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Welcome, welcome, welcome to armchair expert I'm DAX Shepard, I'm joined by Monica Klaidman, that should make you think of platypus, which makes you think that she's a professor.


I don't think many people are going to be putting those two together. I pitched Armonica today that if she wanted to pursue a career in academia, that she should consider going with padman because Blattman sound scientific, like platypus.


And I'm confused, but I happen to think that's OK.


Also, a platypus, as we discuss, is a kind of a scientific anomaly, a zoological anomaly, because it's a mammal that lays eggs. Correct.


So we're so you know who else is weird? Rob Corddry. Oh, I love Rob Corry and Jethro Bovingdon.


I love Jethro Bovingdon. Oh, my God. These are my co-hosts on Top Gear America, which starts on January 29. There's a two episode premiere. It's very exciting. Top Gear America will be streaming exclusively on the Motor Trend app. Now, you know Rob Corddry, we already had him on, but you're going to meet Jethro Bovingdon, who I absolutely adore.


And he's the expert here.


Yeah, yeah. Jethro is a big old car expert. Big time. And this was such a fun episode because you get to see the three of your dynamic chemistry.


Yeah, and it's fun. I certainly had a ton of fun doing it.


So please enjoy our experts today.


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We are supported by one oh oh oh Top Gear, America and all new series streaming exclusively on the Motor Trend app to episode premiere Monica on January 29th. It stars DAX Shepard. That's me, Rob Corddry and Jethro Bovingdon. Top Gear America takes an irreverent hands on look at the auto industry each week as Rob, Jethro and I tackle challenges with comedy class and commitment. Whether it's searching for the perfect driver's road to unleash elite super cars heading out on an epic road trip in a trio of clunkers on Top Gear America, we are on a mission to drive the wheels off, whatever we can get our hands on.


So join us in our motorized mischiefs, celebrating all the things we love about cars and arguing about the things we don't. In the episode premiere, we attempt a trip across America and it does not go as planned as you might expect. And then I review a Lamborghini work on and as you saw, drift it like a mfr.


What happens in the second episode? OK, the second episode we go to, you were there. We went to Flagstaff and we do over landing and we only had five grand to spend on vehicles and I got a sweet van. Then I put a mural of myself holding a sword nude with Kristin clutching my thigh as I killed a dragon. And then I review a Dodge Hellcat wide body. Start your free trial today. Free trial at Motor Trend Dotcom T.G. a twenty one.


That's Motor Trend Dotcom TG a twenty one. Join us for the Joy Ride.


He's in our chance. Oh, my gosh, what a sweet, sweet joy to see Jethro, isn't it? No kidding, right? Well, thank you. It always is. I don't get to see you guys.


We left. You left me.


What? Yeah. Jethro and I spoke about it. We separated. Yes. Yes.


The threat pool is now just a good old fashioned pair. That's a horrible way to tell. Yeah, I know. Well, your headphones not working. Hold on two seconds.


This is why we don't do Saturday Mass. You see Monica's new car. I did. Yeah. Yeah. You hear it. Yeah, I did.


Oh, I scared him because I pulled up behind him and it gave him anxiety, pulled up beside me.


I was like, oh, some some rich lady in her Mercedes wants to get in Monaco or something like, oh thank God. And then I was like, oh, that's a nice car. And she drives by me and I hear it.


And I went, Oh, I got to check that out a little closer, you see. Forty three.


I bet if I could just add to that, I bet you felt it and then heard it.


The Rumble.


Was there any advice that you got. Did you ask for Dax's. It was picked for me.


It was a gift. Yeah. Yeah. She was not involved at all. It showed up in the car. I think it best represents her spirit. It's beautiful. It's small. Yes.


And then you're like, wait, but how wrong as fuck.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. What is this gap. I got a new car. Jethro's. Yeah. Tell me about it. I'm sorry I missed it. My headphones were not working so I've got an old school with a cable.


DACs can probably speak to it more since I know very little about it. It's amk forty three. Oh okay. Nice. Yeah right. Not quite a real AMG but you're getting close. Oh I thought you'd wait a little while to the audience.


Liked you before you became big English dick that you are. No I knew right off like you were just setting them up for an easy OOP right there.


Well you've actually offended two people which is hard to do because it's her car. So she's offended and I picked it out and bought it. So I'm very offended too.


I'm surprised you didn't go straight for the Hellcat, to be honest. Well, we already have one of those in the pod. That's true. No, we don't need to help.


What's wrong with AC sixty three ducks. Why you shortchange your Monaca? Because, like I said, yeah, to be honest with you.


And she'll probably back me up the C forty threes bordering on too much for her. The one I have. Yeah absolutely. Yeah.


She's just barely like I don't know if I can handle it, pull this off and I don't know if this is my personality. So it's right at the edge. She's like it's so loud. I go yeah you look like a fucking gangster every time you drive out of the driveway I can hear you for a quarter mile. So yeah, we went see sixty three.


She would just be like, this is too much.


I'm not a Hells Angels. Yeah. I don't know if you heard me Jethro, but she passed me on the street and I was like, God, she's got a new one.


So it's pretty serious. It's pretty serious. Serious car. Yeah. Well, if you graduate from Monaca, a Prius.


Yeah. Oh, really. Well, welcome to real life. Wow. Wow.


I went from silent to screaming. I was like, where is this noise coming from? At first I really was not sure if it was my car, you know, a little bit embarrassed.




Driving a hybrid for so long that where you don't bring that part up, we're going to Roswell consuming so much gas.


I've got you guys wondering. I'm just wondering. I don't know. I got to get into the mind of a hybrid car.


OK, well, I'm keeping my Prius for ethical for four years, so I still own a Prius, you know, but also I only drive like one mile.


I was going to say to Monarchos, total mileage a year is probably eighteen hundred. And if she drives to Palm Springs, she'll take her Prius so that I can get sun-Baked and ruined and get gas.


I'm too afraid of ruining it.


But yes, Jethro, if I could walk you through Monica's car history when Honda CRV. OK, actually first Toyota Camry, of course, Toyota Camry, Honda CRV, then Prius hatchback. You know, the least sporty progressed and then seventy three. Yeah. And I drove it in that car is fucking awesome. Yeah.


That's cool. You're definitely living the Hollywood dream now.


We were just discussing how perfect it is for Monica. It just definitely fits your character. It's so representative, it's unassuming, it's tiny and then it blows by you in a light. You're like, what the fuck is that little fucking little asshole so powerful for? I think you're right.


Keep the Prius for your country. Yeah. And enjoy the AMG. I think it's got tinted windows so you can pretend that you're still, you know, like down with the environment and the hybrids.


She actually tinted the windows and then she put a standees cutout of Kristen's face in between her in the window. So America will think I have one of those, too. Oh, you do that? Yeah, they're great. Smart. Yeah. Because when I flip people off on the. Other side of the standees, people are so confused, no one gets mad at Kristen Bell. No, they don't. They're like, oh my God, know, she had such big middle fingers, so graceful.


So I think we should introduce America. Well, not all of America, because Jethro has his own fame in his own right. But we should introduce Jethro Bovingdon to the armchair expert audience, which Rob's already a fan favorite of. But Jethro, none of us knew each other prior to starting to work on Top Gear America.


And they narrowed it down to probably, what was it, 12 people that day or something? 12 that felt like about 30. Yeah, whatever it was, it was 19 or 20 too many once we met Jethro. But, you know, Rob and I got there because we had already been cast in the show and then we just kind of cycled through. We did these little fake reviews of a car. Right. And Jethro was probably third. And I didn't want to appear to be lazy, but I did say to them, I think we can cancel this.


