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I've been breaking out a lot. I think it's a stress don't pick. Why don't don't you need a your pimples? Like, that's a point of like when you have a white head, you don't you're not supposed to pop pimples. Oh, so you want to just leave the fucking to let nature take its course.


We're now we're talking. We're on that boat. He had this pimp on his cheek like, yo, let me see now I'm going to like, baby, it looks you got to get it.


You got to get it. Sometimes you got to get have to get it. The thing is, it's just you don't want that's just sitting in your face mean when you think about what a pimple really is.


It's so fucking disgusting. Exactly. So you pop it is that it's healthy, whatever it is there. Like is there another way to to do it in a healthy way.


I strake should be growing up. I always thought like you weren't supposed to pop them so I would reverse pop and put pressure the other way.


No baby, that's you causing your royal royal into your skin.


No, not like pushing like like a button. You can still stretch your skin to look ok. I get like you were stretching it like squeeze.


Oh you know what I do. I mean you cause like bruising and stuff, you're supposed to like spread it and then it'll pop. You know what I used to do that, like, horrified my mother.


I just remember this. I'm in the mike, Mike. I just broke apart.


So I called him Tony the other day.


I called them. I can just call me Mike and Mike in the mike. Mike but in the mike. Kenny got it.


What did you do to your pit bulls?


I used to. OK, so I used to because I felt like I couldn't get a precise enough, like squeeze with my fingers.


This is disgusting.


I would say this is Kenny's. I used to taping at you some. Ah I, I used to take two quarters and I was early is for now.


What the fuck. Do you clean him at least. No I was a kid, I didn't Candy.


My mom was horrified.


She saw me doing that one time and she was like Oh it's tweezers and fucking quarters. What. What like ten year old has a pair of tweezers.


Why would you what in your head was like two quarters instead of your nails?


Like why was it Berridale in your head? You need nails to pop a pimple. I just felt like I was getting a more precise, like a more precise like method of attack. Maybe that's broken out all of middle school.


Maybe I saw your face. We weren't friends, but I saw you go. And that's why we were friendly, because that feeds even both of those girls high school.


And you had a clean face. You had a baby face in high school. Yeah, I still have, like, baby butt cheeks.


That's cute.


Then also, don't don't don't even say don't even say don't wake up with, like, fucking gouges in his face though.


Like I feel like now you wait, they come, I pick them up, I'm sleeping. He'll he'll wake up and there's just like bloody sheets.


I think I pick them while I sleep because I don't remember doing like pimples. It literally looks like you get into fights in the middle. Yeah. It's like it's a scab the size of like like it's like bad ass a little bit. It doesn't go a pimple.


I want to look rugged. I want to look haggard.


He's, he's, he, he pops his pimples like I don't know what it is like the the night before I had a shoot I, I don't know what it is.


I feel like, I guess like while I'm sleeping I feel like I'm stressing in my like dreams. So I'm just like scratching my face and I'm like I don't know what I'm doing.


It's not a wake up to it. But you like having nightmares. I actually I actually have to wear my dentist home.


I have to wear fucking when I can't sleep, I can't write, I can't wear it, I can't fucking sleep with it.


I'm just like oh like I like I'm not able to close my mouth and like sleep.


They're terrible, they're awful. I got recommended one guy like my jaw and I our friend Jay.


Where is it. Every night I'm like how the fuck do you wear that to sleep. So you just get used to.


I'm like, no you don't get used to my dad. Do you know sleep apnea is. Yes, it has to do with snoring. It's when you isn't it when you stop breathing.


It's when you stop breathing while you're sleeping so you could actually just choke.


So before he got tested for it he would like this is literally what it would sound like when he's sleeping. He would snore really bad. He'd just be like.


Oh, oh, my God. And like you, for some reason, you stop breathing and that you gasp for air because you haven't been breathing this whole me, when I see Mila Kunis, give it anywhere.


But he has to wear it literally. It looks like if you were to go scuba diving, it's this full face apparatus that covers his entire mouth and drops veins and everything.


Right. That's my husband.


He's hooked up to like this machine that forces air into his nose while he's sleeping.


So like a robot, like he has a charge, like overnight. What does your does your mom have to, like, help him with, like every night? Or does she look like does she go for something when before she would like wake up and he would just be like and she would have to like shove him and then he could and then would get her wake her.


Waking him up saves his life would be every time. Yeah. Is it like that. Is it like this. Yes. Yeah it's a whole lot. Why does that.


Can't just pull up a picture of a guy in a of that looks like oh my gosh, it literally looks like can can go to that. What the hell did I put that on my desire to go oh you know what the fuck, that's me.


OK, the jawline line's a little it's a stretch and he's not wearing a mad, happy hat, so.


And he didn't he didn't get hair plugs.


But this is this is supposedly the most treatment apnea. Malone Oh.


And he has Carmichaels on his arms. Henkel's on his arm. Yeah.


You know, he does. He calls on every minor skin. Yes. But yeah. But you do have skin. Your is what.


Oh, skinny Leggio. That's that's the drug addict arms are you. Whoa. OK, slim, think, OK, skinny fit with the Kutas, I mean, yeah, there you go.


That was a slim, thin plane thick with you. You guys are so uncultured. Uncultured, Swan.


I'm going to run the copy to your baby.


Oh, by the way, he thought about our intro about yours is unfiltered, right, 50 percent of the people didn't know their sentence after he called it out. Did you see that? Like, oh, we're like, oh, wait. So it doesn't say coffee, coffee talk that at eight everywhere. Does it say that?


Where does everybody thinks it says coffee talk. But there are some people though.


I feel like they just took that and ran with it and were like I thought it said and it was something so random. It was like I thought I said one, two, two. And I was like, why wait? I mean, that's I mean, I feel like that makes more sense than that. Yeah, I are some on that side of those too. Yeah. And someone said they thought it was I'm so drunk or something like that, like I'm like there's no way you thought this is me and he's podcast on my back and we say Zulu doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.


