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This is really fun because now we're all together, we're all together in the same space. Oh, they're friendly.


Yeah, well, you're got a negative test and Christine has a negative test. And I've you haven't had a test in a while, right? I had one two weeks ago, two weeks ago.


And we're piggybacking like if you had it, I'd get it and then I'd give it to Kristin. We'd find out.


And Matt, our friend Matt got a negative test yesterday. And you're with him all the time, too.


And we've been playing spades a lot nonstop. And Adrian got a negative test. Oh, good. So that really leaves Charlie. He seems like potentially the hazard here.


Yeah. He's not speaking of piggy backing off. Everyone else should get tested, guys.


OK. OK, great.


So one of the great tests for anyone that's newly sober is flying on an airplane, especially if you're in first class. Yeah.


Yeah, I was I was talking about it before I got on the flight today to my brother. The last couple of trips I've been on first class and I said, do you know all you think about is free drinks of first class. You're leaving money on the table? Yeah, that's a really hard for me.


I always want to get my money's worth with food. Yeah, great.


Yeah, well, it's a double whammy for me because I'm really frugal and I love a bargain and I love all you can eat. And so normally when I drank and I went on in first class, I would try to drink at least one hundred dollars worth of booze.




And then you feel like, well, you've offset the price of the ticket by quite a bit. Yeah.


And so you're my frugality and greediness, coupled with also being an alcoholic. It's a really hard it is a bad mix.


When you went to treatment a year ago. In a couple of days.


Oh my God. A year ago. Yeah.


Somebodies first big birthday is in two days.


Oh, my God. Are we going to have a cake or a vegetable cake? Wow.


We're going to have we're going to have breast fed.


We should do a cornucopia like the Pilgrims did with the big horn aplenty, bunch of fresh vegetables and a candle, some pumpkin spice. But yeah, I flew down there first class because I was just trying to put as many carrots in front of it as possible.


Yeah. How about you go to the fucking Caribbean to get sober and fly first class? I took full advantage.


It was my time last year.


So on the way down, of course, you probably drank a couple hundred dollars worth of booze and then you got out of treatment.


And then I was worrying about it, about them two weeks out of you getting out. I was like, oh, that's a big test to fly back first class.


And then as luck would have it, you stayed an extra week or two. Yeah, an extra two weeks and then changed your ticket and first class wasn't available.


It is, yeah. And so it wasn't you.


Yeah. You were like, this is the God HP work and at its best HP is already checked.


Yeah. We don't need the temp carry soon. Oh that's really good.


That if you were in your HP could be Harry Potter.


Oh you have to designate it. Well some people will go like your higher power. The famous which is like your higher power could be that light switch. Anything you can turn it over to. Right. So definitely turn over to Harry Potter.


Well, that's what I'm saying. It would be so convenient because it already shares his Terence. Yeah. Your TPE. So anyways, though, this flight then became its own challenge because you had the booze and then, of course, you're in an airport.


It's hard to eat healthy, but would you bring you really did it, right? Yeah, I brought turkey meat to string cheeses, some basehead turkey slices. We better get Borza. I know and I've been through ten pounds in the last few weeks. It's crazy. Abbasid.


Yeah, that is delicious. Yeah. Quality. Yeah. So I threw that in a Ziploc bag and Bob's Red Mill Bar. Wow.


To not be. That's all tempting. And some beef jerky. Wow. And then the salami they handed out on the plane and then you ditched all the other shit.


I did. Wow.


That's impressive. So impressed. Yeah.


Because you're bored. Yeah. Even me who has control as we've already established. Yes. Of control. I have a hard time on the plane too.


I always tell people what you like to get into cheese. It's Monaca always buys yourself a family values size bag of cheese. It's for every flight and she just gnash his or her way across the country.


I love it. She's all the mouses. Love little myself. Oh, we were in first class last time.


That's when we figured out we love Cherry Garcia.


Oh yeah. Yeah. They provided us with tiny Cherry Garcia and we asked for.


We did and we got them. We got them. We had a couple of them.


You guys told me that story and I probably a fifty. I don't know. Yeah, I was buying like two pints at a time and I would tell myself, I'll let the kids have sex, but I, I would buy different ice cream for them and I would eat two pints at a time.


And it's so much better than you're expecting it to be. Yeah. I mean, I've heard about that for so long. Yeah. Jerry Garcia and. Oh my God. Is it good.