Yeah, but we were like, I mean, that's the guy, right? Yeah. It's like when you're casting something and Rob, you produce stuff and cast off, it's like generally there's like three like me and I don't know, it depends of the storylines goes this way. I think that girl there wasn't another 98 percent of all like good.


And there was guys that I knew. I think you guys might have known some of those guys too. I did. Yeah.


Well, look at everyone did a good job, but there was some crazy symmetry right away between the three of us. Yeah, that was kind of undeniable. I was like, oh, this is the geometry you hope could happen.


Jethro immediately started taking the piss out of both of us.


Yeah. I mean, you'll be pleased to know the production team had such faith in me that they called me two days before those auditions. I wasn't even on the books. I was not going. I was due to be on a plane back to the U.K. Amazing when that happened. So I got a call on the Thursday. I think I was flying home Saturday morning. I was meant to meet you guys on the Saturday morning. And I said, OK, well, I'll delay my flight by a day.


I thought they would just, you know, blowing smoke up my ass and said, yeah, of course, we want you to come along and test that. They didn't really. But they were like, no, it's worth you coming. It's worth you, Covais.


We need a ringer. I went in with trepidation because Top Gear is such a big brand, but it also scares the crap out of you because it's been done so well by some people and so badly by others. You're held to this like impossible standards. I went in thinking, I probably don't want this job. And then I met you two guys and realized that you were really funny. We got on well. You seem to have a different love, of course, than I did.


But we all sort of fit together well. And I left thinking, I really hope I get it. You know, it was a total flip. In twenty minutes we met basically.


I totally agree with you too. And then it's like they own the Beatles name. But The Beatles have passed. But they're going to realize this is very hard because the original three guys there are so great that yeah, you almost enter it going, OK, well, we will not be as good as them, but how close can we get?


But they think they went about it in a smart way this time. They really did put personalities together. Yes. They knew what the strength of the original show was. It wasn't, you know, the cars.


When did you guys get the call? Because you knew a long time before me, obviously. But what did you think when you heard about it?


Man, I'm so bad at months, but and this is not a brag, but I do know I was the first you were definitely first person. So I had talked to them and I kind of have the same love and revere the property like you do, Jethro. And my take was just like, hey, man, two things. It has to be way more punk rock than it's been since those guys like you got to be afraid that they're going to maybe end up in jail in an episode like that.


To me, I need that threat of anarchy to stay true to. I sure. Yes, you definitely stay true to cash. So I was like, it needs to be punk rock and it's got to be its own band. Like, we can't try to do what they did because they did so beautifully. And so there's latitude there. And we want to get a little crazier. I would fucking love to do it. And then knowing we have to have a car expert like you have to have a bona fide car expert on the show for the petrol heads.


And that's where Jethro came into the mix. Because, Jethro, what's your history as an automotive journalist? How'd you get into it?


Yeah, so I was super lucky, basically went to university, did like a traditional degree. I did English and history. I didn't really know what I wanted to do other than I love cars, I love car magazines. I didn't stop reading them, but I read them a bit less when I was like sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. Because you're discovering new things like alcohol, mainly in girls. And that's the MDMA. Yes. That I went back to it like towards the end of my university there was a magazine called Ivo, not too far from my hometown.


I wrote to them for work experience. I didn't hear anything. And then one day I rang them. I was like, look, I've finished my course. I need a job. What do you think? And then it was a long, convoluted process. But effectively, I went in, I got on with them, I got a job. I started just like the guy, wash the cars and delivered stuff and all the main. But it was great because it was a tiny independent magazine with a really passionate following.


They were so protective of the mag that they didn't throw me into just writing crap that I didn't understand. So they taught me. They sent me on driving courses. They got me a race season with coatroom, and they just gradually got me up to speed. There were times when it was frustrating because I wanted to be in the mag and writing more stuff, but actually it was perfect. And a big publisher would never have allowed someone to be on the books for like a year, not effectively contributing to the finished product.


Yeah, like I said, they was super protective of it. And then once I was ready, they threw me in. And because I've I've only does the stuff I care about. It was all performance calls from little patches up to supercars. So I just got this grounding and I stayed there for seven or eight years, became deputy editor left to start a new thing with Chris Harris, who now, funnily enough, is a host of Top Gear in the UK.


We got involved with the lunatic, which is a long and boring but very funny story.


Any criminality involved?


It was fun, though. Some crazy stuff happened. And then I went freelance and then I just worked for lots of different people. And finally I got the call to come and work for Motor Trend a few years ago. They wanted me to come as full time, but I wasn't able to do that. I've got a young family and everything, so I started to contract start work for Motor Trend and then things happened basically. And I ended up at Top Gear to back up at Ivo's.


If there's people who don't know what Evo is like, it's a top car magazine out of England.


It's a monthly title. It's all about performance and it's beautiful. It's a beautiful magazine. Yeah. And in its early days, it had a purity that probably other magazines haven't been able to have.


And you were there during its heyday, like you were there during the Bellucci, you know, Belushi Aykroyd day. Yeah. It was when Cliff Burton was still playing bass. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is the most esoteric I know Metallica joke.


This is mostly why I've got the job monicker is to stop them because I figured out over the course of the season to see them doing weird fifteen minute riffs about it. Yeah. That's a big job. It doesn't work. I've been successful but I tried. Monica clarification.


Do you want maybe just give it a tiny. I know we all assume everyone knows about Top Gear but you know we have a lot of women listeners so let's just give like a quick yes to Jethro.


You would be better at that. I'll just set up that scene at one time. And for quite a while, Top Gear was the number one show in the entire world. I really became aware of the scope of it and a 60 Minutes piece where they were saying it had like eight hundred million viewers and it's just the most enormous property ever. And what was amazing about it is clearly there's not eight hundred million car enthusiasts out there. So it really transcended the automotive space because the guys were just so fun and interesting.


Yeah. And the weird thing is it started off as like basically a magazine show in the UK, very straight laced, very down the middle, only for really hot, cool car enthusiasts, I guess, but done in a really almost like an old school BBC World Service sort of way. It was not fun. It was not fun at all. Right. And then Clarkson came in this character, Jeremy Clarkson, and I think he just came in and said, I can do this a lot better to a producer.


One, I don't know the full story. I think there's like something that's something like I read the book.


There's a book out. Yeah. Oh, my God. Yeah, it's great. It's great.


You're in Top Gear, his brand of Top Gear books by the script editor.


Right? Richard Porter. Yes. Yeah. So there was those Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James my Andy Wellman's, the producer. Richard, what was the script editor? And they they had lightning in a bottle basically. And so they brought it to America.


And yeah, there's been many iterations. There's now been famously. Fuck it. I'll just say it, you could read about it. But Jeremy Clarkson apparently or allegedly punched a producer and then the whole show fell apart. They then went over to Amazon with Grand Tour, which is another great show. Right. They got the source.


So, yeah, it was this amazing juggernaut of world popularity and it all came crashing down because someone punched someone on a set.


It did. Yeah. So that's kind of the exciting thing of glad that happened.


So you knew not to do that well, but yeah, almost did. I almost did the first couple of weeks. Yeah.


Oh I do.


I say can I say, Jethro, what you said remember that day that the funniest thing I've ever heard anybody say in my entire life. I said you were arguing DAX. I said to Jethro they're either going to fight or they're going to fuck because they were so, so intense, passionate. And Jethro goes, no matter what, fists are going to be advanced.


We tried, but she put up this. Oh, yeah, you all know there was a very lengthy apology and them and then there was another lengthy apology all on my end. And then now we are fucking two peas in a pod. Yeah, exactly. And I would argue from my point of view, things really took off post that fight. So I do think it ultimately was productive. I think we found like a kind of a rhythm and we all knew our roles.


And it was so much testosterone, a lot of testosterone.


