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Welcome, welcome, welcome to armchair expert I'm Dan Slathers, I'm joined by Maximus Mouse, having a little microphone issues over there, getting situated. Get it, girl minds.


Good Minds is sitting over here and I swing it out when I get out, and I.


Good. Good for you. We got to get yours in a little bit better shape. It should be very stable for you. OK, I feel good. Yeah, OK, great. Wow. Hi. Whoa. That was close. Really close repositioning. He went down.


We have a very exciting individual with us today. Goes by the name of 50 Cent. His name is Curtis Jackson. Does it make you nervous when I say 50, Gary? Yeah, but that's what he says.


I got to be respectful. Fifty cents is here. Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent. He is a rapper and actor, a producer and an entrepreneur.


He was in Get Rich or Die Trying.


He also produces Power, the epic blockbuster and for Life on ABC, of course, wrote and performed Get Rich or Die. Trying the album anthem to my early popularity is we'll find out.


Oh yeah.


And he also has written a new book, Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter, which we will talk about in great length.


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Good to be an astronaut. Well, I'm just really flattered that you wanted to talk to us to begin with and you Pappan really exciting to talk to you for real.


I've only seen you once in real life and you know it. And I went to Saturday Night Live with Ashton. And you were the musical guest.


Yeah, I remember doing that and I was watching you like there was a fucking wild tiger in the studio. I'm like yeah there he is.


Always got the bulletproof vest. Oh he's jacked. It was exciting.


You know, it's funny. I saw your material, a lot of stuff that you thought over time. You have a way of humor that is not understanding.


Oh, shit. Playing dumb. Yeah. Well, you don't understand the for me for me personally, it is the funniest shit when you go like you don't understand what's going on.


I'm really enjoying myself.


Oh thank you. Yeah. You know, I was just talking about this with someone else the other day and I bet you I mean, clearly you would have to run into this.


But it never occurred to me that the message I was sending out in the acting work I did, that people were right to assume that's who I was in my first 10 jobs. I had I played a dumb ass.


And I think just regularly people would meet me like, oh, I thought you were stupid, stupid, like I thought you were.


And I was like, oh, I guess that makes sense.


But I would have never thought of that. Yeah, they do that to even to me. Right. Because a lot of times I've played characters to speak to the aggressive side of the 50 Cent presentation. Yeah. So I totally I play a bad guy. A lot of the times in the television show was just to bring you in for a cameo. It's because I'm the guy to be shooting up things.


Yeah. Yeah. I was a disruptor.


Yeah. So it's easy for them to bite it because they just sent that message into those programs and they start to kind of expect that.


I was it was Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy did a drama. Yeah. And I was like, what is this like? I was waiting for him to make me laugh because I loved them so many times and his other projects that I was like, yo, this is not right.


Yeah, well, I think that's why I've always had, like, a pretty deep interest in, like meeting hip hop idols of mine, because in general, what that movement was selling is the same as the punk rock movement, which is like, fuck this system.


Yeah, it's not benefiting me and fuck everyone.


Let's burn this place down, which I loved because I was into punk music and then I was into people like Ice Cube saying, fuck this whole thing, everything.


Yeah, but then what's really funny is that we all become the institution like you're an institution.


And it's a funny transition, isn't it. Yeah.


Yeah. Because I think, look, hip hop culture particularly right there, a lot of things that are damaged. They could offer like a distorted perception of things. Same thing.


Rock n roll. Yeah. Yeah. Hip hop is taken from rock and roll. The whole in the midst of everything is going on. The enjoyment never stops. Yes, yes, yes, yes. You know, you're so right.


Like, when I think about even like the 90s, like all the nineties, West Coast guys were like, OK, we're living in a war zone.


The fatality rate here is ten times the national average life expectancy for black males.


This and look what a good time we're having. It's the ultimate like I won't let this on me. I'm going to celebrate in spite of it.


And you have what you have from the journey, from the experience to.


So you spent the time in that the whole time. So I didn't want to go up and then watch you come down. Aha.


Because how could you possibly be able to sustain it unless you learning information and adapting and evolving to do something different.


So I wonder if you've had this moment in life. I've had it where I was like, oh shit. The thing that got me into the party isn't the thing that's going to keep me at the party.


Yeah, you can't you can't stated that I stay. I stay in it because I love it and around it. But I think it's the only foot was missing and not to try and be at the forefront of all of it. You know, I'm saying because you still need those new entries, the guys that were influenced by your material that got a special take on it. You've got likes to find things they want. Nuh nuh. Nuh. Right.


Yeah. Like this. Always out with the old.


With the new. As far as the coach is concerned and you're looking to go, the guys that can sustain being relevant is because they've learned over the time period how to diversify and be in it. Yeah, well my music comes out. I said cause of music culture.


That point that you would define maybe your core audience would be people experience in college at that point in their life, having the adult experience for the first time.


And if you were going out and you were in college in 2003, I absolutely was a part of it without being in the room. The momentum was so high that the music was being played when I was did not.


Can I tell you personally where you're at?


In my emotional memory, it's so profound. So I got a famous one second after your album came out and I was going to nightclubs in New York City with people that I didn't think would ever say hi to me. And your song was playing at one hundred percent of the nightclubs I went into. Like, I can't even explain to you how wrapped up much my first feelings of celebrity in an access make. It is you.