Oh so great to see you do good. It makes no sense. You're right though. It is their signature offering and I never wanted to try. It's like it's like picking chocolate.


Like, OK, well, you know, you're just never going to pick it. Yeah, but you should take it. Never had it.


All right. Well, the same reason I look at there's some good sounding stuff on there. Perfect time for you, actually. Yeah. Yeah.


You're looking at the freezer in. Some of them have got chocolate covered, peanut butter pretzels with swirls of fudge. There's no way you're picking up some cherries over that.


They really suffer from having such other good options as their problem. But it's actually the best option. It is they're competing with themselves.


Weirdly, I love Ben and Jerry's so the sponsor, but I hope they will be.


They were. They'll remember. We were. Yeah, they were. We lost them. We apparently didn't.


Sales tick up, even though know clearly they did and bought all the day Jerry Garcia for you guys.


We did better before we were getting paid to promote it it sounds like. Yeah, that's how it goes.


So, Charles, how was your week? Week was great. My only child. We went out of town for a night and it was a two hour drive and that was a challenge.


I didn't have time to hang on. I forgot to pack a snack. I didn't want to stop and detour, so I had to go two hours without any food drive.


Where are you thinking about it for real? Yeah. You were from thirty minutes in, I was thinking. Oh, and as soon as I hit traffic I will stop.


Is not on the table. We're blazing through. But I was stressed.


How long do you go normally without eating an hour or two at least something like a even a protein shake or something.


Have you tried the Bubbs bars. They're dynamite. They're fucking dynamite. You'd love them.


Are they high cal? Well, so far to forty for the peanut butter banana. Yeah.


So you'd put I'm sorry to ten to ten. The oatmeal's to forty. You'd put ten of those down a day just as your little snacks. There we go. That reminds me of the time we drove to Palm Springs to see a fight.


You, Ryan and I and I was so insistent that they drink beer the whole way there, because if you drank, why wouldn't you be drinking beer the whole way there, especially to go see a fight?


My fight is I just kept trying to sell them on it and they just weren't that interested.


And a bit of a maddening I know how you want people to do that. They should be doing when it comes to the drinking is. So I finally just pulled off the highway and then we had we drove like five miles out of the way.


So I and it was specifically I wanted them to be drinking Tallboys, as I remember, or hopefully a worker, a twenty four on a car.




I was like, you guys need a six pack of workers just to be in the perfect mood. Well then you just went in and said you had to get something else and came out with them. That's right. And of you guys to drink them. But then you thanked me for. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


Oh that reminds me monarchal. Appreciate this one because she knows how you do that with people. So I, I, I was just telling that, reminding him the other day that when his dad was sick before he died index it came to Michigan, he picked me up where. Hanging out with his dad. And we're outside on the patio overlooking the lake. And a few minutes ago and by index I was like, why haven't you had a cigarette?


And I'm like, Yeah, I'm like, because your dad's dying of lung cancer.


And was like, well, I mean, he's already dying and damage is done. Yeah. And you're not going to row. I can tell it was driving him absolutely insane that I was and I hadn't smoked. And however many minutes, you know.


Yeah. I think I was more uncomfortable than. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I hate the notion of someone not doing something because of me. I know.


But maybe they just also don't want to do it because it's the right thing to not do. Not necessarily because of you.


Yeah. Yeah, yes.


But what's right. You know, that's probably it. I'm on Aaron's page. You are. One's dying of lung cancer.


Maybe not the best time, but I guarantee if it had crossed my dad's mind that he still smoked, it would have been driving him back. Yeah, I think it was after you mentioned it. Yeah. Because it's like you could go blow it at me. It's too late for me, but even.


Yeah, he he certainly was concerned with my drinking, but he always encouraged me to drink at his house because he just knew I wanted to be doing it and it's not like I wasn't doing it.


So why. Put on this charade, I guess I'm going to hang the whole argument on honesty we really value on a story that's generous. Yeah, so the last weigh in, we can remind everyone what it was week two after two weeks.


Again, just reminding everyone. Aaron started around three or six.


Charlie started at two, 30, and after week one, Charlie was 240, although we come to find out minus a pound, although we've now have another further update on this iPhone situation, which is there a half a half pound.


Yeah. Yeah, right. And how did that get discovered, Charlie?