Yeah, Greg and I both just shooting testosterone every lunch break. Oh, my God. Well, I will say, though, so back to Jethro for a second, because I don't think he'll brag in this fashion. But the niche that Jethro has really carved out for himself is that he is an incredibly great driver. And so if they want someone to drift the million dollar Bugatti around a mountain road, there's only a handful of journalists you're going to call an Jethro's one of them.


So that's kind of his domain that he's staked out. Is that a fair assessment as far as you you'd say?


Yes. And I know that makes you sound good as well, because we're pretty close. So I recommend driving. You're actually a very good driver. Yeah, I think was always driving fast cars fast and sideways, if I can. There's people in the industry and I have respect for them. They do what they do. They love all the machinations behind the scenes, what these CEOs are doing and what they're planning in five years time. And I never gave a crap about that.


I just want a cool car that I can drive as fast as I'm allowed to drive on Top Gear America. We get to close roads. So it's like take it up another level. So that's. Yeah, that's great. That's sort of where I come in and then, you know, it's actually created this lovely little rivalry because that is the most competitive man that has ever been. Oh my God, it's so great. It's like if I say there are times I think he's good.


So I was so stupid.


I thought it was something only I was seeing being down there with you, too, like, oh, this is going to be great. Oh, my God. And then they cut it so well. The editing of the show has been great so far. The cuts I've seen, they really lean on your competitive relationship so great. It's in every of my secret identity. Well, it is in Jethro and I had like one of the most amazing conversations, because what's funny about it is, yes, I think we're both incredibly competitive.


I'll give you the same judgment. But I love Jethro like I've loved him since I met him. You auditioned. I said, come stay at our house. You did like I've loved you immediately. I just love you. And I want to destroy you and run you off a cliff and beat you by four seconds. So it's kind of a fun rivalry to watch because I don't ever really want to gloat. I just want to win. And then when you lose, I actually feel terrible.


Yeah. And you and I had this beautiful conversation on the side of a racetrack. I said, I'm going to guess that you're similar to me and that you've convinced yourself one of the top three things people like about you. You're a great driver.


Let's call everyone needs. Right. So when Jethro or I lose a competition, like we go back to the hotel and we don't know who we are anymore because we're supposed to be great drivers. So it's just so fun to see who's going to be going back to the hotel and just redefining themselves. And then there was a point in the season and it was pretty early on where Jethro's started being funnier than the two of us. And we were like, no, no, no, no.


I started getting competitive. I was just like, wait a minute. This is a very regular call for the right.


He's basically here to demonstrate that DACs plus Rob equals Jethro and our two sons can be accomplished by one.


It'll be the first time the show ever went down to one host. No, that's not true.


I tell you, DAX, as I'm sure listeners will know, because I know you intimately, because I know you lay your open on this podcast, but DAX leaves nothing on the table ever like is extremely impressive. And Rob's the saving for me because I'm not like in your industry. I'm not a TV presenter or comedian or whatever. See, you guys turn it on is really impressive. And then Doc says his next element, which is he would rather die than lose, which he will crash the car and destroy a car.


It would do anything if it means he walks away from that day feeling like the bad.


Well, you nicknamed me and I wear it with such honor. You name me Captain Comet. That's my nickname on the show.


Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I like that. Yeah. But I got to say, in all my life, similar to Jethro, I, you know, I work for General Motors as a kid and I got to drive really cool things on the track and I've been getting to do that for thirty plus years. And I've got to say some of my top ten driving moments, a couple of them are with you already because we're so compact. And we love each other like there is a point where we convince the show producers don't try to film this, just mount cameras on Jethro's car in my car and we will go out and get you the footage.


And so no one's really watching. And Jethro and I with cameras are drifting through these turns on a racetrack one inch away from each other. And I'm like, oh, this just you don't get to do this ever in life.


It was great. It was great. It was really good fun. But I have to say, Rob, your commitment levels ramped up hugely.


You know, the thing about me is I'm not a very competitive person, but I am very jealous, very sick with jealousy, because all I want to do now, I know my role on the show and I know that, like, probably becoming a better driver is not good for this show.


But I've I want nothing more than to be able just to be able to drive as well as you guys. This year I've decided I'm taking electronic stability control of. Oh, yeah. Big. That's a big step. Yeah. Twenty one resolution. Half of your audience just want you.


But your most impressive moments was in the Overlander episode where you didn't have any AC. I'd basically never ride one wheel on the ground or a seatbelt.


Yeah, I kind of want to tell Rob's arc his human personal arc of this last year because it's been pretty phenomenal. Have you ever had a work experience like this? Never know. So hopefully I'm going to do this justice. But we all come together. We get to know each other. We decide to hang out and drive cars around one day. That's beautiful. We start filming and I'd say a couple episodes and it seems like Rob's getting less and less interested in the show.


Yeah. And then it kind of crescendos in Flagstaff, Arizona. By the way, this is now the second time he's had altitude sickness. True, true. Altitude. Yeah, yeah. I mean, he had to go to the hospital in Colorado, like, really miserable altitude sickness. And there was a point where you're like, I just I got to stop lying to myself. I don't want to do this. Yeah, I'm done. And my first reaction was, how dare you?


You're going to ruin this thing, Jethro and I have we have the best thing going. It's absurd. We get a paycheck and you're going to ruin it. And then I decompress. And then I said, I love Rob. He adds so much, this show, he can't be replaced. How do we get through this? And we had this, I think, a beautiful experience in Sedona. I forced you to come stay at my house.


Oh, man. Yeah. And then also the overlending episode. Well, right. Was like transformative for me. It was almost like it was planned on the producers part to get me like back in the saddle because and I'll tell you now, it was only fear. It was just fear. Looking back on it now, having been through that, can I say was at the apex of Korona like you had been in the house for three and a half months with just your wife and daughters and returned to work.


And it was that was that was crazy.


We were the only show going or something. And so couple that with, you know, hurling a supercar around a track, taking a corner at seventy miles an hour. It's terrifying for me. Yeah.


For me, you know, so like it was stressful. And I realized, you know, I was like, these guys are my friends. I can confide in them. I can tell them how I'm feeling. And I did you know, I think it was never a secret that I was like, no fuck. But then I realized around then that I was really bumming you out, DAX. I just wanted you to love it. And so then but then and it wasn't like, oh, I'm just going to stay on because I don't want him to be sad, but I want to figure out what it is.


I have no doubt because I have him.


So I want to figure out what's his pattern in life.


I want to figure out what is making us sad about. Oh, really tapped into something.


Oh, oh, our deepest wound. Oh, man. So I just wanted to figure out it wasn't that like I was disappointing you. I wanted to figure out what it was. It was making you sad and like get on board with it. And you were just like you said, what you said was like we have lightning in a bottle here man. And that coupled with the overlending oh episode. So really just and probably. Yeah. Coming down from the altitude, the switch flipped.


It's not too grand to say the butterfly came out of the cocoon because all of a sudden he won that episode in spades, like he had this ridiculous truck with a fucking doghouse strapped to the back. And he was airborne. Twelve percent of the time he was driving it. You know, like even you were watching some of the footage. You're going, oh, my God, I was like that far off the ground. Yeah. Yeah, it was crazy.


You just saw something happened. It was really crazy.


I was following Rob and I was like, we had different vehicle. So I had like a school car turned into it off. Right. Rob had a more of a bona car, but I was like, I can't keep up with Rob. I can't argue with Rob. I can just see I can just see this ridiculous figure with, like you said, a dog house on the back just sitting around in the row, just lifted is out of it.


It was great.


