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Wow, that was an awful sound.


That was he was at the table, SpongeBob, with the hook slinging mustache, being in the trash, taking half the shit you both say is from SpongeBob.


It's disgusting. Much like I saw there watching fucking a compilation of like SpongeBob is like the funniest scenes. And I feel like you guys watch it all the time. It's like, are you watching the same video all the time or is.


So what happens is, will a quote will randomly pop into our head and will say it and we'll die laughing and then we'll have to like, look it up and just relive that.


Yeah, I guess the taste just jumps out constantly. The flavor, the flavor.


I don't know why, but like that show is so ingrained into my memory, so deep that like. But it's it's not that it's all I think about, it's just it always comes up and it's when it's so entertaining for all ages, all ages, I could see my grandparents laughing at that shit, too, like, oh, my dad used to watch it with me. Like, it is so funny. Even like looking back on episodes, it's so young and the little dirty jokes.


I'll make that go right over. Cool kids. Yeah.


When SpongeBob was watching porn.


Gary, it's so good. Yeah.


They don't make shit like that anymore and they really know now they got like. I can't even I can't even. Yeah, what cartoons are all right? Yeah, well, we could name one. He would know you have to audition for it, although he knows unreleased cartoons. Oh, OK.


It's funny, I actually just got an audition for a show that I can't talk about that it required me to sing at the end of it and it just says, OK, the role is a singing role, pick any song.


We just want to see her singing ability. But they required you to sing like a verse and a chorus. And I'm like, that's it was longer than my audition, like a verse. And of course is longer than like I just have to say, yeah. Like it was like a song of your choice.


And you say, well, what is this the one you posted on your story.


Yeah. Nice. Yeah. Oh, sorry. Every every time it's a tradition, it's every time it's really bad and it's Tachi.


What do you need to charge for. We're filming it. We wanted to die.


So it just I don't know. I was just so happy. And that was a much. Those are your charges.


So you threw it right in the coffee spill. We still I love I just stayed there. That covid just kind of sat there. What do you want to do on the set up there? We're going to I did ours.


If you let us people people that gave people such anxiety, they were like, why is no one cleaning up the show must go on.


Right. All right. Well, let's get let's go. I want to hear a song we got we need to say the intro. I'm not singing. What is this, a ten minute take the intro. People don't know that. It says unfiltered. I keep thinking about it and it does that.


How do they not know what else is to saying?


There was something funny. I read a comment and I started laughing because it kind of did sound like it when I threw it back. All right, let's hit it, y'all. Listen to it. Boom.


Guys, welcome back to saying Heath unfiltered.


I'm your host, try to do it again. We're not going to says they completely lost my voice. They something I listen to you.


And who are you?


Who are you? Who are you? I'm Heath. Very good. The other host of Zainy Heath Unfiltered.


We've got the lovely Mariah Amato and Kenny Allen, the lovely and the less lovely and the Kenny and the Kenny. What do you want to start with?


I feel like so much that there is a lot to talk about today, but I wanted to start off with some pocket saying I want to apologize in advance.


I'm so hungover, very hungover, like I don't feel good, but I'm getting your rock star now and I'm doing my best. He's a pop star now. Oh, I don't know. We know everybody's waiting for the story and we'll get there.


We'll get there. Yeah, we're going to. We're going to we're going to a little more. It's like. It's like that's a really nice meal out. You start with like. Exactly. And you know what the entree is going to be. Right. Exciting.


Well, let's start off with our week. We've had a lovely time. We went to Catalina Island, which feels like an entirely different country. Those pictures you posted were beautiful. So was the scenery beautiful or was my photography beautiful? No, I think it was. I think it was Catalina.


Yeah, no, Catalina is absolutely incredible. I can't leave. It's L.A. County. It's so bizarre. You get there, but you get there on a boat, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You could take a ferry or a helicopter. So they took me.


I was the ferry that just took them off my back. Yeah.


We took it. It was like an hour boat ride to get there. I think it's like twenty two miles or something off the coast. Twenty two.


Is that how how far or how long does that's take you to sign our.


OK, but it's crazy like you pull up and it's this giant harbor and there's like houses like on the like the cliffs along the side like all in the hill. It's just people that live there. Yeah. I live on Capitol.


It feels like somewhere like you would stop on a cruise ship to like get off, which they do like a lot of people say, oh yeah, bet when they dock they go on.


Is that a hotel in the water right there? Wow. Yes, it is. And we did not stay there.


We stayed up. It was cheaper. We got it. We got a nice little deal. Oh yeah. Can you take me next time. There was a lovely little Motel six. Oh right. Well it's crazy because you can literally go there and come back at night. Like you can go to the island. Yeah, like there's a ferry at seven a.m. and then you come back. We don't like we haven't done.


You haven't. We are not spontaneous enough. Oh my God. Let's go. Let's go back. Walking around there you feel like OK, everybody is just here visiting. Yeah.


But there's a high school, there's like schools.


There's not one school, there's one high school. They have a class just for wine like wine tasting one on one wine mixing one on when they have to have classes for how to grow it something.


Yeah but it's unreal. Like, well they have a high school, there's a golf course on it.


There's a hospital that just sounds like heaven for you. Huh. There's the hospital thinking about retiring the golf course. Oh I think it says it's K through 12 Avalon High School.


It's called They Never Leave the island. I think that's the craziest thing that like a school that will have K through 12 and everybody's in the same fucking building.


Yeah, it is. That's crazy to me. Yeah. What's even while there is a one room schoolhouse memory, I didn't know about it and told Maria it's a in one room.


Have you heard do you know what a one room schoolhouse is. No new Floridians the to say well OK.


Can I, can I take a guess. Huh. OK, yes. It's one.


No, no there's this, there's a scene and holes the movie holes with Qalibaf where there's a class and it's like it's it's one building, it's a class and it looks like kind of like a house but it's not an inside. It's one classroom is pretty much. Yeah. It looks like a little church.


It's very like old school traditional. Yeah. It's all grades in one room learning together.


It's like a giant classroom or you know, it's tiny.


It was only maybe like maximum forty kids.


I still don't understand how. And then like when I was in elementary school they would take us to field trips because we had a bunch of one room schoolhouse in Pennsylvania that are obviously vacant. My brother's two of my brother's friends actually live in a one room schoolhouse.


A single teacher would typically have students in the first through eighth grades, and she taught them all they would be in the same room learning that and then there would be and then there would be an outhouse if they had to go to the bathroom.


Yeah. And like, we would stand in the school yard and they would teach us, like, the games that kids used to play.


I don't understand what that would look like. Like I just picture being like a is for Apple.


OK, no long division I, I just think it's inappropriate because I feel like the conversations like, like older kids are having, they shouldn't be around like little kids.


They have sex ed in front of like preschool.


I'm going to I'm going to use the line. It was a different time. Different though. It was probably more. Basic, you know, intricate learning is now it was probably more just basic, it's a good thing we all grow and expand and do things better now. Exactly.


Anyways, but we did have a couple of really funny stories we wanted to tell that happened while we were on was Sharonville Island for years. So when we were walking around, we were I was just like taking pictures and stuff.


And my mom was like, oh, look, a hawk. And it was this giant hawk. And I think I think I've got a picture of it before.


Your mom, your mom and any story I just like it's already funny, just so excited about the littlest things.


So there's this giant hawk, like sitting up on this, like top of the building and we're all looking at it.


I grabbed the picture and we're just like, wow, isn't that crazy?


A hawk?


And we look back and it goes opens its wings, swoop like down beeline towards us as we're like looking like pointing and talking about it swoops down, comes literally a foot away from our faces, opens its wings and just goes right to the side of us.