I mean, it's you more than anybody. This is what I'm talking about. This is what you might call my ball, because what is that pivotal point to successes here and for Mel and makes him even more attractive? I'm pointed out of Mel because tradition was say, to the supposed to be a protective security support for his family. So him having the success and financially being in a good position because you see the projects, you see the person being famous would say that he meets her criteria survival because he could be gorgeous.


He can have arms that we just picked his arm out just exactly the way she was just to stand on his neck as these little things. And it makes it look like it's a nothing. But if it doesn't figure out how to go earn something, she will be so upset with the pretty mother fucker on her couch.


Oh, you can't be hot enough to live on a couch. No one's that maybe Brad Pitt, but other than him, no one else can live on a couch. You couldn't have had the awareness.


It's so funny. I'm just thinking of this now for the first time talking to you. I've never thought about this, but I'm watching as I'm sure you are the last dance. Are you watching it?


Yeah. Check it out. Oh, we love it.


We're drinking it like it's oxygen and we're and we're on Mars.


I mean, it is like I can't believe how good it is, but at least like all athletes enter that occupation going, OK, there's a shelf life like right now I can't imagine.


No. As a musician that you enter that going, hmm, I'm not seeing a lot of six year old rappers that people are fucking putting the top down to, like.


Were you aware of that at all?


Creatively, the guys had to precondition himself to write the music. When it starts to come out easy, it feels like I can do this to you. Right, because it comes out easy.


So now when you go go for your birthday, it's not rocket science. This is just coming out organically. It's good news. And your first thought is the right thought when you're making music. So it's like, OK, you made that one make make more. Just keep making them until you become conditioned to make it and you're saying the right things on the record. Now, the difference in professional athletes is probably be absolutely conscious of the shelf life.


But he spent so much time in the fantasy of what is going to be like when he makes it. They try to fulfill a fantasy when only three players on each one of those teams can actually live defense.


Yeah, because of the additional money from endorsements and from other ancillary income is coming in. Those people can do whatever they want, not only what they can do for them, but what they're going to do for the people who offered moral support. Look, most professional athletes, the ones that live like athletes, they don't care about champagne.


They don't care about the sparkles on the bottle or stuff like that. But when they go out to Sparkle's, come over, come up because they have the people around them that absolutely care about that. So they'll spend the money so they can see the map. Like in the book I told them sometimes I'll finish the bottle of champagne, I'll put a bottle of champagne out in other people's glasses and it's in the bottle so they can bring it back to me with ginger ale.


I ha ha. And this is because I'm such a lightweight drinker, OK, that I will drink a little bit and I will be hey, I'll be like, well you know, because, because my tolerance is super low, because I just never touched it.


When I drink the bottle afterwards I had them bring on a site.


It kept everyone partying and enjoying themselves the entire time because people kind of watch me and they start slowing down when they see me slow down and they're not doing what they would regularly do because they see me not engage me.


A lot of pressure on you. It doesn't feel it doesn't feel like a Aldinga requires from top to bottom.


But to be aware of other people's needs relying on you like I have to act a certain way so that other people can feel free or biased theories, advice, steer us into a ditch.


They all drive in and after. Right.


That's about some levels. That's really true. Like the spend the money that when you spend the money for them to have a good time is for them. Like when I bought my Tyson's home.


Fifty five thousand square feet, thirty seven bathrooms, 18 bedrooms for indoor fitness facility, you think Bally's Recording Studio nightclub in the middle of the place, industrial kitchen, indoor basketball, all of this stuff. And Tigers and tigers behind.


No audio tiger. That was in Vegas. We had to let you have those exotic pets. But in Connecticut, all that stuff, outdoor pools, outdoor basketball, everything out there. And then you go. I'm still sleeping on one bed. Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, you pay for a place like that, that is a party facility, so it works really good and begin a new career because you want to bring everybody wanna have a good time, like having people around and still have the ability to be by yourself.


But you're still living in a really nice one bedroom, because if you leave the one bedroom house like that has a staff. Yeah, you can't walk around naked. You walk outside of that one bedroom, the master suite, and somebody is going to see your ass view.


But isn't it funny?


Like even you look at Mafioso in the eighties, actual real crime families in the 80s in New York, they started imitating The Godfather.


Right. Like they're replicating this thing that they saw that was fake to begin with.




And then you got people who like they idolize Scarface and then they're all just kind of replicating this shit they saw. And then you saw at some point some music video that you go to the club and then you do.


And it's interesting that you just inherit this definition of success of wealth, of the finish line. And then you you insert yourself into it or you manufacture it because it's what you were told is the finish line.


Yes. That was this music culture that is that will point out and say were negative music culture, no point to them and say understand that these things are actually going on in the environment, that the artist is coming out and then be upset when it bleeds. It is way into the actual culture. Yeah, I will wait because they can play standards on music that they don't place on film and television. Everything that they were saying was wrong with music.


Culture is fine to put in the film.


Yeah, the violence, misogynistic energy.


Oh, you can have a movie about a guy who goes around kills cops. That's fine. But you have a song called Cop Killer. We got trouble.


Yeah. This is the thing. This is influencing the youth to do that. And I'm like Winwood was audio influential with the video you look at when you look at Scarface, the time The Godfather Scarface came out, the drug trade was vibrant in New York. I don't think anything done more damage to the inner cities because they will look at Scarface and say, insert me here.


