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Welcome to week two of Race to 270. Just a reminder of what happened last week, perfect. And Charley had started at two hundred and thirty pounds and he put on 10 pounds to get to 240. And best friend Aaron Weekly went from 306 to three hundred. But this week we find out there was a technical error that penalized one contestant while unfairly rewarding another. Also, I want to offer a trigger warning. Someone did have an accident in their slacks.


It'll be discussed. So if that's something you're sensitive to, I just want to be up front about that unfortunate incident.


So please enjoy the race to 270 episode two.


Not bad. OK, so I think the best way to start out this current record is just to say why you were late, Aaron, because it caused great fusion and.


Well, Charlie, excitement for me. A little bit of confusion. I know.


I thought it was I had to run to McDonald's.


It's Adelaide, my daughter's birthday weekend.


Oh, so we are having a party tomorrow. We're going to a haunted forest. And I told her she could have what she wants all weekend. All right. As I realized it was getting close and I was like, oh, shit. What do you guys want for dinner? McDonald's. I'm like, oh, motherfucker.


So McDonald's in McDonald's. So I went I even had the pull forward to wait because they were making French fries.


Oh, how horrible is that, dude?


So I had three large fries to ten piece nuggets and a filet of fish. And you know how much I love that. Oh, you love that cod. Yes, of course. My first thought was I mean, it's only like five blocks from the house. And I was like, should I grab a couple fries? And I decided not to because I figured I'd done one of those charges, but I got them.


Yeah, it's like having a quarter of a life. I know, right. So, yeah, you might have like a sip of beer. Yeah.


My cell phone went downtown and got a teener and a bottle of whiskey and I of course, have talked over the last week and Aaron had a breakthrough in what is a major disadvantage to him and a huge advantage to Charlie.


And it was all done on accident. OK, so could you walk us through without telling us any numbers and what happened?


But also this is game show part two, we should say.


Oh, yeah, this is week two of the race to 270 with prize money of five thousand dollars.


Cash money, no taxes. There won't be any ten 99 cent. It'll be cash in hand.


So I got on the scale the other morning and I won't say numbers. I woke up and I had like this fucking extra pep in my step, like I had a pretty decent night's sleep. I think it was the night after I sent you guys the text of the chicken breast with the vegetables after looking at Charlie's triple fucking hamburger. Anyway, I woke up feeling good and I like, hopped downstairs with ease, which is sounds ridiculous, but usually it's me kind of holding on to the wall and doing one step, you know, both legs.


I need step in the morning because I'm sore and old.


Then I went upstairs with these and even easier coming up by going, yeah, I thought, motherfucker, I feel good today.


And I stepped around outside of the bathroom where my scale is. And I hopped on and I was like, Oh, baby, I'll get that.


So I thought, OK, well, let me go grab my phone and capture a picture for everybody. You know where this is going, Chala? No, OK.


And when I got back on with my phone to take the picture, I was a pound heavier.


And so I said, this is a pound that I set the phone down and got back on and I was lighter and I was like, mother fucker.


The phone definitely weighs upon him. What we realize is that this is a two pound difference.


So Charlie's a one pound advantage when he takes a photo of his weight and Aaron's getting dinged by a pound.


So we have to correct for this. I'm so glad we discovered this Ryanair, because what if Aaron have lost Charlie? He's a big winner.


He's out shopping, forgot there's more exercise equipment. And then all of a sudden, Aaron has to challenge, like if it come down to a one point nine pounds. Yeah. And then there was a challenge. I don't even know how we'd resolve that that way.


The phones. Yeah. Got away.


The phones weighed my son. I already told him. I said he's my way. And photographer they were.


That's a good idea. It's a good idea. Except for you're going to want to be bare naked, right.


Oh yeah.


OK, that's why that's to the girls.


Oh I can't think of anything I'd rather do was in junior high school. OK, you want my bare naked and then photograph them on a scale.


Yes. He's got to get behind you. Yeah. That might be my. There's too much, you know, the kids turning 14 and he's got enough problems. I probably should put my money on these and then make him take it on his phone so that later in the week he's forgotten about and he's shown his buddies some cool flip video.


Yes, you put a spell to seventy nine bucks.


