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How is your Christmas? Excellent. Yay! Yeah, I love with him.


Yep. Back in business, baby.


Yay! OK, we got to get into the food.


Obviously cheesy potatoes. I made them.


You made them and didn't eat them. Uh huh. Oh, that is impressive.


Not even licking the spoon, making all the food and all the drive thru runs. This is with fire. Oh yeah. You're like a haemophiliac juggling knives. How great was it to be back in the fold after 14 days and not be able to see anyone?


Oh, my God. Well, you know, I was starting to lose it, so it was fucking awesome. I have never been so excited. I smiled all day. Did you sleep there? I mean, she would have asked. I would have.


He doesn't have a ring on her right now. There's a ring somewhere in that house now. My God, what if you gave her the same. Yeah, what if you saw the ring?


But it was super dusty. So you're like, oh, I guess time to play ball.


Yeah, maybe maybe one day she'll become a receptionist and we can try to give it a second chance. I find our way to the resumption of business. Yeah. And then of course, Charlie could have only of help to you.


Christmas. Yeah. A lot of eating the last couple of days. Tell you what you texted us. There's a there's been a development, a strategic development.


I could not believe my mouth was agape.


Well, let's just remind everyone to because I think the stakes are very important right now. Charlie was just laying there and the whole ride.


And then I would say it's always been a he's had a very resounding lead, let's say that. OK, OK.


And last week, Charlie was at two sixty five point nine, so four point one pounds away and then Aaron somehow dropped over six pounds. He's at 275, five point one.


So it just got so close. Charlie, still in the lead, but what a comeback story.


Oh, no, Charlie's arms look kind of smaller right now.


Oh, don't ever say that, Charlie. No, I've got to defend Charlie from you. You know, as his coach, I have to be clear.


I'm going to give Charlie an ABC option of comment. Someone could say to him, and I'm going to ask him to pick the worst.


Well, that was that boy, literally. This is what Monica could have said. OK, Charlie, you're a selfish piece of shit, Charlie. You're dumb. You wouldn't. Charlie, your arms are small.


No, no, no. Smaller, smaller, not smaller.


And be honest, what's the worst one of those? Yeah, be honest. I wouldn't like the dumb or the arms.


I mean, yeah, the arms would be just like it was something that she saw and it was so obvious.


You say it, it's kind was developing over time. Like it kind of like you form this opinion but the arm is like something a couple of days ago and no that's why is smaller just because maybe it was a different shirt, but I'm just nervous.


Oh OK.


I just just a double back and I don't want to lay it on too thick Monte because we love you, but you know, you're smart. Even if she said you're dumb, you'd go, oh, she mis evaluated my intelligence wouldn't you.


But she says your arms are small. You really have a panic. Like are they smaller?


OK, listen, I you need to know more than you're smart is your big. That's something you can look in the mirror and know every day. I shouldn't be insecure or whatever I was coach.


I guess whoever I want him is tough love. I'm scared, love.


You know, what you might actually be witnessing is that proportionally the rest of his body's gotten so much bigger that maybe proportionally they're not standing out as much as they were, but that they have actually remain the same size. Or I'd say, Charlie, it looks like they're a little bit bigger than last time.


Yeah, they just haven't inside. This competition needs to be over.


Is your penis smaller, Charlie? You're engineering that is your penis.


Just told me that you gain or lose half an inch every thirty pounds. Oh, really? Was just as Oh Lord. His formula was for the just principle.


Yeah. Oh Erin have you found that to. Well yeah. Great question Erin. Have you discovered another half inch of donc. No option.


No. I would have lost a half. Right. No, you gained a half inch. Oh shove around. Your mom's pubis decreases. I can see it a lot better. Oh, that's nice. And does it look bigger? I guess it is felt bigger.


Maybe I felt like more. And now that you mention that you also used to not have boners and now you do.


There's a lot of facts and. All right. Yeah I feel real sad.


I have a beard now. I feel real manly all around.


Yeah. It's hard to pinpoint one thing. Right. The big full beard, big hairy penis, so much hair everywhere.


Oh really. Go where it was nice. I like you with a beard. Do you like Selcuk. Yeah I do.


I cut my hair yesterday and I thought OK now is the beard too much or I learned that as Monaca I took my like off two days ago and no one noticed yesterday or no one said anything.


And I was a little sad that no one is really looking at me. I got a complex and I also cut my hair really short.


