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Welcome, welcome, welcome to armchair expert experts on expert Dan Shepherd. I'm joined by Monica Monsoon. Hi. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good night. Good evening. Night. Night. Sleep tight. I don't know whether to do my Australian accent or my Italian. Oh, my God. There's so many options. Yeah, I know.


Because our guest, his ethnicity is Italian or as I say, Italian, yet he is an Aussie.


So you would do Australian because would you do an Indian accent for me? You probably would. And then I get offended before I knew you. I might have, but now I've changed my ways. Thank you. Yeah.


All right. So, Aussie, let me say Aussie. Daniel, Cardale.


That's was nice. Goodbye, Daniel. Riccardo. And it's getting worse. Daniel Riccardo is well, he's kind of tied for my favorite Formula One driver.


He was awesome. You are nervous, right? No, I wasn't nervous. I just like I don't know anything about this. And I'm probably going to have to count sheep in my head during the interview or something because I'm just not interested.


But then I was super interesting. Well, I.


Right. I guess what I meant your fear level was is that is a race car driver, correct. For the show. Like, is that something that would interest arm Cherrie's? And I think we were both relieved to see that he is so Dagg but charming that he transcends that that sport totally.


Now, I love the sport. Now is my favorite sport.


Well, you started watching the Netflix show. Yeah. Daniel Riccardo. Which if you were in Italy, you would pronounce it Daniel Ricciardo because it's got two seats, but he is in all. So he says Ricardo. All right, he probably didn't say it that way.


Anyways, he is currently a Formula One driver and he's won some awards, the 2014 Lorenzo Bandini trophy and the 2015 Lauras Breakthrough of the Year. He has seven wins in Formula One, thirty one podiums and three pole positions. He's fantastic. Enjoy Daniel Ricardo.


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OK, OK, wow, sorry for the delay. It's early for us, this is too early for us.


We're night owls. I apologize. I hope you take it as a compliment. I can't think of anyone else I would get up early for like this.


Thank you for the acceptance. Where are you at right now? I'm in Portugal at the moment, so we got the next crisis this weekend. So yeah, we don't start till pretty much Thursday. We'd like media and marketing stuff.


And then practice starts Friday when you have a race weekend. How early do you get there? First of all, you don't live in Portugal.


Do you not know? OK, well, we're based in Europe, so we're always like around. That's too vague.


What are you talking about based in. Yeah, I'm based in North America. Is that helpful?


I live in Monaco, so it sounds way too busy or something. Yeah. OK, that makes sense.


That's like people here. I don't know if you know this, but people who have gone to Harvard, if you asked them where they went to college, they'll go, oh, I went to school in Boston.


Everyone's like, OK, I like to play it low key, but yes, on base in Monaco. But we move around a lot. And this year we've basically just compressed everything into Europe so far for like the overseas races that I ask you a question to go like to Austin, probably because I like the city, but I'll get there like probably the Monday before the race just to get a few days to also get over jetlag and stuff.


Yeah, I was kind of wondering that you go to all these awesome places like the F1 calendar takes you, you know, the most amazing places people would definitely want to go visit. But I assume I imagine it's kind of like when I go somewhere to do a movie, it's like I'm excited to go and then I just don't do one thing. I am I'm in my hotel room and then I do the work I'm there to do. So I'm wondering, like, how much do you actually get to enjoy the cities you go to?


I try and make a habit of if it's a city I'm excited about, I'm trying to go early or stay a bit after. But yeah, it's not always the way with if we got commitments afterwards with the team or sponsors. But yeah, like the first few years of F1, I was very much like hotel track mple and I was just very like this is work and that's it. Yeah. But now I try to make a habit of like spending a bit of time and destination and actually either learn a bit about the place or just try and see the place.


So when it's all said and done, I can actually say I did more than just drive around a race track.


Yeah, I'm so glad you have that perspective because you know, there could be a pursuit that's more goal oriented than yours. Like, I was just all about how you finish on that Sunday. So to learn to enjoy the process and not miss the whole experience, I have to imagine so many drivers end up just missing the entire experience because you're so myopically focused on that one moment in time. So I'm very delighted to hear that you're just kind of prancing around these places and racking up some memories.


Yeah, absolutely. I had a bit of a moment. It was a few years ago where I was basically just too caught up in, as you said, like the result on Sunday evening. And I didn't really have anything else to show for it, you know, and when I didn't have a good result, I was like, oh, I don't want to say miserable, but I was pretty flat. So I just tried to appreciate the journey as well, because it's like that's part of the fun.




And also, your identity is such right that you're a driver. I imagine when you think of who you are and who you'd introduce yourself to, people as like you would probably say driver before you said Australian or ethnically Italian or son or anything. Right. Is it it's got to be in like the top of how you define yourself as a person.


It's funny. It's a weird job title. I remember once I did say that I was like, yeah, yeah, I'm a driver and that's my profession. And I feel that side this like no offence to them, but the response was also like another driver I sure like. It's funny, but yeah, I did say hi, it's Monica, right?


Yes, hi. Hello.


Sorry, I was kind of out there for a second. We don't have any light in the air. Well, she has a beautiful dark complexion, as you can see, which doesn't bode well. So this is kind of, you know, my hour to shine.


Generally, she looks prettier, but now you can see me. So listen, I'm going to be very honest with you. First of all, I'm very attracted to you. You're so charming and cute. I just love you. But I could have given a shit about Formula One, just I never cared. I think a lot of Americans, it's not on their radar also. I love driving, but I don't like watching. But that Formula One series on Netflix, I think drive to survive that opened up the whole F1 world to me.


And I became obsessed. I watched those so fast. They were like treats every night I got to watch. And what was so cool about that show is you get a behind the curtain look at the personalities, which is kind of missing in that sporks. Everyone's wearing a helmet and they're in a car. It's really hard to know what the personality types are.


And even within the states, I've been less attracted to football because everyone's wearing a helmet, whereas basketball, it's like you're just watching their personalities. Right. But this show gave this great window of everyone's personalities. And, of course, yours was so exciting. You're so, as I said, charismatic and funny and goofy. And it just got me super interested in. Now I count down the hours. To the race, so now I bought the stupid Formula One package, it's way overpriced, it's not even on Apple TV.


It's a terrible fucking app, but I have it. So I just want to kind of try to hook our audience, who certainly doesn't care about Formula One into some of the things I think were mind blowing to me about Formula One.


Well, maybe just start with what it is, right?


Without question, it is the very highest level of racing in the world. And there are only 20 drivers in Formula One and they are the best drivers in the world.


This is what got me excited. I think this is what would blow people's mind.


I guess I would have guessed the budget for one of those race teams was maybe 45, pushing 50 million dollars. And tell me what the budget of, like Red Bull and Mercedes is.


This is really bad. I should know. It's like I want to say, is it like three or four hundred million?


It's between three and 500 million dollars a year, three in five hundred million dollars a year. So that means in the last ten years of that Mercedes team, they have spent five billion dollars racing a car.


It's preposterous.


I love it. It is.


You guys could have cured a disease. It's wonderful.


It's funny. Like, it is crazy. Like, I guess if you really think of like it's probably a lot of jobs or sports, like if you go down to the coal, like you make your profession doing well, it's like, yeah, I drive these multimillion dollar cars around in circles basically. And that's what I work my whole life for. It's crazy. I remember when I was young as well, you know, when I started to understand a little bit of the business of the sport.


And it's like, yeah, we're just moving billboards basically. Two hundred mile an hour billboards. Exactly. But I'm stoked you got into it. And I actually I was listening to your chat with Travis Pastrana, also a big hero of mine growing up. Shah, I love to Ellson all that as well. And oh, you do you ride motorcycles when I can go off road just like mucking around. Yeah, I love it. Yeah. I'm not very good but I wasn't I'm not good at Off-Road.


I'm pretty good on a track but I'm not so great when I'm in the air. I'm a little nervous.


You do a lot of track days does that right. Yeah. Yeah. I had an episode recently, my first bad crash. I've been doing practice for probably sixteen years and I had my first bad episode about four months ago.


But we're back. We're back. We feel great. So we got some, we got some metal hardware. It seems to be working great.


Oh yeah. Yeah.


OK, so so Danny, you're from Australia and you got into racing karts when you were nine and so your dad race.


Yeah, he did. It's one of those things like, yeah, I had it in the blood and I certainly got a lot of the the attraction to cars into racing from him. But it was just because I think, you know, I was growing up as a kid and on the weekends he would race and at that time, like, he had his own business. And it was just like a kind of a hobby for him. You know, it was past a point of him being professional or anything.


But I think just growing up around a racetrack, smelling the cars and the noise, you know, the sound and the state, I was just drawn to it.


There's nothing sweeter than Rice, right? That's pretty good. Yeah. I wanted to make it as a clown.


I think all I want to say, you're not the first one to say that if we made a as a clone, it would obviously be a big hit.


But how do you attract all the dudes that repel all the women from Cologne?


I guess what was important was that, you know, I think this is important just for a lot of I mean, I'm not a parent, but I guess for a lot of parents, it's like supporting your kid, I guess, is one thing. But also, you know, pushing them is obviously something completely different. And although I grew up around, you know, racing and that because of that, it was never forced on me. I was just drawn to it.


I loved it and I was fascinated by it. I got a kick out of it because, you know, no one else at school was really racing. Like, I just thought it was a way for me to kind of stand out and be different and, like, go fast and like that. But has to at least some girls.


Yeah. Yeah. Oh, it all starts with wanting to go. Oh, no. No man has ever done anything in their life that wasn't ultimately about maybe attracting a girl.


Every bridge you drive across from the early eighteen hundreds. That was some guy trying to get laid.


Now you started at nine which is really encourages me.


I'm in a very similar situation, I think as your dad, which is I have made enough money that I can do it recreationally and I want my daughter more than anything to show some interest in it so I can just go all in on it. And I keep thinking, man, she's seven now. When's the cutoff of when I got to get her in a cart? And I mean, I guess I was a little relieved to see that you started at nine.


Is that a little late in general?


I think these days, I mean, some kids start at like four or five, so it's. I guess you could say, I don't want to say it's light, but it's not it's not the earliest, but I don't know. I'm always also a bit torn. I think if you start something so young, are you going to kind of fall out of love with by the time you're 20 years old or something? I'm happy I started at nine.


You know, I was playing all the sports, you know, when I was a kid. So I kind of had other interests, I think, which kept the racing fresh for me. I think, Max, stop. And I think he started maybe at like four so you can do it.


