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Welcome, welcome, welcome. If you've heard more than two episodes of armchair expert, odds are you've heard me talk about my best friend, Aaron Weekly.


He is one of the greatest loves of my life. We met when we were twelve.


We were both living with single mothers, both trying to define ourselves as young men in the absence of a father figure, both trying to figure out different ways to cope with very similar childhood traumas.


And through this friendship, I found my personality. I found my confidence.


I found my way.


But the biggest gift we gave to each other was a place to be vulnerable.


Amidst all of our obnoxious, ritualized feats of rural masculinity, there was also room to be scared and worried and sad.


There was unconditional acceptance in a bubble free of judgment. In so many ways, I owe my life to Aaron, we have slammed in and out of each other's lives for the last thirty four years. I took a radical detour through sobriety 16 years ago. That proved to be our hardest chasm to straddle. But for the last 14 months, we've been strolling down the same road again. And it has been, to quote, Aaron, outrageous. We've had dozens of moments where we were teleported back to seventh grade.


It's been such an incredible year that I selfishly want 40 more just like it.


And that brings us to this show on the surface. Sure, it's a weight loss, weight gain contest, but for me it's about securing my oldest, most trusted lifeline. And I think we all need those.


No body, no bad. Welcome to the first episode of Race to 270, and this is not a political pot.


No, this is a contest. This will be our first ever, I guess we call it a game show, right? Monica Oh, I love game show armchair experts, first game show.


So let me just tell you what the premise of this show is. Charlie and I were sitting around at the Hansons house. I don't know why we were discussing his weight and Air Weekly's weight, but I said if I were to put down a five thousand dollar challenge, would you try to get to 270? And if Aaron accepted and was willing to try to get down to 270, is this competition you'd be interested in participating in? And you enthusiastically said yes.


Oh, yeah, instantly. And this is perfect.


Ten Charlie, by the way. I mean, I don't know. People have made that connection.


Well, that's what we're going to get into who the contestants are. OK, all right.


So people are already a little familiar with Aaron Weekley, of course, best friend Aaron, best friend, Aaron Weekly.


And then, of course, they've heard a million times about perfect ten Charlie. So we'd like to learn a little bit more about Perfect and Charlie. But before we do that, Aaron, could you describe how Charlie looks from your opinion?


Like I've said before, the first thing that came to mind was a fucking handsome fireman.


Oh, yes.


That you see on the cover of a calendar for firemen.


All right. Promoting firefighters. Yeah, but that was always my first thought.


And then that day at the beach, when someone asked him if he was a Viking, that would be my second description of Charlie.


And my third and last would be perfect.


Oh, yeah.


And would it be fair to say that you're a nice dream body since we've been in high school would probably be Charlie's body?


Most certainly, yes. Yeah. Because Charlie just teeters on the edge of looking like a bodybuilder. But he doesn't look like a bodybuilder. He looks like he's lifted a trillion log's and put bundles on his shoulder and climb ladders and just earned it the old fashioned way.


Absolutely. And his face is just fucking gorgeous.


The symmetry is off the charts. It's like there's a mirror splitting his face in half.


His blessing.


Monica, could you just tell so we can get a female perspective on CHIRLA?


Fireman calendar is pretty good.


Charlie is very hot, as we all know. He's perfect. Ten, Charlie. He looks perfect. There's no getting around it. I'm trying to think if there's even a celebrity that I could equate, I'm surprised Charlie isn't a celebrity.


Well, he will be after this, weirdly, although this guy isn't nearly hot enough, he looks like the crazy redhead on Game of Thrones when he had a big, long beard dry and he was a bad guy and chips for anyone that's seen chips.


So let's go through a brief history of why you're so gorgeous in your body. So nice.


You are an athlete in high school, athlete in high school and college. What was your sport played football. Oh, yeah, only football. What position?


I played tight end at Georgetown. Oh jeez.


You're down to file. Yeah, right there. Wow.


Took a little hiatus when I was done I was done working out so after I graduated kind of stopped and then got back in and. And that's been since 2010.


Did you get back in because your body was starting to slip or did you keep exercising throughout that period, or do you take a real break?


A real break? It's started to slip. Oh. Oh, wow. Everything started to slip. Oh, wow.


I don't believe two years of that. I know we need to see a picture of that time.


