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We know that. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving. This is a really appropriate time to record this episode because today is going to be a real tough day for Aaron in an easy peasy for Charlie.


OK, so this is exciting. This is the week for update. So we covered this a lot in the male body episode of Armchair Expert.


It was really fun to hear from Rob and Kumail about our own obsessions with male bodies.


And I was curious, Charlie, like, when do you think you started even thinking about, oh, I want X, Y or Z body?


Probably once I started working out, maybe in high school, I played quarterback up until my senior year. So really junior year going into senior year, I try to get bigger and bulk up. And so that's when it became more of a fascination with gaining weight.


Who was the dream body type football players and like wrestlers, big time wrestlers are actual.


No, like, OK, you get those guys. Yeah.


So it was more athletes than it was movie stars. Yeah. No, but did you love as a kid like Schwarzenegger's body and. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


And then as I've gotten older, just going into like watching all those bodybuilding documentaries, all the bodybuilders now that Instagram is out there we talked about Kallum.


Yeah. Yeah. Big motivator. Yeah. Well that's his goal to motivate our whole generation.


And I'm going to include you, Charlie, even though you're fifty five years younger than me and er and we were so warped by growing up with Schwarzenegger and movies the previous generations, what they have like Clint Eastwood had a good body and he was just lean and normal looking in the 80s.


I started really getting Jack really carrying around a lot of muscle mass and I became just so obsessed with muscles. Did you care, Aaron? You were into hard rock and roll was your thing.


I did not care about Schwarzenegger Iraqis bodies.


Oh, you didn't? Oh, yeah. That's I like hearing that you were so into bodies so early that.


Yeah, I remember you paying attention to like my stomach since vague memories of wars obsessed with my stomach.


Your obsession. Dude, I was obsessed with my stomach in seventh and eighth grade. I went to the beach and all I thought about was whether my stomach was hanging over my swimsuit or not. Do you have any vanity memories like Charlie?


All of high school. Oh, okay, good. We had some I think my grandma had it. It was her like suntan oil and it was like a bronzer.


We would just go to the beach and stroll the beach and it was always after a workout in the morning and that was the summer.


And did you do desire or washboard abs flatter? Of course. Yeah. Yeah, I thought about it so much.


I'm embarrassed to admit I still think about it.


Well, yeah. Yeah, I do too.


Not as much. I'm definitely embracing like yeah I'm older and whatever. It's not going to be this or that, but yeah.


You never really gave a fuck Aaron did you. I did give a small fuck but I came off that I didn't.


OK, but I think I started to obsess a little through you but never, never admitted it.


And to be quite honest. Yeah. Was pretty. Is it brave of you that you were so out? Like I felt like I was gay if I. Oh right. Yeah. And being how we grew up a week. Yeah. I would. I know you and I could talk about this stuff, but if I was like, dude, what about Schwarzenegger's bond. I would expect the worst from you I was talking about, but here I think was my perfect body.


And you guys might not even know this because I was so obsessed with Seinfeld.


Elaine had a boyfriend buddy. David Puddy. Yeah, no, yeah. There is multiple episodes of him with his shirt off and he was just all right, we're not talking like six pack.


We're talking just big, like I picture them big and stout, like I kind of am bahah powerful. And I always like to feel powerful and never felt like I wanted to be tone and write and ripped abs and stuff.


It was seen as a bit effeminate where we grew up. Yeah. Yeah. But do you remember one time we were on my dad's boat, we were just hang in there, remember this. I don't know why this seared in my memory, but you and I were hanging on the pontoon boat.


We were like looking over and there was like a group of high school kids and they all like twice the bodies. Yeah, yeah. Like fucking biceps and triceps and really nice abs. And I was obsessed.


I'm like, oh, my God, look. Look at these kids, we're 25. We should be so strong. These kids look stronger than us. And then the thing that got me into working out, I was at Lakita with my family and there was like a group of probably 50 year old dudes in. One of the dudes had such a good body and at the swimming pool, just not even showing off. I think this is just what he enjoyed doing.