No one seemed to notice that either. Well, you're always cutting your hair. I cut it again this morning.


I made a comment if I could see you. I know you would. You know, I was looking at your Instagram last night and I saw the picture of you.


Hanuman. Yeah, yeah. Arron's dog. And then I showed Kristen and she goes, Oh, my God.


Aaron looks so handsome right now. I know. I took to recently. Oh, stop it, guys, Drew. I'm so horny for you.


I was so horny for all everyone right now for the world.


I can I tell you real quick before I forget last week, DAX, you explained Charlie is looking like a piece of plywood. Yeah. Four by eight. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So I was telling Adrian that Charlie looks like a piece of plywood. Has never met Charlie, but she's seen the some pictures of him and some shirtless photos as she texted me this morning that she had a dream about Charlie. Oh no.


That he was just sitting there eating and she said his chest was a big piece of wood and all of the food just started coming out of the wood like, wasn't it making it down to his stomach?


Oh, yeah. OK, so.


Well, my little strategy this week. Oh, my God. Yes.


After those crazy results, I started setting alarm at three thirty in the morning, slumbering down the hall.


Oh my God. Poor Erica.


And eating or at least a protein shake. And then. Oh my God.


Making my way back to bed, I go back to sleep quickly. Ah, no, no, no. Oh no. How many people suffer.


How many calories is the protein shake is like one of those weight energy.


It's a heavy one. I think it's like 600 calories.


And then right back into the car a couple of nights I had a peanut butter and jelly also.


Oh. Oh God. Do you put any raw eggs in? You're sick. No. What I should have arin's probably sleeping so much better.


I sleep better. Yeah, I'm starting to sleep better now. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well every morning I wake up to my email from an Amazon order and it's usually some sleeping aid for Erica. Oh really.


It's a new earplug.


It's a new device. It's new every morning. I get it on Amazon overnight and its ear plugs or headphones.


What a supportive wife that she's just not like you've got to stop. You've got instead, she's taken her own measures to help you between all the food and all those sleeping aids.


It's probably costing you a fortune to be in this contest.


Yeah, you're going to be a net zero. You get paid out, you know, not even accounting for the food, like doubling or tripling, even.


Think about that the more reasons for it.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, I hate that there's a lot on the table for this challenge.


And Monica, nice friendship, I fear is one of the things we had another conversation after last time where I was like, I don't know.


You don't like it. Yeah, I love it because I love hanging out with you guys.


So it's fun, but I feel very unethical. Participate.


She's very worried about you, Charlie. I am. I kept defending myself by saying this is like offering some friendship race on the motorcycle track and there's five grand at stake. And then people are like worried about me crashing, but I do it anyways. Right? So the whole reason I can live with myself and go to sleep at night is that you did it for fun last year for no money. That's true.


But to two sixty, which is different. This feels so extreme. Waking up three thirty.


I mean, these are bad. Bad three thirty is a new definitely a new development I agree with you on. But but I did point out to Monica, I think it's a little bit of like confirmation bias, just a little bit like last year. She just I don't think noticed as much that you got up to 260, whatever, lower.


Yeah, I like I noticed all those things because I was so interested in it. But I think I think virtually the same stuff's been happening. Do you think this is different than last time?


To be honest, it's a little quicker and I'm trying harder, like last I guess it was a year ago. I didn't have to try as hard. I had to make a little little bit of effort every day and that was enough. And this is more like a sprint. A sprint, a sprint to 270. Yeah.


I can't believe you don't have a God. I can't believe he doesn't have a job right now. It's insane. It's in there. How can you be 270 and not have a gut.


Oh my God. I'm too old to. And I have a gut.


I think the rock is sixty five actually. This is why everyone should do endorphins. The result. Testament's. Yeah, don't worry about your weight. Go up to 270. You look great. All right.


Charlie and I work bonding a little bit because I've been working out six days a week. I've been going really, really hard and my stomach starting to get this thing where it's it's certainly not a six pack.


It's like there's some Chubb down there, but the arrows are distending and so kind of you. With a round beer belly, but with the arrows exposed, I was like, oh, I like this. This is what you've got and I have real power powerpack.


It looks like a huge fuel tank for something like this, and it feels sexy.


I know you're not auto erotic like air tonight, but it feels kind of sexy. Oh, my God. Were you in the hot tub last night when I was telling the Perrone? I mean, where are you standing next to it? I know you didn't go in, but where you sitting next time?