That I love Baburam well is unfiltered.


Well, welcome back to Zainy Heath unfiltered. That is Heath and that is ain't over there.


Very good. And that is Mariah and that is Kanye.


Unfortunately I'm right.


OK, so we actually have a lot to talk about this podcast. There's a couple of things that have been going on this week. We do what you can do, a quick little recap stuff that's been going on, my little cursory search from over the last episode.


Well, last episode we talked about each episode is just about the episode before that last season on Zeni then filter.


So there's there's been a couple of things that we wanted to talk about. I mean, I personally needed to get it off my chest.


We had a boob job call you guys you puns all the time.


I don't know.


I trying a different Zane filmed his music video anyway. Oh, my God. Don't go straight to it. I'm going in, guys. I'm coming out with a song this. Oh my God.


I don't know when it might actually be out by the time this video comes out. The video podcast.


You became a rock star overnight. I just thought that was just unbelievable.


Maybe a pioneer. It's an original piece. I wrote the song myself.


Oh, right, right, right. And all my friends are out there to support me. I just, you know, it's just it's it's hard being such a famous celebrity legislation.


Yeah. Just inspirational.


We can't get too much into detail about it because obviously that's a surprise. It is a little surprise. But what we can get into detail is about my motherfucking hairline right now.


Oh, my God. So I had I had makeup, people had hair, people there. And I actually I met the hair guy that cut our hair at the Drake photo, the Drake music video shoot that I was on.


Oh, lucky. Oh, yeah. Oh, guys, by the way, I'm the guy that was in that music video.


If you didn't see it with Justin Bieber in the middle with like the two girls and then your back must be her in front of me in front of my Eurus, you know, like Kanye Blue yourself. You didn't see it. Okay, cool.


Yeah. Yeah. You know, me and him, like, kicked it off and we're like, yo, yo, yo, we got to work together. We're like, yeah, yeah, cool, cool.


So I just I took another music video going on. He's like, you actually took hostages. You know, I hit him over my music video because I had that shit coming out, you know, and saying, and, you know, that's it.


But yeah, he, um, I had him I had him there because he cut my he cut my hair better than anybody has ever cut my hair out.


I'm sorry.


Oh, I mean, Jeff, Jeff has to understand that he's been cutting hair for like fifteen fucking years. He's like a professional now.


Your hair looked great. Thank you. Really good.


I didn't like I'm so hard on myself. I didn't think I look good but everybody said how good my hair looked.


Yeah. Even David. Oh whoa.


Trust David. David voice my brother goes by the way your hair looked insane. I could not believe how good your hair looks exactly. This crazy feeling you're having. It looked insane. I know he did. That's OK.


I'll pull the receipt a play the game. OK. Did you wait.


Was he saying this based off of a video you sent him or like a picture or. I showed him. I showed him the music video that we shot. I showed him the music video. The fully produced. Yeah. So I showed you like I showed you guys. I showed David. I showed people that like I care about their opinion because I showed you guys in case, like there was like something wrong with editing or anything like I needed like the switch.


I got it right. I showed it to the important people, everybody else.


They don't fucking. So I want to hear I want to hear David say your hair looks insane.


I will I will pull away.


It might not be the word insane, but it was just like he said, David, you know, go fuck yourself here you are.


Nuts, nuts. We're about to hair. Looks nuts. He says nuts a lot. Ready? Yeah. And side note, your fucking hair looks so good.


It's fucking not so nice guys there. You guys.


I think nuts is better than insane. Nuts is good. I love. Yeah. I love. I love. Now you owe me. You owe me a drink. You owe me a sip. You have, you owe me a sip. Global warming.


Well that's all I. That's the only thing that's that's all I can get right now, is you taking this hair looks fucking nuts, but he's the same guy that cut his hair. Cut your hair.


Yeah, I know. I yeah, my shit looked fucking nuts.


Look in unison right in.


But you were so excited because you saw Zane's hair. Like this guy's about to cut my. Oh my.


Oh, you go you cut your hair because so hair and makeup, everything is good to go. We're getting ready. We got dressed up.


And the thing is you didn't give a lot to work with. Oh, he didn't know he had something to work with.




So we're getting ready. I'm in costume, whatever. And I go to take my hat off to to record. And he looks at me.


I was like, literally I was like, can you help me out here? And he was like. Are we growing it out like, no, he's like. OK, can I can I cut it a little bit and. Yeah, sure. Do you think, oh, he did his thing in the dark. Oh, we're in this dark. Little like getting ready room, whatever you want to call rooms. He was actually he was actually very good at cutting hair in the dark.


He cut my hair.


You cut towards her and told her, look, you guys looked saying, look, my hair cut was literally done.


And what a minute, a minute. It was like you was it all was right before you guys came in. Yeah. Yeah. That's why that's the thing. Is that yours got your this was probably done with like, you know, a little more time.


Did you know he had all the time in the world to do mine. Yeah. Still had an hour and a half until we like.


So he's going at it. I just I'm sitting there all year round.


We're learning it was a little scary too. When he was coming by. I was like, oh, my God, this is like a loan.


I took it. I was like, oh my God. This guy is like he's like he was quick. Yeah, I'm sure of himself.


And like he's doing the thing was walking over, she's like, whoa.


Right. Oh, oh. This is the best haircut I've ever got. There's no mirrors, there's no nothing in this room. So I'm just like in my head, I'm like, fuck yeah. This is going to look good. So OK, good, you're done. And he goes to give me the little handheld mirror and I look, he had my bangs down in these four spikes that went straight down like this. And the back of my head was spiked up like like let me speak to the manager types.


And it was just like a fucking combed over. Well, here, I'm going to tell you why he probably did that. Did you tell me exactly what you wanted?


He goes, how do you weigh in? Here I go. And but what did you tell him, like exactly what you wanted? I'll tell you why why he did that. Did he did he tell what he knows? Which way do you, like, put your hair?


I go either way, it doesn't matter.


But like, OK, I think the reason why he did that is because I told him to do that to me.