He banged out like 30 or 40 pushups next to the pool.


And I remember thinking I was only like twenty seven or twenty six.


And I was like, I don't think I can do 10 pushups. I remember feeling humiliated by this guy. And then when I got home, I got a membership to Bally's Total Fitness, and so began my journey because of this man. And I thought, man, when I'm 50 I want to be able to do some fucking pushes by the pool. In fact, I'm going to post some pictures.


I was thinking I just posted some pictures of us at the sand dunes, which was fun. But I'm going to post some pictures of us topless in our like 20 to 23.


And Aaron was a roofer. Any of these beautiful tanned shoulders?


Oh, super hairy chest. So masculine and powerful and powerful. Yeah. And he was powerful. He could carry bundles up the ladder. It was great.


But how do you explain, Charlie, you're so you obviously we share this vanity or insecurity or obsession.


Probably a little of all of it.


I don't know, because we didn't have a dad around saying like you're a man's son. Yeah. I mean, just upon first visual, it's to prove your manhood.


Yeah. You've arrived as a full grown male with big, powerful shoulders popping biceps.


Monica, what kind of obsession did you have with body? You are such an athlete through Chir, but did you think about your body and like, oh, I wish I had this.


I wish I didn't force every person. But girl specifically wants a different body than they have.


I was more concerned about my face, but I think that is because I was in good shape.


Yeah, because it changes, which is interesting. Like when I was in junior high and high school, all you wanted was big blabbers big fat natural's. No one thought about budgets.


No, not for me. Well, this is the age gap.


You know, that 13 year age gap.


Well, know what I would do if he wasn't thinking about budgets, but I wasn't happy that I had big boobs or you weren't know.


Weren't other girls envious of your boobs? I don't think so, because they all had boyfriends.


But the current friendship circle is envious of your boobs. Well, that's now I mean, you'd expect people to get less envious as they've chiseled out an identity for themselves.


No, I think now it's more envious because they're still good and we're all now.


Did you want to be taller? I wanted to be blond and symmetrical face.


You didn't think about your stomach or anything? I did not need to run.


And I now, well, as we know, I have great control, so I too much, too much control. So I still don't think about it that much.


Definitely way more now. But I do look at pictures and I'm like, oh my God, I wish I could go back to that.


Was there any person whose body you coveted? Jen Aniston.


Yeah, I love the Avi Vigenin. And now I didn't have a thing where I was like, I want that person's body. It was the overall thing. Like I wanted their life, the whole thing. Yeah.


And so Jenan for sure, Natalie Portman, those people.


But it wasn't like I was focused on their body. That wasn't a thing for me. Yeah.


I think I rightly or wrongly attributed the action I did get with just being tall and having broad shoulders because I was like, my face is a mess. That's not why anyone likes me. But I think this body is part of what gets people past it.


Again, this is what the story I told myself.


So then I think I think the notion of being able to change your body, make your body whatever you want, despite whatever your face is, you're kind of stuck with it unless you're going to get a rhinoplasty. Yeah. Which I've considered.


This is going to set off a whole thing. I know. So, boy, this conversation is going to be so sad.


So I do think, Erin. Yeah. You've always been what I would say is healthy or at least you have the appearance of it. Even if I weighed less than you, your top would be off.


And me like, I don't know if I want to go topless. I don't I just don't think my abdominals are in good enough shape. I was envious.


I feel like it was one small thing that I kind of enjoyed not worrying about. Yeah, I love pop the shirt off and just driving around. Oh man. I remember in once in high school, I think he was like, I know it's summertime when I see you with your shirt off. I remember passing a little liquor stores something once and I thought, yeah, I love there's no I've wanted to pack away the shirts for the whole season.


There are a lot of people go sleeveless in your life, that's child's play. Just get rid of the shirts all together and you would generally work shirtless when you were a roofer. Yeah, yeah.