Oh, there's some pretty bad ones.


So you got back into it. And then by the time I met you, you and Erika, your beautiful wife, owned the Cross Fit Gym.


Yeah, we started that in about 2011 and I had done Crosthwaite maybe for two years. At that point we opened a gym in downtown L.A. and kept that running until May this year.


So immediately what comes to mind and I think, Monica, you'll have some thoughts on this is the ethics of this challenge. Oh, I have many thoughts. Oh, yeah.


Yeah. So right out of the gate, you go like, is it a good idea to offer someone a prize? Money to gain would ultimately be forty pounds in a short period of time.


Hopefully, yeah.


And so you just think, ah, you're paying someone to kind of ruin their body.


But I'm not crazy about. You're not crazy about. No, but the only reason I can go to bed at night is that Charlie last year for absolutely no reason. Yeah.


Well maybe there was a reason what happened last year for the marathon we talk about.


No, no, we're talking you're you're inexplicable. Weight gain last year this time. Yes. I guess it was a year ago.


I got up to about 260 and kind of started.


I was probably. Up to 20, and then they started slowly gaining weight and then at some point I let's just keep this going, see how far we can get.


And about this time last year to 60 in kind of a reason, a cleanish gain like lean, the muscle mass kept quadrupling.


And we were on some family vacations where you looked like a silverback gorilla, like your gut was really distended. Yet it was still an eight pack, but it was huge.


It was like a wheelbarrow gut with muscles on top of it. And then your trapezius were enormous. They were coming out of your ears, basically down to your shoulders.


Yeah, I can carry maybe 20 pounds in those chains, basically like a rump roast. So since you had done that just as a hobby, I thought, well, he might do this on his own. Monaca.


It's not like I'm asking to do something he hasn't already done for his own amusement, OK?


I mean, that's true. But to 70s, the most you ever weighed, right? Oh, yes. Yeah, absolutely.


What if his heart can't take it all?


His heart could take No. 50. Just what is a professional.


Yeah. Monica, he's a professional.


What professional. Perfect professional. And that's my point. That's exactly my point.


Charlie's body knows what it's like to be a perfect 10, so I'm worried about it getting to a perfect nine. Yes. And seeing it because I feel very confident he'll still be a perfect 10 at two. Seven. That's true.


I'll just throw for context that our good guy, Ronnie Coleman, when he was winning Mr. Olympian's, he was three hundred pounds.


Right. And you guys are probably the same height. Or you might be a little taller, actually a little taller.


I mean, I've spent a good six hours in the last week looking at bodybuilders and their weight. Oh, you. Just to make sure that it's possible, OK.


And what do you see? Because most of those guys we see when they're like five, seven or something huge, 300 plus.


Oh, wow. So it's possible.


OK, well, I have one question, but I think the listeners might be wondering and you sort of touched on it. So are you, Charlie, going to do this in a way where it's mostly muscle?


I'd like to. I think the last fifteen are going to be tough to do that, but I'm going to start Diceman pretty clean. Not a lot of crap yet.


Maybe you're going to eat like a few pints of ice cream towards the end.


Towards the end if I have to. OK, OK. And what we should point out now is that we have set up some ground rules as it's evolved. And basically we decided that Charlie, he's not going to cheat, he's not going to drink two gallons of water the night of the way and put on seventeen pounds.


He's going to play fair also because people are lighter in the morning and heavier at night. Charlie's going to get to weigh in at night and Aaron will weigh in in the morning. OK, I like that.


And I proposed this challenge to weekly. Weekly was very amenable. Amenable. Do we like that?


I'm not crazy about that. I don't know if that's right. I don't want to sign off. OK, so that's still up in the air.


But he agreed to it and unprompted, he sent us his first weigh in photo. And what's great is it came to Charlie and I at the same time, but I didn't open it and Charlie had and so he brought it over and I immediately start trying to look at the scale. It's a digital scale. I'm trying to read the weight, but I'm seeing like eight, eight, eight, because it's a bad angle and I'm not laughing.


And Charlie goes, really? Look at the photo.


And I don't know why he missed it, because a third of the photo is the head of Aaron's penis. He took his slacks and panties off to do his weigh in and he caught a big portion of that.


I immediately showed it to everyone.


