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How we doing, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, did you guys see what Zain said? Like it seems like he really doesn't like anything.


Oh, I see so many colors of, like, whatever Kanye makes a face or something. I don't think he's right.


I love. It's so funny. I love it. I wish I could. I wish I had a wish I could turn my accent on. I could talk like her mom.


Oh, you mean like how I do it. I don't stop, though, you know, it's such a good accent.


I break out into that accent when I'm uncomfortable.




Like, I'll do it if I'm around strangers more because I'm very because I can't hold a conversation, like, socially awkward, you know, I'm like awkward, you know, socially awkward, awkward.


I go, why are you pandering to me when you said socially awkward, like you're like, oh, you do that all the time. All the time. Hey, guys, good morning. It's Monday, last Tuesday morning. How are you doing? I hope everyone's doing a good, awful accent.


Oh yeah. What was that terrible, horrible supposed to be?


Tina, Tina, Tina, Tina. They're talking to me.


We're we're doing crosswords other night and we've called her mom to help us with some of the crosswords. And it was the funniest thing. She's just so confident about shit.


But like, it's going nowhere also just when she repeats the question, but like as an answer, we're like, OK, so we got we got a hint. It's it's Josh Peck in a Nickelodeon TV show. She goes Josh Peck in a Nickelodeon TV show.


And then we're on to the next four questions and you hear her mumbling TV show.


TV show. Oh, we were we it we answered it.


Heck, we've been doing a lot of crosswords in this family. I spend a lot of fun. You love that shit? I don't know. I feel like I learn new things while playing that game.


It's crazy. You should. I think that's what they're for. I like it too. It's kind of like a little brainteaser, but you're learning at the same time and really good. You're really just words. I just I play with you and you get all the answers. I pretend I'm doing that. Yeah.


I love playing with you because anytime I say something, you go, oh my God, it fits. That's probably yeah. And I'm like, no, I'm really not sure I'm putting it. I'm just going to put it in. Every other word that interacts with that word is just screwed because they probably so far off he'll make it make sense in his head.


It's always like it's offensive.


It's the beauty salon. It talks about not beauty and the beast.


Pretty pretty like any nothing.


Just salon. Salon that fits. So that's the answer. But we respect the cafeteria. Good. Right.


Let's roll through that intro, baby. Is coffee tall that you're really going to do with that?


Oh, run it back. I run a better fucking show. All right, let's get started. It's coffee time, baby. Doesn't even cheers you.


Cheers the camera. It's cops.


All right, let's go. Come on. It's coffee tar, baby.


Welcome back to Zainichi, thank you so much for tuning in. I'm your host at work, and I'm Zain. Was that is it? I can't believe that worked like angels. Look, do you like we'll go ahead and you're like, welcome back to where we got 2011 Lethe, y'all twins. You heard it here first. Yes, right. That's one like twins. Eleven thirty to level with me when I'm thinking of something, forget it. I'm saying Hejazi, I'm the host of the show and that's ethe and we have Mariah and Kenny in the back.


Hey y'all. I believe you guys are drinking you know. Oh so drunk Marcus. Oh you guys didn't get the email. No chain sipping on the same candle. I kind of liked what we were talking about earlier about the the praying stuff. I thought that was really interesting. Oh great. What brings us the stuff that was seeing? Have you ever prayed? Do I believe God exists? Yes, I do, very good. I can't take myself, I can't take praying seriously.


I don't know why I like sitting there and closing my eyes and praying. I'm not believing it in my head, so I feel like it's not really praying, like it doesn't count. Yeah, and I'm I'm right now I'm talking about praying, like when you go to church and then you pray on your knees and pray.


I also would have to pray when I lived with my dad. You have to pray like three times a day. Yeah. And it's a whole thing. It's a whole like you pray. It's like you stand up and then you bend and then you stand back up again and then you go on the floor.


Like I said, it's a routine, correct? Fuck. I probably sound like an idiot to the to my Arab brothers and sisters. And there's like, what a fucking disgrace.


We, like, kneel down. I think we like to touch our heads. There's there's terms for it and I just don't know it.


But that's OK. You don't practice. Yeah. You don't have to feel bad. Yeah. So I would I would pray only because I was being watched or like I was told to pray, but I never actually sat there and like, like what's connected with God. Yeah.


I don't know, I don't know what it is. Obligated praying. Yeah. But I believe in God. I love God. I love everything.


That's for me. Everybody's timing is different. Yeah. I feel like you're very connected to God.


I try to be yeah. Do you pray here and there. I pray when I remember two twice a day like once a week.


Twice a week. That's that's more than I thought. Yeah.


I was going to say that's the thing is like you feel like in your, you know, traditionally in your culture you bring a certain amount of times a day. But there's, I think a point where it might lose meaning where you don't feel as connected to God or your idea of God.


So it would lessen the meaning if you just prayed less, maybe you would feel more connected with God, because every single time you pray, you feel very connected to him. You know what I mean? I assume.


Welcome back to Jesus Christ unfiltered. You know, I think you need to be praying right now at this fashion choice.


What's going on with your husband? You're good with sort of like that. That's one. Oh, OK. Does that make me a shitty person? That would only pray because I. Oh, no, no, no.


I felt not how I felt like a person when I was younger. I wasn't like super into it. Yeah. But like I was like greedy with my prayer. Like I was. Well that's any kid. Yeah. Like you only pray if you want something results.