So I feel like he just did that to everybody that was in the shoe store. My sense of it right away, because right when we were about to film Zayn, look at your hair and he goes, Oh, baby.


And I said, Oh, yeah. So people kept walking up to me like I hadn't, like, really, like, looked at my hair and people were like, oh, bad boy, choir boy.


I was like, why go? Like, OK, a little emo I like but he's right now your hair looks good.


Oh he let his hair really good.


Look at how long he worked shave. You only give him a minute to look at how high this ridges.


This is he buzz my ear.


Look at that. And you know I'm sorry if you're watching. I'm sorry. Didn't mean look at how high that is. I love you. This one. This one's lower where it should be. But he also gouged the side of my head.


Yeah, he messed up over there. It's like a bald it's fine line in the back of my shed.


Look, we go around the horn, but it's not about me. It's about Zane's show. And we put on a pretty good. There you go. Right. I just want you to steal the spotlight.


It turned out so well, though, and I saw that final.


That's good. Oh, my God. They were laughing my ass off.


I believe how quick these guys were. I'm very impressed.


Yeah. Brett was so fucking quick. We like him. He we met the guy that did the music. He we came up with the idea on the spot. We did it. The song was made the next day and then forty eight, five days later we did the shoot. Amazing. And it was edited the next day. I was unbelievable.


It was unbelievable. You're a rock star. Yeah. I don't want to say edited or anything yet.


You'll see in the description of the video it wasn't me, but I know you're expecting that is just crazy, OK?


Because I know he likes to do music here and there. So whenever you need anything, you fucking have these guys. You guys are so fucking quick.


No, I know. I'm very impressed. It turned out really. Thank you. And you guys, look you guys look so good.


I'm so happy I had my friends as a choir because I mean that I'm just and I'm just so happy I had my friends there.


It was just it was so thanks for to talk about who else was there. Oh yeah. That's yeah. So unbelievable. I just fucking Kourtney Kardashian. So I'm I'm, I'm sitting there doing the music video shoot singing and she's just there and I'm like what.


I like why are you looking at me and why are you so obviously like David's like hung out with her a few times.


Yeah. Whatever. Yeah. But that was my first time meeting or seeing her. Yeah.


And she is exactly what I thought she was going to be. Yeah.


I've met her a couple times before that and she's, I feel like she's definitely like one of the cooler. Yeah. Kardashians, she's just like, like your signature.


Even the stuff she was saying, like she was sitting there on the side, she was just like that's so rude.


So. Oh yeah. You heard her say that full time. She was on the phone.


She was on the phone because I saw. Yeah. Oh them. That's really funny.


It felt like I was in like an alternate universe. It was it was pretty weird. Well, baby, I give my friends and experience when they dance around. I love that.


I love that. Imagine just having her pop in but never addressing it. People like. Is that Courtney Cadastral your shoe.


The funniest moment for me was when somebody came out from like you guys were recording in the actual, like set and somebody comes out and pokes right goes Courtney. And then average fashion blogger Courtney.


Yeah, instinctively. But they were calling for Courtney Gargash. And she goes, Oh my God.


Yeah, I know. Like, I'm totally fine. Like, I'm just about to pass out.


I'm just going to like, pass out like I love her.


I'm just I just married for the first time, like this girl who'd be so fucking funny.


She's like the next her humor is like Melissa McCarthy shit on.


It's like she, she's, she's humorous without even trying, like you're sitting next to her and you say something and she says something, you're just like. Yes, you know, I was like shocked. I love meeting genuine, sweet, funny people like who are actually talented.


Like I could see her in a movie easily very soon. Yeah. And like I said in that movie, as soon as she's there, I'm going to be like, I fucking knew that she was gonna be in the movie because she's so fucking she has the perfect look for her personality.


Yeah. Like she looks like an actress. Like. Yeah.


And looks and looks like, like just normal really.


Like, like there's just the normal relatable animal you see on the streets. But that's who's a hottie.


She's a very like you feel at home with. Yeah.


Yeah, yeah. I love. Oh my gosh. She's going to see this was I was showering her with love. We got a couple words from our sponsors. Yeah. We want to thank Doordarshan for sponsoring this episode. Doordarshan Baby, you know, adored and that's my favorite delivery company, baby.


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Can we talk about the. I don't even know if we're let to talk about a movie we just saw.


Oh, of course we can. Why not.


We saw this movie Tenet the other day. It's a Christopher Nolan movie. I didn't really know too much about it. David was like, hey, do you want to see this movie Tenet? Whatever I was, I never heard of it. He's like, Oh, it's the new Christopher Nolan movie. Yeah. And I was like, who the fuck is Christopher Nolan?


So I saw the movie. I think it was set up. I like Casey and I sat in IMAX. They had just it was just us. We are the only ones in the movie theater. And it was huge. It was insane.


And it was it was just awesome, which was a really cool experience.


So the IMAX that we went to is I don't want to mess this up, but it's supposedly where he went to go watch the film to do.


That's where he plays his movies.


Yeah, that's what he wants is movies like screen because like he has a certain there's a certain audio setting that he wants and there's a certain way it looks is is interesting.




It's a mall setting and whatever for watching a movie.


He being on the director. Yeah. He doesn't want it wasn't any other way like especially in that setting that. Yeah.


I was going to say I've heard that he's very particular about that.


Yeah. He won't, he won't sell it out like obviously we're in covid whatever right now and he only wants to play only in theaters and that would be you.


So you would do that if I was talented as him and I made movies like that, yeah, I could see my maybe you would want to edit in the movie a little a little keyboard and mouse editing.


He edits all of his shit like film.


I can't get I can't believe Heath. It's so hard for me to believe that shit. It's so fucking hard.


I know that because there's times where like when you edit when you edit something and you're putting music or something, just you need to cut it by a fucking half a second.


I just can't believe it either. So Mariah goes, you don't have to tell me. Do you understand why I get cuts by by the film and saying there's no command B?