And you weren't here, Monica, the first time we tried this. But I told Aaron, I hope you don't mind.


I said, you know, Monica took a second look and she said, You look great. Yeah. Oh, boy. She went straight, went straight to my.


But I did the same thing. I did not notice it at first.


I was staring at the numbers and I was like, OK, it was almost like a magic eye photo. If it felt like when a dad takes a picture and their thumbs halfway.


Yeah, that's what I thought was happening. That's what's great about it, is once you see it, how could you miss it? It's a third of the frame at least is the one no one saw the rosy head of. It was it was nice. That's all I wanted to pass on. People like to hear this, Monica.


That's exactly what you said to you. Like, let me see it again. You can just sit around to look just liked it. Yeah. And then you go, it's nice.


I think this is why you invited me to join in on this, because you wanted me to say that to Aaron.


Of course, I to tell my son that is the head of his penis. Of course. Of course. You want your daughter to tell your side, that is. This will, in fact, help with my weight loss. Believe it or not.


Oh, my gosh, those are my confidence. So, Aaron, just kind of walk us through your body over the last, I don't know, 15 years.


Well, let me start by saying that when Aaron and I graduated high school, we had the same exact build, you know, maybe an inch taller than Aaron.


We were both around 200 pounds. He was always a little bit heavier than me because he's got nice thick legs and a beautiful buoyant ass.


I've always been envious of it, but we were pretty much identical in outline or silhouette.


And then Aaron also roofed for years and he just had these gorgeous shoulders.


I think I sent you a picture of him on a school bus lighting a cigarette, and he just he looked like fucking Sam Elliot from a mask.


Yeah, I think I kept it around 220, 20 years most of my adult life and had pretty good muscle mass.


And let's see, 15 years ago, I think that's close to the decline that would put me at 30 years old, maybe maybe five years later, but slowly raise.


You've already set it on here. You're almost a year sober. So you had a pretty solid drinking problem.


Yeah, tons of drinking, which I guess the calories don't agree with you when you get older. So I remember when two fifty came, I was like, huh, how about that fifty.


That's pretty fucking awesome. And, you know, I wasn't upset. It was it was OK.




And then the next markers were two seventy five I remember that started to not be OK and declining and declining muscle mass started to start showing up in my stomach.


And there was that fucking horrible day when I saw three hundred on the scale. And that was always a joke of mine that well fuck it, I'm 280, I might as well shoot for three hundred. Sure.


Against my better judgment, I guess I kind of did and I hit three and didn't stop there but on the highest I saw me on the scale. And this isn't to say I didn't get a little heavier but was three thirteen. And that's just not acceptable anymore.


It's not funny. Three hundred. It was funny. Three thirteen was fucking off because I started thinking, what's next for three fifteen.


Sure, sure. Well and then you came out about a month ago, you're like, Dad, I got to get this under control. And I was like, yeah, so come out. So you were here for two weeks and God bless you. I admire your willingness more than any other person I know. We worked out fourteen days in a row and you ain't perfect every single day. And you never complained and you were up for the challenge the whole time.


And so we left to go to Detroit together. You were at two ninety nine point eight.


So you had lost. Yeah, almost. We have thirteen. Fourteen pounds. That's great.


Yeah. Those thirteen or fourteen pounds just to get me back to three hundred four. Really nice is a real good feeling. It wasn't easy but it was easier to do it being around you and all of you guys.


Actually Charlie and Ryan and Monochord, the whole crew and Eric we all kind of work out on vacation and Eric is nice.


So then I went back to Michigan with you and then probably kept it in the same zone. We had one really terrible day at four cider mills.


That'll be its own episode, but probably put on a few. But at the time that I text you with the challenge, you were then at three of six.


Was it six. Yeah, yeah. OK, yep.


And Charlie, you were at two thirty on the dot. Right.


So this is really close to being even so you had to gain fifty pounds. Forty. Forty. No forty. Forty and Aaron had thirty six. Yeah. Yes.


I mean that just worked out beautifully.


When was this. Tomorrow will be two weeks. Yeah. Tomorrow. Two weeks. OK.


Yeah. Yeah. So the next episode we'll have an update about week two. But after week one disappointing lead, the next photo of Aaron did not include the head of his penis.