Well, I think the appeal of those movies and why I love him and my wife, this drives my wife nuts. She's like, why do you read books about Pablo Escobar? Why are you obsessed with this guy is evil?


And I'm like, he is.


But when I'm obsessed about is someone going, I was born here and fuck that, I will get whatever I want. I can bend the universe around my desire.


That's what's appealing. And I think a movie like Scarface, like 95 percent of the country doesn't have access to any of that shit. And they they watch a movie about a guy. That's them. He just comes over on a boat. He's got nothing.


And he threw his will. He forces himself to have something. And so people get hung up on the violence. But that's not even the emotional appeal of it.


The emotional appeal is I can transcend my situation and I can get out of this and I can be huge.


I think when a person can have an idea and believe in it, it can happen. Right. Even a professional athletes, they become passionate about what they're doing, then they can do it long enough to become good enough.


Some of them are talented, so that takes no time for them to actually get it. They can just get it the other one's hard work or talent when it's not working. And those guys will work because they love it so much, don't work hard enough at it to make it happen, but it's fall in love with an idea and actually believing you can do it. That's the only way you can work hard enough with that. Now, people who have success, I believe that they have repeated success at points because they already believe they can be successful.


Yeah, after the first time that it happens, they go, oh, you do this and do that. And they expect it to be successful so they don't doubt themselves.


Well, look, when we were watching the last dance, I said to Monica, the shot at North Carolina, that's his whole life right there. Yeah. Three seconds left down by one. He takes the shot. If it goes in, he's Michael Jordan and he's a clutch player.


If he shits the bed and ruins the whole thing, who knows what his life is like after that, people and the lives they play, like the paycheck, they don't pick bums on a Drath, but they got bums on the bench because they identify how much those three players are getting because they're not receiving that they start to play like you're right, people people rise to their expectations. All right.


Well, we've had a big debate over the past couple of days about last dancing about Scottie Pippen because he was so drastically underpaid and how it eventually caught up to him and the rest of the team because he was like, I'm not going to play.


I'm going to get the surgery now instead because I'm not getting what I deserve.


This guy who was necessary, we needed they should make adjustments for the players at that point. Yes. Yeah.


At one point they were in a sea of ten thousand student athletes. Right.


And then they entered into a pool of I don't know, many people are in the NBA, let's say eight hundred now they're one of eight hundred, the peak of the mountains even closer. Yet some people put it neutral at that point. Right.


Because when they get there and excitement of when I'm going to make it to the league has been the dream. The time. Yeah. So when you get there and it doesn't feel like they expected it to feel. Yeah. Oh here we go back this.


Well that's what I want to I want to explore that a lot with you. And first I just want to say so your your book that you have out right now. Hustle Harder. Hustle Smarter. I loved what you said.


You said I had been offered many times to write a book.


You said, yeah, I've sold a bunch of albums and I've made a bunch of money, but I don't really think I should be advising people on how to be a human.


It doesn't mean I'm a success as a human or that I'm not failing on all these other levels.


Who am I to write some book?


And I just thought what a great admission to start with. Yeah, because it's honest. My expertise is in the things that work for me and the mistakes that I made because I learned from those mistakes as long as I'm offering both. Yeah. So I had to start with that statement. So you would see both. Yeah.


And by the way, I think there's a lot more to learn from somebody that's sharing their mistakes than their victories. I'm never going to write get rich or die trying. That's not in my future at eight AM ninety nine point nine nine percent of people's future, but maybe fucking over. A friend is in all of our futures. Like, that's that's actually I can relate to you on or anyone else could relate to you on.


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OK, so the ride, we've never interviewed anyone, I don't think that has anywhere near as on the surface at least a traumatic childhood.


And we've interviewed some people on traumatic childhood. But Dad's not around.


Your mother got murdered at eight years old yet. Do you go to live with grandma and grandpa at that point? Yeah. Yeah. And then is this very well known about you? You sell drugs for a while. I am curious and you kind of said it already, you never are into drinking or anything. How lucky do you feel that you just you weren't? Because I'm an addict. So I'm 15 years sober and I smoked a lot of crack.


I wish I had bought some off you.


I'd be a great story.


A how lucky are you that you didn't have a pension for addiction, apparently, or maybe just addiction another way?


My experience, I kind of caused all of this. My mom had me in 15. So at that point, teenage pregnancy was as common as it is now.


And then it had this program set up where you can go to satellite school and go to work.


I have a part time job or something. So her options following having me were to hustle or to go on welfare.


She has me. She has to figure out how to take care. Me. She just wasn't the kind of person that will accept the welfare part of his base. You never know what you got to accept.


You're going to be right here maximum on the IS. There's no growth in the welfare system. So and an adjustment have all the upsides and no requirements. So she got involved in that lifestyle. And then the people that I saw that represented financial freedom, they had expendable income, that they could do what they wanted for for my mom's life. So after she died, my grandmother's house, when I come around, I know the person that's what's the name for I it was some of those Brena.


They already know me, but from my mother. Aha. So it gives me an opportunity to be closer to to my grandfather was very he represents tradition. To me it was real old school. You go to work, come home, get my grandmother's check. Aha. So I know if I caught him between getting out the car and getting to the actual house he would give me something.