Do you think you'll go so far at any point when it gets down to the wire to just shave all your pubic hair, your chest hair, just give it all the hair?


I thought about that as well. Pop out your fake tooth. Yeah. Anything take off. Everything must go.


I was flipping through trying to find something to watch. I started pumping, watching Kingdome again and I had a great workout.


And then I started to think I have a lot of hair on my body, so I shave off its hair. What is getting time?


Not you, but Wade should for sure use your teenage son. Should. Yeah. We'll leave it all off.


You sure. And wipe my sweat off with a credit card and well he's got a rough few months ahead of them and get the credit card.


Well, just like to make sure you get every bit of water.


It his credit card as a squeegee. Yeah, get all the beads of sweat off me.


Wade has earned the five thousand dollars here. Well, you'll definitely have to give him 10 percent like he's a caddy on a golf tournament.


OK, so we figured this out, which is great.


So the two pound swing, it's huge. So, I mean, we almost have to nullify last week's or at least amend them.


What was last week's weigh in. Just to remind everyone, Charlie, what were you at 240. Right. You'd gone up 10 pounds and Aaron. Three hundred.


So I went down six. That's right.


Everyone was perfectly positioned to need to go through. Yeah, yeah. Towards 270. The symmetry is beautiful. Yeah. Right. But unfortunately, we're now realizing it was really two ninety nine to probably two thirty nine.


Yep. OK, so Aaron was in a slight little lead.


A little lead. Yeah. Wow. Two pounds now it seems like a big amount.


I know you're when you're counting pounds you counting half past two pounds is two hundred percent. Yeah. Yeah. Big change.


Well can I give you guys one more update that's unrelated to the race to 270. And I just think this is the most improbable thing ever.


Yeah. So Aaron and I on this quest to become healthy together as brothers, we both decided it's time for colonoscopy. I didn't know where to go to get a colonoscopy. I type in colonoscopy like forty different places came up. I randomly picked one. And when I called that place, there was five doctors at the place and I asked the receptionist, who would you get a colonoscopy from? She told me a name. I then talked to that receptionist.


I make an appointment. When I hang up, I go to add the phone number to my phone to discover it's who I had a colonoscopy with 14 years ago, which I thought was really weird. And I had checked my urologist earlier in the day. Could you recommend one? And then all of a sudden pops up exact same name. Very coincidental. Yeah. So then yesterday I'm talking to Aaron. You were saying you got a colonoscopy appointment.


I said, oh, me too. Both of us, by total coincidence, are having a colonoscopy on December 7th. Meant to be pretty fucking crazy.


Yeah. Yeah. We'll both be prepping on the same day. We'll both have Hanasaki. Oh, God, Major. Yeah. OK, so let's talk about the week since last episode. As we said, week one weigh in was two thirty nine and two ninety nine.


So the big question is, Charlie, where were you at on week two with the adjustment to forty three point eight to forty three point eight, so a gain of four point eight pounds.


Wow. That's a fourteen pound increase from where you started.


Yeah, that's pretty impressive in two weeks.


Well, two, yeah. Seven pounds a week. My gosh.


Well over seven pounds a week.


OK, now Aaron, you were up to ninety nine. Yeah. To ninety five with the adjustment to ninety five with the adjustment.


So you came down four pounds. Wow. Wow.


You know that's a total of eleven. Yeah. Eleven.


Wow. Looks much closer than I was expecting. The movement was virtually the same. You did a little better Charlie. You you got a point eight advantage on Aaron. Yeah. But something tells me though it's getting harder. Well, it's getting harder for you. And I think Aaron has turned a corner.


Yeah. That chicken breast and Brussels sprouts photo really was a turning of a corner. It was. Right. OK, yeah.


Aaron sent us a picture. We're all on a group text now, which is fun.


Exciting for all of us. Wow. What's all this is worth exploring?


Well, I'm on the boys chain about bodies and pounds, and it infiltrated me because then I texted Charlie this week and I said, so what kind of diet should you be on if you do have self-control?


Oh, he was a little confused by my question, but then basically said, make sure you're getting enough. Tell me what you said.


Well, you'd asked about intermittent fasting because you just do it naturally on accident.