There's a two pound swing that was devastating. So I went and promptly waited as soon as I got home. In your scale would just weigh it. Just your normal scale. Yeah, it's like a food scale, which I a couple of days later weighed minus the weight scale. And in fact, it was a half a pound. Oh, but Aaron isn't the funniest Texaco's.


Yeah. It does weigh eight hundred dollars.


Oh I don't remember though you know, because an ounce of weed costs like a pound a week.


What's a pound a week. Sixteen hundred.


Yeah. It's more like eighteen hundred eight wholesale you know. OK, yeah. So I said it weighs nine hundred. Yeah.


And I know I didn't see that. Did I get slipped under the picture of Charlie's. But maybe that's why I missed it.


So Charlie was nice enough to send us a nude of him on his diving board. It's from behind. You can see his penis. We then posted it on Instagram. Well see that's what I want to know.


Oh, I want to know if, like, you sent us that picture and we were all thrilled by the way I described it as having to redwoods growing on her back.


And then you posted it. And then I was just wondering, like, did you think my wife be upset?


I sent it to Aaron and Max and Monica right now to maybe I should just post it.


And then that's really deniable. I was going to post it anyways. I just did this first.


No, that didn't cross my mind. Oh, really? No. What was the thought process? Because you can get flagged for something like that, can't you? By the way, if you're listening now, I guarantee it'll still be on Charly's page.


What is your handle, Char Curtis. Char Curtis, go look at Char Curtis on his diving board. It's just too enormous.


It's amazing picture. It is. Yeah, it's astonishing. It's astonishing. He almost looks like he has a condition where he has too much muscle like those cows that have that weird gene. Oh my gosh.


I guess I didn't realize your butt cheeks were that powerful looking. They are. Yeah. Yeah. Really powerful.


I'm surprised you're the way you are. I would imagine if you chopped up stumps of those legs under forty five. Oh yeah. Just a leg.


Well, I originally sent it because I was just doing so many legs so that the first thing like oh I was just, my text was leggings are coming and look out.


But then the reaction was so strong.


So you know, maybe America would feel the same anyways. It's a great shot. Everyone should check it out. So we're at two thirty and we were at three six. And then at the end of week one, we were at two forty and three or one, three one. And then the week to weigh in, you went down Arunta to ninety two ninety six and you went up to three forty forty four point eight three.


And all of this is adjusted for phone inflation. Yeah. So two forty four point eight. Yep.


So you get a much bigger gain than I was expecting. Mm hmm. And I was a little more optimistic for Aaron's loss.


I will say this when I picked Aaron up from the airport today, immediately, I was like, oh my God, your face looks so different. You think Monika's.


It does look so handsome and cute, isn't he always.


Well, when we're here a month, was that a month that we saw him? I think it's a big change in a month or two. Yeah, about a month.


Yeah. What you see first now is shoulders like a month ago you would probably first see belly and then shoulders. But now I was like, oh, shoulders are way out in front.


Yeah. Yeah. All that pumping to get the in.


And also Charley you look enormous. Oh good. You're also noticeably more uncleanness.


Easy to do. Yes. Oh to me you look good.


More powerful than ever. You do. You're just praying that a house catches on fire nearby. Oh God yeah. Seems spring Daxam.


OK, so going into this week three way in what happened week three. Also Charlie, your weigh in was Sunday.


I was a day behind. Yep. Because you were on vacation. Yep. So that's a little bit illegitimate but yeah. I'm on strike.


Yeah. Did it cross your mind to bring your scale with you to this. I forgot it. OK, I had to bring the protein shakes to work out how to bring the weight and everything.


The scale was out on the counter and I just. And that was we were just too far. I think we were twenty five minutes gone. Said I left the scale. What are you talking about? I need a way in tomorrow.


There's a scale if I was Erica. And you are contemplating turning around. I would hate you. We were five minutes out. Oh, you'd hate me.


I hate that. Well, that makes sense. Yeah. Yeah. You're always looking for an excuse to you and your boyfriend your whole life.


Be like DAX is making Charlie. He's making his heart explode. For what? Am I cutting my vacation short? Not OK. And we can't go sightseeing because he has to eat every you can't see a movie. There's nothing we can do. Our hikes are fifteen minutes each way and there's a McDonald's.


OK, so you waited on Sunday, so you have a little bit of an advantage, whatever, in the new weight in Sunday morning.