I don't get it. It's a male.


So he really like so he really plans shot by shot or you fucking films. That's talent, but it's all film.


One film. Film, film, yeah. What do you what do you mean what do you mean? What do you mean film? Like right now we're filming. It's all digital. Oh yeah. Like a card. Yeah. We're talking about like reels.


Like real film. All right. You know, those are.


We don't with the. Well, like, you know you know, the emoji of like the movie project, like, I don't know, you're talking, is this a joke? No, he's old school. That's how he does things.


Oh, like when when he said, like, not digital. It's a camera is not digital either.


Like everything is on fucking like, OK, you know, like this is memory. Like SD memory. Sure. Yeah. And then you could do like a film picture where you take the film, get it like develop you. So where does he take that. How does he take that film and put music on it. I don't know. Well he has to put it on a fucking on a on a final cut or premiere.


I think everything like the initial cut I think is all film and then it gets turned into digital to do like audio and shit like that.


But the foundation, the base is film like strips, reels like you don't think any any of it gets cut.


There's no cutting of scenes at all.


And I mean, I'm sure there's no doubting. Yeah, there's cut like imagine.


Not just you're like airdropping your files or computer, like he has to get them, what do they like the black room where it's like you just by and say, shit, he blinked in this scene.


That's crazy. Crazy, very pale. I respected the like people that like respect the craft and are like it's a very old school, by the way. I don't like to I don't like to look at I don't like to know what a directors look like.


I have no idea what he looks like.


OK, I know, but I don't like to like I would I don't want to go to Christopher Nolan on Google and see what he looks like. I'd rather not. I like I like that they're a mystery. I like their names. I don't want to see a face of them because, like, their craft is through movies and I like behind the camera.


It's like this.


That's what I want to do. Yeah, but it's insane. Like you think that you think that people that do this, like they make such like a different type of genre of movie, like oh there must be so old school, whatever.


But like Christopher Nolan did The Dark Knight. Right, which I was a fucking movie.


I was astounded. I want to watch that so bad, by the way.


But like he did, insanely iconic movie is like in present day that still hold up. It's like, how can you be so I don't know, like in the past with the way that you work with film and like still make such topical, like modern day movie is.


It's so crazy to me.


Unbelievable. Like and I wish like I want to do it like I want to do that. So I'd like you to do it. And I, I'm so lazy I don't want to fucking go to school for it. I just want to I wish I knew how to do it. I don't want to work.


I just want it now. I know, I know. I just, I love, I appreciate like their craft and like how they.


Yeah but but but the movie was amazing like it was, it was shot so. Well, I'm going to be honest, it was a little confusing for me.


I think it was confusing. First it was I feel like it was very confusing for me and you because we didn't even watch the trailer. I think we went into it completely. Yeah, like all the time. And I are about to watch a movie and we're like, should we watch television? We're just like, no, let's go in like blindly. Let's just watch it because it's fun. It's fun. It's like it's like an Easter egg.


You have no idea what's about to happen. But for that movie, I did wish I saw the trailer because I was like, I get confused. Trailer didn't give much away, so it wouldn't have helped. That's what that's what people are saying. Yeah, but it's a time travel movie. So I'm as always, that it's going to be confusing because it's a made up thing that doesn't make sense.


Yeah. So we can't we can't go into it, go into it knowing that. Yeah. I definitely want to watch it again. Well because I enjoyed watching the movie, I think the movie was really cool, but I definitely have to watch it again at my house, all my TV.


Well my favorite movie of all time. I feel like I had to watch probably like three times before I really understood it.


Fully eternal eternal sunshine of the e e t bone home.


Yeah. No, my favorite movie of all time. Like I probably had to watch three times before I fully understood it and knew exactly what was happening and like in every capacity.


But that almost made me like appreciate it more in a weird way. Right. So sometimes those movies are like I don't know, like just because you didn't like, resonate with a movie the first time doesn't mean that you watch it again.


You would in like a different maybe it's like friends like Zane and I didn't like each other. Exactly. And then when you get to hang out for a little while, the second time you watch it, you're like, oh, I appreciate it.


But didn't you guys say that you saw somebody on the way there like that? Did. Yeah, OK, you're going to I haven't gotten that part of the story, so.


Right. You know how normal you know how normally like wheel drive by people. I'm like, oh my God, look, that's George Clooney and it's not George Clooney. Just looks like and I do that all the time. But you've actually seen George Clooney.


I've actually seen IMAX for the record firm. We were on our way there and we're driving we're jamming out like we're just like we're in the car. We're just like, yeah. And, you know, I'm looking on the road and I'm like, looking.


And I see a glimpse of them like. And he drives back, I was like, he threw down right now I've been waiting so long, I hear the build up like he'd slow the fuck down. He's like, Why?


He's like, Dude, I think I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal slow down shot. He slows down and he comes in a dark gray to specific dark gray Tesla.


I was like, slow down. He drives by and and he's like, are you sure? It's almost like I always fuck up. Let's just make sure he he's driving next to us. I'm like, oh, my God, that's him. He confirmed. I guess I need that confirmation because I always fuck up God. And he does like saying that's him like, holy shit, that's so fucking crazy.


It's like, well, with him, he puts the window down like, no, no, I don't want to be that person. And I put it back up and I'm like, he's still there. Were you in your Urus?


No, it was my truck in his truck. All right. So so I was like, sounds like and I take out my phone was like, no, no, I'm not going to take my phone out so fucking stupid.


Yeah. It doesn't help anything. So so he's like for him so he puts, he puts the window down and I'm waving at him and this, this lets me know that it was actually him because we were clearly in front of him and I was waving at him.


He could like he would have seen Zain like waving.


He clearly ignored me, which, you know, I don't take that as like a fucked up thing. He gets out all the time. And so I waved at him and he ignored me.


And that gave me a proof that it was actually fucking I knew I was had extra proof that it was bad because he's clearly so weird. Are you all right? It was so fucking good.