And we were just like. Freaking out like it was just it was almost like it was showing off, like you were talking about it and I was like, I'm going to show I'm a show, these motherfuckers.


It was like, you know, when you're told not to point yet, when you're younger, like it looked like you pointed and it was just like, oh, here we go.


And that was the consequence. Yeah.


Instant karma turned right right before that, hitting us in the face and landed on this guy's arm who like, looked like a fucking superhero.


So it was the talk was tame. It was his heart to his heart. Who is this guy? This particular strain, he does that all day.


I bet just people that are like, oh, look at the hawk.


And he's like, get like a little cookie when we're not looking. Oh, yeah, it was nuts.


I'm I'm just so surprised that they can be tamed. I mean, like, because it's so weird because around your house I've seen hawks. Yeah. And I just I don't know, they're just they seem so majestic. I just feel like they're not something that's meant to be.


I think it's how much they're meant to be taken. Yeah. Let them free. Miley Cyrus said can't be tamed, you know.


Have you heard of, like, groundhog racing. Like how awful they treat those groundhog groundhog.


Groundhog fuck not groundhog growl greyhound greyhound dog.


So that is a different species groundhog race. Wow.


Doesn't matter if I was a groundhog guy, I was like to get out of the hole, get out of the house with his fingers on the keyboard and was like, oh, that would be funny though.


Having four holes and everybody gets a groundhog. Whoever can pop up first went, Wow, Bug, sorry about that. Groundhog Day. You're the greyhound dog racing. Yes. Well, they treat those animals like apparently I don't know if this is like a myth or this is like the actual thing, but it's been told that, like, when those dogs aren't good anymore, they kill them. They just fucking dump them. They kill them and dump them to the side, which is so fucked up.


And I feel like I don't know how that's illegal to do that because it's a dog. Is it is it illegal to kill a dog anyways?


I'm not sure it better be what the consequences are, but yeah, if you like animal abuse, any sort of stuff like that, like. Yeah it's like a criminal offense. How far can you like rumor at the time. Got a hate talking about this. It's like Pete's fucking dead. But the time I ran over that dog accidentally and it was like the worst day of my fucking life, like you felt like I ran over a kid.


It was like I was that was, that was accidental.


That wasn't like. Yeah. But like that lady could go to the full extent to like just really know because it should have been because she didn't have her dog on a leash.




So it's like, yeah, I can't, I can't look at that. I will, I will literally cry. I can't fact check the zone. I'm so sorry.


Yeah. Look at the pictures that were just popping up where I don't even want to see if it's not how can he get off. No.


We're going to move on while I'm drinking by the way, I'm hungover and drinking just to get my hair of the dog hair on the ground.


Here are the hair, the groundhog, the bitch. You don't know a hair of the dog is no hair. The dog is like when you're his, you have a hangover and they just say hair of the dog. Like when you start drinking again to feel better.


I think you used it perfectly. It says that it's predominantly used to refer to alcohol that is consumed with the aim of lessening the effects of a hangover. Very good.


Wow. We are getting smarter on this podcast. Put me up against a fifth grade ride. Did anything else happen in Catalina?


We met this girl and her and her husband had just gotten married on Catalina Island. Congrats, babies.


And we were just talking about how fun Catalina was. And she was like, Yeah, my friend was in the bathroom. And her bathing suit top got flushed down the toilet, how like while she was using it, I guess it was one of those like automatic toilets and she leaned over to grab her bag. And I don't know if there was like like it was a certain top that had like.


Yeah, like that was hanging on picturing it and it sucked up her top.


I think that strikes a scene and it's like, that's what I said. Bridesmaid. So, yes. How is that not a scene now? It was so funny.


But like if that happened in a movie, you'd be like, oh, that's funny but so unrealistic, you know what I mean? Yeah. You'd be like, that doesn't happen. But like, it's a funny concept. I think, just like in actually Washington is hilarious and they're just like, I know, God, yeah. I have no family to walk out and come out with. Like the country. You have to get parents. It's like that's funny.


That's some comedy.


And I literally just equated it to a cartoon, like we just saw her, like we used to like covering her bits. And it's been like being being like with her eyes like, oh, oh, that's hilarious. And she was like like she was a wishy washy just like someone you or.


Yeah. We just Yeah. Was somebody we met on the island, her friend. That was all the excitement for kind of I mean a lot of only there for a day. So that's enough excitement for one day.


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Papa talking with your toys. I got to go to the bathroom again. What can I talk about, Wood? Yeah, I'm sure everybody listening has been waiting like tideline Greyhound, but move on. Tell me about Drake. OK, OK. All right. I'll tell to tell you from the beginning to that, am we give you all the details? All right. So I was this was when I was in Florida. So obviously I knew this was happening.


Last podcast. I just talk about it because I signed a fucking NDA, but I was in for the big mouth because I had a fat fucking Eneabba.


Here we go. Do we really want. No, it was a fat fucking NDA.


It was like but like I said, it was complete. Yeah, you made me read it. Can you explain this to me?


I was like, hey, Kenny, what can I talk about on the Polish guys? And he's like, yeah, it says here you really can't talk anything.


You talk about anything like nothing like this, you can't mention it. So no names like. No, you're going to wait till they release. I'm like one of the new releases. They were like, we don't know, like, fuck, we want to talk about this right now.


But so I was in Florida and I this was like my fifth day there or my fourth day there.


And I was planning on staying there for a week. And I got a call from Jason, Jason, the K King Kangbashi, something really cool for you to call him. So I called him. He's like, Hey, what's up?


He's like, hey, I, I want we're doing this we're doing this video. Where is Justin Bieber and where his entourage. I was like, OK, that's cool. And like he never said what music video was. And I was like, oh yeah, it's cool what you want to do it. He's like, we're doing it Thursday. I was like, oh, I'm not like I'm not going to be home Thursday.


Like, I'm sorry. But again, I didn't know the scale of it. I didn't know, like, he said music video, but I thought was like his music video.


And I'm not saying one is more important than the other, but like it. I was just going to be home. So I was like, you know, I was in my family, whatever. And so I was like, I'll get back to you. And then and I thought this was like King Barchas music video.


Wait, hold on. So that's why you came home early?


Yeah. I thought you came back for more on his birthday. Me too. Which I wasn't even here for though. Just always up like it's always on set. All the hunt while I was on set.


Although I know I know you were on set all day in my brain when you said you were coming back early.


I was like, oh shit. Wow.


He's that I didn't know he cared like and then this just happened last minute with the whole marriage. Are you crying, Mariah?


The first thing you said to me when you came back, you're like, look, I'm back for your birthday. And it's like, oh, he really loves me. He really does do I do know I do love you. I want to be here for your birthday. But how do we know that's not it's not among us? I'm not saying one is more important than the other, but I did go to the shoot the entire day. Maybe I'll be back and maybe I'll come over at night.


You know what? I'm not going to say the story anymore.


It's all you get her is a car. This is. Have you ever that you just sign it signed by Justin Bieber.


Fuck, I don't think if you think about that all night, actually, I was excited.


No, I'll give this to you. You did wish me a happy birthday while you were on set. So I texted you back and I was like, I can't believe you're on set. And you actually texted me, happy birthday.


It's true. Those thoughts, I'll take it. I was watching my story bit. I was going to get a drink. But is it so funny seeing you?


I was at this you and like I just like her watches were like, oh, my God, oh my God. Oh, my God. It's going to be treated second to turn.