No, I'm not interested in seeing that picture. Yeah, we didn't show that one on the next one. I'm going to give superiority picture.


I want to take a ten minute detour on that topic of Aaron getting hard. Oh, yeah, let's do it, because this is absolutely incredible.


It's. Very relevant and it's incredible. So when Aaron was visiting three weeks ago, we went to the beach on a Sunday. We are splashing around in the waves. We were singing in Holland and Charlie was surfing and we were all having a blast.


And I threw my neck out in a pretty severe way, getting tumbled around. What do you put in the washing machine, Charlie?


So I had a real bad neck the next day. I call this Mitsuse that we know who has been swearing by this guy, Dr. Kay, that fixed her back. And I said, can you get Dr. Kay to come by? So he came over to the house. He wrenched on me to my absolute shock and amazement. My neck was better in one session. So just a few days before that, we were in the gym and Aaron was saying, I can't really bench much because my shoulder has hurt for like three years.


I said, Doctor, can you stick around and work on air? And he said, yes. And then so, Aaron, just kind of walk us through the treatment like the steps.


Also, Dr. Kay is an Indian man. It's important to say that. Oh, yeah.


Very handsome. Very. Yes, yes. So Dr. Kay started with my shoulder. He really worked on me. I mean, he fucking got on top of me at some point because he couldn't get, you know, the leverage he needed from the ground.


OK, Ali, I wish I have walked in right when he was kneeling on your chest. Yeah, it was hilarious. I was, you know, giggling the whole time because it was outrageous what was happening.


But he fucking popped that shoulder, just pushed on it so hard till it popped and he cracked my neck and he cracked me in the other things. Yeah. Fingered me.


But he then went on to ask me what else is wrong because I assumed he was only working on the shoulder. I told him, well my love, my left thigh has a that feeling in it for seven years or so.


Let's take one second.


I just the fact that you haven't been able to feel your thigh for seven years and I hope we'll just be informative of how many things were going wrong that were louder than that.


But now that you're sober, you're like looking through all these things and we're finally at the leg that's been frozen for seven years.


OK, the one time in my life that that was addressed, I tried to ignore it because I was in a bad way for a few years. The one time I actually tried to address it to the doctor, I was in the hospital during a stay and they didn't want to mess with that at the time because there are bigger fish to fry.


So I know how outrageous it might even be. Sickening someone could live their life like I have. So he started pulling out my leg and cracking more things. And really quick, the table he uses isn't the most robust table.


When he was fucking jerking your whole body, would you think you were going to collapse?


Yeah, you would think, right. Three hundred pounds sitting on the fucking table and then add him because he was on top of me.


So lastly, he asked, is there anything else that you want me to work?


Well, really quick. Your leg completely came back online, right. Yeah, I had feeling in it and I have feeling to this day as crazy.


This is crazy.


So yeah, everything he did was so fast and nothing short of a miracle. I mean, this is embarrassing, but I just assumed if I didn't die first, I would have to be amputated. You know, I assume there is no circulation. Boy, who knows what would have been going on. I was afraid to find out. So, yeah, feeling came back in my leg. He kind of put me on the spot asking me if there was anything else wrong with me, which is a question that can't be answered, you know, quickly.


But it's I it was almost like I have to run through what's most important to me because I knew I had another half hour with them.


So I told them for years I haven't been able to get a boner without pumping hundreds of milligrams of PD.


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I'm so impressed by the way you thought to bring this up with them, because, yeah, I would not in any world think that something that a guy could solve. No. Right.


Yeah. So, in fact, he was ready to go tackle this problem immediately and he said, all right, well, lay back down.


He said, don't be embarrassed. I understand this is a big one for guys.


So he started pushing on my pubic area and one side was fine. And then the other side was so fucking tender that I almost cried when he pushed it lightly. And he's like, here's the problem.


Oh, my gosh. He said, take a deep breath in.


And he just started going after this area with his fingers and he crossed some things correct in there. Like there was like it sounded like a lot of snapping and things that you don't want to hear happen in that area, like someone smashing a plastic water bottle. Yeah, perfect.


But I got up and it was over and I went outside and talk to you and I was like, oh, my God, my arm feels great.


My leg is feeling.