Was it. I think yours came in in the morning and Charlie's came in yawning.


OK, who should we start with? Monaco. Start with Erin since he flew here and alphabetically.


And by the way, that free, I thought on the plane, fuck, should I have brought my scale. Oh, oh. To keep it even. Yeah.


The one that I've been using since we started. And so that was my afterthought.


Oh my God. What have you on a scale in your check on what if I turn the plane around again?


I have an emergency. Yeah. But yeah.


A scale that big of a check in your like you said it in the aisle and weigh yourself mid-flight.


You can find the brand and order it. Yeah.


Although at that point I think the variation between even the same brand would be on par with like just using my scale I think.


I don't know. I mean the big factor, the true truth be told, what should really be happening is you should be using Charlie's scale.


You guys should actually have the same scale, because if it says 270, you want to know that it's 270.


You know, I'm saying yeah. So I think while we're here, while you're here, we should weigh in at Charlie's or we can bring it here.


Oh, no. Alive. Oh, my God. Wow. Oh, oh, oh.


There's so many options. OK, so Erin, where were you at on your way in to ninety one to ninety one point three.


I believe so. That's a five pound drop to two ninety one point three. Wow. Again, to remind everyone you had a ten pound gain week one, Charlie, and then you had a four point eight pound game week two. And what did you gain? Week three, your fear is that you'll start slowing down a little bit.


But not this week. Oh, oh, oh, boy, oh, boy. Only three was to forty nine point seven.


You got this point any closer.


It's still really close because Aaron's got twenty one point three pounds to go and you have twenty point seven pounds to go through twenty point three.


Wow. Oh, boy. Getting close. I would not want to be in a competition with Charlie. You know, he's a good guy, played in Georgetown. He's got like the heart of a winner. Right. Mental game.


It's really strong. I agree, because I feel like I can snap at any time. I feel like if I don't get it done on this, Trev, throw in the towel. Fucking cave. What I get. Oh, no, you're not. Yeah, I know. But I have a lot of I have a lot of people that I update this to that helps. They think it's absolutely hilarious and they don't know Charlie, but I've shown them pictures during our way and they're like, well, I think you'll be able to do it.


It's going to be easier to lose than gain.


And then like, yeah, but look at what's happening.


They look at Buckman's not slowing down and not even close.


No, I hate to remind you of this, but he hasn't even started with the Ben and Jerry's right now.


Yeah, he still has like Turbo Button. All right. I'm hoping to save it for the last time.


Monica, it is very rare that I'm actually consuming the product we're talking about while doing it. Oh my gosh, yes, I have my I thought a greens in my box of water right now. Wow.


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I see dotcom dacs and fuel your productivity and creativity with some delicious mushroom coffee. We are not supported, but we want to support our wonderful friend. Perfect ten. Charlie, we in the pod all follow his work out and I just want to encourage people to give it a shot.


It is called endorphins. You may have heard us talk about it in the episode and it is quite easy to find. Just go to w w w i n d o r p himss dotcom. That's WW endorphins dotcom and just stare at Charlie working out. I find it very encouraging.


It's a really good workout and it's quick. Yeah. Not like it's going to take a huge chunk out of your day and it's just great.


And again you're staring at Charlie the whole time. He's my body inspiration. Check out endorphins dotcom. You're almost at 250 already, almost 250, probably 250 now, that's crazy to me. The next 10 will make you look like a monster.


Yeah, last year when you got to 260, that's really where it turned for me, where I was like, you look like a silverback.


You don't look like a human anymore. Yeah, it's starting.


It's well, that picture on the diving board was pretty silverback.


You know, you all supposed posted of endorphins video today and it's your back. And I was like, oh.


Oh, my God. Turning, sharpening. It's happening.


What I call the people who take your class, I guess your students. That feels weird to call them students. I want to know what the reaction is.


It's hard to tell and I think it's obvious yet. And you generally do those with your shirt on or off on.


Oh, well, every episode. Oh, I have I think pants and shirt are included.


I'm curious about that decision.


Did you give it thought, as you said, when you're by yourself in the gym, you work out with your shirt off? Oh yeah. Your shirt was off in this video. Yeah, well, I just worked out by myself.


Oh. So what was your decision? You just too aggressive to start your business with your shirt off?


It seemed pretty aggressive. It seemed pretty aggressive.


