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Good morning until their family say it fell asleep on the podcast couch last night, so we decided to wake them up with today's episode Erica. Good morning. It's coffee. Baby, wake up, rise and shine. Good morning, baby. This is a joke, right?


No, this is dead, I swear, recording the podcast right now. Oh, I got you something, baby. We've been up and Adam, guys, it is six forty five right now. Come on, baby.


Is this for real? Right. Now this is where intro starts, but up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up.


OK, well, welcome back.


Oh, my gosh. I said good morning, baby. I got you a little coffee.


You know, one I mean, not just coffee on and it spilled all over the floor. Is that actually six forty five in the morning. Yes. Also, I got you the damn coffee, you ungrateful bastard.


Yes, sir. I'm like, do you think I should get seen something? I feel bad.


Yeah. Are you in your underwear? Yeah.


You know, I don't like to wear any clothes when I sleep first panelist podcast's.


So I feel better.


I'm feeling good now and I got to feel good now. You're feeling good.


I feel like that guy and when he got interviewed after surfing came up, what it was like when you just knock the coffee off. WAPA what exactly are you looking for. I am confused and I feel bad because this carpet is now ruined. It's OK once you ruin one of his car. But you know what?


It smells like coffee now. So does it feel better?


Like are you awake? No. Oh no. I woke up this morning and I was like, let's frickin do this. Amazing. I bet you you guys probably had time to get up, brush your shower, you know, get a couple laughs out of the way.


You know, it started off as a joke, too. Yeah. Like we were like we wake up Z and we do the podcast and then we kind of just looked at each other and oh ladies and gentlemen, they are not kidding.


It is seven oh eight. I haven't been released.


He's ever been I haven't been up this early for four years since scores since preschool.


Maybe let's make a little little new habit out of it.


Yeah. All right. Give us a riff, Zane. Yeah. So what's been going on? No, no. Give us a give us it's covid talk. Where's the coffee?


On the floor. You forgot like a joke. Yeah, that.


Let me hear that. Oh, knock, knock. No, no. Say it's coffee. All right. That's the wrong word.


Or run I think is in a riff like a joke. Like it gives a little riff. I was thinking like a riff off a riff raff like pitch perfect or something. That's a pitch off.


No pitch perfect. There's a part there's a scene called the Riff Off, and they start like singing and battling. Yeah.


You know, they charge you more for something. It's a riff off my chest hurts. Let me get it. Call he needs this coffee.


He's oh no know. I know. I know. I'm being dramatic. It's coffee.


Yeah, it's coffee. It's all good baby. Yeah. Wow, not too bad. Speaking of pitch perfect.


All right, so what do you what do you got going on for the rest of the day now that you're up at this crack of dawn?


Well, I'm going on a flight somewhere exotic.


Oh, as you should. As you deserve as Florida. Oh, it's exotic. Go nowhere. Nice to me.


That's that's a tropical vacation.


It's great for you. Yeah.


Well, at least our heat wave has been warming you up. Yeah. Oh yeah. And have you heard of the tornado that's happened in Miami? No, I saw a bunch of water. Do you guys know what a waterspout is? Yes.


Tornado in the water, dude. Oh, wait. Maybe it was a tornado on the water then.


It's like when you sell your sink and then you start draining it and it goes it's one of those water spinning because it was it was like near the beach, the one in South Florida that just happened.


It was a waterspout that turned into a tornado. I thought it was, oh, my goodness, what on earth that's in Florida.


Talk about a joke. Or they're like, no, we're just getting it turned into a fucking tornado.


I'm wondering if, like, it works the same as a hurricane where once it goes in the water, it gets stronger.


It's not a thing I. But I feel it. We do not have any natural disasters where I bet, bet, right.


Yeah. Meteorologist Mariah Amato weighing in.


Yeah, but there's a 30 percent chance that it's already rated. He said he could tell when it's about to rain because of his knees.


It's true.


My joints ache before a heavy rainfall. We're laughing. But he seems that way when your ankles are what knees or your knees are.


What I feel happened more in Florida because, you know, like the humidity and everything, I would just be able to tell whenever there was some barometric pressure changes because my knees would start aching a little bit.


That's like a common thing if you look it up like people's joints hurting.


If you have like I don't say it's a comment that sounds like let it be made up. Yeah, I'm basically one of the X-Men. That's really it's kind of cool.