Yeah. And then I kept getting confused because you kept saying, what do I do if I can control my food?


And I'm like, what are you saying? You mean can't? And it happened a couple of times.


Yeah, yeah. I didn't mean can't. I meant like I don't it is a weird because it's a weird question.


What do I do if I have the body I want really bad and I can control everything that I eat like no impulses if I have the perfect body.


But there was advice given.


Yeah. What was it. I mean I think intermittent fasting is great if you need to cut calories. So if you do it already and you're happy with where you're at, you could probably up protein a little for your workouts and that'll just shift your body mass a little bit. Be too drastic in any way, we have protein for breakfast. Yeah, we had doing it with the most delicious high protein breakfast we did. Eggs, bacon. Oh yes.


So we're all on a chain.


There's been lots of pictures, no dick pics since the original flag that.




Is that a complaint or a thank you. TBD. Oh OK. Yeah.


Shirts off photos. There was an underwear pic.


That's definitely important. That's when I saw the accident.


There was an accident in someone's underwear and the pic was just an accident. Someone's me on. This is also this is there was a major accident. This is the day we're finding out the election results and the boys are sending these text.


And I could not give a shit about any of this actively and literally. Yeah. I was like, wow, this is what they're thinking about today. Oh, man. I don't know if Mandy's necessarily is excited to be tied to this.


Well, no, they got cleaned.


Well, that's what they did. Plus and let's be honest, if you had to soil any pair of panties, any manufactures panties, which would you choose?


I guess definitely me on this one. Well, it depends on how you look at it.


You don't want to ruin a pair, but turns out that's not an issue because they cleaned so well.


Well, that micro modal fabric three times, not better than cotton.


I've already done a load of a load of wash and they're like brand new.


But then you sent a picture of your dinner and it was a beautiful picture of chicken breasts and muslin around brussel sprouts.


Yeah, broccoli and cauliflower. I have the trifecta on that big baking. See the veggies? I was impressed.


And then I did wonder, did you get hungry after that? I did like I did.


And I've taken your guys advice. I've been keeping a couple pounds of oven roasted turkey breast in the fridge. I know it's process, blah, blah, blah, but I got that good boar's head so much better than most of them.


This isn't a race to zero nitrates. This is a race to to not worry about processed. That's true. True, true, true. Horse heads good. Yeah. Yeah, we love it.


Yeah. So after I eat the chicken dinner with all those veggies I did cram some balls in my mouth. It's hard man. Yeah. I'm trying to do it past a certain hour at night but uh that hasn't quite happened yet. Does it work though.


You're eating it and you're like, OK, I'm not as angry as I was. Yes. And then you get bored of eating it pretty soon. Absolutely, yeah. Do you pop any mustard on there? No, but great idea. Mustard has virtually no calories and mustard.


Yeah. What do you with that chicken.


OK, so the chicken breast is the hardest fucking thing in the world I think to cook. That's never been my first choice. I always like dark meat and the whole fucking thing, you know, crispy skin and fried moist me delicious.


Yeah, perfect.


Soaking wet inside crispy on the outside chicken breast within a matter of a minute you can turn that fucker from delicious juicy chicken breasts into a dry roll of paper towel.


Yeah. So I've been practicing and it takes me opening the oven like probably five times. And where I've gone wrong is cutting the chicken breast in half and it not being done and putting it back in it. It screws it up.


So I've been using the meat thermometer and I take it out at 156 and chicken's good at 165. So I take it out, let it rest for like five minutes and it hits that one sixty five. It is perfect. Oh wow.


I didn't know you were supposed to let chicken rest. I didn't either. That's where it took the practice because I would wait until it was 165 and then it turned dry. So I started taking it out before that.


It's like a laboratory now. Yeah. Yeah I know, but I'm not surprised. This is a very good cook.


Remember when he caught all those steaks on fire in New Mexico and there was smoke all around the neighborhood and they were still frozen inside like they're burning a body.


But yeah, we kept calling it the big daddy.


There was one state that was like seven inches thick. It's like, yeah, yeah. You just cut it was it was on fire for forty five minutes. You looking frozen inside. It got colder. Yeah.


It's almost burnt the house them you would've had to use a hammer to put the thermometer in it had to bang it in there.