That's all. You could go either way. It could really attract a bunch of people. Yeah. Do you know the demographic breakdown of the people that are watching you would just be guessing by looking.


Just be guessing 70, 30, female to male. Yeah, OK. Maybe 65, 35, but probably 70, 30.


Because I even think if you got the top off. Well, first of all, I don't think you'd lose any of the people that already like you. I think they would just be like, oh that's you could even say like I'm getting too heavy doing this challenge.


I don't want to buy new shirts, this shirt off the shirt. Oh, yeah. The shirt will come back when I get back below 260 rip off and one.


Yes, that's the other. But back back.


Oh yeah. If it exploded all I need my bad. Yes.


I can't wear that anymore.


I got a hunch that a bunch more dudes would be coming your way just to see the gorilla workout. I think I'd start watching just for entertainment even if I wasn't working out along with it.


Well, I was thinking there's a lot of women and so the perception is it's for leaning and oh, losing so I can be bulking. Dirty game. Yeah. You know, anyone could do it.


Would your all time dream be that you looked out at your Zoome and you saw Karl MacGraw or whatever his fucking name is. What's his name. Kaltenborn Mauger.


Ellen Mauger. Who's that palindrome she scores. What is it.


Kallum Kallum Hallum. Von Moga von Moga.


So he's a bodybuilder. There's a documentary on Netflix about him. It's really fascinating. And then Charlie and I both follow him because he's got a lot of veins and huge muscles.


But he does motivational speeches on his platform and he I've never heard a motivational speaker swear so much. It's just very unique for that reason. Well, like a Tony Robbins.


No, no. This is like you got to fucking just fucking work out and fucking wake up and fucking show up because that's how you fucking are going to win this motherfucker. And if you motherfuckers think you're not going to get this fucking body by fucking not doing the fucking work in fucking waking up, then you're fucked in the head. And it's just that aggressive. And it's it's clearly supposed to be motivational in nature.


Sure. I guess it's the pep talk if he wants.


It's like the high school football pep talk.


Yes, I do. That want. No, no, no, no. I want someone to be like, look, we're all flawed. You're not going to do this perfect. You're gonna be the best you can and then you're going to pat yourself on the back. You're not going to beat yourself up because we're all human. That's what I'm looking for. I like a little tough love.


Well, you have that from your cheerleading, basically, right? Yeah. So, Charlie, how how'd you put on that? Five pounds spaghetti and meatballs. You're just exclusive.


Really? Yeah. You're a creature of habit. Habit, hebra. You're a you're a creature of habit.


Yeah, that's right.


The question just for the hell of it, on armchair expert, we've decided that halitosis is now called halibut toast.


Yeah, that's a code now halibut toast. And I wonder how everyone's breath is during this new challenge, new diet.


Are you guys noticing new smells and stuff? Sweat smells, breath smells.


I don't smell anything my nose does. Oh, yeah. Sorry. Yeah.


In fact, it's looking like you're going to be scheduled for a nasal surgery. Probably. Yeah, I hope so. The E and T appointment is in two weeks. Yeah.


Just after our colonoscopy, two days after our call, a couple's colonoscopy. I wish to God we could do it at the same time, holding hands while under oh God.


What about you, Charlie, any new smells or anything? No, I mentioned the snoring. That's kicked up quite a bit. Mm hmm.


I always run pretty hot, but I'm sweating all the time, which is counterproductive to my games. Mm hmm. So I've been doing a lot of cold pool plunges to get that body temp down. Oh, that's what's. I stop sweating. Oh, by the way, do you know about the cooler than the blanket?


It's a map that goes over your mattress and we we got it like that. Don't know. A couple of weeks ago. Three weeks ago. I love it. You can set it to sixty degrees. I think you said even lower.


And what a better night's sleep I'm getting. I need that. Yeah. And so Eric got one.


He doesn't like it and he gave it to Ryan and I just thought, I don't know if Ryan's the one who needs it the most.


I feel like if you're having to jump into a pool of freezing ice cold pool before you go to bed, I don't think Ryan has to do that. No, probably not. But he's a trim fella.


He is. Yes, he is. He's felt this close you down. Yes. So the thing you're sleeping on is sixty degrees.


You can set at any temperature. If you're cold, you could put it at ninety or whatever. But yeah, it's like laying on a little ice man.