And that started at eight when I was figuring out how things really work around full time living in my grandmother's.


And he was so conditioned to sacrifice for us that he kind of gave everything. I didn't understand it. Later he said I didn't make the same kind of money you may and told me you couldn't see it because you was a baby. But when I gave you mom and money, you stopped looking at things that I couldn't give up. She may require a pair of really nice black pumps so she can look nice because when we look good, we feel good.


If you've made the pressure of your responsibilities, her responsibilities. So now she has all the money she has to pay all the bills. Yeah, so now she see and when does she go? Not only that, can you just because she already is aware of it, but if you keep the money, she can feel that when she see those shoes that she's deprived of substance and not giving to others. That's what he was escaping by doing that.


And then when and acted with those other people, they looked at me, said, boy, you young, white, your clothes look so old.


And I'm like, there's no one there to give me that stuff anymore. And it starts by the government.


Reback some sort of the classic story about how you stop and you when you stop and you can see your knuckles come out of the front of the action, they come back and I see that and I go, God damn well, I see I can't give you fish.


I need to give you a po.




I mean, it's not enough to get you a pair of shoes because get your shoes and you go fuck the shoes up in these shoes again versus if I give you a pound you can go get your shoes. Yeah. So this gives you three and a half grams. You know what to do with this anybody by the time you go from me. Yeah. So so when I started hustling at 12, I was only hustling between three and six. I had to go through this whole process to stop my grandmother for walking me home from school.


I had to tell her I was big. I was like chubby. I weighed Floyd weight at twelve hundred fifty pounds.


Floyd Mayweather. Yeah. If I want a divorce now I'm looking Goyo. I was that at twelve. I remember because I had to tell my kids the smaller I mean the I'll need you walk me home from school.


I'm slow. Yes.


Yes I had, I had to make her feel like I know. Make her feel like she was doing something to me about wanting to walk me. All right.


Right. You're making me look slow Grandma. Then they start to think I'm slow. Right. Because I'm big and you're walking me home every day. And this she's like, oh no, this is growing up.


And then it was me coming home from the school have given us the slip. This the after school program says that you'll be there to six instead of three, huh. But I never turn to sleep. So I only had three hours to hustle. I was always being my grandmother's baby while being involved in the street. And those are two sizes. You're talking Curtiz versus fifty.


So it made clear to me that you can serve with the men if the man is their very first experience.


Hustler who's selling pantyhose, who sell pantyhose at the train station, tube socks, white t shirt and these little skirts I work of Adobe, Larry, these different guys, because they did make a few dollars and it was just it was something to do that I actually have something from doing it.


Let me ask you, what did it do to your opinion of just people in general, like did you have a division?


There's like zombies and then there's normal people or just everyone was a liability because under their household that my grandmother had nine children, my mom died, the one of her nine children, I come into the household and, you know, the nine the first granddad. Aha.


As they got older, there was all drug. The whole place saw my grandmother, my grandmother was only one to drink. Uh huh. So it was like. Is an option to get high or to to drink versus get what you want. It became either OK, you kind of have both. It was the the people who I knew to sell drugs have all of this nice stuff.


I ha to see the people make the choice to actually use it. So I'm looking for now I'm on this side and I will give it to die trying. I will somehow all the time because I knew there was an audience that would like to hear that. Right. Right. I was mirroring the environment that I came out of.


Do you think it lowered your overall assessment of humans, like some people grow up around supportive, helpful, generous people, like those are the people in their life, and then other people grow up around takers.


And I just know it it fucked up my view of humanity. I would have I would have said the wrong percentage of what people on earth I think are scumbags in which a percentage are good. I had a warped fucking percentage, which you say is 100 percent correct.


Some people grow up around people who are good people and want to give and people grow up around people that just want to take it to my experience, because I've only had one experience decide that they will take.


Right. Right. So it made me a little defensive. To that and aware of that immediately, and then you never of God that it is. So this points that good people will come around and I'm still going like this. Yes, yes and yes. And it's because I don't know exactly what that is. But is there a way for me and I'm fine with not understanding what it is, and it's just that's a defense mechanism developed from coming out of that environment.


And if a person hasn't been exposed to it, they're vulnerable to it.


Yes. Well, my wife and I mean a new dude, any new dude that comes around in any capacity, the first four minutes, even if I'm trying my hardest, it's like, OK, let's just see where this dude's coming from. I just can't you know, I've gotten better over time. But yeah, my my first thing is like, no, you're in an evaluation phase right now.


I'm not giving anyone the benefit of the doubt. Now what I'm trying to shake that low from the person who doesn't have that they have to learn by going through fucked up experiences because they're going to give the person the benefit of the doubt out the gate that they're good people and find out they're not so good. But, you know, it's interesting. So my wife, somehow, she's never been taken advantage of, even in ways you and I might think she got taken advantage of if you really talk to her.


Yeah, she saw that. That doesn't affect her. And I was like, oh, so when I met her, I went to her house. There's like five people living at her house.


She got this big old house was five people like, you know, within ten minutes I'm like, what are what are these people paying in rent? And she's like, oh no.


He takes the trash out and she feeds the dogs.


And and I'm like, girl, you're getting you're getting taken advantage of.


OK, cut to, you know, five years later, the highlight of her life on planet Earth was living with those six people.