And then to put the fucking cherry on the cake, my piece of shit van would make it up the hill and goddamn Rob rescue me towed my shit to the top after already being the man of the episode was the moment. Man, it must have been a defining moment. I was like, this is never going to work. Nothing works for me on this show.


I told you I was like, Oh man. In a loincloth all greased up with a chair of the world. I gained three inches on my biceps.


If you had said, guys, have I showed you my broadsword and you pulled it out of the doghouse, I would not have been surprised.


Ma'am, stay tuned for more armchair expert, if you dare.


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Then for me, the next few months were just a goddamn party, everywhere we'd show up, it would just be like, oh my gosh, where do we get to party? What do we get to fuck around? And what do we get to jump? What do we get to crash? It was fun. OK, now I want to tell one Jethro's story because, you know, in some senses that he's laid out, he's like the underdog.


He'll commonly say on the show, I'm the non famous guy here, blah, blah, blah. Yes, yes. Right beside no. Robbs, the best hidden camera guy ever. When I've seen the episodes, I'm like, I got to pick it up. I'm so concentrated on beating you. I'm not competing at all with Rob and the comedy in the inka.


There's so good be while it is slithering by. I didn't know that. So that's that's very nice.


The way that Jethro was the big winner this season was that he because he goes back and forth to England and I think in a very Machiavellian way, I think he knows when they're going to close it, not close it.


He had somehow right when you and I were at mass capacity with our families, he had to quarantine, quote, in fucking Jamaica. The show sent Jethro to Jamaica. Yeah. To a beautiful resort on the water so that he could join us for work. And you were late. We were filming. We were somewhere miserable. And you were still drinking mai tais in Jamaica.


Well, although it turned out well, it started off scarily because I was stuck in England. I could not get out for love nor money. There was no way I was investigating every nation that was I was like South Korea, where you got to sit in the government facility for two weeks.


Yeah. You were doing three times the work the show is doing.


I'm trying to get yourself because you couldn't fly into the US from anywhere in the European Chenggang region and the UK. So I had to go somewhere else for two weeks before I could get into America. The only places open were South Korea, I think by to literally live in a prison for two weeks, which didn't sound appealing. Mexico, which the producers wouldn't let me do because I think I thought I was going to get beheaded or something. And I was like, they're going to have to get a new host.


I'm done like they're going to have to get rid of me. I had one last Google, such as a Saturday morning. I remember I was like, I'm going to get fired unless I find a solution. And it just popped into my head. The Caribbean was going to open quite early. This was a Saturday morning. I think Jamaica would open for tourism the day before. And so I got onto them. I was like, you have to put me to Jamaica.


So I left two or three days later and two weeks. Yeah. And it was it was actually amazing. I thought like two weeks without kids was like, how does this even work? You had a per diem down there as well, right? Because you are officially on business.


I was on business tax and it's business time. And I had a hotel myself because there was no one else there that was like three other people doing a similar thing.


So how did you swim in the pool nude? Only once a day. And he's great.


I was going to say English, what a dumb question. And I'm not sure was guys did, but it was great. And then I got to. Yeah. Come straight to the overlending upside. So it was it was perfect.


And so what's going to happen? Because we're about to resume, which I'm thrilled about. I'm so excited. Yeah, me too. How are you going to get here this time? Barbados, because there's like four different kinds of covid in England right now.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. We have special coverage of the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth of Cauvin.


Many members, I don't know. I think we're still working on the plan. I think I will be able to get out. It won't be straightforward. UK's just gone into full lockdown again. So we are. Yeah, we're back. This is where I live in this room and don't go anywhere. So but I think I'll be able to get back. I hope so, because I want to carry on and do it. You can.


My best friend was living there and she just came back fine. Totally fine. Like a week ago, right. Yeah. And she doesn't have to do anything there.


Monica can get you there. Monica, hook me up. I need to get well you'll have to change your name to Calli but you'll be here. No.


Monica, do you have any questions for us. Well, we asked Jethro a question the other day, a really important.


Oh my God, yes. You've become such a resource. Oh, my God. I realised we were watching a show called Happy Valley, which, by the way, have you seen now?


Tremendous. It's probably six years old. It's an English show. It's so fucking good. Oh, really?


Yeah. So we're into that and we have subtitles on because I can't understand the English accent. Right. Jethro's is an exception. It's gibberish.


That's not just English that's set in Yorkshire, isn't it. So I would struggle with Yorkshire to be like it's in broad Yorkshire is tough.


What does that. Is that north. North. Yeah. Looks rainy as fuck. Wherever it is. It's very bleak.


The proudest people in the UK, Yorkshiremen, they want Yorkshire to be a country they would quite happily split. From England to the rest of the UK. Well, you said that they think you're basically weak and impotent because you don't mind coal. Yes, I.


So, yes, the north and south divide is big in the UK. It's a different breed. And they call us southern shandies because we're half strength.


You know, that's good. Southern JND.


OK, so so we had subtitles on and we realized that when the people were saying, um, like, uh, you know.




It was written out as erm ARMM. Yeah. Yeah. And we were like is that a subtitle issue or is that like I say I know what you're talking about, I haven't seen the show but I've seen that before.




So then we had to well of first we had about 40 minutes of laughing because we kept going, I don't know erm Spider and then I was really had Monarchos numbers, I threw a couple of thousand ORMs and then I, it just was like could it be possible that you guys actually say erm and not but it sounds like um us that is true.


They're saying, they say erm e r I don't think we say we just spell it that way.


No they say just like they don't, you don't hear their R's anyway because they're like dropping R's everywhere. It was fantastic.


The last possibility that we thought was that they're saying erm in here and now I think this is fairly ritualized by explaining erm and now obviously you would never watch an American show subtitled.


Why would you.


Because we talk slow and dumb and the only one that I would have been, I never did but the wire was pretty hard to get into.


The wire was impenetrable. Yeah. The wire season one was pretty tough. I remember sitting through that thinking wow this is going to click at some point, but it was tough.


The Wire is the television equivalent of Dostoyevsky. It's like you're going to work your ass off and then the reward is going to be I just started leaving it, letting it wash all over me.


I just kind of like assume this is as good as people are telling me. I know that moment so well. When you go like you're watching something, you're trying to figure it out. You're trying to figure it out and finding you go like just absorb the stuff, just give up. It's like if you let go, you'll understand. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Because I'd be curious if you were watching us speak, subtitled if there would be a moment where you're like you guys don't say you h do you for.


Oh no.


Oh no. I don't think so. I think, yeah, I would like to do some Deep South stuff with Top Gear that would be good. I don't think I'd understand it down there, so. Oh, true recipe. I find it amazing when I come to the U.S., people don't understand me generally in shops or coffee shops or what. And I, I ordered a mocha right from a Starbucks, a mocha. And the woman gave me a green tea lot.


Well right. Exactly what happened.


Well, it's because it's a moka.


Yeah. You're making it sound like much.


I was so shocked. I was like how small could become a green tea thing.


This panel rules you guilty. Yeah, Larry, I read a guidebook where I have been so shocked because they so often they get it.


But it's always second time of asking wherever I go the first time, it's like they have to tune in to this guy's English and then they'll get it.


But I think maybe you should change the way you say it. How about that? I'm not just talking about boxing matches. I'm talking generally. It's not just that one specific example. I think it if you came to London and ordered whatever you ordered pancakes, they would understand what you were saying. If I walked in and ordered pancakes, they wouldn't I don't know.


Every time I go to England or even Canada, sometimes I'll say, can I get a coffee? And they'll be like, oh, what? What kind? What? Yes.


In Europe, if you ask for a coffee, like what? What do you think about there's no such drink. Do you want a drip to go or something like that or do you want to take away Americano. That's a coffee. Well it's not. You've made shots of espresso and combined like that to go and they're like, well, you don't know what that is. We don't do that. We don't know where that is.