And then the next morning I woke up with a solid fucking hard boner that I don't even think I've gotten that hard of two hundred milligrams of Kala's in the last six or seven years. Oh my God. I was sitting on the patio and he came up and he goes, oh my God, I fucking morning you. Oh, so exciting. I was it felt like a dream. I couldn't. There was no way that happened.


It's incredible. And you've had salad boners since. Oh, man.


I think that just the most incredible story. Monica it is. It is. Dr. Kay also thinks he's going to cure my epilepsy. Yes.


You have an appointment tonight, right? I do. OK, so now let's go through the first week. Charlie, tell us what you did on week one. You started the week at two thirty, and then what was your routine?


Start at two thirty, which is kind of my regular weight. Don't have to try too hard to cut calories or add calories. That's pretty, pretty standard. So for the first week, I just ate more of what I already ate. So just kind of full. Every meal didn't add too much. I did add in breakfast, which is and usually don't eat breakfast. So that was kind of delightful, really full, but didn't change too much in terms of what I was eating just a little bit more of it and added basically a meal you had at breakfast.


Yeah. So when you say you eat, you really full like like oh my God, I might throw up. Yeah. Like one more bite and I might might lose it all.


Oh that's a risky game. Yeah. Fine line. Real fine. That's fun. Playing with fire. Yeah.


And then so when you weighed in on Saturday night or did you hit. I hit a 240 or ten pounds.


What a nice game. It was a great great sight on that scale to forty. Oh. In your mind as you were pounding all week, what do you think was realistic.


I was hoping for like six or seven like a pound ish a day. OK, so I went a little over. OK, now, Aaron, walk us through your week.


All right. Well, I tried to get very serious about exercising every day.


See, I was coming off seeing you, but then when I went back to normal, eating a little, I think I might take in about 5000 calories in a day.


Sure. Without drinking booze.


Somehow I do so much snacking and shit. So week one, I was in my head so much. So, mind you, I've just never looked into dieting. I just never done it. And I looked at the Kaito diet for a split second and saw a bunch of meat and delicious cheese and and I thought, well, this looks like a great diet, so just don't have carbs. And started chowing down.


And I was eating a lot.


Day three, I had an oatmeal for breakfast and I looked at the carbs and I was like, well, there goes the whole diet. Well, and this could be a little educational.


So, Charlie, explain how the only way Akito diet can work.


Well, it's one of the only ones. You don't get a cheat day. It's all or nothing. So I you to hit ketosis. The car was bumpy out and it takes different people different times but a week or two to get back in. So you don't get that one day break or you just start all the way over.


It's probably the only diet we're doing it. Ninety nine percent correct. Is not enough. Yeah. It has to be done perfectly. What is ketosis? What is happening in your body?


It's when you switch over from burning. Car based fuel sources to fat based. So you kind of have to rid your body of all your carbs, stored up, carbs, everything, and then it switches over to burning fat. And that's why you consume all the fat as your energy.


But it takes a long time to get to that stage. And once you hit the carbs, you switch out and you got to start all the way back over.


And insulin, the big enemy of it, right? Yeah. Which is from the carbs.


Yeah. Well, I just want to add really quick that if you want to look like Charlie, he teaches, is it twice a day or once a day? Once a day.


Every day. Monday, Wednesday. Twice a day. OK, endorphins endor like not outdoor but indoor and love it.


So go watch Charlie exercise. But OK.


So Erin, so you got into some Bob's Red Mill in the morning and you realize, OK, this this might not be the right tact. Oh I was like I blew it.


So then I ordered Chinese food and I ate like five pounds of Chinese food. And then later and later at night I ordered a pizza and breadsticks and I was horribly upset with myself while I was eating it. And I'm like, fuck it. And then I kept going back and forth to the kitchen and getting more. And I was like, this is my first cheat day.


And then what really happened was what really is happening is I have no idea what I'm doing.


I mean, come on, I'm trying to lose weight. There's a prize to be one of five thousand dollars. And I most fucking definitely know that eating a large pizza and Chinese food is in no way going to help the cause.


So I don't think with even the million diets that are out there, I don't think either of those items are on any diet, right?


No, I don't think so. I think I'm so upset that they're not. Yeah, I just there's no explanation for how my brain works. It goes to this crazy place. And if I don't make a phone call, there's no one here, the real me in reality.