I remember when I was younger, I was in elementary school and there was something about this college prepaid thing where your parents start saving up when you're a child so that by the time you get to like college, they have like the funds to be able to put you in the school sort of prepaid.


Right, right.


You could win. And they would pay for your entire college off of some competition. I don't remember like what it was, but it was it was kind of like a raffle type thing, right? Yes. And I remember being in the shower and I just got down and I started praying. I was like, please, God, please pray for my like, please pay for my college when I'm older so my parents don't have to save money and they don't have to worry about that.


So I could just like I could go to college, like I really want to win this. And I remember just like that was the first time I was just like, give me free college.


Well, like, it was also like I didn't want my parents to pay for it or whatever, but it was just like I like how you because I was going I was like, did you want him to make you win this competition or did you want him to actually pay for your college?


Like, I just bring money. Shaq just going to college history. But God, it's good that you don't have to ask God anywhere.


You just ask David and he'll most likely do it for you, which is pretty similar.


Yeah. Right now. But he's our guy.


I think the thing with prayer, if it makes you feel better, it's OK to ask for things that seem silly. What I learned is that he will always give you I don't want to explain this because he won't give you what you want.


He'll give you the tools to get there, the tools to get there, or he'll give you what you need. Like I remember praying for things like especially living out here, like, please, just like let me have this. Like, I just need this to get ahead in my career. Like, I just need this.


And he wouldn't give that to me, but he would give me either the tools or something better than I could have ever imagined.


Let's talk for you like you kind of got a look back at the big picture and be like, oh, I asked for this. I don't have it, but I have something so much better than I could have imagined. So, like, that's all.


And that's that's kind of what I do right now. I don't, like, ask for a specific thing you ask for, like the tools and the help to. And you know what?


If you're going to if you're going to be asking God for things, you better be thinking him to write, you know, ask. And then when you get it right, I'll say thank you.


Pray when pray when you're struggling and pray when you're succeeding. Oh, don't know. Maybe I can't pray three times. Oh no.




Book is an appointment Sunday Sunday morning appointment at a point where God we, we want to see the big guy upstairs. You make that happen. Could you rent out the church. You can rent it out. He is my God.


He goes and he thinks a nun is a receptionist. Yeah. You, you deal with the big guys books. Right. OK, well I want to be put on for nine thirty actually I'll be hungover so maybe go for eleven.


We went through some shit this week, some shaky show, some shaky shit that was well I didn't think was crazy about it. I didn't realize. What's crazy is we were supposed to record the podcast yesterday so it would have happened live on the podcast.


We were listening like why, why we had an earthquake. That was probably the craziest one of it. So much it's so funny.


But like this one, this one was actually different. Yeah, I wish I felt it. I didn't feel it.


That's why it's funny, because when it happened to the three of us, I mean, he's in like I was wondering, I was like, I wonder what Zane felt like, what was his?


Because he left like early. So I just being in such a I don't know, I don't know how it varies so much based on your location because, like, we weren't that far from one another.


Yeah. The thing is that where I was there was loud music.


I was at a party that was at a friend's up, but the the music was loud and I think the music being loud, maybe not like, you know, the earthquake.


Well, we were watching the movie. Yeah. And it started like bridling. And I was like, whoa, the sub on this is Kikkan because it was like like we looked at each other. We're like, whoa, this is really cool. Yeah.


The vibrations. But it was weird because it wasn't like anything I've ever felt before. Normally it's just like kind of like a rattling the windows will like go.


But this one felt like the like there was a whole ground, there was like a cartoon earthquake like it. Right.


Or was going like completely all over the place under you and your bottom half was going but you were like he was it was it scarier than any other earthquake.


We felt like that was that one kind of freaked me. This was the first one I felt.


Oh, that was your first one. Yeah. Sorry. That's OK. That's why I was like, that's not what I woke up to.


Like an aftermath of the rattling before. But this was like from start to finish, like, no, I never felt it.


I woke up to just the windows sounding and I mean that was rattling.


But I'm saying this is my first felt earthquake, like I've never felt the ground move and I've never felt that.


See, this one was my third technically. And I feel like the second one I experienced here, it was that one, the one that you're talking about.


And I felt violent shaking. But this third one felt like my first one, which was in the Bay Area and Berkeley.


But I was on the third floor of an apartment and it just felt like it was swaying.


It literally felt like the the ground underneath me, whatever I was standing on just felt like it was based like on a watery oh, my ocean.


And that's what this one felt like. I feel like for all of us, it kind of felt like this weird.


wayI fluid type of like uncertain parlance, there seem like the worst place.


Yeah, people, people, stories like people are posting stories last night and everybody that was in an apartment were freaking out because they really felt like they like I remember the stories.


They were just so scared.


Like, but if you're in a hotel room, I would have for something like, well the first year we moved here, we we actually felt we were on the top floor. That was the fourth floor, though. Yeah. It wasn't like too too high. Imagine being like 15 stories.


Like it's because you feel that like, oh my God. After that. After some back and forth. Oh my God. Hours Richter that was a what, a four point eight. Oh yeah.


Those are three point six. I thought I saw in twenty four point eight I thought was the one that I feel like it's bigger.


Right. Pretty decent. The the bigger one that happened back in twenty nineteen was a seven.




Something we are so overdue for their big one we talk about all the time, but like we're just, you know, real laughing.


We're living out here, we're loving it and it's going to hit us and we're going to be fucked.