We are not sure. The one thing the UK is not is food, not maybe French and Italians or whatever, you know, but not England, which I know that would be like the sub-Saharan Africans being water snobs, not in a position.


The best restaurant I've ever been to is in London. Was it Indian good Indian food? But no, it was a like one of those like snout to tail restaurants, the the St John.


It's called like a steak. The cuisine in London is really good now. Like it's become a great I would say our food is improved a lot, but we're not a snobby about coffee and stuff. Come on.


No, no you're not. You're not. That's definitely more of a mainland Europe issue that I find. Yeah. Now I have one question. Who am I really important English question.


Do you love the crown? This is going to shock you? Oh, I have never seen a single episode of The Crown. It's so good.


Have you watched your robe? I just started it. Oh yeah. It's excellent. It is. So I think I love it though, because I'm out of TV shows that could have something to do that.


Like it's the last bankable show available to me. So I'm watching.


You guys love the royal family generally. Yeah. You'd watch anything. I mean, the royal family.


I thought I hated it until I watched this. And it's so it's Shakespearean and yes, it's a fairy tale. Yeah. And everyone's pretending it's real. Yeah. Yeah. Monica His biggest wars this year have been about my disdain for this insane fairy tale that everyone's pretending is real and Monica loves it.


When does it stop? What period of history? Because they're up to like Princess Di and stuff now, aren't they?


Yeah, the last season was Princess Diana when they have babies, but I think there's three more seasons, so she'll probably die at some point. We'll probably see through that.


She does die. But the first season starts with Queen Elizabeth's father, King George, sick. You know, he's sick and played by what's his face.


He surrendered, but rather as George. Can you imagine if he was still with us? And expert bring in the spring and Churchill. Yeah, I know I watched it, but I hear great things about it. But DOCSIS Right is a complete fairy tale.


Well, and the thing is, I guess what I'd actually embrace it if I can get behind Pablo Escobar, for Pete's sake. You know, at least that guy, he somehow amassed a billion dollars. He's evil, but he had a zoo at home and he had a good time. Every everyone is talking about tell you everyone's suffering on both sides of this fairy tale. So the people inside the fairy tale are fucking miserable. They can't marry who they want.


They can go anywhere. They're fucking hounded by the paparazzi. That's the whole thing's a lie. And they have to live a lie to perpetuate this fairy tale. So it's like nobody's winning. Why isn't someone put their hand to go? Guy will show that. That's the fun of. It's maddening. It's maddening. You know, Ilagan know, but he doesn't like fancy people, so.


You're going with a check, a status chip on my shoulder. I'm pretty fancy. No, you're a fucking piece of shit like me.


You should be so offended by these big fancy. Oh, you think you fucking better fucking fancy, dude. No, listen, they think they fucking so good. I'm so much better than sartorial dude.


OK, but you don't have a fucking palace. You don't have any fucking houses. My palace. Your fucking cumquat. Listen to me. You don't fucking have a pot to piss in and they're fucking parading around. Watch me get a pot up. Yeah. Where's your pot. Give me a plot. Give me.


This is good stuff you know. But respect break me off a piece of this.


What avijit country. Well oh I did have one more question. A cultural one. OK, so as you and I spend more and more time together, I'm always so charmed by some of the words you use. And then I start using them pretty frequently. And I wonder if that's annoying to you or flattering to you. Like, I don't know if you noticed, but I picked up proper, like I was saying, proper, proper authority. It's a great word.


So it's mega. Sure.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I like it.


I'm trying to think of words that you use that I've picked up cocaine fisting blowjobs.


You know, the only thing that I find hard with you too is how it's turned into those.


Oh, I knew it. I knew I was just about to bring it up. I don't know how to describe it than they are. Your presentations, celebrations sometimes two hours long.




They talk more about the two minute thing they're about to play to me.


Like the preview could go on for an hour and a half week. We go back years to Rob does the entire bit. So it's like a prank phone call. So he does the enjoyer and and then I do the entire bit immediately after he has. And then we then we find it on YouTube. Yeah. And we make you now listen to the entire bit, which of course isn't as good as we think it is. Yeah. And then we get self-conscious about it and then we go, oh no.


The better one was and we do that bit.


Oh wow.


So what I remember specifically being in the car with you for like an hour and a half and knowing this is miserable for him and not be able to stop. You and I were in the car together, driving home once for about three hours. Not once did we talk about Howard Stern.


I know it's all about just do you want him to like it so bad. So, yeah, that it's been a joy. Oh, what was it?


Episode you showed up. It was so funny. You said to me like you walked by. I mean you overheard me saying something, something cocaine. Cocaine in you go. So consistent nine a.m. and you're already talking about coke.


Well, boys, I cannot wait to get the band back together. I had so much fun. I've never had a work experience in my whole life that felt like it brought together everything I've ever been interested in. It's like comedy show business, cars horsing around, getting in trouble. It's like it doesn't feel possible for me.


What was your favorite bit, man? There's been like best driving moments and there's best like us losing our minds, laughing. But driving that whole snow course was just so funny. Man, that episode was great.


Just the complete failure of everything we tried to do was so good.


Was that whole episode was such I mean, my first bout of altitude was so sick, but I love we went to the restaurant, so Rob is terribly sick as a dog without his sickness. It could just make it to the restaurant. So we go in, we order food. Rob's like, I'm going to have to take it to my room. So it's a pizza and a bottle of wine. So it's yeah, it's a bottle of wine.


It was the best. Exactly.


I kept doing that, by the way. I was like, I know I'm not really sick. So this is like the pressure in the air, so I'm going to make myself feel as good as possible.


There was also like the joy of using that heavy equipment, using the enormous excavator and looking over and seeing Rob on a fucking huge caterpillar bulldozer. Yeah, like getting to do that.


I mean, you just don't get to do that. There's so many things we did that you just don't get to do. I mean, including for me, just like driving those insane cars around tracks. Like I know that you guys have done that before, but I feel like my whole mind was sort of opened up. I think I'm more now, I notice, more brave in my normal life, like, yeah. My everyday life. Now, after having done a season of that show, you didn't seem very brave.


When I pulled up behind you today. You were scared.


Now, that wasn't my bravest moment, you know that.


You just felt you just felt it like that's why with my daughters that I try to get them on motorcycles and in razors and sure, it's dangerous. And yeah, sure. A lot of it is just I want them to hang with me, but. I do believe when you get confident controlling something so big and you start to feel that, I do think it informs the rest of your it sure does, because I had the opposite experience growing up.


My mother was very protective, like, you know, would never, never lose. Oh, God. I even like suspecting I was riding in the back of someone's pickup for a couple blocks would get me grounded.


Rob, if he's continued your buying car habit, because since that was my same question, you just been buying cars.


Well, it's been an ongoing topic of conversation with my wife and I.


And I realized that my poor wife, she never bought this ticket, you know, and all my friends that I met in New York City when I first started out, like, they are always like, wait minute, what you like.


Cars are like, oh, my high school friends. No, I love cars. Right. But in New York City, I left it all behind. I didn't even care. I took the subway. There's nothing nobody cared or talked about cars in New York City. So it was kind of foreign for everybody, including my wife. You know, now, it's been many years now in L.A. that I have slowly been kind of trying to get her on board with buying a house with a huge driveway, tiny house you drive.


But that to answer your question directly, no, I still have the Dotson and the Porche and the sprinter came. Is it done? The sprinter's done. I took it out on its maiden voyage. Oh, it's been my trailer on the Unicorn. Oh, one all season. It's beautiful. I'm probably going to take it out, you know, on Top Gear. Oh, right. As we drove around. Yeah, yeah. We're going to Salt Lake I think.