Oh. Like it's heaven. So yeah. So I get now it kind of solves the issue of, of setting the AC temp for Kristen and I because seventy one is as low as I can go. I'd like to have it at about sixty seven probably.


Yeah. And then if I could get that then might the man I'm sleeping on at sixty. Oh God.


I wake up so riped every morning to be shivering all night. Yeah. You're lying through calories. What if I wake up with pneumonia every morning. The horrible sneezing and sniffling. Best night's sleep in my life.


OK, so no bad smell, exclusive spaghetti, a lot of spaghetti, protein shakes, a lot of protein shakes, oatmeal and protein powder for breakfast.


Oh, let's let people in on our new thing that we do. It's not new for me, but I've introduced you to it and I just love how much you've taken it on. I was at a hotel and they served a little dish of olive oil and you dip bread in it and it was so fucking good. The olive oil. I couldn't get over how good it was. I kept asking for more and more and more.


And then eventually I asked the busboy, could you find out what brand the olive oil is that they're using?


And he said, Oh, yes, sir. I'll be back in a moment. He was gone for like twenty minutes.


And then he came back and he goes, Sir, the brand is an extra virgin olive.


And I was like, I had to act really grateful. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. And what the fuck what am I going to do now? So I had to flag down a different person.


I was like, so listen, don't let this guy see you, but I need to know the name of this olive oil.


Anyways, if I got the name of olive oil, I came home at night and I bought it. Now I use it exclusively. And then three months ago, I just decided to start putting it in my coffee in the morning and I fucking love it. And then you came over the other day and I was and I wanted to introduce you to I wanted to offer you something because you're the expert on all this stuff.


So I really kind of want to impress you. So we started with taking a shot of the olive oil.


Oh. Which is delicious. It's it's so delicious.


In fact, I want ah, my new goal for you and I is to have a brandy snifter full of that olive oil the next time we're at like the Richardsons and people are having wine, I want to.


Oh do you think they'll be so good. Well, in my research they're saying in Greece they'll drink like up to a cup or two a day.


Yeah. Yeah, of course I would if it weren't.


I mean, I got to you know, there's a lot of calories.


It's a lot it is more than I wanted it to be because I just been kind of willy nilly just dump it into my coffee. And then I did look at the calories and it was like for two tablespoons, maybe it's over one hundred calories. Yeah, I think I do like four tablespoons and it's I think over 400 calories. Right.


And I'm putting at least that much in my coffee. Why?


There's a lot of science behind the notion of having a fat with your caffeine, that you won't spike design, you won't crash as high, that somehow it lasts longer and it's not as violent of a trajectory both up and down.


And it's a healthy fat. Oh, right. Probably the healthiest of fats outside of like t bone char.


What about avocado? Yeah, olive oil has like some antiinflammatory properties and it's got resveratrol in it, which is an anti aging chemical. I think it's good for your bones to bone density. Yeah, it's good for medicine.


It's good for math actually. Really good at math and a better driver. Much better, but it ain't right. So I sent a couple of bottles to Charlie's house and it's just so delicious. It's the best.


I usually drank about three, four tablespoons because it just feels better.


Yeah. Going straight in the mouth. Yeah. Not deluded with any coffee and then I do a little in my coffee. Wow. Yeah that's right.


And in a thousand calories of olive oil is so I think I'm about. 50 in the mall. Wow. Yeah, and I had to tell myself, like, I'm not in this challenge and I need to back off a little because I was like, oh, if you cover the whole bottom of the cup, that's delicious. And then I was like, if you blow up like an eighth of an inch, that's delicious. Every time I ate it more, it just gets better and better and better.


It's so good.


I could see where it was going to end up like 70 percent of and splashed across the top in your olive oil off with a little coffee. That's right. The coffee would be floating on the olive oil as opposed to the other way around.


But like olive oil, Aaron, I could go for some, right? Yeah, me too. I'm so bummed. I want to introduce you to it, but I want to be really careful. Yeah, I'm dying for a shot of it right now. But, you know, Decs introduced me to a little olive oil and cottage cheese.


Oh, we were up at Lake Arrowhead and I'm still eating cottage cheese, but I'm doing it without the olive oil, which is painful.


Yeah, but those little sacrifices I'm trying to make. So that was like heaven. Oh, it is cottage cheese with olive oil on it. Honey, olive oil, salt and pepper.


Yeah. What. That's a thing people do.


They add all the world according you got it. Coffee or you guys are getting in the coffee.