Fuck Petrosian, 20 year old Aaron up there on that roof. Sam Elliott got young.


Sam Elliott is probably out of the picture at this point. Well, I'm going to post some pictures here.


So Aaron and I were just in the dunes, and Aaron famously talks a lot in his sleep, which is so funny. There's so much going on when Aaron's asleep.


He well, I think we'll admit very heavy snore or I don't even know if you'd call it a snore.


Is a lot of noise coming out from the respiration's, which I've come to not even care or here.


And then some very high pitched squeaky farts will come out occasionally. And then the best is just a ton of talking.


So I've heard Aaron talk so much over the last 30 years.


One of my favorite moments was I can't remember where we were sleeping, but I was up and I hear Aaron's in his sleep.


He goes, Oh, here comes Big Dan, Crume, Ferrari, cool Dan.


And I'm like, he is asleep right now.


Seen this guy Dan, who is awesome and he doesn't grow very big. Do you think Dan was daks? I know. I know. No fucking way. That's your student.


And though he was a dad, built the gear and thought I was that cool.


I know why he was making fun of you. Oh, that's possible. No.


And I may be out in his dreams. Maybe he's not as nice. That's true. We were talking about this yesterday.


I think it's a big hindrance to be a sleep talker because what if you say a secret or something in your sleep and somebody hears?


I've often. That's scary, but nervous about that in the past.


Yeah. Certain girlfriends. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


I guess you just say, well, I was dreaming.


I don't drink. I fucked your best friend. I would never ever do that awake. Oh I'm asleep. Your mom. Oh yeah. That's some scary stuff.


So anyways, we were in the dunes and I woke up a little earlier on the air and I was making coffee and I he is here and he's just talking.


He's up in the fucking bunk above the driver's seat.


And I hear, oh well I way I was two ninety one when I weighed in and in his sleep he was talking about his way and I oh he is taking this seriously because that's what he's dreaming. You know what I heard 291 like four or five. Very proud of that. I got to say I was just in Monaca.


You witnessed it as well. His fucking self-discipline out there in the dunes.


Very impressive. I was really impressed.


There were all these ways to just have a tiny cheat. So we were sitting down now some hummus and crackers and the hummus find the crackers were like the almond crackers, said he had a bunch of turkey meat and I was poppin slices of cheese on mine, which took it to the next level clearly. And he knew it. And he never I know I'm I was impressed.


I even brought out some chips. I felt that. I know. I mean, I had to be on Charlie's team a little bit because we were ganging up.


And you started to feel uncomfortable. Yes, I brought out some chips because dad said we have a way in. And I said, this is not this is no longer there. So I brought out some chips. But he added, no, I didn't take one.


You know, one of the loveliest parts of Monica is she's always protecting whoever is not.


They're always very ethically. Charlie was there. I still would have protected him. Yeah, in whatever capacity.


You're always making sure that everyone's being someone has to. Yeah, exactly.


And what if you slept and ate instead of slept well? Got we talked about it did talk about this.


Matt, our friend Matt apparently does this in the middle of the night. He goes and gets a bunch of chocolate chips. Oh.


Just raw like mazzilli. Yeah. Which is actually my choice of dessert as well. But I don't do it in the night that I know of.


In the night we had an old roommate fifteen years ago, someone would make cookies in the house and she would sleepwalking and say she was eating them in her sleep and we'd wake up, they'd be gone all the whatever good in the house when we were there wasn't a lot of good things.


And she oh, I must have slept, walked in eight those. I'm like, no, that's bullshit. You Cookie. Well yeah. What a cheap excuse. Yeah. Right.


So also this posed the thing because I think we talked about it when I go to the dunes. That's my big. Vacation from my own diet and I eat almost exclusively ruffles, potato chips, three tons of that cheese, and then didn't bring any notes of one back to two little bags of roofies. I kept in my duffel bag and I just snacked on them. I didn't even go through them. And so I was grateful. Ultimately, I felt better.