Do you see Big Brown when you walked in. That's amazing. Yeah. I can't wait. Oh my God. That's the. Oh my God. I think we should all spend a couple nights in Big Brown this season. Ducks.


Does everyone know about your background with Coors Light? If you talked about, you know, your mom's gonna talk about it a lot on this show.


You don't. I don't. But yeah, in a nutshell, my dad sold cars. My dad drag race. My mom drag race. So I grew up in a house that love cars. And then my mom married an engineer at General Motors who was in the Corvette group. He was a ride and handling engineer. And that kind of opened up this world to they had a Ferrari three 08. They had a Lamborghini Countach, there was a Lotus.


He could take me on the track. He was a great driver. He also raced motorcycles and I got interested in motorcycles. And then my mother started this company that through these enormous car shows for journalists where we go rent racetrack's and we would manage one hundred and fifty cars and make sure they were clean and we'd set up the racetracks. And then I, as a young kid, got to be driving the cars while the photographers took pictures. So I got to get sideways around corners.


And I was on the cover of some magazines and I collected them. And it's a big fun thing. And I wanted to become a racecar driver. And there was a moment and George on a show where I had an opportunity, but I just got into the Sunday company and I kind of chose that. And then the moment I could, I found my way back into cars and raced off road and raced in the SuperDraft and just always wanting to do that any moment.


I'm not acting.


That was a really good encapsulation.


Thank you. I was panicked the whole time. I'm like, I got some thirty years.


I just think it's also that you got to do that delivery. You cool. That's when you were like seventeen years old or whatever. Must have been so much fun.


Oh when I told you the highlight of all of it is General Motors, when they had this fleet of cars they lent to the press and at the end of their one year run, they couldn't really sell the car because they'd have to offer this insane warranty on it, having been on tracks and stuff. So for them, it was a lot more economical to crush the car, destroy it and take a full tax write off. So our job several weekends of the year was to drive cars to the crusher.


So Aaron Weekly and I, my best friend, Aaron Weekly, we've both be in 01 and we would try to get the thing in first gear going seventy and then you would have to like put your whole body weight into it and you'd fucking hear gears shatter and then you'd have to pull in in second gear because you blew first gear. I mean, we would just destroy like rip the visor off when you got in.


It was like so fun. No one gets to do that. You've had the best car jobs in the world.


This is an episode of Top Gear America. We go and take cars to the crusher and that is oh, that'll be so great. So right. Because there's nothing funnier than getting in a car and just tearing the visor off on it and back what would happen if I was driving at first and right at the red line and then just shifted it in reverse. It can be done.


It can be done on a dirt road. To be done like this would upset people because I've had it in the past videos. I didn't like a video of a Ferrari in the rain with the roof down like torrential rain. I think it will get mad that people so. We would have to tell them that these cars are being crushed would be great. We should look into that. Yeah, that's a really good idea.


We can only take dirt roads there and or desert landscapes.


Yeah, well, I love you boys. This was so fun. I can't wait to get back to work and people should download the Motor Trend app. Is that how people see our show for now?


Yeah, they're going to it's going to be available, I think at some point on Discovery Network. But for now. Yeah. January the twenty ninth isn't it.


Motor trend at the Motor Trend app is great. It has a lot of good shows on it, including the original Top Gear.


Yeah, they have the full catalog of Top Gear and all of its iterations from the beginning.


So Jethro, I love you. Can't wait to see you. I love you. I'm seeing you. I love you. Can't wait to walk you through Big Brown right now. I can't wait. Monica, we love you. You might have the coolest car here today. Well, not according to Jethro.


Well, Jethro can suck it up. It's not a reality. You can suck in northern English. I love you. Bye bye.


Stay tuned for more armchair expert, if you dare.


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I know it's pretty darn exciting. Are you excited? I really am.


I just had so much damn fun making it and I'm about to go have more damn fun making another season of it in a couple of weeks.


Oh, I love it. I love those boys so much. I got so lucky you did such a good group.


And three can be dicey. Three's a rough combo sometimes. Yeah. Because somebody left out. Yeah.


Like two people are better friends in the other. But that's not the case. Yeah. I love them both equally. They might like each other more than me, but I can't tell if that's the case.


They do a good job hiding it. Well, everyone's bringing their own thing to the table. There's no competition really. Well, there's a lot of competition as we learn and also no competition.


Boy, could you imagine if I actually didn't love Jethro and he beat me, I would be suicidal.


That being miserable, that'll be too much for all of us. There's a there's a stopwatch, is there?


Oh, yeah. Oh, hold it. Whoever is not racing, so, yeah, like Jethro's out there, maybe Rob's got it, or if I'm out there, maybe Joe who will stop us with glitter?


No, it is a regular run of the mill stopwatch.


We should make it cool with glitter. Oh, maybe next year maybe I'll pitch that. OK, when I get to Utah.


Can I hold it? Oh my God. Yes, that'll be fun. I don't think they could afford your day rate, but yeah. I mean we should have you on with your new car or zabari.


Oh my God. My new car on the track. I drove it yesterday. Oh. I wonder if I should say this. My driver's license. Oh, do you think I'll get in trouble? No. OK, then I'm going to say it. Well, this is getting sorted out. So. So if there's any police listening, please don't. There are law enforcement.


Do you know, I pulled up the other day. Did I tell you the story when we were leaving Charlie's gym, Erica and I and we got at a light into LAPD. Werneck So it was New Year's Eve. And they looked at us and we looked at them and I said, Happy New Year's. And he said, Hey, an arm chair.


Oh, my God.


Turns out for eight months, I've been driving with a suspended license. Yeah, that was a revelation to you. Yeah. So I had my seizure. I had my seizure. And when I had it, my neurologist said, OK, you can't drive for a month. Yeah. And normally it's six months. But because mine was night only and I only had two and they were so far apart, he was like, I really feel comfortable with you just going a month.


I said, OK, great. So then I did not do anything you thought.


Well, months over. Yeah. When you were lived with us that month.


So you did not drive for that month. Yeah. Followed the rule. But then I started driving again having a good time. So around the ship and getting a new car and recommitting to driving in fact.


Yes. And I was getting this car insured. Yeah.


And the not very nice person helping me was like this is probably going to come to a shock to you, but turns out your account has been suspended, slash revoked.


Oh, since April.


And I was like, oh no.


So I am currently an outlaw. Oh I love it. It feels scary. Oh I like it.


It really does feel scary. Every time I'm driving, I get a little nervous.


Like you feel like you're always driving drunk. Yeah. Like a cop gets behind you. Oh yes, ma'am. That's what I that's my number one favorite thing about being sober is those cops get behind me at two a.m. I'm like, get it. Get right behind me, girl. Follow me as much as you want. It always feels so good, so liberating.


I always have a little tinge of that fear you do whenever there's a cop near me.


Well, I'm driving and I don't know why, because I'm not speeding or.


Yeah, you're a good person. I'm a good person.


But sometimes I think, oh, there might be something wrong with my car that I don't know about. And then I'm going to get pulled over a mechanical infraction and then they're going to realize I have a suspended license and then you're going away in handcuffs.


Oh, my God. What if I had to go bail you out? Could I get arrested for that? I just don't know the answer. I think it'd be so fun to go bail you out, because I'll tell you why.


Because if anyone was a betting person and they had a bet who would pick up who from jail, the odds would be staggering and be like 80 to one that you'd be picking me up from jail and now I'll be picking your I really hope I don't have to go to jail because I have a big to do list to show the cops who are listening.


It probably means the show will suffer. So maybe just don't take me to jail.


I also want to take a second to say to that nice police officer in downtown L.A. on New Year's Eve, I loved that exchange. And I was so flattered that they listened to the show. Yeah, yeah.