But you're going to you got all got to like it's going to happen one day, but you can't like, not live here or not live your life because it's such a weird thing to think about.


I know, but I don't think we realize how rocked we're going to be, how devastating it's I don't think it'll be worth the years. I mean, like, I wouldn't live on the side of a cliff in Malibu, like right over the ocean, like fall off earthquakes.


I tend to like also cause like tsunamis. Yes, actually, that's what I'm scared of too.


I'm scared of flying and tsunamis. Well, the tsunami isn't going to affect us here. You don't know.


Have you seen 2012, the movie you've seen that fictional movie or that shit took out the whole country. Y'all seen the day after tomorrow?


You guys are underestimating based on movies, based on based off of true events that have may not have happened yet, you know what I mean?


And all the sea monsters that we see, like the cracken sea monster, monster stop had PTSD.


That was one of the instances where the crossover that we we didn't agree with the hate was cracken and sea monster fit.


It was you told me, tell me what it was. It was cracken for one.


Why would they just not put cracking? Because it's one sea monster. One monster cracken for one cracken.


Karma for one. It was.


Well, what else do you think is cracking? What else is cracken Kainaz crankin. What's crack a lacking.


No cracken is CRH. That's not how you spell it. It's correct. N No it's not. Yes I did. I just fact checked it.


You did. It does. Oh my God. You mean the liquor or the monster.


Any when someone says what's Krak. Hey what's Crow. You're talking about that context. I'm talking, I'm talking about the sea monster. You're saying in that context, that context for one cracken.


For one we know what was good monster. That's great.


We will never live down life. Oh, well, me, my child. I don't I don't I don't get what's going on. So the hint was cracken.


All we got was cracken karma. For one, I put Sea Monster because if it made sense, it was the first thing he thought of and it fit. And in his track record, that's not always the correct answer.


My track record know that it was the right answer until justice. We were skeptical that it was the right answer because so many of the other words that we thought other things were fit perfectly. But it just it was made difficult by the sea monster that was on the board.


It's because they don't know what cracken is and you know, it's OK. It's OK, baby.


He drinks is rum.


That was actually the first the Kraken was the first roller coaster that I've ever been on in SeaWorld.


So I'm I know about any meat sensor. That might be my first roller coaster, too. It was a good one. Wow. We have so much in common. I love you.


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And it'll make your body happy. Yeah. Anyway, speaking of shaking things up with that earthquake, I love Kenny's little well, I'm like, all right, there's too much sexual tension.


Carol Baskin was on Dancing with the Stars. It was a topic that we didn't cover a couple of weeks ago because we got off topic. But I feel the need to bring it up again because.


Did you see the actual advertisement that aired like during the premiere episode?


I knew I knew there was something it was going to happen.


Like you're talking about like on the show or this was a show and then a commercial.


Yeah. Oh, like just like any just a commercial. OK, all right. So it was like we'll be right back.


Had nothing to do with the show. It was just in this. Well not necessarily. So they go. We'll be right back.


OK, in this commercial comes up on Gaile, one of Don Lewis's daughters. We are a real family and to us he was daddy. I'm Linda went to Don Lewis's daughters and we miss our dad.


I'm Donna and Don Lewis, his oldest daughter. We need to know what happened to our father. I'm Anton's former assistant. All we're asking is justice for Don. Donald was mysteriously disappeared in 1997. His family deserves answers. They deserve justice. Do you know who did this or Carol Baskin was involved? A hundred thousand dollar reward has been funded. You can call the tip line at six four six four five zero six five three zero or call our office at 800.


Litigate. Thank you. Holy shit.


So they paid for that spot to go up knowing what station was is on. Was the show on NBC right. Or ABC.


Why ABC's Dancing with why. Why. Why. Because they're the ones that approve. Approve them. ABC right. So the ABC okayed that commercial to play over as they should have.


No. No. One people would be talking about it like I hate it.


So shitty for them to be like so sweet and like Carol Basket. Oh, we love you. Like, welcome to our show. And then but we're going to air this, though, because they pay money.


They spend money. Money. I know.


But like, I'm just surprised that they would do that to her. And I'm not taking sides. I'm just saying I'm just surprised that they allowed that.


But they got it. You got to think about people will do anything for these views, like is dying out there, like people will tune in if they see that this is a commercial on Dancing with the Stars.


They're going to be we're going to talk about it. Exactly. Exactly what we're doing. You know, I don't care.


My favorite part about that was when when when Donna came in, she goes, I'm Donna, the oldest child.


And then I just expected her to be like and ironically, the most attractive.


And she's like, a little cougar is gorgeous. Who's ready for camera? That B of Donna.


That's so awkward, though. Like, that's crazy.


Like, that's a bold move.


And I mean, honestly, like, I respect it. I mean, it's kind of a mike drop. But you know what?


Like what happened to their dad, they're just doing what they can to kind of just, you know, you know, because they think that she had something to do with it, clearly.


And it's crazy, like as a viewer, as like someone who watched Tiger King.


When you see something like that, you don't take it seriously, unfortunately, because they were on this crazy fucking show that nobody, just everybody just I felt like laughed that like people didn't really take it seriously.


So now when something actual serious is like come from this, you know, and at the same time, you don't have fucking Carol Baskin on Dancing with the Stars, like if it's not a ploy for ratings. So, look, that is good news.


Are they doing good, that commercial on any other network? It's because they know that there are some people who are watching Dance with the Stars because, Carol, basketball was on it. So they know the story. Right. So they know that like that's going to resonate.


