look like she didn't really they didn't none of them acted like they were older or anything like that.


They seemed like kids and. But they're just you two girls. I don't know.


She gave me her I.D. She gave me her card. The names matched. But before that I asked, oh, and what's the name for the profile? And she gave me a different name.


She might be somebody like like a daughter of somebody really famous. I don't know. I honestly wish that I don't remember the name.


I don't remember the real name. I remember the fake name that she gave me.


It was a fake name. Google it. Oh, come on. No, I didn't Google it. That's the thing. Oh, I Googled it right after she just like when people check into a hotel and they had to go under an alias.


Alias. Oh she basically alias names. She basically gave me the name of a porn star and the spelling of it she spelled it the name that the porn star spelled it. She sold it a specific way.


So do you think this is like the porn stars, little sister or like I dell'orto but then she literally came in probably I would say close to a year later, and I recognized her when she came in the store.


And I go, I think you shop with me before. And she goes, Yeah, man, I think I did. She came in just her and another friend again, seeming like it was this it was just she brought this guy friend that was just young and just whatever and shit. And she buys another eighteen grand that day.


What in the world does this whole lawsuit like this world that we just don't think you get it.


What is going on, what is going on. What is going on. Like when you saw that, what did you think was going on.


I was just like so like long day of shopping, huh.


And she's like, yeah, she's like we just fell into a lot of money recently and lost a weird lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit, lottery.


I don't know what it was. It could have been lottery, too. Like, I feel like I dreamed up a lottery just because I'm like these people seem like this is how people would react if they were dead.


One I know. Is this connected to the sixteen year old girls that you were talking? It was the same group a year later.


I mean, that seems sketchy to me. The whole situation, it seems like it needs to be looked into. I mean, if they came into money, I mean, it makes sense what 90 percent of people who win the lottery go bankrupt. It makes no sense. It reminds me of when David and I went to his hometown to buy those three cars for his friends.




And this was for his this was for his for four hundred and twenty video. Right. Got a big surprise. The three best friends with.


So we go to Mercedes and we're walking around and obviously we're younger than the average demographic that is going into Mercedes and buying cars and nobody's giving us the time of day like they're just like piss off. We're like, can we find this type of car? They're like, yeah, it's out in the in the lot somewhere. We're like, you can't like, take it out. It's our. We're busy, so I like what the fuck it was like, I don't know, I guess they were profiling.


You're someone that's gonna make three three car purchases, right?


You know, we started getting annoyed.


So it's the same like, I guess if you have little kids walking in and you're like, oh, you're in Gucci, you guys are probably just being little shits, but like, you don't know who's who, what's what. Right. So we kind of, like, started getting mad. So the guy finally got somebody's attention and we're like, how much for this one? He's like this price. And then we're like, could we do this?


And he's like, no, like, it's whatever. I was like, could you do that price if we bought three of them?


He goes, If you buy three of them, I'll give them for this price.


We're like, cool, wrap it up. We'll do it right now. He was just like. Oh, my, just made him feel so stupid. It's true. I mean, I won't even lie. There have been times when the thing is I mean, it's human nature, like even even working in this field for so long, there is a certain type of clientele that you just grow to expect and pattern.


Right. And it's not it's nothing to do with half the time. It's nothing to do with, like, how they look or how they or whatever. But when someone carries themselves in a certain way, you just feel like like are you in the right place or are you just messing with me? Or is this something you just say?


Like kids are coming all the time, like good you get good. You Gangitano, they're not going to bite. That's another weird thing.


Like you tend to until two years ago, I would never walk in the store like I still to this day, like I work for these types of brands and like, I still don't feel comfortable going into a place like that unless I'm looking to buy something.


Yeah. Oh yeah.


But kids nowadays, they're like they go in and they want to see stuff that's in like the rap videos and they're like, oh my gosh, have you helped any celebrities. And I'm like, yes, I have. And they're like, who? And I go, that's confidential information now it's not but literally now it's not.


Air it out baby. Air it out. Yeah, but that's what these little kids come in and they ask and they go, can I see that? And can I whatever. And it's annoying. Like it's annoying to have to deal with these little kids that, you know, aren't going to buy anything.


But at the same time, like, we all had to help those types of kids, if they're sweet, if they're kind of, you know what, one day they're going to be going in there and spending their first paycheck because that's all they want. All right.


Well, that was do you see, I need to get to the bottom of that story. Lots of unanswered questions.