It makes the coffee taste better. I get yeah. It's like earthy coffee. Like when you read the notes of a coffee. Earthy, nutty. It just enhances that.


That's like yeah. It doesn't make it buttery but it makes it buttery, you know. Smooth, smooth, silky. Yeah. And in a nice ride.


Nice ride. Wow.


What do you put in your coffee. Because I know you like a little coffee mate. Have you write that off. No. OK, occasionally I'm having a black you know, for years I drink in black but I cannot seem to stop with the coffee made. Yeah. And I didn't even think about it till this past week. Looking at calories, uh huh, I like well, look at those calories and I never thought of like I don't I don't think about the coffee, but I have like six or seven cups every morning out a day.




So you had this even if it's 30 calories times six. I know we're hitting a couple hundred, so I.


Yeah, that's something I just started thinking about, which is probably honestly I like black coffee so I, I can, I can get rid of that. It's just time I got really hooked on that coffee. Made that powdered creamer. Oh yeah.


So it is really delicious. Tequila's. Yeah I agree. I hate the whole way I got myself into drinking black coffee is I would make these deals with myself where the only way I could drink coffee after 11:00 in the morning was if I didn't put creamer in it like that was my bargain I made with myself. And then I just kept backing that up like I could have my first cup of the creamer, but every additional cup I had to earn by having it black and now I just like it.


I love it. Black coffee is really nice, especially with some olive oil and some focaccia bread dipped in it.


All right, Mazzarella cheese. Well, I have this little mixer.


Oh, it goes in a little one. Oh, you're mixing it up. It doesn't stay mix for long with that first sip is really nicely. Oh, OK.


Well, we got a big week ahead, so we got to weigh in coming up really shortly here. I'm really excited because again, I see major changes in Aaron from picking him up today. And then Charley, of course, you're looking very thick everywhere.


And then now we're going to really kick this into into high gear because now Aaron and I are together.


So you're a little bit fucked, Charley.


Yeah, I worried about that. Yeah. Who can we pair Charley with? Sizzla.


Not me, big boy. The old older Domanick has too much control, unfortunately.


Yeah, well, Jase is the obvious. You know, he's he's doing good. He's doing great. Yeah. I could derail him real quick.


Do you do it that way. If he wasn't also on a diet it would have been perfect. It would have, yeah.


Because you guys could have spent some real quality ethical like like Matt also could because he likes desserts. Like I like desserts. Like he bought all those Krispy Kreme the other day. But it's unethical because people are trying to be healthy. Yeah.


And then, you know, just to make this about me for a second, we're going to the sand dunes area and I tomorrow morning we're going to go there for five days. And generally, the sand dunes for me is a twofold incentive, which is I get to go off roading all day, every day, which is great.


But more importantly, it's the one week of the year I buy every single kind of potato chip. I bring every potato chips, and I bring multiple racks of Oreos.


And I also bring Kraft macaroni and cheese and I eat that exclusively.


The whole for that. This is the salsa and the cheese. Yep. Yeah, I get the case. So yeah, the toasted up to Steidl brand queso dip.


I just go for it and by the time I leave my joints hurt so bad my, my arthritis is so inflamed and I just deal with it. But this will be the first trip to the dunes where there's no chance, no chips, no Oreos, no white bread, no macaroni and cheese.


What are you going to bring? We're bringing in a clean kill boss. I got a couple clean cabezas. We have four pounds of Sloppy Joe mix. We won't be eating that with bread. We got a very low carb tortilla option, gluten free.


We're going to be bringing chicken salad already made and we're going to have some steaks. Well, I hope the people near you have a ton of chips.


I did think about cramming a bag of ruffles under the sea. My might try and then going out to, like, fuel up the race car and then just working on the cars. Yeah, just pounding some some ruffles and ridges.


All right. Well, it's going to be a hair raising way in and then the following week, I think is going to be very telling. It'll basically be like the polling will be out.


We'll see who's up by five or something you can't trust. We know that now. I know, but it's election.


Yes, but it's exciting when you hear it. That's what's great about it.


But Thanksgiving, we're all going to be together. Yeah, the same food will be presented to all of us. So that's kind of good. And it's rude not to partake in it.


I got to tell you, a normal Thanksgiving is my favorite. I can't even imagine the calories I would put down.