It was so frozen in the middle. But Charlie sent us some pictures to some sexy topless pictures. Oh, I meant his food, but also. Oh yeah.


So so what was the photos you were sending by?


Well, first dinner was a triple cheeseburger. Oh, delicious. So did you prepare it or buy it from something?


I prepared it on the grill. Oh, Smashburger style. Oh yes. Mashed it looked real love. High fat content in there. Oh yeah. 80, 20, 80, 20. That's minimum.


You should have had a meal too as some nice spaghetti and meatballs. Oh. Meal two in the same night we should say.


Meal two is in the next day. Oh no. This is dinner too. Like an hour later or two hours probably. OK, do you eat that in bed or on the couch because you want to, you don't want to burn it.


Don't want to be moving too much. Love this game. I usually eat the burger while I'm prepping the spaghetti. Oh that's great. Yeah. That's really efficient. Yeah.


So I have two questions. One is, Aaron, now that you've really cut out a large portion of the fiber, you were probably getting in by way of carbohydrates and you really picked up the lean protein, has your stool changed?


I mean, obviously that picture we saw it it was too hard. Oh, because generally what can happen on that diet, as I discovered, is like you're still can get really, really hard and plug your ears. I got a fisher during when in Rome.


And then that took forever to heal and it was a real, real drag. So that is a risk you run on that type of diet. But well so what's going on with your stool?


With vegetables? First of all, I don't think my diet is as extreme as your protein diet. And when you talk that movie because no, I have not had that problem. I have a hard one in the morning, followed by an explosion of hunters. Yeah, that's usually what happens with a pretty stiff.


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OK. More evidence of a parallel life, so Monica, no recording was it yesterday?


I had to fart, so I stepped out on the stair landing and I pop one out and I push for a second and all of a sudden I'm like, oh, and I had to, like, run into the toilet in a very awkward manner. Sit down. Check me on this.


Thank goodness. Nothing there. Here's another question.


I have to go back a little bit to the intermittent fasting. My fear or hunch with intermittent fasting is what your metabolism just in slow down, won't you inadvertently slow your metabolism down?


That's my fear. There's not that much science that too many biological things happen other than you cut calories, foot. It's a short window. If you're fasting for several days, things start to happen. But generally most of the benefit comes from you're eating for six hours. You can only eat so much. Yeah. And then your stomach starts to shrink a little bit and you just eat less and it feels comfortable and you get used to it.


So that's kind of how it always been for me. If I want to cut weight, it's just shortens the window. So you kind of eat whatever I want it. Just less food. Yeah.


Have you felt your stomach shrinking at all, Erin? Are you getting full easier. I really am not getting full easier so. No, but I'm highly motivated because I am noticing though in the mirror visually the shrinkage.


Where are you seeing it most. Because I see in your face. Well, I was on a meeting the other day on a zoom and somebody was kind enough to say, wow, your face.


I don't know if she said doesn't look as fat or your face looks much thinner.


And I bet it was the latter. Yes. Yeah, yeah.


Because I told you when I'm on the Zoom's, I constantly look at my face and my neck and my chin and I'm like, Jesus Christ, is that what I look like?


That's all anyone does on Zouma stare at themselves, right? I do, yeah. We're all like monkeys. I cannot get over our own reflection. It's just so fascinating. Yeah. I've tried doing it with a fat face though.


So Charlie, from the photos from week one to week two, there was substantial change. You can really see it in the photos. And I'm wondering if any of the people that do your endorphins class have like said anything.


No one said anything. But I have my clothes on in the classes. OK, that's unfortunate for all the viewers. Right? For now.


Yeah, no one said anything, but I notice a difference for sure. Yeah.


Charlie, I was just showing your pictures to my ex-wife and I was like, OK, here's the first one.


Now here's him. Fifteen pounds Layla.


And she goes, OK, now Mike exactly.


Is still perfect. Yeah. Yeah. He was a perfect 10 to 13 is a perfect ten it to forty four.


This is my main concern is just having some abs at some point at 270 you can manage some abs at 270.


That will be insane.


That's top priority. Or maybe some veins we'll take either. Oh yeah. It's hard to hang onto those veins. Yeah.