He had his hair in a pony like a little ponytail. Did he look like Jay or.


It was like, you know, twiddly. But yeah, that was really cool. But on our way back. So check out way back. So you saw him again? No, I'm looking over here.


Actually, no, he was hanging out with us.


We're driving back. And I looked over and I saw there was a Ferrari 488 piece.


You're picking a different language continue.


So it's a it's a car that's very rare. Got it. In a color that's not very common. Got it. And it's like a like a grayish color.


I can't believe you looked this up.


I can't believe I didn't look it up. This is what's weird. No. Yeah, you did. You told me, you know, popped up on tick tock. What do you mean it popped up. I was. So it was Alison.


Are you fucking kidding me. This is part of the story.


So so I'm looking at this car and like you can't see who is in it, whatever the windows. And I'm just admiring it. I'm just here. And I was like, wow, that's gorgeous. And like, we're just like looking at it whenever, like, OK, cool. We drove off. Nice car. The next day I'm looking at Tick Tock and there's a video of Adam Sandler in that car. Oh. And somebody he's filming.


Oh I saw that one. I saw that one. I like like like off the freeway.


Yes, yes. And there were like what is that, a Lamborghini. And he's like Yeah. Lamborghini something or other but it's a Ferrari and like yeah. Adam Sandler was like joking around, like being like a troll about his car like like.


Yeah, he knows it's not a Lamborghini. Right. Just being funny just.


Yeah. Just being like a troll, being funny about it. But that was the car that we saw.


It was Adam Sandler. You think it was Adam Sandler. This car look like no other car I've ever seen. We've never seen that car dealer.


No, no, I know. I was just like, I don't know if he lives out here. I mean, of course.


Yeah, they all live here. But I tell you, I've met him before, right? Yeah. We we went we went to this is actually. Oh, fuck, this is so sad.


And I don't even want to talk about it.


I'm going to talk about it too. We went to a movie premiere.


It was one of Adam saying this movie.


It was called Was It a Jennifer? His group was in it, you know, like the group that he films with all the time. Really. Mm. Happy Madison is happy. Happy Madison or no. Happy. Yeah, that's right. Yeah.


I think it was Joe Dirt too. OK, it wasn't the best movie.


It was, it was actually it was actually really bad.


It was, it was a really bad movie or irrelevant. Maybe it was a really bad movie. And I think I don't know if Adam Sandler was having a bad day or he knew it was a bad movie. I don't know what it was, but I remember we're all watching it. He was there. The whole group was there. And after the movie was done, we got up, we turned around. We saw him right there, like up.


Right. He was pretty much gone except for us. And he was so cool. So we all went up and met him and he looked. So it was one of the down.


He was like, yeah, he was down. But, you know, when you go to a premiere or screening of a movie, people usually clap after it's done, clocked after it was done.


It was really weird.


Yeah, it was really weird.


And I'm not saying like, oh, maybe nobody thought nobody clapped for a reason. I'm telling you it was okay. I was so down and nobody clapped and it was like fucking crazy weird.


And then we got up and we saw him and it was like so weird. Poor guy. I said, we're taking a shot.


Every time I say weird, I'm drunk. I'm. But did you say hi to them, I just say hi. Yeah, it was great, but like it was it was not it was not a very happy moment.


It wasn't how happy my heart is. It was sad. So I heard very good things about him. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, no, of course. Of course. I know he's incredible and he's fucking he's talented and he's so bad.


I'm so sorry. Could I be. I'm way waylaying right now. He can be I, I'm going to piss myself. I got to pee to pee pee right now on camera.


All right. Speaking of movies, though, I wanted to talk about a documentary that I saw the other day that blew my mind, it was it was phenomenal. It was called the Dawn Wall.


It was about a. Rock climber in Yosemite that. The story is unreal. It's on Netflix, if you guys want to watch it, but this rock climber, does he have like black keys, white black hair? You're thinking of the other rock climber, the free the free Honnold free solo, the free that that guy is not.


So I watch that. OK, so this guy is nothing compared to this guy.


They're both incredible climbers.


Alex Hornell is probably one of the best. He does a lot of free climbing without any harnesses, ropes, nothing. Just straight up climbing. He climbed up or are you talking about my guy? Your guy, your guy. My guy, Alex. Donald, I was dude, I've never I've never sat there shivering while watching something sweat when he's weak.


Arms were heavy the entire fucking time because this guy, this guy's on the top of the fucking mountain. And it wasn't shaved off in a pattern. Friend No, he's just climbing this rock, hopefully making it to the fucking top in the harness. It's unbelievable. And like, this guy could fall at any moment. And that's in the documentary Just Boom.


And he's come to peace 100 feet climbing. I don't. And his wife is sitting there, like, watching.


I'm like, oh, my God, that's so fucking.


I can't believe they sign up for that. This is the one that you're in my life. But it's hard to do that. But you're so you're that confident, that confident where you know, it's amazing.


It's amazing. You get up there, it's fucking like Alex is unreal because the way he is as a person is so interesting. Yeah. Like his thought process on absolutely everything. Like, I wish I wish I was that passionate about something that like I could just dedicate my life, like if. Well, we are. Yeah. Yeah. Like that about drinking. If I came home, if I came into this, like, I'm passionate about this, if I came in and I was like, I'm like I got a 50 percent chance of dying in this episode, I'd be like, fuck no, no, no.


Yeah. I watched the whole documentary.


It's insane. It's great. It's amazing. These people are cool. But like, I still don't think what they do is responsible. Like, it's like they are willing to die at any moment, which that's fine for your life. You know, you're if you are willing to die for your, you know, passion, that's fine.


But I could never but I'd be so comfortable.


I think these people are so good and just God. Like where?


You know what I mean? I mean, yeah, the thing is, they strive for perfection. Everything they do, it's like everything to come. It's so scientism. It's not fifty percent life to them. It's five percent. They're going to die. Ninety five percent.


They're just like, yeah, figure it out because because if they actually thought it was fifty percent like the fifty percent that they, they wouldn't do it. No I actually disagree with that.