It was probably like twenty thousand. I mean, it's like a fourth of the amount of gravy and everything.


I mean, yeah. What's your what's your main focus with gravy, gravy and everything and then tell it's overflowing off the floor and then go back for five plates. So just like a soup basically can grow. So I'm not a huge fan of Thanksgiving.


This would be a very easy one for me to diet through because I don't. Turkey's always fucking dry, I don't care how someone knows everyone, remember, you even said so I did those from all time as that was from a from a different place. But I think this yours will be from all time.


Yeah, it'll probably be good. But in general, just historically, you go to the big family Thanksgiving, everyone's like, oh, this, this turkey so moist. And I'm like, it is not it's fucking dry and tasteless.


So I put all my focus on the brown and serve rolls. I'll have a dozen brown and serve rolls with 20 pounds of butter. Yeah. Big bowl of stuffing with gravy on it and that's it.


Oh I think I go for like five pounds of potatoes. I'm excited to have Thanksgiving out here because I figured they'd be healthier options there. Well for sure. And well being covered it would have been different anyway. But if we get together with my family like aunts and uncles, there's not healthy options. Right.


And how do you guys make enough gravy for everyone to get their fill? Like, generally, I don't see a ton of gravy get put out Ambridge.


She makes it all. Yeah. Like like a gallon of gravy.


I'd say more. I'm so glad you just said Bridget, because it did occur to me.


One thing I want I would like you to tell before we conclude, because I know Charlie likes it so much as well.


Can you just tell the story of Uncle Tom's birthday party and one that he won't want to kill either of us?


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, hell yeah. I mean, I highly doubt he'll catch wind of it, but he also knows I love to do his voice voices. My cousins have told them that I do a perfect Uncle Tom.


What can I describe what Uncle Tom looks like, please. Yeah.


If you've ever seen a Harley blow by you on the highway and there is like Hells Angel patch on the back, that guy, that's what Uncle Tom looks like. He's got a long fuckin white hair. He looks like a biker. Yeah, a long white beard, like a dog.


He looks like Santa, which is its own story that he got fired from. But we probably shouldn't tell that I'm here. Know like a dog. A dog. Yeah. He looks just like a dog. Dog the bounty hunter. Oh, dog the bounty hunter. No, Dog the bounty hunter. Looks just like my dad only got here when I was talking to him and he was sitting on the couch. I told Monica this four or five different times I thought I was talking to my dad.


I mean, sincerely, his face looks so familiar. It was crazy news beat read like my dad was. And he's like, Oh, really? I finally miss him.


But yeah, if you put a huge blonde wig on my dad. Yeah, it's Dog the bounty hunter in the same fucking attitude is definitely. Yeah. And they're both soft. He's that hard. Yeah. Uncle Tom. All right. Well quickly he is you know, Byker don't give a fuck attitude, rebel without a cause. But people have always been confused where he's from because his accent resembles maybe a little bit of southern.


Uh huh. Little Creole, little Creole, not a lot of Detroit where he's from.


Right. But I guess he was always known as the cool mother. So. Yeah. So he kind of talks real slow and really cool.


Don't fuck with me, but yeah.


So this particular birthday, he was 64 years old. We're celebrating all of our January birthdays and our family, which is a ton of them, so we all would meet at this bar in Detroit and have drinks and burgers and my nana, who is, you know, 90 or almost 100 now.


But Tom's mom. Tom's mom. Yeah. So she's at the dinner.


Meantime, we're getting after it a lot of whiskey and the whole keep it coming kind of thing, you know, and my nana said maybe slow down a little sometimes at my age six and I show was like, I'm 64 motherfucking years.


Oh. So get off my back. And I yell, oh, oh, oh, hereinto Charlie Ryan that story. And it's so good. And then naturally they start wondering like, could that possibly have happened. So it Aaron's defense, we called up Adrian, his ex-wife, and we just said to her what happened at Tom 64 day? And she immediately goes, I ain't saying this.


And I said, oh, oh, oh, oh. All right. Well, much love.


Good luck, boys. I know I'll be all over Aaron this week. Charlie, you're on your own. Made the gains be strong, make the gains be large, may they be 3x.


Charlie's going to even thrive because it's now two against one. Yeah, it's only going to. Yeah, you're right. We might have just walking up the time. Yeah.


I just remember the Ben and Jerry's got me to seventy five next week.


I love you guys. I'm.