So I well, you and I both have this mode that is just always like an inch away, which is fuck everything mode, right? Yes. Yeah.


And I and I never know if that's like normal people too. Or is this the addict in me that is all or nothing.


Yeah, I think it's more that I also think it's a way to regulate your feelings. Even if you're making your feelings worse, the predictability of it is appealing. So it's like, well, I know I'll be full as fuck in thirty minutes, like I know that feeling. So let me, let me do what's required to get that feeling. And then it's a downward spiral of like trying to then correct that terrible feeling with another shitty option.


I admitted that to you as maybe the next day we were talking and I and saying it out loud, I felt so ridiculous and embarrassing that I ate really good again.


I exercised bottom line is week one was a roller coaster of emotions and I still managed to lose six pounds.


So I it was three hundred on the money. Aha. So that was crazy because when I saw Charlie said ten pound I was like, oh God, game over.


Like the sky's going to be to seventy and it's just fuckin more muscle and you know, two, three weeks. Well it's kind of great, although it was a rough week for you.


I do love the symmetry of it now being exactly thirty pounds away for each contestant and then collectively watch.


The beautiful part of this contest is that Charlie has been helping Aaron. He's he's he's advised him. He invited him to join endorphins. That was the first act of kindness.


I noticed Aaron's yet to send any food to Charlie's house, but maybe that's forthcoming.


But but then collectively, we talked in the three of us decided that probably the best approach for Aaron, knowing you're never going to get to ketosis and some of these other diets are going to just be too hard, is going the caloric route, as Charlie advised, maybe start at twenty five hundred calories a day. That's what you're going to give yourself. So it's not too crazy, although if you're starting at five, that's a pretty steep decline and then you're going to write down everything you eat, which is a big pain in the ass.


And in my experience when I've done that, because it's a pain in the ass, once I find my like eight meals that I know the caloric intake up, I just repeat them over and over again. Yeah. And then Charlie advised that each week probably pull him back.


What do you feel that maybe two hundred calories a week you can drop. And I just using that same thing you're saying, log in like the top ten foods, select them every time. And that way you don't have to remeasured, don't have to re-enter anything.


And you could use Neum and you could use our code. There we go. Oh yeah. And crank your tits down with a third love bra and then you're going to be. One of my fears as I was down in my basement fuck and get my pump on today was looking at myself in the mirror. Halfway through and I'm like, oh, yeah. And I was like, oh, are you going to start getting fucking huge and just gaining muscle?


But I think we talked about it. I mean, I have so much to lose my gut.


What's your thoughts on that, Charlie? I think you're going to burn that fat first, cut down your calories. You don't have as much fuel to bulk up as much. I think it'll be good.


This whole notion when people work out, they're like, oh, I've only lost two pounds, but I think I've gained four pounds of muscle generally is horseshit.


Yeah. The only way I really will bulk up regain muscle is if I up my intake to support more muscle gains against so than the next weigh in is tomorrow, which is very exciting.


So I got to get up in the morning and wait, although I'm confused.


Do you think he should do Sunday morning or Saturday morning. There's a weird advantage there for you, Charlie. Why? Because he gets one more day of gaining weight. Oh, that's true. Versus eight hours. Yeah.


So Charlie should probably go Saturday night and er. And you go Sunday morning. Sunday morning.


I hate to say it but I think. I think so.


I'm good. Why do you hate. I love to say it.


Oh I love hearing you say. Oh yeah. So that actually gives you er in two more nights.


Right though. I love that because I'm, I haven't got on the scale so I'm, I'm feeling I lost a few more and I have been writing down everything even to the best of my knowledge. I've been somewhere between two and twenty five hundred.


Wow. That's impressive. From five. Wow.


But at the same time this is what I did last night. I'm sure you'll get a kick out of this.


So at about eight o'clock it was a rap. I ate dinner I ordered from this place because I was craving one because DAX, you and I had it so many times, I got a Greek salad with a side of Yero.


Me? Yeah. Oh. And I was just estimating calories. And that I'm sure was quite a bit anyway. It was so fucking good and I like licked the bowl. It was just so good, every bit of it.