That is great. Me too. And I hope he tells his friends.


Mm hmm. I hope he puts out like an all APB, all points bulletin. Let Monica pass, get getting handle.


That's going to handle. I called my urologist and I said, we need this. You got to call him now. Yeah.


You got to call him like seven months ago when you're supposed to. It's not his fault. He's really great. Dr. Steven Sykes, big shout out best urologist in Los Angeles.


He really is.


Uh, he is. Oh, you measure that. But I'll believe you.


There's just not a stopwatch, you know, that's all. Back to a ding, ding, ding. Well, stopwatch to time him against other neurologist. There's ways and there's metrics.


Yeah, OK. I was just going to say I feel like we should have done this at the beginning of an episode and maybe even should do this on a stand alone thing. We should. But I want to say that our shows you can follow individually now. Mm hmm. And so if you love Monday, is that up? Do we know? I think so. But you can follow race to 270 on its own and you can follow armchair Monday on its own and experts on experts on its own.


In case you feel overwhelmed with the volume of product we're putting out in the marketplace, you could look at it. I just want to say that I don't want anyone to leave because they feel overwhelmed. If we haven't already done it, it's coming immediately anyway.


But I was driving my new car illegally yesterday and I am starting to feel like I belong in it.


Oh yeah, I'm starting to not fully there, but I'm starting to.


Aaron said you looked really sexy when you pulled away from the Richardsons driving your new car.


Wasn't that nice? It was really nice. You looked like a bad ass. I want you to shave your side.


No, please shave your side. Wants me to shave half my hair off.


I've wanted this for a while. Stuffy, you're having an allergic reaction to me. Oh, the outlaw life is not for everyone. It's making me feel stressed and ill.


I could have guessed the out life was not for me. I've pretty much been banking on that my whole life.


I disagree. You shave that side. I'm not doing that. You hop in that seat forty three unless it's four. I can see what the fuck.


I shave my side and I'm riding around in that car.


I'm definitely getting pulled over for people asking for your number. Oh my gosh. So you're right. It might be inconvenient now.


And if people look at you, they're like, what the fuck is this miniature mouse? Well, that tough haircut. Look at all that horsepower. What is what is this unicorn?


OK, speaking of looking at people's cars and being like, whoa, Jethro is a babe. Oh, good job.


Yeah. I want everyone to know.


They already know now that they listened. But he is a babe. Oh my God. I'm so happy to hear you say that.


He's also just really nice and cool. New super cool. Yeah. And he's a gentleman. Yeah he's a gentleman and he's naughty. He's Randy, he's fun but he's like a gentleman but he's not.


He drives cars around and he's not. Yeah. He's got a kind of a wicked sense of humor when he when he trusts you.


OK, I want to give a little update on something really important. So I made you some zedi.


Yeah. Yeah, you did. You did it. Came through. I came through.


I brought some Zs over at night. You had already eaten. But that didn't stop me though did it. Know.


And you ate bites and and you said you liked it or more than that.


Let me walk people through it. There were so many different flavor profiles available in this one dish. And what was great is as you danced around the geography, I took a bite out of the right side. Then I popped in the middle. And because there was a four different four mojos, three, three, every time I wandered into a new sector of the dish, I got a new flavor.


It was like being on a trail in the woods and I kept coming around corners and all the wonderful looking blonde LDAP oh is delicious and surprising.


And you couldn't get comfortable. And then then a funny part.


Yeah, exactly. OK, so. Then you add a bunch of it, and then we were watching TV and I started to have a panic because I remembered that when I was cooking the zedi that was making my ricotta mixture, I put it in this comparable. And when I was spooning it onto the zedi, I was like, is there some, like, bluish color?


Oh, those are kind of a bluish tint. That's weird. Like tidy bowl.


What's the little mints that goes inside of a toilet and it makes the water really blue. Oh, no.


Was not that extreme. Just like a just like maybe even the light shined on it.


Funny. OK, so I was like, ok, that's weird. But then I just kept making it and then then brought it to you. You ate a bunch. But then while I was sitting there I was like, oh my God, what if that bluish ness was from the copper bowl and now it's poisoned and now everyone's going to be poisoned?


Right. Right. I got really nervous. And at the end of the show I said, hey, just do me a favor. Just don't eat the rest of the day until tomorrow because I'm going to go home and eat a bunch of it right now.


And then we'll see if I make it through the night. We'll see if you're dead in the morning. Yeah.


And if I'm fine, then feel free to eat the ZT. Right. And in the middle of all this, I took a few bites.


You were in the living room with Kristen and then you came around the corner and I was clearly chewing.


And you said if you had Saidi's appreciate that because I thought for real, like that could have been making people sick.


Yeah, I was not nervous. I know, but I was nervous.


Well, then I stopped eating and when she yelled at me and then you went home and you ate a ton of it. Yeah. And then you text me around 10:00 AM I'm alive. Yeah.


I made it through the night perfectly. Mm. You woke up stronger. I did.


I felt sturdy. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Robust. And I've eaten it many days and so it's not poisoned if anything it anextra taste. The copper and also secret and don't underestimate color profiles, you know, if you see a little blue, little cobalt, little green, you know, over a million things like, oh well, Peus. Oh, my gosh.


Wow. But it was delicious. Everyone should know it's delicious.


And I'm glad you made it for me. Thank you. You also made an incredible cookie this week. Yeah.


Also, Alison Roman's recipe. These are Internet famous cookies. So a lot of these listeners probably already know about it, but it's a chocolate chip shortbread cookie.


You know, Kristen came home last night and she said Monica made the most amazing cookies. She was bragging about the cookies.


I'm so happy. I just make of Allison Ramen's. And, you know, I've been watching all her videos over and over and over again because I ran out and I've just been watching them on repeat. Yeah. And the most amazing thing happened. This is, again, simulation. I put it out in the universe that I need more videos and she's going to start doing videos every Tuesday.


I would advise everyone to look, she's not sponsoring me, but I would advise you to like and subscribe, I would say with the level of promotion you've given her, she should make you dinner.


I would die.


We are in quarantine when she wakes when she wakes up at Importante, when she comes out of her long slumber or hibernation, then God, I would like I'd be so starstruck, though I don't think I could do it, you know, I think I could keep the food down.


OK, so Top Gear. Top Gear. Rob said that this year he's going to take the electronic stability control off. Yeah. Can you tell us what that is?


Yeah. So electronic stability control helps several things. One part of it is traction control. So it prevents the rear wheels, if it's rear wheel drive from spinning faster than the front wheels are spinning. That's how it's detecting it. And then also, should the wheels spin in, the car becomes sideways and back. If it starts swerving, it has the ability to apply, retard the throttle and also to apply brake to straighten it out, to prevent you from really going sideways or doing donuts or showing off Burt Reynolds in it.


So every time you get in the car with me or as I hold the button down and you got to hold on for a while, you got hold down for like seven seconds. Oh, turn the whole system off. If you hit at once, it'll just turn traction control off. But it won't it won't allow you to get sideways. But if you holding out for a very long time, I'll turn the whole system off and then you're free to go.




OK, I didn't I've never heard of it. And no, your car has it. I'm going to leave mine on tour.


I think that's advisable. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's been raining the last five days in L.A.. Yes. And I have taken that stability control off the kitty and I've just been dancing around the wet streets.


It has been so fiery now so far. Oh yeah.


You've been in the car when it's so fun. Not in the wetness. No, not in the wetness. But you've been sideways in cars with me before.


Yeah, I've just. But the wetness would scare me. OK, it becomes easier and more predictable. Yeah. OK, don't try this at home. No we're not advising that. I never said I was. I'm just making it clear. Yes.