But that does not surprise me.


I got to tell you, I'm not sure who's rivals and who's not. But I got to say, what keeps me so interested in F1 is you and Max. I love watching him and I love watching you because there seems to be and I hope you'll clear this up for me. And I also don't even know what you're allowed to say.


But what makes it really exciting is Mercedes just has this incredible, profound advantage. It's very obvious that their car is the best, their teams, the best it's been for, I don't know, now eight years or something.


You would know. Yeah. So when you or Verstappen podium to me, that just screams driver. And also what's really fun is all these teams for people don't watch it. There's two cars in every team. So really there's 10 teams of two cars that make up 20 cars. So when Daniel, who last race was on the podium, third place for what car?


The rental car. He drives the yellow Renault. And, you know, the other one is nowhere near that podium. And likewise, the other Red Bull car is nowhere near that podium. So what that tells me is that Danny and Max can drive the shit out of those cars. It makes it really exciting and heartbreaking because I'm like, why the fuck isn't Danny or Max in that number two Mercedes? Nothing against BOTUS. But just I want to see someone that can drive like Hamilton in the same cars.


Hamilton I would argue this would kind of save F1 in that if you had to, from the hip shooters, bad asses like you or Max against Hamilton every weekend, it would be so exciting. I mean, guys would crash each other a ton and cause them a lot of money. But don't you think that would be so exciting to see three of the premier drivers in the same car?


Yeah, absolutely. I love your passion for it. I mean, don't get me wrong, like, we all think that. And I guess, like, one thing is like there's the attraction of always trying to get to the best teams, knowing that there's a team that's, you know, better than another. That's kind of a challenge in itself. So it's kind of cool trying to chase that. But also, there's a lot of times where, like, we just wish we had the same equipment so we could just show what we believe we're all about.


Do you think NASCAR is better in that way?


I would say so. Like, I think you still have, like, your top teams, but short there's a bigger spread through the field who I think could win. Whereas you said, you know, the last seven years, I think, you know, Mercedes has won probably, you know, eighty percent of the races. That's not their fault as well. Like, they've just done a better job. It's no, my hat is off to them.


That handsome son of a bitch who runs that team. And that guy needs to be like on a horse selling polo cologne or something. He's such a stud. I totally respect and applaud it.


But I guess. Do you watch at all? I love it. Yeah, it's my favorite. OK, that's been my drug for the last ten years. What I love about Moto GP is like, sure, the Dukes are faster on the straightaway, but you go to a track with not a lot of straight away and more turns, tighter turns than the AMA is going to be good that weekend and then may be another track.


The hunt is going to be so even within some dominant teams, the bikes themselves do better at different tracks. So it does equalize it a bit. I've yet to see the track that Mercedes like far and away the best car.


Yeah. So that one, I guess factor that we have as a parallel is Monaco, and I think it probably speaks to like all street circuits. So I guess to a little brief education to maybe people listening that. So we have like purpose-built racetrack's which are like big and fast and flowing and quite open.


And we have one here in America, guys. Austin, we have a beautiful Formula One track in Austin and it's awesome.


They're cool. But there's also this, you know, like margin for error. You know, there's an escape. There's like a gravel trap before the wall. There's something, you know, you don't always pay for mistakes. It's probably the easiest way to put it. You can cross the line.


You can push your car to the edge, you can exceed it and you have some safe runoff. You're not risking your life by pushing to the limit.


This is probably what you loved about Travis Pastrana saying Monaco is the only track that being nuts is an advantage like that. You can be crazier and that can make up for your gap in technical disadvantage in Monaco. Guess who won in twenty eighteen in Monaco was at eighteen. Yeah, no good.


This motherfucker. Look, this son of a bitch. Look at that.


So Monaco, right. You're just driving in there.


Very confusing because it does sound like you're just saying my name over and over and over. Do you love it. Yeah, I love Monica, Monica, Monica.


But yeah Monica is just cement caterall next to you the whole time, right.


Yeah. So it's kind of it's easier. It's still difficult doing. Me wrong, but it's easier for, you know, 20 of us to be kind of in that window, so to speak, where Monica it's like you can't go over the limit because you're in the wall, you know? Yeah, not only that, but it's so much more intimidating. So you've got to, like, creep up to the limit. So the way you drive around the streets like Monaco can make a difference because of that.


Probably the cars become a little less significant on a street circuit because nobody can drive the car at 100 percent of its limit. They're basically right. So no one's even maximizing the car's potential because it's just too dangerous. I want her to tell me there's way more visual stimuli to on that track. Right, because you're blowing by buildings and stuff like if you're in Austin, there's nothing to gauge your speed by. But I'd imagine in Monaco you must feel like you are flying.




One of the biggest mistakes I made in Monaco is I watched one of the practice sessions from, I don't know, maybe I wasn't even in F1 by that point. But I remember standing on the side of the track, I saw the cars go past and I was just I was blown away by how fast they were on such a narrow, tight circuit. It was intimidating watching it because, yeah, just in a flash, they go on and it's like they've gone around the building.


I'm like, well, I eventually got in the car just like I don't think I can do that. But then once you get in a kind of Oldfield's, I guess it's like it's my comfort zone. So it feels OK. But it is intimidating. And as you say, like there's so many I guess the wall is so close and the barriers and everything flashing past it does feel faster because it's a street circuit like it's bumpy, it's not purpose-built.


So there's like inadequacies with the way the road is and the shape and the curve.


It's more of a rally race. Yeah. It's, it's it's cool.


And is that the hardest track to pass on?


Yeah. So that's the only like I guess down for with a street circuit is it does make the racing on the sun sometimes a little. I'll say boring because it's so tight that it's a lot easier to block and defend and it's just harder to pass. But the thrill of driving on a street circuit is like nothing else. Yeah.


Yeah. Well, it's kind of your dream about when you're just in traffic and you're like, fuck man, I wish I could just go on eighty down city blocks.


I'm going to try to say a couple more things. I think that could be really interesting to people that aren't even interested in this. Right.


So one of the things, Monica, I'm talking not talking about the city yet is so the car is built in the simplest term, the opposite of an airplane.


Right. So an airplane's wings give it lift. It makes it lighter. Well, an F1 cars, all of its aerodynamics are making it virtually heavier. So it's creating all this downforce. And in fact, it's creating so much downforce that if you could imagine that while they were driving that I don't know what the numbers you would know, but like 55, 60 miles an hour is that if the road were to turn completely upside down, the car could drive upside down.


What, because the car weighs a couple thousand pounds and it's creating 2300 pounds of downforce?


Those aren't the numbers, but something like that. Yeah.


So Danny could pass you you could be on the highway going 60 Monaca and you could look up through your sunroof and see Sweet Danny smile driving upside down.


By the way, can we live like that?


Well, this could be a solution to traffic, couldn't we, because we could double decker them and we could have traffic driving upside down and then traffic driving right side. They just the downforce.


That's actually interesting. I feel like the way you've explained everything you want to say, you feel like you've got an engineering background or something, same way that you pretend I have a background and everything.


OK, now one more thing I want to explain to people, and this is really impressive.


So G forces, if everyone can think about a G on planet Earth right now, the amount of gravity on us is called one G or at one ATM. So at one G you are your whatever your body weight is right now. So for me that's one ninety. Thanks guys. So if I went to two GS, if for some reason I was standing on a planet that had two GS, I would now weigh three hundred and eighty pounds and so on and so forth.


The cars are so high performance and there's so much downforce that these guys can hit five GS in turns.


Wow. All right. Does that feel like in your body? I want to point out just one aspect that the human has thirty pounds. Is that about what it is that you're you're probably dealing with stones or something and down?


And also what I'm thinking of is I'm thinking of the kid from Jerry Maguire. Yeah, exactly.


I thought it was a well, it's because of that human head weighs. Is it eight pounds? I met a skull. I'm going to look it up now. I think it's way more like 20 to 25 to 30 pounds.


Maybe he's referring to his head and he said small because that's a little boy. OK, thank you, Rob.


I got to Google. That makes it well. But the fact we had Jerry then a helmet. OK, OK. It's a pound or two. No, I want to say it's probably like four and a half pound. Five pound. OK, like two kilos. So yes, it's over four pound, I think. OK, now we're talking twenty pounds.


Your head's weighing twenty pounds with the helmet on. OK, now five GS. Now you're your head weighs 100 pounds. So what I want everyone to imagine is you're laying on your side in your sleep and then you pick your head up off the pillow.


And then Monica, who is Unknot Monaco, Monica sits on your ear, she sits right on your ear, and she lives her legs up.


And you have to hold your head and not let it touch the pillow. I'm going to go even worse, let's say, on the pillow there are spikes.


And if you were to lower your head, you will be impaled through your ear because Monica sitting on your ear in Monaco, that is what the drivers are dealing with in, I don't know, sometimes two or three of the turns her lap and how many laps we do.


And we're doing 45, 50 or something, depending on the race.


Yeah. To say like for about 90 minutes. Oh, for about 90 minutes. We're doing 90 minutes.


Monica's sitting on your ear as you try to lay in bed in spikes in your ear.


Oh my God. The neck strain. Yeah. It's like, look at that.


His neck is so Gertha girls, it's his neck I've ever seen the way you explain that, it's actually really good because people are say, like, you know, these G forces, we hear it, but what does it actually mean?


And I try and explain it. You know, the force that we have to hold and everything. But, you know, the way you actually broke it down, I think it's much more relatable than me trying to say I'm going at this speed through this corner. But it's true. We need to be like super strong through our neck and also our lower back. So, like, all out, like leaks, all that part, because even though we're like strapped in and the seats are molded to us, we still, you know, like, you can't get away from that force.


You know, you still get everything through it. So the seat might support you a little bit, but you still have to hold on basically. So your whole body doesn't just, like, twist over even your liver.


Now, that weighs a few pounds that things in your body moving to the left or right and now it weighs twelve pounds and you know, every single thing in your body is being pulled and it now weighs five times what it would normally weigh. Has anyone exploded?


Well, sadly, yes, but not from G forces.


Oh yeah that's right. I can see someone's spleen definitely exploding.


Well, I'll give you the dark kind of history of that part. Formula One, they used to be the technology and the thought behind it was make the cars stronger and stronger and stronger. And they had a year or two when they were still racing Nürburgring, where they're building these cars just out of complete steel. So when they hit anything, they hit a guardrail or each other. The car didn't absorb any of the energy. And five, six drivers a year were dying from impacts.