I was like, oh, you have it. You know, like like I feel like you just hung out before. Yeah. Yeah.


I went to like, that Christmas party or. Oh yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. So that's really funny if they bitch. Happy birthday. Big thing.


So um so yeah I didn't know it was, I thought I was looking not just musically, I was like, like, OK, I'm not going to make it. And then I was, I said hey like where's your song.


Like let me hear your song. He said the song is like But this isn't for me. I was like, oh, he calls me because I obviously was a misunderstanding.


I was like, wait a second, what are you talking about? He's like, Dude, this isn't my music video. I was like, Oh, who's music? He's like, it's Drake's.


I'm like, Drake. I'm they're all like like Drake. Did I say I was busy? I think I misspoke. He's like, Yeah, I know Drake.


And like, Justin Bieber is the pop star. Where's Entourage? I'm like, first of all, like, why me? Like, why me? Well, you could have had anybody else is like, do you know, like we're like we're going to we're going to be like comedic relief for the video.


I was like, oh my God, this is like that's crazy. But like, I'm not going to be home societies. Like, OK, well, just let me know if you can make it right. Oh, OK.


And I said to him, I'd like give a couple hours and like I said, I was like I was sitting there and I was like, fuck, I don't want to have to leave early but goes, I'm not going to be home.


So Drake's going to have to rearrange.


When he said, well, I'm going to be the comedic relief, I'm thinking about Zane just like having to tell a joke in between like takes like drinks like make me laugh because it comes out like a jester. Oh my God. Are you on camera? It's just just, you know. Oh, yeah, well, that's a but yeah, so I told my family about it and they're like, I could not believe the reaction, they were like, get the fuck out of here.


Are you serious? Yeah. But like, it's Thursday and they're like, go home, go home. Right now. You have to you have to be in it. I was like, Are you sure? Like, no, you will be pissed if you don't do it. I was like, fuck, you're right.


OK, no, I'm mean to regret if I don't go. All right.


So I booked my flight and I got there the night before and I felt so bad for leaving, but like I knew I would regret if I didn't because I didn't know, like there's a there was a chance, like in my house, like there's a chance that, like, I'm not in this view at all, but like I kind of just take the chance. Yeah. Just in case. So I flew in the night before. It was like call time was like fucking eight a.m., which is so early.


It was so early for I was like, oh my God, I'm not going to we get there.


We had to take her test. I passed. I'm going to leave early going negative. This is like a part of me was just like my luck. My luck. Right.


Shut up. Positive.


We're going to be coming back.


I would it felt so bad because he knew I like flew back early for it. But I was good. I passed first test. You passed in a while.


A while we got there.


It took a long time for us to like for us to be on camera like we were.


It was a lot of sitting around but like which is normal music videos. You're sitting right there and then you're in the shot for ten hours.


Yeah, it was a long it was a long day, but we it was like multiple outfit changes.


I felt very important, like I had four or five different outfits and I'm like, damn, this is like cool.


Like I'm you know, he just changes his hat in between two.


So it was a lot of like at first it was like I was like the extra in the back at a party.


And so it got like that was like first half a day. I was like in my house like, oh my God, I don't think I'm going to be I think I'm an actor the whole time.


And then my head was like, oh, man, this is going to soar.


I flew back early for this and I'm going to be an extra. This is not good. I was like, oh my God, I feel like just bamboozled, just like completely just threw me off.


But then but then finally we started to like our shots where we were Justin Bieber's entourage.


And that was really cool. Like in the music video, they did cut a lot of scenes out that I was and which is fine.


But like I just thought it was just it throws him the my I just thought it was really cool.


Like even watching the music video, the shots I wasn't in, like, knowing I was I was like, really it was still really cool.


But there is this one specific scene where it was a shot of Justin Bieber on his car with the two girls and it was panning back and it was like his entourage all in front of like, I feel like you would have gotten so excited for that because, like, you in fucking cars and just post it up like that because I you like posting shit like that.


So I immediately like called he was like, dude, we just did this insane fucking scene where we're all in front of our car. I was in front of him.


There's a there's larrikinism like I was in front of a Lamborghini years and I had one. So I thought it was like really fucking cool.


Those people been like, if you need another one, like, I have mine, it's yeah, it's in the bar. You know, he paid someone a lot of money to rent it in my house. Like, fuck, if they just asked me, oh, know, I would have just walked right up.


But the caller was like, I can't be blue, which is so sad. Yeah. And I was in front of it. So it's like so fucking cool. Like just the shot was really, really sick. And just like the whole, the whole experience was really was really cool and and it was very fast.


They're getting shit done quick. It was like no time wasted. Yeah. Boom, boom. Justin Bieber was incredible. He got on boom, boom, boom out like every shot.


He was just very, very quick. Obviously, he's been doing this for a long time, but like just seen this with my own eyes. How quick. And it's impressive. Very impressive. And like the director director acts, he directed the hotline bling music video for Dre.


Oh, I thought it was so fucking sick. He so he directed the whole thing. So he was like running the show.


He was like, there's moments where he was getting really stressed out and all about like but shit was getting done quick and like, like I like I've always loved being behind the camera like like I want to always like direction.


It's like seeing him and his like just in his like mode.


You couldn't really imagine that pressure. Like knowing you. You're filming. Yeah. Drake music video.


Justin Bieber is like the center of it. Yeah. Just that that weight on your shoulders, like knowing you can't fuck off. It's got, it's got to be perfect for them. Yeah.


I know where you ended up behind the camera and I ended up that was like that was the coolest fucking shot. They were like saying we're going to have you like behind the cameras like oh my God, you want me behind the camera because I want to see like I didn't want to be in the front over there because I feel like I would have fucked up, like I wouldn't have looked at other dudes because they're all like athletic. They know how to move.


They look really good, just moving. But me, I was like, I need to sit in a chair like like I'm not going.


So they had me sitting behind the shot.


And this this this part is so crazy because they there were I thought me in front of the camera behind the camera. I thought, like me on that camera was just solely for the shot.


Right. Right.


Because I was like I was pointing the camera, Justin, but I wasn't really paying attention to the shot. And after two times the.


Hazing, you need to stay in the middle of Justin and I was like, oh, OK, I just thought it was like the he's like, No, no, we're using the shot is like, oh, you're using this.


Oh, my God. Oh, my. I was like, oh, oh. I didn't even ask questions like, oh, my fuck, OK. And that's why I was like, guys, guys, guys, here we go. So I think he just starts like the director goes, oh no, we've seen all the ticktock. So you film it.


It's really impressive stuff. Oh my God.


Because in the first shots, when I was like I was like I was like smiling. I was like I was bopping. I was like, it was a prop. Yeah. But now it was like not because you saw how serious I looked. I was really focused on the show.


That's why I like and it sucks that I didn't look like I was like having fun or.


Yeah. But you were in your element like you want to do anyway. Yeah. And he was socially.


But it's like you see that the red it was it reminded me of just like me, it reminded me of me.


He was like, you see the red on the sides. No red, no red. I feel like I'll see the same thing. I was like, no red on the side and to be in the middle. Perfect. I can't believe you're a part of producing the video.


I was like filmed Drake's music.


You know, I was like I talked about stuff like, but does this mean I like am I videographer's so and so and a little bit n yeah. I'm like sweating, thinking about it because it was just such it like that is like that.


I think me behind that camera was so fucking exciting mean it was, it was really cool and like knowing that that's what I felt was going to be in the music video that Drake music video with Justin Bieber.


And I was like, what the fuck is going God? But by the way, I don't know why they fucking asked me to be in the music that he was like, you never got that answer.