I mean, speaking of juicy, I have a juicy segment for you guys if you guys are down. I got a lovely email from Kate from Atlanta. Hey, Kate from Atlanta, Catalana.


And she was wondering if you guys were aware how much fan fiction was out there about you guys. We're very well aware of the law.


Are you? You are. He just reads it before bed. He's just like, tell me about it. A long time to get two different answers. Like three like three years like.


No, like years ago. I'd like people would always like send it to like I've seen like so quite interesting.


I used to see a bunch on Tumblr about like one direction, one huge fan fiction, and they would have little photostats of the outfits.


Like this is the outfit you wear when you meet Louis, like for the first time it's fan fiction like always like sexual or is it not necessarily know?


Does it have to be just like fictional stories about somebody that you love? Yeah, the ones people share are always sexual because are like interest.


Gotcha. Gotcha. However, the ones that I have prepared may or may not be sexual. We will find that out together. You have you have some about us. Yeah, I did some research and I found some fanfiction regarding you guys. OK, I'd like you to read it for the audience. A little story time, OK? It doesn't have our scripts.


Do it. Should we do a read line. I have ones for both of you.


If you guys feel uncomfortable at any moment, you can stop.


But I'm just saying that I'm just saying whoever gets the furthest into their story when. Yeah. And the audience is going to vote on who won the segment.


Really. Thirty first one to get hard loses.


The first one to have a walk like this. And he's like, I'm out.


I'm going to give a little back story to the story that. Heath is going to read for us, so he's going to go first stepped off of his horse, right. Just a little back story for you guys.


Heath and Louise have been together for a year and five months now. Louise is content with how the relationship has been going. But when a rowdy YouTube shows up at David Newsbreaks House party and tries to shake things up between them, how will he react?


Oh, OK. Now let's see what I do. I do what I do from from the top. I don't I don't have to read anything. We go, oh, OK.


This is my story to tell you what that. All right, baby.


I heard Heath yell from the other room. Yeah. I answered, Do you know where my birds are? He asked cowboy ones. I asked him, Babe, you know, those are not cowboy boots. He steps close to me with a smile on his face. Oh, dear Lord, how much I love that smell. They definitely are. Look at the closet. I said I already looked and they are not there. He whined and sat on the couch.


Heath Zane yelled, put different shoes on. We have to get going. But maybe I want to wear those, he whined. I always got confused because he called us both me and Zane babies and I didn't know if he was talking to me. Baby, we have to go. Zane told me and hugged me from the back.


He placed a great game pass looking like a hole can.


He wrote this card.


He just sat there last night just looking out all just like now. Basically all the popular YouTube was for that.


Also, Jake, Paul, he had a thing when he's not one of the popular eyes. Let me just skip to where it's juicy. He put me down on the floor. I walked in. Right. And pushed against the door and his lips locked on mine. He was kissing me eagerly with passion. He killed my face with his hand, pulling me closer to him. Oh, felt a burning sensation in my lungs. Now, baby, that's the cigarette, all right.


And he pulled away his forehead resting on mine.


I love you, Louise, he said, and kissed me again.


Baba, sorry.


He was mine and I was his. He got. Somebody is writing this about me. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Take it off. Whoa.


He kissed me again, slowly moving down from my little tree.


He kissed me again.


He looked at me and I saw sparks in his eyes. He rubbed it.


Rub this blood, rub it is what I can't do this rub this one. Is he tapping out? He rubbed his wife.


You can't you can't read past that. He's got to read past it. I guess that he pulled his glasses.


Yeah. Oh my God. There's a moment of silence. You both trying to catch our breath. Never. And I mean never talk about Jake again or I'll fucking kill him.


And that's how it ends. Territorial.


I think that's a recurring theme, honestly, in my research about them.


They like it when their object of affection, like if it's about you or if it's about, you know, Zane, like they like when the person gets territorial about them, like there's no way they would ever let you stray from their arms, you know.




It's interesting how I mean, I thought the I thought the cowboy boots thing was kind of funny because it's just like what the general audience thinks of you and like what your life is like behind closed doors.


You just can't find my cowboy boots. Yeah, that's your your daily struggle and can't find the boots, which is so untrue because you're probably to be right there.


Right right there. And I know exactly it's like fucking thing about me like that, but I know you well. I'm not forgetful.