I was on the verge of and I was like, it went so bad last time, I don't think I would do it. You know, the story about my penis snapped in half.


Oh, I know. During sex. Yeah. And then and then I noticed about six months later, my penis there was an area of it that was getting deformed and I was like panicking. And I'm like, what is happening to my penis? And then I figured, oh, it has to be about that when it snapped in half when I was getting the vasectomy. So when I got to know Dr. Josephson, who I love, and I said, hey, by the way, I'm having this thing where, like, there's a dent in my penis.


So he starts, like, pinching really hard on the shaft.


He's looking at around he goes.


Where did you get. Oh, no, no, no. I wasn't scared because it hurt. Oh, and he said, I really need to see it a wreck to see exactly what you're talking about.


And I said, well, then we're at a bit of an impasse because I don't think I'm going to be able to get erect in your office. You go, no, no, no. Obviously, he goes, you go home, get an erection and take a bunch of pictures and send them to me. And I said, I'll text you some dick picks up and he goes, Buddy, my whole phone is Dick.


I'm a urologist. Who cares?


So I go home, I get a nice blazin erection and I take a bunch of different photos from different angles. Send it to him. He goes, OK, yeah, I see.


He goes, come back in the office and I go in there and he goes, So look, I think what you have is called Peyronie's, which, by the way, is the grossest name for a penis disease. It sounds like pepperoni and a pepperoni stick is like all male shape and and everything.


So I said, oh, well, what are we going to do about this doc? And he said, well, there's the medicine you could take. It's not crazy effective. He said what happened is there's scar tissue in there now. It's creating blockages in your vast difference in this and that.


He goes, look, it can get more and more deformed and then stop working. Oh, God.


At which point I'm in a full panic. I'm forty two when this happened, the last case option, if it's going in that direction where we think you're going to lose it, what does that mean.


Cut. Oh no, no, no, no.


Like it becomes so deformed and misshapen because by the way it started curving to the right which again if anyone out there is listening whose penis curses to the right, that's fine. I think that's gorgeous.


But mine doesn't do that normally. So I was getting concerned. How far right is it going to end? Dr. Jay was nervous, too, and he said if it goes that far, we're you can't use it.


There's a surgical option.


Oh, but it's only 50 percent successful. It either works or you can never get an erection again. Oh, my God.


Oh, I am in like a real tizzy. He sends me to the surgeon I have a talk with isn't this is so stressful PTSD.


So I go not to make light of anyone with real PTSD. Listen, so I go to the surgeon, he says, look man, it's a really risky procedure in your kind of not there yet. He goes, I think we just wait six months to a year because half the time it fixes itself. And I was like, oh my God.


So half the time and then the other half, then we have to have surgery and have those types of the odds of me not being able to have sex ever again. We're looking I was very panicked, so.


Oh, my God. Did you think it was like some sort of karma because you've had so much sex? No. If anything, I think I felt grateful, like, thank God I use this thing because it's about to go away. Right.


So magically, six months later, I notice, oh, that Dan's gone. It fixed itself. It went back to normal. But this was about a year long process.


Oh, OK. The simulation of the long year. It's a long year. Now, here's the weird, weird, weird part that I didn't tell him the hot tub last night, because last time I admitted to this, you were so put off by it. And so it was Charlie.


There was a period when it looked weird, right? Like where it was curved to the right and had a different shape.


It kind of made me horny because I was like, oh, my God, I have like someone else's amenities. Yes. It was like and it looked kind of like it had been to warm back. It kind of look like a porno penis. And I was I kinda was.


You hate it. I was right. Now I'm confused by it because even if it's someone else's penis, it's still a penis. I was just like, look at this big penis I have like it's like it's so ugly now. Someone might really get into it.


Oh, I don't know. Like I said, it's kind of open the door to somebody else being on it. It's always about like, oh, my God, I have something attractive about myself. OK, I can get a little more behind other than it seems like like I just like the look of this.


Really? Oh, no.


I was like, oh, this monster might turn something on. Oh. Cause I said I get along. Is that a little Mahorn.


A group of people. Yes. Opening up to regular people.


Like I got to I promise you just would have been so interested in the parents the way it looked, it was just like it was different and it was scary and I was horny.


It was so weird. He's always going to be interested regardless. So anyways, everything's back to complete normal.


I can't imagine knowing you during the year where you thought you might not be able to have sex again like were you.