The thing is the entire documentary they're talking about how like oh yeah I know. Like people do this with like ropes, like they do it on with a with a line and with like you know.


Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Those kind of I mean that that's the way they're through it all drugs like that. How do you get out there like that. You get out there like your own life.


When he's up there, he literally he has talked, he talks multiple times about how he he's just like I mean.


Yeah, like I, I could die like there it is a very, very viable, real look. Yeah. He doesn't look at it as like a five percent chance. He's like No. Like one wrong move. I know how precarious everything. Every move that I make is like I could die at any one of these moments. And that's why it's insane, because it's like they're trying to document his first free climb up this mountain. And it's like El Capitan is what it is.


Yeah, exactly.


And it's like, yeah, if you know you're being filmed.


Ah, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.


If you know you're being filmed when you're trying to do this thing that no one has ever done before and he's looking at the fucking camera as he's going up, he's like I like you like attention.


It's so nerve racking. It's my palms are sweaty just thinking about it. I have to keep switching hands with my mic. And it's not good for people that have anxiety to watch this show because people that don't I'm excited don't have anxiety watching it. It creates anxiety. So, yeah.


So that's that's Alex Honnold, the one we're talking about that's free climbing. His documentary is unreal and definitely very intense. But the other one is the dawn wall, which isn't free climbing, it's ropes and stuff like that. But they're climbing up the face of the dawn wall, dawn hallway, listening to this ropes and stuff like that.


They don't disrespect me like that, but he's climbing up something that has never been climbed before. It's this I've climbed Billboard's Asado Ranch.


I, I can handle all latera barely hangs over the idea that there will be one day in the temple. But yeah, so the documentary's crazy.


He ends up climbing somewhere I think in Kirgizstan or somewhere because I know, I think, I think it was called Thurmon. Oh yeah. As he's halfway up this wall he starts getting shot at by rebels.


Are you fucking serious. Literally bullets are hitting right next to him. They bring him and his crew all the way down. Take him is like a hostage. Start hiking with him. They took his way. Wait a fucking second. This is a documentary that you're talking about, the dawn wall.


Yes. Where did this happen? This happened in the documentary. Yes. You fucking kidding? And this wasn't set up? No. So this is stuff that happened previously. Like, obviously, this was. Oh, he talks. He talks like there's footage of these rebels. And it didn't live there like they don't want people on there has I work with the rebels that were fleeing from, I guess, the what? I don't know what a rebel is actually fleeing from the military there.


It was just like aliens are like they're a group of like the government people.


So took them hostage. I don't want to give too much away, but he dies, right?


No, he didn't die. Didn't die.


Ended up I don't want to give too much away, but whatever down the road, he ends up losing his pointer finger.


You know, you don't want to give it away. I know. And I'll can watch you. It's crazy. It's a really good story.


And I don't know. Now I want to go rock climbing. I just want to go out to Yosemite.


You know, you're not going to go wrong because we got a podcast to do. If you're gone, baby gone. God forbid I lose a finger.


I feel like none of us are that, like, death defying, you know, like so I mean, like.


Have you ever rock climb, though? You ever done it? I mean, I've done like the gym ones. Right.


You know, like the ones that move we went we did a bouldering that was crazy, like went upside down and everything. It was so hard.


So but during bouldering is a style of climbing that is under 30 feet. I believe by definition it's very technical.


It's not with like harnesses and straps. You just kind of like climb up a specific.


Rock, whatever, but if you're at a gym, there's like a color pattern that you have to follow to do it. It's really fun.


So there's challenge that we like only red rocks and you have to climb on the right because like, oh, OK. Are there different levels? Like, red is really easy. Orange is the hardest.


Like, OK, yeah. So there's like the scale of like how difficult it is. I mean, I mean we can talk about rock climbing but like what reminds me of rock climbing as those you remember those, those little, those little I wouldn't say arcade places but it's arcade. Please, please tell me you're going.


I think you're going because I'm you know those you know those places where they have rock climbing. They have this thing where you strap on your body and you get to fly around the building. What are so bad? What are those what's that called? I don't know.


It's the the videos where, like, they strap you in. It's kind of like almost like a zip line, but Chucky Cheese Arcade type of thing.


And they strap you in and it's like this big zip line that goes throughout the whole arcade and like kids like just hang activities, like it's a bunch of like rock climbing that it's like it's outdoor activities inside for kids. It gets them ready for the real world. OK, hold on.


Do you guys remember it was it was like a place when we were kids in Florida, we would go there on camp like like a summer camp spot. And there was a rock climbing wall, but it was on a treadmill and you're climbing and the treadmill is going around.


But that's what I'm talking about, the gym ones where it keeps going round and round.


Yeah. Yeah. It's basically a rock climb. Yeah. That's when you brought it. Exactly.


That's exactly what I was talking about. Yeah. That shit was so fun. Yeah. Damn. We should get one for this.


I guess maybe I was little because it seemed so much bigger than that.


I saw fucking Jeff freak free rock climb when we went out to we wanted to hike somewhere. I forgot. I forget what it was. He was free climbing around this rock and like it if he fell off he would have died like it was really.


Yeah. It was like a deep one. And he's crazy.


I know. I don't like when my friends do that shit because shit happens all the time. Dude, the crazy fucking accidents happen all the fucking time. And I don't like when my friends are part of it.


It's like when people like get drunk and hang off like a balcony up and then it's just you fall off and then done, you're dead and that's it. And everybody has to deal with it. You're dead, your family has to deal with it and your friends have to deal with it for the rest of their lives. And I'm not saying, like, pity us, we have to deal with it, but like, you're gone and that's it.


It's like risk to reward. Yeah. Yeah. The reward is nothing because I think we're not like what you get out of. There is nothing.


You don't win a fucking hundred thousand dollar prize when you make it around. You don't don't understand about the people that climb.


Like I understand. Like the notoriety. Like, yes, you will be the first person to accomplish this, but you'll have if you talk to them.