And that's when they started realizing, oh, we need some crumple zones. We need some areas that can absorb all this energy. So now his car is designed like a honeycomb.


Basically, it's got all these ways for it to compact and absorb energy so it doesn't transfer to his body.


Wow. I need to get you on a race table. Please ask him.


Yeah, I will come with you to all these exotic locations.


I'll help you enjoy the scenery and I'll do press with you just to be even a spokesperson for this for, you know, the detail is beautiful.


OK, so here's the other thing I found really, really impressive about you guys. After watching that docu series, which everyone should watch, it's so good people even that don't care about racing. I've turned them on to it and they love it because, again, the personalities are so fun. This is a 80 hour a week job. It's not a practice. Friday qualifies Saturday race Sunday. The amount of physical conditioning you have to do your diet.


You have trainers, you have certain hand eye coordination, things you guys do. Can you walk me through your, like, schedule to stay fit enough to get in that car?


Yeah, so so basically I'll go through so like pre-season and I think like a lot of sports at your time where you've got, let's say, lease commitments of marketing or travel basically, and it's your time to kind of get fit for the year ahead. So for us that's kind of out like January, February. So through that time I guess I'm training six days a week, two sessions a day. And it's about being obviously being like strong, but having, like, a lot of strength, endurance, because the race is long and we don't have to be like power lifters, but we need to maintain good strength over coal at ninety minutes.


But yeah, we have to also be very light so we can't afford to put too much muscle on. So. Oh yeah. So like I weigh seventy kilos which I want to say I think it's like one fifty five or something else.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Two point to talk. Yeah. Oh good mass. You operate well in the morning. To win you over. I want to hang with you in Monaco, so putting my best foot forward.


Stay tuned for more armchair expert, if you dare.


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Yes, so we have to be very light, so we need like a balance of like some strength endurance, but also like a lot of cardiovascular. So a lot of running cycling to obviously have good endurance to lost the race. But also, I think with good cardio comes, you know, lower heart rate, more attention can be put towards concentration and not fighting, you know, towards the end of the race. So basically six days a week when we have a free schedule.


But now during the season, especially if we have like a back to back race. So one race off to the other in successive weekends. It's I mean, the Monday after race, you're pretty flat. So it's kind of a rest day, maybe Tuesday you get up and do a little bit of light cardio. Wednesday, you're already traveling to the next race. So maybe Wednesday you might do some training just to keep your neck kind of switched on.


And then Thursday, marketing sponsored stuff, engineering meetings, strategy meetings, and then, as you said, Friday, practice Saturday, quality Sunday and then long days at the track. So it's not like we just we raced at 2:00 p.m. Sunday and leave. It's like every day we're there at probably seven thirty in the morning and we leave at eight thirty in the evening. There's lots of lots of meetings and I guess things that take place over the course of a race weekend.


So it's a lot to ask for someone to be completely focused on this job that, again, only 20 people on the planet are doing and do it at such a level and then to go like sell the donuts every 45 minutes. And then also the press, I notice, which is kind of fascinating. I feel like Formula One's unique in this. The press is so adversarial. So when you were with Red Bulls, really fascinating Red Bull team was not happy with the motors that Renel was supplying.


And so every interview with Renault or Red Bull, they're trying to start this fight, like, how disappointed are you in the Renault Motors?


And then everyone's just on the spot. And then they'll say even to like Danny, like, well, a couple more of those races and you're probably not going to get a ride next year, huh? That's the question is like you suck in, you're probably out of a job. How do you feel about that? It's OK, right? It's really adversarial mindset. Yeah. How do you how do you see yourself, like, light and not get bummed by all that?


It can be brutal. And I think fortunately for me, I'm very like maybe just growing up in Australia, like close to the beach, I'm just kind of relaxed, easygoing. And I don't take things too seriously, I guess. And I guess with that stuff, you know, with media and that I'm just like I know that maybe there will be something, you know, a comment or a question which might not sit well with me. But I'm like, it's whatever I like.


I don't know. So I just I guess I can brush it off and not take it to heart. But you have to be like that because if you can't kind of let something go, I mean, again, you've got to save all your energy for your performance. And if these things are consuming you and taking away from you what you need to do, you're not going to survive in this sport. So, yeah, I think the one of the best piece of advice I got when I started was like, just don't read anything, you know, don't read or read the racing websites, don't read anything.


Comments, interviews. That's just.


Yeah, I want people to consider it in their real life, though. Let's say that you're in an ad agency and you go pitch the client and you are terrible. You fuck it up and then immediately after that, your worst day or you walk straight on in the channel to an evening news and they sit there and go like, wow, how did you screw up that bad? That's so terrible. Like your worst moment personally now is put in front of this viewing audience.


Over 100 million people who now get to relish in your failure. I mean, I guess people would say like, yeah, but you have the best job in the world. So tough shit. I guess that's one way to say it. But yeah, just the notion of having to be ridiculed about already a terrible, terrible outcome in day seems uniquely cruel with that if it's performance related.


So if you know how to shoot race, then I guess I'm prepared for, you know, those sort of interviews, questions or scrutiny is as I guess as you can call it. But then in the day, like, I am my biggest critic, you know, I think, you know, most sportspeople, athletes, whatever anyone in any form of work, you know, if you truly believe in yourself, then, you know, you're also going to be the hardest on yourself.


So maybe that's why as well, I'm not too bothered if someone, you know, makes a comment about a mistake I just made because I'm like, yeah, I know I know more than you about what I just did. And I'm I'm filthy with myself. Yeah. You just got to, I guess, suck it up. But it's really like I'll be the one who's, I guess, putting my hand up, admitting a mistake, but then obviously trying to figure out how to obviously not do it again.


I think the hard thing is with the media is that I guess you could probably say it a bit on on trying to survive. But, you know, so when you finish a race, you know, as I said, we literally come out of the car with sweating. We're exhausted. We jump straight onto a scale. We get wage because after. Control, quite obviously, to make sure that we're not underweight and getting an advantage, so jump out the car straight to the sky and take the helmet off, have a quick drink, and then we're literally straight into the media.


So from like the checkered flag to our first interview, it's probably less than five minutes like.


So talk about shifting gears mentally.


Yeah, it's fun, but I guess these are the things which not everyone sees. And I guess that's cool with the series. I just say you don't even really need to like racing, but it's just like it just kind of, I think brings in an audience at least to make them understand a little bit more about the sport and probably appreciate, I guess, everything that's involved and not just even with the drivers, but with mechanics, with engineers.


Like the whole circus is just it's wild.


I get conditioning. It sounds probably like high reps and lower weights and all that stuff. But what's the diet? Do you have like a dietitian?


So I just had a fried chicken burger before, which is pretty good. But so there's a dietitian.


So it's really done by by my trainer as well, Michael. So he'll he'll kind of set up my training programs and then help out with diet. But I also I had like quite a bit of education on that when I first moved to Europe to Canonical really take this seriously. Yeah, I wasn't in Monaco, so I had to work for that.


When you moved into the Gucci store in Monaco.


I basically looked like quite a bit of an early on. And yeah, I mean, as I said, the biggest thing is for us to just make sure that we stay stay on white. But yeah, I mean, fortunately, I like my veggies and greens and all that sort of stuff, so I'm not too bad. I don't have to watch it too much. I think I've got a sweet tooth, but I'm pretty disciplined. You know, if I've got like a target, then yeah, I'm pretty good.


Well, I know you're a NASCAR fan. In fact, you're number three. And it's an homage to Dale Earnhardt, probably our most famous other than Richard Petty.


Oh, he's got a three on you. Oh, that's great.


That's great. So Dale Earnhardt is second only to Richard Petty. You know, I know his name and he's the Intimidator. He was epic now in that era of NASCAR. Right. You had Dick Trickle smoked cigarettes while he race. He had like a little fucking thing built in for an ashtray. Some guys were like forty eight pounds overweight, seventy pounds overweight, many of them still drunk from the night before. Like the difference between what you guys do and what they were doing in the 70s and 80s.


It's just it's comical. I love it.


It's crazy. Do you follow Supercross as well? Motocross. Yes. Just recently. Yeah. Yeah. I guess everyone associates is all like, you know, dirt bikes is like, yeah. You know, you kids with the tattoos and whatever. And then it changes and evolves and then you know, and now some riders and start getting train is full time coaches. And then all of a sudden now that sport is, you know, some of the fittest athletes in the world, a motocross riders.


Yeah. So it's funny, you know, all you really need is one guy. And I think it was I want to say it was Ricky Carmichael who was the guy that really set that trend. But, yeah, sometimes you just say one guy to kind of change the mindset of something and then everyone's everyone's forced to follow because you're going to get left behind. So, yeah. Yeah, I think I would I want to say NASCAR, I would say the drivers are, you know, more fit and probably lane than maybe they used to be.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


They've followed the curve of everyone else. OK, can you get drunk. Do you get drunk. Sometimes.


OK, you can like we get drug tested and it's random as well. But actually no we get alcohol tested as well now but that's obviously before race. But after a race obviously like if we win, of course we're allowed to go and have a few drinks. There's no issue.


So for you, when you're heading up to a race weekend you've landed in, I'm even going to make a place up because there's no race there. But you've landed in Obediah for the big race and you got there on Tuesday. When do you have to stop drinking? Not for any of the regulations, but just for you to feel like you're going to be prime on race day?


Well, you've got to open the cattle of sale Thursday night. All right.


Don't get me wrong. Like, I'm not a big drinker and it's not like I'm but like, have I had, like, a beer or a glass of wine before race? Like a Saturday night? Of course I have. OK, it's not something I would do by habit. It's normally if the weekend probably hasn't gone too well and I just need to, like, just switch off for a little bit. But typically, obviously, if everything's going to plan, which it has this year, I guess you're probably right.


Yeah, probably a Wednesday. But again, that's not like going out to a club Wednesday night. It's like maybe having a a little a little cognac or something. But I'm pretty disappointed. Like, I enjoy having a good time. But I guess race week, I'm pretty chill.


Well, you're Australian. You know, I went twice to Afghanistan to do USO tours like entertain the troops. As soon as I got there, every American GI was like, you got to get invited to an Australian barbecue because all the Canadian and American troops don't drink in Afghanistan to honour. The country they're in and the Austrians are like, fuck that, and they get two beers and then they they figure out how to compile other guys tickets so you can get proper drunk on the Australian base.


So I'm just saying, you come by it honestly, it'd be disrespectful to your homeland if you didn't drink sometimes on Saturday.