I wouldn't be surprised if they gave her if they give them a discount, they'll be like normally we charge a hundred grand for this spot, but for you, we'll give it to you for like because it was like it was just good content. Yeah.


It's going to that's going to make it like we're seeing that it didn't look like a very good.


Oh no. Like a high.


And honestly it seemed like a commercial that would air in Florida after like two a.m.. Do you mean like I'm Robert penciler shibe.


Like a like a local like car dealership. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. I have one of those, but they were like, we don't care.


We know that it's going to it's going to cause attention to be drawn to our premier.


So let it be, you know you know, the two guys that have that said he talked, the other guy, he goes, you know, look, we just got we just got we've got to blow up.


They saw they saw it coming. They're like, OK, we got this commercial, this commercial. All right, give it. Well, that's not the only thing that a lot of attention has been drawn to as of late. It wasn't just the Dancing with the Stars premiere.


It was your pop music. Good Segway, Candy. Yes, it was. Let's be real. It just hit four million views. You've been trending.


Yeah, I did a lot better than I expected. Honestly. I thought I was like I mean, it was a little crunchy, but I'm supposed to be cringing because I don't sing. But it did better than I thought. And a lot of you guys like to a few of you didn't like people like that.


A lot of people didn't know. Right. So like like obviously it went to everybody that liked it.


You know, it was on trending for a couple of days. So it started getting to a group like a big group of people. It went viral. Yeah. Yeah.


It started going to the people that just hated it. And I got swarmed with cautery tweets of people hating it.


I got the funniest responses just really just funny. And it was like a lot of hey, but like, I was very surprised that I wasn't taking it to heart, like I wasn't showing them.


Oh my God.


My life was like but it wasn't something you were, like, super passionate. Like if it was something that you, like, really cared about, like you put your heart and soul like into coming out with the song, released it, and then it was like people ripping you. I feel like that would have hit you. It was a joke and it was my 200 video.


I would be really bummed out. Yeah, you're right. It was my choice. I'd be really bummed out, but we did it quick so. But I do one or two of the three so it was really funny.


But this is like what happens when stuff starts trending. It's like when you're when you like, when it's your audience, it's like your audience and. Stands like the joke, they get it once. Yeah, exactly. I didn't even didn't know who I was, who anybody in the video. So they just thought they took it very seriously.


I feel like that's what people get paid. Imagine imagine being that outsider, not knowing everything and seeing it.


You'd be like you. You would be like, yeah, the fuck is this? I would I personally would be like, what the fuck is this shit? I'm going to read some of them. Oh, my God, I love this.


So these are cautery tweets of people like these tweets of like, you know, attention. You deserve a life sentence for this. Oh, oh, ha.


Go back to the drawing board but thinks I hate it.


I like that one. Unseasoned, tasteless, unnecessary, disrespectful to Khateeb and Megan. What the hell is this shit. Welcome back to Zannini Unseasoned.


Oh, it's the bindery squad. They do. That's a good one. Yeah. Burnt out binders are such unfunny people on funny, zany, unfunny die simple.


Nobody wanted this. I literally hate this community of people so much. This is the ugliest that I've ever seen.


Oh my goodness. Why do oh why do men in Dallas and Birute every book Mama and Madison Bear wives who are sitting behind the computer like I have to say something.


I have to say something is important.


This is my call to action that was so random to me. My husband was just thrown in there so funny. And then the final one is someone typed in the search bar and should make a wobble.


And the results were no results because no one ever says that's created.


That's a pretty good job of someone typing that in just it's just nasty. Oh, this this is one more. This is my favorite. Not funny. I didn't laugh. Not a chuckle. Not a hee. He not even a subtle burst of air out of my esophagus, out of my house.


I figured that was me. That was me.


Give me a little job back up there. They made a typo. See, we're going throw back at you if you come at us, right. Oh, one more year.


Thirty six if we're rounding up. Yes, but I just thought it was really funny. I mean, it's pretty it's funny.


Like what people get up in arms about, like what they are really that invested in when they're just like seeing something in passing. And you know what, if they don't know me then you know, it's fine.


Let me let me ask you. So if you saw oh my God.


Our random group of thirty year old, you know, why why do we have to be thirty? We don't look we don't look like we're thirty. Come on.


Come on. Give me a break. Get me a bone.


Who came up with like the like the the whole years thing, you know, who came up with thirty. You know who invented that. We invented fucking days and years. Maybe we're not thirty. We're just fucking.


Which could be whatever age you want to be.


I think so too. I think so. I think we should be whatever age we want to be. I agree.


Well, they're not the only ones that had a problem with the video, though. There are 30 year old toast. There was a brand that wasn't too fond.


Yeah, I I've been getting some deals here and there for my main channel, but I haven't posted anything. So I've been denying all these deals and I finally got like a really good deal on a main channel. And I was like, OK, like this is good. Like I'll take the deal.


I mean, I'm gonna start posting again and then I'll do the video with that deal, you know, just so it's like I'm back on track and I lost it, completely lost it because of this song that I put on the video that you put it because of the loss of what?


Because of the what video they didn't want to associate. They didn't want to be what it.


Yeah, it's funny because, like, they I feel like on paper they were probably like, oh my God. His most recent video is trending. It is getting so many views.


Let's get him let's get him real quick that they see it and they're like, oh, we're not able to do this is my dad texted me, I think it was yesterday.