You did know me. What? You've known me since I got my vasectomy. I got it during Chipps. I was dealing with that all during shooting children.


It was it was a vasectomy that there was a sex related injury. Right.


And it snapped and it was loud and it hurt like a mother fucker.


It just doesn't seem like you should snap it. She'll tell you she heard. No, it should. It should not. She heard it.


I scream, Oh, God. I was like, holy fuck. I mean, big thing I hate.


Oh, for her. Oh, my God. Are you ever bad? We are supported by Rivertown genes, my God, Monica, are these comfy and they make my buns look really nice like cupcakes. That's my number one criteria for buying slacks.


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So anyways, it's back to normal, everything's back to normal, and we're all good. Oh, fuck. OK, back on track, back on track to the sixty five point nine to seventy five point one. I think we might need to flip a coin or something for this to see.


OK, first you have one in your purse. Yeah. Charlie, do you want to call?


And I feel like knowing you very well if you didn't get to call it, I feel like it could be a grievance later.


Now, since this is unethical towards Charlie, he gets to pick.


OK, so we're going to flip a coin to find out. It's highly conceivable someone has won or they both have won in twenty thousand dollars.


Like I said, it's dispersed. That is what I committed. Yeah. If I did not all day to day when I was thinking about it might happen. I thought it was ten grand, which is a kick in the dick. But 20.


Oh my God. Oh my fucking God. Oh my God. OK, I'm going. Charles, you're going. Charles, I'm going to let it land on the floor. So you don't think there's any funny business.


What is it? It's. Oh, so what does that mean for you? Who goes first? Oh, yeah, you get to be you're in charge now. Oh, my God.


I've never been more scared in my whole life. Aaron, you go first. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


Can you guys, you know, to sixty eight point nine? Oh, baby, you be.


Listen, I need two or three days ago, he was that to seventy point four with the phone, so he already knew he hit 270 and he texted me, is the race over?


It was so my fault. I wanted to eat the fucking ham so bad. That's all it was about. It was the ham and potatoes.


And he told me that because he had it, that it was over and that he could eat like a motherfucker the next day. And I said, no, no, no. Charlie's got to weigh in on Saturday. You got to weigh in on Sunday. I said also, let's see if we can get you to two sixty nine sixty nine. But baby girl, what was it, eight point nine.


And I'm so proud in the sixties. I got to right out of you. Oh. Oh my God. What a you to. Hold on.


Hold on. Hold on. This is insane. To sixty eight point nine. Yes. Nine. Yeah. So you've already deducted the phone. Yes. Yep.


I got the picture of the scale and it's two sixty nine point four. OK. Holy shit dude.


You blew by it by one point one pounds. Which also means if I can just do this math quickly to sixty eight, that means you lost six point two pounds. So in the last two weeks, Aaron has lost fourteen point two. We talk about a fucking sprint to the finish line. I knew it. I could tell because of his beard and his cuth.


I figured if he is closer to shave that beard off to get a couple extra ounces, that was a little bit of a towel. Yeah.


So before Charlie says whether or not he made it two weeks ago, I was pretty far away. And I think it was a mikovits state of mind that Charlie was a lot closer even than he was.


I think I had the numbers wrong, but because of his arms, I look so small and I went pretty fucking hard. And then I was like, for sure. Charlie had it last week.


So when we were both that close, I fucking went crazy this week. Wow. Did you just not eat?


This week on Twenty Miles a walker. He walked twenty fucking miles. I walked and I had a few days of like five hundred or less calories. Oh man.


Dude, congratulations. I'm so proud of you. Holy shit.


In the sixties I'm going to also throw in what the total weight loss for Aron is, which is thirty seven point one pounds.


Wow dude. Wow. Thirty seven point one. I'm so proud of you, brother. Thanks, guys. Oh, I love you.


I love you.


So amazing, Charlie. I'm so scared.


And whatever happens, you're so hot and you're in big and smart and strong, smart, strong, please.


And I said, oh yeah. This person I know Charlie well, he really is the strongest.


I'm scared for people when they're around you, Charlie, you lose your temper just now.


He's perfect because he's strong, but he's very nice. He's incredibly nice. Yeah. All right.


Oh, no, I can't even look, I well, I want to and I sure as hell. Seventy two hundred and seventy point six motherfucking pounds. Twenty four oh oh oh, I'm the big loser. This is my journey to seventy one point six.