Yeah. So I'm very in favor of it. OK, how about sex?


You know, some athletes here in the States like quarterbacks and stuff, they won't fuck the weekend. Do you have any sex rules like when you.


I used to, but not anymore. So I kind of nodded. I went against obviously my rules once, and I was I was probably even better on Sunday, so it's all good. I threw that one out a few years ago.


Do you get as superstitious is like our baseball players in our eat out. You don't like wear special holey underwear that you podium down or anything?


No, I'm pretty and I superstitions because I'm like I feel it's a sign of fear in a way, but it's not a sign of fear. But it's I feel you're putting doubt in your own head already. And it's kind of like an excuse for something to go wrong. You know, it's like it's easy to feel that you have a lack of accountability if you've got a superstition because, you know, I have a bad race. And then I'm like, oh, but it's because I didn't put my left sock on first.


So, like, you know, I might brush off the reality of why I had a bad race, you know, because I didn't put myself on the right way. So, yeah, I don't like it. I don't like it. And if you obviously like, OK, if that was my tradition, if that was wasn't superstition and and I forgot to do it and I'm jumping in a car that's going to under mile an hour, you know.


Is that good for my headspace. Yeah. You can't have anything like this creeping in in my obviously that's how I feel about it. That's great.


And that's I like that. Now if you had to assign a percentage to it, what percentage currently is the car and what percentage is the driver?


That's it's a good question. We do get off that time, the time they normally make a comparison like Moto GP and F1, you know, is that seventy rider, thirty Billiken, 70 to thirty drive.


And by the way, I must change. So the percentage for Williams, you know it's got to be really low the car. So I guess it does change. Yeah. In your best estimation.


Yeah I'd say it's probably 70, 30, 70 car cassone driver. But the best way to kind of say it is like. So I mean I'll use Lewis as the example because he's won the last few championships and he's most likely going to win this year's one. So he's obviously a very good contestant for being the best driver on the grid with these results and records.


Well, let's be honest. He's in contention to be considered the best driver of all time. Right? He just tied Michael Schumacher has the most wins in the history of Formula One. Exactly.


So he's as good as his credentials are. He is not going to win this weekend if he's driving, as you say, a little something else. Yeah. So the cars do have a big enough difference to have that effect. You know, that's fast. So, yeah, it's probably 70, 30. It's just so hard. It's a hard one to answer.


Another thing I want to explain to people, because this is so unique to this sport, which is, well, they have some practice sessions on Friday, but then Saturday they go out and they have a few different qualifying rounds and they're not long. How long is qualifying?


So it's an hour in total and it's split between three sessions. And it's kind of like a knockout. So the first I think it's eight minutes, five drivers get eliminated to the bottom five. Yeah, the next whatever. Fifteen minutes, another five. And then the last thing it's twelve minutes is top ten.


So you have twelve minutes to go out there. And in general, Formula One lap times are just under two minutes between a minute. Forty in two minutes. Right. So you have twelve minutes to go run the fastest lap you possibly can and they'll run a lap that's faster than often ever gets reached in the race. Right. So it's, they're all now going for broke the fastest. So push the car. And then based on that result, that's how they'll start the race in Formula One more than any other racing.


There's so little passing, especially in Monaco. Like if you get pole position, your odds of winning that race have gone up so dramatically and moving up from fifth is just not going to happen or seventh or whatever, unless there's some crazy shit in the pits. But the amount of pressure to qualify is so steep and the stakes are so high. And then I'll add what is the difference generally in a lap time between pole position and eighth place? It's never more than a second, right?


I want to say call it a second. Yeah, call it a second. And probably across the whole field it's. Yeah. Two seconds.


So like go 156 pole position and 158 year fuck in the caboose.


But then OK. So with that and with the fact that seventy percent is the car, is it just like well there's nothing I can like. I would feel so defeated from the get go. Like what's the. So that's like you've always got your own, let's say, battle, and so your best reference is your teammate. So there's you know, there's 10 teams, but only two cars of the same. You know, only one team can provide the same equipment.


So your teammate is your biggest reference. So even if you're coming, qualifying tense, but if your teammates qualifying 18th, then you look like a superstar, like you look like a hero because everyone's like you're doing something special with that car. So, yeah, there's almost a control group. Yeah, exactly.


And that's giving you then a better chance to probably get a better contract with a team to give you a fast. So I know what you mean.


Like it is kind of weird and everyone wants to win, but sometimes you've got your own little internal battle which can kind of move you up a little, which again then creates this unavoidable crazy dynamic that all teammates are basically the biggest rivals.


Yeah. Field because, yeah, he's not really competing against Lewis Hamilton. There's no way he's going to outpoll position him. He doesn't have the car to. So really his teammate, the guy you're traveling with and spend the most amount of time with is the one you're probably aiming to destroy the hardest.


Right. Which is so weird.


So you had really good friendships that kind of got put to the test or ended from that dynamic.


Yeah, it's happened more like Preus, one that was like driving's, you know, because then as well you're like 17, 18. And so like, even if I was in Europe, you know, like you'd have a sleepover with, like a teammate, you know, if you're racing in like his city because a lot of them are from Europe. So if you're racing in Paris, it's like, well, you know, you can come and crash at my house and that.


But then, you know, the season goes on and, you know, you're fighting for a championship and there's no more sleepovers. Slumber parties, as I know of a good hospital.


I'll tell you, this hospital down the road, it's not too far from the track.


You're like, yeah, it's such a weird one because it's like it's teammate. But I mean, I think there's team respect in a teammate. But a lot of the time mate turns into not hype, but it's it's a serious rivalry and you can make or break a career. You know, it's like if my teammate this year beat me, you know, 20 races to zero, then my career is probably done. There's a lot on the line.


And a teammate can make you look really good or really silly. So there's always that tension just to compound that natural drama.


There's often, I think, the best example of it correct me if I'm wrong, but when you and Max were racing for Red Bull, that's probably the best pairing of two drivers ever on the same team where they're both crazy good and they're in the same car. And what happens and happened was they fucked each other. They crashed into each other.


So they fucked the whole team and now the whole team's mad at them.


And then you could be a whole team is just them, right?


Well, Red Bull, the people paying five hundred million dollars in watches both their cars spin out of control. Right. Because these knuckleheads are competing against solely each other.


Right. Why do you stay there?


I wish you would have stayed there so bad. Because that was so juicy. Because, again, I just want to point out one other dynamic for Monica is that in a case like Mercedes, you have Lewis Hamilton and BOTUS. So Lewis Hamilton is going to win and everyone's incentivized for him to win. And there could be races where BOTUS could be asked to drive a certain way to get him up. And sometimes they'll go just race flat out. You hear everything on the radio, by the way, which is so fun.


And guys are frustrated, they're pissed and their cars failing and they're yelling at the pit and the pits, trying to calm them down and say, don't swear on the radio. You know, it's just all happening. And then they're telling him, by the way, we're going to pit this guy first, which is an advantage which is going to fuck you over because they're better off getting this guy that might eventually finish the whole season six. So that's happening to right thing.


Yeah, there's a lot going on. And I guess going back to Monico, I saw your reaction when you said, oh, there's only two in the team, but so say Red Bull. I mean, I'll use the example. So when it was me and Max, so, yeah, we had a crash in one race, but working for this team and these two cars, you're talking like eight hundred people. It might even be more it might even be close to a thousand.


So there's like say between six hundred and a thousand people working per team. So it's like it's crazy. It's not like you've just got. Yeah. The guy that puts the fuel in, the guy that changes the tires, it's like a freaking army of people per team. So it's crazy. There's a lot of responsibility, I guess, and it's hard to kind of rationalize that as well in the heat of the moment when you're racing. And it's like obviously with those numbers, it's a team sport, but it's such an individual sport.


And obviously behind the wheel, you're in it for yourself. And it's yeah, it's hard to weigh everything off and be composed, I guess. Disciplined when you're obviously seeing red and in some way, does voters have the worst job in Formula One? Because how do I say this? He's doing awesome, right?


He'll probably finish second in the points or 3rd or something, but he'll also be accused of just having a car. That's perfect. And of course, it would be a failure if he wasn't in second or third, and yet he's never going to be expected to win. It's just a very it's it's own weird prison. It's almost like this curse of a silver medal they talk about. I mean, I almost feel bad for him.


I don't know, because, like, I can say what you mean and it's somewhat true.


But it's also and look, I'll use both because you have but I'm not like I don't want to, let's say directly have a dig at him. But, you know, he also has, I think the way the season has turned a lot of the time with Tim and Lewis is, you know, at some point in the season, a team does have to probably start favoring the lead driver to secure the championship or, you know, to protect what he has in the lead.


But at the start of the season, normally it's all a playful. So there's no these kind of, let's say favors don't come until later. So.


Oh, OK. So it's a meritocracy at the beginning of the season for sure.


Yeah. So it's like, I guess the opportunity for him to put himself in that position is there. And obviously the last few years Lewiston's has got the better of it. But again, if he doesn't win with that car, of course, it's like if he finishes second, it's a failure. And I know in his head he's like, well, my teammate won, so I haven't I haven't succeeded. And so you've got the best equipment. But yeah, if you don't make the most of it, then it does look like a failure.


So it's yeah, it's a tough one. But obviously we all want to try and put ourselves in that position and see if we can do it.


OK, I have a couple more questions. You're not late for a cognac, are you? I mean, you can also drink a cognac while we do this. Yeah. Don't feel free. Don't get it.


I'm old, so I've got a lemongrass and ginger tea. OK, how on earth do you rebound mentally from a shitty qualifying or let's say you practiced on Friday, you pointed out, which is great on these tracks where you can find limits just to go through kind of the mechanics of it. Monaca talking to you.


Thank you. They're approaching a turn and they have breaking point. So they might break, let's say, one hundred feet out on day one practice. And then they go, I'm going to break it 90 feet out. I'm going to break it 80 feet out. I'm going break it 70 feet out. And they have markers next to them. And so eventually they'll break at thirty feet and fly off the track and they'll go, OK, I got to break at 35 feet.


Now, as you said, that really can't be done in Monaco or street races, which is fascinating. You can't succeed in them. Pull back. But so you go out, you practice and you learn some stuff and then you go qualify. Now, if you qualify, Chitti, you've really got to reset your brain for Sunday and you must be in a spiral and it must be totally defeating. And so how do you bounce back? Do you have an actual strategy?