You could have hit up David like David would have liked.


But David looks like a kid like I know.


I was looking at the other people that you were in the entourage with. I feel like you might have been typecast it. And they were like, do you have like a funny, cool friend that's like kind of Mediterranean look, you know, what are you saying?


I was Middle Eastern when you called.


Yeah. You could have been typecast. You wouldn't direct booked, all booked.


And I filmed some of the set yo yo, I just stand up.


You're like, OK, I'm moving. I'm out of here. I don't I don't know. It was really nice. Guys, we had a good run. Yeah.


No, it was it was so fucking cool and everybody was so sweet. Like the people, like the hair people, the outfit people. They're all so fucking nice. Yeah. And I think overall experience was like you you would think in a big shoot like that, like everybody's like kind of like me and like kind of like, you know, straightforward, like you just yeah. Yeah.


I feel like that shit like a lot of people are on edge, like everybody is like it's so like everything's in such a timely manner where people are like just very specific in the of which I expected.


So I like I was very nervous. I just expected people just to be yelling at me all day. But like it was a complete opposite. Everybody was so fucking sweet and just me and like everybody was the director was really you guys talk you you hung out.


Yeah. I mean, there are times we hung up on, like, you know, I don't want to bother him too, which is really weird with his music video because I was too scared to let too much of myself out because it's Justin Bieber's music video, not mine.


It's Drake's music, not mine.


Yeah, I felt like I was like, I don't know, I wanted to be myself and be more outgoing, but I don't know. Justin Bieber. There's moments where Justin Bieber wasn't talking too much.


And like, there's a moment where I felt like like I'm doing too much and like, he's the star, not me.


So, like, I felt like kind of like he said, I'm an extra. They don't mean to be extra.


Exactly right.


We've also seen stuff where we've like called stuff out, like people in the background that are so overacting, like makes it feel just like exactly like funny, like they're trying to pull back on your like baby.


It's not your movie like.


Exactly. Yeah. And I feel like we like the of whenever we see someone like that in a video we're just like oh that's too much. I was thinking about that. I was like, I don't want to be that person. Yeah, right.


But I ended up everybody was doing was going so hard and I was like not going as hard but like I should have like thought about that.


I was not as hard, but I was trying to get there and and like, know, the only part I didn't like about this, which is fine, like I'm not pissed about it, but like we were like I was told that we were the comedic relief, but ended up being like we are just like, you know, post it up like.


So I'm really bad at like Fleck's being cool, like you swag Maggie being like how you like having flex being like, you know, just like chillin. I'm really bad at that. So that ended up being the whole video. So I feel like a lot of awkward moments where you see me like trying to be like I'm just like, oh that's awkward because you know how you are.


Yeah. But people who are just watching it like you look fine. Yeah. Yeah.


So yeah, I always like in my head I'm like, Zane, don't be like don't be like nervous, just fucking just be yourself.


And then when I get there I'm like, look, I just know they release a behind the scenes video, just you doing a bunch of stuff.


I wanted to do it, I wanted it so badly in my head, but I just feel like people wouldn't find that funny at all.


So I was like, I just I just didn't do any better. Better today. Sorry. Yeah, exactly. I didn't want to be like the Carinda person in the fucking music video. It sounds like music videos are like your new thing. I think you're I think you're does one. It's not like it's not something like me.


You know, I better give you ideas and be.


Another thing I want to talk about this, too, which is crazy because I was just in this music group, but I'm doing a little music video next week saying, oh, yeah, well, it's just snowballing now.


It is.


But the thing is that this is not an original piece. This is a cover. OK, for a specific song that just came out, you probably can guess what it is I'm not going to say, but you can probably guess what the fuck this song is going to be. I know is baby. It's like a nice little cover and it's going to be.


That's my first you to back my first YouTube video. Back after five.


It's the way it's going on your channel. Yeah.


Oh so y'all bitches motherfucking get the three time. Yeah. That's the fucking see I'm in the book which you guys are going to be in.


Everybody is going to be and I'm really excited for it. This is like nothing. I'm ready.


I just said what were you doing. But like I that's why I ask if you're a free masseur tonight.


Oh OK. So I got the job. Oh did I not tell you like after I asked you that. I never like I wasn't told you. There he goes. What are you guys doing next week. Oh I don't know. Nothing. OK, good.


I always ask you, I always assume that you guys are like next to him when I call him on FaceTime. So like every time I talk to him, if there's anything I always see, you guys are right next to him.


You guys will have the same brain. You guys aren't Siamese twins. You don't tell him everything every time we talk about something. That's what we do. We always tell each other everything. Yeah, because you gossip queen, I'm not a gossip queen.


I'm talking about like when we were doing something, you know, business wise, I feel like we always, always let each other know.


Yeah, this is why I don't say anything. He goes, What are you doing next week? Oh. I caught you doing anything like Monday or Tuesday, I was like, oh, no, because I might. I myself film a music video, I was like, OK, let me know what time wear, like what the details are like. I think it should be good. OK, cool, yeah, I'll let you know. You know what you guys don't know about the show, 2:00 p.m. downtown at the whatever.


I would never say. Guys, I know this is like it'll be like a brief little explanation.


And then just like, how don't you know every single day?


I don't I don't like getting too much into detail whenever I'm doing anything of mine or music or whatever I always like.


This is kind of boring. No, he feels bad asking, but like we need to be there. I don't know. But if you want gets pissed at us for not being there all the time was nine a.m..


What are you talking about. What time is this. What time is it happening. I need to know.


I always feel weird about shit like that. Like I was telling Matt, like the whole day while we were shooting, I felt like I didn't belong there. Like I felt like an imposter. Like, is that weird? Is that like happen a lot with people is like yeah, it's called imposter syndrome. Like in a lot of people have, especially people that are like are like, you know, and I'm like following or.


Oh yeah. Shit they it's imposter syndrome.


We're here like they don't belong there. And that's how I felt the entire day.


I'm like this this is not like you felt like you weren't good enough or everything.


Yeah. I felt like I didn't just you just felt like I was this supposed to be for David, not me. Why do I feel like this was supposed to be for David. I guess it was for me.


Like it's like I just felt like I wasn't supposed to be there and I wasn't my time.


I don't know. I didn't know there was like terminology behind that. I definitely felt that before booking a job. Yeah. Just like I was not the best person at that audition. Yeah. But like, how am I here. Yeah.


Like when we had our our pilot episode, that was that is the definition of marriage syndrome.


You know, I just saw today Josh label he came over is like, oh really? I saw you with the pilot. He's like, oh my God, dude, I'm fucking fine. I know. Did you feel like an imposter too. Yeah, but yeah.


So like so I was like, oh my God. I like brought me right back to that for me that. Yeah. I'm sorry I have to pee so bad. I've been holding it in for in this economy in the middle of this.


I really do. I really do. Sorry guys.


BRP can you bring that Mike with you in the bathroom. Oh, all right, sorry about that little little break right there. He needed to take a little break and so he needed to take a little fill up with particular break, so.


Oh, my God. Hold on. Speaking of pee breaks real quick. OK. OK, Kenny Arpit break in.


Catalina will have and tell me the urinals we're no joke. Six inches from each other. Like it was like we were like shoulder to shoulder, like we had to like open up to each other. But it was like it was uncomfortably close.


I wasn't uncomfortable at all. You know, since I'm here.


Well, no, I guess it was one of those things where, like, I walked in and like, I thought I was like, Jesus, OK, this is these are the closest urinals I've ever seen in my life.


And then, like, we, like, get down to it. And then you go shoulder to shoulder and I'm like, I don't know what to say.