There are some for you too that I found that were pretty. I feel like they were accurate. Think we can skip that. Yeah. I feel, I mean, you know, comment down below. If you guys want voluntourism uncomfortable shit in a future episode. Yeah.


But we'll leave it at that.


Always leave them wanting more. Speaking of Jake, Paul, in this fantasy world, did you guys see or hear anything about what just happened?


Yeah, that was the raid. The FBI raided his house.


Oh, right. Yeah, that's crazy. So does the FBI raid anybody's houses if they're suspected to have, like, large guns? Because he obviously had large guns in his house.


So supposedly it wasn't because of that. They just happened to be found. Right. That's during the raid. So.


Well, it was nobody knows what the reason was still to this day.


Nobody knows why there is speculation. Yeah, there's speculation that they saw him in some sort of protest or something that was like riot related Rio. And someone identified him as taking part in the bad things that were going on. And so I think that's where the investigation stemmed from, to make sure that he was not actually involved in those things.


But there were also things that were made public, like there was a video that was posted on his channel that openly displayed guns on his wall.


So I don't know if the people were also tipped off about that. Right.


Did they put like the guns? Did they suspect him to riot against the police or something with all these guns? Like, what was that?


No, I mean, they just I think they just knew that he had them, so. Like, if somebody was accusing someone of looting and rioting and they were identified in a video, this is so-and-so, he's a big YouTube, you should go check him out. If he was suspected of doing those things, they would have to respond. And if they knew who he is and if his address is well known or whatever, they're going to investigate it.


And if somebody gives them a tip that says also FBI, I I just watched this last video. He has guns in his house. That's why they have to take extra precautions. Yeah, they have to be aware of that. And they have to confiscate those, you know, weapons and all that stuff. So I think that's what happened.


There was like drone shots, like the guns, like like like laying against like the Jacuzzi and said, did you see that? I don't know, hostage or not. But it looked it looked like it looked like a drug cartels.


What if they were fake FBI and it was just a prank or not a prank, but like a. Publicity stunt, I don't I don't think so because it was clearly the FBI. I mean, he released a statement saying that these pictures I mean, he he said that he denies any like, you know, partaking in looting or rioting or anything like that. He said that he was peacefully protesting at the time and that, you know, everything was just kind of, I guess, blown out of proportion.


But of course, the headlines are going to say, you know. Threat to society, Jake, Paul has many guns in his house that are now confiscated. You know, it's it's just like I think before people knew more about it, that was just all they were seeing was they were seeing drone shots of like guns being extracted from his house. And everyone just kind of.


Yeah, you know, because I'm sure if you if FBI raids d'Amboise Aryan's house are going to find I mean, you can you can have guns as long as they're they're legally owned firearms.


Yeah, right.


I just think to one of their first kind of methods of operation.


But those pictures, it looks like it looks like some shit you'd see in narcos.


So this is the video, that video as he was filming a prank. And there were they were openly displayed. I mean, that's absolutely stupid to have gun guns just sitting on the wall.


And those aren't like fake guns. There's a real guns that are hung on the wall.


I mean, if they're caught, do you not have a safe? Well, that's another thing. Like in California, you have to have them locked up. Yeah. You can't just have a gun out.


I did not know that. Yeah. So that was kind of a violation of, you know. Yeah. I guess right there.


Go let me see the gun on the wall.


OK, so I will tell you right now that a car doesn't have a fin grip, which is illegal and it looks like it has quite a few accessories and that's not California legal.


Heath was going to be a guy. Well, there you go from the man himself, the cop that never was he.


Husar we went off a little off topic.


All right. All right.


I think we like episodes like this because they go by so quick. Yeah. It feels like we just started this conversation today and last episode, I felt like we were in our living room, which I have lost and had in a long time.


Yeah, exactly. I love that. We're going to wrap this podcast up, guys. Thank you again for tuning in to Zanin Heath unfiltered. We post the audio of this podcast every Monday on Spotify, on Google podcasts for all that.


And we post a video for him on YouTube, deconsolidation and Heath every Tuesday, the day after.


Make sure to get our Mirch Banjoko, Zane and going to grab it. And then also we have the gaming starting up soon. We've got the set up and get ready for that.


Yeah, we're really excited about that. We we just got all of our shit and our computer, our carpet, all that stuff. We're going to set it up. I think we're going to we might film it. We don't know yet, but it's going to be really exciting and we can't wait to start that. All right, guys, and as always, thank you again so much for listening. We love you. And we will see you next week.


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