He goes, did Zane come up with that song?


Oh, my goodness. Oh, God. He thought I wrote it. And I was like I was like, no, it was a cover. He goes, Oh, that's a real song. I can't imagine why am I out of time? That's fun.


And I was like, Yeah, it's a cover song. Like, that's a real song. And he just like sang the words to it.


He was like, got it. What, what if he was like did come up with the song because it's gorgeous.


This is beautiful.


It was so heartfelt and like soulful that David was Dana was saying it's crazy that your version I can actually hear the words unlike the Kadee one, because it's, you know, really fast. But yeah.


You are it OK? Right. Right. Yeah, that was me. Yeah, that was me. You know, losing jobs and shit maybe. But maybe it went another when one door closes with one brand another one opens and someone reached out to you recently. Yup. I got a little bit of an opportunity. OK, there we go. See the.


Wait, wait, wait. God doesn't give you what you want. He. Gives you what you need exactly, which is a huge opportunity. Oh, my God, you've got a Burger King deal. No, no, no, that's. Oh my God. I'm right after Travis. God, that would have been so good that Travis Scott trend where people pull up to the drive thru and they're like, you know why I'm here?


And all the workers are like, pull forward, please. I got the song. This song. It's so good, so good. So I get a dime on my and through my Instagram. I see I see the GM.


It says, would you be interested in modeling for clothing, Brian?


I was like, oh, okay. They think I'm like this attractive person, you know, and they want to model for their clothes. That's great.


I go to their their masks, their fashion masks go to their site. Their company is called ugly.


All right.


No. Well, do you get offended at this point or is it like do I say thank you? Do I politely decline? What do I do here? What are the clothes look like? Ugly.


The brand is ugly. Well, are you going to model for him? You didn't say if it was off the table.


And you know what? And I don't think I even went as far as to see what their clothes are. I thought I laughed. I screenshot it and then I put it over.


They take it's funny getting that framed and put it next to your nights, then I will. But that definitely put me in my in a good place when I saw that. But, you know, real recognize real. That's OK though. But one time I modeled for a clothing line and I tell people all the time I'm like, I'm not photogenic. Yeah you are you. I'm not photogenic. OK, I'm going to admit it. I'm the least I'm very bad at taking pictures.


I just don't look good in pictures. And this just solidified it for me. I modeled for like a clothing company and they posted everybody but me.


No, no. And I looked at the pictures and like they were bad.


I looked horrible. Do you have the pictures? Yeah, I looked like they like they work well. They tried spending so much time on my hair because they couldn't figure out what to do with it. And then it was like a mess. And like, I just don't I just don't have a good look.


But you're I think you're gorgeous. Thank you. You're beautiful. Oh, my God. When I was on the set of your pop music video, the camera person going around being like, does anybody want some pictures? I'm like, I'm already concerned with the pictures that are going to come out about that.


And truth be told, I saw all the pictures that came from it and I was like, oh, no, I look so strange.


Like people people literally inbox me and they're like, Oh, so you were in the wild videos, so funny.


And then they put these, like, pictures of me zoomed in, like ultra zoomed in and they're like, what the fuck am I doing here?


I should not be here.


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Look at me. Look at this. Actually, I think I need it. Right.


I actually just saved this morning, so. OK, look over here. Well, there you go.


So I know Zane's family came out to visit and Hedaya was seen on the podcast.


You take a picture. You're a big fan.


So we want to introduce. Come out of it. I fucked up. That's fucked up. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


But she is going to come visit on season two and be one of the guests. Yes. And I need to I need to see if she can I need to ask Daddy a mommy if that's OK. But we'll meet, we'll try to make it work.


She needs to be she needs to be here. She needs to be. She looks so at home in that picture you posted on your story. I don't like how she was cozy. I know she had so much fun. I know. So my brother has fiance L'Italia and Hedaya.


My little sister came out here for a week and it flew by.


If it goes so quickly, family comes out.


Yeah. Yeah, it's crazy.


Yeah. I felt bad. We didn't like do we went to, we went to what you call it went to Montecito for Jason because Jason rented that house which was beautiful.


We did that. So I'm really glad that happened because I was like I think that was like the funniest thing to happen throughout the whole time they were here.


It just felt like a nice getaway because it felt like we. For a second, it felt like things were back to normal. Yeah, but it was just us, too, like it was just like a couple of close friends, like in our group.


But it just felt like everybody seemed so chill and so relaxed and like having your family out here, it just felt like, yeah, I don't know, it just felt like normal.


Yeah. Which is really nice.


It's all really normal for me because I like, you know, I go home a lot.


So them being out here was no different to me.


It was maybe just felt homey, maybe it wasn't normal. And just seeing like familiar faces, like from back home, I just felt like like it felt like Florida. I know.


And Hideyoshi, just like she just fits here, you know, I was just going to say, like, this is my first time meeting her. Yeah. And I think she's amazing. She's literally amazing. It's funny because before it's like I see all the comments on the videos and it's like bring his eye on. We want her as a guest. We want this one. We want that. And I'm like, I know she's like been a staple in your video, but I haven't seen all of your videos like that.


So it's like I don't know her personally. And just meeting her, she is actually an incredible person. She's so mature for her age.


Like I was nowhere near as mature as her when I was her age.


Yeah, like at all. Yeah. I definitely wasn't either. No, sure. Like her.