I wish you didn't say anything because I go, I can't pee now. It's nothing's happening now.


Oh, come on, pee pee. I don't understand stage fright. I don't I don't either. And it's not like I'm like scared of like I just can't. No, I just this I know it's a metal.


Like literally I knew I was like I was like, oh, these are close. But like I'm just going to start peeing and then you go shoulder to shoulder high and I go, oh my God.


Now before we continue, we want to give a big thank you to Thrive Market.


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And he's getting it shipped to his door. Not yours baby.


Todd and I were on a boat yesterday, I saw, and it was it was Vince Jeff's friends, he got like they rented out like a yacht. It was big, was beautiful. I didn't get invited to the boat.


Oh, it's like a friend of a friend. It's like we couldn't bring in any extra people. I know. But I wanted to explain why I can you know, I like boats and big boats and I haven't been out, like, in a long time. I was like, you know, I want to do it right. I want to go on a big boat and drink.


So. So we got on the boat. We didn't, like, know anybody on the boat and like, jet backed out last minute. So it's like fok like we just didn't know like really anybody on this boat. It's just me and Todd.


At one point we thought we were hopping on the wrong fucking boat. We're like are we on the right buttonholing move.


And we're like what do we do? Is like that Vince is going there. And he was like No, this is Dillons. We're like, Oh my God. But I ended up on the river.


But so the song just came out. So people kept on, like playing the song over and over again. And Todd wants it so bad.


Say you don't say it like he was. He was starting to say, I'm like, shut the fuck up. Like, I don't please don't say it like I don't want like. Right. I hey, I don't like attention. Like you didn't want to showboat.


Oh is that what it's called. As often as possible. Yeah. Like bad situation. Bloating like showboating is bragging. Yeah. Oh I didn't know that. That was good Kenny. I was good. I know.


That's why I thought you were like oh that wasn't good. I didn't know what I thought was good. Thank you. That was very good.


It gets cut and time. Really. Good morning. Something. No, no, no please. I got so fucking I'm fine. OK, but it was really funny because people kept replaying and their label and one girl played like guys. Have you seen the music video for it.


And I to me it's all we looked at each other were like if I was in the music video, oh no.


I was like, yeah, I was like totted.


That's when I'm allowed to come in and say it was it was it was like it was almost like had told this girl to say it was so perfect.


I'm literally thing about SpongeBob was like there I am doing it in a commercial like that's my brain.


But it was really it was really perfect.


There was it couldn't have been perfect the way like she asked me, you know, write me and you you about like luggage that were just like in for the kill.


You try to pretend like it's not a big like. Oh yeah I was. Hold on. Yeah. Yeah. You did really good at the VMAs girly girl. You are auris that you. Oh my God. You're so good. Yeah. Are you and God's that tall guy.


I said hi. OK, cool guy. All right.


But like I said, I actually burped really nicely right in front of her face and she was like, oh my God, what's that smell like. I'm sorry, Birchley.


Jesus, she kind of walked away and it was like really weird. I was like, I'm so sorry. I mean, surburban your patient is like, no, it's fine, it's fine. But like, we didn't talk to each other for the rest of the day. I think I really just like you go.


That's weird. Drake thought it was hilarious. I was like, oh my God. I thought it was hilarious too. But yeah, I just want to add on it.


I just I was really funny, but yeah, we were on a yacht the whole they were listening. I keep think I probably played a few times too though.


Yeah. As you should, as I should. I will continue to do so. So yeah. That's so sick though. Thank you man. He's alive and he's a lot bro.


I just hope I win. Like it for something. Just. Do you think Jamie would be like in my video.


He thanks you in his acceptance speech. That would be something I think he'll do for me.


You know, like I scratch your back, you scratch mine. Was that your first time meeting him? No, that's not my first time.


I've met him before. I just don't think I don't know if he remembered me or not. I met him. We were just like at some nightclub and it was with David. So I gave it in just my friends, like, he introduced me to him and I said, Hey, what's up, Oliver? I don't think you remember me from that night because I feel like you would have hugged me. Forget you now, though.


There's no way the cops are entourage, baby. I'll be anytime you see something, I'll be like pops our entourage and you're like, oh, shit.


Oh my God. You were the guy that man talk. Oh, you're the one that we like. Cut all the scenes, forget you're really sweaty guy in the mood. I was so fucked. It was so fucking hard. Oh my God.


Like, dude, I was because I was like dancing with this girl, like she was like a really pretty girl. And we're like dancing. I'm just like, I'm sorry because I just looked Greece. Right.


You were so worried because you had there was like a pool scene you're worried about.


Like, I was like I was having Brian, can you help me? I was like, what do I do? There's a pool scene. I don't want I don't want to have my shirt off and I'm in the pool and I don't want to do it.


But like I, I ended up actually being in the pool scene, but I had all my clothes.


They give you a three second shot. Yeah. Thank God they put that in there because if the two was then it wouldn't have most people recognize the car, even though it was a car scene that people everybody recognize.


Yeah. It was such a hot day and that water was like lukewarm.


It was perfect. And you like me in the two because nobody wanted to get in the pool. All the girls, you know, they just got their makeup done and hair done. They're like, no, we don't want to go in the pool. And they know once they're in the pool, they're done for the day because. But we all did it. We're like, fuck. I want to I want to just be a sport because they wanted a guy in the bull's eye, I'll do it and I don't think here I'll do it.


And I so I got in and it was the best decision we've made because it was like it felt so good being in that pool after a long day. And he and all the girls also there are just like veggie. I can tell that we're in here because it was actually the cool it like the best part. We're making jokes.


They're going to make you tuck your shirt and if they're like we want them in the pool scene. But then can you can you put this on and, like, tuck it in?


And they kept asking me. It was so you would have died. They kept asking me to take my clothes off and it would be so funny if I had them all my clothes on. Oh, so you told them that? I kept telling them that. I don't know. It's funny.


It's like in the moment I jumped in, like, my clothes on. You don't want me my bathing suit. That makes no sense. And it looks like and they're like it and they're like, yeah, you're right. Yeah.


We'll keep you as the director videographer I ran. That should be the only qualified person as the comedic relief I'm going to keep because I know comedy.


I know comedy. I'm going with my socks on.


That's I'm going to slip them on a banana peel and then fall into the pool fully clothed. Yeah. Oh what.


So I just thought about this. What's really weird, there were bananas on set.


I guess there's this like whole thing during music videos where, you know, every girl wants her moment like they want to be on camera. You know, it's like a thing I guess, like every music video.


I think I think that director or whoever is running it, they they try to give everybody a moment to shine.


I think that when it comes to, like, extras on unsubscribes.


So there is this one beautiful girl that was just never on camera, was never in any scene. And she's beautiful. And they finally gave her a moment where but she was like it was like product shot. You know, how they have product in music videos, but it never made in the music video.


Really? Yeah, it was never in there. So her moment like that was her moment. Like you really saw it was like a good three second shot, just her.


And it was like it looked great but it never went in. It was for a coffee. Oh.


Speaking of coffee, can you just tried ours. I did.


Why didn't you call me or text me. Tell me. I wanted to video you trying it, but I didn't want to like put you on camera to think like you had to like act like me better.


I mean, you didn't want me to have an orgasm on camera, so.


Right. So I told you he cried. Ah, no. I want to say the flavor so bad.


I say no, those are the classic lunatic. You fucking naughty.


Yeah, he tried it. I love it. It's good, right? Like nothing. Just our coffee. But it's actually fucking.


No, I liked it a lot.