Does it differ or how do you clean your head and start over on Sunday? Because I think all of us would love to know how to shake off a shitty day.


It's a good question. I think really, if I haven't performed well again, it kind of just goes back to, like, addressing it and trying to, you know, so probably dive into the data. So my homework that evening, Saturday evening, and until I've understood, you know, where it went wrong, where I went wrong with myself and the engineer went wrong, you know, setting the car up. So it's, you know, obviously try to find some closure in that.


And so I think that that's the biggest thing is I think for everyone, like, you have to identify the problem. Yeah, exactly. And, you know, it's with anything like you can't just walk away and expect that, you know, the sun is going to rise tomorrow. And, yeah, it's going to be better. It might be. But over the course of a year, you know, it's not going to happen week in, week out.


You know, you have to at some point address that and figure out, you know, what you can do better. So and then once I'm kind of at ease with where we've gone wrong, then, yeah, I'll just go like once I get back to the hotel, then I'll switch off and I'll put a movie on or just try to like reset and then get my mind fresh for tomorrow. And I think with that, it's probably now this is more like in racing.


It's hard. You know, I don't know if it's not really applied to an office situation or anything, but conditions change all the time. So maybe I did crap on Saturday, but Sunday maybe the track is five degrees warmer and maybe my setup is just going to work. But I feel like you can always convince yourself that the next day is going to be better or it's going to be different because these cars are so sensitive that the likelihood of it changing is fairly likely.


That is relevant. What you're really doing, I think, is you're anchoring hope into something, you're anchoring some optimism into something. So you might decide that that's the five degree temperature change or that it rained in the morning, the tracks cleaner or whatever these things are. You could maybe lock in to just hope so that you have some optimism when you get behind the wheel. Yeah, you've done this before. That was good. I was really good.


Well, I got to say, I raced one season a super fail. There is nothing like being strapped into that car with the horns on.


You can't move your head. It's hot. Is fucking Hades. I didn't have a cooling suit. It's loud as hell. It's so chaotic and it's so antithetical to concentrating on where you're braking, where you're turning in all of this stuff. You know, it's a pretty overwhelming for me, at least calm before the storm. That's the worst part to me. Once the car starts moving, then I don't care. But all that lead up is just brutal.


I think. So I raced off road, too. Same thing. Like the lead up is insufferable. And then once you're going, you're like, Oh, now I know what I need to do here. But if you come to get peaceful with that, or is it always just like, oh, let's just start.


Yeah, I couldn't agree more with that feeling in terms of once you get going it's like, oh OK. Yeah, this is this is familiar, this is easy. But the build up because even us I mean not this year with Cozad, but normally we're getting like interviewed on the grid just before the race like this so much I guess chaos and really much time for us to actually get to ourselves before the race, you know, so it's kind of chaos.


Do you meditate? I don't meditate per say, but I put music on and I go through like a routine of like kind of like dynamic stretching. And I do my own form. But it's not specific meditation, I guess, but it's like it does get me in the zone.


I'm going to make a recommendation place.


I worship Howard Stern and Howard Stern really loves transcendental meditation, so I decided to get trained in it. It takes an afternoon if that and you get given a mantra. And now when I'm in those situations, like I the UTV World Championship last year and on the grid, I just do my mantra and I got to say, it's so good for me. I've just like I can block everything out. I get aware of my breathing. It really helps me get back into that calm thing.


Just a mantra.


OK, all right. I'm going to I'm going to get involved because I think that's another thing with like with anything I think in life, like, you have to be maybe what I've been doing has worked for me the last five years, but, you know, maybe it's time to change it up, you know, and you have to be open to, like, learning, evolving and trying something new. And I think with the sport as well, that's constantly moving forward, you know, with technology in that it's like maybe my driving style isn't going to work next year.


So I need to adapt and maybe I don't I don't want to hear it, but maybe my teammate is going to do something better. So I need to learn from him. But yeah, OK, that's cool.


Yeah, I give it a shot. If you start winning next year, you're moving to Clarin, right? McLaren Yeah. Yeah. So if you start like podium every race in McLaren because you've got a mantra, I'm going to just really feel excited.


It's all right. I'll shout you out on the podium. Oh, I really like what did he just say? Who's that?


Stay tuned for more armchair expert if you dare hear.


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I've decided, OK, great, this came up with Travis, too. Is it hard for you to have personal relationships when I mean, I think it's probably hard for any athlete to have personal relationships when you're so dedicated to something. And it's a big, big, time consuming endeavor. But also you are at a dangerous, time consuming endeavor. And do you think that puts pressure on personal relationships or stops people from getting close to you because they're afraid?


And part to that question, she's up for the challenge. OK, go ahead.


I'm not including myself in that country, so it certainly is difficult, I think, when you're so driven towards something. And it's like because me, for example, like, yes, I've made it to F1, like that was a childhood dream and even I still pinch myself. But, you know, you get there and it's like making it's not enough. You know, I need to win. I need to be world champion. So I've won races now, but I'm yet to become a world champion.


So I'm still not satisfied, you know, and I've been doing this just F1 itself ten years. So, like, I'm constantly looking for more from it. And, yes, putting myself first and I guess being selfish. So it is difficult and you do have to shut things out along the way. And that's obviously people and at times relationships. So, you know, it's finding that balance. I know some drivers know married with kids and even that I'm like, how do you do this with a family?


I'm like, you know, as you say, the the kind of danger with a sport to one side and then just dedicating everything you can to the sport, but also like dedicating time to your family. I'm not there yet. I don't know how I could manage that. So I'm still, I guess, in the kind of moment of just trying to really get the most out of me. And I think what I'm doing is working. So I'm like, I'm just going to keep going down that path.


And then I'll wait a while for kids, I think.


Yeah, I just imagine him being in a hotel on race morning and like, I get my breakfast and Chris is like, why don't you order me a match? I you know, I like magic and it's an insane fight over a match and then leaving. Yeah, that would be hard. Like I'd need like such boundaries if I were you. Like, I'm sorry, but Friday either you're nice to me or you guys get that because like again, that sucks for that.


I know.


So then they just have to be like it was like you can't do your job if you're in a fight or if you're not focused. Yeah.


And that's the thing like you want to obviously if you're in a relationship you want to have. Yeah. I mean you want to be able to do it properly and care and love and be there for that person.


So if you don't feel like you're capable of that or in that place, then yeah, it's best to probably just be a bit of a mutant for a while and just be honest with people up front like I'm a shitty boyfriend Thursday to Sunday every other weekend, otherwise I'm pretty cool, otherwise I'm pretty cool.


But yeah, but I'm also like as dedicated and I guess it's serious as an intense the sport is I still consider myself pretty like pretty chill and easy going. But yeah I wanted to go back. Sorry. One thing on the grid, I just wanted to touch on something. So we're going through like you, I'll put my music on and whatever. And once, once the race gets going. Yeah. Like everything kind of balances out so like the build up is and it's probably for a lot of sports, like one hundred made a sprint.


It's like when you're on the starting line like that. So I'm sure that the most hard, stressful moment for the athletes. So I've kind of gone through a few things over the years and actually one of my trainers a few years ago, it was like, enjoy this moment, like being on the grid, you know, seeing the crowd right there, like hearing the anthem, like seeing this chaos, try and find some enjoyment in it, because it's also a privilege like you're about to compete and do something on a world stage, enjoy this moment, don't wish it passes and don't wish that you're too to over the race already.


Like, try and take it in and use it as fuel, you know, and let it excite you. That was one thing which is really cool. And then I think for our race, you know, the start is so important and you know, twenty cars going into the first corner, it's so intense and it can make or break your race, you know, if you gain position to lose, maybe that's where you finish. So I also just got to a point where I'm like, you know, from here to the first five corners, it's probably forty five seconds.


I'm like, just be in the moment and present and be ruthless for forty five seconds. That's your race. Yeah. And that's it. Wow. And then you can get into your, your rhythm. But I'm like as long as you switched on for that you're good. Yeah.


Yeah. You got to be an assassin for 45 seconds. Yeah.


Which is like which is nothing when you think about it. So if you think like I've got nineteen minutes now of battle and this and that and the strategy, it's like not just breaking my arms about that first moment. I like that a lot. Yeah. That's smart. Yeah.


I think it's with a lot of things in life like people do look too far down the road and it's like just go through it step by step, like little things will get you a big. They would like even when people set goals, it's like, oh, and that's I'm not going to get that for another 10 years. It's like, well, if you don't start today, it's going to take even longer. So just step by step.


Yeah, OK, one thing I just want to point out, it is uniquely cruel and uniquely human that you want to get to Formula One. You're one of 20 best drivers in the world. I just want to add for context, 14 people won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019. So you're almost as unique as a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Now you get there and you're like, oh. I dreamed of this, I'm in Formula One that must last 30 seconds because now you're like, I got to get on McLaren, Red Bull or then Ferrari.


So now within this 20 Mercedes was the best.


That's what I meant to say. What is always the McLaren. You're right. I'm sorry.


Thank you. You're really vain. It's also the most confused crowd of myself. You get to this like hallowed ground.


You get admitted to Harvard. You get whatever this insane dream is, you arrive and then immediately you must recognize. Well, now, within this 20, I actually got to get to one of those six seats, Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull back then. It's so cruel.


So now really been, you know, refined to six spots, which is really three, because three of the drivers aren't going to be the good, you know, whatever. It just doesn't. And and isn't that life? And aren't you in the cruelest example of it? Like there's no arriving, there's no pat yourself on the back unless you're Louis Hamilton.


Yeah. This honestly blows my mind. Like, as you say, it's not only 20 of us in the world, like, you know, you think how many soccer players there are in the world. And it's like with top teams and. Yeah, so 20 F1 drivers, more than 20 rock stars, there's more than 20 movie stars.


There's more than 20 everything. Yeah. We're going to have 20 Supreme Court justices when the Democrats win. That's an inside joke. Yeah. They'll probably be for a laugh if I go.


Yeah. You know yourself. Lucky that you don't. It's a good joke. It's a good joke.


But you're right. You're right. And it's like things are never going to be, I guess, like, easy or the path is never going to be that clear or not perfect. So that's why I like I try if I do travel to races like I try and enjoy the journey as well. I know it sounds cliche, but you have to because I also don't know, you know, when it's going to end. Like maybe I'll get a new teammate next year and he's going to kick my ass and then no one's interested in me anymore.


How about I go to McLaren with you to secure that? You will be dominant, but you're so right.