And I had conversations like long deep like taxes and mortgages like she I feel like really quick because like I feel like four years ago it was like she was still like a kid but then grew up like that. It was like within a year where I felt like she was just twenty six years old.


Like mentally she's so like logical, she's so smart and funny and she's yeah.


She's willing to do whatever to like she's gonna to do whatever she'll help you with whatever you need to help with. Like she's very like motivating to other people. Yeah.


I think she needs more time to herself. What did she have a good time on. Yeah. Yeah.


She didn't want to go. It was said I don't want her to go. Yeah. I don't want her to go. I already.


Do you think she's going to move out here. I would love for her to move out here. I feel like because right now she's she's in school for psychology and the classes she's taking, she it's just really hard for her and she just doesn't feel like she's going to get to where she was. But it's online, right? It's online.


Yeah. But she still she went to school while she was here.


Yeah. She had to do her resume classes. Yeah.


Like, I wish I could just have her like come work for me because, you know, it just made more sense and like I don't want to because I would love an assistant, someone to be my videos.


She and she you know, she she's in all my videos already. So like I just feel like it makes sense.


But can you get ready for all those emails? It just OK, here we go. I heard Zane mentioned that he's looking for an assistant.


It just it just it just sucks that we can't make that happen because like my dad and my son, you know, I'm sure they don't want her to leave. So it's just harder.


Just like I was saying, though, it's like she just she I feel like she's just the type of person where she has, like, the mental capacity to kind of be like a natural anywhere.


Like, she is just very self-aware, like there there's just a self awareness that I didn't have at her age and open minded.


She's very open minded and very like.


I know, and I panicked because everybody looked at me and they were listening to radio with all the guys are listening. I don't want to die. I would never do that right now in the world.


But she is like I feel like she's very adaptable of a person. Like she like different situations. She can like she can simplify it and just kind of realize like what she's dealing with and what matters and what I don't know.


She's very, very, very mature. Like, I love talking to her like I really do.


And she's just like a personality. She says, yes, she's very quick with things and very witty and.


Oh, I love her. Yeah, I love her. But yeah, I would love for her to move out here. Like, I feel like she'd be like great on our team. And she has thick skin. Yeah.


She's very self-aware and knows who she is and is very confident in who she is to feel like that. Which is important thing.


Yeah. Thing to have. It's so important coming out to L.A. like I mean just being like in general, no matter where you are though. Yeah. Like she's very confident in herself.


Thank you guys. I hope you're right about you. We're all talking about you.


You go to her and you're like we just we talked about you on the podcast, like I hope you hear. I don't listen. I should. She's so honest. She is so honest. I think she listens. She listens to some episodes.


But but we will have her in season two, unfortunately, for very quick, quicker with unfortunately, we will have her on season two. Unfortunately, no.


But fortunately, we couldn't have her on this one because the timing didn't work out because we're not doing this yet. So we will soon. Yeah, we will.


And we have some very juicy, very meaty guests, though we don't have on here. So be prepared for that.


And a lot of new things, too. We're just very excited to see me. It's going to be one hell of a season. But y'all wait for season three.


Oh, my God. We haven't even finished a live audience moving cameras, drones, drones.


It is exciting seeing people be like, oh, my God, I wanted to say something as you guys were talking, because if I was like with you guys in the conversation like that to me is like the most important thing.


Well, now you can, because we have an unfiltered hotline. I was going to ask your the amount of people that call in, like, are you guys.


Yes, this is amazing. And they all some of them just call in and they're like, there was this one thing that resonated me with the last podcast.


And I just had to call in and I had to like, chime in. And they had to give their, like, joke or their little one liner because they just feel so attached to what happens on so podcast.


Yeah, it's the best comedy that's.


Could we be getting some really good cool-headed. Kenny, baby, let's answer some questions I was going to say.


Might as well.


It would be interesting, I figured if I said this already, but it would be so interesting if one of the guests were like a stranger that we came across that day like earlier in the day.


We just go out to a restaurant, go somewhere and ask somebody like we have a podcast, would you want to be on it and just like, ask them questions and see if they just have, like, a crazy life story.


So sharing the homeless guy we love to have him. Right. People I mean, people also comment about him. We haven't seen him, guys, by the way, that was the last time we saw him. Yeah. Jerry, yeah. This guy.


All right. So we got some good questions. I'm going to play one now for you guys. Thank you.


Baby is calling covid your baby.


Run that first question.


Hey, unfiltered disagrees. Calling for California, not for you guys. So I actually met Mariah. She's one day at a goodwill and all I could say was, hey, you're awesome. And walked away because I was so nervous. I was just wondering what your ideal me with a song would be if he would like to take a picture just for a quick talk. And as for all of you guys, thank you. Oh, I remember her.


Well, good to talk to you again. I remember her at the Goodwill. Do you.


Yeah, because and it's so funny that she asked that question because she did come up and say something really quick and leave and like me and Heath were like those kind of cute like those kind of fun. Just a quick like those really cute.


There is no like ideal like what we want the fans to act like if they see us in public, like there is no like do this and like that would be weird if we were telling people what to do. But I do like the people who are like super casual with it. I'm like, hey, what's going on, Heath? How are you doing? Yeah, it's up to me. I get like I get I get really excited about that.


It's almost sounds like you know them right person. Which makes it more appealing. Right.


Which which a lot of people feel like they they are with us because they know so much about us. Yeah. So it's like they see us all the time and they're just like they feel connected. So it's kind of cool. It's just like, hey, what's up. Hey, what's going on brother. How are you doing. Good to see you. Like it feels like I'm really nice because it makes both parties comfortable.