It is water. Whether names be named Hurricane Heath.


Oh, that's a good one. I like to thank you. Give me one. Give me one.


Hirko Hurricane Torsella Hurricanes. And also some jokes are coming in today.


Back to you. Monsoon rains. Monsoon, mudslide, Mariah. Oh, God, that was a thousand better things.


Think this is a catastrophe with a catastrophic event. It's lovely.


It sounds like. Oh, Sue in you I always say so. Now you say, oh, you think anybody grows up and it's like, I want to be a weatherman.


There's a science center by my house. And they had like a room that you go into and you can, like, be a weatherman and see how it actually like works and stuff. So I did that.


Did they have the job and want to do city weather?


Man Yeah. I don't know. I didn't have anybody on camera.


Like, was that a thing like did you would you walk through the city, you'd see a TV that had a kid on it, like reporting the news. All I know about it was from the commercial.


You know what it is? City.


Yeah, you can do it. They want to do right. I never actually got to go.


I don't think my parents cared enough about my career choices in life.


Clearly, look at me like I really for some reason, I really wanted to be a dentist. You hate the dentist. I know.


I think it's because of all the tools and shit like we're always interested me like that, like just the just everything they had to use always like as a kid. It was like, oh, what about a carpenter or Jesus was a car.


No, I didn't see enough carpenter work or carpenters in my life.


What do they do. Carpets. You could work at a theater. A circus. Oh, that's prepared you for this podcast.


I should have done your city hospital movie studio, recording studio, courthouse, bakery, dentistry office and public park library.


Mine, mine, mine. Like you could work in the mine. Work in a coal mining OK. Archaeological site.


Oh yeah. Among other locations. Wow. What a great idea.


If that was in twenty twenty does not open anymore logging room. Oh my God. I actually would be though that's what side. Yeah. Why don't they have something like that though. Because that's true. It did seem like really smart.


It is really smart because we're brainwashing the kids man. We don't want them to grow up and have any goals or anything.


Tubers that would be in the New York City gravity. Imagine all these girls that little Instagram. Influenza's all right, honey. You're going to oppose this. We're going to go photo shoot. Go ahead, sell the product.


It's like photography. Marketing. Oh, my God. Make sure at the end you say swipe up, guys.


Pick a pick a brand you want to promote. We have teeth whitening. They're all like off brand names. We're promoting crust white strips today.


You have a little flight today. You got to catch later. Yeah. What about you? What you got going on?


Well, speaking of flying, we've had some problems with flies.


Oh, my God. That's true. Oh, my God. Well, give us give us. We massacred.


No joke. 30 to 40 flies in the house. Well, that's because of myself in the last couple of days, no baby to be laborious after we were putting in the hard work.


Yeah, we were putting in the manual labor before we got into this.


Hot has about 15 confirmed kills under its belt. Yeah, very good. Just saying. And these hands I've got about 70. Yeah.


Yeah. I don't know what's going on. Like apparently a lot of people have been having issues with flies even all across the US.


Yeah, it's just. Yeah. And they're coming in the house I don't think through doors. They're coming in through vents and shit because the amount of flies that we all have in our house is like it makes no sense.


I don't understand it. It smells like death in there because it just smells like the burning. It's like Christmas. Yeah.


I think they were all affected by the heat because they were all just gravitating towards the sliding glass door and they were all just chillin there. And then and they really slowed down though. Yeah.


Like couldn't fly like at a normal speed. They were like just smacking them smack that bitch day.


Yeah. Thirteen. And there's certainly no we've been pretty good.


I don't think I've had any in the last day.


I think we, I think we should have been, there actually hasn't been any. Right.


No. And we've been so trained to like kill all of them and then have a bunch come back. I was just ready for I was ready for them to be more I was ready to kill more with the flies up because that was actually fun.


Yeah. You don't know what you have till it's gone, right? Yeah, till it flies away. It's it's very satisfying. Just hearing the shock of that flies bones snapping.


It looks really fucking it's a good one.


But I think the. Have you seen the bug assault. The bug is old enough. Yeah. It's a it's a gun that shoots salt at flies.


The fact that you're talking about shooting bugs with salt, you just said flies have bones.


I don't know what's happening, baby. I'm seventy five percent there. That's almost 100 percent incorrect.