I really liked it a lot because my thing with flavors is that a lot of them all I know lately my thing was flavored coffee is, is that I am very like attuned to after tastes. Right. Like it turns me off immediately when there's an aftertaste to flavored coffee. Yeah. And there was no aftertaste. It was just, it was smooth. It was.


And I don't even like so good. I don't even like lying. Right. Like no no no. I don't even like hot coffee. And this was served hot and it was really good. I really liked it a lot so.


Yeah. Oh my fucking. Yeah that's awesome. No, no.


I love hearing like feedback like and if it's like not good you got to let us know the reason I knew he actually genuinely liked it because like he tried it in the kitchen and was like, no, this is actually solid behind the wall.


You're just like looking at his face. He tried it and like he was like, no, this is actually incredible.


Like, I really like it. And then time went on. We went to the game room, whatever we were hanging out, and like, he kept drinking it and he was like, this is so fucking good.


Like, he, like, kept to myself. I kept muttering, Oh, no, I'm good. Close, babe.


Well, it's awesome. Yeah. No, guys, it's getting it's a really, really, really, really, really, really, really. We've been saying. No, no, I know, but we can't we can't push out when it's not ready, but it's like finally, finally getting ready, you know, it's finally they're ready.




So many people were asking about that in the call thing by the way. Oh. Speaking of.


Oh, we got to do that. Oh my God. We're in this podcast without going into that. Right. We're going to go in, honey. Let's get right to it. Let's cut everything out. Every I have I had this heartfelt sorry that she was ready to say, cut it, cut it. We got we don't have time.


Don't even save it for next week. Yeah. Cara Baskin's on Dancing with the Stars. Yeah. Yeah.


All right, let's do this. OK. All right.


Let's get to the call. You guys are you guys are the important ones for this podcast. Maybe we don't give the mic to you guys. So, guys. Yeah, just as a recap, if you guys weren't here for the last episode we're doing call in questions. We will put the link for the number in our description or bio. And it's going to be right this time, right? Oh, my God.


Oh, my God. No. Mistakenly put the wrong number in the YouTube. There was a lady that was like, this isn't Zannini. No, this is Patrick.


Like, this lady changed her phone number, her voice all through. This is not saying any. She says she changes her number, she moved to a different country. Oh, my God. It's one thing, it's the other with us.


But I swear to God, because you copied and pasted the number both on both things you didn't like, you copied and pasted it. You didn't change the numbers. I saw you do it.


I don't know how to hug you, but these are some of the ones we got the previous week. So Kenny is going to ask us live on the episode right now.


The first one is just like you guys fucking saw.


All right. Thanks for calling. All right, let's get started. It's called Coppertone Baby.


Hi, my name is Mikhaila and I'm from Atlanta. Georgia is perceived. So I've noticed you really up your Instagram game lately. So I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about how you got into it, what camera you use before you get your pictures. I love you guys. Oh, thank you, McKayla.


The floor is yours. Real recognize real. That's right. I appreciate that. Yes.


I got a new camera I shoot with a Fuji film X one hundred V. Hmm. I really enjoy it. It's kind of got like a automatic. I guess filter type thing that you could put on it, like you can, like select what vintage film look you want. So I kind of based it off of that. And I don't know, I just kind of been enjoying taking pictures of everything like, yeah, I don't know. I've always enjoyed photography, but now I'm just like I used to be worried about, like what I posted on Instagram.


I was just like, fuck, I know this is I don't care. I just fucking post whatever, you know, I don't fucking care. Yeah. And you shouldn't, you should. Instagram is supposed to be like very authentic and natural. I want to pose and not like it's so bizarre.


Like my favorite picture I've ever taken in my entire life has done the worst on Instagram ever. But it's like you love it. But it's my favorite picture taken. Yeah, it's fun.


Who cares. Whatever. That was a recent one that you posted the.


Yeah. The one from Catalina. Yeah. I mean, that was a good one. But if that's that's the picture that made her call in.


She's like this Instagram, you know, but like that, that picture really made me happy. And when I saw it I was just like holy shit. Like that's so cool. Like I am really happy about it. So yes, I use that. And then. I added on Lightroom, I have a couple of presets I'll select through, but most of the time, like that one, I edited myself. I don't really use presets too often unless it's a story that I want to, like, throw a filter on.


Yeah, but yeah. So I just kind of.


You're really good at making it seem very consistent like I know, I know you don't use the same things every single time but. All right. So cohesive which I feel like is very appealing to people. Thank you.


Yeah. It's kind of got like a little vintage look. Yeah. I just use the settings on Instagram, but brightness. He uses brightness and sharpen. What's the Valencia Kelvin.


Do you remember that one. That everything was all right. Oh yeah. That's the thing. Yeah.


No, no it's not, it's not there anymore. They must have taken that away. Yeah. There's no Kelvin and all that shit anymore.


Comment down below if you are around when Kelvin was around other name on the they my boy did kill my son Kelvin.


The Los Instagram filter. All right. Let's see what else we got.


Hi, my name's Rebecca. I'm from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I want to know something in it. What is the secret to take, Tostado? I'm trying to blow up, baby, and you just get millions and millions upon millions of blanks. I want to know the secret that you guys. What was your name again?


I missed that. It was Rebecca. Rebecca. Hi, Rebecca. I hope you're doing well. I hope you're having a good Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or whatever day it is morning. We have a good day.


But to answer that question, I knew exactly the answer as soon as you said that tick tock has this crazy algorithm which benefits literally anybody that downloads the app and makes an account is that any time you make it tick tock, your tick tock is on people's for you page. It doesn't matter who you are, how many followers you have when you post a tick tock with zero followers, your tick tock is on people's for you page. So I think just I feel like the only way to.


Get your tock, seen by more and more people is just to create something that people can relate to use, like a popular song, a popular trend.


I always like I love to go to trends whenever like I want to post something, I just see what's trending and I try to do the trend and try to spin it. And in like in a natural way, something I would do or something original and and that's it.


I heard that you're more likely to take the next couple steps in the for you page if your videos watched all the way through. It makes sense because YouTube is like that. I feel like everything. Right. Right. Even Instagram, it's like Instagram. Your picture is getting like more than usual. I feel like like push that shit up to. So maybe on the screen. Right. Watch till the end because she gets me every time.


Yeah. I feel like people love story times. If you have like something really crazy happen to you. I feel like storytime videos. People love watching like talks like that. And you know what baby, just just watch me and Marusek talks and you'll know what to them. Yeah, you could have asked me that question.


Also, China is amazing. Yeah. Have I been have I been to Chattanooga.


I don't even know it's over there.


I'll have to look this up. Have I checked. Check over there. Yeah.


But to answer your question, your, your, your doctor will always be seen by people because it's always on the front page. So I guess whatever you do, just make sure it's like I love Austin.


You guys will be like my shit didn't hit for you page. And then it's like you're sitting there saying everything is for you, baby. You just didn't do it. Just leave. I was like, oh, well, they weren't in the office today.


It's didn't feel right. Oh, tick tock.


Must be down. Yeah. Yeah. They're, they're not in the office.


Well it's just funny because we constantly make jokes because the saying goes, oh God, I should, I literally need to be a technical consultant.


Like I just make jokes about like OK, you want me to make you business cards. Zane Hejazi, tick tock consultant. You get just handed out to people you hit Drake's music video.


Zane Hajazi. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Just there would have made sense that I was going around with the cards like that. All right, let's hear from our last caller of the episode.