Yeah. Right. Yeah. I was going to say because there are times I feel like when I've been around you where it's like somebody be like we are, you know. Oh my God, no. And then they're talking to the friends are you know. You're not. I I. You're like you're like if you're if you just say like, hey, Heath, how's it going, whatever, it automatically indicates that they know who you are. They appreciate your comment.


It says a lot without saying a lot. Yeah, I'm just being like, hey, how's it going, Zain? Oh, my God.


How's it going, man? It is. And for some reason, it makes you light up more for some reason when it's like that right there.


Is that clear with what they say.


And I understand people get nervous and people like panic. That's totally fine. But she asked.


So that's how I am when people are really quick.


It makes me want to run after them for some reason, right? Yeah, because it's because that's what I would do. Like, if I saw someone, I would have felt exactly how I would do it.


So I feel like I want to meet that person. I feel like we're going to have a lot of similarities.


Yeah, but guys, that shouldn't stop you from asking us for pictures or anything. We don't want you. All right. So you do whatever you want, whatever makes you feel like whatever you feel like you need to do just and like always keep yourself.


We're super excited to take pictures and, like, make everybody's experience.


You guys always take pictures, you know, uncomfortable because, like, that's a big thing. A lot of people would be like, can I be like, do you want to take a picture? Yes, yes. Yes, yes. Right. Yeah.


And like you always to when I'm drunk, I'll talk to you for all we know, we're like, we got to go. We got to go. OK, we got to go. You want to take them with you? I don't even know these people. I don't even know them.


But like, we should make like a code word or something.


So like from now on, if people, like, have heard this podcast and they say, yes, they'll be like, oh, my God, googly shmooze or so whatever is really funny is definitely going to say that something special like, oh my God, I'm really off the wall. Oh my God, Google shmooze. And if we hear it, we're like we like one word. The first two already told me Google shmooze, wait, can we it's unfiltered.


So it's kind of a story that you've never talked about. Can we talk about that one girl that you met outside of Panda Express? Oh, my gosh.


That is a moment like. I know. Tell me. Tell me.


I don't get, like, weird about fans at all. Like, I'm always super welcoming and I just like I don't know, like, I appreciate it because if somebody watches me and supports me, like, I'm always very excited.


I, of course, very grateful.


But this one was different. But this motherfucker, this one is different. But the way he handled it, he was still so nice. Like there's so many times where he gets called Zane and he'll just be like, oh, it's Heath.


But yeah, you can take it like he's so nice about.


I mean, none of us should be offended if, like, they're not offended.


We're not offended. Right. OK, but this was one of those moments. She comes, she comes running up to me. She was like, oh my God, Zane, what's up? And I was like, oh. And I was like I was like, I'm not Zane, but hi, how are you doing? She's like, I know you're Zane. And I was like, I'm not I'm not Zane. I'm sorry. She's like, don't fucking lie to me.


You got to fucking Cameron. You and I see you're fucking care. You're flogging your Zane. And I was like telling what? Was she talking to you like that.


Yes, I was doing she looked maybe like 13, like she was.


Oh, she's thirteen. She was really like this. This was like she looked was I see her fucking camera. I know it's you.


And I was like she was crazy. That's nice. The wow. And like very, very aggressive like that.


I was just like, I'm Heath. But like she like many believe him.


Oh still don't click it.


Put two and two together that like oh it's Zane and Heath. Like maybe I just mix them up like she was like this isn't this isn't the same. I was it. And he was like in the picture was like all right.


I'm saying well I hope she posted on Instagram. So he goes, oh my gosh, yo yo. Zane was an asshole. He kept lying to me purposely knowing that she thought it was you.


And he just takes his hat off. He goes, Yeah, my hair plugs are not. All right. All right.


I believe you look like there will be times where, like, we're at a restaurant or we're just I think it's a public setting where I like I get overwhelmed and I shut down. I'm like a turtle.


When someone, like, starts screaming, right, they start screaming my name. And then every head start to turn, I want to disappear. Like, that's when, like, I get completely shut off.


I've started getting really uncomfortable in, like public settings. You to mean I used to be like very outgoing. I feel like in like talkative, demonstrative.


And now I just feel like I feel like I'm in clamming up, especially like if something like that does happen.


Yeah. Mm hmm. It's more like uncomfortable feeling. Yeah.


I've been feeling more antisocial the older I get, which is strange because which is strange that all of us feel this way because we have a podcast and our job is to talk.


But I feel like we're getting more and more. I don't know if we're in our head. Like I just say something funny right now. I have to say something intelligent right now. Like, I don't know what it is, but I'm constantly thinking about like what I'm saying, like, right now everybody's eyes are on me and I'm like trying not trying so hard to figure out what to say next. And it's just like it overwhelms me.


It's like a really weird feeling. I feel that, too. But I also feel more like. I enjoy listening to people I used to be very like, I'm going to be loud, I'm going to talk and I want people to look at me. And it was like it was kind of like an attention thing, like in high school, in college and even coming out here, like in the beginning, it was just like being the life of the party, being the center of attention, like it felt good.


It felt like rewarding is fun because like you were you were the one providing the entertainment. Yeah. And now I'm like, I'm excited to see and be around other people who are like that because it intrigues me to be like. Asking questions like I like. I like hearing people I like you're a good listener, right? Yeah, I just like as I'm getting older, I'm enjoying that more. And it's weird because I feel like when my dad was younger, he used to be like the cool guy.