Oh my God, you guys. Oh. I was listening, I would go, This is bullshit, there's no fucking way they both won in the same week. Oh, so proud of both of you. Oh my God.


Oh, I can't believe it. I'm so happy for you.


Oh, my God. I had a contingency plan just because I.


I'm so glad I brought up this time.


Here was my contingency plan. Fuck.


Oh, I.


Well, I knew Aaron got there, so I was really concerned that Charlie was going to lose. So I had decided I was going to as a consolation prize, I was going to pay him one hundred dollars a pound he gained which would have been four grand.


You all in ten. I know. I know. But I just want you to know I was not going to let him. Yeah, I had come up with it.


Still wanted Aaron to be rewarded for winning.


But I was I had planned on doing one hundred dollars a pound, these guys. But now I'm now I'm doing I'm doing three hundred point zero.


I was worried about what I cannot believe we actually.


You are. Well, that was the thing.


I didn't check the scale until last night because I was I was doing everything. So I'm like, if I'm not even close, I can't do anymore. Yeah. I'm getting up in the middle of the night. And you want to do it on the towel?


I don't want to throw in the towel and I figured Aaron had to do it.


He said he walked twenty miles. All right.


So I'm just going to do what I can and I'm not going to look, can I be honest? I think the big, big fucking breakthrough was Aaron losing muscle.


I got to be I honestly think it was you stopping lifting weights.


Yeah, I know I did. And I can see it. And I think you're right. It was everything, though.


It was covid will probably a combo of starting with the lifting. Yeah. Building that up and then.


Yeah. And then this last week I apologize that I have done the skill early. I was so fucking crazy I was fucking walking all over fucking town in the freezing cold. I was eating cucumbers and all this shit and I was peeing like eight times a night.


He chose the natural diuretic route. He looked up natural diary.


I went grocery shopping. It just got all the stuff that there's a natural diuretic and I was just peeing nonstop.


Oh, my God, that's smart. What way were they besides cucumbers?


I made the cucumber parsley, salad bar and grill, you know, super gross, right? Black tea, lots of coffee, pineapple and. Oh yes, yeah. I ate a shit ton of pineapple and then I completely cut out the salt like we talked about. I took your advice, Dad. I just went for it.


It fucking worked to sixty eight point and I didn't lift a fucking weight either.


So did your appetite end up decreasing it all or did it just get more and more miserable?


Well, let me tell you this. OK, OK.


I got a hunch it's coming. Yeah.


Every fucking day I'm obsessing about how badly I want to eat certain things and I want to guess where this story's going so bad.


And it's definitely not going there wherever you think it is. Well, that's true. You know anything about er weekly story. It's not going where I think it is.


So this morning I called Adrian after I fucking got on the scale and did my final way and I was like, I'm coming over for that fucking ham and cheesy potatoes.


She was laughing and she's like, listen, the cheesy potatoes are all gone.


I go, God damn it. Then I obsess about it half the day. I'm like, I'm having a celebratory meal and then to hop back on because I want to lose more weight. But I was like, I'm fucking eating today. So here's what I ended up doing because I was too lazy to go buy the ingredients and make more cheesy potatoes. And all this time that I spent obsessing about it, I could have made five trays of them.


And so I didn't eat anything fucking all day.


And all I did was think about it until a couple hours ago. I was like, well, Chinese it is. Yeah.


Oh, I'm so glad. Yeah, I took some pictures of it. I pretty much got oh God.


The most enormous fucking serving of almond chicken, which is pretty much fried chicken with gravy all over it and rice and wonton soup like a quart of it.


Yeah. So I got all kinds of shit, you know, for me and the kids and the kids were all laughing because they know what's going on. So I went crazy right. Now, mind you, two months ago I could eat the full serving, I could only eat half of it.


And I was so. For that, I was almost in tears and it was so it was so uncomfortable, I hated myself. So I would say the first few bites are the heaven, and then I was really mad about it.


Well, yeah, well, this I feel like that's good.


Yeah, right. It's so much like everything. Right. So like I hadn't seen sugar for almost two years and I fantasized about it like crazy. And I convinced myself things tasted a certain way. And then I ate it and I was like, hey, it's great.


Yeah. It is not what I was imagining. Famous cigarettes like when you quit smoking then you go back.


You're right. It's everything man, but your brain man and can just whip up this beautiful fantasy, a memory about everything. Yeah.