Hi, babies. OK, so my name is Olivia and I'm calling from a cornfield, literally Ohio. My question is for everyone, really. How do you make your content for are you making it for yourself? How are you making it for other people? The fans just let me know because I find it really interesting. Personally, I like to look back on my Instagram, which is like a diary situation. So your content for you, for the fan, let me know.


That was Olivia.


Good question. Really like the sense that I make no content, so I make it for nobody. Can I can I. Sorry. Can I go ahead. Yeah.


OK, so I feel like when I first started making YouTube videos it was more for myself. Right. I was like, you know, I want to film more. I feel like I want to record my friends doing funny shit. It was really exciting to feel happy recording in the beginning, all of us and posting it. I mean, I feel good.


It was like, this is my diary. After doing it for two or three years, it started I started feeling like, oh my God, I, like all the viewers, are now my boss.


It's like, all right, I got to make content for everybody watching. It needs to be perfect. If it's not perfect, if it's a shitty video I can't post anymore. So, like, it started as something that was a very authentic and very mean and like a diary and it turned into a job.


Do you think that that's why you haven't posted so much? 100 percent. I like I again, I could pull out my camera and just record whatever.


I don't want to post whatever.


But the thing is, is like I like I always feel like that is that you like set the standard for yourself with that two hundred plus because maybe that was immaculate. But like you you can't. I feel like you can't always strive for perfection.


Like people don't people don't expect you to be perfect, you know. And I think just being being friends with like people like David who is like put so much work in their content and they put so much time into it, I think it's you always compare yourself to them. And, you know, I'm not saying I'm not saying I'm like, oh, Davis is better than I was just I feel like David is setting such a high standard for our whole group.


So I need to try to meet that because I don't want to embarrass us. It's it's weird and interesting.


Yeah, I totally get what you're saying. Like, I felt that way a long time for, like, my type of content, like. Yeah, well especially Instagram, like it used to be like I'm not going to post this picture, I'm not going to post this picture, I'm going to post this because I know it's going to do well and I know it's what people want and are expecting. Yeah. And I would post it because that's just what I knew would do.


Well, yeah. But now for the last few months, I don't give a fuck like I like the picture that I was like I was saying earlier, like I that's what I'm trying to get to you right now. I'm giving a fuck.


It's not that you don't give a fuck, it's that you do care. You're just putting out what you're proud of. You videos like you want to feel proud of it. And of course, like you want other people to like your content and it's for them and like they're the reason you are what you are, but you still want to be proud of yourself with any job you ever like.


You want to be proud of what you're putting out. That's exactly right.


Like even like I haven't been posting as much on YouTube anymore because, like. Not that I'm not proud of my last videos, it's just like they felt like work. I mean, everything is always felt like work, but it hasn't been a fun work. Yeah, like, I enjoy working. Zane enjoys working. Yeah. But when not that there's a pressure behind it, it's just like, why don't you just give me like why not. Yeah.


I guess with music like people like they're not inspired. Like I feel like Zane and I need like that that inspiration again. But like when I do post like I'm excited about what I filmed and it took me a while to get there. But like then it's. Yes, but I feel like yeah.


I mean, I honestly feel like you've gotten back to this sort of state of mind that you did when you were originally because I met you when you guys were coming up. The Passion. Yeah. Yeah.


And you guys weren't making your content for anyone but yourselves. It's what you guys thought was funny. And like to Mariah's point, it's like people feel passionately about what other people are passionate about, like, I don't know, a car from a truck, from an SUV. But like, whenever you're talking about it, I feel engaged and I feel present in the conversation because it's something that you are so passionate about and you know so much about. And you have like just you scoured the earth for the best cars.


And I'm like, I want to know about that, because you seem like a person that I should go to for this type of knowledge, you know what I mean? And people come to you for that type of humor, like it's a humor that is specifically yours. And you guys have just kind of like paved your way, I feel like. And that's why you guys have the following that you have today. Yeah.


And it's really sad because, like, I'm almost four million subscribers on YouTube and I feel so guilty that I'm not putting anything out on it anymore. I'm just like I I've worked so hard to get up here and now I'm just like. What I do now, and I felt I feel like that's what I felt, that's why she made a second channel and started posting her videos that were I wouldn't say their videos are not worth so first channel worthy, but I feel like she felt like they weren't good enough for a main channel.


So she put on her second channel. And that's like I completely understood why Lisa was doing that, because first of all, is your second channel.


These are soldiers. Throw your first. But I think that's how I'm thinking. Right. But isn't that such a weird concept? You are so hard was an artist that's like imagine Drake coming out and be like, this is my new album, but this is Drake too and this is my Algodones. Make me feel like. No, that is you. That is you as an artist. That is you as a professional in what you do. And this is.


What you should be proud of with anything that you put out. Well, that's that's that's so interesting to me.


And I feel like you guys beat yourself up more if you go longer and longer without posting, because then you're like, well, I like this one now. I need to come back with something bigger. And it's like time just keeps passing. And you're like, well, no, it has to be this big now. It has to be this big people and expect this and that. And it's just like it's a lot of it is a lot of pressure.


And it sounds like I like I know you guys don't want to sound like brats and be like, oh my, it's so hard. It is hard. Like, that's the bottom line.


It's very difficult because you want to make everybody happy, but you also want to be proud of yourself. Otherwise you're going to like fall into a depression and you're not going to want it.


You're really not going to want to do it because posting a video that you're not proud of and then it's not a good thing you get calm and saying this is in your best. Yeah, it feels really shitty and it makes you not want to post more. And I didn't want to put myself in a situation like that where I post a video after months and I got comments like that. I was just like, that's what I feel.


I know it's a little different with like tick tock and stuff like that. Like you could really post anything. But when it comes to me, because I am a dancer and I'm such a dancing perfectionist. Yeah. I personally don't like doing the trending Tick-Tock dances. I don't like doing it, but I'm like, OK, but this is what's working. And if it's going to be my job, like I need to like play the game a little bit, give people what they want.


But then I post it and I immediately take it down because I'm like, I'm not proud of this. Like I like, yeah, you know what I mean. Like, I think I didn't I didn't even know you're in that position.


I didn't think you were like because it just like when you pulled it.


Yeah. It like brings my self-esteem down because like I then go out of my way to come up with choreography for like an hour I posted on Tic-Tac. I'm super proud of it and it does terribly.


And I'm like, right then I'm in this limbo of like, do I want to be proud of my work or do I want to play the game like it's very, like stressful.


Like I overthink my posts so much, plus getting like you said, plus getting the comments and getting ripped apart for every little thing. And it's just like, yeah, well what do people want me to do?


And I think everything starts out as a passion. Everybody films, takes pictures, whatever craft you have, whatever it is, it starts out as a passion, something that you truly love.


It will start to do well. Then it becomes a job and you feel obligated to do and please and whatever. And then it's up to you at the end of the day to find your passion again with it. And that's what I've been refining for myself. Like, yeah, I started learning like about a camera and what I can do with it, to manipulate it, to do, you know, manual settings and like figure out how to film different stuff, take different picture like.


And then I started like really finding the love again and then finding the passion.


So it's like it's for you then it's for others and then it's up to you to keep it your own.


Yeah. It's fun. It's a hard question to answer. Yeah. It was funny.


I thought of two sayings that I feel very passionately about. When Mario was talking, I thought of one. When you were talking, I thought of one and I think they actually coincide. So when she was talking, I feel like, you know, the saying ignorance is bliss, right? It's like it was almost better when you guys were initially posting because you didn't know or care about what people felt about what you were posting. It wasn't even part of the equation.