But was it hard? Yeah, at times. But I like it. I like it now that I'm a little stronger and can stare at those bags of chips. I swear to God, those bags of chips are like especially when we had Sloppy Joe, which it's not like one of my favorite things, but never in my life have I eaten it without a bigger ruffles. Nearly impossible. Yeah, but I felt good. And I and the awareness of you guys telling me like, oh, you're doing so good.


That kept me going. I, I really, you know, I might have fallen without some encouragement.


Yeah. We all need the control that the control feels good to.


Like you could control that. No. Yeah I know. And feel good about it.


And then Charlie, I can't imagine it was hard for you to eat a bunch us this week.


Now kind of the same. I've added in some daily peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Snack on. Have you calculated how many calories that is. I think each one's about 350. Oh, really?


Wow. That's more than I expected. There's a hefty dose of I think I must feel like that's less than I expected.


Really? Oh yeah.


If I make a big PBJ expecting it to be exactly that, well, then I would feel so guilty pounding a peanut butter jelly.


And I'm like, that must have been 700 calories.


I feel the same way normally. But in high school our mascot was the Falcons and our strength and conditioning coach would always tell him when to bulk up. And so peanut butter and jelly was the thing. Yeah. And they called him Phalcon Birdseed.


That was the little thing that was like this whole thing with this running thing we always had.


And I guess the European Jews Alconbury going out there.


Valkenburg I would wake up in the middle of the night and eat a peanut butter and jelly would be next to my bed. Just eat it, go back to bed. So so in my mind, that's how you gain weight.


So normally I'm like, I can't eat it. Yeah. I now bring them back. They're so good. Do you ever do you ever grill them like a grilled cheese.


That's the fucking best thing on the planet with this volume.


I don't have time for that.


OK, but you could get some butter in there if you do it that well, I'd like to make you one, maybe even today at the Richardsons.


I would like to as an appetizer before Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe I could put peanut butter in cranberry sauce.


Oh, there we go. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. This is St..


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Well, let's talk about weighings now, I'm on pins and needles, Monica, are you? Yes, the excitement is building.


Yes. So let's go through it. Charlie started at two 30 and started three or six after one week of the program. Charlie was at 240 and was at three hundred. After week two, Charlie was at two forty four point eight and Aaron was at two ninety five point five.


And then the last episode, Charlie had gotten himself up to forty nine point seven and Aaron was down to two ninety one point three, which I spoke about a lot, and most which you were very proud of, as you should have been.


So here's what happened. We were in the dunes and we were eating well, also drinking like an insane amount of fluids because I don't know, I just do it out there.


And when I got home the first day I was home, I just had like eight pounds of water weight. And then the following day, I weighed myself and I had lost like four pounds, but I didn't do anything differently. And I was a little nervous. Aaron might be in that same boat with our deli meats and the salt, compulsively drinking fluids. So I don't know how optimistic I am.


OK, I'm just going to say that. Did you lay it out there? No, I weighed in when we got back. Mm hmm. So he has a little advantage over you. Yeah. And I was Daly last time, so.


OK, so we're all we're playing it fast and loose. I want to go with Charlie first. All right. Because I feel like I don't feel like any big surprises are coming out.


Like he's just he's. I do. You do. Charlie's just can so close. That's driving me crazy. Driving me crazy all week.


What I mean by that is he's so methodical in the plodder, like there's no way he's going to come in here and have lost a pound.


No, he's not going to know how we know that. And he hasn't switched to ice cream. Yeah. Like he has his own. Thank God he has the vanity thing I have. Yes. You befogged. He would avoid having no longer allow you to just eat in ten items at yet 300 gallons of ice.


He would have beat me to three. OK, so what did you weigh in? I weighed in Saturday night, OK, late at night after a big plate.


A Chinese in your. Oh really? Oh, that was a shock. As we know, Aaron Aaron's kryptonite is Chinese food.


The cheaper, the better. Yeah, delicious.