Sure, they didn't pay their way, but she had like this great community. She loved them. They loved her.


And I'm like, oh, sometimes I thought I was getting taken advantage of, but I missed shit the way I grew up. I would assess why a divine right. And I look at it and go, oh, it really is here because you can free. Food is shelter right now, so not a she can look past that and enjoy the person isn't going to be moments will have good moments when you've come from nothing. The nightmare is Groundhog Day.


Yeah. You want to go back to that? The worst experience would be for you to go all the way out to feel like you've triumphed, you've made it, and then go right back. Yeah. You know, so for the most part, like in that experience. But she's free spirited and can have these people come in as some people can appreciate it and not do things to you. Other people will look at you and say, it wasn't me, it was the drugs.


Yes, yes, yes, yes.


It was something else. But they'll do the final issue to you you ever could imagine.


Let's just add that her group of friends actually wasn't like my girlfriend. So if I had five people living at my house, they would be taking advantage of me and were trying to get more than I was even given. That's why I would assess it that way from the beginning.


Right. Look, she may be able to draw people.


They are good people. Right. Which I didn't know existed until then.


But don't you think it's a loop that it could be a loop, that if you feel that everyone's bad or could take from you, that you draw people who.


Well, and if you think everyone's good, you might draw people who are innately good?


I think that if you sit sit around and you think that people are good, there's a high probability that you get fucked over really bad.


So, look, I'm say let me say this, because it's not it's not only what you go through is whatever you're close enough to feel. Let's say you say your girlfriend is going, she's with this guy and it just doesn't completely wrong.


So your shoulders to shoulder to cry on being someone close enough to offer, to provide, you didn't experience it, but because you feel for her, you went to that, too, right.


If there's a point that you see something similar in someone's behavior is to remind you of that scenario that she went through because you have that information, you would look at it and react like they're trying to do exactly like I already know what they're doing.


If the things you go to don't make you who you are, how do you become who you are?


I think on your journey, the things that you experienced as you see it creates energy. And we've talked about the upbringing and being a dam is having a damaged background. That's for people who can actually assess damage. Yeah, yeah. I didn't grow up not feeling love at all. I have my grandmother to be my mother. I have a grandfather to be my father. The fact that my mother and father wasn't there. It's like I didn't look at it like it was a disadvantage.




And it sounds like, you know, in so many ways you were unlucky and then in so many ways you were crazy, lucky, like to have had that profound love from the grandparents and just have just not having. An assessment of a bad hand. Right, right, well, when you get the bad hand, you feel like there's a bad hand. You start because you feel like that. How do you get out of it? You play it like a bad hand as opposed to, like, the bad.


So look to out some of these drugs. Eminem's mom use drugs. They both records about it. Tupac says, you know, you work crack fiend, mom. You're always with a black queen, mom. Right. Ms is a little more angry. Sorry, Mom. I never meant to hurt you, never meant to make you cry. But tonight I'm cleaning out my closet and the same subject. Yeah, both my mom's dinner. But one is angry and the other one is like it was fucked up, but I forgave my mom.


Yeah. Right, yeah. And being white while growing in black culture. As probably the person who doesn't receive the credit for the growth, but we're middle America is purchasing hip hop music, a lot of the faces look like Ms. Ahar. They don't see where they fit into the culture. Why would they buy it?


Yeah, you want to be able to identify in some ways, you know, finding more than they do.


Yeah. And the circumstances of poverty will allow you to accept anything other than law enforcement. Right.


OK, if you weigh if you brown if you're purple, just to not be blue, you going to take us to jail. Other than that, they look at it, they accept it and they get past it and they go, you know what? I don't know.


So here's my big question for you. So I just fucking coveted money. I wanted the fucking money so bad. And I had a fantasy of what it would feel like to get the money.


And I was like, OK, I'm here.


I thought I was going to feel a certain way. Wait, where is the magic feeling? I'm grateful for it, but where is the magic, transcendent feeling of being famous and rich?


Did you have a letdown?


Is an incredible experience because it's like look at my or if I had one wish, I wish that it was a success. That's it. Uh huh. And if I knew as much as I know about myself now, if I had one wish, I would act for more wishes. Right.


You know, I love that at that point there was already Madidi and it came out as the largest debut in hip hop album. So 13 million records for anything else.


Yeah, the process that you go to look for, for a male and I'll keep pointing this out and create the separation between males and females because women are kind of trying to be selective.


We have to be for safety. Yeah, they have to try to be selective.


So they let's say traditional women because hos to date, whatever.


Oh, look, look, look, let's be fair and say when I say use the term ho. Yeah. It's the same thing as me using. A reference to a single male, because a man could be on a taste test and taste as many batches of cookies like a sweet taste of cookies.


This is my mother for country right now. He said he wants to do that and our society kind of accepts that. Let's say the mail was dated five attractive women in a ten block radius.


He would be probably loaded.


It would probably be the kind of person that was comfortable enough with himself that he had a sense of humor. The timing was good when he was talking.


He could just have started his way at the top and trickled his way down.


Because sometimes people don't know what they like to see somebody with it, so he could have been able to have those five women because of the women that he chose to be with first and other women. So and in many of them, they change their perspective. They looked at him different because they saw him with her.