We got pretty a pretty comfortable over the last few days with the heat wave in the pool. Yeah.


I don't even go to the pool because I like it's still so hot outside to me. Like like when I'm outside of the pool it's still like I can't breathe like a heat wave.


The air so thick.


But that makes sense. No. Well to me but like me, like it feels like Florida outside right now.


Like when you're in Florida.


So why aren't you swimming go in the water because I don't even want to be outside, kind of outside. I'd rather be like in the A.C. like, oh got it. I thought you were like, well I don't swim because it's so hot out. It's like, wait, what?


Sorry, our AC has been broken. So it's been hotter inside than outside. Oh. So he have to just be sitting.


So yeah our our pool has been our saving grace and you have his grace.


You were saving grace. What was she trying to get girls over.


Not to mention the fact that you have a son in the back. Now my back house AC broke too. Yeah it is fixed now. It is an igloo.


It is air quotes fixed now. Yeah.


So the the thermostat broke so I, uh, I bypassed the thermostat and now it's just running constantly and you can't turn it on or off or set any temperature. It's just on. It's super cold in there. Freeze.


Yeah. That's probably why I got like really cold. Yeah. Like I love really cold.


They go, I keep my loss. I can't keep my house at like sixty four. Yeah. Your house is so it's it's a nice spot. Yeah. Yeah. But this house is like uncomfortably cold.


So I'm, I heard someone say my house is uncomfortably uncomfortable, uncomfortably cold was Carly. And I remind because Carly said that she doesn't like to come over because it's uncomfortably cold at my house. And now that you just said that made me think like oh my gosh, that's probably why like maybe we should think about gas and others.


Yeah. I think those other people. Oh, my God.


That's why people want to come over my house. Yeah, that's right. That's why that's why all my roommates are going. Because you haven't seen them in week old was a privilege growing up.


Is that why you like blasted all the time. No, no, no, no. It's just my body just gets really hot because in my family, like, AC was not all right.


It was. It was a privilege and like it was never on oh, so like you wanted to ask what I wanted, my dad would freak out if we touched it. Yeah.


Oh, I never touched it. Did. It was below 78 degrees when it got over 80 in Florida.


Yeah. Kick it on to eighty to seventy eight.


And that was all we could have in your house with the trying to do a song like this, you have what is literally covered in water everywhere.


And it would just be like, Mark, can we get a little bit more on some of those calls? Are you having, boy?


There's like eucalyptus like roguelike essential oils. Oh, my God.


It was bad. I think I rather it be cold inside a house than hot because I know most people like it a little colder.


Yeah. Some people are just like weird with stuff like that though. Like David, when we drive around in his car his fireplace is on in August.


That's true. His house is always hot, but his car, he doesn't put any air-Conditioning on Windows Up and it's just the stagnant. He likes the feel of like that, like suffocation, like still air.


Just no movement is very just like, oh, no, I can it makes me so uncomfortable.


It does feel like you're in other people's air too. It's like this like weird. Like shared space. Shared air.


Yeah. That's a good way to put it. Share share will share it. Er it does get in here. Oh stop.


What I mean is that a Hilary Duff movie here. No I was clueless. Come on. We just watched it get a clue.


We act like we've been like we actually active in the pool. We were in the same end of the pool. For how long. Literally an hour. Just sitting thinking of caption ideas.


Yeah. I don't want to post pictures anymore because like, I just don't want to think about a caption. Yeah. Fuck captions.


Why do we need to feel the need to come up with something funny in order to post a picture or something like ready post funny pictures.


Maybe you don't have to have a funny caption like me.


Maybe I'll just face two and every one of them make it look like I have a fat ass. OK, you've done that to have done that one time to promote my merch. Well, you see, you're using it to promote your merch.


I use it just to promote my ass. Oh, this big ol fat ass.


I actually was inspired by Mariah a couple of weeks ago when you gave me an idea for a little game we could play. So since all your friends worked so hard on all their Instagram captions, I figured we could play a game where you guys try to see the caption and then who's whose caption it is.


Oh, on my friend's couch. I know.


I know who my friends are around one. All right. I look like I've completely lost it. I would like to thank my hairdresser, my stylist and my mental breaking point for making this possible. Oh, Mariah's got to go.