And so, yeah, you got a big salt bump off that. All those healthy salts, all the real help us all.


Not a lot of meat in there, but a lot of fried food, a lot of dough, not a dollar in sugar. That's a dream plate of food for you before away.


A great week for two fifty four and a half. Oh boy.


Two and a half. We're getting really close.


Oh you got so consistent. Yeah. Going can be five by five. Wow. I'm going to write that on the boards right there to fifty four point five. Way to go.


Oh my God. Charlie, you fifteen pounds laughin.


Wow. See, I don't know if I believe you when you said the last twenty will be the harder it seems to be very consistent.


Very consistent.


Well I hope I the trap exercises. So at least three of those pounds. Right. Right next to you. Right in the throat. Trouble breathing. Is there any constriction with all the fucking muscle and does the muscle still oxygen from your throat. Wow. OK, so you are fifteen point five pounds away from the finish line you're doing right.


Yeah. Really good job Charlie. Yeah. Your neck is. I guess so. I can't wait to see your neck. Looks like at the end of this. Oh my God. It's going to be wider than his face. Oh it's already. I think it's it's getting close. Yeah. It's definitely the same at this point. I think we should be doing some measurements actually of Charlie's neck.


But I think Aaron's also his face is changing a lot to a bunch of really cute pictures of us in the sand dunes.


Girls agreed.


I posted them and a lot of girls were saying how handsome you looked. Mm.


They're just being nice. No.


Oh, God. Just Iconica. Everyone's young people want to be nice. They just say something nice about you. They don't have to make it about your looks like oh he looks like he's so much fun. Yeah. You don't have to you know you're not going to say someone's like she looks so tall.


OK, ok. Tell us Aaron.


It's not as exciting but still losses to eighty nine point seven to eight and the eight to ninety nine down in the eight in the eighties, sixteen point three pounds you've lost so far.


That's a serious chunk of weight. That's a huge bowling ball.


What did you bowl with here and what weight? Sixteen.


And you like the biggest gathering of thunder that this wouldn't surprise anyone. But Aaron is a fund raiser, dude. He fucking lets the ball go on the other lane. Just fucking makes a sharp. Left, Herman wipes everything out. Oh, my claim to fame. Oh, boy, it's really funny. If you grow up, like, in parallel with somebody there, your only point of reference for all these things. All right. I've never seen any nails ball consistently.


I've never I've never played darts with anyone else. I haven't played shuffleboard, loose ball. He's a phenomenal football player. Do you want a fucking pool tournament in Georgia?


Uh huh. With very little practice. Oh, yeah. Oh, and air hockey.


All right. And you were new to the game, right?


Yeah. Also, arm wrestling was really big in junior high. I mean, it was life or death hardware. And Aaron couldn't be left handed, though. Even you be Fat Jack.


Right, left handed. Left handed. But Jack wasn't allowed in the tournament with a strong four times stronger than any grown man. Yeah.


And by the way, I just want to add that that's his moniker. He would introduce himself as Fat Jack. So I didn't label him that. That was his.


And again, that probably sounds horrible, but but but yeah, he beat a full grown like a six foot two, 200 pound encamp. Dearborne. Yeah, he was thirteen. Oh, fuck.


In bed I'm twenty dollars. And then the guy was so embarrassed when he lost that he called Jack Fat and Jack knocked out an adult fourteen years old.


Oh Jesus. He's the best. You know, I would just I know we talked about him all night. We did.


We miss him. We don't really we get neither for our memory. I can't wait for you guys to get here. I think you're both about twelve years away from us, although you haven't had the bad drug abuse that we had. But do we? Don't we? He was our best friend. Neither of us can remember if he went to high school with them.


We don't know. We have no memory after eighth grade. What happened? Did he move? We're starting to wonder if he even went to junior high with us. Like maybe he just met us at the school or in the we remember the name of our class because he just made up these stories.


That's just there's started as a dream.


There's a really good percentage that that's the case because none of these things make sense in the physical world. So what's the game plan for today?