You're kind of expressing something that I would pray that you have it embrace.


Yeah, absolutely. I think now it's probably because I'm I don't want to say I feel like I'm old. I don't want to be that guy, but I'm thirty one. So I've been doing F1 ten years. So it's I think I'm a little wise with age now, so I could just I understand a bit of like perspective and all of that and it's, it's so true. Like yes, I want to be world champion and I'm doing everything I can and I still sit here today believing that that will happen.


But if it all ended today, I think I've still had a pretty awesome time. And it's like, yeah, it's been such a privilege to be able to be one of these twenty and to do it and be wanted as well. Like, you know, teams want want me, they want to sign me. So I'm like, I'm in a good position. So yes, there's still more I'm after.


But like sometimes you just have to, I think, appreciate the position you're in when you select what team you're going to go to, what percentage are you driven by? Financial shittier teams are going to offer you more money. I have to assume they would have to. How much are you weighing your future economic security versus. You know what? I race the Mercedes for free.


I want to win. So to be in the position to win, it's still priority number one. Right. But I guess you get to a point as well where you know, where you value yourself and you know kind of what you're worth or what you bring to the table. So, you know, if Mercedes said, yeah, you can have the winning car, but we're not going to pay you part of me, like, well, this is what I want because, yes, I'm going to have a chance to win and whatever.


But they're not paying me so. Well, I know I'm worth more than that.


I know it happened. You'd say yes. And he'd grow more and more resentful every race you won.


I would take the win over the money. Yeah, to answer it, like point blank for sure.


So in that theme to me, you know more than me. Tell me if I'm wrong. It appears from the outside, at least this season, that the second best chance a driver could have would be to be on whatever the Force India team became. What are they called now?


B.W. Racing Point. Racing point. Yeah, they have last year's Mercedes, right? Yeah. One your best bet be to drive for that team. Why don't you go there.


So it's too dangerous the question.


No, no, no, no, no, no. I just love it. I was like, you belong to the sport. You've got you've got that. All right. So the eighties at the moment is still the top and it's going to be tough for them to get beat in the next year. We're also changing in twenty twenty two. OK, so basically Mercedes, the doors shot, they keeping Lewis and Baltar's. So it's OK. What's next.


So when, when we did all these contracts, which was before the season started. Sorry this sounds confusing, but last year McLaren made the biggest step like they went. Yeah. Nowhere to being, you know, like getting a podium and doing quite well, so you've kind of got to look at and you want to look at tomorrow, but sometimes you have to look at next week, so to speak, and they're building something really quite impressive, I think.


So McLaren, for me, has like the most promise of moving forward. And I was I would like to talk to them in the past. And there's like there's always been quite a good, I would say. Level of like understanding and respect between myself and the team and them and me and all of us just like this, this feels like the right time to go there. So you kind of go to, like, look forward. I think you're right there, like racing point.


I think they're also building something pretty, pretty impressive. They're going to be called Aston Martin next year. I think it is. But yeah, McLaren was speaking to me, speaking my language. OK, this is my last question.


This is the esoteric one. So I have one more. Oh, good, good, good. Because it's a logistical one. So since there's only 20, does it ever happen where someone's a mate? Like should definitely be one of those 20, but just the way it works out where these people are in contracts and then they just never get a chance.


Like a really good question. I'm impressed. Thank you. I'm really listening hard at seven thirty in the morning if you move to Monaco and Monica lived in Mali with Riccardo's to Q I think it's like this is like rom com.


And look at this.


Will this change your recording schedule to Thursday through Sunday? So you'll want to. Well, no, you'll want him to fuck off to get the fuck out of you and go to the racetrack. I got to concentrate on that.


Like, you're a really good question was do people ever get this shot? Yeah, I'm sure. Like, because with such a small number of drivers making it in F1 like there is, I'm sure that you would always hear it growing up as well. You know, like the the Sumar, because that never work and the sentence that obviously would refer to some legends. So, you know, whether it's I mean, whether it's literally there's no place on the great contracts before.


I think, though, that will always be an opening. You know, maybe just the driver has to wait an extra year or something. But, yeah, like I'm sure there's been a lot of talent coming up through junior categories, but maybe, like, didn't have the right sponsors financial backing to kind of push them to that next step or be recognized. But yeah. So I'm sure there is cases where there is all the talent to drive us outside of Formula One.


Absolutely. But yeah, I'm saying that I feel like at some point you will get recognized, you will get your opportunity. So it's not 100 percent proof.


Will, all the stuff that's happening in Formula One's opinion in Formula two and Formula three and Formula four. Right. So there's drivers that are sometimes great, but they're not on the right team. So everything's happening at all stratas that's happening here as well. Yeah, OK, so it sounds to me correct me if I'm wrong, you too. But we're probably going to go to Austin next year.


Oh, hang out. Right.


Yeah, that sound right. We'll get some barbecue and shit. Honestly, Austin is like I should I should be like part of the Austin community ought to know what it's called. I should have a seat at the table.


I'm so in love with all my favorite city in the country. Yeah. I'm looking for an excuse to move there every hour of every day.


It's the best. It's awesome. But the race is cool and the event is awesome. So, yes, if everything is back to normal in twenty one, please come out. Yes.


OK, my last question is really just for me. So how mechanically savvy do you have to be in order to help you get the car where it needs to be? There's a two part question.


Or is it that the telemetry and the GPS and all the things, all the gizmos now, are they actually better at telling you like who's telling who now? Who's leading?


Like, how how do you get the car set up? How does that work and how much do you have to understand mechanically? Do you have to kind of be an engineer to help dial your car in?


I'm glad you asked this question, because so I have gifts, but not all of them. So basically, my friends, like my friends back home, would know more about it than me, like if we broke down on the side of the road, like they're going to fix it. I'm just going to sit there and be like, yeah, cool.


I'll just put on my playlist. That'll be my contraption.


Exactly. So, like, I couldn't sit here and explain to you how a Formula One car works, you know, how the engine runs the cylinders and spark plugs, all that sort of stuff. Like, that's not me. And I do get teased for it by my friends and that. But I don't actually need that because, yes, there is a specialist in the team who make sure it's running. So I don't need to know how the engine works.


But I what drive is I think the one skill is what we really need to be good at is feedback. So dissecting what we feel in words and sharing that with the team. So they've got the data, the telemetry. But at the end of the day, like where the biggest piece of data. So I think I'm very good. I'm very sensitive. I have very good feeling. And that's where let's say I have my asset of the car.


It's you know, when I go through this corner, I think the suspension at the rear needs adjusting because I'm feeling like it kind of wobble a bit. It's not really coming from the front. I'm not a bull you, but story short, you're not going to bore me like I was, I'm kind of curious, like, will you go like, oh, turn seven?


I'm a little bit of understeer for some reason. Like, I have oversteer a nine and I have understeer and seven. Is that the kind of feedback you'll give? Yes.


So that's like that's kind of the basic of all the base of it. So yeah. OK, so yeah. Ten, seven. I'm struggling with the front I have on this deal, you know, maybe like I'll just use a basic driveable say that basic understanding will just give basic comments oversteer on the steel. Yeah but then it's ok. But I think I'm getting understeer because I went to Stiff's at the front, the front spring and the break bias is a little out like again.


Oh boy. You bet. There's so many things that we could break it down to and then so we could find the understeer through the setup basically that we were missing. So yeah, because like an understeer it could come from. Yes. Suspension settings. It could come from aerodynamics. From where.


Yeah. There's some downforce on the front or. Exactly. So like I think that's where I feel I'm good. Is really understanding where the car is lacking. What part of the car is weak.


Yeah. And what about braking. Do you ever have like braking feedback. Like can they do anything about braking.


Yeah, absolutely. So we have like obviously the braking system, you know, we can move the bias so we can put more percentage on the front axle than the rear, but also we can adjust the shape. So like when we hit the brake, you have maybe 60 percent at the front and 40 at the rail, but then as you like, decrease the pressure, then that shifts and then you get like fifty fifty or something. So like the shape can help, like adjust the balance through the corner.


So there's like there's so much but also like if you can you do left-to-right as well.


So most courses are generally way more right. Turns than left.


Correct. Most of them are because you're going clockwise general, clockwise. Clockwise, so you're making way more right turns then left.


So it seems like it'd be advantageous if you're making right turns to have maybe more braking on the left front. Going to go there as well.


I see what you're saying. And I know I think an oval racing they do that. I know like sprint cars than that. But no, because basically because the system is so efficient and because we hit it with so much force, if one side is working more than the other, it's going to pull. Yeah, it's going to pull the car. Yeah.


That was a dumb question. I'm I'm embarrassed. Yes.


But yeah, it's like you have to you just you need to have a good understanding of feeling. And also if the team make a change, you know, if it's like, OK, well we've gone two steps in the spring and then you go do three laps, you need to come back and tell the team what that did, what you felt. If it was better, OK, it might be better in the faster corners, but actually the slow corners, it lost me some traction.


The car's bouncing a bit too much. So this sort of stuff, I think is where I make up for not telling you how race cars built or put together.


Are you Tom Cruise? And Days of Thunder basically already says that Robert Duvall is like, I don't know what that shit means. I don't know when you tell me, is it loose here? I don't know what it means.


I just want to go fast through the smoke. That's it.


Well, Danny, I am counting down the minutes till I want you race this Sunday and again next year. After the time when you're on the podium, I'll expect a shout out. Yeah, we're going to come see you in Austin. And that's that. And we're flattered. You wanted to talk to us, say yes.


Thanks, guys. That was really good to chat. Thank you for having me. I think your podcast is awesome. That's really cool.


Yeah. Thank you. We're gonna see you. We're going to see you in Austin. It's really going to happen. All right. Awesome.


How tall are you? Like 180? What, 180?


What does that mean? We don't know what that means. We have no oh oh like five eleven five five eleven. We don't like feet tall.


Talk was five eleven. That's great. That's great. That's great. I just want to know where I'm going to like go I'm going to look looking up or down. OK, so we're good. We're good.


All right man. Good luck guys, this weekend. All right. I guess. And now my favorite part of the show, the fact check with my soul mate, Monica Batmen. I was a little nervous, like, can you walk? What if I just walked in? There's a big enough for Brad Smith.


I know I did have to give him your birthday, though, and I was grateful to know that I know your birthday. I almost texted it to you, but I was like, he knows it.