I already know. I know what it is to. Oh, this is somebody in our friend group, correct? I know who it is. You know for sure. Yeah, I know for sure. I can make a guess, but like on the count of three, let's all say to the same time. One, two, three. Scott. Oh, OK. There it is, Maggie. Now reaction. I remember that picture. I don't remember that hair.


All right.


Next one is I thought I was the cutest one in the pic until I saw the little baby toes crying emoji crying.


I have no idea who this is. I think I'm ready. You know who it is. Yes. What's your guess? Um, dingo's I know exactly who it is. Uh, Todd. OK, Todd. Guess Todd.


And you have to pay attention to the emojis people use. Yeah. OK. All right. Should we just see it ready. Yeah.


You're all wrong. It was error. Oh fuck. Oh she look good. Oh wow. Aaron has really funny captions.


I thought. I thought about Aaron. I thought about Aaron too. But I was like, she doesn't that didn't take place. It didn't sound like yeah.


It isn't like her at all. Next one we got Mariah and Eric.


Every captured is two words. And you know what really helps is the capital P and. Oh really.


Yeah. Oh wow. That sticks out like a sore thumb in a pop and lock.


And the P in the beginning is capitalized, which you discussed. Stop shaming her for proper grammar. I say proper grammar.


It's pop and rock letter and yours was the hardest to find because obviously every single one of yours is a pun.


And so I couldn't, I couldn't put anything that was like spelled like if you said mistake and spelled it like a steak dinner or something like that, I couldn't put anything like that.


So I'm like, I got to go with this simple pop and lock. Maybe they won't get it.


But everyone now it's Mariah. Wow. And me, September 30 of 2017. We were so naive.


All right. We got the face of erectile dysfunction. It's either Zane or Scott I'm getting. Yes, Jason, I'm going to say Todd. Oh, that's a that's a Todd that's taught here is everyone walking in there and it's taught you everybody pop locking covid and locking in there. Oh, yeah. Let's go. We have a winner.


Zain, it was big. Oh, wow. OK, this next one says Karinna on her period, crying, Oh, God. Oh, I know. Wait, wait, wait. Todd, Todd I guess. Todd two.


Yeah, three for Todd. Very good.


Trick question. It was Correna. No one would put her name in her own cups.


I don't remember that picture. Me neither. I'm surprised none of you posted her herself crying.


I guess that it could have been her. All right. You should post it.


Your sleep paralysis demon asking for a snack. What? You always talk about sleep paralysis.


It's either this is like very Kali's it's either Carlier Zaim, because you guys both had that sleep paralysis demon phase phase.


It's probably it's Kaleen. It is very good. Makeup in this picture, I love it.


All right, is it my cousin so hot new video up link in bio man Zane is it my because it's a girl.


Because if a guy did it, that just be weird. I feel like no.


Because what your friend says new vid up Lincoln bio. Which one of the girls say that? None of them the guys do that, I think I have a feeling about me, you have a feeling me. You're like you have a heart because I was going to say in what context? Yeah.


Is it my cousin so hot? I think it's either Correna.


No, Karinna, I wouldn't say new vict uplinking bio. You've never looked like she's posted videos of him on Curtis Page, like every day scrolling back in twenty fifteen.


You're like, oh that's when she goes to see my which isn't so hot. It kind of looks like like he would say new it up. Lincoln bio's just like that too.


I was so hot. I'm going to say Correna I'm telling me you're right, it's. It was really big and spun the fuck, that's funny, yeah. Twenty sixteen.


Oh, I like this one. I found water on Mars. What's up, Matt Damon?


There is this picture that I posted a long time ago that looked like I was holding water on a planet.


Oh, that is I'm mean, I'm going to say, oh, this is a so funny that you want to remember.


Like, you know, when I read them, like, what the fuck was I saying? I don't like what does that even mean? It's definitely saying it's me.


It's Jeff. Oh, there he goes.


I wanted it to be twenty sixteen. Twenty sixteen. Jeff oh.


Praying for Zane's dignity. That could be any of us.


It's just all lowercase but it just looks like Matt. It's Matt.


Yeah. I mean, newer ones don't know anything past twenty seventeen. No, I'm living in the past.


Can I read this? Sure. No filter many Margarita's Natalie Natalie.


It's not only she looks good in blue.


Yeah. Strive for progress, not perfection. Strive for progress. Perfection.


Look, it's obviously a joke. I know.