Because you're making it sound fun. Listen, you went home and you consumed a ton of pasta. You you thought you were pretty certain was poisonous. Yeah, that's right. But I didn't say, hey, listen, people at home don't eat poisonous, boss.


Go ahead and do that, OK? I'm not mad if you say that. OK, I'll say it, guys. Maybe not. Smart thing to do is eat pasta you think is poisoned.


Yeah, but I'm into it. I thought it was a cool move.


I did it to protect you and to protect the children. Yes. Appreciate it. I was worried they might eat it and we had to do a test first.


Do you know what it reminded me of my mother's big trick when she wanted a bite of our food, like say she wasn't going to let herself get the rectangle sandwich it working for whatever reason. Maybe she was dieting or something or Halloween come around.


You get a big bag of candy bars. And she'd always say, let me make sure it's not poisonous. And she'd take the first bite and then if she didn't die, you could eat it. So kind of I kind of felt tricked a little bit when you're OK. I was actually trying to save your lives.


I got suspicious that you were going to you're going to say don't eat it. It's poisonous. And then I was going to go to sleep when you were to sneak back in the house and steal back the Z. Oh, that's all right.


That sounds like something I do like those cookies that you stole. In elementary school, you do have a history of food thievery, not of the food I made myself once a food thief, always a food thief.


All right, all right, all right. The name of the Top Gear book that's out that Rob mentioned, I think when I typed in Top Gear book, a few things came up. But I'm assuming it's and on that bombshell, inside the madness and genius of Top Gear.


Oh, I should read that book. You should be embarrassed that I haven't I didn't even know it existed until Rob said that. Also, I would never think to read a book about a show I watch.


Oh, I do. I've read books on friends. Oh, sure.


Anything I can get my hands on the front and any inside dirt, that's all.


That's OK. Right, yeah, don't be sad. I'm sad trying to think of I said any facts. He didn't say any wrong facts that I wrote down all your facts were correct. There's a lot of car stuff, though.


You could have just oh, there's no way I would have even known to check it. Yeah.


I assume between the three of you, you're pretty much going to fact check each other.


And we all have our we kind of have a Realm's, too, like Jethro knows everything about super cars from like 2000 until now.


I know everything about cars from 1966 until 1990. That's why I still read every car magazine. I memorized every horsepower every quarter mile time, every zero to 60 time.


Yeah, I can still recite all those, but I'm out to lunch on the newer supercars.


My gosh. Yeah, they're all crazy fast.


What designates it as a super car.


Um, opening up the first episodes all about us trying to actually define what that means. But in general it's a sports car that is like outrageously expensive, very low production. Like they're not making a bunch of them and they have some best in class feature performance wise, like crazy motor, crazy horsepower, crazy lap time. And they're exotic in hard to get in limited. Yeah.


Like I could name you some of the current super OK. Yeah. So like the McLaren 720 P but now they have a seven sixty five that that's a supercar.


But these aren't, these aren't race cars. Right. Like this isn't like what Danny is driving. No.


But ironically that is exactly what Danny drove over when he came to go because he's now racing for McLaren. So they give him a seven sixty five when he's in town. Oh interesting.


OK, before the Ferrari. What's their supercar right now. The F.


A F 12, the Lamborghini Aventador was a supercar, the Porsche 918 Spyder was a supercar, the cities have won, they have had them, so they had the Mercedes AMG McLaren that was officially a supercar and it was, I don't know, four hundred thousand dollars or something.


Oh, my God.


And then what else will we put in the supercar? There's the like conine there's a Seline. These are like handbill one off cars. They don't even make many of them. What does he stand for? Grand touring.


Oh yeah.


It's like a class of cars where they're super fast, but they're also made for touring so they might have a back seat or a place to put something in the trunk.


What does AMG stand for? I don't know. Probably something in German. I look it up in the history of AMG is they were an aftermarket company that would buy brand new Mercedes and take them to their factory and put ground effects packages on them, different suspension, bigger brakes. They might modify the engine. And all through the 80s, AMG, where these really cool Mercedes, but Mercedes in on them and then Mercedes bought them. And then when Mercedes bought them, they got way, way better because then the engines got insane and they started handling all these engines for those cars.


So the IMGs are handbill. The motors are you. Mine is hand built.


It probably says who built it under the hood. It does, yeah. Like my AMG station wagon has a little steel plate on it with the person who built them. So cool. It's really cool.


OK, I found out what it stands for and it's you're right, it's German and I'll never ever be able to say it. So let me try your mind. OK, you try.


I did take one semester of German right. I'll Fritsche Melchor and Grobart Growbag Potch. Oh wow. Wow. That last one. Bass Basque girl bass boccie. Alphatech, Melchor and Goldfrapp and Global Potch, oh, my God, I don't know, it's rough, it's to let's just keep it. I am sure there is a B. Those look like ampersands. Looks like a character in the middle of an eight.


Well, this was fun. Yeah, I learned a lot. I love cars.


It's a stupid thing to love, but I just do it's fun to hop into other people's worlds.


And Misha's, you know, I'm inclined to compare it to like how you guys like fashion, which I can't really wrap my head around, you know, like a. Like the pen guy, I think, I mean, the level of obsession in this color came out. You guys are calling each other and holy shit, the fucking sale's over and panic. I you know, I could watch it and I just can't relate at all. Right. So I guess I try to compare it to that.


But the one thing I'll say that feels differently about it is it's also an activity. Mm hmm.


It's like a hobby.


You can do something with this thing that you get. You know, you go drive it. It could be on a racetrack. You could take a road trip, you know, go hang on a Bob's Big Boys on a Friday night and.


Yeah, I don't know. I mean, is there anything like the clothes is I mean, I don't I actually I, I wouldn't equate those two, but if I was going to I would say clothes means something to us that it doesn't mean to you in the same way cars mean something to you that it doesn't mean to us in that it's a representation of. You are your identity. Yeah.


I think home in your homes for women, home decor, generalising big time right now.


But because obviously I like houses too. But yes, it occurred to me when I was on Kimmel last night, I was like, you know, I parked this enormous motor home in front of the new home, which really the new home is Kristen's dream house. So she worked with the designer and she it's what she wants.


And I would have stayed at her old house forever because it like functions to me is the way a house should function. You can have people over bleep there. You play cards or whatever.


Yeah, but for her, it's like a car, like the way she's going to feel while people are over. Oh yeah.


The way you feel when you're in there. Yeah. And then for me the, the motor home is that it's like oh I drive it and I get this visceral feeling. Yeah.


So I guess maybe those are the most comparable if I'm going to keep brainstorming, because there's got to be and also the justification to spend outrageous amounts of money on it is also similar to the House thing.


That's like when I look back on your fashion as well.


Yeah, but the house thing, like I look at what you're, you know, potentially going to do that and I'm not getting any money. I'm just going to say what you were what is important to you and what you would be willing to spend decorating your house versus what I would be is just so different.


Yeah. Yeah. But your apartment is so nice. I got to give it to you. Thank you. You have great taste.


Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. When I was cooking this weekend I was cleaning up, I've been cleaning for two and a whole new person, twenty, twenty one.


And I was like cleaning up and I was looking around, I was like oh I feel good.


And yeah this space like this, this space makes me feel good and it's like full of stuff that I've collected from places and it looks nice and I just it does something to my brain chemistry.


I couldn't agree more. I get in the Hellcat and I hit the start button in the way I'm sitting in the way it sounds. And I'm like, oh baby. Yeah, I feel like I'm a superhero in it.


Yeah, it's fun. Objects can do that. Yeah.


All right. Good night. Good night. Sweet dreams. Sleep tight.


Don't let the bedbugs bite. But if they do, try to enjoy it.