Yeah, I do. 824 eighty just crossed my mind that it's I mean, it has to be that way because people are at home light up, but also it seems crazy. Can just walk in there and kind of say a name they don't know. I mean, of course they know when I say Kristin, I was picking up her medicine too. Yeah, that's obvious. I'm her husband. Right. And then I go and Monica Padman and then they just go search on the wall.


I know. But also like I could probably go into Rite Aid and be like Brad Pitt and I could look up his birthday easily.


That's very known.


Everyone knows it. I know my heart's tattooed on my ankle. November 7th. Is it let's see. All right, the simulations, but you don't think you know, right, you're just gatsas a guess. Yeah, but do you think, you know, that's I guess, December 18.


Where is he? A Capricorn like me.


Doesn't say he is 56. Oh, my God.


Wait. Currently he's going to turn 57. Yeah. Damn God he's hot fucking I look at his face.


Okay. Oh it's overwhelming. And I look like him too.


It's weird. Like I'm on a truck like. Like I think I'm on a track.


I've already told you this, but this is weird. Like him too.


There's been like there was an episode of Punk where I was wearing a wig and glasses and I was like, I look like Brad Pitt. I mean, an ugly version of him. And then also sometimes when I wear like a cabbie cap, cap, you know, kind of have my newsis cap. Yeah. I'm like kind of like like Brad Pitt. Again, not a good looking version of them, but just I look like them.


But I don't if this is a tricky this is like you kind of you're in a hole.


Yeah. And I certainly don't want to sound like I'm fishing for you to say I look like Brad Pitt.


Well, but I think you do look like. Oh my God. But an ugly version, right? Oh, wait. I think this came up when remember, Lauren thought I was Brad Pitt.


Who's Lauren? Lauren Graham. She thought you were Brad.


Oh, right. As she drove in and then she, like, waved and then she got nervous and I was like, why isn't she rolling her window down? And then, like, walked up to her window and then she rolled down. She and then she just started dying laughing. And she goes, oh, my God, I thought you were Brad Pitt. And I was like, oh, my God, what a wonderful thing to say.


Yeah. That's like, I guess if someone mistook me for. OK, there's no one. All right, look at me. No, don't Croshere, don't make don't do your character from the metal Mike, don't do metal, Mike. Just look at me. Oh, wow, what a cute face you have. OK, OK, besides miniature models. Oh, yeah, I guess miniature mouse if I'm walking down the street and it's not a mouse.


Oh, that's so crazy. I thought you were Mickey Mouse.


OK, hold on again, though. Look. Look at me. Oh, my God. You look so innocent when you just stare blankly there. Are you really uncomfortable just being there?


I don't. So you just met me. Who are you? Oh, Brad Pitt. We know what's interesting about your face. I'm sure it's the same with my face. It looks so different. Smiling from straight from neutral. Really? Yes. When it's neutral, I'm like, I'm picking up because, you know, I'm good at this.


I even I even discovered that the girl from Stranger Things looks just like her was a hard get. Tom Well.


And Tom Wilkinson. Yeah. And in that LeBron James and Ashton, could you look the same. So I'm actually quite good at this.


But what right about the time I'm dialing into your neutral face, then you start laughing and then you and then that's a whole different look and let me try to get neutral.


Yeah, OK. Oh, my God. What do you keep saying? Oh, my God. Because you look like a puppy staring at me like a.


Well, just because you're like a cartoon puppy with big eyes because you've got this guy. Yeah.


Do you think I look like Brad Pitt? Thinking more look more like Jonathan Demme than Brad Pitt, really? Yeah. Oh, I don't. OK, so who do I look like then? If you're going to do your homework and stuff, OK, stranger things, I can get it.


What this is part of the thing I'm always complimenting you on is that you look very original, which is I think is the coolest thing someone can look. OK, look at me again and look away. Now look at me again.


I just want to say that it didn't help my analysis. I don't think you look like anyone.


It was just kind of go, hmm. This is a weird thing. So, you know, my you know, my theory, my armchair theory about attraction.


Tell me, oh, that you're attracted to yourself, that you are attracted to people who have something facially that's similar to you, OK? You can start seeing it in couples when they've been together a long time. I know there's also a theory that, like couples start to do each other. Yeah, but I don't think that's it. I think it's deeper than that.


I think you actually are attracted to people who share some similarity in you're there would be an evolutionary aspect to this, which is, as I've said on here before, that the only homogeneous group that's not attracted to themselves is redheads like Eurotrash even.


And I don't I don't think it's in friendships, but like you are physically attracted to Brad Pitt, you get a boner for him.


Sometimes I don't get a boner for him, get gooey about it. Oh, I get I get butterflies for sure. Yeah. Yeah, I get major butterflies for him.


But not Boehner's right. But you. I'm open to a boner for him. I just you might get one someday.


It's just butterflies like I'm smitten with him and when he takes his shirt off in movies I literally get like a burst of excitement.


I've squealed in a movie before. I'm not kidding. I've been in Arclight in like but which was like Troy like.


Oh like made I made a guttural involuntary. Yeah. Vocal outburst. Wow. More than once. But I think maybe because you guys kind of look like that's why.


Well everyone's attracted to him.


Well you know what, it's not that I guess. Let's go. I'm going to go go to get a fourth layer.


It's it's almost like if I could envision myself being perfect, it'd be him. Right. So it's like, yeah, I like halfway to him and then I go like, oh, that's what I look like. If my body was six percent body fat. Oh, that's what I'd look like if I had a nice nose and a more pronounced strong jawline. You know, I'm saying it's like it's like the hot version of me. Well, so it's like my fantasy of myself and my fantasy myself.


I'm going to be Denzel Washington. I'm not going to look at him and be like, oh, that's what I could be if I was perfect.


See, that's what that's where my. No, because like you said, you think Ashton and LeBron have some structural there's something similar. And I do think it crosses races and all of these things. So I think the people are attracted to and I don't I'm going to take Brad Pitt off the board. I mean, like sexually attracted. Oh, and like a partnership.


Do you think you Imbrie looked alike at all? No, she looked like Ashton Kutcher, not like I think you're just you're looking at a very surface. Well, she was white, but exactly. But that's what that's surface like. I thought you would get this because you said Ashton and LeBron, you thought you were brilliant.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Structurally, do you think there's anything no.


Gray head like. Oh, so let me just. What's most important is, you know, how I think about my face, whether it is that or not. I think of my face as being extremely heterogeneous. Neither side matches when I smile. It's lopsided, asymmetrical, and my nostrils are different shapes and all this. And that's my source of discontent.


Bri was perfectly homogeneous, symmetrical, symmetrical mirror image, but features features for its symmetry.


OK, get your brain big lips. This is her. Yeah. Yeah. Like I think it's look like her. I look like. I really do think so. Well that's flattering. Yeah. Like you guys have kind of similar noses. Oh.


But hers is really straight and kind of angular. Mine's doughy and bulbous, which is big lips. The guys. Big ass, big titties, OK? OK, relax. I think you guys are similar brother and sister, facially and facially speaking.


Yeah, I think you look like her. Oh, my God, I'm so flattered. I really do. Again, because you like to make my theory simplistic, but it's deep. It's really complicated.


OK, and I people who are attracted to each other, ones, one person, one other person, they seemingly have no connection. But then when you start really dissecting the features, they're actually much more similar. Think, OK, that's my theory. I like it.


Took a long time.


It took a long time for you to articulate that people look the same. No. Oh, my God. I got into a good theory. I think it's real. Oh my gosh.


Do you want to turn it over to the scientific community, too?


I've said it before, but I mean, don't you want some data now on it? I guess what I'm asking you to do is urge social scientists that are in the audience to go out and execute this study.


I would and I would like credit. I bet it already exists. Have you ever Googled this? Now, this has been my theory since I was like seven team you I'm not trying to take credit away from you. It's your theory. You own it. Kind of like the birth control toothbrush. That's my invention. Now, someone else might go ahead and patent it and everything, but that's mine. I was in it for twenty five years, maybe 30.


Right. You've had that's yours. Because my point was girls then in my life were constantly complaining about forgetting to take their pill. Right. But I never met a girl back then that complained that she forgot to brush your teeth.


I mean, that makes sense. No one's ever forgot to brush their teeth. No, not if you're on a date. Well, just you brush your teeth in the morning. Oh, yeah.


Yeah. But sometimes people do forget it.


And I, I dunno, one day those people. Yeah. Those people shouldn't even take birth control because they shouldn't be partners. I don't say that. No. If you don't brush your teeth you don't deserve a partner.


Well if they forget one day. Well, it's probably not forgetting so much as not giving a shit. Yeah, which is. Yeah, and you don't deserve a partner. You got not brushed my teeth one or two days.


Oh, my God. You brush your teeth every day for your whole life.


No, I mean, I woke up in fields and stuff and not been able to, but if I'm able to for some reason better.


Well I'm just saying I've never had the option of brushing my teeth and not brush my teeth. You 8:00 in the morning and it tastes like a cat shit in your mouth and you want to get rid of it immediately. Cause, of course, in anyone that's comfortable with that taste in their mouth shouldn't be making out with other people.


I mean, at night, like, I've definitely had times. Sure. At night. But again, you take your tired you take your pill in the morning, though. No, I did my night. Oh, OK. Well, this toothbrush won't be for you then, ok. Yeah. You know how I would make sure you take your pill every night. Pill, remote control. Every night you use your remote control. I haven't been using it every night.


Oh, my God, it's so difficult. I'm just telling you, this is like the teeth brushing almost every single night. Yes, but have there been a night where I haven't? Do you forget to take your pill? No, never. You know, you don't need my invention.


I have forgotten, I think once. And it was traumatic. I have another invention. These are coming hot and fast. Now, here's one coffee pot pill dispenser. Most people, not most whatever coffee drinkers, there's never a morning. They don't drink coffee. It's not going to happen. What if they're trying to quit? Then they need another device.


OK, but if you have a hard time remembering to take your pill, I'm not trying to address issues, but if you have a hard time taking your pill and you're a coffee drinker, I have a solution for you, OK? Coffee pot, pill dispenser. I like that when you pull the coffee pot out, pill shoots out of it. They, like, hit you, don't you think people can just remember it? Well, their stuff, in my experience, those girls were forgetting to take their pill.


They were strong. They were young. Yeah, they were young, but they drink coffee.


Some of them drink coffee every morning and they all brush their teeth. To my knowledge. Good. I'm glad. I mean, obviously, if you're. Waking up in the morning, you're not brushing your teeth, that's disgusting, but I've definitely fallen asleep and I brush my teeth. I'm not just want to be honest about that. I'm not as critical shape. No, no. I am not critical of people that would not brush their teeth before bed.