I think it's a joke too. Maybe it is that same.


I mean, I say man, and I bet it's like one of his face in pictures would like anyways.


And I think I put that right after the Natalie went on purpose because they both sound like they sound from similar perspective.


They're good. All right. Last round right after this, I got lost for seven hours.


David, either David or Todd. I'm going. David, it's David Acocella.




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I was going to ask you, what was that? There was a documentary that you were, like, raving about a couple nights ago.


I was watching this Netflix docu series. It was called Inside the Toughest Prisons.


And I watched like a couple of.


It's crazy the way they run system like prison systems outside of this country.


Like they literally have people living in, like trash and like waste.


No no cells, no beds. Like we're we're watching the certain one. And people were literally digging through trash so they can find food to sell to other like other inmates wild.


And also like these prisons. If you get accused for something, whether you were there or not, like or if someone says you did something and the cops take you throw you in prison, you're in prison for three to four years before you even get a trial to see if you're innocent or guilty.


Oh, and then there was another episode where there they were showing a prison system in Norway. And it was like the most beautiful fucking prison.


It was like really like I could I can imagine it's like on top of like a glacier or something.


No, it looked more like a really high end, like menta like like a mental facility.


It looks like a college dorm. Yeah.


They treat like they treat you with like with utmost respect in there.


You know, it's bigger than an L.A. apartment that looks like a hot like a nice hospital. The flight scenes getting honest to Norway.


Like I don't get arrested.


No, but I mean, it makes sense because I mean, it's like a correctional institute. It's literally they're trying to correct a problem. They're not just putting them there to, like, forget about them.


But at the same time, I'm like, there are some shit that people do that I don't think they should even be able to live right.


So much that. Yeah, I mean, that's understandable.


Did you grow up like what was your thoughts on prison and just everything like being a kid, like having Dair and like having cops come into class and like, talk about jail?


I always thought jail was like how they show it in cartoons.


They give me when I was a kid, when I was like in fifth grade and like they came to my school, I just in my head, jail was always like like Tom and Jerry, like the typical the salad bar is like sliding with like is on a big ring.


Yeah. Oh my gosh. That's so funny. Did you go. We went on a field trip to like see a jail.


Did you see one of those. That's cool. Wanted to see. And so we got to see like a cell and stuff like that. It's exactly what I thought it would look like.


I'm sure like different places like look different, but it was like just the bars you got like this bed and a metal toilet.


And it's like I'm was just like, oh, but I didn't realize there's like a gym, there's like a courtyard. I didn't know.


I don't know, I don't know what I thought it was, you know, like the longest yard I like pictured that I remember though, like hearing about it and in my head, like being a child, I thought it was something that could just randomly happen. And it was like my biggest fear that I would go to jail. I don't know why.


I was just always terrified of it because I thought it wasn't like I thought it was like really like karma. And it was just like it could happen to me, I think is also maybe our parents.


It was just a quick answer to be like, you're going to go to jail if you do that, like like turning on the light in the car.


No, we'll go to jail, you know, things like that. I think it was just a quick like don't do that because this is going like just like you're going you could go to jail for that.


I remember, like, crying, thinking about the possibility of me going to jail, meanwhile, was smoking cigarettes when I was sixteen.


So he's like, yeah, I got over that pretty quick.


In Pennsylvania, we have the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Is it made into a museum now or.


It's a facility? Yeah, it's maybe it's not a facility.


Know opened in 1829. It says it was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world. So maybe that's it. But today stands in ruins.


Al Capone was in the Eastern State Penitentiary, so they have his cell on display and they like, kept it as is.


Wow, not crazy. Monster walks by every time. It's really crazy to go there.


It says so on. His time was spent in relative luxury. It was like the biggest cell drug lords and cartels.


They live good in prison. And when they were taken, you know, how did the best, though, huh? Pablo Escobar. Mm hmm.


Is it crazy that currency is flowing through prison systems like these people can get money and then you pay money to other prisoners for items.


But like, how the fuck is money getting through there? You know what I mean?


And like, you go like buy cigarettes and like, where where are you getting cigarettes?


And can't you, like, buy shit off cops, too? Yeah, I don't understand that whole like system like. Oh, like a little manop like when they make their own.


Oh I had to make my own alcohol. I had like what, what else do you have. Like I don't understand how that works.


Toilet one. Have you seen Empire. No. No it's insane.