All right. Yeah, but you don't do it. You die.


But even even if you were doing it for the Guinness World Record, you don't make money off that right now.


Oh, no. They were making those competitions right. What's the money? You get off of the sponsorships like you're the number one fucking it's like anything.


It's literally like race car driving, like a race car driving. I get because it's like it's a whole. But that's also like death defying. Yeah. A rock climbing is like a lot of money that comes with rock climbing.


There's like sponsorships, there's different competition. So the dawn wall starts off with this kid who there was a rock climbing competition.


Yeah. He went to the competition and the day before they had like an open course to, like, do it. And whoever won out of, like, fans that were there. Yeah. Won this like pre competition, but entered into the actual competition the next day.


Does that make sense? Yeah, so like if we had, like, a whole fan thing going on, whatever they want, and then got to be put into the real thing, he ended up winning the real thing the next day against the professional rock climbers and became like the biggest. Oh, what the climber in the fucking world. That's overgraze. That's nuts.


And just sponsorships out the ass, like became like a huge name in this world.


I mean, he has a show on Netflix as pretty like it can get you. It's like the people that like do the tightrope walk right.


Walk a tightrope walkers. Yeah. Ever since, ever since like making a murderer came out I, I never like when people have Netflix shows.


I never think like after that show, I don't think people get paid as much as we think for shows because his money didn't come from being in this documentary. His money came from being who he is. Yeah.


And I don't think they're doing it for the money. They would do it for no rain. Yeah.


Like it's just like these people are like literally one with nature, like they'll sit and meditate for hours. It takes a special person.


I mean, we saw that when we met at the Alex guy hours and hours and years and years of mapping out specifically what Alex guy, Alex Honnold, the one that did El Capitan. Yeah. Yeah.


He like I like the thing is, is like he has a diary that he memorizes basically of every single place where he puts his thumb and where he puts his tongue. Yeah. Where he saw that.


I was like it's like three thousand foot climb up a wall and he's like left hand upside down.


Do you think, you think he like like has orgasms of like saying I don't know, he's just trying to get his rocks off those good cannon.


Thank you guys.


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They had one of those and it gave me like energy before working out. And I was just like it was like a dessert.


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Unfiltered best. Is there anything you would give your life for? Oh, oh, you know, me, too. She's actually coming tomorrow, tomorrow? Oh, that's right.


And Ali and my brother and his fiancee, I'm so fucking excited. Family's coming.


I've been I've been I've been going home more often because they need a fucking break.


It's really hard. It's really hard out there. And like, well, my brother and Tali are just like I don't know.


I don't want to go into detail about like they just need a fucking break and a fucking break. So I totally come out here just like come out here. So excited for spend, spend.


Let's take them rock-climbing. Yeah. I'm really excited for them to come out here, but they had nowhere to sleep because I have no beds in my house, no beds.


And that's on being in this house for eight months I, I ordered my living room set and like beds and everything. So they, it took me so long to order this shit, but it was supposed to get like I order it. So we came here that night before and it got pushed.


I got pushed back because I wasn't home when they got there, which was, you know, my fault.


But they won't it won't come for another two weeks. But now they're sleeping with the dogs. Yeah. Now they have to sleep on the floor like my room. My rooms are completely empty.


Well, you know, we have an extra, but we have an extra bedroom. If they actually like it wants her own little spot, obviously, she could be back there.


She gets her wholely she gets her own little.


She gets a whole. You try and you're like, look, Kenny, out of some of the time.


I mean, also people have been lately. Kenny, you'll sleep on the floor till I'm good. I'm adaptable. People have also been requesting her to get on the podcast so maybe she can sleep on the couch.


Oh, you won't wake her up. Well, we are going to do we are going to do guest for season two. So maybe I don't know.


Then it's up to Mariah. If Mariah wants it, then we'll make it happen. Have jealousy issues.


No girls, no girls. Wait, let's run through a question. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and unfiltered family you have all been waiting for.


We are picking y'all to be a featured questionnaire, asking to have the podcast, sounds it out and asks, what do you call someone that asks questions? And during a. There and assist instead of a questionnaire there, a questionnaire, you ready? What do you got ready? What do you got for us? All right. Coffee, ready, ready.


Three, two, escalate. covid to play that question again, I.


This is Rupert Pupkin from Melbourne, Australia. And I'd like to ask all of you about what are you most looking forward to your least looking forward to the next couple of years? Who knows? In a couple of years from now, Kenny and I was on Nickelodeon show Mariah's off Broadway, and he will be coffee tycoons of a conglomerate, all powerful monopoly of coffee, baby. Thank you very much.


We do very much. Oh, my God, that made me very happy. It's just so cool. No, that is really cool that he's calling from Australia.


Yeah. That's so crazy to me that you have to pay extra to call in. I honestly, I'm not 100 percent sure. I know a lot of people that embarrass you. Oh, yes.


A lot of people have been asking like like why can't they call from other countries? I don't know, because I'm getting so many we're getting so many calls from other countries.


So I don't know first. Yeah. Give it a shot. Thank you.


Thank you for calling in. What most excited. Let's start with that. Yeah I, I personally I'm most excited for our coffee. I know it's taking very long, but it's a process when you want to make something perfect.


Right. We, we're very excited about that. And what else.


What else. Are you excited.


I'm excited about just all the all of it is going to be making after this. I feel like it's been a very slow half year for me.


Like, I feel like like I feel like there has been a lot going on in my life. Right. I'm just so excited for all the things that we have coming out that mean you're going to do together. And I know during Vine we did a lot of things together and then we stopped. But I'm really glad that we get to do it again together because I feel like we work best together.


I feel like we get together.


So it is very exciting for me. And I can't wait. I can't wait for us to do that again.


Noya, Zain and I have so much that we're about to start on that is like taking. I mean, my life to the next level, like we have, we have so much going on between the coffee, the podcasts, the gaming channel that we're starting in, a couple of other projects that we have in the works.