When you get heavy like that. Yeah. If you had to prioritize whether you'd rather hang on to let's say for ABS or a couple of big bicep veins, what would you go with.


It's wintertime so I got to go veins. Sure. Sure. It was tank top here. Yeah. I'll be walking around on my shirt on too much. Right. Yeah. I have a question.


What does Erika think about all of this. That's your nice wife that we love very much. Yeah.


Well, she told me last week I started really picking up the snoring. Oh yeah. She did tell me she was worried about OK, so she's not crazy.


And and I used to make her food and the food was like spaghetti, squash or something healthy. And now it's I got fifteen pounds of spaghetti and meatballs if you want, and said she's not crazy about that.


She's also realizing you weren't making her food. You are just making yourself. Yeah. Yeah. That's, that's a blow to the ego.


Yeah. That's the boat Kristen and I are always in. Yeah. But Kristen can make us food and will like it. I know. So it's not really fair to her. Well but when I make spaghetti I make, I make a vegetarian option. But it's not the thing I love. So we're not really sharing it. It tastes different. It's good but it's totally different.


Yeah that's true. Yeah. So marriage, if you're going to get married, like maybe find out what kind of diets the other person is on if you're compatible. And that way it's important.


And I know there's been a gastrointestinal heavy episode, but I am curious. Have your as your gas picked up Charlie with the snoring.


Not noticeably actually. Is that what Erika would say? Well, I think she would say it was bad all the time.


OK, so it's just stagnate. Just maintain. An acceptable level, and if you notice, I have your workouts changed now that you have all this fuel.


Yes, leg workouts for sure, doubling up on those. I think I have most gains in the legs. And you feel good with all the carbs loading up at night. Feels good in the morning to work out with all those those carbs strength is kind of the same, but I just have more energy for sure.


OK, and when you do endorphins, you're just doing pretty lightweight dumbbells and whatnot so everyone can follow along. But when that's over, do you then hit the squat rack like a fucking Navy SEAL? Yeah, you do.


Pants off, shirt off. Go just just in. Just in the box. We got to let the legs breathe.


I feel so liberated.


And one kind of weight. Do you squat because I've been inching my way up in pursuit of Bunz like yours.


So when I want to Bulc I'll do 20 rep max on the back squat the most weight I can do for 20 reps consecutive. Oh, so I'll usually start and I'll go do what I can and the next time I do it I'll just add five pounds. OK, started that a couple of weeks ago at 225. Now I'm at 245. OK, so what is that.


Squatting with three plates on each side or two and twenty five.


OK to add some change.


OK and just go for twenty and it burns. But why not go low. Rep tons of weight. You don't want to fuck up your back. Isn't that where you get your gains. Low reps comes away.


You kind of want to be in the middle if you're too low reps is more strength for functional strength. Yeah. If you're kind of in the middle, it's a little of both. OK, you want volume to get volume all the way.


Last question before we conclude this session is, Aaron, you're now a few days into the following week, and if you had to rank your eating before week one way in and then your rank, your eating for week to weigh in and now rank it for this week, what numbers out of ten would you give it? Ten is perfect. You eight perfect. Yeah.


This week I would, I would say a seven. Yeah I would say week one, five, six and seven to be honest. Yeah. OK, great.


Not to be critical but I might go three five seven because that's true. I eat Chinese food and pizza and you had a cheat day on day three. True. Yeah you're right. Yeah. You definitely like improved by a hundred percent so we can't start you at five or that you'd already be at ten you know.


And I told you last week I was going to watch a movie with my girls and I want fucking popcorn so bad. So about twenty minutes and I hit pause and I go, hey guys, think about some popcorn up at McDonald's. Yeah. So we did make a bag of popcorn and so there's three of us. Right. And I sat in the middle and we shared a bag of popcorn. Now I'm going to tell you normally on a popcorn sitting at my house, I'd eat like two bags.


Yeah, sure. So I shared a bag with the two girls and then my youngest, Madeleine, she said, can I make another bag when it was done?


And I go, OK, I'm going to sit on the other couch. So, oh, I did not take part in the second bag. It's pretty good. Yeah. I would barely call it a slip. It was the first time in my life I didn't gorge in a tree like that, you know.