Like, I feel like he used to be like this jock party guy. And now that he's older, he doesn't say much at all. But when he does talk, it's really funny. It's to the point. And he he's saying what he means, but he'll listen like he might not look like he's paying attention, a gentle giant. But you know what I mean when you've been around him a lot.




Like his comedic timing, he doesn't talk much, but when he says stuff, it's like, wow, like that was that was a really good and I don't know. I feel like I'm without trying to I'm like becoming that. Yeah, that's good.


Well, I mean, it's almost like when I feel like when, when you're left to get like if people come up to you with this big general approach of oh my God, you're you're.


Oh my God, no, you're not. You're you're you're Heath. You're you're saying, oh my. Oh my God. Can I take a picture that doesn't tell you anything that literally just it almost instructs you to worry about.


Oh my God. Like what is this person's expectation of me? What have they built up in their mind and what do I need to satisfy this?


That's really weird that you say that. Like, that's exactly that's that's really that's really.


And also also it puts us like when people do stuff like that, it's like, oh my God, you're oh. Oh my God. You're like like not saying it. Like there's only God. We we we you're and I don't want to be like hi I'm he's gotta eat them. And then they're like, oh you're the guy from David's videos.


And it's like I don't want to be like yeah he's like and be like that's when I want to disappear.


I'm just like swamp.


But it is super exciting. Like when when people do know who we are, like that is one of the greatest feeling. So in the end, still a horse. Yeah.


Oh my God. The first time I was recognized was in Catalina. Oh yeah. I was so ready to just grab the camera, be like yep. I'll take a picture of you and Mariah and he is.


And they were like, oh my God, we recognize Kenny first, but probably because I'm so tall and like girls maybe.


But I'm like, oh my God, oh God. Oh my God. I told your mom. I was like, oh, my God. Oh, my God. I have to get into this picture now.


OK, like while it was James Charles at first. But then and then we were utterly disappointed. It kind, but we were like, OK, Kendall, do it. He doesn't know how to talk to like people like he's just like like, oh do you want me to be in this picture?


They're like, yes, I don't do I have to.


There were people that multiple people in that trip that one of them noticed me and like recognized me. They wanted to picture whatever. And then I was like so willing to just take the camera from whoever else approached them. I was like, please let me take the picture. I just want to take the picture.


That's the only one, because I'm so I don't know how to. Yeah, no, no.


You're so shy and I know you're not the devil.


Yeah, no, but it is a very bizarre feeling. Like I remember like you didn't ask for this. I didn't. Wow. We are going on with this question.


But like I remember, like when we started on Vine and like the first people that would come up to us and recognize us from Vine and wanted. Oh, my God.


Yeah. Really what looks like what do you like a picture of.


Yeah. Like and it was like, it was just me like damn I want a car wash. I remember people were like, can you send a video to my granddaughter because it's Christmas and she loves you guys were like so specific. You want us to send you a video of us saying Merry Christmas?


We're like, did it make sense? Because it was an odd request. Right.


So like like I understand that that's what you're feeling right now, but like, baby, you used.


All right, let's let's not question two, because I feel like. Yeah. Oh, yeah. We got another question.


Hi, my name is Aubrey and I'm from Kentucky. And my question is for all of you, so I really love your guys is hard cash and just sitting down and talking about whatever in the world, because I have watched from episode one, you know, excited for season two, but I really miss the once a week videos where you would play like me. So would you guys consider posting those videos again on those far along with the podcast?


Let me think. She says, can you do both?


Can I, Aubrey, for you for listening from the beginning. We really appreciate that and love you for your support.


But it's funny you ask, because Zane and I are actually bringing back the bonus videos for season two and going to be doing a weekly bonus video episode and we'll stick to it.


Hopefully it'll be like a like a zany video like we used to post.


Yeah, but just super random out of nowhere, like the corn tinnies in the. Yeah. Doing Schrade stuff like that is going to be a fun bonus video just to keep everybody engaged and happy because we post a podcast once a week.


But like you got to see, you got to see other type of content. And just podcasting, you know, I mean, you got to see something, you got to see something juicy, so and there's a lot of stuff we would like to do, but it's kind of different to put it on one of our channels. And it's just like it's more fun when it's the both of us doing a specific activity or whatever it may be.


It's like a clean slate to us.


So it's I feel like it's more exciting and we can bring on just more ideas. But we do have a couple of things that we already have planned and ready to do for these bonus videos. So just hang in there. They're going to be coming as soon as we release season two and.


Yeah. Yes, sir. Very good.


All right, let's close this out. I feel like we've been we've been talking too much, but I guys, we love you so much. Thank you for tuning in, as always. And we will see you next. Wait, wait, wait. Hold on.


There's something we need to talk about. Your series finale. Yeah. Oh, oh, OK, well, let's squeeze it in the end, baby.


You guys you guys have been waiting for this episode for a very long period of time.


Literally thoughts finally coming to a lot of the guys I've been e-mailing, e-mailing us, calling. I have been screaming for this episode for the longest time in the world. And when we finally had the next episode, the final episode of Season one. Oh, my God. Here, I tell them what we're doing next season.


I don't know who took this prize.


Like Guess formally is not can he said not to say we're going to keep it a surprise for next, I guess, baby SpongeBob because they never give it away.