What are we doing? I have a game plan. Oh, tell me. So I don't know what's on the menu, but I assume a ton of delicious stuff. I assume that's Turkey in there somewhere. I'm going to keep it.


Leitman My normal Thanksgiving dinners would be incredibly horrible and usually it wouldn't stop all day into the night, into the next day and some leftovers are gone.


So I know of just the fucking garbage disposal.


So I'm going to keep it light. I'm going to keep my self discipline and love that you guys get to enjoy whatever's there. But I'm going to just mind my eating.


Can I throw in a suggestion? Yeah, I think we should do it to a day to day. So we already worked out before this. Yeah.


I think we should head up to Eric's gym during the festivities and get a little pompons. Just remind ourselves.


Yeah, that started as a joke. I said I'll work out before and after. And he said during.


Yeah. I guess the maximum. Yes.


So you're 254 again, Charlie. What was the heaviest you got to sixty last year. Sixty sixty.


Gosh, I feel like it took you so much longer last year than it has taken you this time. There's five thousand dollars on there.


No, I wasn't trying quite as hard.


I'm also happy that we discovered that you both have an Achilles in this, which is Aaron's never had a dream body type doesn't give a fuck and you do have a dream body type. So it's it's hard for you in that way to gain the weight in an undesirable way.


Blubber. Oh, by the way, this pissed me off.


What's your opinion on this, Charlie? As a professional. So I got a full heart scan on Thursday where they put the dye in and they can tell you exactly how much plaque you have in all your arteries.


And I'm so relieved to report that I have zero percent in all my arteries, which seems almost impossible. That's not what pissed me off. I was looking at the little printout and they said height. Seventy four inches and then weight. I was 193 that we get in the BMI here. Yes.


Well, no, but they didn't fucking do anything other than get my weight in my height.


So your BMI is just a ratio of your height to weight. That's it. That's all it is. All it is. So I'm in the severely obese category every time. Oh, interesting.


So it's literally just that ratio. Oh, so they don't take into account your body fat, your exercise level activity, any of that, your muscle mass, none of it.


So that's not the number. Like when you think about getting down to six percent or something, just be your body fat percent.


This is just literally how much you weigh in relation to your height.


OK, because I was twenty four point. BMI, which is probably in the dangerously heavy category because they're taking someone that is healthy, doesn't do an activity, lean muscle mass does nothing. Probably would be 170 pounds. Yeah.


So they think I'm twenty four pounds overweight. Exactly. OK, yeah. Interesting.


I didn't know that. I didn't either. I thought that somehow represented. Yeah. I guess body mass index.


There's nothing in there every single time I'm in the way and dangerous and dark. Dark red. Morbidly obese. Yeah. Oh wow. Have you ever had a doctor say anything to you like. No.


And it's pretty outdated. They don't use it a ton as much anymore. Well, I got to say and I'm going to do some subsequent research for this episode, I'm curious what the average American like, what their caloric intake is on this day.


I think it would be fun to learn that I did just look it up because I wanted to see how much more people overeat than they. And so I think the average calorie intake is somewhere around like 3500, 3600 a day regular, OK, base.


And Thanksgiving is like a thousand more. Oh, people it a lot today. Yeah. But it's shockingly not that much more.


There's only thirty three percent more people regularly eat. I might make myself a sandwich today because I don't like Thanksgiving dinner yet. There was a sandwich shop here in L.A. that made a Thanksgiving sub.


Oh I know. Are you talking about Capriati. Yes. So incredible. Oh my God. It's turkey stuffing.


Cranberry mayonnaise. Crucial in that thing is fucking out of this world.


I'm like, it's so weird. I don't like any of these things individually, but combine this so good.


So they have it year round. It's not just. Yeah, you're right. It's one of their signature sandwiches. Yes. If you see a Capri Ortiz, you fucking swerve your car and get one of those and you got to get the biggest one they make obviously.


And don't be afraid, ask for heavy mayonnaise. That's what I do. The man is really making.