Now, that man could be with those. Five women in a ten block radius, and over time, people would identify with his personal life, he would be positive for doing that and it would just mean that he's a cool guy. Now, if a female slept with five guys, 10 block radius when the man met her and talk to you, he was enamored by his side and bail. And then you talk to your friends about it.


My men used to mess with the right of Rudy, and then you find out from them that somebody else was messed with and. Oh, so she fucks everybody.


All right. Oh, God. Changes the whole scenario for you.


And somehow she will be damaged for the same behaviors that the single male.


We do. Oh, it's a total double standard. Yeah, this is what I mean by what we would be selected, the time to be selected. So that doesn't happen. You see what I'm saying? So, yeah, we're just talking about only having the ability to do things when you believe you can. Yeah. You know, so early on and when those things are happening, you might not be prepared at that point to embrace the idea of settling in.


Mm hmm. Because it's early in. Early in the run.


So you run around and do everything, have all the experiences you can think of what you can run into all those things and have the experience.


And it wasn't what you actually thought it was because it was self-serving.


Yeah, masculinity for me in my neighborhood was. You could kick ass, you physically can beat ass, you fucked a lot. You got rich and you always are the fourth one. We watched this great documentary on the definition of, yeah, you can consume crazy amounts of alcohol or drugs, right?


These are the four ways a man proves that he's a man. This is like the playbook you're given at 12:00 where I'm from. And I bet your playbook was similar.


You can kick ass it yourself to a point that you could actually do that financially when you get yourself into a decent space. The first thing is to change the clothing that you had, the shift, the presentation and perspective of how people see you, which provides the ability for you to find female attention or energy that you would be interested in it.


So you and I are the same age and we're the product of the same masculine playbook.


My question for you is, if I had a son, I'd be going, man, is that the definition I want him pursuing? Do I want him to go getting a bunch of fights like I did?


Do I want him to go fuck every girl to hook crooker scam and then manipulate do all this shit to to get approval from other dudes?


Do I want them to have to have all this money that I think is I'm grateful for, but it's not what I thought it was going to be like.


Is this the playbook I would pass on to my kid, my son?


Nobody pass me that. It's what happens organically when those things are exposed.


But I'm just saying you nailed all of a man in. The question is, did it result in satisfaction for you? Does it result in satisfaction for you or do you now after you click check those boxes, are you like others?


There has to be something else. There has to be something I got to pursue now. I have when I think when you live with an entrepreneurial spirit and like, I'll never do much of anything other than a hustler. Right.


So this is adapting a behavioral viewpoint and say I'm going to make it happen regardless. It's now, you know, people don't never have to look at me and say, yo, that was a long time ago, because I'm saying that was a long time ago. Uh huh. I'm saying, what am I doing now? And it's easier to to make things happen from a position where you have the resources to financially support it and and a track record that would allow others to come for the better bet on you.




So I have to imagine for you that the reward is the process because you've from the outside, at least it looks like you crushed music. You couldn't have had a bigger album. And then you're like, OK, what's next? I want to build.


To me, it seems like what you love in life is to build the results really are irrelevant, really fell in love with the idea of the process.


That part is what we have to be, period. It's going to be in-process enroute to something new until there's not much more to go. Yeah, and the results are an illusion is what I'm getting at, right.


If a person is looking at success like a dollar amount, they're wrong. Right. Can I ask you one quick question? This is something I'm ignorant on.


I'm only kind of aware of it because some of the guys I follow are really obsessed with them. Nipsey Hussle. Right. But he seems to have spoken to black entrepreneurial ship in a way that really resonated with a lot of folks. People will post on Instagram like him and then he's like rules for Hustle. And I guess I was just because your book is about hustle and you're clearly a fucking baller hustler. I mean, I just for anyone that doesn't know, you got like multiple hit TV shows, you've had multiple branding successes, you've had multiple albums.


I mean, you really just you've hustled like no one else.


So what is he saying that's connecting so much and resonating with the black community? What are you saying that's carrying that same message? Or if maybe it's not the same message, Nipsy?


It is the same message because the same emphasis is not having and trying to make it from that. And that hustler mentality lives in the environment. All those things that he said in the music, I understand where that comes from. He's someone who's had more popularity than success prior to his death. Come with when there's limited success, when you have huge amounts of success, you get the fuck away from that. Because they kill you, absolutely, you're going to get killed if you stay there with that much success is too much to connect it to who you are.


And it's going to fuck with the whole infrastructure, how the neighborhood works. Yeah, if you hustle and you earn too much money, then you will fall, right? Yeah. And the reason why early on in this conversation, I said to you that people love things that are damaged when it comes to pop culture when when know she stays in the environment. Look at hip hop like a ceasefire that allows kids in middle America and people in America are not subjected to the circumstances to safely get a chance to check everything out without danger of being hurt by it.


Yeah. Because this young son was killed in an environment where there were cameras, we live in a period now where the Internet allows you the ability to see, oh, there's no secrets, there's no secrets anymore.


Yeah. To see the thing that happened, that's been happening, it sounds cool.


And a song and there's there's enough of a barrier that it's cool in a song. But yeah, when you see it, it's like, oh no I guess I don't, I don't like that.




The reference that he made in the music is just what goes on in the environment.