Well, and just to give a little history to your love of popcorn, when we were in Austin at the beginning of covid, we went to the grocery store to stock up for the week on your first order of business was in love of corn.


And then it became a bit right when we were trying to get the buttery corn. Because I think, Mr. Butler, I'm so frustrated with microwave popcorn because it'll say like movie theater, butter, butter is butter.


Most butter, all the same bran. And you really can't tell what's the fucking most amount of butter because there's like eight different descriptions.


There was even Orville Redon Butters. Remember, there is like its own under the Orville Redenbacher umbrella. There was Red and Buttars with like extra great butter and then too much butter.


And it's good that popcorn is your Achilles heel because you can do popcorn healthfully, right, Charlie?


There's worse things for sure.


It's kind of just like er well not I think the great one's got a lot of oil and butter.


Right. As I'm saying movie theater. But there's versions of popcorn where you can do it on the stove and it's kind of healthy, but you can, you can inch your way there.


Yeah. Now this was somewhere in between the most Buderus and heavy by super body super butter. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah of course I've looked into it too. There is healthier ways of eating it, but there's a grocery store by me that has. I think they're from Mexico, these popcorn's is it says that in England we may one day butter. Yeah, it's like butter is butter, how a penis and everything is like chili peppers and Elvina on it and tons of butter and it's so fucking good.


But I think too much butter. That would be the best title.


Let's go to the weight and then they come up with way too much butter.


Yeah, that's when I go to the movies but I call it OK so great.


So sounds like you're eating out at seven this weekend. So that leads me to believe that we're going to have some big movement next week on air and side of the scale. Now the question is, Charlie, what would you give your intake week one, two and currently out a 10 week one felt pretty easy because it was more food than I'd been eating.


Week two is tough. I just was full all the time. Right. And it wasn't that much more food. This week. I've been able to put down some food. OK. Wow. What's the biggest melior this week?


I've been trying to track it as much as possible, so I think a couple days I hit 7000 calories.


Oh, man, I love Charlie. I'm just a little over like 70 pounds. Oh, yeah. Well, although it wasn't Michael Phelps, wasn't it?


He'd have like a 10000 calorie breakfast.


Yeah, that's swimming exactly hundreds of miles a day, I'm sure.


By the way, that makes me think, Aaron, you should find your way into a pool because that guy was eating 10000 calories a day and had like four percent body fat.


I think Shaq has twenty thousand calorie breakfast.


All the rock, too, has his cheat days where it's just 45 pancakes and oh, sushi.


I got a ladder.


I would I'd love to spend a cheat day with the rival and just watch him go.


I don't think I could hang, you know. Well, no, we couldn't hang. Would it be really fun to just watch?


Would you say it's anyone's contest to win right now? Well, certainly. I mean, Charlie did make more progress than you did.


Oh, yeah. No, I know I'm scared that he's going to win, like, so fast. So quickly.


Well, if I were a betting man now, I got to say, I'm actually leaning towards you winning. And I wouldn't have said that at the beginning at this of this challenge. I wouldn't have said that because I think he's getting better at it. And I think Charlie's already as good as he can get at it. I will say I wanted more of a cushion by like three or four weeks. I think your weight loss will increase or at least stay the same.


I think mine's going to kind of plateau plateau. So I wanted a little more cushion then. Although as you pound again, you do have some Cheat's up your sleeve that have been improved.


So you can start hitting MacDonalds every day. You can start doing like a gallon ice cream.


And I know you could at any point on the burners.


Yeah, I feel like I'm walking on the razor's edge at this house, too, because my fucking Donalds, my house is just stocked with shit like the ice cream chips.




Well, let's let's add, though, that you're going to be here in four days. Yeah. So, no, that's going to make life a lot easier. He's ruining my trip to glamours, you know. Oh yeah. Like glamours is my diet vacations. As you know, Monica, I bring like 12 different kinds of chips, every kind of dip. And I'm almost exclusively my green cheese and potato chips and dip for the whole time I'm out there.


I know now that I forgot. I don't think I'm going to come. Oh, my gosh. No, no, no. You can bring your own stuff and you put in Fabians trailer.