Oh, I'm sorry, but, you know, you got to drown it. It's kind of like the rectangle sandwich you really got. You got a pile that mayo on. It just keeps getting better and better.


Maybe I'll add some mayo to my plate today. Yeah, I'm the most excited about the stuffing.


Yeah, the most bummed out about it.


Are you going to let yourself have like one bite though or like this is part of the game plan situation. Like can you make a smaller play of the tasty stuff or is it just like I can't have those people could probably.


Yeah, why not. Like instead of a big play to help shut up Charlie. Just a little tiny, you know, like two bites of living.


You know, people have been telling me that since I started getting heavier than oh like moderate. You can. Yeah.


Just you can still eat that delicious stuffed animal stories.


I'm like, I can't have this spoken like two non-annex.


Like I know exactly when they say that, that it's way more painful to have a little bit of stuffing than no stuffing. Yeah. Yeah. No stuffing is fine. Yeah.


You're like agitated for a minute, but if you're enjoying stuffing for like a minute and a half and then you're aware of the fact that you could be enjoying it for twenty five minutes, that is insufferable. I get it.


It's the same as like I'm not dying to have a beer right now, but if you give me three beers, I would do almost anything for a fourth.


I would need it so bad. I think I'll play it by ear, but I'm going to say no right now, OK. And yeah, see what happened. I'll be there to encourage you.


Charlie will also be there, so he'll be there to discourage.


I'll let you know how good it is. Yeah. Yeah. This is unique. It's fun. We're together. Thanksgiving. What a fucking hilarious scenario to be. A cruel irony is that I just put it in right after this. Yeah.


Well I'm wondering like what situation we could manufacture that would sandbag Charlie, like go out to the desert and you can only bring so much food.


I mean, we got to get into some situation where normally you'd be like, oh, fuck you, there's never enough food there.


That last desert trip, which just stress me out.


Yeah, well, even your trip out went knowing you'd have room service. It scared you. Yeah. Yeah.


You know, in your scale, your weekend with your wife going on forty five minutes without a meal.


We got, we get it rectified. You gotta make some moves. Yeah. All right. Well I love you guys.


Happy Thanksgiving and happy happy Thanksgiving. You probably listen to this in the summertime, but whatever. You can still make yourself the Thanksgiving sandwich.


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. And you could give thanks today. Of course you can play on any any day. All right.


Well, love you guys and good luck to everyone, especially around those team.


Charlie's younger. Listen, why isn't it nice try.


Isn't it nice to be obvious why it's not nice.


You're paying one of them five thousand dollars and you're so clearly all high. Yes, because one is a more noble goal. Losing weight is a more noble goal. Charlie, to do this, I know. To put the fire under Aaron's ass.


And guess what? It's looking like Charlie is going to win, but only if he's a bad Borum. Charlie, do you think I'm being mean? Yeah, he seems very skewed. Oh, it's definitely imbalance. It seems like Monica is rooting for you. So I think it all comes out because of that.


Otherwise, I totally would not. But it's not fair.


Let's look at it another way, see, and come up with an analogy you can sign onto which I know you won't. Let's say the challenge to him beans was one person had to start doing charitable acts and one person had to start stealing from people.


You root for the person doing charitable work. Oh, I feel like you are making the person steal. Is it the person's fault? That's a good point.


But Charlie desires this robust, strong walk through a brick building body.


I do. I'm going to give you five thousand dollars.


You are now. Oh God. This is very true. I bring it to ten.


I mean, once I Shackley one guy is in a situation to increase his health time. Another guy is going to be perfect anyways. I can't believe you're never in prayer.


He's the underdog you're using Charlie. I don't like it.


Well but Charlie would do this anyways. That's how I got out of this ethically. Do you remember. Yeah. You forgot how I'm justifying it. You'll do anything to justify it.


I'm having a blast. I just hope it's not getting boring for you guys.


All right. Love you guys. Love it. Love you.