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Monica, we have something so incredibly exciting to talk about. I'm excited we have a new show coming January. It's called Race to 270.


And it's not what you think. It's not a political thing. It is not a race to 270 Electoral College votes. In fact, we have two best friends.


Perfect. And Charlie Curtis, who's been immortalized on this podcast, of course, he's the subject of the calendar you make me every year.


And then best friend Aaron Weekley, best friend Aaron Weekly, and tell him what the premises I'm going to.


But first, I wanted to say that a lot of people want to do an interview with best friend Aaron Weekly. And this is minimally eight interviews, that's for sure there.


And we gave the people what they wanted. Boy, does he deliver. But in a nutshell, Aaron, at the start of this competition weighed three hundred and six pounds and Charlie weighed two hundred and thirty pounds. Yeah. And I have to be funny, said Charlie. Do you think you would be willing to race Aaron to 270 if there was a five thousand dollar reward? And he said, absolutely, I'll start tomorrow.


Then we got a hold of Aaron and said, would you be willing to try to lose thirty six pounds and get to 270 for five grand? The twists and turns that come are absolutely impossible.


It is so fun and funny and way more exciting than I expected. You got really hooked.


Yeah. Yeah. It was really fun to hear your reaction as the results. First of your show. It's our first game show.


I had so much fun doing it that I hope we do a bunch of races to me to you could be raced to read the classics Race to Help 10 Strangers Race.


You know, they could all be self-improvement things.


Now, obviously, this wasn't a self-improvement for Charlie, but he can handle it because he's a physical phenomenon.


So don't feel too bad for him. Well, if that comes up throughout, that sure does.


As you might expect, Maximus Miles and Dan Rather different in there. We had some ethical, ethical assessments of the challenge. So I really hope everyone checks out race to 270. It'll be here in a blink.


But no body. No body.