Like the amount of like. Transactions that take place from the outside to the inside, like people have moles on the inside of prisons, it's insane like that. They they they pass money back and forth. If someone's in jail, that's like a part of a gang that someone wants dead so they can pay someone off to, like, kill them in jail. It's crazy.


I know that's not like an exact true story, but people have commented on it and saying, yeah, that's how the system is.


It's just like really sneaky and and like people that have cell phones that. Oh, have you seen have you seen prison tech talks? Yes. You haven't hit that on your 40 page yet? No.


Prison doctors take talks that were filmed in prison like like prisoners doing like like like the popular dances in their orange jumpsuit, like in their cell.


And it looks like it's from like an android. There was like three inmates that I saw. I found their video because they used my sound like they're like they're in there like so like doing the dance, but the bottom like the music says Mariah Motto's original sound. Really?


Yeah. It's so bizarre. That's how I found it. Mariah goes on a prison tour, so we're performs for all her fans. I'm here to meet my fans.


She just we just watched a kind of gangbuster movie, too.


What was it called again? Oh, tax collector.


Tax collector. Oh, I heard the movie was awful. You the truth.


The truth. The trailer looks really bad. Also, I can watch. I am so confused because the reason I watched it Shi'ah Labov got his entire body tattooed for this role. Yeah that's fucking nuts.


Got creeper written across his stomach actually tattooed. Yeah.


Oh I didn't know what tattoos he got. He got, he got his, his name in the movie is Creeper.


I've never even heard of and it's got like. Just crazy chest piece, his stomach will pull up. You really got this tattooed?


I had no expectations of the preview. I haven't even seen the trailer. But the fact that he got it tattooed for this movie, I was like, oh, this is going to be some like Shilov epic type of tale.


Like, he gets this tattoo and I'm like, oh, my God, this is going to be some important thing, right?


Watch the entire movie. He never has his shirt off. What? There's one there's there's one scene for literally.


I'm not joking like a second. Wear his shirt is off, and it's not even like they don't even make a moment out of it. I was so confused because I was like, this has to be so important because of the way they were hyping. Well, here's the thing. Here's the thing. Taking shape aside real quick, he probably did think it was going to be a really important and probably a really full life changing movie for him.


No, no. I just it maybe when I'm saying when you read the script, he probably thought it was very good at the time. It was like and thought that this movie was going to be a very big turning point in his life. It he'd be a really good movie, but it ended up not being a good movie.


I agree because I kind of compared it to suicide squad, how Jared Leto thought he was going to be like a focal point in this movie.


And it was just going to be this huge and easy for him side character that comes in every once in a while. Right.


He's just kind of like, oh, my God, this is the Joker. This is my role as the Joker. That's like an iconic character. I'm really going to start method acting and doing all this crazy shit.


I feel like maybe that's what she was kind of trying to do with this, but I don't know how much of what they recorded made it to the final.


Yeah, but I feel about even talking about it bothers me because I really love him like. No, he's incredible. He's like he was one of my favorite actors. It was good in the movie.


I mean, yeah, he did a phenomenal job. And I'm not one to bash movies because I'm not a movie critic. I like movies that people think suck.


But it would just like it looked like the director. Watched a bunch of movies and was like, oh, that was a pretty cool thing they did let me try to like try to recreate that.


They're like, no, I'm nothing like you're doing like Vyn quick cut, like type things. And then you're like, oh, I saw this thing from The Matrix, let me try to do that. Oh. But then I saw this and it was just like it looks totally different throughout the whole movie. And it was just like it was interesting.


There was just like no set cinematography style. It was just kind of all over the place. Some scenes were like fast paced. Others were like slow our somehow.


Isn't it funny to think that when, like, 3-D movies came out, they really thought, like, this is going to be?


So if you thought this is going to be a 3-D movie, they still make those. They make the 40s now, right? No, they don't. They don't make movies like that anymore.


Not it's not the traditional like red and blue 3D.


Right. I think maybe like a maybe like a kid's movie every like ten years. What?


Well, don't they have like the IMAX experience, but I just don't think they make them anymore.


When's the last time you saw a 3D movie come out? I mean, they're all kids movies.


Yeah. But I mean, they didn't used to be. They did Terminator 3D.


Do you remember that? Oh my God.