Yeah, no, I believe me, I didn't feel horrible. So I think I can I can handle being around. I think you guys should pig out and of now and I will do my thing.


I might leave a bag of chips in the truck and like, say I'm going to take a pee and go fucking cram a bunch of my throat cause this cheese.


You don't have to hide this. I'm going to hide it. Well, anyways, I'm I'm kind of excited because it'll test the purity of my enjoyment of the place. Right. Because are we're going to be taking out one of my favorite parts of it, which I'll hang myself on.


Terrible. And so now it's going to be very pure trip and we'll know of just the off roading is enough to get me high.


So anyways, looking forward to that. I'm actually looking forward to the challenge to eat really well.


I think Arendelle helped me brush up on my own stuff for the week.


He's here and I'm going to continue having the body I have. Oh, baby, I'm trying to think, but probably going to leave it be. And while also asking Charlie how to get to the body, you already have more tips for no change. What was the exact question?


What should I do if I can control my eating? It just shows you what you're doing. I said something about it's a good way to control your calories if you have problems. What if you don't have a problem controlling your.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. Like like if you say yes, this is what happened. This is what happened. I it was like three.


I realized I hadn't eaten and I had I got hungry but I was just so busy. So then I, I didn't eat until three and then I had a tiny like one or two bites of granola and then I had salad and dumplings.


Oh OK. And that was a lot OK to me. OK, yeah.


And then I think I had one other thing kind of immediately. Oh half a chicken parm.


Oh OK. This was a lot of food. Yeah. Maybe you can't control your eating.


No I can. Well I don't know if I can but it was from three to like six I all that and then at eight I was like oh it only took me three hours. I ate all my food for the day. I wonder if that's good or bad. Like should I try to keep doing that or not. That's what I was asking.


And then and then he said Yeah. About not being able to control and I said, well I can control. Yeah.


But it does seem like if Charlie was in front of a tall cabinet at his house and he texted you, how should I grab this box of cereal I can reach.


Yeah, I see my you know, grab it.


I'm just as you said, you could get a stool and.


No, no, you need a need that though he wanted to know if this is how I'm eating.


I feel great about how I look. What do I need to know what you think. What am I doing wrong? I always try to better myself. OK, ok.


I just want to add one thing is that on Friday night Monica drank wine out of bottles, but she was drinking. Went like this.


She had two bottles of wine. OK, this is a lot. Oh no, no.


You had two bottles of wine and how much wine was in each bottle when I didn't say they were full, I said you had two bottles of wine and you were drinking out of the bottles of both of them.


And you said, don't judge me for doing this. I did. And clearly you judge. No, I didn't judge. I just said, are you kidding? It's all been leading towards this is this is this is great.


I was saving you or me from washing a glass because there was to open wine bottles in the fridge.


There was literally a total of six ounces, max, between the two bottles. Yeah. It was the least amount of wine I've ever drank on a Friday night. I just happened to drink it. It was still a sight to see you with a bottle of wine in each hand, taking polls out of them. Yeah, well, I love you guys and I can't wait to find out what happens next.


I think it is anyone's race still. No, no. We got no green, no big. Oh, were you going to say who you would bet on if you had to?


Oh, no. I feel unethical doing that. Really. OK, Aaron. Oh, OK.


You realize I'm going to push Charlie even harder now. Yeah, I love playing well.


It's honest. I just wanted to be force because I don't want to argue that I care about everybody.


Yeah, I know what we're doing to Charlie is not good, OK? It's not it's not a good thing. What we're doing is bad.


And I feel like you're sacrificing Charlie.


I'm leveraging Charlie. Yeah. This could be the greatest thing. Maybe my ideal weight is 270. Everything in his life could take off in a way he never even imagined.


His wife, his kids, they're all going to take off.


He might get like cast in a reboot of the Hulk on TV. That's right. He could be the guy who busts through the genes. Well, it's going to be interesting. This sounds I mean, to Aaron and I don't mean it to be, but it's going to be a very different 270 no matter what.


Let's say you guys both hit 270 at the same time. It's just going to be a big a very different 270.


I really hope I'm out there when we're both right around 270.


I do, too. Yeah. All right. I love you, Sharon. Love you guys.


Bye bye, Charlie.