So when it happens to him and you go to listen to the music after the fact, you hear the things that go on in the environment that match up to what you just saw makes you feel like he was a visionary. My album is very similar. And interesting, why was it the largest debut in hip hop album? I got shot nine times. I came back. I'm saying the same thing. I'm not saying with anything different, but because I'm saying the same things I was saying to you prior to that, you go, I believe.


Yeah, yeah. This would be a good time to change the narrative if you were at that wall.


Right. And that's by the way, that's what we said 30 minutes ago, is like what got you to the party is not what's going to keep you at the party. You're going to die at that party.


If you don't change in the book, you talk about being open to evolving. You have to. Well, listen, man, you're so great. I really hope you and I will chat in real life one day.


Oh, we definitely will get together as soon as we could get thrown out of the air to dinner.


Yeah. So everyone should get hustle harder. Hustle smarter. I don't know whether to Curtis, when you and I become best friends, what will I be calling you?


You can say that motherfucker whatever you want. OK, who best president. OK, good. OK, you say whatever you want.


Well this motherfucker was so entertaining, so interesting and so smart and read this motherfucker's book and I definitely hope I get to see you and break bread with you in real life.


Well, we got to get together, Magavern. OK, good. All right, guys. All right.


Stay tuned for more armchair expert, if you dare.


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And now my favorite part of the show, the fact check with my soul mate Monica padman 50 cent, 50 cents 50 Cent was here. I wish she was here.


Well, yeah, she wasn't here, but he was here. I want to I want to see if he's as big as he is in my mind from seeing him at Sony Live at his height with the bulletproof vest, because he's pretty enormous in my memory.


The mountain of a guy. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know his stats.


Anyway, my neck popped. It just did. Yeah, five minutes ago. Oh, we're just jiggling around trying to get your computer out.


No, no, no. That's so my neck has popped. It happens like out of nowhere, which feels strange.


No warning. There's no warning. It's a pop and then there's a pain. OK, which does it happen. When I like pop crack, my knuckles are something that feels disassociated.


Yeah. With relief. Yeah. So it's a little odd. Yeah.


On the rare occasion my neck gives me a nice pop crack. It always feels good. Yeah. I was like oh thank God.


Do any, do any back cracking habitually. No Negley I don't, I've done my friend used to crack it a lot.


Oh that's nice. Which was nice. That felt nice. It didn't feel like this right.


Yeah. When I lay in bed at night I immediately I'm laying on my back and then I throw a leg over the other like really far and twist my lower back.


Yeah. And always in one direction I get a nice loud pop. I love it. Yeah.


Yeah. Well my friend used to do it a lot to me. We were told we shouldn't do it. It's not good for you.


That's what they tell kids when they're little. But I've never heard a biologist tell me that. But parents always go, don't crack your knuckles. The reasons were always like, they'll get looser, you'll get arthritis when you're older, they'll get bigger.


Now, this may be the case, but I've just never heard it from a physician.


You do have arthritis, to be fair. Not though anywhere, right? Correct. Yeah, but maybe the best way to be fair, it could have made its way.


I don't think so. I don't think no one said the arthritis had to happen to where the pop was. Oh well then that makes even less. It's just that cracking causes arthritis and plantar fasciitis.


Say that word for me. Plantar plantar fasciitis. Fasciitis, I don't know.


Plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis.


Oh, my God. Oh my God. I think I can get it. Plantar fasciitis, fash.


Oh, not so funny.


I don't know. I've never even heard this word.


It's what you'll get if you crack your knuckles in your hands a lot as a kid. Plantar fasciitis. Yeah. Fasciitis planner flashes me one time you two.


You had to run up until I until I read it. Then I could read it. Plantar fasciitis.


Well, OK, you're really Lantier planner. I no fasciitis. Yes. Plantar fasciitis also called policeman's heel. Oh that makes sense. Like a beat cop on foot.


I bet there's a common thread between a correlation between hookworm and plantar fasciitis.


I bet they're inversely related. I think it's proof that you're in shoes a lot now and hookworm is proof that you're not okay.


Why can't you get plantar fasciitis from wearing barefoot? Well, cops are barefoot if they're calling a cop disorder, I think of a big black uncomfortable shoe.


Hmm hmm hmm hmm. That's a great question. Great, great question.


It's late. Yeah. It's a Friday night and it's late. We we screwed the pooch.


We paint ourselves into a corner where we had to do it on a Friday night. Yeah.


OK, so 50 cent use of the fatality rate is 10 times the national average. Yeah.


Young black males have a really high fatality rate. Yeah. It just says mortality estimates show black death rates to exceed white rates up until ages mid 70s. Up until mid 70s, huh? Yeah, that's a long time to catch up. Yeah, yeah, OK.


I thought this part was so interesting when he was talking about being at the club and how he doesn't drink. And so he gets a bottle of champagne, pours it for everybody and has them fill it up with ginger ale for him to drink. So it looks like he's drinking a lot so that they'll keep drinking and they'll be happy.


Oh no. I got I took the opposite. He's not a drinker. He's a lightweight. Exactly. So he's filling everyone else's cup with the bottle and he doesn't want them getting drunk because he's not going to get drunk and he doesn't want to be around it. That was that's his way of controlling how fucked up the people around you get.


Oh, that is the opposite interpretation. Yes.


Because his whole point is he wants them to be happy. He's supporting the people who supported him, but he doesn't like drinking. So he taps the bartender and says he says he feels everyone's up. And then he says, I want ginger ale.