And I was like, all right, now it's eight o'clock and I'll fuck off. You feel good. Watch your cup. I was outside. Yeah it was outside. Yeah. Yeah. Couple hours. A couple of shows. Blue Bloods required Quantico. I guess you already tore through rugby so you can't watch that. Oh yeah. I'm waiting for next season but um so I was outside talking with my neighbor in the backyard and I was telling him about it, about the road to 270.


He was getting a real kick out of it.


So he told me his thoughts and he's in real good shape. And he's like breakfast at eight and then stop eating by eight. And it's pretty simple. Don't fucking eat at night. Yeah.


So I went in and guess what, I was starving because it was so overwhelming how hungry I was that I knew what to do. And I looked at the book and I'm like, I already wrapped it in there right around twenty two or three hundred calories I think. But I couldn't stop.


So I had a bag of empty calories, light, microwave popcorn and some salami and some olives, some cottage cheese. And this is that like fucking nine thirty.


That's better than the pizza and the Chinese food. Yeah. You're getting better.


We claim progress, not perfection. Shaklee Yeah. So I know that too. And that was in my head like, OK, I didn't grab any of the five bags of Doritos and chips. Yeah. That now are there for the kids.


Well, this is where you are a bit hamstrung. And I was saying I feel bad because you sent us a video of you throwing away some pizza that the kids had left over. It's so hard when you have kids and they leave all this yummy macaroni and cheese and shit, it's leftover.


Yeah, that's rough. I think it'd be a lot easier if you were single because you could only have in your house perfect stuff, but you can't have that because your kids weight just made a big pot of macaroni and cheese for him and the girls about an hour and a half ago.


I would like some of that. So yeah, I was looking at it. Half of it's still in the pot, you know, that I'm going to throw away.


What about intermittent fasting? Has Aaron tried that? I mean, if you're doing eight to eight, are you supposed to do eleven? What's the diff?


What is it? Most of the science is just that it reduces your calories.


So the shorter window you eat, you can only eat so much food within that time. So if you start eating at noon, let's say you skip breakfast, you do noon ET, then you got sixteen hours, you don't eat so you can only. So much within that small window, so my approach would be to acknowledge what your weaknesses are and not try to overcome that as much, but have an option. So if you're starving, I would just have like six pounds of lean turkey meat and I would just say, all right, you're allowed to eat until you're full, but you can only eat this and you're going to get bored after a half pound of it anyways and it will fill you up.


So it's like if you use that one, go to it's like, yeah, I'm allowed to have a snack, but it's only turkey breast.


Yeah. And protein in general is going to fill you up. If you're just eating a chicken breast, you're going to get bored of eating it full before you eat too much versus like two bags of popcorn and the same calories, more or less. But you're going to get sick of that chicken.


Well, I think this is a very exciting challenge.


Again, the one additional ethical dilemma, Monica, it did occur to me that I am basically offering to pay Charlie to trade bodies with heroin or just to his body for some money to save sweet Aaron.


Yeah, you're sacrificing Charlie for Aaron, which I would do.


And I love Charlie, but you understand, right? He's been my best friend since I was 11. You're also thirty four for this could be the best thing to happen to me to 70s. We don't know. That could be my ideal weight.


Endorphins could absolutely explode because if they are watching this big lumbering firefighter roll around.


Oh, no, no. I didn't even think about that ethical element. What if he loses his business because people are like, oh no, Monaco, we've already covered it.


When they click on endorphins, it's going to be me again. Solid muscle working out. Yeah.


Errands that he's he's getting to just walk right into Charlie's wife, two beautiful boys married. The beautiful Erica.


We're just going to make the switch on Instagram and everything is real quick. No one notices my one will notice this girl up here. Well, this is an exciting challenge.


I'm riveted. I can't wait to watch the weekly progress. I'm probably most excited about Charlotte because I did enjoy so much. When you got to 260 last year, I was just mesmerized by the transformation. I'm excited about it.


Can I just say I'm very excited to watch Charlotte gained 40 pounds. She's going to look awesome. There's no question. No, I'll have no clothes, but it's going to be so cool.


I fucking love have to buy a two thousand dollar wardrobe. So the net the net wins are going to be down if you win. Yeah. Well weekly.


I love you to pieces Charlie. I love you Monica. I love you.


Love you guys. You guys love you guys say stay in school. Good luck to the contestants. Yeah. Good luck. I wish big gains for Charlie and big losses for weekly and we will find out shortly.