Yeah. So I did. I ate today and I ate shit and I only walked a mile.


And I'm getting back at it tomorrow though man, because that was fun. The contest was insane.


I can't believe Charlie came about. Well, I weigh more than you know. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, look at that.


You've got to give America's phone number, right? That's right. In the keys to your job. And you have three children. You have three children to do. Congratulations. There are no kids now. Oh, my God. OK, so there I got to see.


The only bad news is I'm going to give you both 10 grand, but it's going to have to be a check now.


I don't I don't I don't have twenty thousand dollars in cash. So, you know, that's the only bump, right? Yes. So look for the 10 grand a pop. Congratulations, boys.


Gradually. Yeah.


I could not be happier with the way this doctor and this doctor. I'm ready for you to get healthy again immediately. Healthier.


I'm pretty healthy. Yeah. He's the apex of our baby. We don't wake up in the middle of the night anymore.


That can stop him in his body, though. He's 270 and he looks perfect.


Yeah, he looks perfect. That's genetic. It's pretty cool to see the first in the last photo.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. I want to put those side by side, but we can't do it till the week after because people will know. That's right.


Oh, I was looking for my first one as well. And the only first one it was I think I tober 24th if I'm right. Yeah. Because I weighed myself December 24th and got a kick out of it that I was two months. Exactly. But the only picture I have is my scale with my penis.


Oh yeah. Oh balls that. Yeah right. We don't have those nine. Yeah. But I have them. I am about to pick up the following week when I was three hundred.


Yeah. This is so great. I happened to look at the photo of you and I when we drove home from Texas. Yeah. In March and I was like oh my God, he looks so different it's insane. I was shocked and I feel like I know exactly what you look like at all times. But I was like, oh my God, it's so different.


Yeah. Well, I think I only saw you after fifteen pounds and that looked so different. But last week I was like, oh, there's that handsome motherfucker.


The first time that I was like, oh my God, Aaron looks cute, slightly different when I was a kid. Yes.


Well there's enough to keep on going here and there. Charlie, you have enough self-control to just do what you need to do, huh?


Implored you to get the three hundred.


Do you stop? Yeah. Now we say we should in the race. Charlie has to go to three or six and there you go to two thirty where they literally swapped the starting spots, then tax you for a million dollar.


I think Aaron would win that one. It was clear that the last four pounds was like I couldn't do anything else, like it was going to throw up at some point. Like this is the capacity.


I'm so glad you made it. You're alive and you're with us. And I am I am excited to trim down.


Yeah. Yeah.


Well, we'll do a check in in a few weeks and we'll just see how hopefully Aaron stays on the course, maybe not as accelerated and then we'll find out no more cucumber and parsley only.


So that was pretty disgusting. Yeah. We can't do that.


We can't maintain that. That's all right. No one can eat disgusting. Thanks.


Thanks for ponying up the money. I don't think I would. This is so fun. Lost so much weight that quickly if there wasn't money on the line. Thanks for agreeing to. Hi.


Oh yeah. I got to say what? Charlie's just a unicorn. He can just do it in my own life. I can only do it like when I, I know a movie starts on this date and I'm going to have my shirt off a bunch and I have such a huge motivation to do it right while I'm doing it.


I think if I if I wasn't going to be in a movie on a 40 foot screen, I quit right now. Like I went to one, I went to Disneyland.


They didn't sell one fucking thing there that was on my diet. And I'm like, what do I do? Leave? I'm going to have to leave, like, halfway through the day.


Yeah, well, it did help that it was winter and we weren't going to the beach or the pool or. That's true. Yeah.


It would have killed you if the girls were looking at me a little more.


That would been a little you know, we'd still be looking at him because it's amazing.


Yeah. And you. Yeah. And it's all right.


Well, I love you boys. You guys are Aaron. You're thirty seven pounds lighter, Charlie. You're fifty pounds heavier. Forty pounds heavier. My God. And you all are both ten grand richer.


So you did better.


This is their dream ending. Good job, Charlie. Yeah. Oh you guys. Good job.


And we'll find out what you guys bought with the money too. And our check in a restaurant.


Women. Women's trips to the casino video game, more Chinese food.


Yeah, what if this backfired, like I was trying to motivate you and then Grinner went on a bender. Oh, my baby. No way. No, baby. All I love you, Aaron. Great guy. I love you, Charlie. Charlie. Great job.