They did Terminator three D remember final destination three. They they did. I remember that.


Oh my gosh. Yes, we're all the disasters.


That was a time where just every, every movie was, they made a regular version and in three days and then everybody sitting there watching it, it's like they have little like machines in the seats or spray water. Are you. And there's like like a scene where you could smell popcorn.


It's like a character's eating popcorn. You smell a vision, smell of vision. The final destination. Yeah, that was in 2009.


That was 11 years ago. It always gave me a headache. I didn't. Yeah. I never I never liked the 3-D.


But remember when they used to do like epic kind of crazy movies in like was an Avatar was an Avatar one of the one big one? It wasn't it wasn't 3-D.


It was more that high def. High def. Yeah. The budget was one billion dollars.


One of the first one. The second one. That's the ones.


One billion. Holy shit. Wait can that even be accurate.


Wow. I need to see the receipts. Can you search. What do you charge. Yeah. What do you think the number one spot is currently like. How much money do you think.


I think like six hundred dollars. I'd say five hundred. I'm looking at this list. I don't know how accurate it is, but it says that Avatar's number twenty two and the budget was two hundred and thirty seven million.


OK, that's number twenty two. That's why I'm like is a one billion dollar budget really.


I don't know. No one is a vendor's end game. Wow. With 400 million watts, that's a lot of money.


That's what it is. Avatar starts production today on four consecutive sequels, over a billion dollar budget.


That's what it is.


So they've they've committed to making four sequels and the overall budget is going to be a billion dollars for sequels.


So Avatar two out of three after four and Avatar five. That's what it sounds.


It's a big commitment. This article is from twenty seventeen. Maybe they've been working on it this whole time. You never know.


They might pull it off. You're probably right. That's insane.


That ain't even close to what you spend on your two hundred Titanic made three point three billion.


Wow. After spending two adjusted for inflation, do actors get more money at the movie. Does better. How does that work? Yeah, I think there's I don't think so.


Unless they tied something into their contract with like like a percentage.


Do actors get a flat rate for like a show or do they get money? Every time it's like on TV they get their episode rate.


Yeah. And then like a like a residual. It all depends. Yeah. It depends on the contract you signed. Yeah.


Like I know for voiceover it's different. I didn't know that on on camera actors get residuals too.


Every time of their show is like the penguin friends. Yeah. Just making so much.


I'm just giving Josh and Drake and Josh he, I think he said he never got like he never got residuals from.


Yeah. Wow. And they, they fucking revered Drake and Josh.


Oh my God. Are they still going. Yeah. Fuck. But that's because it comes from a production place of Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon knows how to argue their contracts and Nickelodeon knows that basically whatever they do, it's going to have a big like following, I feel.


So they're not going to offer that up on a silver platter to anyone. They're not going to be like, oh yeah, if we air this a million times because they know they're going to air it like a million times. Yeah. So it's better to just be like offer them more money up front so that they don't have to keep on paying them over the years. Over the years, over the years.


Maybe that's why they don't do like. Like Disney shows anymore, like they don't they don't show Hannah Montana anymore, they should go back and watch them. They still say, oh my God, they don't make I mean, even cartoons like aren't as good as they used to be.


Yeah, nothing. Nothing is, you know, only SpongeBob spon SpongeBob who don't get them started.


The North Star of animation.


People are actually so good. Oh, they're filming season two of the morning show, by the way. I haven't seen season one.


Got such a problem with like like I want to see the morning show so bad, but what is the sit down and frickin.


It's the one with Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell and all those on. We're in a morning show right now. I'm just saying I don't have patience to sit down and watch stuff.


I hope I get the glow from the morning morning sun on this side. We should open the curtains. Yeah, I feel like you got me over there. No, no, it's not ready. I'm not ready.


And speaking of production budget, Zane and I are excited to announce that our engagement in season two.


I love you so much. I love you, too.


Season two is coming up. I know we've joked about being in it or being in whatever season we're in. Still season one. But season two is going to start after our fiftieth episode.


So the fifty first episode is going to be the official season two.


And we have a lot of stuff there. We're changing.


Yeah, we have. We have a lot we have a lot on our hand. Yeah. But it's going to be might be too much. I don't know, we're going to be able to handle it but we're going to do a reverse.


I know, but we're super excited and we think you guys are going to really love everything that we're going to be doing. Yeah. And you might you might get a little different feel of this little girl.