I can't talk about it, obviously, but but it's going to be very, very exciting for us and hopefully you guys as well. So we're excited to start that. And then I don't like to look.


I like I don't like to look past a month, honestly. Really?


Yeah, because it's due to changes all the time looking at right now, like think about a year ago.


Yeah. So always do the best you can in the present and the future will make its way for you. Oh well what are you the least excited about?


Because I was a part of this cause the least excited about what's going to happen within the next few years that you are just dreading.


I think I'm least excited to see you guys will be 30 and really getting older.


I think I'm just excited to see where our friend group is going. Like, I'm excited. But at the same time, that's that's what I'm most like. You don't want you don't want everyone to like. Right. Yeah.


I love I love years from now. I mean, I hope we'd all be together.


But like that's I think my biggest fear is like seeing where everybody's going to be. Like I personally I don't see Heath and you. I don't see you guys going anywhere.


But like, I don't see myself here. If I there's there's some people in our group that, like, I'm not this is I'm not being I'm not trying to be like mean or shady at all. There's some like some people in our group. I feel like they are going to move on with their lives.


And like everybody is separate, which I completely understand. And, you know, everybody has everybody has like a path. But like, I'm scared. There's some people I will never see again. And like, that makes me very scared because it's like being in high school.


Yeah. And graduating. Exactly. Because, like, we see each other all the time. We see everybody all the time, every day. And just it's going to get to the point where you don't where you don't see them every day.


Yeah. That's and that's, that terrifies me because all of us are so important to each other.


Every single person in our friend group like is very important to us because outside of what we were doing and like, like this podcast outside of videos, like outside of everything that we do, we all have we all have a strong friendship. There's nothing to do with these videos, right? Yeah. A lot of people don't like see that or understand that. A lot of you guys will never understand how we are outside of the camera because we don't we should we we show our show five percent.


We show five percent of ourselves and how we are together and everything on camera.


So it's hard to explain to you guys what what it's like off camera. But like, it is scary, right? I just hope that our generation, we live life differently when we get older.


I don't know if that makes sense because you know how all of our grandparents like.


Yeah. So we never see anymore. I hope we're not like that. Right. Or I want to see us all have kids together. I know.


I just, I want to see our kids like hang out. That's what I want to see.


I feel like we're at the point where we definitely there's a big possibility, big chance that that will happen.


Yeah. But who knows? It's up to us. It is. It's up to you guys listening. Please, please, please keep us in.


Obviously, people who are meant to be in your life are going to stay in your life. Yeah, obviously it it'll happen naturally.


Yeah. It'll be it'll be a baby. It was meant to be. All right. We got one more coffee call baby. We got a core. Wow. Can you read it? All right. Here we go.


Hey, guys, this is Gina calling from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This kind of a question for everybody is our products baby food or toys or something that you could brand or what brand as your signature product I could see was like a beer or something? No, I don't know. But I know with one hand, I think I'm still going to answer thanks. So answer this question. I really want to know how to do it.


I thank you for that question. So basically, she was asking if we like all her products or something. Yeah, yeah. We could pick anything in the world. What.


Can I say something. Yeah. It's funny that she said you're a beer because I always thought Husar sounded like a cool.


Yeah, I see. He's a.. I always thought Husar would be a whiskey.


Oh it could be a whiskey. That's cool to see that.


I feel like if I were to make a beverage just in general I would do a beer. Yeah.


But if it was going to be based around my name, I think, I think if you're doing a whiskey you're like, why would go more heath than Husar for whiskey. Yeah, I do like you more than names.


I feel like she means more like personality, just like I like who you are as a person. I want to deep into like what I mean it's your answer. I mean you could brand yourself as whatever you want. I think she means like personality wise, what you think would be like really representative of your brand as a person. Yeah, I'm going to translate.


All I want is a breakfast restaurant, nothing specific and wanted to ever literally since I was in high school.


Yeah, all the breakfast food is my all time favorite dinosaur.


A huge thing back in Florida. Like Tyner's like like just like those, like not very fancy but just like those. If I could run on breakfast like a little breakfast but nothing big. Like I don't want it to be like this crazy breakfast food truck.


A little more. Sit down. No, but I did want a food truck for a long time because that was like I felt like my intro into it, but like end goal.


I would love to have like a little mom and. Shop where it would be like the same type, you know. Yeah, I call being mom. Something like small and cute where.


Yeah, like it's the same customers like throughout the week, regulars, locals, you know, each other and like, you know, their order like something about like, I don't know, breakfast food just always made me happy and felt warm and welcome. You go above us.


Bubba's brunch and breakfast. Very PBB honestly like you know how Cracker Barrel is set up. Cracker.


I had no Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel. Sorry. Oh, my God. Cracker Barrel. Cracker and Barrel. Sorry, I got that mixed up with Ben and Jerry's my favorite.


And I was going to say, Zain, come with an ice cream or something. I was I was about to say that I love ice cream, I love cake and I love so it's like we put those three in one shop and ice cream.


I could take that chela the most disgusting.


Hey, am I to you? To you.


I got it. Zane, open up like a bar. But there's a bar on one side and then a sun bar on the other side and then a dance floor in the middle.


So you got fucked up people getting sick off of dairy. Yeah, those can be the worst you can think. OK, calm down. I see, I see where you're going. Thank you.


But me and my baby are making coffee so. Right.


Oh that is that's all I is one answer. I just tried so bad but. All right. Little babies. That's all the time we got here today. All the time. And we just want to say thank you guys so much for tonight, as always.


Oh, hear us on the Apple Spotify podcast. Whatever you guys listen to, whatever you watch the video on YouTube, dot com slash Zanin.


He's got that was really fucking me up here.


You can you echo like I was I was sorry I would fuck up if you're doing that to me, having gone.


I should have thought about that with you guys, as always.


And we love you and we will see you very soon. Very soon.


What about you guys? Will you be here? See.


Check my calendar. OK, I'll see you. Yeah. Well, Zane and Heath, our.