Yeah. So like you guys were just doing it for the fun or because you thought it was funny or because you thought it was a good dance or a good song. But then once people's opinion starts getting involved, it's like you add something else to the equation and it's not fun anymore. You're now you now know what people think and it affects what you produce. But I also think with what you were saying, that knowledge is power.


And if you can just find a way to make what you're doing, if you just learn more about it, if you want to do go in deeper to camera settings and think things to keep the passion alive so that you can still produce things that you're interested in and you're passionate about, then people will still continue to kind of follow suit. Just like in the beginning when you guys were posting things and you were posting dances that you were proud of.


And that's kind of how you got the platforms that you got. Yeah, it's weird. I know it's a fine line to walk because I can't speak from a position that you speak.


We got to where we are. Yeah, we tend to forget that. Yeah. We write when you have like a lot of followers and we're always so grateful for where we are.


Right. Complaining about like we just it's just a constant feeling of stress of like what do we do.


We want to like stress. And then we go like weeks without like posting anything or days without posting anything. And it's just like you get anxious about it and you're like, well, what do I what am I supposed to do now? And it's like, it's not that you're sitting back and chill and be like, I'm good. Like they can wait. It's like you're you don't know what to post.


Like, I feel like every day, Heath, you're always like, OK, I need to make a list of like what I'm going to blog and this and that. Like you're constantly thinking about what can I film, what can I film. And it just like but nothing before it was filmed like that.


Right. You know what I mean. It's like yeah. Like over the years it's almost I keep looking at the sign that says unfiltered and there are just different filters that you look like how you can produce the content, but it makes it less authentic.


So it's just always like a fine line to walk between, OK, we now have a platform.


That's called unfiltered, but how unfiltered is what we're producing, is it to the level of unfiltered that we want to be?


That's how it wasn't beginning with a place where the fuck we were drunk as fuck ham radios, the shit that I suppose you should have seen the shit I was posting on my computer.


I mean, Heath were blocked out at, like, diners, like laughing but having fun and having fun. And people loved it. And it got to the point where sponsors got involved and sponsors had a certain like, you know, also you guys grew up also be great.




But like, I'm to be completely honest when like when it comes to assents. Like what? Like Atkins, as in like the the the odd rules that play on your channel, those start disappearing once your content gets really dirty and like, you know, we're out here, everything's so fucking expensive. Rent is expensive. I can't afford to lose ad sense because I want to make dirty content. You know, it's like I'm not getting enough deals on the side for it to cover that.


So I had to clean shit up and it sucked because I feel like that did change my authenticity for the channel. You used to be mean.


He'd drunk all the time being funny, and then it got so clean cut and it just got worse and worse, not worse and worse as in like my kind of like worse and worse and like how I felt about making.


And I feel like there's moments where you guys think like, oh my gosh, the Dennie house was our peak. Like, I feel like you guys genuinely are just like that's why people still talk about the Dennie House days and it kind of like brings you guys down a little bit because you're like, well, I'm trying to be better. I'm trying to improve. Like, you have high productions on your videos. You're getting nicer cameras. Like it's just like but people are still bringing up like you were better here, you're funnier here.


And it's just like, well, we're growing up. And then it's also it's a career now. And like, what do you got? People don't like change.


I know. I know. I'm just saying, like, you guys are you guys and you guys don't do it.


We all compare ourselves, like even comparing ourselves to other creators where you're like, well, I can do what they do, but like, how come I'm not there? You know what I mean? It's like a disease. It's really comparing yourself is horrible, but it's easier said than done to, like, not do that.


It's just like there's so many factors in it, like exactly how they go.


We prefer the Denny house. Now it's the Kennie house and Denny house. Everything was so new and fresh. We all like we were all best friends at the time and we were all living together for the first time. It was very exciting.


And I think that made it easier for us to push out all this content because everything was so new.


People didn't know us at all. Right. It was just so it's just it was so new. Yeah. But now, like, everything's just right. I mean, it's the same thing no matter what, with TV shows, with YouTube or whatever it is. A lot of people, when something new is introduced, they hate it. They're very skeptical. And once that comes around now it's the new favorite. Yeah, you know what I mean.


Any TV show I've watched. Yeah. If they introduce a new character, I'm like, yeah, that's not what I always do hate. Yeah. Game of Thrones. Anybody this new like you're just like, no, fuck that. Absolutely not. Yeah that's then they're around a little bit longer and you're like oh wait no. When I do like this person then they become the fucking the greatest just because they are new and it's somebody new to fall in love with.




Everything is a cycle. It's funny because I used to work for a high end retailer that rhymes with koochie and and it fashion is cyclical.


Like it'll be like trends that were in the 70s. They'll they will come back in the two thousands and then the 2010s, the eighties trends will come back.


Belt bags like which were you. They used to be called fanny packs.


That used to be it was cool in the 80s and then it was taboo because it was lame and now it's cool again.


And it had a fanny pack in that closet from the eighties. I have moms. I have one on the floor. Right.


Haiti's no baby. That's not cool.


From the eighties. Yeah, it's my mom. So that's a fanny. But my mom's in the eighties. Yeah. Vintage.


So adorable. That's not your fanny pack. That's your diabetes bag. Yeah, that's my insulin bag.


At the end of the day you can't please everybody. Yeah, that's the bottom line. You cannot please everybody. You got to do with work hard and you will get to where you deserve.


Do what makes you happy. I love that. But also.


Well there. Make that coin.


That's a long that was a long ass and I thank you for your call. Thank you, Olivia. I hope you I hope that twenty minute Shakespearean play answers your question.


I know one of these questions one day is going to make us all cry because the fact that we got to all these answer all these questions, like even would like just to answer that question again, like this conversation we just had is shit that we would do normally outside of this.


Like, this is like us. This is who we are, and this is like us having a normal conversation. This is this is for us to talk. And we were actually venting to each other. Yeah. And like, talking about real shit. But but at the same time, it is for you, because you asked the question for the listeners and hopefully people are getting some sort of lesson out of this and, you know, taking our experience.


Yeah, imagine like the loss that similar people are like, oh, so you have to quit their jobs and they go up to the bar.


Then he said, look, you want me to take Target, tell me.


No, no, no, don't do I don't quit your job.


I think that's what the beauty of this entire segment is, though, with the whole calling thing is because I feel like you guys have wanted to feel connected to the fans in a positive way and not and not make it like something that you feel like you have to filter because the fans feel a certain way. But you want to feel like you're authentically talking to them or having a connection, like a connection that was genuine. Like in the beginning when you originally got your following, I feel like we wanted to get back to that.


And I feel like I feel like we've made a little breakthrough tonight. We did.


I do really like I think we're sliding right back into that. Yeah. Yeah. I like to I do too.


We should come up with more things like this, more things like you guys calling into the number again, which we will leave below. Please be sure to check it out. Yes. Yeah.


Right. The number is going to be in the description, right. Yeah. And both audio and video. Yeah. All right. So we should we should we wrap it up.


I think this might be a proper OK, I have to pee again. I have a bladder problem like I said earlier. And OK, you want you want to end it off for a quick.


Let's just finish it. All right, guys, thank you so much for tuning in to CNN. He's unfiltered. We love you guys so much. We hope you enjoyed that little call in session that we had. We're going to be doing that. I hopefully every podcast I think we should have enough for.


We do everyone, if you will keep calling in, you will keep answering. Exactly. Answering. Zorin We post our audio of this podcast every Monday on Spotify, on Apple and all that good stuff. And we posted video form on our YouTube channel on YouTube, dotcom slouching and.


Right. And thank you guys. Again, we love you guys so much.


And everybody say ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba.


Love you.