And I and I thought he said, then he has them bring out another bottle, but it's full of ginger ale and he's filling everyone's cup with now, not booze so that they don't get fucked up around them. I mean, that's how I interpreted it.


Got it. Yeah, I don't I think his whole point was that when you get to that level, because I said I said that's a lot of pressure on you to have to do that so that everyone else around you can be happy. Yeah. To live the dream tend to kind of that you're something you're not.


Well, we were talking about living like the music video dream right in the club with the bottles that we're all we've seen it. So when we arrive, we replicated to demonstrate that that's like the rite of passage that you've made. It is to have that experience where you're at a club. Yes. I think that he wants to give that to people, but he himself doesn't partake in any of that stuff. But he says if they see him slow down, they start to slow down and he doesn't want that.


So he gives the illusion that he's keeping up. Well, your argument makes sense.


Do you think mine makes sense? I think it makes sense. I think I'm right because I did. Well, I will. Bulgari, I'll listen to you can read any of his friends that he brought to this club. Yeah.


They're not buying any booze. He is. Right. So where do you think they're getting their champagne?


He's buying it for them. So he's bringing up a third and fourth. Yeah, like that's his bottle is the ginger ale bottle so that people feel like he's consuming and he's engaging in it. Yeah, but he's not.


I think he's like, I'm not paying for ten bottles of champagne. I don't want everyone fucked up around me. I'm a lightweight. So all the other bottles are just ginger ale that he just keeps bringing out ginger ale so he's not buying a bottle after bottle.


And he didn't but he didn't say anything about not wanting people around to be hammered, not wanting the whole purpose of that portion of the conversation because you're talking about basketball and then those people who support the people around him, like you want to give back to the people who have supported you.


Oh, I thought he was making a point of view. Don't want to be taken advantage of by that whole group. Oh, and then he said, like, that's why he had the huge house, because really it's a one bedroom apartment. But you get that because you get it for the people.


And you so you said that the Mafiosos are imitating The Godfather, which I do think many are, but also the first the genov.


They say crime family originated.


And I think it's the Gypsy Genovese.


Oh, genoways. I think so. Originated from the Marello Gang of East Harlem, the first mafia family in New York City in 1890 to Giuseppe Marello arrived in New York from the village of Sicily. And that's 892.




So before The Godfather. Oh yeah. I meant the style.


So like John Gotti was the first of the generation of New York mobsters raised on that movie. And then he wore these really flashy suits and walked around like he was in Goodfellas and.


You know, yeah, I've heard I watch a lot of these mob documentaries like The Iceman, people who've been imprisoned or have taken witness protection, and then they are part of an interview.


And many of them have commented on this, how mobsters started imitating this movie image they saw.


Do you don't think the movie was based in some reality? No, I don't. I think Sopranos is really accurate to the mobs. They don't live in crazy houses in The Godfather, that house on Lake Tahoe, this like famous house on Lake Tahoe.


You know, it's like thirty thousand square feet, like the opulence, the scale of the money, all that. None of that was ever really historically accurate.


Like Al Capone had that kind of wealth, but they didn't live like they did in The Godfather or what was the point of mobs and stuff if it wasn't to, like, spend money or they just didn't make the kind of money like in Godfather, none of these guys really figured out how to make this level of money that was on display in the city.


Interesting. OK, how many people are in the NBA? You said about eight hundred during the off season. The NBA may have as many as six hundred players, 20 per team during the regular season. The numbers cut to four fifty plus players who are on two way contracts.


That's not a lot of spots, although way more spots than Formula One. Formula One's twenty spots per team. No, in the entire Formula One. That's it. How many is on each team? Well, many teams have two cars.


Oh yeah.


So you're only looking at ten teams. Really. Wow. Twenty drivers. That's it. That's, that's they're fighting for and it's a global, the US is just there. No one's playing basketball as a national pastime and then there's foreigner and that is it's rough.


Rough. Those are rough odds though.


Well the US is the only one playing basketball. No it's not. Currently you're right.


But basketball is kind of new to a lot of places. And it's not being played all over Africa and Latin America and all these countries just being played in Europe a bit.


Yeah, I mean, it's it's a sport in the Olympics, so there has to be some international element to it. I mean, the United States wins a lot, I think.


But yeah, we're pretty good. Yeah, I'm just saying they drive in every country.


They do drive. But I would say, like, if you take America, the amount of people who play basketball versus the amount of people who race cards much, much higher.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's true. So it's an interesting comparison.


It is an interesting comparison.


I wonder if there's any stats on, like youth go kart racing, because that's where it all starts. Every one of those guys race show cards when they are linked.


But then what's the next step like? You'd have to do the next step because people people know this is people starting playing basketball, right? That's what you're saying?


Well, I mean, even play on some team fairly high level, like not even high, but like high school or college won't save your racing go karts.


You're pretty much on the high school team in that respect. If you have like a race go kart in a spare parts, in a fire suit and a helmet and all that. Yeah, I think you're at the JV level, at least the organized team, to use the basketball analogy.


OK, that's pretty much it for 50 Cent. All right.


I love you and I love hip hop music and rap music, and I love that funky, stinky, dirty Atlanta. Whoa, wait.


Oh, no, don't do that. Yes. Oh, fuck. Yeah. Bye.