Their mouth doesn't taste like a truck driver shit in it at night as they fall asleep. But when you wake up in the morning, your mouth does not taste good and you should rectify the situation. You should with a birth control toothbrush.


You should, yeah. Let some people take theirs at night. Like me. Yeah. Again, I'm not I'm not selling to those customers. I'm very specific. The Buyer segment Piracicaba. The marketplace, what do you got? OK, so this is Daniel. This is Daniel Ricardo. Yeah.


Is it pronounced like that, Ricardo? Well, in Italian it would be it would be pronounced Ricardo. Yeah, there's two CS. There's two CS. But because he grew up in Australia, he pronounces it Ricardo. Oh.


And since we talked he podiums. I'm so happy to hear that.


Me too. He had one race immediately after we talked and I thought he was going to win and then thank us as he said he might. Yeah, but he didn't podium that race, but he did podium last week.


That's so awesome. Yeah, I like him. Oh, he's so cute and charming. Do you think I look like him? Yeah, actually, yeah. A lot.


That makes me think maybe this my Feri Austin rendezvous might be a match. Yeah. DACs wants us to have a rendezvous. Yeah. So sexy with a Formula One driver.


It'd be fun. Oh my God.


Take your take your chassy to the limit, ok. He knows how to handle. OK, I'll make you handle. All right. Oh my God. I'll keep those revs in the black.


Oh my God. Should I leave and come back in ten. How many more you got, a lot I thought of one that's counterproductive to my what is it breaking? That's I got to leave that out. No one should be putting the brakes on in Austin, you know, no. Good. He's a light breaker, though. That's that's part of his gift. He breaks late. So that makes me think he has some longevity in the sack.


OK, stay in there just to the last possible microsecond, although he can say it because as we just talked, you don't forget to take your pill. That's right, yeah, so we mean everyone got tested before him, both covid-19 STDs, yeah, there'll be a full screen. Oh, yeah, OK, OK.


You said Mercedes has been the best of Formula One for eight years or so.


In fact, they just this weekend sealed up the manufacturer's cup for the seventh year in a row, which is now a record in F1. No other manufacturers ever wanted seven years in a row.


OK, well, Mercedes drivers have won nine world champions.


OK, so Lewis Hamilton is one, what, six for them? I don't know. Oh, you need to say these things earlier for me to chat. OK, ok.


But twenty, twenty, twenty, eighteen, twenty, eighteen, twenty, seventeen, twenty sixteen twenty fifteen twenty fourteen nineteen fifty five nineteen fifty four big.


Oh that's a big big gap. Yeah. Big boy. Yep.


So seven years in a row for the driver too. Yeah.


Well I think Lewis has been driving for them every year. They on the up. I watched his lettermen. Oh yeah. Yeah. That was a good one. Right. Yeah. Yeah.


I mean yes I know nothing about this world except now I know everything because Daniel. Yeah. Me. Yes.


And then I watch that show and I thought it was really interesting seeing like this sports so nesh. Well it's so, it's so.


And also there's this trend in sports that when a black athlete breaks through this kind of white ceiling, it's so exciting. Like when Tiger Woods did. Yeah. It made golf so popular. Yeah. And I think Lewis Hamilton's been so amazing for the sport because there just weren't black drivers. Yeah. And then all of a sudden the one that shows up is now the greatest of all time. It's so it's really cool, so cool.


And it was even crazier when they would show him karting and stuff because he's like the only black family out there.


OK, so that's one thing I don't know. The people and I definitely did not understand is like go karts is how people start, but go karts is not. I picture go karts is like a theme there.


Yeah, yeah. No, no, no. It's not going one hundred and twenty miles like I have a shifter cart and mine goes one hundred and twenty five miles an hour.


Kids ones don't go that fast do the kids ones generally are called. I think pushing goes so they don't have gears although they definitely I'm sure he raced to shift your car as he got into his like 11, 12, 13 years old. So originally they just start with one that's got an automatic it's got a clutch. And so but I think even those will go sixty five miles an hour or something. What?


Yeah, but I mean, how are kids dying? They don't seem to die. I OK, that's crazy because adults die in cars all the time. Yeah but racing.


Yeah but look at motocross. You've got nine year old kids riding dirt bikes that definitely go eighty, seventy five eighty in there jumping five feet in the air and they just kids do it. They want to do it.


Yeah I know it is, it is weird that there's a motorized component, but like even Travis, he was racing at seventy eight years old bike.


But Travis is like the best. I mean I'm talking about people who are not the best to crash.


They probably don't continue on with it. Well, but the how are they not dead?


Well, because when they start at like five or six years old, those things probably only go like thirty five or something.


And they have helmets on and the whole nine days break ribs and stuff.


But I thought it was just a really good insight into seeing what the process of that world is.


It is no different and maybe even more than an Olympic athlete is you dedicate your entire life to it.


I can't get over the fact that there's only twenty people. Yeah, well, I'm going to watch the doc, which brings me to my next bag. Ding, ding, ding. It's called Formula One Driver to survive. Yeah, and I really, really encourage people who are not into racing to watch it because I as I said, I hated Formula One. I was like, this is the stupidest sport ever. There's no passing. Whoever gets pole position just wins.


See, there's a lot of like you just win.


Well, but but. This is a fund, but this is what's fun about racing and what it was becoming a chess game like like last weekend Danny got on the podium, but he was running eighth most of the race. He made a decision to not come in while the safety car was out. And there's all these decisions that are made throughout the race that really impact the outcome. So it's it is like this 90 minute long game of chess in one of the components is how good the driver is.


But there's also what tires you choose all this other stuff.


So king of chess queens. Oh, yeah.


You got to wait till I was doing Netflix. Guys watch Queens game, but it is a good show and makes me I definitely in the middle got mad at my parents for not putting me in chess when I was a young.


Wow. Oh is it about chess. Yeah. I love chess. You know that. I had no idea.


Oh it's about a little girl who's an orphan and learns chess in the basement. The janitor teaches her. OK, that's enough.


I don't want to discover everything else. OK, so I love the premise. It's basically good will hunting. It has some element.


Yeah. Without my boyfriends. Right. It is a really good show in the chess element. It's so interesting and I wish I knew how to play.


You don't know how to play. No, I've never played. Oh we should play. It's so fun. But I'm not, I don't know how and I'll be bad. Of course you'll be bad and then you'll get good.


But the thing about chess is that because we just taught the girls how to play. You did. Yeah. It's a very easy game to learn how to play. It's a very hard game to be great at the moves. And the premise is very simple.


Like you, I could teach you how to play chess game ever to be great at it because all it ends.


You understand the game immediately, but it's how many moves can you plan out in your head?


Yeah, I go here then they could go here or here. If they go here then I want to go here. But if I go here like that's where you get great editor or not great at it.


Oh it's a good show. I kind of want to re watch it. Oh well I need to watch it for the first time. Can I. I want to air a grievance, but I want to start by saying I love it.


You love airing grievances these days. I don't want to do it online, don't do it online, so but I still want it. All right, here's my grievance, buddy. I love HBO, Max. Great. It's really good. I really am impressed. OK, content's phenomenal. I love the way on. Stop Fucking Making Me Sign In. I just really love about no Netflix no matter what Apple TV I go on to I start up Netflix and I watch and fuckin HBO IMAX nearly every time I have to sign in and I hate it.


That is an issue.


It's annoying. Why are you using the Jillian Apple TVs.


Because I have one in the gym.


Oh this is I have one pain. I have one in the living room. I have one in my bedroom. We have one outside on the patio.


Every time you turn it on, you have to log. That doesn't really that doesn't know because it even does the same thing that like an Apple TV stores your information. So when I go to Hulu. You still it's still signed you in, but Hulu allows the Apple TV to just sign you in and has your information and it just says reconnect it, boom, fucking HBO Go makes me remaster. Max, I'm sorry. Makes me re-enter my DirecTV password every time.


Maybe it's because you can only have one account on like two TVs at a time. Like Netflix does happen then again.


Well, no, I have got Netflix on like seven devices, maybe eight. I have it on my iPad. I just hit it. Boom, it's there icepacks.


And then all the Apple TVs, though sometimes my parents are accidentally on mine and I'm on mine and like, if I'm on mine and there's one going in my room and then my yard signs in, one of us gets right about that. They have a limit on how many accounts can be simultaneously running. So I can't be watching Netflix on the living room and in my bedroom and in the gym. It'll kick me off. Right. That's not my issue because no one's ever watching.


There's no three TVs on in my house watching Netflix. Sometimes the girls are watching it upstairs and I'm in the gym and I try to watch it. Still no problem. Right? I'm going to sign it every time. OK, I wish I could help you. Well, HBO Macs make it easier. I know you're worried about piracy, but just be like Netflix. No, they yes.


They've decided they would rather not make it inconvenient and run the risk that it's easier to maybe get some big issues.


They're just being overly cautious and it's inconvenient to me. And I love, love, love HBO. So this is a love letter to HBO, Max. And as and as a loyal person who loves it, just let me watch it, OK? Love Brad Pitt.


I wonder if anyone else is struggling with the same problem, huh?


What's going on? I signed your love letter. Brad Pitt.


Oh. Oh, thank you. Well, I'll tell you what, if he aired the grievance on here, it would be fixed tomorrow.


He would never he doesn't have grievances. Well, he's probably smart enough not to air them in public. I think he's the type to not have any. Maybe not. Don't you kind of you kind of think that, well, like I said, when I look at him, I'm like, that's if I was perfect, that's what I would be. So that makes sense if I didn't have a grievance.


I'm not saying it's it's perfect to not have grievances. I'm just saying he seems really chill. He does seem maximum chill. Yeah, it's very cool. Very cool.


So that Danny. Danny Toradol.


That was a fun one. Yeah. I feel very honored to have gotten to talk to him because just because I'm a new fan, I'm super excited about the sport. I'm a new fantasy.


And he is by far the most charismatic of the whole group. He's such a he's such a clown. Yeah.


He was really fun to talk to. And I was thinking it was so funny because I was watching last weekend's race. As I remember, he told us that he only has to be crazy for 45 seconds. And I watch it on the opening lap.


He picked up like two places, which is almost impossible to do. And I was like, oh yeah, that's his thing.


He goes aggro, he picks up two places and then he just plays it fucking smart.


It's so cool. Danny Good job, Danny.


They love you, Danny.