Could you imagine that? I'm talking.


Everyone just hates all the changes.


Everyone just thinks they're like, oh, you're not married.


Did you see what happened to Jehadi when she showed her apartment? No, I know you got Roseanne online.


Why is it is it is it an ugly apartment? Everyone hated it. It's pretty.


It's all right. People are. So I mean, honestly, though, some of the some of the ads work on that whole fan base. I feel like Jagadeesh probably has the same fan base.


That's like, OK, cool looking. I that's that's actually really this is one picture, OK?


It's just a lot it's like a lot of prints on prints and clashing.


She has like a weird like window for pastas that are different colors, like I love it, I need the macaroni in a drawer.


But people online were just like ripping her a bar. They were just they looked like the girl. So, you know, not I had these entire house is the same vibe. I find one that's so funny. Okay, that's funny. You can't tell me that's that's funny.


I don't I'm like, confused. That's so cool.


That looks like it's identical to our house. I'm like, I don't know, I like it like that. Yeah. Like what people are like why is the giant pen there.


It's very interesting. Wow. Yeah. It was a there was a tailgate to an old Chevy truck. That's cool that it looks like but he would get to.


I like that but the bathroom's very nice. Yeah. Let people.


Hey art is art. I don't like that. Do you think when you say problem, problem, pattern. Oh look at her like I know he's probably like the other.


Oh this looks scratched up and at least it's different at least. Yeah. I mean I don't mind it. Yeah.


I want to see some of the tweets though. The people are saying because they were just ripped it apart. It looks like the world's most gentrified dive bar bathroom. So I don't know.


I think it's kind of like I mean, I like I just I like seeing jokes about it. Right. Right. But I do like it.


It's magic. The Instagram pictures, that's a different picture.


Every time I'm thinking about being jugheads friend and getting drunk with her and making her play, we're small and this is a regular pen with me.


Where do you get that pen? I know. Oh, look at this. Yeah. So those three skis. I hate this so much.


Oh, that's funny. Three ski's white heat. You have you have the skin. I have two of them though. Not funny. Oh my God. Imagine playing.


I spy with his boots.


Hadeed Use the Sims House party expansion pack to decorate her apartment. Deeds apartment has the same vibe as an Applebee's or a TGIF Friday.


Let her live. That's what people start tweeting when we redo the set.


I'm curious if she picked everything out or just paid. The designers like make it funky, it says.


Gigi Hadid says that she spent all of last year redesigning her five point eight million dollar in New York City apartment five point eight. Wow.


It's in Manhattan's NoHo neighborhood. That makes more sense to be in Manhattan than here.


Kind of cool. It's kind of fun. I like it. Yeah, it's fun. We're going to do the remainder of our episodes and then we're going to take a week off to get it all looking ready to go. And then when we return, it is going to be I wasn't ready for bed.


I'm starting to doze off right now. So that's coming soon, guys.


So hang in there. We're really excited.


And then gaming, you've got a guest that we're still we're still waiting on everything to set it up. So we will keep you updated on that. We're really excited about that.


Kenny set up a little like what is a phone line, the little call end feature that we're going to be including in the podcast.


We guess we can start the next.


You start that right now. Right now and today we're it.


Yeah. So basically, we're going to get a number that will not belong to anyone specifically, but you guys will be able to call in and ask a question and potentially be featured on a future episode. We're just working right now, I think, on kind of the template of how we want to. Like structure each of the questions so that, you know, you don't get too long, we can kind of include them in the podcast, but it's gonna be pretty cool.


I think it's going to yeah, I think it's gonna work out pretty well.


And we'll try to pepper in some some questions because I got a lot of questions in the emails.


So we'll tell them how they can do that next episode. Yeah.


Yeah, I think we'll have a I think we'll have the structure by next.


Perfect. Okay. That's exciting. Were you comfortable on the couch?


No, I couldn't. I couldn't sleep. We literally have three guest beds and he sleeps on the couch every time.


I know. And I think you've hit everybody knows something about there's something about couches.


I my back always hurts. The next day my neck always fucks up. But there's something about couches that I'd like to just oh.


To spice things up but. All right guys, that is it for today's episode. Thank you so much for watching and listening, as always.


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We'll see you in a week.


Love you guys. We love you. We love you so much.


And we'll see you next time by.